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Tuesday, September 20, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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4:53am BBT In the by Turner Taylor and Monte are getting in the hot tub. Seems like it's really hot. We earned this they say. The hot tub is for cold nights. Final 3 says Taylor (Seems like she is acknowledging that she and Britt could not change Monte's mind). 

Best parking lot I've ever lived in says Taylor. Turner agrees (he lived in his vehicle for awhile)

Taylor asks Monte if he ever thought he was the next one gone. He can't think of a time. He says their alliance kept winning hoh's. For some reason it always just worked out.

5:00am BBT They're happy that they each won a comp on live feeds. They hope their loved ones gathered to watch the shows - at least some of the shows. They're looking forward to seeing their families. They say it's in their contract that their families are flown in.

5:07amBBT Taylor asks how bad her blunder was earlier. Something she said in front of Britt that implied Britt was going. Turner says he did that last week to Alyssa

5:09 Monte mentions Britt's pitch this morning. He says Britt acknowledged this morning that Michael threw the veto comp to her during brochella.

She's a smart girl says Taylor. Monte says she just has made some social blunders in the last 2 weeks.

Taylor wonders what Britt will say on her way out the door.

Monte thinks Britt's demeanor when she came out of the diary room after voting for Taylor was because she heard the audience gasp. Head down, not making eye contact, looking crazy.


5:14am Turner stands nearby wrapped in a towel. They tell him they can see steam coming off of him

They say it's their last night in the by.

Turner gets admonished by Bob for holding the mic in his hand. What am I supposed to do with it he asks.

5:22amBBT Based on your first impressions of the hg who did you think would win? Turner asks. Taylor says Ameerah based on the way she was dressed. Chill and calm, like she was supposed to be underestimated. Monte and Turner both say they thought Kyle would win. Turner also says Nicole and Britt - from the memory wall earrings. Turner says he sells earrings like that and he knows who buys them. Turner asks if Taylor still plans to be a stylist. She says for the entertainment inews situation. Turner asks if she'll help if he needs a stylist. she says yes. She tells her clients that a man in a well tailored suit is like a woman in lingerie. 

5:25 Taylor is now out of the hot tub and steam is coming off of her they say (we can't really see it)

Taylor gets yelled at to put on her mic as she is drying off. I know she says. I'm drying off, I care about your equipment.


5:28am BBT Turner says with peace and love I say this. We had tie dye and I said yes, I can do this. And then Britt walked out. 

Taylor goes in to check the time. They only have the backyard until 6. They won't see it again until finale night. 

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5:28am BBT Turner says with peace and love I say this. We had tie dye and I said yes, I can do this. And then Britt walked out. 

Taylor goes in to check the time. They only have the backyard until 6. They won't see it again until finale nigh

7:01 am BBT Taylor and Monte are in the hoh bed together. I wasn't sure about she mumbles and he mumbles back. She asks him to put lotion on her back. They start kissing. You scared me she said. I could be very vulnerable. And cameras switch to a sleeping Turner. 

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Overnights. Apologies for any overlap.


12:10am BBT Britt is worried about staying awake. Monte suggests Coca-Cola. Britt slept in until 2pm, though. Taylor notes BB stopped asking them to raise/lower the awnings. Taylor yawns (don't get me started!). Turner's coffee is ready. Fantastic, Monte describes it.

12:15am BBT The F4 share fav BY memories. Monte: first week pics. Britt: Turner breaking the stick. Turner says Joe thought Monte had a heart attack. They hear a bird. Don't usually hear birds tweet so late, says Turner. Taylor asks if it's a bat? Do bats tweet? (no)

12:45am BBT The card game is over. Taylor says tonight is the last night to wash clothes. Britt says last night to do tie dye. Britt wants to be an influencer. You already are, Monte says. She wants to make money talking to people. Turner just wants to show his art.

