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Sunday, August 13, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (BPL)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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5:43 AM BBT

The feeds remained on RCHS throughout the night. There are rumors of a medical evacuation, but I have zero confirmation on that with anyone in Studio City. I sincerely hope everyone is okay! Remember, this is supposed to be a season like no other. Let's not assume too much and hope we get more information soon.

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9:17AM BBT

The feeds have finally returned to Hisam and Felicia talking in the backyard. There is no hint of any sort of issue keeping the feeds down all Saturday afternoon and night.



9:19AM BBT

Gold Swirly WBRB (*sigh)


9:21AM BBT

Half of the cams are back. 

Felicia: that thing yesterday could have been really bad. She was trying really hard to get Jared to send her to the Netherlands (she means Nether Regions) I was like, please don't send her over there and he was like, I'm not.

Hisam: I was like, the three people you absolutely can't send are Reilly, Matt or Cameron. I told him, send someone on our side. But, he made it sound like the Nethers were really...like something bad would happen. But they are just sitting in a room.

Felicia: That's just commentary. They are just sitting there (in a room) but they don't know what the twist is. I don't understand why Bowie volunteered to go over there.

Hisam: Bowie told me later that she did not volunteer, she was just like do whatever you need.

Felicia: He told me that Bowie volunteered. He told me Izzy said I will do whatever you need.

Hisam tells her that's not true

Felicia: I am just telling you what Jared told me...maybe he is a straight out liar. Everybody be playing.

Hisam: Yeah! But it all worked out

Felicia: I knew you would win.

*It sounds like Hisam won POV



Hisam is upset that BB woke them so early, "I don't understand! Why can't they..."

*feeds switch


9:26AM BBT

Cirie and Izzy are talking in the comic bedroom.

Cirie: We got to massage her a little more because I just gently play with her but need to massage her more so she can know the Bye Bye Bitches was our decision

Izzy: Absolutely

Cirie: I want to go outside

They both say they want to go feel the sun.





9:28AM BBT

In the asylum bedroom...

Jag: Do you think Cirie is solid?

Reilly confirms that she doesn't think Cirie would lie to her "She would not pinky promise me and then do that to me."





9:37AM BBT

Back in the backyard, Mecole and Red have joined Hisam and Felicia on the backyard couches...

Hisam: I am so thankful I was able to sleep because I finally know this week will happen. Next week I can't get anything to happen. It will be nice to watch a competition for once

Mecole: I know

Felicia: Yeah

Hisam: I finally get to watch something.




9:38AM BBT

More gold swirly WBRB, probably to get the late sleepers out of bed.


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1 hour ago, karene37 said:

Just now

I thought I heard Hisam say that America told him she would keep the noms the same. Does that mean America won the veto comp?


That conversation was talking about where America stands, as neither side is sure about her. While she promised Hisam she wouldn't use the veto if she won, they have noticed that she is spending more time with the other side of the house.


*Bowie is now back in the BB House from the Nether Regions


9:46AM BBT

In the SR, Reilly questions Jared, "Do you really think I have Felicia and Cirie?"

Jared says he will talk with them. 

Reilly: I am worried because I had her on the block. I feel like she (Mama F) and Cirie are really close.

Jared: I am not worried about Cirie, but I'll talk with Felicia

Reilly: Those two are gonna put me at 8 (votes) I really need the two of them

Jared: I know

Reilly: But I would wait until after the veto meeting to discuss

Jared: I got you


9:55AM BBT

In the backyard, Felicia complains about the kitchen saying that she normally willl clean up in there first thing in the morning, but she saw the mess this morning and decided it was just too much. Izzy comments that the other side of the house needs to clean it since they've (Felicia, Cirie and Izzy) been doing the cooking.

Felicia: That whole room needs to get in there and clean that up.

They mention that none of them have come outside because they are scrambling for votes.


9:58AM BBT

In the bathroom area, Jag is talking with Cirie

Jag: You know, it could be a blindside this week, so we are really gonna need your vote.

Cirie says she does not trust Cameron.



10:00AM BBT

Cory is in the hammock chatting with Izzy.

Cory says he just wants to chill and talk with her (Reilly) and try not to feel guilty. Izzy says that Reilly has shown she is manipulative. "Jag and Blue are still trying to save her. Like, what did she do?"

Cory complains about the competitions, "It's true that anyone could win a competition. Like Felicia could win the next competition."  Cory continues by saying that even though that is true, over the years there is no doubt that there is one type of person that dominates the competitions. He brings up Janelle, and Izzy completely agrees. "I know I can win a comp. I mean, I want to BE IN A COMP."

