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August 9 Live Feed Updates

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HGs in the kitchen, Erika screams and swears she just saw Alison in one of the mirrors with a flashlight under her face looking into the house......now they are all screaming Ali-Bear! Alison!!!

What does that mean? Are HGs coming back???

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I was watching but unluckily wasn't on the correct feed, but others have said they did see the face in the mirror/window. Some aren't SURE it was her, others are.

Will is now asking if it could have possibly been anyone else.

She says " NO IT WAS ALISON"

Moments before Erika was outside crying on the hammock with boogie completely freaked out and doing imitations of how Alison looked.

Now she's going over what happened exactly again.

Will is asking if Erika hears voices that tell her to do things.

Erika responds saying one last night told her to kill will.

Erika says she is so close to just eating a turkey sandwhich and not even caring.

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camera are starting to zoom on windows... but nothings there?

the HGs lost will.....

Will's been missing for about 10 or so minutes... all HGs minus kaysar and CG are searching for him

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The face appeared again. The feed showed it reflected through the bathroom mirror (so the face was appearing directly across from the mirror). It was way to small to be able to tell who it was.

The face appeared 2 more times in the same place (to me it doesn't look like Ali but my feeds aren't the clearest. it may just be one of the rats turning on a light from behind the viewing window)

Now Janelle just saw the face in the bugroom window & started screaming. She said it was Ali but she thinks it isn't really her but is a hologram.

They think it means Ali is coming back.

Will has been located in the bathroom.

Boogie asks Erika & Janelle if they are fucking with everybody. They say no & then Boogie sees the face in the bathroom window & starts screaming like a schoolgirl & they go running out of the bathroom. Boogie says he saw Jase.

A face appears as Will is walking out of the bathroom but it is projected on the wall beside the window (so I dunno if any of the "faces" are really there or if BB is just messing with them). Will doesn't see it.

No one in bath & orange face appears in mirror. It is clearly not Jase (dunno who it is)

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howie says the only time they will come out is when they're alone.

(I also didn't see Ali that time)

dani doesn't think it's real "nuh uh" she said.

Boogie says he doesn't wanna look in the mirrors anymore. They all leave, but howie.

Wills back.

boogie, janie and erika saw jase.. they screamed like HELL!!!

the HGs are going nuts

all the other hgs minus erika, janie and boogie don't think its as scary.

nobody really believes them... dani and marc are VERY skepitcal.

James and Will not buying into the hysteria.

Boogie is shaken up.

Marc doesn't understand what the problem is, people stare at them all the time.

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Since no one else mentioned it, about 15 mins ago while Boogie and Howie were talking about Erika saying she saw Allison, there was a shot from behind the glass where we saw someone working on the show (because he had an earpiece in) looking at someone else, holding his finger up to his lips as in, "Shhh." For this reason, I really think it's the real people, and not holograms. Plus, they really do look 3D. That would be a very expensive hologram. When Allison appeared in the bathroom (when no one was around) she was clearly moving her lips like she was saying something (though no sound could be heard). Be afraid, be very afraid.

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we are seeing the faces (feed 2 if anyone wants to know) but no HGs are seeing them at the time, most are in hoh room (the ones who believe theres faces/ are scared) while James and Will sit in the LR and complain

they're (BB) is mad because Will called Julie sweatheart. They said it's condescending.

Boogie and Erika currently hiding under a blanket.

Janie with Howie, James and Will in the LR.

Dani and Marc are sitting in a dark room in silence trying to get a ghost to appear.

LR crew apolgizing to the internet for being so boring.

marc and dani literally sitting on the floor, in the dark, in a bedroom, just staring at the window. looks like theyre giving up now.

CG/ Kaysar talking in the BY still.

boogie discusses how he thought janie was faking, but he 1000% saw it and doesn't care who believes him or not... he saw it for sure.

M: they can't do that though.

B: umm. they just did.

marc says it was their reflection.

George and Kaysar continue their heart to heart.

hysteria seems to die down....

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boogie still talking about it.. admitting he was really really scared and doesn't want to see another face

Kaysar and George continuing to chat....

Dani really wants to see a face and is keeping her glasses on to see one.

George not buying this chat (IMO), he doesn't understand why they didn't even try to talk to George.

Dani/ Marc/ Boogie are convinced someone is comming back now.

boogie still carrying on about these faces.

Dani: oh come on

boogie says to just wait till they get Dani.. .Dani says she is trying!

George brings up why kaysar shaved his head....

Dani and Erika and Boogie discuss how Will got in trouble with BB for calling Julie sweatheart.

K & G continue their heart to heart.

Kaysar is upset that Erika gave kaysar a sob story of why she couldn't vote for him, and he was there for 4 weeks for her.

marc complains its too early for sleep.

(note: I haven't seen any faces in awhile)

Kaysar and George laughing it up like old friends in the BY.

CG & Kaysar continuing to laugh hysterically.

Janie and Howie in the BR alone.

H: fucking slop.

J: sorry howie!

CG and Kaysar.... still laughing

mostly about the prospects of george winning.... George laughing HYSTERICALLY. for like a half hour straight.

Howie and Janie speculate about next hoh comp... Howie asks about Ashlea.

Janie saw ashlea on her way to BB:

Janie saw her at miami airport getting out of her car - and janie was like what are you doing here and ashlea was like... going to maryland... whatre you doing here, and janie was like uhh... im going to big brother

Kay & CG still laughing how people are threatend by someone named 'chicken.'

