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Out of all the women on bb7, who do you think is beautiful?

Out of all the BB shows, 1 through 7 who was the most beautiful woman from al 7 seasons?

Out of all the men on bb7 who is handsome to you?

Out of all 7 seasons, who was the most handsome man?

I will go first, but keep in mind I have not seen all the seasons of bb.....

On BB7, I think jmo, that Erika is prettier than them all..

On bb7 out of the men I think jmo, that Kaysar is gorgeous.

Out of the seasons I saw I think Michelle girl was the prettiest from season 4.

I think I have to go look at pictures of all the casts of males first before I decide....

I know this is silly but I am oh so bored right now...

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of the girls on BB7, Allison is probably the prettiest. I like Erika but i think she's a little too skinny. Diane is cute too and i also though Janelle is pretty.

Out of the guys, i'd go with Will. (even though he needs a tan, lol)

Of all seasons, Michelle (BB4 i think) was by far the prettiest (imo) and i'll stick with Will for the guys. :rolleyes:

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