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August 2 Live Feed Updates

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Howie is now leading a revolt against BB because he wants eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. He says that by not letting the people who won the food comp. eat eggs on Wednesday is cutting the food off a day early. He wants everyone to not vote unless there are eggs on his plate tomorrow.

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James - ( to Howie) Marcellas takes Boogie out of POV and food competition. He did Janie a favor. It was really bad. Not cool. Diane isnt a threat to her.

Howie - dont know what she was thinking.

James - we had this planned out. Take out Boogie and Will. We take out the floaters. We're fine.

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Marcellas is in the Red Room with Diane bitching about being in the house. He feels like the producers are trying to make the game as bad as it can be. They are not making it fun and he even doesnt want Julie to call on him during the show.

Feeds switch to BY and BSing chit chat. Name dropping, and they may need a shovel to get back in the house.

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Janelle and Kaysar are in the gym discussiong Marcellas and if he is going to put them up. Janelle doesnt think he will. They dont think Erika will either. Janelle talks about Dani and how she wants to be nice this season and wonders if they should believe her. Kaysar does. Kaysar is worried about peoples opinions of him outside the house and Janelle says she doesnt care.

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Ok, it's now snooze fest in the BB house. 2 feeds on Diane and Marcellas sleeping and the other two on the BY with people talking about dating.

James is in bed, Marcellas and Daine are sleeping. Will is recapping a date of Erikas for us internet viewers. Lucky us.

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2:30 am BBT

The past hour has been HGs eating. Howie ate about 3,000 calorie philly cheese sandwiches (4) made by George. They've all been chitchatting in the kitchen and in BY.

Now Janie and Howie playing pool in BY.

Livingroom has CG, Will, Boogie, Danie, Erika and Kaysar.

Talk is still chitchat. B)

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2:50 am BBT

By the pool table in BY is Howie & Janelle.

Talk is who would be mad at who. James & Kaysar mad because Janie going after floaters and not doing THEIR dirty work of getting rid of CT when they had the chance to do it and didn't want CT mad at them. He thinks you're working with CT (James).

J He's paranoid as usual. I'm not working CT and neither is Kaysar. He said get rid of them... big deal... neither did he!

H Couldn't hear what he said :(

J It's risky... I don't want to take that risk.

H I'll personally attack them (CT) if they come after us this week. They said they were playing with honesty this year. I'll destroy them. If your my enemy... I'll rip on their gfs, their clubs, etc. I'll perssonally attack them. That's how I'll play this game and make good TV. I shouldn't say that because now BB will incite them to coming after us. BB tells them to do things in DR by giving them the idea with their comments.

J Dani put you and I up.

H I think she will It will be majority rules, endurance or crapshoot. I hope it's endurance.

J James says "You're safe with Dani"

H If we're so safe why would she put us up? Thanks for the alliance pal! We will hold him accountable if she does. If you want CT so bad, get HOH and do it.

J They want us to get rid of CT so we are doing their dirty work.

H Erika is so scared now she wants HOH to protect herself We need to get CT out soon because look what they did to you. Eventually they'll have you coming after me, James & Kaysar.

J Hell No! They try to get me to turn on Marcy, but I'm not going to.

H CT Boogie would put up Marcy. I think.

J You cannot put up Marcellus. He'll say you'll (janie) will have to sacrifice someone.

H Who would he go after It might be their best interest to go Erika because they won't have the votes. We'll know what exactly going on after this upcoming week.

J I feel horrible after putting up Diane. I hate myself now for doing that.

H I love the girl, but you have to play. If you didn't come to play that's not my problem. Who's the best cook? Danielle. Best looking is Will. Funniest is Will. Who's prettiest? Janelle or Diane?

J (exasperated) I don't know! I'm not even competing at HOH and I'm good at majority rules. CT would obviously be leaving if Marcy would've gotten HOH and I didn't take it.

H We need this HOH.

J Who do you think James will put up? CT Kaysar will put up CT Who would you put up?

H I'll evaluate it if we get HOH and see what best scenario is. I would like to break them up. Can we win a 5th consecutive HOH title? There was never 4 in a row in other seasons. There will be nine competitors.

J I smoke a pack every 2 weeks. I've been smoking a lot now.

Livingroom group is still chit chatting.

3:15 am BBT B)

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3:20 BBT

In BY Howie & Janie chit chatting and begin singing Mickey Mouse M - o - u - s - e song FLAMES & WTLM

CT plan would work so well if they lost the body, then kept a body and the trust would be out for them. They manipulated little Janie.

No way Marccy will vote out Diane Kaysar said it would be aclean sweep.

Diane was gunning for Janie, even before the show. That's what Tony Ferrari (a she) said. Talk of how they met Tony (31 yo)

J James is still mad at me?

H Sort of We'll see what comes up and see if things are fine. If not, we will be in trouble. I don't want to go soon.

J We HAVE to get HOH so we can get into sequester.

Talk of nerd herd and how many of them were in sequester that season, and how they had too many voters.

J What will I write in my blog tomorrow?

