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July 16 Live Feed Updates

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James says that the nominations are a waste. Howie whispers "hey - Diane is right there!" Janelle says, "we're not talking about her" Howie says "oh"

Janelle is going to try to get Erika to use the Veto. James says they have to make sure that Kayser is willing (to put up one of chill town). Janelle says she'll talk to her. James says, Oh...sh*t. Janelle: What? James says, Kayser didn't make the deal with Jase, right? Janelle says "the way to take down Chill Town is with Boogie or Will.

James says he wants to backdoor Jase.

Janelle is going to talk to Erika, and if she agrees, they are going to go to NAkomis & Diane to see if they are willing for one of them to be saved. Janelle says "okay" and leaves the room. James said he will talk to the girls.

Feeds move to Charades in the backyard.

Erika is playing Charades, so Janelle will have to wait for the conversation.

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James to Janelle and Howie...see if you guys agree with me about his, I think he's (Kaysar) is more concerned about how he's viewed playing the game, than actually playing the game

Howie: (whispering) so if he goes back on the deal he feels no integrity

J: exactly, I think he cares more about how he's viewed in here...

H: I really do believe that (still whispering)

Janelle: Why?

James: Because, Janelle, what did he do last season? His popularity is based on the fact that he trusted people and got screwed. He's incredibly smart, but for game plan he wasn't the greatest. In my opinion his popularity is based on the fact that he was honest and wanted to see the good in people, in a game where there's no...it's only deceit (pointing at the wall)

Janelle: Yeah

James: So...and he got great one liners...and of course we're all sitting in here. it's tough to be HOH cuz you're responsible for

H: some of our own

James: Yeah, and if there is any backlash, more likely he'll face it

Janelle: Okay...wait...he's worried about Chilltown coming after him?

James: It's just like you last year worried about Maggie coming after you. You send them the f*ck home

Janelle and Howie nodding: Exactly!

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(This was part of earlier convo I did not see here)

Jan tells him something Kay telling her they will have to at some point about compaign against each other and she said she doesn't want to have to campaign against them. James asks if Kay really said that and Jan nodded and said she doesn't know whats wrong with him.

James, You make a deal with people you can trust and you don't make a deal with people you can't trust.

J, Thats the thing, this sucks.

James, What do you think your chances are with Ericka?

J, If I tell her you know you take out someone from chilltown, then when we get it we'll take out CG.

J, What did Diane say about the Nom?

James, Kay is too afraid of what they might do afterwards. You know when you are talking to them, tell the what they want to hear, but don't make deals with them.

J, Well, he was trying to find out if there was something between Di and Jase.

James, Nak said why would Kay be so stupid to make a deal with chilltown.

J, I talked with Kay today and I asks what are you going to do and he was like Uhhhh.

James, I don't like backdooring people, but this is the dumbest thing in the world.

J, I don't like doing it either.

J, James even if Ericka doesn't use it, we could still keep Nak.we are voting.

James, Said yeah but she would be like you made a deal with chilltown and now you want a deal with me.

James said its only week three and he is already wore out.

Feeds keep sticking.

James, I don't even want to think about next week until we deal with this week. There are two big milestones. We have to get Ericka to use it and then to get Kay to nom one of them. They have already been out campaigning to get votes, thats why I was so shocked when I heard a deal had been made. I hate not getting all of the information. This place is so stressful.

J, I know, it sucks royally.

James, I mean we could be over reacting and they actually keep their deal.

J, You think so.

James, No.

J, We are f***ed. One of us HAS to win HOH. Then we have to think about what is the best thing for us to do.

James, Probably go after them. One of them shld be going hm Thurs. The deal shld have been made with one of the honest people. Not them.

J, Kay is dumb, he could have saved us for a wk,

James, Easily, he could have saved us for two wks. Nak could have saved us next wk.

J, On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is this nom.

James, A 14. We are really screwed if we don't win HOH.

J, Oh, it makes me mad.

James, Do you think we could convince Kay to put up Will?

J, Will? Why.

James, It would be easier than Boogie.

J,It would be dangerous.

James, Kay is not thinking dangerous. he is thinking about keeping his word.

Jase enters the rm and talk stops.

