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August 23, Live Feed Updates

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Eric joking he wants to make a Jenitals tshirt to wear for the live show.

Dani, Amber, Dick, Eric and Zach are all sitting around the living room.

Dani saying she was asked about spinning the beer cans in the DR too.

Dick : Are we waiting for Jess?

Z: for what? Beer pong?

Dick wondering what they're going to play beer pong on.

They're now discussing what to play it on, and came to the conclusion of the center piece in the living room, but will have to stand back

Jess is taking a shower , but nobody knows that and they're waiting for her.

Dick and Eric comment on how long Amber has been laying on the couch. She says she's jetlagged.

Eric saying there's a prankster over the intercom that wakes him up from his naps and the person apologizes, and eric says theyre not too sorry because they do it all the time.

Zach, Dick and Eric wonder if they can leap across the pool. They think they can, but BB would tell them to knock it off while they were winding up.

Zach wishing they had dice.

Dick: what are you gonna play, craps?

Zach: 3 man! great drinking game.

Dick: ohh there's jessica! we've been waiting for you to drink. chop chop.

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Jessica, please put on your microphone.

Dick: she has no clothes on!

Jess: ughhh its in the bathroom!!!

the HGs got a bottle of wine and 12 pack of beer

Amber asks Dick and Zach if they've Jacked off here.

Zach and Dick say no, Dustin was the only one who did it.. 3 or 4 times.

Zach: why? did you have some spanking action of your own in the hotel?

FOTH cuz Jess and Eric are discussing their DR's with each other

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Jess to Dani:

J: enjoy your last night in the hoh room before I take over tomorrow!

Dani laughs, and they both share how they hate how you can't compete the next week for hoh.

Eric and Dick wonder what they're going to play.

Eric doesn't care what they play as long as they can start ASAP.

Daniele tells Jess what eric already told her, about how Amber was crying about hating everyone and not wanting to go back.

jess; really?

dani: swear to god!

looks like theyre playing quarters.

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Dani suggests they save the beer for before the live show so they can play hoh drunk

Eric wishes the hoh would start at midnight so they could play it trashed.

Eric tells them in the DR they always ask him to change behind the couch.

he wishes he had a helmet and a racing jacket for the last hoh comp.

They're spinning the beer can.

Amber it out of the DR

Amber calls Eric "Eric.. go to the DR!"

Jameka bringing her luggage into the storage room

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Eric comes out.. "Jessica your turn."

Jess: 36 more days of this...

D&D comment how quick Eric's DR was. Dick decides they lectured Eric.

Jess out of the DR.

Jess comes out straight faced.

Dani "another lecture, I can tell!"

Dick "everyones awfully quiet when they come out of there."

Dani and Eric recollect when they got yelled at for peering into the walls and seeing themselves on the monitors.

Eric saying the pace of the game is a little out of control, he's had 2 beers in about 30 seconds.

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dani thinks they should make a bet where eric wears body paint on the live show saying "Julie Marry me"

Eric saying that's not a bet, that's telling him to do it. How can he win? they all laugh.

meanwhile Amber laying down , perhaps sleeping

Jameka cleaning.

Eric's had 5 beers so far, cuz dick and zach are tag teaming him.

they mock him not being able to handle it, eric jokes that jess complains when she gets even one.

Jess "I do not!"

Eric goes to get the tums.

Dick has a cup ready to give Eric when eric gets back.

Jess laughing. They all yell at him to hurry up.

Eric sees his cup "oh my!" everyone starts laughing.

Eric saying he's allowed to stop whenever he wants he's not "held to the table"

Dani and Jess tell him that he is.

Jess thinks that tums and beer are a bad mix.

eric says he has no room left in his stomach.

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Amber is complaining how depressesd she is.

Amber saying "I feel like I sucks at competitions. I don't, but I feel like I do."

she wants hoh so she can make some kind of move.

Jen joins and convo goes to chit chat.

Jameka saying as more people get evicted they need to bring some games in. Cards and things.

Jen thinks the idea is as time goes on, you want to kill yourself more and more.

Jen saying even Will wouldn't come back without boogie.