1:30am BBT The HG are waiting for the HT to get hot. Is it gurgling yet, Taylor asks? It's cool out. She's wearing 2 long sleeve tops, a sweatshirt and a tank. Turner/Britt head inside. Is this foreshadowing, Monte asks Taylor? 

1:35am BBT Taylor tells Monte one of the Twitter questions asked if he was swindling her. Britt comes back out & they talk about being isolated from the virus. Britt says nobody in TX wears masks. She wonders what the world is like COVID-wise. A live audience is good.

1:38am BBT Taylor goes inside & brings Britt out the pink blanket. She asks, are we the coolest F3 ever? We're still F4, Turner reminds her. Oh yeah, Taylor says. Monte says nobody's watching the feeds (unfortunately, yes we are). Turner's least fav comp was FashionFest.

2:10am BBT Taylor wonders who is the wake-up voice. Britt read a story, he is a man in his 40's with a red beard. Taylor talks about Dan's Funeral. She thinks he still teaches (he's been making gaming content since 2012 and is a YouTube personality and Twitch streamer).

2:25am BBT Monte says Taylor is throwing back the Red Bulls (pace yourself, it's going to be a long night). Last night red wine, Taylor jokes, tonight Red Bulls. Stay tuned, America. The night before was bath salts, Turner reminds her. Taylor wishes they had hard liquor.

2:30am BBT Last BY hours unless we come back for All Stars, Taylor says. She's sure Michael will come back. It may be a while, Turner says, they just did an All Star season. He hopes they do something big for BB25. (me too) 

2:35am BBT Turner thinks if they do a coach season, it could be Tiffany and Michael. Taylor suggests Kat or Holly. The laugh. Taylor wonders how she missed Red Bull in college? Everyone else was on adderall and Red Bull. Maybe she could have done better if she had.

2:50am BBT Turner says Britt is starting to lean a bit. She's jittery and tired, she says. Taylor says they never got purified water after Jasmine left. Turner says they got it for DyreFest. Britt says LA tap water is bad. Taylor says the house had filtered water.

3:00am BBT Turner has soft hands, observes Monte. That's surprising considering he weaves rugs. Turner says Monte is a grandpa. Taylor is wide awake. Let's go! They deal another game of Spades. Can you imagine Indy at DyreFest, Britt says.

4:00am BBT Britt heads inside, leaving the F3 alone in the BY.

4:50am BBT Turner is in the HT. Monte/Taylor join him. The water is hot. We earned this, they say, F3. Best parking lot I've ever lived in, Taylor jokes. Taylor asks if Monte ever thought he was gone. No, The Leftovers kept winning so he felt safe. It just worked out.

5:00am BBT The F3 say they all won comps. They hope their families had watch parties. They say it was in their contract that BB would fly their families in for the Finale. Taylor is upset she blundered and called them F3 in front of Britt. Turner did the same w/Alyssa.

5:05am BBT Monte says Britt admitted that Michael had thrown the Big Brochella Veto comp to her. She's a smart girl, Taylor says. Monte says she just made social blunders. Taylor wonders what she'll say when she leaves (Britt has promised a "scorching" eviction speech).

5:15am BBT Turner gets out of the HT and steam can be seen in the cold morning air. It's their last night in the BY, they say. BB reminds Turner to put on his mic. Based on first impressions, Taylor thought Ameerah would win. She was chill, calm, underestimated.

5:20am BBT Monte/Turner both thought Kyle would win. Turner also thought Nicole & Britt would go far. He sells earrings similar to what Nicole wore in her Mem Wall photo. Turner asks if Taylor would help if he needs a stylyst? Yes, she says. 

5:24am BBT Taylor tells Turner that a man in a well tailored suit is like a woman in lingerie. Taylor gets out of the HT and is also steaming. Again, BB tells her to put on her mic while she's still toweling off (I think BB is doing this for fun).

5:28am BBT Turner says with peace and love, I say this: We had tie dye and I said yes, I can do this. Britt comes back outside. Taylor checks the time in the KT. They have 30m left of BY. 

