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  1. regardless, I don't think Ryan has a chance..
  2. how about all lawyers and doctors? I can see it now...everybody suing each other
  3. I was just thinking a fun season would be to take all family members, put them in there, and let them fight it out....you know how family can be when it comes to money.... I think it would be entertaining...
  4. Gotta love PVR....replay in slo mo, and laugh your ass off...over and over..
  5. King's just mesmerized by the bOObs Gnat is not smart. SMRT smart! She is just plain old annoying...wahh wahh wahh. nice boobs, but..CAN'T STAND HER.
  6. I agree, and strangers that are normal people, not actors, models, athletes, etc..just normal people that need the money. Not people that have casting agents and already have money.
  7. from a few pages back.. so you people are telling me that you would give up and leave? If you were in the same situation as Josh, would you not want to stay and fight for yourself, or allow someone that you just met weeks ago have the shot at the half mil?
  8. Dear Amanda, Please cover us, we're cold. Your ass cheeks Dear Natalie, We seem to have lost the 27th letter "AND"...can you help find it that would be great. G-R-8! Sincerely, The alphabet
  9. I saw a live interview with Jess, and I don't think it'll last, she said she wasn't really planning on going to NY, and that Eric may visit Kansas, but she didn't seem very enthused about it all and was kind of just like "uh huh, sure" about the whole thing....
  10. one of my favs was the AP task where Eric had to mimic Dick, I thought that was hilarious
  11. It doesn't really matter, she'll see it if she watches the show
  12. ooopss, my bad, I let the dogs out........they had to pee.............
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