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August 9 Live Feed Updates

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redroom, Kaysar questioning James about the votes, Kaysar wonders about CT votes, James says Howie has said Mike told Howie he'd go after James before Kaysar

J: here's the thing, if I go, you need to realize what Janelle did to us

K: do you think I could have won veto?

(Danielle, Erika, Marc in HOH)

BB: D, E, M please put on your mics

All three complain to the camera that they DO have their mics on, BB is calling them out to the others! they KNOW we are plotting!

James still saying Jan has been playing personal, wanting to keep Will because she likes him

K: what if you're here? there's a good chance of that

Marc: why won't anyone make a deal with the 4 people who hold the votes of power? I'm gonna lie to Boogie, tell him the 4 offered a deal against them

Dani: do you want to start doing that?

Marc: what's the worst thing? Even Kaysar is lying!

(James leaves redroom, Janelle joins Kaysar)

J: this morning, Will said he talked to Dani, asked who to vote out, she said James... Will grabbed me, went around the corner, he told me, then Dani came by and Will was like oh no!

K: why would she say that? Maybe she's trying to play mind games? I don't know... maybe she thinks he'll do the opposite?

J: I have no idea, I don't know.... what way do you think Boogie was leaning?

K: he said 50-50, I don't know

J: Dani told Will she wants James gone because he's more of a physical threat, they may be paranoid about James... now I feel really bad!

K: yea, me too... it's the game

(Janelle leaves Kaysar laying down napping)

(ed. LOD is weaving quite a story!)

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4 p.m. hamster time

Howie, James, Boogie and Will are cooking and eating. Howie is arguing with Will about the cooking (although Howie is eating his own food, so Will isn't cooking Howie's food).

George is upstairs playing checkers with Erika.

There was apparently some sort of contest earlier, or event. Past houseguests were there, but none that they cared about.

Will: They were waiting for us to cheer, and we didn't give a shit about any of those people, so we didn't. Like, if Monica was there......

James: Howie, would you have made out with Bunkie if he was here?

Howie: Nah

James: How about for a vote?

4:14 outside in Backyard

Boogie and James are talking, very low.

Boogie says that they have to make sure that "they" don't mind if they vote to keep James instead of Kaysar.

James tells him to say that there is no way that "two people who are evil as we are" could beat Kaysar (who is honest) in the end. Also, they should say that James is a big target and that is why they should keep him around to the end.

Boogie tells James that Kaysar told him that he has Chicken George, but he thinks George just doesn't have the heart to tell Kaysar how he will vote.

James says that he told Kaysar that he only thought he would have Erika and Marc's vote, and that Kaysar would have all of the other votes.

Boogie: You said THAT?

James: Uh huh.

Boogie: Legion of doom!

James says he didn't want to lie, but since they are worrying about James and Dani.....

Boogie tells James he needs to act like he did last year--all pensive and quiet. James says he will brood all night.

James asks if he looks dumb in his dark glasses, and Boogie says no, he looks like an FBI agent, or state trooper.

James: So, Kaysar thinks he has Chicken George, right?

James says that next week if he gets HOH, it will be really hard for him not to put up Janie. He says that he knows he could take out Marc, but that Janie can't compete for veto, so that is the week to vote her off. He says he didn't think that way last year, but he hopes that this year he will get some respect for doing this.

James: You guys really have no problem putting up Janelle next week?

Boogie: What?

James: You guys really have no problem putting up Janelle?

Boogie: No. But that doesn't mean we won't look at all of the angles.

James: You mean Marc?

Boogie says yes. He also says that Erika is really good at memorization things.

James: If she is still here final 3, final 4, she will have to make some deals.

Boogie: Yeah.

James: You know, when everyone wants someone out, BB does everything they can to keep that person in.

James felt that BB did that for him last year, to keep him in, with the veto challenges he won.

Boogie: Yeah, we gotta take Janelle out.

Howie comes outside and interrupts.

4:25 p.m.

George and Erika are finishing their checkers game. George whispers (while putting up the checker pieces and deafening me as the glass crashes) that "He laid it all out on the table last night." George says that he just sat and listened and nodded and said "Umm hmm."

Erika says that it has to be done, but that doesn't mean that they have to like it. George agrees.

George says that he wishes he could do something for Erika. He then starts spinning a spa in Las Vegas fantasy for Erika, giving her the choice of silk for her robe, etc. She is enjoying this, and George is weaving his fantasy.

4:30 BY

Will and Dani are playing cards on the red couches.

Dani says she is not "doing a Lisa this season." She did that last time and she lost.

Dani asks him if they are backdooring her next week. She asks how they are with Marc? Will says that they are really against Marc (not including himself in this, of course).

Dani switches to talk about Josh, loudly, off and on as they talk strategy a little.

Dani gripes about all of the soda she has been drinking. Right after that, she says to Will that this is why it is really important that no one knows that she is with them, and Will cuts her off and agrees.

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James, Will, Dani and Marc are talking in the BY about the Internet feed watchers and posters. Marc is mocking them, saying that they ask if this is BB or BBXXX because it is all about sex? He says that someone trashed him on his website and flamed him and started a petition to get him off of housecalls.

Dani says on the live feeds that no one holds anything back--they use bad language, etc.

James says that if you are watching the live feeds and on the forums and you read the same story twice, you are a total nerd.