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Kaysar joins Jani and James

Jani: There is no way they "chill town" will put up a floater right now.

Kay: We are just stiring things up right now

Jani: Nak can keep her word.

Kay: ok we make a deal with Nak and send diane home

Jani: No, take nak off and put boogie up

James: We don't know if Boogie and will would keep their word

Jani: We need to take chill town out. Nak will keep her word.

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11:33 BBT finally done playing..

11:37 pm BBT diane and boogie talking in kitchen.

Diane " Me and janelle had tention before the show"

diane thinks theres no way erika will use the veto

diane says everyone but Season 6 is safe in her eyes

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12:41am bbt - all four feeds ..fiyahhh

12:43am bbt - F1 & 2 outside around pool table/washer/dryer area are Jase, Howie, Kaysar

F3 & 4 - danielle talking to Will, Boogie, Nakomis & Diane, Erika, Kaysar, and CG is there also - hard to tell - talking about how living in LA means that you just report your age as 10 years younger than you are. Boogie says that the way he and will act in the house isn't completely out of the ordinary for their personalities. Danielle starts to talk about a friend of hers that has a business out there and it's fire again. They come back with Will saying that he couldn't date someone in this industry because his schedule doesn't permit. They all agree that Will needs a mid-level model. Will then points to Boogie and says that is what he did and it didn't work so well. It loooks like Marcellas, Howie are in the room with them talking too.

Will reports that Boogie wants to have a baby, but doesn't want to be married. Will says that he is ready to have a baby too. Boogie says that he feels like it's ok that people have a baby together, but don't get married. They act like a family, but don't have the marriage. Boogie says that he want's to have children and would feel empty if he didn't. Jase says that his mom wanted him to settle down and get married and Jase said that he just wasn't like that...but then he met his current girlfriend, she has a daughter, and it turned out completely cool. He said he never considered dating a woman with children before. Jase says that women under 25 he couldn't consider being with anymore. Diane protests that she feels like that doesn't apply to her. Jase just doesn't think that Diane is ready for a starter marriage, but not 'for the long haul'. This causes some problem with Diane and it becomes a big discussion between the group about whether life experience or age is more important.

Will thinks that once you get a dog....you want a child (lol).

Will says that relarionships are all about committment and making that committment for the long haul. Will asks CG what he thinks and CG thinks that people give up too easily. Will says "that was my point exactly"

** hopefully someone is getting this on video - deep convo here, but too fast for me to keep up

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1;16am bbt - Will and Jase are talking to Howie (in the same setting/ room/people/ as before) that once he lets go of his insecurities and "puts himself out there", he will find his perfect woman. Will tells him in an "Indian Jones analogy that you will understand" - "Its like when indiana jones had to cross that plank to get the holy grail...and once he got there everything is magical" -

Jase and Will agree that once you put yourself out there and are completely vulnerable, that's the scariest thing. Marcellas and ERika say that it's the hurt from those kinds of relationships that make you grow.

This is a very deep conversation about everyone's opinions on relationships, growth, what makes relationships with yourself and others work and fail.

Howie asks will what he thinks is wrong with Howie

W - i'll tell you if you really want to know, but i dont want you to take it badly

H - yeah, go doctor, im sure you can cure anything

W - ya know howie, i dont think i can cure every skin disease, but when i dont know what's going on, i send it out for a biopsy for further research.

ut=oh - there is now a full discussion with howie and kind of everything. Breaking him down and therapizing him (i dont think therapize is a word - lol - but...that's what they are doing)

Will says that they can really help him figure out why he shuts down emotionally and reverts to odd behavior. Will goes on to give howie insights into what will perceives to be Howie's personality. Erika really says she wants to use this discussion to find out if there is more to howie than what he presents. Will says absolutely there is. Howie starts to ...defend himself... and give his life philosophy.

Jase - you're scared if you invest into a family for 12 years, you're afraid that that will fall apart and you'll have wasted those years.

Erika: tell us who broke your heart Howie

= they all seem to want to know

Will - you have to undersatnd that as much as we joke around here, we are being serious. this is the only time you will be in this situation where you can have this many points of views. We're loudmouths, but we're great listeners

Dani - tell us of one of your heartbreaks

I think Howie just told him that one of the girls brke his heart because of a job conflict.

