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Friday, September 23, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00am BBT Taylor thinks Michael will be America's favorite. Even with the Kyle thing, Turner asks? He got massive cheers, she recalls when he was evicted. If not Michael, Joe, she thinks (Watching Joe learn of Taylor's showmance was hard - he was clearly into her).

12:02am BBT Taylor doesn't think Turner is as f*cked with the Jury as he thinks. Turner says everyone loves Monte. They like you more than me. He doesn't have Britt, Jasmine, Indy or Alyssa, and can't afford to lose any more. 

12:04am BBT Taylor knows for a fact he has Alyssa's vote against Monte. Turner says Britt told him she wouldn't say anything bad about him in Jury. He appreciated that. Taylor wishes the Part 1 and Part 2 winners got letters and photos but they don't.

12:15am BBT Taylor says Britt told her about telling Turner "thank you for your feedback" comment. Turner says he felt so small. He asks if Taylor's long pants helped in the comp. They helped her grip, but she took one hit and that was it.

12:17am BBT Turner thought he'd do better on physical comps. Taylor's thoughts go back to Jury. Terrance is not happy with Michael over the Kyle situation and he could influence Indy/Jasmine. Her fear is the Jury will think she was carried and not competing.

12:20am BBT Taylor thinks she could win AFP but not the game. Turner thinks she could win both (The winner is automatically excluded from AFP voting). They talk about the things they'd like to take with them from the house, what will fit in their suitcase?

12:25am BBT Taylor has her hats and crowns. Monte has a car. Turner wants the snow globe. Taylor thinks Britt already took it. She wanted to give it to Michael as a wedding gift. The cactuses are dope, Turner says, but he's worried about being arrested for stealing.

12:28am BBT Taylor knew a girl in college who would steal nail polish from a CVS. Turner would be too scared of prison. Nothing is real here, Taylor says, so they can tae it. She wants the Veto necklace. Turner says they'd come to her house to take it back.

12:33am BBT Turner says nobody got dragged to the end this season for an easy win. Taylor doesn't like it when the Finale result is expected. Turner confirms the prize money is $750k, $75k and $10k. They think the prize for 3rd is too low. 

12:35am BBT Taylor is worried about going against Monte in Part 2. She usually does well against him. Are are you at mental, Turner asks? She points out the F4 Veto. Taylor hopes BB makes her (Part 1) fall fun. Turner says she yelled mid-air.

12:37am BBT Turner says he was losing hope and then Taylor fell (it sounds like Monte was out first & it came down to Turner/Taylor). Turner is going to search Reddit for the HG's names. He'll search Kyle, Britt & Michael. He walso wants to know what fans think of Britt.

12:44am BBT Turner think fans expected he would be out early in the game. Why, Taylor asks? He's not athletic, doesn't have a great job (sounds like he does what he loves, and that's pretty great). Turner thinks Kyle was expected to win and Michael was underestimated.

12:47am BBT Turner is trying to remember when they made their F3 deal, was it after Kyle's eviction or after Michael? Taylor can't remember either. Taylor says Michael threw the PieFest comp. Turner never threw a comp. Taylor tried but lost all her comps fair & square.

1:00am BBT We're not going to see the JH, they tell each other. Fire. Suckers. Taylor says from first eviction night on the block to F3. Now can they just get Monte out of the DR? Taylor heads to the WC.

1:20am BBT Monte is out of the DR. He was gassed, that was not his best effort. Turner is called to the DR. Taylor comes out of the WC, then says what the heck, and returns to the WC. 

1:25am BBT Taylor is out of the WC again and asks how Monte is doing. He feels like sh*t, sick to his stomach. Taylor says they'll be OK. Monte tried to hold back eating before the comp . He needs to shower. 

1:30am BBT While Monte is in the shower, Taylor sits alone in the SBR. WTF, she says, then heads to her bed in the GBR & reads her HoH letters. I hear her voice so clearly, she says of her mom or grandma. Maybe she's reading too much into it, comparing the letters.

1:40am BBT Taylor is Jedi training while Monte is in the shower and Turner is in the DR. Monte gets out of the shower and walks past Taylor to the CBR. 

2:00pm BBT Monte puts away leftovers from the F3 dinner they received tonight.