Marc talks about Housecalls, and Dani chips in and talks about Housecalls and says they talk about the stupid things houseguests do, and make fun of them.

Marc: Shut up! You were Gretchen's favorite!

Dani: James was.

Marc: James was.

Dani says that Gretchen told her that she loves liars. Marc agrees and says that Gretchen told him that her strategy in the house would be to lie, lie, lie until the lies became the truth!

Marc says again that they started threads about getting him off housecalls because it is too sexual.

They are again mocking the things people say about them and about BB on the forums.

Marc: Why can't Canadians be on BB America?

(They are mocking people in very nasal, high voices)

Marc: No more twists!

Dani: The twists are stupid and they never play out!

Dani: Marc and Dani are still in the house, and I'm sick of them!

Will: The Internet can eat a D----k.

Marc: All they do all day long is play cards. They never talk.

Dani: All they do is complain about slop. They were told that it was going to be PBJ. Duh. You wanted to be in there, so you can eat it.

Will: Guess what? Eat a D---k.

(Will and James and Marc go through different type of responses they got, and they tell them to eat a d---k).

Will's mocking voice is saying that he doesn't understand why they can't have fat 50 year old people in the house--real people!

Marc: And then the gay people--Can we please have a masculine gay guy??

Will says that people write threads about the houseguests they would put in the house, and "guess what--you don't get to pick" so they should shut up. (Sorry, Will, we DID get to pick a few this year. Sorry we picked YOU.)

Will says that another thing we need to learn is that they aren't going to put a fat 50-year-old woman in the show, as people want, or a dozen of them. And they are not going to be able to bring in their cats, either.

Dani says that people write that they should be grateful that they get a second chance at this experience, when they have written in 11 times with applications and have never been on the show.

Will says that people tell them not to complain, and they have a right to complain, so they can shut up.

(Will talks in a normal voice, as if he is giving messages to the Internet people. Dani and Marc are talking in high, nasal, mocking voices).

And BB gives us FOTH.

They come back and the group o' mockers is quiet.

Marc says that he "just wants to say this, and then he is done."

James: Then it's out there in the cosmos?

Marc: It's out in the cosmos. I didn't think they'd make a big deal about the robe, but it was..

He's cut off and we get FOTH AGAIN!

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5 p.m.

They keep singing in the backyard, and we get FOTH. Dani starts to sing again, a song about "Love and Affection." BB says in a VERY stern voice: STOP THAT!

They don't think this is for them, but Dani says it is, because that is a song by the Nelson Twins.

James: Then you SHOULD stop that!

Again, the mocking of the Internet people starts again.

Marc is not only talking in his high, nasal voice, but he is acting like he is typing.

Marc says they will say he looks like a corpse, or a monkey, and then it will start a flame war, that black people don't look like monkeys.

Then Dani says that people will say they are entitled to their opinion.

Dani says that people will say that they don't HATE Marc or anything; they just don't like him as a person.

They talk over the James idea of all-Stars, where the first two people voted off every season would join the cast. Danielle rattles off a list of who would be in the house, and thinks it would be a good season. (Isn't she afraid of showing how much she knows about this game??)

I think I heard Erika (she must be there now) say that it is all women. Dani: Isn't it funny how it works out that way?

James points out that women always WIN, too.

Marc starts to sing and we have a LONG FOTH.

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5:31 BBT Feeds are back. Janie called to DR. James. Marci and Howie outside on red couches.

Dani outside now.

James saying he wants to work out but does not have the energy. Howie did not work out yesterday.

Asking if they will have hot water tomorrow or will they be dirty for the live show. James said tomorrow he is going to teach George how to shave in a sink. (wouldn't he know that by now?)

Hot tub has a film on it and Howie says they have been using it as a bathtub. Tells James to go in and not get the water on his head.

Dani eating cheese and gives James a piece, who thinks its pretty good. Dani says to eat it with smoked salmon.

Marci back outside. Janie also there.

George is cooking and Erika is washing her hair at the kitchen sink. Howie is plucking hair off his shoulders.

Dani just gave Janie some cheese.

BB: "This is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not allowed".

Talk about how Will called Julie sweetheart, and sometimes it could mean b****. Janie says it's on the internet.

Erika in shower. States its exciting to shower with a bucket of water.

Howie asking again (3rd time) what kind of cheese it is. Dani says Brie and it's good. She says to eat it with jalapeno pepper jelly and its delicious.

Talk goes back to the faces. Marci says if he was washing his face and brushing his teeth, he would have been scared. They go on to say that Josh has gotten heavier since his season. Howie says he is a nice guy and gives a shout out to Josh. How says he is heavier than last year and says James is heavier too.

Marci and Dani talking. Marci likes beer and champagne. Dani likes Asti. Howie and James back to the couches.

Janie into BR. Erika says I'm glad your staying but I hate that you did this to me.

Kay is sleeping.

James working out. Dani saying her salt and vinegar chips are gone. Howie says George at the Doritos. Dani says she wants a good sandwich. Now talking about food, restaurants. Just general chit chat.

Janie going into the shower to change. Talking to Erika about the faces that saw.

The camera man keeps focusing on Howie's stomach, watching him pick out hair. Dani, Marc and Howie still talking about restaurants.

George in kitchen, peeling carrots. Erika in bathroom on couch, looking deep in thought.

Erika outside on couches. Marci inside. Looks like Boogie is asleep outside.

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