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July 9, Live Feed Updates

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Dustin and Nick are outside talking about being in the house. Dustin says he likes being in the BB house and wants to know if Nick came on the show to meet someone. Dani went to get Dustin clear coat for his nails.

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Mike and Carol are in the backyard on their date,they are talking about when they were told they were picked for BB, Carol says they came and gathered her up, handed her the key and told her to act suprised. He (Mike) said they came and didnt take his phone so he could actually text a friend.and tell him what was going on. They are basically saying BB is all a set up, planned thing..(Really..shock :animated_shocking: )Dick and Kail on date in tcup. Daniella doing Nick nails.BB keeps going to question feeds. Something might be coming or trouble for disclosing show infoTameka is doing Ambers hair. Straightening it....be back soon, reloading feeds

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Ok, I have two feeds running and have Tameka in bathroom, and in Bedroom...same clothes...different earings. hmmmmm

Tameka is in bathroom doing Ambers hair, ...Amber is very sure of what she wants...Wow

All feeds normal again..unless 2 of em...lol

Jessica exercising in kitchen hall area with Jenn and Dustin..

Not much fun stuff right now..


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Zach & Nick

They are having discussion of who is paring up with who. They are discussing who they would nominate if they won HOH. They would want Joe out of the house. But they couldn't trust Amber either. Other people in the house are figuring out they are together (haha).

Zach & Nick are discussing if they are in the final two, Zach will give the 500,000 to him.

If Zach wins the whole thing against someone else, he will give $50,000 to Nick.

Joe is trying to get the votes to be for Carol to stay.

Dustin says he 150% aligned with Amber. They will vote the way Zach wants. Zach says if they backstab them he will make it hell for them.

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Outside at the pool, Eric is talking to Dick and Jess. Jess says that BB couldn't show up at her house, because Carol lives across the street! She says that she (Jess) doesn't have a job.

Earlier, Jen was in the hot tub with them. Jen and Jess seemed to be giving each other amused/irritated looks as Eric talked on and on. Jess started telling a story about swallowing something as a kid, and Eric interrupted and started telling a story of swallowing a chicken bone and having it stuck in his throat, and he couldn't swallow spit or anything. The doctors thought he was just a nervous kid, but he would have to spit out his spit instead of swallowing it. So, they took him to emergency surgery. Eric claims that they put a vaccuum in his throat.

Amber and Kail are talking right now. There is talk of another ghost story session in the "silhouette room," which Joe feels is scarier than the HOH room, which was Kail's suggestion.

Amber asks Kail if she thinks she is staying. Kail asks where Carol is, and Amber tells her Carol is lying on the couch near Dick. Kail says that she is hearing that Amber is staying. They agree that Carol is talking like she thinks she is staying. Kail says if it looks like she is ever being voted out, she does not want people to lie to her. She wants to know the truth.

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11:05 BBT Jameka talking to Joe telling him she hopes someone good gets HOH. Jameka says she thinks there are 3 different groups in the house

Daniele joins them and tells them she Eric say that he's not worried about nominations next week because he safe. Jameka says she won't nominate him because "she has bigger fish to fry"

Jameka criteria for nominations are people who are not trying to form a relationship with her. Jenn walks in and talk turns to curling irons or a missing one.

Talking now when story time is coming. Joe says now and he's going to get them.

Jameka is confused about the whole curling iron thing with Jen..inaudible whispering about Jenn

Storytime in the small room

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Last 30 minutes have been filled with a lot of idle talk and everyone randomly walking into and out of conversations.

Looks like there's going to be golf match tonight and a food competition tomorrow. The cameras keep switching so getting anything of value is a bit tough.

We come back out to Eric and Jessica in the HT. They're talking about their audition videos. Jessica apparently wore a t-shirt that said "I love boys. They're stupid." To which Eric stated that "I hate girls who wear that crap." Eric and Jessica and seem to be having a flowing conversation which they both come off as reasonably intelligent. Evil Dick is smoking on the patio couches and they begin to talk about the stuff they wore in the promo pieces and how each of them had those clothes removed from their stuff before they got in the house since they have clear logos on them.

It appears that some of those playing in the golf tourney are also going to try to get a seat to Joe's scary story telling engagement this evening since he's deemed this one a "limited seat engagement". Kail offers up the HOH room since it's sufficiently large enough to hold everyone and then Amber points out that the shadows made it specifically spooky. Amber and Kail begin to talk about how they want others to be up front with them before they go out the door.

