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July 15 Live Feed Updates

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All cameras switch to Howie and Diane playing "golf" in the BY. Then two cams on BY, 2 in the gym where Will and jan are on treadmill and Boogie is there Bsing with them, I guess. They're talking about being hated and how much they love being hated by the internet people...

Fire :rolleyes:

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Someone says so is the veto tomorrow & Diane says I asked & they said I dunno (so the veto will be something to do with oversized golf)

Diane says she knows she should practice but she is over it.

Feeds switch to Jase & James. Jase is talking about his GF & her daughter. He is worried about being away from the little girl so long. He said he won her over before he left & he wonders if it will be the same when he gets back. He said he tucked this little girl in bed every night. Jase is getting choked up. They discover the little girl (Cali is her name) & Sarah have the same birthday. They talk about marriage. James doesn't want Sarah to miss out on partying because she is young but then he says he is really the one that likes to party. Jase & James say they are both 30. Jase is over all the partying & didn't even want to drink on his 30th BDay. Sarah took James to a really nice restaurant on his 30th & had a nice relaxing BDay.

Feeds switch to BY. Nak, Marcy, & Danielle on sofa chatting.

Erika practicing gimormous golf.

Dani starts talking about what she wants to eat. Naming specific foods. Marcy says don't talk about what you can't have or you will never make it & he isn't eating til Sunday. They say Marcy was crazy for working out when he hasn't eaten.

M: I wonder if the internet people are like all they ever do is sit around & bitch & complain?

Nak wants to bum a cig from Janelle but she feels bad asking. Dani tells her you are nom don't worry about it. Marcy says he feels bad that her & Diane are nom. Nak says its a game don't worry about it. Nak takes one of Janey's cigs. She said she only brought 3 packs in cause she was planning to quit.

Talk goes to the live feeds & how much they cost. Dani says she never got the feeds because she heard they were addicting :huh::o

Nak says if she gets booted & doesn't go to sequester she is going to get the feeds. Marcy says he had the feeds for free because of housecalls.

Howie & Diane practicing gimormous golf now.

Will, Boog, & Janelle in workout room

FOTH for a sec

All feeds go to CG. He is still cooking. He has made halibut & salad & calls those wh can eat to dinner.

Now back to James & Dani. They are whispering. James is saying he had nothing to do w/the noms & they didn't even tell him who they were putting up.

Feeds jumping around a lot hard to follow.

Now on Kaysars bong/hookah (correct spelling, I looked it up :lol: ). He is showing Erika how it works.

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All cameras switch to Howie and Diane playing "golf" in the BY. Then two cams on BY, 2 in the gym where Will and jan are on treadmill and Boogie is there Bsing with them, I guess. They're talking about being hated and how much they love being hated by the internet people...

Fire :rolleyes:

We get a little more gym interaction and now all cameras back in the backyard on Howie playing "cricket" and james and Danielle watching him and talking to him.

James and Diane now whispering. He just told her he's just bsing with the bb6sers, she asks him if they told him who'd be nominated and he says "no...

*switch* All cams on Diane, George, and Erica in the kitchen. Erica saying she had a bad day. Kay in the kitchen ...I think he's fixing his bong.

*switch* Back to the BY where Danielle is telling James that is odd that the BB6ers didn't tell him about the nominations... J: it's not odd at all...then he asks Howie if he feels more at home with a golf ball or a lightsaver...

*switch* 4 cameras back in kitchen...Erica watching Kay prepare his bong for smoking.

Howie and Janelle are declining to try the Hooka cuz they've already have at it before...then we get...fire

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Janie and K talking by chess board

J..I dont think Mr and Mrs Smith is real

K...Didnt you say it


K who did


K..didnt Tony call you

J...cant talk about it

J..worried about Boogie

K and J

J...what did Diane and Nak say to you

K..Nak said you must think i am a good player. Diane said did you put me up because you dont think i get along with people.

J...Diane will seek revenge

K thinks Dan and Marc will come after him

K...I dont know what CG would do...Maybe we can take him in. I try to be nice to him. Its sad he has no one.

K... dont want Marc to get HOH yet

K... Rather W or B get it they can take out CG

J...they wont they will come for us.

K There sorta a deal on the table

J means nothing

K...we will see.