6:00am BBT Taylor/Turner/Monte say goodbye to all the things in the BY. They take one last breath of fresh air and say goodbye, BB BY. They head inside and BB lowers the metal door behind them. 

6:20am BBT Monte gets into the HoH shower. In the KT, Taylor/Turner talk about the season. 

6:30am BBT Turner heads to the WA to wash the HT out of his hair and prepare for bed. Taylor heads up to HoH. Monte finishes his shower and Taylor gets in. 

6:50am BBT Turner gets into bed in the CBR and says GN Production. He says GN to his parents and Megan. The CBR light goes off. 

7:00am BBT The lights are off in HoH, Monte/Taylor are in bed. She asks him to put lotion on her back. Small talk leads to cuddling leads to a full-on makeout session. You scared me, she says, I could be very vulnerable. Feeds switch to Turner in the CBR. 

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1:37pm BBT Monte/Turner at the DT talking about cryptocurrencies. Turner talks about a period when he was gambling with cryptos. The headquarters was a tiny shack on the island of Curaçao. He lost a lot of crypto. 

1:40pm BBT You stopped because of the environment? Yes, Turner says, screw the minors. Screw the man. Power to the people! Monte laughs. Britt is in the GBR putting on makeup for the day. Taylor's still in denial that a new day has dawned (and is half over).

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3:00PM BBT

There isn't much going on, y'all. Monte and Turner are playing cards. Taylor is sleeping. Britt is staring into space in the Space Age Bedroom. 


3:14PM BBT

Bob: Brittany! No napping, houseguests!

Britt: okay


[Ahem, Bob! Someone upstairs needs that messsage, too! -ML]

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Apologies for any overlap...


2:00pm BBT Taylor is sleeping in HoH. Britt/Turner talk at the DT. Did you hear the construction, she asks? It was like things were being dropped in the HNR. Maybe they were walking through.Maybe the HNR has been converted to something else. Interesting, Turner says.

2:10pm BBT Turner wonders when they start convering the BB House to the next season. Britt says they have Celeb BB first in Feb first. Turner hasn't watched Celeb BB. Turner says Megan's mom watched last year. Britt says they are B-List at best, not famous people. 

2:14pm BBT Turner wants to find out who was cut from the cast and replaced with Joe. Britt says it will be a random face to them (A chemist built bigger than Joe might have given Monte a run for Taylor's money). What does Kyle's mom do besides dance? Turner doesn't know.

2:16pm BBT Britt is excited to see Kyle's TikTok (all his social media has been shut down, but maybe he'll be able to recover without being trolled). 

2:29pm BBT Monte is trying to teach Turner how to shuffle with a bridge at the small DT. It's happening, he coaches. I need practice, Turner admits. Practice makes perfect. How is Britt so good at Rummy, Monte asks? She's played it like, 1000 times, Turner replies.

3:00pm BBT Monte/Turner are playing cards. It's cold in the house becaues both are wearing hoodies and hats. Taylor is sleeping in HoH. Britt is meditating in the SBR. Turner says it gets really tense when Megan's family plays Risk.

3:14pm BBT BB tells Britt no napping. She says OK (she wasn't). No similar warning for Taylor. It's good to be HoH.

4:10pm BBT Turner tells Monte he was miffed when Britt took the last 2 English muffins. She should have taken one and left one for someone else (she's being evicted, why should she care?). It's muffins all over again and this time he's being the *sshole. 

4:33pm BBT Britt knocks on the HoH door & Taylor tells her to come in. She's trying to remember the comps and days. She forget Terrance as in OTEV. Britt says she can help Taylor study, like Michael did with her. She notes Taylor was close to Kyle before he went crazy.

4:37pm BBT Britt says Monte has played a boring game, no big moves. She compares his game to HG from past seasons who didn't win and why. The game is about taking risks and Monte has played it safe. 

4:39pm BBT Taylor says Monte is playing like Xavier. His big move was Kyland, but Monte's big move won't be Turner. Britt says Monte told her he is playing for a better chance at F2 than winning F3 HoH. He thinks the Jury is the HG as they were evicted and they won't be.