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Eric saying he's drowning in beer.

they are playing spin the can.. they ask who will win hoh and it lands on Eric

Dani and Jess say they don't believe it, and they should crush that can.

They don't want endurance tomorrow, Jess likes it but doesnt want it tomorrow.

E: I don't like it. I can't endure.

Dick: sit on this bicycle without the seat as long as you can.

Amber still upset (maybe she lost on the power of 10?)

Dani and Jess are hoping for double eviction tomorrow.

"Rich" told Jess and Dick that nobody will be coming back. Jess and Dick comment that it was nice of him to tell them that.

Dani: What?! who keeps--FOTH

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Eric calling people "weisenheimers" because they keep giving him the beer to drink.

Jessica starts to talk about the DR

"Well.. I got YELLED at because of her..."

everyone quickly shhhes her.

Jess "I didn't say anything!"

they are shhing each other when they talk DRs.

Now they discuss the munchkins from the wizard of oz.

Eric met one of the original munchkins, who is 80, and wears a flower pot on her head.

Eric "so none of you thought'd there'd be a midget in the house? I thought there was gonna be a straight up midget!"

Zach "I thought it was you, dude."

Eric asking for inside info about Mike. Eric wonders "did he ever speak?"

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They talk about how Mikes eyes watered up when he was evicted.

They're joking about Dustin and how he he tried to 'rattle' Dick.

Mostly chit chat about Mike, Kail, Nick and Dustin.

Meanwhile Jameka, Amber and Jen are trashing the donatos.

The quarters table is almost down to their last beer.

Zach wants to keep playing by opening the wine.

Jess "YEAHH!! do you want do?! I want to!"

Eric "keep drinking? sureee..."

Dick says he will, but he needs a cigarette in btwn the beer and the wine.

Eric saying the reign of the Jew begins in the HOH tomorrow.

Jessica says yeah right, Jews never reign.

Dick saying it's gonna be another Donato.

10:16 BBT they are taking a break cuz the beer is gone, but the wine has yet to be tapped into.

Jess/Dani and Zach speculate what the 3 girls are up to, while eric uses the bathroom and dick is smoking.

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Jen told Jameka & Amber a bunch of things Eric supposedly said about them. Told them about the Eric-Jess-Dick-Dani alliance and plan. Now Amber and Jameka both in their beds depressed.

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Zach: better crack that bottle of wine soon or i'm gonna crash.

Dani: GOT IT! (Dani one step ahead of them already opening the wine)

Jen walked by "did you guys finish them all?"

everyone completely ignores her.

Zach is a wine-o. He loves wine.

Dick wondering if theyre playing a drinking game.

E wondering what they can play.

Dick doesn't care.

Zach suggesting sexual things, but Dick says that doesn't work well with Dick and Dani both playing.

Dani saying they had to empty their pockets,and they got felt up before they could come back into the house..FOTH

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A bit Earlier... Jen is talking to Jameka & Amber in the bedroom. Jameka asks if Jen was ever asked to align with D&D. Jen says she was asked two multiple times but she told them she couldn't. Jameka asks if it was when Kail was there. Jen says yes & Kail tried to get her to but she couldn't. Jameka says she has never been offered (an alliance). Jen says it's because they can't win against Jameka. Jen says shes sees why they wanted to align with her because she is such a good competitor but she just didn't want to. Jen says when Dick was on the leaving she was supposed to be in an alliance with Dani but he didn't leave & Dani backdoored her but whatever. Whatever with them.

Jen says it would be cool if something would happen & they still would both be in the house. Amber says "these people". Amber wonders how many alliances & sub alliance there are in the house. All 3 of them ponder the alliances. Jen says she was in an alliance with them (D&D) & it isn't good as she is about to leave. Jen claims D&D make a bunch of fake alliances in the house & that's how they were able to get Jameka & Amber on the block & then backdoor her. Amber wonders who Eric will nom. Jen says Eric will either put up Jameka & Amber to appease D&D or say to heck with it & nom D&D. Amber doesn't think Jess will put up Amber & Jameka. Jameka thinks Jess would at this point. Jen says that D&D & Jess & Eric are supposed to be together but at some point they will realize that it's not going to pan out. Jen knows that Eric talked to Fani before Dani nom her so she knows Eric is shistey. Then she decides it wasn't Eric. Then she says she doesn't know. Jen actually tells Jameka that she thinks if she had not freaked out & done the ciggy/eating thing she could have stayed (she is serious about this) & Jameka should be glad she did it (she says this kidding).

