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BBUK: The live final

Brekkie Boy

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"Think it's a one horse race - think again!"

The programme begins with profiles of the final six before we get highlights of the last full day Nikki and Pete spent together in the house.

It's then time for the ex-housemates to return, all 53623 of them - well, all except Dawn and Sezer.

And then it's time to start chucking them out...

In sixth place it's...


The only survivor from the House Next Door, Jennie leaves the house to chants of her name before joining Davina for her interview and backing Glyn to win!

"Big Brother Scouse - this is Davina. You are live on C4, please do not swear!"

The announcement though is marred by chants of Aisleyne out as Davina links to the house - but it's from a pretty small minority of the crowd and certainly not reflecting the mood of the nation - which has seen her rise to second favourite behind Pete!

In fifth place it's...


Yes, things aren't going as expected.

The look on Aisleyne's face is classic - absolute shock! Nikki is devestated and wonder why the public hate her - and completly shocked by the boos!

Nikki remains a diva till the end and refuses to answer Davina's questions before asking to leave, with Davina cutting the interview short and sending her to join the rest of the housemates.

So who is fourth, well it's...


I've hated him throughout the series, but in the last couple of weeks I hated him slightly less and as it's finale night, I guess it's OK he's not being booed out!

Now we're down to the final three - and in third place it's...


The second surprise of the night - though maybe her getting through to the final two would have been a bigger surprise.

She'll be leaving the house in 30-minutes.

It's time for Davina to take a break while she gives birth as we vote for the winner and watch the brilliant 8 out of 10 Cats Big Brother special with Lea, Grace, Mikey, Jayne, Shahbaz, Jade, Nadia and Eugene!

"It's not the winning, it's the taking part that matters - BOLLOCKS!"

Aisleyne is out and though it's not a perfect reception, it's not a bad one really. Davina talks to her about her journey and how she's changed and she wins the crowd over in the end!

So after 93 days, 22 housemates and several evictions, it's time to find out the winner of Big Brother 2006...

"Big Brother House - This is Davina. You are live on C4, please do not swear!"

"Glyn and Pete. The lines are closed, the votes have been counted and verified and I can now reveal that the winner of Big Brother 2006 is..."

" PETE "

So Glyn didn't manage a last minute upset, but by god he's done his country proud!

Pete though has been the favourite since day one - and in many ways that could have worked against him! I'd have prefered a more surprising result, but I can't say he isn't a deserving winner - and he has done as much for tourettes as Glyn has done for the Welsh language!

Well done boys!

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One week on and Big Brother is back - well, some of the housemates are!

Big Brother: Winner's Week follows the progress of the housemates outside the house in a special hour-long follow up programme.

It begins with a recap of the whole series and behind the scenes look at finale night, including the housemates being reunited with their friends and family.

And then on to the fun stuff:

Pete - despite it being the winners week Pete only features in a couple of segments about his return to Brighton!

Glyn - a photoshoot with some half naked women and an appearance on Richard and Judy, with Richard.

Aisleyne - a brief shot of her being interviewed - but that's about it!

Richard - appearing with Glyn on Richard and Judy and talking about wanting to get into radio.

Nikki - doing a PA in Brighton and then throwing a tantrum when she's removed for her own safety - she just wants to dance! (Actually for once, it's a valid moan!)

Jennie - nothing apart from her commenting on her telling a friend she was having breakfast with a group of agents


Imogen - standing around in her underwear for a "classy" shoot for a lads mag.

Susie - having a cup of tea!

Mikey - appearing with Grace, Lea, Shahbaz and Jayne, along with BB3's Jade, BB5's Nadia and BB6's Eugene on 8 out of 10 Cats.

Spiral - going back to Ireland to release his single, appearing on an Irish breakfast show and getting mobbed at a record signing.

Michael - getting naked for a charity campaign.

Jayne - meeting with her agent to discuss her career options. Her agent quickly rules out comedy and a chat show, focusing on her weight instead, with Jayne then going to a personal trainer and doing a photoshoot for a womens magazine.

Lea - doing a PA at a nightclub.

Lisa - ditching fame and learning to become a plumber.

Grace - judging a bikini competition in Cornwall.

Sam - no apperance.

Sezer - no appearance.

George - discussing what he got out of the show, why he left and what he plans to do now.

Bonnie - doing a lads mag shoot and saying she wants to be a model - or a singer - or a TV presenter - or something!

Dawn - no appearance.

Shahbaz - only featured in the 8 out of 10 Cats segment, meeting Nadia who inspired him to apply for the show.

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