2:20am BBT The lights are off in the CBR & Monte is in bed. Taylor washes the dishes and cleans up from dinner. She straightens the pillows on the LR couches, then goes to the GBR & closes the door to the CBR. She puts her suitcase on one of the beds & starts unpacking.

2:30am BBT I want to go to bed, Taylor tells BB, sitting at the DT. I have to compete in the most important comp of the dseason and you're keeping me up! She is draped in a blanket and is drinking coffee, Jedi training.

2:56am BBT Turner comes out of the DR. Thank God, Taylor exclaims, Let's f*cking go! BB calls Taylor to the DR. You guys hate me! Turner gets a snack then starts his pre-sleep ADLs and slips into his CBR bed.

3:40am BBT Taylor is out of the DR and quickly washes off her makeup and gets into bed in the GBR. Night, she tells BB and the lights are turned off.


Morning Report


7:15am BBT BB wakes the HG up for the day. Monte is the first up in the KT, staring at the Mem Wall. He will have to face Taylor in the HoH Part 2 comp today. 

7:30am BBT Taylor is up and asks how Monte is feeling this morning. he's OK now (their stomachs were upset from spinning around in the Part 1 comp). She heads to the WA to start ADLs. 

7:40am BBT Turner is up and greets Monte in the KT. 

8:09am BBT FotH.

10:49am BBT Feeds return. Turner/Taylor are back in bed. Monte cooks eggs in the KT. 

11:10am BBT Monte is eating by himself at the DT. Turner is asleep in the CBR. Taylor is asleep in the GBR.

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12:30pm BBT No change over the 90 minutes. Monte is at the DT staring at the Mem Wall. Turner is in the CBR dreaming of Megan. Taylor is sleeping in the GBR or in the DR. 


12:32pm BBT Monte is called to the DR so he goes to the WC. No napping, HG, BB says belatedly. Taylor mumbles something under the covers to prove she's awake. Monte washes his hands, goes to the CBR for some hand lotion, then shuffles to the DR, all w/o saying a word.

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2:29pm BBT Taylor is sitting in the KT alone. You can probably tell from my demeanor, Taylor says to the camera, I didn't win. I lost by about 20 seconds. Monte/Turner have such strong resumes, the only way I ccould win was to win Final HoH and take myself.

2:31pm BBT It was so important to not have to be taken to the end, now I have to sit and watch 2 guys battle it out in the last comp. Sounds like Monte won HoH Part II this morning. (I can hear Jame's Brown's It's A Man's World echoing in her head)

2:57pm BBT Turner comes out of the DR, grabs a hoodie and his water bottle from the CBR where Monte is sleeping, then returns to the KT and says hi to Taylor. She says she's alive. 

3:05pm BBT Taylor is laying in the GBR, Monte/Turner in the CBR. The stage is set for the final act live, Sunday night, and there is precious little game left to be played.


3:30pm BBT Turner gets up and takes a shower. Monte is still asleep in the CBR. Taylor is still in the GBR.

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3:45pm BBT Turner is standing at the shower door looking into the WA, a towel on his head, the water running behind him. He turns the water aoff and starts drying off. He is silent but looks like he's thinking heavy thoughts.

3:48pm BBT Turner exits the shower, one towel around his waist, another around his shoulders and head. He just stands there for a moment, arms crossed, looking in the WA mirror (Is this the face of a winner of $750k?).

3:50pm BBT Turner grabs his pants and steps into the WA to change. He comes out clothed and heads back to the CBR. After passing through the GBR, Taylor raises her head, looks at the CBR, looks at the camera, then lays back down again.

3:55pm BBT Shirtless, Turner rummages through his suitcase in the CBR. So all 4 feeds naturally switch away from the only action in the house to show an inert Taylor. Turner can be seen in the background leaving the CBR but feeds do not follow him.

4:00pm BBT Turner has on his flanel shirt & is brushing his hair in the WA. BB calls Taylor to the DR. She lifts her head to acknowledge the request but makes no move to get up. Turner returns to the CBR and sits on the edge of his bed, rolling up his sleeves. 

4:03pm BBT Taylor finally rises, fully clothed, wraps the pink blanket around her shoulders and heads to the WA to freshen up. BB reminds Turner to put on his mic, not that the HG are talking today. (It's as if they realized they don't get paid by the word)

4:15pm BBT Turner is laying in his bed in the CBR reading his HoH letters for inspiration. Taylor is in the DR. Monte is sleeping in the DBR. Turner puts the letters down and Monte wakes up to talk. They discuss what's to eat. There's leftovers, Turner jokes, seriously.