Cory says that Cameron doesn't know that he is working with Izzy. "I think you are doing a great job making peace."

Izzy: That's my plan...Cameron is a threat to all of us.

Cory: But at what point. I thought me and Jared were voting with that group. I want to tell Cameron, you've got this. Is there any chance of this being a blindside, blindside. (he said it twice)

Izzy: Say again?

Cory repeats

Izzy: You mean Cameron going home instead?

Cory says he means Reilly finding out last minute. "I don't think she feels confident, but I know she is counting in her head. (the votes)

Izzy says she has blind confidence and thinks she has the votes, "Like, have you not been paying attention?" Izzy says that Reilly is condescending in the way she talks to Felicia, as if she doesn't see Felicia going far in the game.

Cory: She thinks her final three is with Cirie and Felicia

Izzy laughs.



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10:12AM BBT

Cory: I am not gunning for Hisam, but I feel there are a lof of people targeting that guy.

*The cams move to the bathroom area where Jag is talking with Reilly and warning her there may be a split vote

Reilly: He hates me so much (she means Hisam)

Jag: I know...it is in our best interest to be like , we don't know

Reilly tells Jag that she already told Jared that Cirie said she will vote to keep her.

Jag says the only thing they need to think through is if it will be a blindside, "I want to make sure our side will not be blindsided." He wants to be able to identify the person if there is a flip vote and they don't get the numbers they are expecting. "I think Cirie is working both sides of the house."

Reilly: But what I am saying is that her name is already in our mouths, so we need to damage control

Jag: Fuck! Some people are just actively playing the game and talking to people

Reilly tells Jag that she asked Jared to wait until after the veto meeting to talk with Cirie and Felicia.

Jag is saying they need to talk to them and pitch they need come up with a plan in case there is a blindside. "Let's come up with a plan and play Big Brother."


[Okay, y'all. I have to interject here. Jag is completely in the dark about The Professors and how they HAVE been playing since day one. I'm a fan of the Professors and their little hand motion where they pretend to push eye glasses up the bridge of their nose. It's my opinion that Jag thinks he has this game completely figured out, but The Professors are the ones actually running the house....even during Reilly's HoH. They hated to see Kirsten go, but they have kept Reilly in their back pocket for a reason.  -MamaLong]





Jag tells Reilly not to talk to or about Cirie anymore. "I'm gonna try to talk to Cirie right after breakfast...they need to actually have your back."


[I'll be tuning in for THAT convo! -ML]


10:29AM BBT

In the backyard, Cory is talking about Reilly and Hisam. He says that he was surprised Reilly chose Blue to play for her in PoV and that it is bullshit that Hisam thinks he is super smart and is the nerd of the season.

Izzy: On the memory wall, I look like the nerd.

Cory: I know

Izzy: You look smoldering

Cory: The thing is Izzy, I transcend archetype

Izzy laughs

[Cory is funny and is growing on me, y'all. -ML]



10:32AM BBT

When the feeds return we see Cirie talking with Jared in the pool.  Cirie says that they need to keep Izzy comfortable "even though she drives me crazy, she holds a lot of power over us" (Izzy knowing their secret) Cirie laughs then says she really likes Izzy and would probably have played with her even if Jared wasn't there. She warns Jared, "You are your mother's child. You have to be careful. Everyone knows when you are annoyed." (his facial expressions)



10:36AM BBT

In the kitchen, Felicia is prepping breakfast while chatting with Red, America, Matt, Reilly, Blue and Jag. They all agree that it's weird that there are no Have-Nots.



10:39AM BBT

Felicia says she can't believe they have to give the knife back, "Oh, okay. I thought you were giving that to us to keep."

Reilly: They are like, 'Never'

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10:30am BBT Jag, Reilly and Matt in zombie room talking how they think Cirie has jumped ship to their side and it will

be great when they start blindsiding the other side(older people) and they won't know who is doing it to them. (They do

know she was on the show "Traitors", right)


And now we have swirls again


10:40 BBT cirie out by pool talking to Jared about how she is messing with Reilly telling her she is on her side. Then she tells him that if he wasn't there she would be messing with Izzy.

Jag, Matt, Reilly in kitchen with Felicia having breakfast. Red and Blue come in looking for water bottles. Red going to make more lemonade as they have a plethora of lemons!