4:41pm BBT Britt says Monte thinks the Jury will think he played a clean game, but he's taken no risks. Keeping Turner F2 will be why he loses. Turner evicted his #2 and he's still here. He did something right. She promises Taylor her vote & she'll be voice in the JH. 

4:43pm BBT Taylor thinks the vote could be 5-4 fo rher if Britt is able to get the girls & Michael. Terrance owes me a vote too, she thinks. Joe & Kyle will vote Monte because they played the same games. Monte is counting on Club Bro in the JH.

4:45pm BBT Britt adds that Monte isn't thinking about Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa or her. Monte is taking away her dream and she won't forget. Britt says Monte is always taking about being... Disrespected, Taylor completes. He's not Superman, Britt says, he's human.

4:50pm BBT Monte is sitting at the DT looking at the Mem Wall. Turner walks in & asks what's on his mind. Just these HG, when they left, what they did in the game. Turner had 2 wrong in the Veto. He never went over all the days. 

4:52pm BBT Monte says he could hear the others competing and it made him anxious. In HoH, Britt says if they hadn't found out about Kyle, Monte would have gone that week (I don't think so). She feels like a sitting duck - she has nothing left to lose.

5:11pm BBT I wish we had the Veto mtg already, Britt says there's nothing left she can do, it feels like giving up. Back in the KT, Monte says their decisions are based on survival. 

5:20pm BBT Turner is cooking omelets on the stove while Monte chats from the KT counter. Do you want feta, Turner asks? Will Taylor let us eat them, Monte cracks? Monte says he didn't grow up around dogs and feared them. He wonders if it's the same with aliens.

5:25pm BBT Monte says people think aliens have ill intent because they are different. Turner says hatred between humans is the same thing. This house is all about differences, Monte says. (this is so deep)

5:40pm BBT Turner says if he wins, he'll credit his senior year high school English teacher. That guy was 1 in a billion. Monte/Turner don't understand why teachers are so underpaid or why education is so undervalued. 

5:53pm bBT Turner says Megan's family is so incrediblly supportive and helpful. He considers them part of his family. They have watched BB since season 1, including live feeds. He can't wait to find out what they think of him in the BB House and getting this far. 

6:15pm BBT Taylor asks how Monte likes his omelet? He gives it a C - it is lacking flavor. 

7:00pm BBT In the SBR, Britt talks to the camera. Playing BB was more fun than she ever thought it could be. She is so thankful and hope she can play again. She also hopes she'll have more clients after BB. Maybe they'll be BB fans and they can talk about the show.

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10:22pm BBT Britt comes into the KT & Monte says hi. She thanks him for folding the towels in the WA. She just finished her meditation. They decide to play cards. Britt is wearing the hoodie she overwashed yesterday. Live & learn, Monte says. Britt is all gamed out.

10:27pm BBT Monte says when Turner gets his van, he can stay in a RV park in Malibu. Britt got married in Malibu. Monte hadn't heard of living out of a van before Turner, that young and old lived in van communities. He asks if Britt has been in n RV. Airstream, she says.

10:31pm BBT Britt says her apartment in NYC was 500sqft. The dishwasher was so small you couldn't open the door if the cabinet was open. There wasn't room for handles on the cabinets. Monte couldn't live anywhere that small. They have much more space in Texas, she says.

10:38pm BBT Monte says he's never seen someone hold cards like Britt. It makes sense to her brain that way. She & Steven have played cards for the last 5 years, keeping score on their phones. He's way ahead. Britt listens to music while playing cards.

10:47pm BBT Turner comes into the KT and Monte/Britt say hey. Taylor is in HoH listening to music. She announces she's going to take a bath. In the WA, Turner gets into the shower. 

11:10pm BBT Turner is still in the shower. Taylor is still in the tub. Britt/Monte are still playing cards. Monte has 65 points. Ouch, says Britt.

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