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August 9 Live Feed Updates

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Kaysar said he should of played veto so he could have walked with something now all he gets is "A slap in the face and boot in the ass"

He joked around that he didn't even get the chance to come up with a catchy phrase like last season.

Now Kaysar said he just has to accept his fate. Now he's ragging on Marci for giving CG the slop pass because Danielle told him to and not because he wanted to. Basically buying CG vote.

Erika says maybe CG may vote for him because it was James was the one who put him up. kaysar telling her that the huse doesn't want to remember that.

Howie comes out and Kaysar calls him "A Gorilla" "He's a big farting gorilla" Howie says something and both Erika and Kaysar laughs.

He tells Erika "I hope this stays between us" She says "of course"

" Do you thing Danielle and James have some sort of Deal?" Erika asks Kay "Don't you know?" and erika says she doesn't know. he asks sarcastically what you guys do upstairs playing patty cake. she says no that they talk strategy. He tells Erika its obvious since Danielle is securing all the votes for him.

Kaysar is saying that both James and Danielle are claiming to play honest yet Danielle goes around basically staing he's less loyal to them.

Kaysar isn't sure about James but the writing is on the wall. Saying Danielle is good at reading people and in turn manipulates people in to doing what she wants. Kaysar saying she layers herself. Kasar says "Do you know why I'm leaving? Because I didn't agree to be the wildcard, that's how I knew"

Erika asks "what do you mean wildcard?"

Kaysar answers- "we have an understanding but we will never talk about it again" "I'm no use for her"

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1:11 BBT

Kaysar basically talking when people all of a sudden want attention that should have set off alarms.

Again ragging on Marci flaunting around taking pride in his non loyality. "we knew he was leaking information and screwing us over 3rd week" The reason we didn't go after him because we didn't want to scare the house. "and now he's walking around like he's tough shit" "he's a leech". Erika thinks it's a misunderstading, kaysar says its not and doesn't appreciate him.

Erika is cold and they go inside to check on the slop in the oven Kaysar said it's probably burnt..Erika checks it and says no.

Eating the slop crackers [looks burnt to me] and trying to get it off the foil because its stuck.

Kaysar jokingly says "yum scrumptious" as he its it with catsup.

Kaysar tell Erika if he doesn't get the votes he's gonna ask them to vote him out without any votes. tells Erika they are gonna talk about it tomorrow.

Talking about the faces in the mirror from early this evening. Saying she really thought she was seeing things because she's not eating. She says she miserable and now she's crying Kaysar " you need to keep yourself together" she says "I can't because I don't have any food" Kay says he lost 10 lbs and when your body feels like it's deteriorating and that makes you feel crazy. Erika crying that if she has to do it for another week she'll quit. "I can't do it"

Janie comes in "I can't sleep" looks at Erika "What's wrong?" Erika answers "Everything"

Talking about the faces in the mirror.

Janelle- "I want the fuck outta here so I can lose weight"

Talking how Howie gained weight on the slop.

Erika "You have a birthday coming up" Now telling him you gotta laugh about that (the eviction) [what a bitch]

Erika says "I love you guys...I really do"

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1:41 BBT Kaysar and Janelle says they can't sleep. Kay says "I guess I'm staying up til 5"

Erika finally eating.

Kaysar says he has tomorrow and then Thursday.

Janelle and Kaysar are now going outside to sit. Kaysar went to go get something first

Erika is really munching down the slop fries. Erika talking to herself saying please don't do that again BB it scares the shit outta me[mirror faces].."I'm not looking at any mirrors"

Camera goes to BY Janie sitting playing with her hair waiting for Kaysar to join her.

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1:48 BBT

Kaysar joins Janelle. Janelle wants to know what Erka said.

Kaysar has a feeling Danielle riled them up to get to vote them out. Janelle says "Duh". Kaysar rehashing everything said earlier [see a few post up].

Janelle ask Kaysar if she asked if she knows that they are trying to rail votes from CT.

1:52 Flames

Missed the convo so not sure what was said.

Talking about some deal. Telling her they know she (Janelle) doesn't have veto. They know that James was the pawn now. They figured out he was put up because he's good at vetoes. "Doesn't matter because he was Never going home" "She had to make a bold move" saying it was an obvious move "I called it from week 1"

Again rehashing his convo with Erika.