Felicia cleaning as usual.

Felicia noting how many hamburger buns they have. She says maybe they are trying to tell them to stop eating so "high end" and eat damn burgers! (love her laugh)


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Blue takes her bowl of pineapple over near Reilly to start eating, "Don't look Reggie" (Reggie is their pineapple baby) They laugh that he is aging rapidly and they need to get him some Botox.



Matt made himself a bagel with turkey, avocado and crunchy peanut butter "to make it stick" saying the avocado is hard to eat because it just slides out.



10:51AM BBT

In the SR, Reilly tells Blue to play it off as if Cirie is not voting for her whenever she talks with the other HGs

Blue: Wait, she is not voting for you?

Reilly says she wants to to but after speaking with her and Jag, Cirie won't feel comfortable voting to keep her unless no one else suspects it.

Blue agrees and motions mums the word with a zipper over her mouth

VS--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-44676’08” (1).jpg




*I'm out for a bit. -ML





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11:11am BBT  BY

Cirie:  You want to get promotions and accolades, but I don't want to just sit in an office.  I want to be in it.  I'm at the highest point I can go in surgery.

Blue:  How do you...

Cirie:  I don't even know what to do.  I don't want the headaches of a CNO and overseeing every department.  I was thinking about teaching.

Jag & Blue:  Ohh, that would be good.

Cirie explaining more about her work as a nurse.

Jag:  You spend so much of your life doing what you do, you have to find ways to enjoy it.

11:16am BBT KT

Felicia cooking, Matt trying to wake up.  Felicia filling sandwich orders with Red's help.

(the feeds keep dropping in and out - hard to get any information today)

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11:26am BBT  BY couches

Mecole eating her sandwich.

Bowie is back in the house

Mecole says that she just got married in June and it is hard to leave him at home. She feels bad that he has to show up to things alone.

11:31am BBT  Cory in the hammock chatting with Jared

Cory:  I'm the last shower of the night.

Cameron:  When Luke volunteered/raised his hand for have not, he just beat me. You never know what matters.

Cory (to Jared):  You giving me part of that sandwich right there mattered.  You never know what the implications could be going forward because you did that one thing.

11:37am BBT  

Jared:  I was pissed off about the loss and worried about going home first.  All my homies watching.  My boys would be like "you suck" and I don't want to be hearing that.

Cameron:  I ain't won one yet.  Look at this guy still going - he's like Rocky (someone exercising).

Cory starts explaining the Rocky IV movie and feeds switch.


Mecole:  Being in a relationship is never just 50/50.  Sometimes it's 60/40, It depends on the day, the year. There are so many different variables

Mecole:  Relationships are hard work.  You have to get up everyday and work at it - like you with your flute, or Matt with swimming.

They are all discussing a girl that Matt was involved with that didn't go well.


11:44pm BBT near hammock in BY

Cameron: I Know that you've been asked about it.  Felicia asked me early on if I thought there was going to be a showmance in here.  I think one person is going to spit game and it may look like one, but there won't be a legitimate showmance.  I knew coming in that I couldn't do that and leave my family wondering at home.

Jared: So go all the way or don't go at all?

Cameron:  No, just be honest and with the people you confide in the  most.  You know I'm not gonna blow up anything for you

Jared:  We are still trying to figure it out and if this is the right thing.  I said let's stop trying to sneak around and just be up front about it.

11:58am BBT  Mecole & Cory on the couches

Cory:  Jag is supposed to be one of us, then he takes off his shirt and he has abs like crazy!

Felicia joins and Mecole thanks her for the breakfast sandwich.  Cory agrees that it was delicious as he had part of Jared's sandwich.

They talk about their weight and changes in weight and how to eat right.

12:00pm BBT  Jared & Cameron by the hammock

Cameron: None of us want this.  My voice don't matter right now. 

Jared:  based off my conversations, you're going to be here for a while

Cameron:  Who are you hearing that from?  If you build a 10 person alliance, it won't stand.

Jared:  Sounds like a bomb dropping... (planes overhead)

Cameron:  You need those people to compete against.  MeMe feels that same as momma and Cirie do.


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11:44AM BBT

Jared and Cameron discuss the showmance between Reilly and Matt, which they all are aware of even if Matt is not fully pursuing it in the house. He says he will wait until after BB. Jared confesses that he didn't want to pursue a showmance in the house, himself, but now he is like "fuck it" and they try to find moments to sneak off away from others. Cameron says he is well aware and fully supports it and he won't say anything about it. (Blue) Cameron says he would never have a showmance in the house because of his daughter, Stevie. "That shit lives forever." Jared says he should stay away from it, but Cameron tells him he just needs to be honest about it because it will earn him more respect. "Just be honest. Just be open with the situation with the people you confide in the most."

