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What references to previous BB's are in the house

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I haven't seen a thread regarding this, so thought I would start one since Janie and them are discussing in the HoH

If you post something, please post where and from what season it is from

And just to help if you have forgotten:

Season 1 - The forgotten season

Season 2 - The Dr Will season

Season 3 - the Marcellas season

Season 4 - The X factor

Season 5 - DNA

Season 6 - Did it have a name? I just keep thinking "Partners" but I know it had a real name

They have listed the following, but didn't say where in the house on some.

A gnome (season 3)

A light saber (season 6)

All 6 winners keys

chess pieces (5 upstairs, 1 downstairs) (was that season 5 or 6?)

something with an X on it (from season 4)

crap, they listed a few more, but I forgot while posting.

Man it's late (or early)


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Season six was SOS, or summer of secrets.

And they have Adria's head with the button on it from season 5 .. Marcellas's veto season 3, the tooth brush from season 2, ummm ..

I dunno what else.

It is late. I'm off to bed.

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