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4:35pm BBT Monte asks what time it is. Turner thinks it's after 3pm. The day is dragging, Monte says. Facts, replies Turner. They leave the CBR. Turner says they've been together since Week 3. We played similar games, Monte says. Turner is pumped for Part III.

4:40pm BBT Turner/Monte hear noises in the BY and guess BB is still taking apart the Part II comp. Taylor has no control, Monte says. Turner says she knows he's not taking her. He doesn't know what Monte is thinking. Monte feels good winning Part II. 

4:43pm BBT Monte likes being in the drivers' seat, I'm enjoying the ride. I will pick you, Turner says. Monte felt OK when Taylor dropped off her wiener because he trusted Turner. He's surprised Taylor didn't do better. He's sore everywhere from the Part I comp.

4:45pm BBT Monte/Turner reheat leftovers from last night. Monte looks for Taylor. We're all good, Turner says, indicating they can talk. This is going to be an awkward 48hrs, he says, I can't wait to see my parents. It will be tough to talk to JCM if he sees his parents.

4:50pm BBT Monte says he's done cleaning anything in the house. Turner talked to Taylor last night while Monte was in the DR. He knows she is taking him. It's clear she hasn't watched the show much - she claimed he would win over her. She doesn't appreciate her own game.

4:53pm BBT Turner thinks Michael/Britt will vote for Taylor no matter what. He thinks the Jury will care more about the social game. Monte thinks Kyle/Michael/Britt care about game. (it's the old comp vs. social game dilemma. In truth, it's being honest about your game).

4:55pm BBT Monte/Turner were surprised to learn Joe had hidden Taylor's pitching an F4 deal w/Joe/Michael/Britt. Do you believe I'll take you to F2, Turner asks? I have no reason to believe you won't, Monte deflects. I will, he says, I'm not giving you the runaround.

4:58pm BBT Monte tells Turner if he didn't trust him, he could have evicted him before now. I think you're telling the truth, Turner says, I want you to know I'm telling the truth. If I win, he says, I'll feel bad for Taylor.  We'll still be friends even if you dupe me.

5:01pm BBT It would be nice if Alyssa had been an Honorary Leftover (if that had happened, Kyle might have made it to the F3 because he wouldn't have been a target for protecting her and Michael/Britt might not have felt pressured to play the race card).

5:04pm BBT Turner tells Monte he came through today. It was a close one, Monte says. Timed events are so close. Just 7 seconds off by Britt, 21 seconds for Taylor, 2 seconds in the goblet toss. Turner says one of us has $75k, the other $750k. 

5:07pm BBT Taylor wakes up and joins the guys in the KT. You burned some clock, Monte says. Where are the cards, Taylor asks. She's never going to look at the word Leftover the same way again. They start playing cards at the DT.

6:03pm BBT The F3 are still playing cards and going over the season. Monte says Jasmine tried to start an alliance with him & Kyle called the Smurfs because they were blue porta-potty people. 

6:35pm BBT Taylor notices Monte's champagne glass is cracked. OMG, he says, he could have cut himself! Turner pops the cork on another bottle of champagne. Monte wants to learn to play poker. Taylor doesn't know how either. 

6:45pm BBT Monte asks if carrot cake is healthier since it's made of carrots. No, says Taylor flatly. He wonders what they do Sunday after the Finale? Taylor thinks they go to Mexico or the JH. (more likely, they get put up in a hotel assuming they sleep at all after media interviews).

7:15pm BBT Taylor tells Turner she's sorry they haven't gotten super-close. Turner asks why? They've always hung out. Monte asks who will mind the Rug Shack while Turner/Megan are in LA? Turner thinks they can close it for a week. He won't care.

7:20pm BBT Monte says he's 27 but 35 at heart. Taylor says he's more mature than some 35yr olds she knows. Monte takes that as a complment. Taylor says her Spelling Comp word would have been electrocardiagram. Her backup word was Chronothermometer.

8:15pm BBT Turner says at midnight, we can say we'll see our families today.