Jared: We are still trying to figure this out. (but he wants to find out)

Cameron: Just have fun!


Next, they discuss the other HGs. They agree that Cory is really smart.

Cameron: I have to be honest, if Hisam stays in the house, it is in all of our best interest to keep his public enemy number one in the house. So we have to keep Cory safe....It's a dictatorship."






12:02PM BBT

Bowie, Reilly and Matt are working out in the backyard.


Cirie and Izzy are whispering in the loft.

Izzy tells her that Cory was saying Reilly is convinced she has Cirie's vote

Cirie: I hope Cory stop telling people that

Izzy: About what?

Cirie: That Reilly thinks she has me.

Izzy: Oh, I know

Cirie: I have to talk to him later. Like, shut the fuck up, Cory. I'm gonna tell him later that I told her that she don't have my vote. Yeah, they think I have to sneak vote for her. So I have to fill Cory in. I'm not gonna tell him it's fake.  I'm gonna let him think it's real so he stops telling people that. 'Why are you telling people that, Fucker?' And they think they got Cory and Jared, too

Izzy: Did Jag talk to you and Jared

Cirie: No

Izzy: He never pulls the trigger. That's what happened to me day 1.

Cirie: But neither did Hisam. I was like, what changed?  

Izzy: I know!

Cirie: He said he was gonna talk to me and you and that never happened.

Izzy says she doesn't understand that, "I always follow up on that shit."

Cirie: I haven't heard anything from Jag yet. I haven't heard from Hisam yet. And Red never talks to me at all.

Izzy: Me neither

Cirie: I don't know if he is just so comfortable, or what.

Izzy: I don't know

Cirie: I wanted to talk to Cory after you did so I could tell him to shut the fuck up. Stope telling people that.

Izzy: Yeah

Cirie: Because if he said it to me and I have to tell him that I had to break down and Reilly I can't do it so he will stop.  I don't want him telling Hisam that.

Izzy: But you haven't told Reilly yet that you can't do it, have you?

Cirie: Well, she thinks I'm gonna sneak it. So she has to tell everybody that I'm not voting for her or else it won't work.

Izzy: Yeah, right, right. Got it. Got it.

Cirie: So she will tell everybody no, she does not have my vote.  I'm gonna solid up with Cory, but he doesn't need to know that it's just for fake-fake. But I am never gonna vote with them. You know that!

Izzy: I know

Cirie: They are just gonna be surprised, but it's gonna be okay. Like, everyone just got freaked out and scared of Hisam. They don't expect me Cory and Jared to vote with them. And when that doesn't happen.....And America.

Izzy: And Felicia

Cirie: Well I don't know about Felicia. I told her she has to talk with her.. I can't speak for her.  So she's thinking it's gonna be 6 and 6 but if I ride with them, it's gonna be 7 and 5. So when she sees it's not even 6, I can say everybody got scared. Because who wants to razzle Hissam?

Izzy: Yeah. Which is fine.

Cirie: It's gonna be like, they really are afraid of Hisam

Izzy: Well, you know,  he really is a commanding presence; non fluctuating like an non-movable force.

Cirie: Yeah, and when he gets an idea....That's why we have to get with Bye Bye Bitches and make our own decisions. I am on board with Reilly going, but why isn't anyone talking about Cameron?

Izzy: Exactly! Cameron is the type of person that will go back and forth the whole game. Jag and Blue, to their credit...

Cirie: They stuck with it. Jag and Blue will be down to get Cameron. We have options

Izzy: Yes. We have to talk about it tonight.

Cirie: I'm gonna let Hisam lead (the conversation) and see what he has to say

Izzy: It is so interesting how Hisam is trying to create a collaborative collective by dictating

Cirie: I know. It's bizarre.

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12:10pm BBT  Cirie & Izzy in game area, then move to Have Not room

Cirie:  This bed would be comfortable to me (cat bed).  I could do this.

Izzy:  Luke was doing too much. (Izzy trying out the cheese bed)  We have to win HOH.

Cirie:  I know

Izzy:  I told Hisam to fake it with us with his confidence. I know the odds are stacked against all of us with the number of people competing.