Kaysar said it is all Danielles doing and telling Janelle "You gott take her out" "If you don't take her out,you'll lose James"

Janelle "Should we tell CT?"

Kaysar talking about Marci and what he told Erika about him.

Janelle telling Kaysar "I told you wee 2" that Danielle was working the floaters. Kaysar saying how she manipulates CG to do what she wants.

Janelle "Should we talk to CT"

Kaysar Yea. But what/

Janelle asks him what because she feels if she does she' selling out James. Kaysar says "I think james is up to something" Janelle "Are you sure he's up to something?' "Kaysar "yes because she's offered me the same deal as James" " "What kind a person would I be If I'm not loyal to these people I promised to be loyal to" When he declined kaysar says she started to campaign against him. By george i think these two finally figured out james is with Danielle. "I'm almost positive". Kaysar says.

Janelle ask Kay "Do you think she asked Jamnes to throw the HOH" Kay thinks so. Telling Janie she only has Howie playing for her and she has herself. "It's a theory"

Again Janelle wants to tell CT but Kaysar seems reluctant because its a theory but he's almost sure.

Talking about his CG convo saying that the reason he wasn't part of their alliance was because they wern't sure where he stood. Telling Janelle he apologized to CG for putting him up and trying to win the veto. Also made sure he knew that it was the house. "danielle is working him hard" "The only reason I want to stay in this house is take her on head to head" "I can predict her moves"

Janelle "I told you she was working on something but no one listen to me" Kaysar "I know" Janelle says you wouldn't let me go after her because of james.

Again Janelle wants to go to CT.

Kaysar says "I'll talk to them tomorrow" Janelle says "I think we both should talk to them" Janelle worried once Kaysar's gone they lose James to Danielle. Kaysar is telling Janelle they will probably put her and Howie up. James will not save her. "Janelle said would he do that this early in the game? Kaysar said its not early anymore. Kaysar believes james will dissolve the alliance and then bury himself in the house and think CT will be the Target and he will hide behind Danielle and her floater alliance.

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2:20 BBT

Kaysar " Somethings up. Danielle claim she doesn't campaign for votes and she's campaigning..somethings up"

Kaysay tells Janelle he'll try again tomorrow and she can talk to CT, "this game has gone to the dogs she got waht she wanted"

Janelle thinks if the go to CT and let them know what Dani is up to they will work with them. Kaysar believes that they are collecting infromation.

long silence.

Janelle says she doesn't think Kaysar hasn't been very convincing. "I haven't got a chance to talk to them"

Are you sure its a live vote? Kaysar asks. Janelle said yes because Cory told her it was.

Kaysar believes she should tell CT that she can't play for veto so they can fight for her if they are going to be in an alliance so HOH won't fall into the wrong hands. "You need to get them to play before it's too late or there won't be an alliance"

Kaysar thinks CG is voting for him to stay and he won't say anything because he asked him to keep the convo they had to himself.

"It would be awesome if we can pull it off on Thursaday" "Danielle would crap in her pants"

Janelle "Why don't you just start campaiging" she said to tell Erika "I control Janelle and Howie and they would never put you up" She told Kaysar to start making promises. Kaysar "I'll work on it tomorrow" "Even if I get her we still need CT" Janelle "I know"

Kaysar laughing if the vote comes back 6-1 and see Danielle start crying and the only vote he'd get would be from Marci.

Janelle "You don't think we are being paranoid about James" Kaysar NO.

Howie now in BY and have told him that they believe James took a deal with Danielle. "A secret deal" Ding Ding Ding By George Howie has figured out James is the pawn "He doesn't seem really worried" about his nomination. Kaysar said he's confronted everyone about it and no one has denied it.

Howie said CG is telling him to worry about CT and he needs to get him out. Kaysar is telling Howie that he's screwed if he or Janie go next week.

They have convinced Howie James has gone to the dark side. Now they are talking they really need CT to get James gone.

They are sure James is throwing the HOH to get Howie and Janie nominated.

Howie says are you sure. Janelle says look James isn't biting his nails and he's not stressed. Now Janelle says his performance at the nomination ceremony was over the top and now instead of acting like he did last year he just put his head in his hands and just acted sad. Ding Ding Ding Janelle has figured out that James knew ahead of time that James knew he was going up.