Joe calls for story time in the small room and pretty much everyone goes in. On the way in Nick says that Amber's "hair looks a lot like his sister" continuing the entire borther-sister-like relationship this guys have had for the last day or so.

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A bunch of the houseguests are playing golf. One of the girls says "Not very straight" about the golf shot. One of the guys says, "Uh huh. Just like Dustin!" Dustin just smiles.

(Kail's hair is looking a lot lighter today --ed)

Kail asks Dustin if he will be going to story time.

Dustin: I do not think I will be.

Kail: Why not?

Dustin: D. N. E.

Kail: What's that?

Dustin: Do not engage!

Kail says DNE because it might TNT!

Nick says he likes listening to Joe because he is...

Dustin: He is very ... illustrative with his voice.

Nick hugs Amber, and says he "loves the hell out of" her, and she is "awesome."

Arnold S. impressions again. I believe it is Zach doing it. Then he does Steve Irwin.

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11:16 BBT people hanging around outside with I think Zach doing a horrendous Steve Irwin immatation while people in the getting ready for story time

Dustin and Amber are skipping story time desiding whether to play catch ot tether ball. Amber playing golf and Dustin says "i can't believe I told Kail..no she's in on the DNE now" {no clue what that meant}

Dustin says he had a light buzz for a moment and that BB doesn't let them get "pissed drunk" Foth

Dustin talking about his dream and Dick tells Amber "you suck" jockinglt to Amber about her golfing.

Amber goes back in to get some fruit and Dick talks about the damage to the golf equpment.

Dustin ask if he had a good time with Kail...Dick says Kail is sweet

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Jen is outside listening to the impressions. She is wearing a bizarre shirt that has a complete bikini-clad body painted on it. Jen asks all of them if they are joining storytime. Dustin says no. Jen asks why not.

Dustin: You guys, I dated that. Like I dated stories for a year. Just like, no more stories.

Amber says it isn't about the stories, it is about everyone doing something together.

Dustin says he really feels he dated the stories.

He tells Amber she can go and he won't be bothered.

She says no, she will stay and play golf.

Everyone but Amber and Dustin goes to story time.

Dustin: I can't believe I said that to Kail! She's in on DNE now!

(Apparently, Dustin loves his secret abbreviations a great deal and only certain people are "in on them.")

Dustin says that BB doesn't let them get pissed drunk, but he definitely had a buzz there for a moment.

Dick has joined them. Dustin asks if he had a good time with Kail, and he says yes--she is sweet.

Checking in on story time--Joe says he will tell two tales. Joe is wearing a bizarre outfit. He has on dark-framed glasses, a grey scarf and a weird black hat with shiny pins on the front of it.

He starts the story about a girl named Daniele who lives in a small town.

Daniele is driving home and listening to her favorite Christian radio station, and there is a hellfire sermon about the end times, and the times before.

The radio cuts out as she gets close to home, and all of the stations are the same way.

There are a lot of people standing in the street, all with "bewildered looks."

Her husband Nick, and her children Jessica and Kail are outside.

(Everyone laughs at the use of names)

The husband tells her the power is out. The cars will no longer start. They walk the half mile to town.

The neighbor has a broken arm, the husband Nick has polio, so the woman carries the neighbor's child.

Nothing in the town seems to be working.

The mayor tried a CB and there is only white noise.

The town doctor sets the girl's arm.

There's a rustling in the forest, and then a bright white light blinds them all. They open their eyes and man is standing there, bedraggled, carrying a long, steel pipe. He looks at them with distrust and anger. He rushes Daniele and she knows martial arts and stops him. His name is Gary and he is from the next town over. Their power is out, too.

He was sent to see how the next town over is doing.

It seems like his story is legit, as he is questioned.

Gary says he left everyone he knew and loved, and he wants people to go with him to go check on them.

They get weapons. They go to the butcher's and the door is cracked open.

As they step in, they can smell flesh..the meat turning in the butcher's shop.

A large figure rushes them and Daniele swings the metal pipe and kills the butcher, who didn't mean to hurt them.

Everyone argues.

Daniele says everyone should go into the forest together, and pitch blackness surrounds them. They hear a loud boom and see figures rushing towards them. Everyone panics and starts to fight. Lead pipes and bats hit backs of skulls and bodies fall.