Cirie:  I need to channel my inner Rachel.  I need Cameron to go now.

Izzy:  Once Reilly is gone, Jag & Blue can wait.

12:23pm BBT

Izzy:  Every chance I get I pat him on the back (Cameron).  If he says "heart" one more time... It might become a drinking game.

12:27 in Scary BR

Jag:  Talk with Jared again and make sure we are solid.

Reilly:  I told Blue play dumb with Cirie.

Jag:  I trust you, I trust Matt, I trust Cirie and I want to trust Jared.  I know  he's playing the game, but I don't know his angle.  Maybe he is trying to get close to them since he is already good with us... I just don't know

Reilly:  I trust America right now

Jag: I don't think he (Jared) trusts in the 8 anymore, or even the seven

Reilly: No, he doesn't

Jag:  I was talking to Cirie before you came in and she agrees not to trust Cameron because he doesn't have his word anymore.

Then Cameron walks in...

12:30pm BBT  Cory & America on outside upper balcony

Cory: I don't think Blue would put up Hisam.  I don't think Jag would put up Hisam. I'm not sure about Matt

I'm probably talking to Izzy more than you are.  Does anyone talk to Bowie?  Felicia?

America:  I have talked to her but it's not much game.  I don't think she's strategizing.

Cory:  Last week was hard because it was week one.

Reilly comes up to the balcony and America says they were just looking for some shade.


I'm stepping away for a bit... ~AuntD

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1:35PM BBT

Hisam is talking with Red describing his day job and how he takes care of older people, "I feed them and like helping them get to the toilet and helping them get to groups and helping them not feel lonely. Just general stuff" Red tells him it is heroic work. Hisam says he knows that most people just forget these older people have lived a full life, "They had experiences. Like they were around. They used to dance and do shit. They weren't always old. People just forget and are like, they are old. And that's all they see in them...their age." 


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9:25am BBT Feeds return after 19 hours. Hisam has won the Veto and Bowie has disappeared into the Nether Region. Hisam says when HG go to the Nether Region, they come back with safety. Felicia volunteered but Bowie was selected. In the Scaryverse BR, Reilly tells Jag & Matt about Cirie's pinky swear to keep her. She thinks she's gotten close enough to Red to get his vote too, but Red seems to keep away from everything.

9:30am BBT Hisam tells Izzy, Cirie and Felicia on the BY Couch that the vote Thursday will be unanimous - why would anyone vote for Reilly? The numbers aren't there. They talk about trying to get America's vote, but she won't give up anything. Hisam thinks Reilly is telling people what to do and he doesn't do that. He just says what he wants. It worked with Jared, he says. Red joins them. Hisam is glad the week will work out how he planned. In the Scaryverse BR, Reilly tells Blue she's got to campaign and remind people she saved them last week. In the SR, Reilly Jared tells Cirie that promised to talk to Felicia. 

11:03am BBT Felicia is cooking bacon in the oven and making sandwhiches for lunch. By the BY Hammock, Cory tells Cameron he doesn't think Hisam will be blindsided and Reilly will go. Cameron says he won't do anything weired, just will be himself, but it's awkward around her. Felicia is in the KT cooking. Red says it's a lazy day. Felicia is glad. Red tells BB they need more bacon. Felicia is not a fan of turkey bacon. Red says there's all types of bacon. Red asks Matt if he's going to ride the bike. After he wakes up and gets a shower, he says. 

11:30am BBT In the hammock, Cameron tells Jared and Cory that he wanted to be a HN but Luke beat him to it. If he had been in the Humiliverse HNBR instead, the game would have been different. Jared asks Cory what is gluten. He says Potassium. But he's not a science person. He got a C in his final semeseter of calculus. Jared says you say calculus, I say final math class ever. Cory says he was being told Day 2 that Kirsten was the target but he didn't get why. After a week, Jared understands the game is about more than winning comps. Cory says Hisam is a comp beast, though..

11:40am BBT Jared says people drive Ferraris in the city. Cory says Ford F-250s in his town. Cory leaves to use the HoH WC and Cameron tells Jared that Cory knows the game - he was talking about auditions. I thought I knew the game, Cameron says, but I'm not even in the library. He tells Jared he knows he's in the bottom of the house but he's on the staying side. 