Jameka goes her hair hoody in place for bed. Jameka wants to know why she wasn't asked to be in any alliances. Jen says because no one thinks they can beat Jameka in final 2. Amber whines that she wasn't offered any alliances either. Jen tells Amber never to trust Eric again. Jen tells Amber she can't repeat this. Amber says "I never repeat anything"" :shocking:

Jen tells her that Eric was listing all the people in the house that he would get along with after the show & Eric said that his friends would be upset that he ever even talked to Amber. Amber sadly says "really". Amber asks Jen to please tell her whatever she can because she has no one in the house. Jen says she wishes she wasn't up against Jameka so she could try harder. Jameka says yea me too. Jen says but then you don't know what is going to happen. Jameka looks panicked for a sec. Jen says she could have tried but now she doesn't want too. They all wish they had known all this (whatever it is?) earlier.

10:35PM BBT: At the dining table the regularly scheduled game of quarters continues.

Amber alone & praying that she knows Gods is going to do what is right & if she doesn't win the game she won't be mad at him. She knows the whole game is already predetermined. She loves God & trusts him. She is learning so much about about herself. She loves God so much. He has control of her place in this game & she trusts him.

Meanwhile at the drinking table. They are playing ask the spinning wine bottle questions while Jen lingers off to the side by herself. Eric & Jess end up alone at the table & do a bit of grade school flirting. Jen meets a bit of coldness when she tries to make conversation with them.

Jess & Eric kidding around. She says she wants to win HOH tomorrow just so she can beat Eric. Eric wants to win so he can lock the door & not talk to anyone & so he can share special moments with his fellow HG.

(nite all, I'm off for ZZZZZZZ's)

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outside Zack is dumbfounded as to why the BBQ isn't working properly "what's the fuck with this thing"

Dani up in the HOH by herself then heads downstairs

Jess and Eric talking about going to the hot tub in bathroom when their third wheel Zach shows up with Dick who's wedged the door shut to the toilet on Eric...Both her and Dick waiting for him to finish to see the outcome to their prank..Eric bust out Dick sayiong "just like mighty Mouse"..Dick singing "here I come to save the daaaaay"

Danile heads back to her HOH saying to hersef "must be very bored"..gets on the bed to listen to music

Back in the bathrro the joksters are back at it waiting for Jess to come out of the toilet so Eric can scare her..bot just waiting Dick saying she's "having way too much fun in there" wondering why its taking so long.

Jess was able to see Eriic so the scare prank tanked...

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Eric, Jess and Dick changing to go into the hot tub.

Jess goes into the bathroom, eirc hides behind the door and zach turns around and faces outward so he can moon jessica when she comes out.

Zach gets bored and says she's taking too long and walks away.

Eric tried to scare her but she saw him in the mirror.

Dick says he saw a scar from zach's belly button ring. (hes kidding)

Jess tells him that Joe's bellybutton ring was cherries

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11:14 BBT

Jen and Zach talking in the kitchen really not about much just working out

Zach goes outside to keep Jess company who's heading in the hot tub..Jess telling him "you're up late tonight"

Eric joins Jess in the "steamy" hot tub....

Zach and Dick sitting on the patio .....talking...Zach wonders if BB would get mad if they play "can ball" saying they wouldn't know and Dick says they hear everything....

Zach getting up to check his food and Zach says "can a man eat 8 hot dogs" and says "yeah I can do it" Dick asking if he's really making all those hot dogs...

foth and weeds commercial on ShowTOO

Zach starting to munch and Dick has joined Jess and Eric in the hot tub talking about Jen "julie I'm proud to evict Jen says Eric..Jess wondering what the order will be saying Dick will be "first or last"...saying it will "6-0 vote when it's a 5 person vote....Eric talking about dumping a bucket of slop on her head when she's voted out 6-0......

Zach has joined 'em in the hot tub while eating...

Zach saying his hot dogs "are mild" and Jesss now wants one...Zach instead gets out to stuff his face....while Eric goes to get Jess' hotdog for her....