Now Howie is noticing odd behavior from James.

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2:53 BBT

Janelle scared by a huge bug.

Janelle "Kaysar what do you think we should do"

Howie still believes someone is coming back. "It's bullshit"

Kaysar tells Howie and Janelle he'll talk to CT and if it doesn't work he wants to dump the votes.

Kaysar that the betrayal of James is the worst case scenario.

Janelle saying its hard to talk to them alone. Howie says ask the to talk by themselves and don't be afraid of those floatherders.

Howie belives HOH will be a crapshoot "especially if someone is coming back"

"I hope it's Nakomis" Janelle says.

I'm checking out sorry for all the typos in my posts too lazy to proofread and correct..Night all.

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I just tuned into the feeds.

Currently all 4 cams are on fire.

Ooops, we're back to a house full of sleeping houseguests! (Ed. I thought they were getting them up early?)

8:55 BBT - Fire again!

9:03 BBT - Feeds are back and CG is in the bathroom cleaning his teeth.

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James, Erika, Boogie, and Kaysar are up now.

Erika is in the bathroom and wont even look into the mirrors (shes covering her eyes with her hands) and yelled to BB 'IM AFRAID!!'

Boogie talking about the ghosts and said that he had dreams that they were coming out of the mirrors/walls and trying to kill them.

Will is up now too (9:26 BBT)

Asking Erika and Boogie if they figured anything out about the 'faces' and Erika says 'no not really, just that they scared the f*ck out of us'

Will says he saw someone while he was cleaning his teeth..He says it wasnt anyone he recognized, and that it was definately a hologram.

Erika now saying 'Umm, yeah, that was fun. Thanks BB!'

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9:22bbt (ed. reporting for duty)

HGs are up and about... Kaysar/James/Erika/Mike seen so far, walking around in and outside... Mike talks about the faces, even knowing them

James asks Erika if he needs to worry about the relationship forming between her/Mike, she says no you know you are my number one... pretty much joking around... James leaves, Mike/Erika in bathroom

E: you know they are going to keep doing this... they want to get your reaction

M: I want them to get the ones who are too cool for school, if your head is down in the sink and you look up and it's right there and it doesn't scare you, kudos for you!

E: thing is, now we expect it, imagine being the first one!

M: and it's not like an image of a ghost...

(Will is up now as well)

W: figure out anything about the faces?

(will goes on to say he saw a guy's face in the mirror but didn't recognize him, says it was a hologram not a real face)

E: yea, that was fun, thanks BB

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Will was sharing about DR sessions, in trouble for calling Julie Chen 'sweetheart', says he was told he won't get any live show questions now... of course this brings BB announcement and FOTH...


Mike/Kaysar outside

M: I guess Julie got mad at the way he spoke to her

K: no way!

M: he was like, it's spontenaity!

(in kitchen, CG says his chicken necklace is missing!)

(back outside to Mike/Kaysar, figuring out the votes)

K: they will send me home this week, Janelle next week, James defects...

M: Marc, Erika...

K: that's why you need to put an end to it now

M: but if they are sticking together, it's done, because she has the tie-breaker

K: Danielle thinks she has it all figured out, a strong alliance.. but no one will know until the live show

M: interesting, black widow

K: create the impression you aren't playing the game, no one will fight against you

M: do you know, I mean, have the four of you talked? James will nullify the vote

K: but if we have 5, it doesn't matter... probably Janelle or Howie.. something is going down... she claims it's because of last week, but something is going on

M: if she's a good player, she's been planning this

K: problem is, I'm still going home if I don't have you and Will... if you guys want to align with us, it's important

(ed. which way ARE Mike/Will voting?!?!?)

K: the reason Danielle is sending Erika to you is to lock the vote

M: the whole thing with Erika is like, I know what's going on... Will is joking around with Janelle, but they both know niether one cares... Will and I know we will be sitting together on the block at some point, just like you guys knew it would happen to you

K: we are heading into sequester... it's the time to make a decision, to make a run... now they are trying to align, make excuses... we played it so tight and try not to make excuses... Erika and Marcellas have their excuses...