12:04pm BBT Cory tells Izzy, Cirie, Mecole and Felicia that soda is his bad habbit, not caffeine but sugar. This is not the right place to give up sugar, he says. Felicia loves candy. Mecole says anything is OK as long as you show moderation. Cory moves on and Izzy tells Cirie that Cory said Reilly said Cirie is her number one. Cirie says Cory needs to stop talking to people, why is he telling people what others tell him? Felicia agrees and wants him to shut up. Izzy and Cirie's plan is Cameron goes next. Izzy thinks Hisam is trying to make a collective. So is the other side, Cirie replies. It's still Bye Bye Bitches, Cirie promises.

12:15pm BBT Izzy & Cirie move to the Humiliverse HNBR. Cirie likes the dog bed. Izzy says the cheese bed isn't so bad. They plan to sleep up there so they can keep an eye on the HoH BR. Izzy says Hisam said he has to stop winning comps and he's glad he can't play in the next HoH. It's too late for him to not be a comp target, she says. After Cameron, the next targets should be Jag then Blue. Cirie doesn't think they are dangerous. She worries Hisam won't want to let go of Cameron. She is worried that Hisam, Red and Cameron have a deal. Downstairs, Cameron tells Jared they should keep Cory around as a shield - he's a public enemy in the house. Hisam is going after physical threats first. 

12:30pm BBT In the Scaryverse BR, Reilly seeks Jag's counsel. She needs to get Jared onboard, he says. He trusts Blue, Matt and Cirie, but wonders if Jared is playing a Cirie-like game (little does he know). Reilly trusts America. She thinks Cameron flipped to Hisam's side. Jag says it doesn't matter - he's on the block. in the Game Lounge, Cory tells America that Hisam is scary. He thinks Jag and Blue are with Hisam too. He suggests a partnershp with America and try to avoid being nominated together so one can save the other. America thinks they should have evicted Felicia last week because she was a number for them. She would have made the move. 

12:30pm BBT In the Scaryverse BR, Reilly seeks Jag's counsel. She needs to get Jared onboard, he says. He trusts Blue, Matt and Cirie, but wonders if Jared is playing a Cirie-like game (little does he know). Reilly trusts America. She thinks Cameron flipped to Hisam's side. Jag says it doesn't matter - he's on the block. in the Game Lounge, Cory tells America that Hisam is scary. He thinks Jag and Blue are with Hisam too. He suggests a partnershp with America and try to avoid being nominated together so one can save the other. America thinks they should have evicted Felicia last week because she was a number for them. She would have made the move. 

1:00pm BBT In HoH, Felicia tells Hisam she feels guilty breaking her promise to not vote out Reilly this week. Hisam warns that Cameron won't understand if she throws Reilly a sympathy vote. He knows she wants to be nice but shouldn't give a false impression. He says Reilly didn't do her any favors putting her on the block. Reilly thinks Felicia is old and weak. Felicia agrees, Reilly is only thinking of herself. He says HG are throwing themselves under the bus to save Reilly. The Professors will be in a good position. They need to be like Tiffany in BB23. Felicia asks who is next, but Hisam says wait until after HoH to discuss a target. If they don't win, it doesn't matter. So why plan?

1:13pm BBT In HoH, Hisam tells Felicia that Reilly made Jared and Cory pledge to her like a queen. Hisam says Jared picked the wrong door, then didn't send Reilly to the Nether Region. There's no backdoor - just vote her out. They have the numbers, it should be unanimous. Anyone who votes for Reilly will be in danger. The game is hard, he says, so much work just to get Reilly out. He tells Felicia he's not telling her what to do but he wants Reilly out.

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2:15pm BBT Izzy tells Felicia she wants to teach flute in college. She's done residencies in college but doesn't have a doctorate. Felicia says as long as Izzy has her flute, she has a hustle. Red & Cameron are in the Game Lounge> Red says it's a calm day. All he's heard is that nobody wants to say anything bad about Cameron because they know Red likes him. Izzy and Mecole think Cameron is a more dangerous player than Reilly. Blue is giving Reilly a massage. She wishes she could redo week one. 

2:40pm BBT Blue and Jag want to swing Hisam to their side. Jag wants to do it now while he's calm and the house is quiet. Hisam turns the table and asks what their plans are after Reilly is evicted. Blue didn't expect the game to move so fast. Jag says they have a better idea week 2. Hisam says after Reilly is gone, the game is basically reset. Blue says she is playing her way, making her own decisions. Hisam asks her what her big move is but Blue doesn't say. Meanwhile, Red & Cory are playing bumper pool. 