H That's the least of my worries for tomorrow. I'll have to wear a shirt tomorrow. Who is this, "I'm not taking pictures" (Will)

Janie gets up to take a shower and go to bed. Howie wants to lift weights.

Livingroom group is still chit chatting.

Janie goes in and asks the livingroom group if someone wants to play chess. Someone says yes, but I don't know who it was.

3:30 am BBT B)

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6:13 am BBT

Kaysar can't believe how so many people can watch BB online feeds during the daytime. Janelle tells him it's mostly women. Talk about getting sunlight to make you feel better, but Janie isn't going to get more sunlight.

Kaysar doesn't want to be up until this hour. Now the sun is beginning to shine and he's still up. Kaysar asks why she has a bad schedule. She says it's a personal preference. She'll be the last in the gym until 11 pm--she's not a regular person.

K What does Big Daddy think of that? Then Janelle hits him with the pillow and to shut up.

J I don't tell him.

K I don't know him but maybe he's cool with just licking whipped cream off of.......

J What if he breaks up with me now. I'll tell him but it was just harmless fun.

K Eventually you'll want to get serious with a guy.

J I can't tell him I love him until he tells me. He never told me seriously. Know what I mean?

K I think so.

J & K laughing and she says no you don't.

J You've never been in love

K No. When the time is right...... It will hurt.

J So you HAVE loved someone before.

K I've loved someone but not IN love. I don't think they ended up being not the right person. I probably had expectations and probably hurt the girl. If something COULD work out I will get involved, but if it won't I won't get involved.

More talk about Kaysar's past relationship(s) After a few minutes he said, "I don't want to talk about it."

Out of respect for others, I don't want to put them through stuff. It was MY choice for me to go public into this house, but not them. So out of respect I don't want to talk about it and bring others to it.

J I'm sorry to dwell.

K You think I'm super dorky. Because you think....

J I do not

J What a beautiful day.

K Yes, this is best time of the day... when you DO get up early. Not too hot, not too cold It's amazing.. the sky. If I could fix my schedule....

J If we stay up till 11 pm tonight, then go to sleep and then we can get up early. do you think I'm a spoiled brat?

K Yes

J Cuz you spoil me

K What!? What do I do? I haven't done anything. All I do is play chess with you. talk with you.

Both laughing.

J Do your parents live feeds?

K No... my sisters do, though

J I feel bad cuz I didn't tell James what I was up too.

K Yeah I think.

J But YOU didn't tell him.

K After that point, I ... I

J I had an idea of what I was doing, but....

JAMES putting on his microphone in the bathroom. Walks into kitchen. then back into the bedroom, taking his microphone off while crawling back into bed. (I thought he was going out with Janelle and Kaysar.)

K You have to deal with it

(Sorry... I HAVE to get going.)

6:30 am BBT B)

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Janelle and Kaysar are STILL up. Apparenly, Janelle doesn't want to go to bed until 11:30pm tonight. So she can get back to a regular schedule.

Kaysar and Janelle then go inside to make waffles.

In the meantime someone is really sleeping hard and snoring the whole time.

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8:10 am BBT

Janie and K in BY doing jumping jacks with dumbells in their hand. Janie is counting them out.

Now jogging back and ofrth in BY janie keeps saying is that 1 11? Then says thirteen...

Talks about working out a lot not like she does here and that is why she gets fat. She says that she sees her trainer twice a week and then works out on her own twice a week.

Janie passes by camera and says

Hi BB Chatter! Good Morning"

Continues doing laps with Kay and counting them out...

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janie continues to count..








"Its the final countdown" "Just kidding"

J- You know like in Rocky when he is throwing the final punches"












J- wanna do the last here and then walk?

K says something

and she says ok



Janie laughing as the laugh racing on the last rep

K must not have his mic on as he is muffled

j- it is really good

j- we should check our heart rates, if I had a watch we could, but you can count out a minute... start now...

janie taking pulse

K- time

J- 87 what did you get?

j- I have a low what do you call it... then muffled...

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8:46 am BBT

Janie and Kay still working out in BY, did more laps (up to 100) sprinted the last few, then did stretching and jump rope reps and are now doing lunges.

Janie says something about getting in the pool and then starting all over agai, kay says something that I can't hear

J- do you want to do 100 more?

K- __________________ (put on your mic K!)

J- then what do you want to do? Want to do biceps? Ok

They get the dumbells and start reps with the dumbells, a lot of laughing...

all other HG still asleep as Janie and Kaysar are workout fanatics...

Laughing and saying

"not so bad"

start another set...

do a 12 count, they set down the dumbells

K- that really burns

j- yeah

j- how is it?

j- not so bad!

They both start laughing

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kaysar and Jani getting some sun.

Jani hopes they get alcohol tonight.

Jani ''does it look like I am getting tanner?''

Kaysar ''u mean from 10minutes ago?''

Jani ''ya''

Kaysar ''your serious?''

Jani '' I look tanner''

Kaysar enjoying the pool.

Jani''Its hot as hell, do I look like I am getting a tanline?''

Jani jumps in and screams cause its cold.

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