All feeds still on 2.. J and K

K...are you worried about veto


J...What if Nak comes off the block

K so Diane goes home

J...who would you put up


J...do we have the votes

Realplayer messed up

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11:19 P BBT- Chess Terrace

Janelle and Kaysar sitting on the terrace talking about the nominations and how it looks like (and some HGs are thinking this) that Will and Boogie brokered a deal for safety. Kaysar reviewing how this will buy them a week a safety because the others will be going after Mike and Boogie. Kaysar fills Janelle in on the conversations he's had with Nak and Diane since the nominations. They seem to have spun this as saying it's somewhat an honor to be nominated by Kaysar and that he thinks they are good enough players to be on his radar. They review the possible outcomes of next weeks nominations depending on who becomes HOH. They don't know which way CG would go for nominations and Kaysars asks Janelle if they should bring him in. They decide that if they will it will need to be through Howie primarily.

They review the pairings regarding alliances (or near alliances) and hope that Marcellas will get HOH soon and get Danielle out which will nix the James-Danielle suspected alliance. They think that would effectively scare James to sticking with them as long as he's in the game because Boogie and Will won't take him in and he can't effectively pair up with anyone else but Chicken George which they don't think is in James' best interest. They're not horribly worried about Mike and Will at the moment it seems.

The veto comes into discussion and if Nakomis comes off the block Kaysar says he'd put up Chicken George. Janelle doesn't think that they have the votes to keep him. They think that Marcellas and Erika may not vote to evict Diane because by keeping her in the house she'd probably come after them. They come to the situation that putting Danielle up on the block would be the best of all options but it would require them to make a threat to Erika and Marcellas to get out Diane. Putting up Will on the block would get them the necessary votes to get Diane out but would come at the cost of pissing off Will and Nakomis. The final analysis is that they have to get the veto and stop all these alternate scenarios from occurring.

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Nak...Now it will be just like when we had cowboy

James, Nak and Dani talking abut the money

D..Ask James when he was going to Marry Sarah


W,B,E and Jase CG

Talking about season 6 they are tight

Jase saying Season 6 are talking about Erica behind her back

Jase said if he wis he is putting up Janie and James

Are we all sticking togeather

(cant keep up)

Boogie if he gets HOH he will put the fear of God into Marc if he does not vote how he wants

Will said James will jump ship anytime

Marc just wants camera time

Diane emotional, Nak like a wall

James said Diane has no game

Jase. ..Nak good

Boogie...H and Janie want to back door people

Kay does not

They dont belive James did not know what was going on

Will...Lets drop it were all on the same page

E...the odds are not in their favor for next HOH

Boogie...George your the one no one know about...can we count on you

George do you know the term circle the wagons

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11:46 P BBT - HT

Jase, Erika, CG, Will and Boogie talking about the nominations and how this was a brilliant move by Kaysar. Will's said more than once that he just put himself at the end of the S6 nomination line. They're speculating about the POV (what it will be and who will win it) and if it's used who will go up. Boogie suspects that Kaysar wants these nominations to stand and that Janelle and James would want to work a backdoor on someone but they aren't sure as to who.

They discuss the fact that the S6 is clearly the hub of that alliance but that they are willing to work with anyone who will make give them the votes they need to get the stuff they want done.

Boogie continues to grill George trying to figure out his game plan and gets him to say that he understands the threat S6 presents.

Will asks to drop the conversation until later so that they don't overthink this.

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Jase: I already rehearsed this like if me and Will got nominaed and kaysar was giving his spill I would be like hold up one sec Kaysar....And then I was gonna say Booger can I please wear your chill town shirt and he was like gonna take it off and give it to me and I was gonna be like leave it to the Iragi to draw the line in the sand dude


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Will saying Janie is a bottle server. She sits down w/rich guys

Jase keeps calling Janie bitc*

Telling them Janie is playing him.

Erica said they dont know strategy i've been in the room

Someone said Erica is the mole,

Will said the internet viewers are having second thoughts about season 6

They want the bad guys more.

And Dani will eat them for lunch

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1 24 AM BBT

Howie,Janelle,James talking about removing Nakomis and putting up Boogie and evicting Boogie.

Janelle and Kaysar in HoH

Janelle tells Kaysar that Danielle told James that everyone is seeing Chill Town Mike,Boogie, and Jase.