2:55pm BBT Cory asks Cirie what Matt plans to do. Cirie says Reilly has 3 votes. Cory plans to try to win HoH next week. His fingers are still numb from the Veto comp. In the KT, Felicia complains they have fake butter. Maybe the store was out of real butter. She needs real butter to cook. America asks Jared if he watches TV. He replies he watches podcasts (I think he means vidcasts, since podcasts are audio). Izzy says she has performed at Radio City Music Hall as part of a premier event. 

3:05pm BBT Izzy is playing bummper pool alone. America comes in and says Cory is too good at comps. They talk votes and Izzy says Blue won't change her vote for Reilly. America thinks the vote can go either way. Izzy probes which way America is going but she replies she's still thinking. America says she thought "they" were friends, but "they" don't tell her anything. Jared comes in and game talk stops. In the BY, Cirie and Jag agree that HG are saying they would vote for Reilly only if they have the numbers but they don't. All the talk scares Cirie. Jag doesn't think there's really that much talk - the others are just trying to get in good with her.

3:18pm BBT Jag tells Cirie she's in a great position because she's working both sides. That's what Cameron did, Cirie replies, and it got him nominated. Jag says he wasn't as good at it as she is. Cirie worries she's getting tied to Reilly. Cirie really wants Reilly to stay but worries it will be horrible for her game. Jag encourages her to vote for Reilly. You want me to take this leap and hope nobody says anything, she complains. Jag swears he wants to work with her, he trusts her. He's still trying to figure out who he can work with. Cirie 

3:24pm BBT Cirie tells Jag she trusts Izzy with her life and like's Jared. Jag likes Jared too, and Felicia. He wants to work with the three of them but doesn't know how Felicia feels about him. Cirie tells him to talk to her. She tells him to talk to Izzy and say she sent him. She thinks he, her, Jared and Felicia could be solid long term. Everyone's going to be going after Hisam next week. Cirie leaves and America joins Jag. He asks how her talk with Izzy went. It didn't, America says, she wouldn't say anything. America doesn't feel close to anyone.

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3:34PM BBT

Jag and America got the chance to chat and quiz each other on who they feel solid with. Jag names her and only her. America says she has no one.

Jag:  the other side of the house is so solid

America: There is no infiltrating them. Okay, but I thought of a name for us...

*At that we get gold swirly WBRB




5:43PM BBT

For hours now, the HGs have just been recycling the same game conversations they engaged in yesterday and today. Both showmances, Reilly/Matt and Blue/Jared, have been discussing their relationships and getting to know each other better in one-on-one conversations.











6:04PM BBT

Felicia is prepping lamb chops for dinner in the kitchen with some help from Red and Cirie.

Izzy steps out of the kitchen to chat with Jared in the LR...nothing new.


6:11PM BBT

It's story time in the backyard. Red takes the stage (he is really good at this, but it's a long story that I won't repeat)



Red finishes the story, "There is three minutes of your life you will never get back."


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8:05pm BBT In the SR, Reilly and Jag consider a blindside of Cirie. Jag says Reilly should stay away from Cirie to keep her off the plan. In HoH, Hisam tells Cirie, Red, Mecole, Bowie, Felicia and Izzy that Jag and Blue want to work with him but he put them off until they can offer him something. It's OK to have side alliances, he says, as long as it's a two-way street and benefits The Professors. After Reilly is gone, he says, he can scoop up Matt, and the others can scoop up others. But don't promise votes you'll have to go back on. 

8:20pm BBT Hisam tells his fellow Professors that the target next week is clear. Bowie asks Blue and Jag? Izzy offers a pep talk. If they believe in each other the they they believe in themselves, they will be triumphant. Just be mindful, Hisam warns, both Vetos have been puzzles. We need to put our best puzzlers in those comps. He needs to take a step back from winning so as to not become too big a target. He says the other side is imploding. He wonders if America would be good in an endurance comp. He thinks Cory is good in puzzles. 

8:30pm BBT Hasim thinks they should play mind games with the other side and convince them to put up one of their own as a pawn. Then The Professors could vote them out. Hisam says that people who haven't talked game with you will start offering to work together. He says America, Cory, Matt are now desperate. He can keep Blue focused on the other side since she wants to make big moves. He says she promised to slice Reilly's throat (in the Veto comp) for him. Meanwhile, by the hammock, America, Matt and Blue are talking about Eat Pray Love.