Will - was the conflict yours or hers

Howie - hers

Will - was she a stripper? prostitute? or...(something else...but not it)

Howie - she was a stripper at one time

Janey walks in and says...what are you talkoing about? Jill?

- fire

we come back to find out that the girl howie was in love with was an escort - this all happened in the late 90s

Howie says that his friends convinced him that hanging out with her wasnt a good idea and they ended it. His friends were upset that he wasn't hanging with them anymore.

Will - i'm afraid that the peer pressure made howie make a decision that he regrets

They all are trying to get Howie to tell them the real story....of the heartbreak. Will says that someone really hurt howie and has left him scarred and wants to know why. He seems to be offering Howie therapy from the group...a way to explore himself, but Howie isn't looking comfortable - more defensive. The others really are trying to help him, they seem geniune in trying to help him.

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1;36am bbt - Jase and Will seem on point with Howie and where he's lost himself. Will thinks a unique situation that howie has an audience of people that will listen and care about him. When he returns to his normal friends outside this house, he will not get this kind of arena of advice and help.

They are all being sensitive to howie and pumping him up ego-wise. Jase said that if Howie would just drop the boobie, boobie, boobie stuff and all the vulgarities, he would have it made.

1:42am bbt - shout outs of all to the live feeders

Will - yeah, i'm worried about those guys (lol) :mellow:

Will tells the group that he is the only one that can judge himself. At the end of the day, as long as I'm doing what I know I should be doing, going to work, taking good care of my patients - i dont care what you think about me (this is coming because the hg have now switched the conversation to the opposite of love - hate.

They point to the hate sign on the wall and then all decide to discuss it. (deep convo tonight)

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1:58am bbt - talk has turned to what the perception of the HGs are on the outside and that it is a transition of highs and extreme lows. Being judged by the viewers and internetters.

- Janelle farted and everyone calls her on it

Personally Will thinks that the people that sit up and type everything they say and care what they are doing are pathetic.

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Also talk about how big the personalities in the house are. Will knows he is the villian as the character on the show. He says he isn't like that in real life, but he knows that is his "role" here and that BB is constantly trying to stir it up in the DR. He says that he genuinely likes everyone there and it is hard to say or do bad stuff to/about them, but BB still pushes and pushes him. He thinks the producers are upset with him becaues he isn't turning it way up

Some fire (guess will isn't supposed to be talking about his DR)

Back with Marcellas saying that he doesn't think they have "roles", but that they have cast to have potential for interesting interaction due to their personal growth. Marcellas says that he doesn't think that viewers want to see a rehash of any season. Dani and Will agree that the internet viewers have already cast them in a role.

W - the fans are going to be so disappointed when the villians aren't villians

M - i dont think that is necessarily true. I think they know how we are, like 'marcellas will be snarky, give DR drama...'

Dani - I think they already know what they need in the show

Boogie - no matter what they need, they will edit. I think they have already picked out a character for each of us anyway.

Dani - well at least that's what the live feeds do - they save us from that "role"

W- Lemme tell ya, if you are up at 5am est time there is something definitely wrong with you. Lemme just say this, something is wrong with you. The internet people that are just sitting there watching us, or typing word for word what we say or what we are doing are either crazy, have no life, or are just seriously pathetic. (ok, now he's talking about me - :huh:

Followed by fire

2:16am bbt - Back to more. Jase insists that there is adrenaline that comes with the idea of being picked. Marc says he felt none of that. Jase finds this hard to believe. Jase thinks that instant stardom changes you and losing it changes you as well.

Marc says that he felt like he was going into the house, but he wasn't anticipated. I would have been embarassed if I was standing there next to cowboy.

Jase - that proves you care

2:20am bbt - F1 & F2 - erika and janelle outside on the red couches

Jan - you dont think i'll hit rock bottom, do you? (from talk earlier with Jase saying that everyone has hit bottom but the 6'ers and that they will be amazed what will happen to him, that this was like a continuation for them. Their season, the buzz about the allstars..the allstars...then..there is nothing left waiting for them after that)

Erika - no, i dont think that will happen to you

F3 & F4 - will telling the group if they had all told their friends and family to watch the first season they were on, they would all have been embarassed.