M: I don't know if it concerns me, or I like it better, they haven't been bugging us

K: they are stressed, we saved you George, hows that food George, really trying to work him... even doing this hey why didn't anyone extend their hand... why did the whole house lobby against you? When you were shaving your head, I looked over and they had killer eyes, I had 9 people urging me to shave my head... they think George is a lock, Erika, Marcellas... even James isn't stressing

M: that's probably why they aren't coming to us, they don't care

K: Danielle says she lets the house decide, but she is definately campaigning... she doesn't want me to leave because I'm the nice guy, she has a secret alliance

K: even now, we tell James if you are here, we go after Danielle, but he is no, Erika and... he wants to protect Danielle, 2 days ago he said we need to go after CT...

M: it was so much easier last time

K: I think she wants me out, because I can think like her, I know what move she's going to make

(Will/Erika in Bathroom, Will tells her it's a live vote)

M: I need to talk to Will, the faces have... my time here, no only have I had to consider playing the game... FOTH

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K: I know you want to play it cool next week and see how it goes, but I think time is running out

M: I think we are first or second option every week, we don't have the option of blending into the background... I wish BB hadn't come at Will with the thing about Julie, he's been in a good mood, and now he's not... if someone comes back and there's another week before sequester... I should have to be his cheerleader, as long as he's here, CT is a target, but he is a much bigger target... maybe in the final 3 or 4, people wouldn't think he would get the money...

K: at this point, no one is differentiating between the two

M: I guess I'll take that as a compliment

K: granted he's a winner, but you are athletic, stepped up to the plate, but he tanks

M: it is a big deal, crawling off the web... who would you go with, Janelle or Howie?

K: Janelle, because she will play the game... faith not just trust but she will work for her alliance, she won't tank it, she's honorable when it's time to go head to head... not to mention, if Howie is in the game, no one will go after him.. he hasn't been winning and isn't exactly the brains of the group

K: here's the thing, if Will doesn't want to stay, if you don't want to be part of an alliance, then I want to go home, it's not worth it

M: he hasn't brought it up in 2 weeks, with the faces, him in DR for an hour, I don't know what he's going to be like today

K: I'll be straight up with you, I'm happy either way, the reason I'm making a push, I see what Danielle is doing, she's ready for her victory parade, and I don't want her to get that... she's trying to make her best move and I'm trying to stop it

M: you are ok going, but don't want to not fight for the votes

K: essiential I'm being back doored, I didn't get to play for veto, but it wouldn't have mattered, I wouldn't have done the cots or slop... I could go up, but I would want to stay good with the house, if I didn't win veto and put the house on slop... I would have been stuck between rock/hard place... they ask why didn't I play for veto, the floaters, they are so confused about that, I'm a little confused about that, not getting picked

M: why did they get us up this early?

K: they made it seem like we'd be on lockdown at 8am, it's 10 and we are still doing nothing

(ed. me too, I need to work... shoot, now James/Danielle in bug room)

J: boogie/Kaysar are outside for like an hour

D: it's ok we are strong

(James goes with Janelle to gym, Will joins them)

J: laying on couch with Will/Howie, and Will says I'm out of here... I thought you wanted out?

W: I do, one more thing to do, then I'm trying to get out

(more speculation about HGs returning)

Jan: Boogie likes BB doesn't he?

W: oh he's obsessed! He calls me and I'm like don't call me again!

James: he said he called and asked you about characters

(Janelle called to DR, James leaves, asks about closing door, Janelle left with Will)

W: hi Janelle, how are you?

J: I'm good

W: good, that's how I like it

J: what are you going to do today?

W: eventful day, complain, mope around, probably go in the DR and get in trouble...

J: you were trying to be cute and charming... and you were

W: thank you, at least you get it

J: have you and Boogie talked yet?

W: no, Kaysar has been grilling him for an hour

J: will I be able to talk to you and Boogie you? I want to talk with both of you... I talk with you, but never with him

W: he is totally cool with you...

J: so I can talk with him about it

W: trust me, nobody else is like this... he and I are with you and Howie

J: I was going to tell you.. don't tell anyone... I can't play for veto next week!

W: we know! everyone knows, we did the math lol

J: I'm worried if I'm put up next week, you can't play for veto to protect me, cause if one of you takes me off, the other gets put up

W: just go talk to Mike...