8:40pm BBT Hisam ha slocked himself out of HoH. In the BY, Matt & America talk about Instagram & TikTok. They hear cheering from inside the house. Matt looks around but doesn't see anything so they resume talking about Twitter (X). In the Comicverse BR, Izzy tells Cirie that Bowie makes her nervous and Hisam is downright scary. He doesn't let Mecole or Bowie finish talking and is driving them away. Izzy can't believe Hisam thinks they are sitting pretty and wants to talk with Bowie and Mecole about a plan for The Professors to expel him. They reconfirm their F2 deal. 

9:00pm BBT Izzy is still going off on Hisam acting like he's in charge. He needs to go before Jury. He needs to go next week, Cirie says. Izzy thinks he'd be evicted unanimously if on the block, he's on a power trip. Cirie says it will happen to Izzy too when she's HoH. It comes with the power. Felicia comes into the Comicverse BR and is upset that Hisam wants to throw the Veto comp because he's so comfortable. Izzy says they should backdoor him next week. She thinks they would have Jared and Cory's vote too.

9:10pm BBT Outside, Mecole has the digital camera and is recording the weekly house video. She asks Matt what is his favorite food in the BB House. Peanut Butter and Roast Beef sandwiches (it's not clear if he means two separate sandwiches or both on the same sandwiche). In the Comicverse BR, Felicia, Cirie and Izzy continue bonding with lots of laughter. 


9:18pm BBT Mecole finds Izzy in the SR and they stage more video recording of Izzy's favorite house snack, avocados. They move into the KT as Micole directs Red next. Red delivers a mountain man performance and Mecole is so excited she rewinds and they watch the segment on the screen. Cameron is the next subject to walk into the KT and Mecole puts him to work as well. She brings Cory inside for his bit on Macaroni & Cheese. Cirie is still waiting for her favorite snack to show up in the BB House and asks Mr. Big for Kettle Chips or Jelly Bellies. 


9:30pm BBT Mecole tells Hisam exactly what he's going to do. She'll ring the doorbell and he'll say let me show you in his HoH basket - Peanut Butter M&Ms. She shows him the videos she's made so far. This is madness, she giggles. Out in the BY lounge, Cory and America are talking academics. 

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9:45pm BBT in the Scaryverse BR, the girls are dressing Cory up as Blue. Blue says she needs to dress as Cory now. Mecole says they need tighty whities and a backwards t-shirt. The girls are laughing it up. Cory is in a pink top and bell bottoms with a sparkly baseball cap. I haven't even worn that yet, Blue laughs. It's the hat that's funny, he asks, not the exposed gut? They orchestrate his opening up the door and talking to the video camera. My parents will think this is a punishment, he moans. Blue is dressed as Cory. they take the act to the BY for the other HG to see. They rush over to check him out. OMG and clapping and laughter. Cirie & Jared exchange a glance - these people are crazy!


10:00pm BBT Cameron is helping Red prepare some food in the KT. Cory and Blue head to the DR - in Blue's pink outfit. In the WA, Izzy is upset with something Felicia said and she sincerely apologizes. They hug it out. Cory and Mecole walk through the KT. Felicia asks what Red is making. Cheesecake Light, he says. He runs through the ingredients and preparation for her. OK, she says, it actually looks good. Cameron calls out to Cory, you gonna do a skirt next?

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10:20pm BBT Izzy and Hisam are in the BY hammock. Hisam thinks they should go after Cory next because Cory could come after them. Izzy thinks Cory is going to go after Red and Bowie. She trusts Cory to vote out Reilly but doesn't trust him as HoH. Hisam says they need to convince Cory that Bowie is a threat to get him to nominate Bowie and Red, or Jag and Blue. They'll tell him that Blue and Jag are going after him. Izzy thinks that's a good plan.

10:27pm BBT Hisam is worried he and Izzy will be nom together. Izzy thinks they need to get Cameron next but Hisam is sure Jag and Blue are going after The Professors, so they need to be the next targets. He wants Reilly, Cameron, Jag and Blue out before Jury. Izzy says Cory also needs to be out before Jury. The order doesn't matter. Then they would control the jury just like the Cookout did, Hisam says.  In the Comicverse BR, Cirie and Felici are laughing. They went from The Professors to Bye Bye Bitches to Brown Sugars. Cirie says it can't always be Hisam's way.

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Video of Cory role playing Blue



949PM BBT In the Scary room, Cory notices the camera is following him...


9:52PM BBT Revealed to the house video camera as Blue. Nails the attitude.


9:53PM BBT Introduced to the backyard who have no idea what's about to hit them...


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