In a clearing, two aliens sit and watch. One says to the other, this is so much easier than the old days. We just take away their toys and they do the work for us. The other says yes--they fear us from above, but they don't know that the enemy lies within.

(Can I just say--this is a Twilight Zone episode. I hope he doesn't think we think he made this up!!! --ed)

Now, he is going to tell a story called "October in the Chair," which was written by Neil Gaiman for Ray Bradbury. Joe says he is a huge Gaiman fan. Then, we get FOTH (probably as they tell him he can't tell a copyrighted story. Little too late, as the Twilight Zone story was already told. --ed)

Still FOTH at 11:45 hamster time. So, I check Showtime Too, and they are showing Dick walking through the kitchen. So, no time outs for Showtime!

Dick is walking very fast through the whole house. He went upstairs, he went to the bathroom area. Dick goes into a room where Amber is whispering with Dustin. Amber steps away from Dustin just as Dick arrives. He whispers something to her. We can hear Joe loudly telling his story out in the hallway.

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11: 23 BBT Dick says "she's a smart lady {kail} smarter than people give her credit for" Dustin says Oh yeah

Dick says we lost Amber..she got sucked into storytime. But they didn't because she's coming out.

Dick says "did you guys know that Kail was in the finals in season 5 and semis in season 6" Dustin jokingly says she's reallly gunning for it...

Talking about the Mrs Robinson alliance and Dick says he walked in on them in the bathroom making it too obvious.

Dustin says that Kail and Mike are morning people adn talk. Amber talking about Kail and she pissed because she told her they connected and then put her up. Amber says "fuck her" "fuck that bitch". Jessica says that Carol told Amber that Amber's gone that she's got the votes to stay. Dustin says she's goinf and so does Dick.

Now they are talking that almost everyone wants Jenn out next week.

Dick says people are kinda cool withit because it will be a free week for everyone. But talk about she could be HOH or win POV. Dick says who would save her...... Dustin says she could save herself. Talk about her trying out for season 5 and season 6

Amber declares she's getting fat.

Food talk

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1130 BB time

Zach, Jess, Kail, Daniele, Jameka and two others (Nick and Jen?) in the LB bedroom listening to Joe telling one of his scary stories. Jameka had asked Mike if he wanted to join them for story time for the entertainment value and he said no.

Dick and Dustin playing golf in the backyard. Amber eating and complaining that she is so fat. Dick tells her is all that junk she is eating

Joe starts to tell a Ray Bradbury story and we get FoTH.

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11:33 BBT Dustin asks if he is gunning for HOH next week/ Dick says that he didn't know but if the chance for getting Jen out he may. Now they are both trying to explain to Amber what backdooring is as they may want to do that to Jen.

Amber ask if either would save her in she was on the block and they won POV. Dick skirts the question by telling her not ask about stupid scenarios right now in the game. He tells her that she will have the opportunity to save herself.

a lot of what if talking and Dick says let this situation now play out and say goodbye to Carol. Dick says anyone could win POV just like a scrwny 80 pounder did {danilel}

Dick says the power in this game is not the HOH but the POV.

Dustin says if he keeps Joe in the house it will torture him. Dick tells him he has no power to do anything about it and not worry about it until he wins HOH. Dick tells him it in his best interest to put Joe up.

Dick says that the Mrs Robinson alliance couldn't keep themselves secret and it's only been 3 days. Dick says he could care less if Jen stays ot goes and says she could stay because"she's such an idiot" Dustin says she's a tool. Dick is trying to tell him to becareful who he puts up against Joe if he gets HOH to assure his eviction.

Dick says you never see Mike and Kail together at all and Amber says "can you be more obvious"

Amber wants to be on "slop so bad" because she says she is fat. Update from Showtime as feeds are FOTH

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11:45 BBT From Showtime

Dick and Dustin have come in the house with Dustin and are in the BR. Dick peeks in on storytime in the small BR.

Dick headed up to HOH... Walks in and then comes out looking for Eric....."where's eric" to himself.

Dustin and Amber in BR whispering and laughing. She tells Dick that he's in his bed.

Dick leaves and you hear talking in the other room.

Amber tells Dustin she hates her wardrobe her because she looks fat in everything.. Talking about Joe "Joe is something else"

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Still FOTH on the feeds. Meanwhile, on Showtime...