Take someone off and put up Jase and evict Jase. Janelle says that Howie is yelling at her that she doesn't know what she is doing. Kaysars gets a bit mad and says he doesn't agree.

Janelle doesn't think getting rid of Jase isn't a bad thing, and they can take Nakomis off the block and make a deal.

Kaysar says no, if James wants Jase out, then James can do it him fucking self( these are Kaysar's words)

Kaysar think evicting Jase will put a huge target on Kaysars' back. Kaysar is saying that James wants to evict Jase b/c he is angry that Jase cheated on the food compeition.

Kaysar is angry and calls his idea a bone head idea. When Janelle questions Kaysar on this, Kaysar can't come up with another one.

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Janelle & Kayser in HOH room

J: I guess we think Jase is with Chill Town

K: Why

J: Because he is always with them...Dani said we should save someone with veto & put up Jase

K: Really? & send J home? 2 days ago you said he was cool, everyday you say something new

J: This is what James & Howie said to me

K: If we take out evry big issue in the house...

J: I really wana believe J is with us, getting rid of him wont piss any1 off cuz hes a strong player so you wont be pissing any1 off.

K: No, I know James wants Jase & if he wants him he can get him himself, that'l be putting a target on me, f him

J: no1 will come after u

K: Yes they will, James is grumpy hes not eating nethin cuz he thinks Jase cheated in the food comp, im not guna do his dirty work just cuz hes a little pissed off right now

J: Maybe you should talk to James

K: No let him fume, maybe 1 of these days when he gets HOH he can nominate Jase, im not guna go with his bone-headed ideas

Howie has joined them

K: We need to stick to a plan, you can only do one a week, is it really important to take Jase out right now? Is there a reason to take out Jase RIGHT NOW?

H: who's the strongest in comps? She is (Nak)

K: I think Nak is underestimated in this house

H: I agree with you

K: We're falling into the same trap as last year, oo someone said this, we gotta do this

H & J laugh

K: Theres guna be sometime in this house where one of us wont be HOH, we gotta think of a strategy, can we really trust these ppl, we can only trust ourselves

H: Theres guna be a time where they say these BB6 ppl keep rolling we gotta deal with them

K: we can continue using brute force taking out one by one, can we get HOH 14 weeks, we wont win every week...we need to start taking shots in this house, breaking things up

H: Absolutely

K: U gotta keep shaking things up, I kinda tried to do that this week

H: Well I told u about the Boogie thing, thats what we wanted to happen

K: We gotta wait til next week to see what happens

K: If we're all up on the block, go campaign, save your butt. Its all stars, try to save yourself. If you can somehow deflect the hit, thats the best. We're as deserving to be here as each other. Last yr we didnt campaign, thats not practical. When its all said & done we'll all be friends. If one of us go the next week the rest of u will still work together & hopefully bring the team back.

Lets hope we dont get to that point just yet

Talk about golfing for the veto comp (?? not sure)

K: We'll see what happens, I really hope the noms stay the same

H: Lets go James, win your 1st veto, I'll give you a kiss

K: I wish you guys cuda split up 4the food comp so at least oen of u could go in the comp fresh & not groggy, I was guna tell u that

H: I know, we only got Erika over there

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Talk about if Diane would align with Chill Town, they dont think she & them would get along.

Talk about how Marc said he feels sorry for Diane (I think) cuz shes living out of her car, Janelle says they all need the money, Howie says not to fall for the 'pity' & get into emotions, says he voted for Maggie & she won & hes not heard from her since! Janelle says, yeah at least Ivette thanked me, Maggies a pig

H: I asked Diane who shes coming after & she said shes not coming after me

J: U asked her that??

H: Yeah, she said I'm not coming after u, u'll know when I'm coming after u. So who'se she comign after?? James Jan & Kay??

H: U gotta be agressive & go after ppl, I dont care if Jase has 9 kids & has to feed em, I dont give a rats ass

J: Kay, what do u think of Danielle?

K: Think she got scared after being nom 1st week so now she'll lay low. She'l have to talk 2 someone, I think James. Is James giving her info?

J & H: No

Howie testing Janelle on questions 4comps

Kaysar goes outside, I think the rest of the HG's are asleep

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BB: Good morning houseguests! The veto competition will begin in 90 minutes.

Dani: Wow. Well they better play some music now.

Danielle then begins to talk about how her skin is so dry from the sun.

Now we get FoTH.

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