FIRE...5 min....10min....15 min...

2:36 back - they are all saying Happy Birthday to Boogie. Marcellas is telling Will that they can't sing "happy birthday" cause it is owned by one family and they make a fortune off it.

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F1 & F2 - Will in the bathroom applying neosporin to his underarm . Then moves into the kitchen where danielle, kaysar, janelle, marcellas and now will. They are all making fun of janie farting earlier

Will - it's ok janie, that was the cutest fart i've ever heard.

They say she tried to move back and blame it on either Jase or Marc, but she got caught. Janelle blames it on the horrible pooridge.

Feeds close up on Marc and Janelle doing their soap opera story. They are now acting out the scenes like they are making a movie.- with direction from marcellas to Howie on how to taze her correctly before he gets her to go to the storage room (lol). Theyve made Howie into a character that tazes all of the female HG and stores them in the house hidden (lol). That Alison didn't make it out of the house, she was tazed and howie put her in the storage room after he tazed her and she is his sex slave

Danielle wants to know where her bucket of slop is. She's looking all over for it. She found it and it's like this 5 gallon painters bucket of....slop

They are all - Jase, Danie, Will, Kaysar and Marc are trying to direct the scene where Howie "the crazy janitor at the company" approaches, tazes and aducts Janelle "the really sweet 'that girl' of the office"

Marc to Jan - you wouldn't know his name normally, but it's on his shirt. You walk up to him and say "hi <look down at nametag> howie and keep walking and howie is gonna say "which way is the storage room?" and then he tazers her (lol - funny to watch)

Howie can't seem to pull off the scene, but Jase moves in, takes Howie's place and pulls off the scene perfectly lol

F3 & F4 - Boogie, Erika, Diane in the bigbed. Marcellas announces that he'll be back later

camera zoomed in on the bucket that is labeled "big brother slop"

Will is complaining about the food

W - who shopped? a 4th grader?

Danielle - don't you do that...dont you make fun of that while i sit here and eat my slop

Marc - yeah, i'd eat the hell out of that cookie about now

Danielle tells Marc that it is her intention to stay up as late as she can at night and then sleep all day

Janelle ask bb if she can eat whipped cream?

Jan - is whipped cream a condiment?

Janie worked at Dairy Queen, Will says he worked at BAskin Robbins, but he left the deep freezer open on Valentines Eve night and got fired.

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3:00am bbt - Will tells the other non-eaters taht he wont vote for someone penalty nominated for eating and that if he is nominated and then says..when he is nominated, he's gonna be eating all week...watch.

Will is making a banana split

Marc - dont believe a word that comes out of this guys mouth. He'll drop you off on the side of the road.

Jan and Howie agree that the slop is not edible. Jan is eying up the food that is being made like she's not sure whether to break the rule or not.

Marc says that he is a company man...they tell him not to eat, he's not gonna eat

Janelle and Howie go outside

The others in the kitchen talk about how this should be a good growth experience for Howie and that he's lucky to have it.

Howie tells Janelle that Will wants her to eat so she will get a penalty nom.

Marcellas out there with them now

Jan - Marcellas, do you belive what howie says? that dr will is trying to get me to eat so i'll get a penalty nom.

Marcellas tells her that he wouldn't trust anything from Will. Marc suggests that they shut up and let him talk his game and walk away. They all agree that the food situation sucks.

Will is inside perfecting his banana split sundae. He made 5, but only 3 are eating. Danielle is just sitting there with her pooridge watching them. Danielle then gets up and decides to go out and Jase congratulations Will and says "scene"...that was very perfect will - talking about how will was that close to getting them to fold on the food routine with his lies and charisma.

W - Janelle seems like she'd be easy to sway. Jase is going to deliver a banana split to Howie. Kaysar just stands there eating his ice cream grinning.

F1 & F2 - marc, dani, howie and jan outside. Marcellas blames Nak for mistaking a bandanna for a plastic rat. Janelle wants to know if they will get to eat cake tomorrow for Boogies birthday. Marcellas doesn't think so. Marc says he has a stomach ache again at 3am cue to not eating and he feels like his stomach is eating himself. Marc doesn't like when will bashes the internetters and the show and all that.