(Janelle leaves)

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James saw someone from behind the mirror. Janie, Kaysar, and Erika are now in the ant room. James says it's Eric from BB3 but Janie screamed and thought it was Cappy!!! Kaysar saw it too. Erika thinks it's allison.

Now we're back to flames because Will is cussing out the show.

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10:45 (Will explaining the facts of life to Janelle in the gym lol)

W: give me my alergy medicine and get me out of here... if I win and get $250,000, I get that by working hard... why dye myself blue, shave my head and starve a 47 year old man! I never should have come on the show, 5 years later nothing has changed, I should not have let Boogie talk me into this, anyway you look at it, I'm a 33 year old doctor that sleeps on the floor, I occasionally eat slop, and I can't take a hot shower, are you kidding me? Where am I bosnia? Get me out of here!

J: it's not that bad Will

W: it's not that bad, but it's not that good either, like what's good about this show? nothing, like I really want to stay 2 more weeks and get an stipend.

J: don't you find it a little bit challenging?

W: no, I find it dull, trite and useless, nothing more nothing less, and everytime I tell them that in the DR they get upset....

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Will keeps moaning the same refrain that Georgectv reported and keeps cussing out BB which means we keep getting flames while he gets scolded, but he is still playing the game. He was in the pantry with James and Dani and agreed to dupe Janie into believing that Dani wanted James gone because he's the stronger player. James and Will left. Dani discovers some small suitcases in the pantry.

James joins Howie in the bug room to campaign for his vote. He tells Howie that if he wants to win, the SOV needs to be strong and that he's a stronger player than Kaysar.

Lockdown @11:16 a.m.

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Danielle met Marcellas in the SR before finding the suitcases... fed him a line about not telling Mike/Will how she wants them to vote, said she doesn't care which one of the two(K/James) leaves, but for strategic reasons it needs to be Kaysar, as long as she has them 3(Marc/Erika/CG), she doesn't care how they(CT) vote

(just adding to the James/Howie conversation)

Howie stated his biggest concern is Erika/Marcellas, upset by the way they were with SOV when they were HOH, and this week they(E/M) turned on the SOVs. Howie says he thinks Janelle wants to keep Kaysar, but it wouldn't hurt for James to talk with her. James tosses in a comment for good measure about how he has bit his fingers, does it under his blanket so he doesn't get caught.

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Lockdown has started but Howie's still in the kitchen rummaging for food. He's cussing the ghosts and calling them pussies because he hasn't seen one. Janie is calling to him from somewhere in the house as well. He's pissed because he can't find the shake mixer, and is taking his sweet time walking around the kitchen. BB is announcing that the HGs have to leave, so Howie yells "I have to take a dump. I can't hold it for two hours."

Now he's in the bathroom giving a sportscaster-type account of his dump and it's aroma at the top of his lungs. He's grunting, groaning, and saying he can't get it. Now he's describing how he's wiping his ass. If he keeps delaying like this, maybe he'll get a penalty nom.

11:26 a.m. He's out and washing his hands, but now can't find his mike. Finds it, goes back to the kitchen to get paper towels.

@ 11:28 a.m. Howie finally joins the L.D. Boogie, Will and Kaysar are exercising, James is in the hammock, and Howie has now brought the noise level up in the yard by narrating the exercises with his usual adolescent commentary. Erika says "We live in a frat house."

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HGs still in lockdown and are discussing why they're seeing the "ghosts." They're thinking that it's an HOH or a spontaneous eviction competition revolving around a Haunted House theme where they have to answer qus about what former HGs say about them from their season.

Marcy thinks they're here to do press, House Calls, Entertainment Tonight, and that they had to pay their own way to do so because CBS is cheap. The other HGs disagree because no one would pay their own way to do promos.

Howie is still stirring that damned shake nonstop making it hard to hear.

Booger asked for a camera to cut to the pool so he could do something funny. All he did was jump in fully clothed, over a chaise lounge. Janie asked why he went in with his shoes on and he said because he thought it would be funnier.

Kaysar and Janie join him. Kaysar beaned Janie with a beachball so she called him a dick. They splash around a little more then get out. Booger moves a loaded weight bar over to the pool and tells Howie if he benched that weight, he must be strong. Howie says he did lift that weight yesterday and that's why his arm is sore today. Booger says "Your arm is sore from stirring a protein shake for 90 minutes."