8:50pm BBT Monte asks if Turner ever failed a class. He came close to failing freshman biology (he's got human biology mastered now). Turner's only F's were in Spanish & History. He took a personal finance class in high schoo thta taught him taxes and how checks work.

9:00pm BBT Monte says that's a great idea, they didn't teach that in his school but it makes so much sense (it should be required for all schools, updated to managing credit & debt). Turner was good at cheating on tests in HS - they had 8 text books and he didn't read.

9:10pm BBT Turner describes customers that bring back clothes they bought because they didn't fit. It's a thrift store with a no-return policy. They should have tried them on before buying. 

9:13pm BBT Turner had a customer try to return a record player 3 weeks after purchase, saying it didn't work. It worked when he bought it. They argued and the guy left a nasty Google review. Turner was able to get Google to take it down.

9:35pm BBT Turner says Pooch never expected Ameerah to come after him because they hung out all the time (keep your enemies closer). Jasmine's HoH was toxic - she had an excusive club upstairs that made everyone uncomfortable (kind of like The Leftovers was exclusive).

9:43pm BBT Monte says The Leftovers prepared for the worst each week then won HoH again. It was an incredible run. Turner doesn't understand why Michael threw Pie Fest to Jasmine (he didn't want to be seen as an early comp threat, for all the good it did him).

10:05pm BBT Monte tells Turner that Taylor lacks self-awareness. She's one of the top 3 people he's spent time with in the house, but there's a disconnect, something keeping them from getting closer. Turner tells the story of when he first met Megan.

10:55pm BBT Taylor rejoins Turner/Monte in the KT. Turner saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 7 times with different friends. 

11:10pm BBT Turner is in the DR. Taylor tells Monte she's been down because she didn't want to be carried to the end, but she only has herself to blame. Monte says there's honor in how she played the game and (mostly) controlled her own destiny. 

11:15pm BBT Monte says his own game hasn't been smooth either. He tells Taylor that Turner does not believe he has Indy or Jasmine's vote and isn't sure about Michael/Britt. He was trying to get reassurance that Monte would take him F2. 

11:17pm BBT Monte doesn't believe Britt believed all the things she said about Turner's chances to beat him, she would say anything to stay. Taylor says Britt has long thought Turner could win the game. They discuss which Jurors will vote on the integrity of the game.

11:19pm BBT Monte says Terrance thought there was a heard mentality. They wonder how the Jury reacted to Kyle, what happened with Terrance & Michael, and how much influence Michael would have on the other Jurors. 

11:21pm BBT Taylor tells Monte that Britt admitted to voting against her but Taylor can forgive the disrespect. The game is not her life and it will end soon. She had faith in Monte and belief she could beat Britt, so it didn't matter either way.

11:23pm BBT Taylor says Britt was worried Taylor wouldn't like her after the game. Monte didn't think Turner voted out Alyssa. Turner is a fan of the show but doesn't always get how it works (I love how cocky F3 HG get, thinking they have a corner on game strategy).

11:26pm BBT Monte says if Turner wins Final HoH and takes him, he's not assuming he'll lose. Some HG will vote on best game play but some will vote on who best represents the season. Taylor is sure Turner will take Monte. Monte says that will be the harder path for him.

11:28pm BBT Monte thinks Turner will argue that making big moves makes up for all those he duped. He doesn't want to be labeled a Paul or Tyler. Monte thinks he has represented the season better than Turner. He played a better social game.

11:30pm BBT Monte says he gave up lying at age 16, it just didn't work for him. He doesn't know how people can chat, it seems so hard (people cheat because it seems easy; being honest is what's hard). Taylor hopes Monte wins Part 3 so she can make a F2 case for herself.

11:32pm BBT Monte tells Taylor she's not someone who gives up easily. He wondered after Turner won Part 1 if he had made the right choice (Turner over Britt). You still have a path, she tells him. Very much so, he says. 

11:35pm BBT Monte says Turner asked what the Part 3 comp would be like. He expects Turner already knows. Taylor says Turner was worried about going against Monte in a mental comp. Monte thought he'd be better in physical comps. It's about being limber, Taylor explains.

11:40pm BBT Monte/Taylor start Jedi Training.

11:56pm BBT Turner is out of the DR and Monte is in. Turner will wait for him to come out before starting food prep. He's going to the WC first. Monte was just in there, Taylor warns him.

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