Marc - why are you here then??

F3 & F4 - Will, Jase and Kaysar in the kitchen. Will says they should go outside and tell them that they asked BB and they could have whipped cream. He's sure he can convince everyone but maybe Danielle. He said Janelle was all over that whipped cream idea earlier. As he is discussing it, he says to Jase "Kaysar wont cosign this" and Jase says he will deliver it, but wil has to do the talking....fire.....

back to them just cleaning up the kitchen ( bb must have stopped them)

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all the slop eaters say they have gas. Marcellas doesn't think he will make it.

Everyone outside now.

W - danielle, you;'re gonna stay up til 6am

W - CG is already snoring.

Janelle asks Kaysar if he's wearing anything under his robe. He says his underwear.

They all notice a brand new, huge spider web that is in the corner. Marc wants to get it down with water and will says that is just a bad omen, he will spray it and it will land in the middle of his forehead.

They all agree that the web was definitely not there earlier when they were out in the pool.

They all decide that nothing is going on tomorrow that they need to be up earlier. They are playing some game with the balls in the yard (Kaysar, hit something i think...a mic or something) and they all contemplated bb taking the balls away from them

Jan - ok, so what should i do? should i eat? should i not eat?

no one answers her except I think danielle who says she just can't eat any more gruel tonight.

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3:41am bbt - after about 10 minutes of fire, we are back and all the HG are in the living room. Will is telling how they got a trampoline for America's choice. He said Monica wanted a swing, Bunky wanted the grass resodded and Will said that if Bunky had gotten the sod, he would have thrown every piece of it in the pool.

They all wonder if Bunky is watching the feeds

W - of course he is

They all hear snoring. Marc thinks it's coming from behind the walls

W - that part of your brain fell asleep cause it's so hungry.

Janelle is laying on one of the couches looking....hungry.

Will suggests they leave the lights off tomorrow. Marc says that BB has the power to turn em on themselves.

Marc and Will agree that they would like to see if go back to the "good ole days" where there wasn't a clock. Danielle agrees and Jase says they didn't have a clock at first, but then got one. Will talks about how you haven't suffered unless you've done laundry by hand with a washboard.Danielle agrees. They say that it took all day to do towels and it took forever to dry everything.

Talk turns to HGs past....

They point out that the only all-stars that have never had hoh are CG and James. They remember that will didn't have one either. Nak had 3

Dani and Jase and Marc point out that drew didn't have anything to do with diane after the show. he didn't like her and was just using her. He gave her a book, took her for a burger and dumped her after the show. Kaysar thinks she is still affected by this.

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Will thinks they will give them cake, beer,and all that tomorrow for boogies party. Dani doesn't think that they will publicize them on the internet partying ( <_<

Howie and Janelle tell DAnielle that if they do have a party, they wont let them eat any of it because they are on food restriction.

4:04am bbt - Dani talks about BB International and that how they once had a house that was called poor man/rich man. That the house was divided into half and things were luxurious on one side and the other side was like sleeping on hay and stuff. And that they would switch up teams and people who were on alliances could be seen sitting next to the bar that divided the two talking. Marcellas says that is what he thought they might do in allstars.

They are all awake cause the non-eaters want to stay up all night so they can sleep all day and Will just can't sleep because of CG. Jase decides he is goin to bed and so is Janelle after some water.

Will is sprawled out on the living room floor, Kaysar and Howie sitting in the orange chairs and Danielle is sitting on one of the couches. Marcellas went to brush his teeth, but says that he will be right back. - Will just left for somewhere and now it's just Dani Howie and kaysar having convo about....nothing

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4:20am bbt - CG is realllly snoring!

F1 2 & 4 - kaysar, howie, marcellas all talking about being able to hear CGs snoring through the wall.

F3 - CG snoring (loudly!)

Talk turns to whether Marc will do housecalls after this season. He says he just doesn't know, but doesn't want to be trapped by that and DAnielle points out that Marc IS housecalls, and there is no way she thinks that he could walk away from that.

4:30am bbt - all 4 feeds on Kaysar, Danielle, Howie and Marcellas.....normal chit chat..nothing much going on.

*Out for me for a bit :)

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