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Kayser has CG is stitches. He's telling CG that the house came and lobbied to get the "mastermind" out. teasing Cg that he was considered the stone cold serious bb player!!! "that's it Nakomis, Jase and .... CHICKEN GEORGE!!!" "Here we are thinking he's this great mastermind.... totally playing us, imagine what he's saying in DR, we can't figure him at all" and CG says "yeah meanwhile I don't have a clue" CG finds this VERY funny....

Then Kayser brings up the fact "he's just some poor guy who sleeps on the floor, makes us lunch and is minding his own business." so he says that's why the SOV's didn't put him up the next week when the house lobbied for him again. Then they laugh about CG and the gas meds he's on.... Now he farts pepermint but he farts more. They laugh it up together and Kayser calls it a cruel joke the producers thought lets make him fart tons.

CG says his wife watched the other bb's and told him he would really suck at it..... yet here he is..... Kayser laughs.... and George jokes he may as well be on Jeopardy.... They laugh harder. Kayser teases him saying he'd be hitting the button like crazy and the other contestants would be saying this guy really knows something.... don't look him in the eye. CG says the would be saying he has all these college degrees... Kayser says he is a phd.... CG says I think I saw a guy who looks like him at NASA.... (ROTFLMAO!!!) this is great...

Kayser says: yeah so all these people come up while I am HOH and tells me CG has this game he will win it. and I'm like it's week 2... they say he will ... So i said o.k..... George laughs harder.

Kayser says: I can't wait to see your DR... well I sleep I Eat lots of slop and I wear my Mr. Fart t-shirt.

George says how can you guys go after a guy named chicken... and think he's some kind of professor?

Kayser says: we thought it was your cover.... a guy with a cover name has somethng to hid.... maybe like the government says "WE're running operation oracle at 0200 hours. We are sending in the chicken. He's 210 pounds but sly as a fox. He's costume is a bright green shirt he can be seen from miles away and the shirt doubles as a helicopter landing pad."

George is loving this.... they are laughing it up like great buddies. (maybe this will work and George will vote to keep him.... Kayser has laid the groundwork... if only he would get to the conversation part of it... vote to keep him George; wouldn't that piss off the house... hee hee)

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K explained to G that the entire house wanted him up and it was early in the game, so they listened to what the house wanted and put up G. Also, they could never tell where he stood, so that made people nervous. K later tells G that he should also consider that they also got power the following week but didn't put him up again, though many wanted them to. G say, "You got a point there. I give you that one."

They laugh it up over how much of a threat G is. K talks about how G cooks and cleans, he's on slop, farting all over the place and wearing one sock, sleeping in a tent in the bedroom. Yeah, we've gotta get him out of here. (lol)

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CG finally leaves.

Kaysar believes he's going home. Janie says she wants to too.

Kaysar wishes he got evicted in Janies week so he could come back.

he leaves to make slop.

Dani: "kaysar thinks he has like 3 votes or something"

Marc: from who?!

Dani: who knows what he thinks.

Kaysar says to Janie that he isn't cut out for this show.

Kaysar says "theyre right... I'm too nice, I can't do this."

K wants to go to the DR and asks what happens if he eats. He's taking a bag of chips with him thursday like Diane did.

Janie wants to leave if someone comes back

Janie: she thinks if Ali or Jase comes back, theyre bigger targets than her. Think again, honey. she backdoors you, she's going home.

Janie explains to Kaysar how she got 10 points for no veto next week. She had 55 for slop and showers.

J: i'm ready to go home. if someone comes back.. seriously that's it i'm done.

Janie plans on crushing peoples dreams if she wins HoH

K: I'm so done with this game. i'm done. idon't wanna pretend to be nice.

J: I don't wanna behere.

K: I'm happy that I'm on the block.. I don't have the votes and that makes me happy. I'm losing my mind. Slop makes me crazy.

Janie mad she can't evenplay for the veto next week.

K: well you still have howie and james.

Kaysar telling her not to give up. Kaysar wants Janie to get an alliance with CT.

Dani, Howie, Janie and Kaysar are convinced someones comming back.

(Haven't seen Will, James etc in awhile)

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not sure if I heard this right. Dani asked Jan if she got her stuff back. Jan said no and she wouild like an answer. Dani said they were all tested and Jan said yeah, back in April. Kay then asks if she is pregnant and she said shhh (bangs her cup louder) and says not on the internet. Dani says it complicated.

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12:39 BBT Kaysar and Erika outside talking. Telling her he's upset that he's played the game too nice and in return people want him out. Erika is trying to justify a possible eviction because janie scared the floaters that they were next on the Sov's chopping block.

"you are youself in this game" Kay tells her and that's the pitfall. "Maybe it's not meant to be" Not winning HOH, not getting selcted to play veto, James getting the nulify the vote so Kaysar feels his eviction is meant to be.

Kay says he's not going to talk bad about James because he's part of his alliance even though there's talk he's not that tight with him.

Erika not saying anything. Long pause

Kay-"Are you ok" Erika- "no" Kay- "what are you thinging about? Erika- "I wish you were staying"

Kay tell her he's happy because he's realized that he doesn't have the votes. "It's not that I've given up it's I'm not getting honest answers from anybody"

Erika says that it's not an easy decision and people are torn about it. Kaysar said he doesn't want to be a quitter but he doesn't want to sound like a broken recoed pleading his case.

Kaysar-"For me I win either way" talking about what he has beyond the walls and in the house

Erika says if she does give her vote to him it's a betryal to Danielle and if she doesn't than she's betraying Kaysar.

Basically telling Erika it's the numbers she's able to find confidence and it's ok.

Kaysar "I know Danielle wants me out of this game because of James" She has an elaborate to break up Season Six and make Jammes the floater and grab him up.

Erika says that's the way it has to be and that it had to be done.

Erika claims she wasn't opposed to any of his nominations or evictions.

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