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11:29 BBT

Talking about Jen's impending eviction Eric saying they should "collectively boo" Zach says they should dress in Jen bikinis..Eric talking about her dress "the most ugly thing I've ever seen" saying that she says it was size two when it was bigger....he saays he looked at the ..

Eric talking about trichinosis from Zach's hotdog while Dick says some girl exposed him to"this disease"... [not realizing trichinosis is not a std]

Eric bring up the Zach saving Dick thing while Zach had left the Hot tub

basically sarcastic convo on all 4 feeds and Showtoo by Eric and Dick

11:38 BBT Jen bashing talking about Dick putting honey in her bed while Eric talking about trashing her luggage calling Jameka "little blue riding hood" covering her hair asking her to come out and chill Eric saying "don't you want to make the most of your last night here" Jameka "what" and Erc "she knows that I'm kidding"

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11:41 BBBT

Jameka asking Jess what she ate for dinner saying "I ate a hotdog" and a waffle earlier....

Eric talking he lost 10lbs and Jess surprised "10"

all feed show jess and Eric playing in the hot tub while Dick talking about 433 until there are baloons and streamers for his party and "new power" [?]

Dick joins em in the hot tube again while Jess bolts to the bathroom

talking about Jameka 's hair while Jameka just listens and politely laughs......Eric asking her if she has constructed her booth for her HOH tomorrow [joking about it as Jen broke the rules]

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11:57 BBT

Jess saying Zach went in because "he heard us talking abott him" Dick and Eric mini bashing him sarcastically calling him "the mastermind" to the evictions and saying he plays like DR Will......

Jen comes out "her she comes the one America loves" and Jen just ignores him and sits and talks to Jameka saying she can eat the loaves after tomorrow's HOH and Jameka says unless something happens....as jameka looks worried..

Dick making snide remarks about Jen also Him and Eric and Jess are Joking with each other about HOH and Dick saying it will be another week "of the Donatos".....saying Daniele does it better...

Dick jumps in pool "only 426 more laps" until his margarita party and special power with ballloons and streamers kinda what he's been doing all night...

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12:12 BBT

Eric sarcastically talking about Jen winning an Emmy for "best meltdown" in a Reality Show...

Jen talking about this season of BB being more "publically involved" Eric says "I can't hear you" and Dick says "you know that how?"

Dick says if she's been staring on " The Soup" and jen says "that's my favorite show" and dick saying that she probably had people Tivo the clips for her and Jen says "I hope so"

Everyone outta the hot tub on the patio even Jen...

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12:27 BBT

everyone scatered around the House will all 4 feeds with jameka and Eric in the bathroom while Jess is changing in the toilet stall..

Talking aboutt eating something and Eric snidely remarks that "the oven's on" because "someone's baking" [Jen]

In HOH Dick is pissed about Dani's deal with Amber that did not include him and his saftety and Dick is reminded her about him saving her with POV. and Dani says to stop "holding it over my head"

Dani wondered how it would look if she made the deal tthat included him and he put her up the next week...

Dick saying if the rolls were reversed he ask would his deal include her...

Dani says "I don't like talking to you " Dick says "why...because I ask hard questions"

Dani saying how "rude you speak to me" and saying 'you haven't been a part of my life for 6 years" talking about how she hasn't realationships with the people in her family...

Dani "this is my room" "please leave" "please leave" calling her sweet and she says "Father of the year" and calls her "daughter of the year" and Dani says the way she is "like it was my choice to be born into this world" and Dick says no it matters the way she acts...

Dick getting all his stuff as Daniele has evicted him from HOH.

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12:39 BBT

Dick says "sorry guys" to Eric and Jess as he goes outside and Eric "don't even sweat it"

Dick outside by himself talking to himself [or us]

he said "I'm so over this"

"holding it over your head..fuck you".."everything is expected with nothing in return..nothing nothing nothing"

"everything has to go her way" "so you get to see the rebirth of a relationship and the redisintergaration of it all in the same show" saying thanks to BB "fanfuckingtastic"

"im over it no more of this bullshit on TV" saying its game only thhe rest he deal with "outside of here"

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