Amber is complaining about her wardrobe. She feels she looks fat in everything she has there.

Dick says that he thought of busting into the HOH because he'd like to see Kail and Mike broken up. Amber has her face right in the magnifying glass, looking into the other room. Dick asks her if she knows her face looks huge to the other room right now. Kail walks in, and everyone stops whispering.

The feeds are back.

Dick tells Kail that he can't believe she couldn't pee when she first got in the house.

and FOTH again.

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Dick says that Eric was really losing his shit because the slop was getting to him.

Dustin says that Eric is allergic to about 32 out of 33 things on a list.

Dick says that he will boil the shit out of the slop if he is on it.

Dick says the strawberry flavor is the one that is left, because no one likes it.

Dustin says he doesn't mind eating anything--food is food and he uses it just for survival.

Kail says she is keeping them up, and should go to bed. Jen goes through the room and says goodnight to them. Kail says goodnight and starts to leave. She thanks Dick for the date. She corrects it to "get together gathering."

Jen's t-shirt has a bikini-clad person painted on the back of her shirt, with the back of the bikini-clad person from the thighs up represented.

Jen is going upstairs with Kail to go to bed in the HOH room. After she leaves, Dick comments on Jen coming through and disrupting them.

The feeds give us a view of the outside of the HOH door.

Eric is primping in the mirror, and Nick is sitting on the chair near him.

On the back of his left arm, Nick has another tattoo that spells something in block letters, vertically, top to bottom. The letters look like S -- T or C -- A--R-- but those aren't the only letters. So, it's longer than four letters long.

Nick says that he misses having short hair. Eric comments that he can take the f--ing clippers to it, then. Dustin goes over and messes with Nick's hair, and comments on how soft it is.

In the bathroom, we now have Jen, Amber, Dustin, Nick, Eric and Zach.

Dustin says tomorrow is his stepbrother, Mike's, birthday and he will be 24. He says that they all have to say "happy birthday Mike" at some point.

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12:00 Midnight BBT

Jenn Nick and Eric in bathroom joking around. Jenn ask if they are going to bed..Eric says he's going with her and she says your going with "me and Kail"

Dustin running his fingers through Nick's hair declaring "it's so soft" talking about it doesn't look good slicked back

Dustin tells them that tomorrow is his step bros bday. He wants to say something about it tomorrow on the feeds.


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Jen is going on to Nick about how she used to bite her nails. Nick is basically ignoring her.

Amber is sitting next to Nick and rubbing his leg, and he is rubbing her back.

Jen now has another t-shirt on, and it says "JENSA MEMBER." The camera does a close shot just on the words on the t-shirt.

Earlier, when Jen wanted Amber to go to bed with her, she said she had fallen asleep in the story room, and missed half of the story. Now, she is telling Dustin that she is excited and wishes she was sleepy. Then, a few minutes later, she says she is tired. Jen tells Dustin she will see him at 10 a.m. sharp for abs, and she leaves. He is brushing his teeth.

Jen comes in the HOH room (without knocking) and the lights are off. She still talks to Kail, asking if she washed her face. Then she realizes Kail didn't have make up on or anything (imagine that, Jen! --ed).

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Dick, Eric, Amber, Joe and Dustin are outside on the couch. Dustin is sitting next to Joe. (Miracles do happen. -- ed) Eric says he thinks they should put some DVD extras on the season BB DVD, and also he wants to do commentary. He does a commentary for Amber straightening her hair. Dick comments that Amber is always looking at herself in the mirror. She says she does not!

They are talking about how BB messes up and shows them who is in an alliance or "talking sketchy" to each other, as they will call them out for not having a mic on, etc. Eric says the funniest one was when they called "the two" into the DR together--Zach and Jessica to the DR--OOPS!

Eric lists the food he ate today. Waffles, bacon, fruitloops, two hot dogs, fajitas, some chips, ice cream.

Eric says he did pretty well, overall.

Amber talks about how she cooked the burger quesadillas and "put her heart into it" and Jen had some on her plate and ignored it. She called her out on it, and Jen apologized. Amber feels that it was upsetting that Jen didn't eat it. Amber complains about Carol being the last to eat, and she puts her dish by the sink and sits down, instead of doing dishes. Amber says that Carol has yet to do dishes. Amber says if she was last to eat, she would do the dishes.