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HGs outside for LD still... lots of meaningless conversation... They got the HOH camera and have been taking pictures... they have complained that the LD has been much longer than BB told them...

BB voice: thanks HGs for being patient... it's going to be 3 or 4 more minutes...

then FOTH... for 30 minutes now...

(ed. any chance BB has a twist happening now, with FOTH hiding the Coup d' tat event occuring from now until Thursday night? I'm getting as paranoid as the HGs! lol)

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Feeds are back (ed. I can relax for now! lol)

HGs are moving around, getting food from kitchen, some inside some out

D: that was fun, I enjoyed that

(Marc complaining to James about TheFishBowl slandering him)

Will/Danielle whispering in the kitchen.. Dani says 'she doesn't know everything'

E: how many of them were there? 6? One from each season?

CG: Alison looked mean

M: Bunkie looked good with the acting.. when they were like Josh Josh...

E: he looked different to me... they were in the ways.. I told you it was them

Marc: I wonder if that means no one is coming back

(ed. still trying to figure out what was going on)

BB: HGs, this is a lock down, please go outdoors

CG: I think my chicken necklace went up (going to sell it on ebay? it was missing earlier, was it somehow involved in what happened during the last FOTH?)

M: where is Will (making a sandwich)... why does he do that? just come out and let the lockdown start

SOV4 by pool whispering, guessing about what the next HOH will be

Marc: it's funny how they are all ploting against James, but the moment something goes down....

(plane has the nerve to fly over when Kaysar is whispering something)

How: Bunkie, Alison, Holly

Jan: Josh..

How: Bunkie, Alison, Holly, Josh, Eric, and the chickens, were there 2 chickens, or just one?

Jan: Alison, Holly

James: did you fart Howie?

Jan: I have to leave and think

James/Kaysar whispering

J:you know what the problem is, if you went home right now, would you even watch the show? no... only thing keeping us here is the competitions, and we haven't even had comps, veto experience

How: only comps have been pedistal, golf, spider... Holly was holding a red duck

J: there was no Nak, no Diane, no Jase.. did you see Monica? no, she wasn't there

J: the necklace was on a fake chicken, Arnold Shapiro isn't going to hurt a real animal... are people going to want to come in here knowing the comp is like last week? I came back because last year was fun stuff

H: even the pool and jungle gym was fun

J: who wants to come for cold showers and eat slop? This game is over

Will and others discuss abuse of the chicken, then a bird flies over the backyard, is it a chicken, dove... CG says it had camoflage

James complains about shaving with cold water

K: she did the thing real well, trying to be scary

H: what was Alison holding?

J: the mime jacket

H: Bunkie (something), Alison mime, Holly duck, Josh with Marc robe

(Jan returns)

James: you're gonna have to go over this 100 times with him

Jan: you want me to tell you how it went down?

James: I know how it went down

H: this is the haunted house... BB, while we are on lockdown could you bring our beds back?

Sov4 question again what HOH is

H: do you think it will be based on the seance(THEY HAD A SEANCE!)

James: that was definately Eric.. now he can put on his headshot that he was on Allstars(lol)... hey, did Josh look fat?

E: he didn't have his gotee, he usually has facial hair

Howie says Josh called asking if he was part of the 20... James thinks BB told the 20 that would be on, and left others hanging just in case some of the 20 dropped out...

How: so there was no Monica... the voices were recorded... I want this HOH and I'm going to take it this time

James: what was Holly holding?

How: huh?

James: I want to see if you know, you say you want the HOH

How: they better not ask those questions(ed. nice confidence Howie lol)


James/Kaysar/Howie decide CG is putting on an act...

J: he lies

How: know what he asked me yesterday? Let's study Howie, who won the first HOH? Who won the second HOH? If that's as deep as you study, you don't belong here! (Erika walks by) Alison is coming for you!

We should have a house policy.. the person that comes back, if the HOH puts them up, the HOH has one week immunity

James/Kaysar/Howie complaining about Janelles last HOH decision... Kaysar saying he was in DR saying this is what our plan is, then it changed... Janelle walked up, and James swtiched mid sentence to talking about the seance, who appeared and what they were holding.... Kaysar/Howie didn't question at all...

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