Dustin says that six of them have cooked dinner for each other, and Carol hasn't waited for the others before she started eating, even once. She just sits down and starts eating and is rude and doesn't wait. Dick asks why should she do anything, when she knows she is on the way out the door? He says "There are a lot of tiaras in this house." Lots of princesses.

There's a big Jen bash going on outside. Dustin does an impression of her wearing high heels. They say she tried to make cookies for everyone. Amber says that if her name was Jen and she made a shirt, her first word would have been "JENEROUS." Dick says that he wants to make one for Jen that says "Jenatalia." Dick talks about how inconsiderate and rude Jen is. He says it is part of her personality.

Dick: She (Jen) doesn't give a f-- out anybody but herself. I feel like the only nice things she does, she does for a reason.

Eric is being quiet during this, so Dick says it is his turn. So Eric says "Oh! Uh,....Ka-zing!"

Eric asks Amber if she is a sex addict--he can see her being one. He wonders if she has marathon sex sessions, making a day of it.

Amber says not at all. Her boyfriend doesn't like to "do it a lot." He wants her to appreciate it more.

Dick says that's a good excuse!

She says she is a nymphomaniac, and he says, "Babe, I want it to be special!"

Eric: So, he's the woman, and you're the man.

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Amber asks why Eric thinks she would be a nympho. He says he can just see her getting into it. He thinks she claws the back. She says no. She says she has never been f---cked. She says they have sex with her, but she doesn't get f--ed. They always ask her if she is okay and stuff.

Dick asks if she has a tiny vagina or something, and she says no.

Amber says it doesn't matter if she has sex like five times, her vagina is ridiculously tight.

Eric: It's not like spelunking in a cave---throwing a hot dog down a hallway?


Amber asks if all vaginas feel different?

Dick says yeah, they all feel different--it's a f--ing mystery going down there.

Eric says he doesn't know what kind of weird stuff Dick is seeing...

Amber says she is wondering if it FEELS different with each person.

Dick says yes.

Sex stories ensue.

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12:26 BBT in the bedroom Jameka Nick and Zach Daniele talking.

Nick looking over at Zach telling him if he has to stare at his butt crack all night. Then Zach rolls over and is upset that it touched his sheets Nick says not to worry about it and jokingly says he will burn em tomorrow.

A lot of silence

inaudible whispering about Nick. Nick says he can read lips and says Jameka said one day she will marry Nick.

Nick says he's hungry.

Jameka say eat some more hot dogs even though he's had 4. Jameka says the chef has gone to bed and that he's on his own then FOTH

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Amber wants Eric to tell them about his 10-minute videotape audition he did.

Eric says there was some slow-mo video with him bathing himself.

He got on a rant about how if he couldn't catch their attention, he would NOT sell himself out to do it! Then the camera pans down and it is quite obvious that he IS selling himself out and willing to do anything.

Amber says she missed the deadline for hers, it was too late. She saw the BB 8 commercial and it was two weeks past the deadline, and yet they had a casting call in March. It was a Saturday, and she isn't usually off on Saturday. Then the boss said she was off on the Saturday. She was the 54th person to walk in and apply. There are people in line and you get one chance--two minutes to make a message. She watched people ahead of her, and the guy ahead of her froze. They say your number and say "GO!" They don't ask questions. The woman told her, "You only get one chance. Make it the best." She says she smiled and said "Hey, BB! You just met one of your 13 houseguests! My name is Amber, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Las Vegas, blah blah!" Her sister had told her to open with that sentence. So, the people told her that they loved her 2-minute video, as she was so confident that she would be on the show.


There were casting calls, applications, etc. Eric says it was split just about evenly into thirds.

Amber asks if Dick went to a casting call? Dick says that yes, he did, and he met Amber there! Eric asks if he feels they put two and two together right away? Dick says yes, as he told them that his daughter was at the audition. Even though Daniele was ahead of him on the list, she wasn't done filling out her application. He ended up auditioning before her, and he didn't say anything to her as he didn't want to make her uncomfortable before her 2-minute thing. When he went in and did the video, he said he was surprised Amber was there as he hadn't seen her in two years. Then, BB asked him to tell them all about that. They asked him what was the oddest thing that happened in the last year. He talked about Pirates of the Carribean. It went over the 2 minutes. Eric starts to say the primary thing he thinks helps people to make it on the show, and we get FOTH.

(I'm out for a while! --Cat)

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