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Monday, September 19, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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10:58PM BBT Taylor is alone drinking a glass of red wine in the kt. She looks pensive. She whispers "there is no way they don't have an agreement"


2:01 AM 

In the HOH we pick up in a conversation where Monte is telling Taylor she was insensitive.  This is a calm intellectual conversation. He tells her how he feels and she repeats it back. She says she has been thinking about time and distance today. She apologizes for whatever she said. He says he cares about her as a person. He thinks she has the capability to be warmer. He says the colder side came out today. (seems to stem from a comment she made about his god daughter). She says she has a fear of mixing emotions with game. She doesn't want to be defined by a relationship with a guy. 

Taylor starts crying she says she hates crying , Monte asks her why she hates it. She says her face gets warm, she doesn't like it. She says she has seen how women are treated by America in this game. She says her experience in the game was hard. She says her game didn't improve until she made friends with Joseph. 

She acknowledges the headphone incident. She was trying to make Britt feel included. She says the comment about his god daughter was unnecessary and she apologizes. 


2:19BBT Convo continues. Taylor has been in the bathtub this whole time. 

Monte is analyzing Taylor's behavior and her communication and she is listening. 

He says he cares about her and he has noticed this. He doesn't think her comments have been anything personal. He has seen another side of her since they started their relationship. 

2:23 Long silence. Taylor finally starts talking. She says at her core she is very sensitive. She has tried not to be someone who says hurtful things. She knows how hurtful it is when it happens to her. She says it is something protective. She doesn't want to be someone who cries every day. He says there is nothing wrong with someone who cries every day. 

Taylor doesn't want to hurt anyone. She says she doesn't want to be vulnerable. She tries to reserve that side of her - the most gentle side for people who care about her. 

2:26 BBT Monte says this doesn't surprise him. He mentions a time in the tiki room where he saw that she wasn't just "hard Taylor. " He says the problems with Daniel and Paloma may have stemmed from her hard shell that she projected initially. 

Monte says his initial impressions of Ameerah and Nicole were not that they were condescending 


He references the pool game at the early game. He noticed that she was showing the hard brittle side and at the time he thought that was just Taylor. Monte thinks that when she watches the show back she will not be surprised by this (how people perceived her). He acknowledges that Paloma lied about things Taylor didn't say. He says Daniel should not have responded the way he did. Those were their decisions. 



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Apparently this conversation was triggered by comments Taylor made during the day today. 

2:34 Monte says he cares about Taylor. He acknowledges that he is not in her shoes. He hopes this conversation that makes sense. He doesn't want it to be an attack in any sense just communication that this may have been why things happened as they did this summer.

Taylor says what is more important to her that Monte knows she is sorry. She says it's been a rough day. She feels badly that she said something condescending to him, someone that she cares about. She thanks him for the conversation. 

2:38 Taylor asks Monte how he is doing. He says he probably would have responded harsher if he wasn't on tv. He worked out. He says respect is very important to him. He hates that they have to have this conversation on camera. She says she wants to get to know him more, she doesn't know enough about him, there is a gap. 


2:43 Monte says their chemistry can't be denied but there is more they need to learn about each other. 

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2:55 Monte says he wouldn't have had this conversation with Taylor if he didn't care about her. He indicates he is going to sleep alone. She asks if she should invite him up another night while she has the hoh room. She wants to know what is comfortable for him. He wants to continue to get to know each other with honest conversations like this. He is worried that the intimate things convolutes things. He says he wants to get to know each other. 

Monte finally says he isn't ruling it out. She agrees they need to chill out. 

Monte says he is an open book, she can ask him anything. He asks her to consider the sensitivity behind her comments whether she is speaking to him or anyone else. Her comment about his god daughter referred to him not being involved with someone that he cares about very much.

Monte says his dad and mom are like New Yorkers they cut people off who disrespect them. They do not bother with their neighbors. 


3:06 BBT Monte thanks Taylor for being open to the conversation and not getting defensive. Monte says all is forgiven. 

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3:14 Taylor says Monte always waits to be invited and she prefers to be pursued. He says 1. we're on tv, 2. because I am a large black male. He says his mother taught him to wait to be invited. Monte says he has to feel comfortable with someone. She says you have permission to be comfortable with me. 




3:20 Monte gets up to go. Taylor asks for a kiss. He has to kneel by the tub to kiss her.  He leaves.

3:25 Taylor is alone in the tub. She says out loud "we are back to the Taylor is an insensitive bitch narrative"  "when it's convenient, that's excruciating" [not sure if she took this talk as well as she seemed to when Monte was in the room]

I'm out for now - Aunt Chill

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11:31 AM BBT Britt enters HOH where Taylor is in bed. Brit says she got the goods and starts to unwrap something but BB doesn't want us to know what it is - we get WBRB


12:23PM Brit has joined Monte on balcony in backyard to make her pitch. (She did not bring the M&M's)She compares bringing Turner to F2 like Cody bringing Derrick. She pitches that Turner has made bigger moves; Kyle left, Michael named replacement nominee. She says if Monte takes Turner he will get credit for taking him out. 

Monte is listening very politely as Brit babbles on. 

Britt mentions the last comp. She studied the days wrong, says Michael mislead her - he was playing for himself. 


12:40 PM Britt gives Monte an opportunity to talk .... didn't last long, she's talking again.

Monte gets a chance again. He thinks he could beat Turner in a memory competition but doesn't know that his chances would be as strong against Brit. Monte is very logically telling Brit what he's thinking. He says he knows Taylor won't take him to F2, she'll take Brit.

12:47 Britt is back to warning Monte about making a BB blunder. Keeping Turner in and Turner may not take Monte to F2.

12:56 Monte is gently letting Britt know that she's going.  She's not giving up. Still pitching that she would be good to sit next to in F2. She says the veto she won, Monte was not playing.


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More overnights (apologies for any overlap)...


12:15am BBT Britt left her old job because she was tired of others making money off her ideas. Her boss tried to sweeten the deal but she had built her own business and it was time to go. Monte says the BY chairs are not comfortable. Try living in a van, Turner jokes.

12:20am BBT Britt says she and Steven traveled in an Airstream trailer and it was so small, he barely fit into the shower. Turner's van had a queen bed, a KT, 2 floors. Monte says that's dope. Turner says you can spend $10k for a WC, LR, TV, etc. That's big, Britt says.

12:25am BBT Turner waxes nostalgic about van life. It was originally a 15 passenger van. In a fan, you don't need brands, you live free (as long as the parking is free). He doesn't like capitalism. Stick it to the man. (ironic coming from a business owner).

12:27am BBT Britt says her boss told her they were there to help their customers (other businesses) sell stuff. She shouldn't think about what they are selling, just help them sell it. That's when she stared thinking it shouldn't be her life going forward.

12:30am BBT Taylor heads up to HoH to take a bath. Monte invites Turner to play pool. He grabs more wine. As they play, Britt recalls playing pool in college. Turner decides he needs water and Monte has to go to the WC, so Britt ends up in the BY alone.

12:35am BBT Inside, Turner tells Monte he's spent more time with him in the BB House than with his homies over the last 4 years. With them, convos are unfiltered. They have to wath what they say here. Monte says Kyle started cursing the longer he was in the house.

1:00am BBT Turner films the grand reveal of Monte's tie dye t-shirt and bandana. The t-shirt is a masterpiece. The bandana is what happens when you don't read the directions, he quips. They put on their new t-shirts. 

1:35am BBT Turner has gone inside to prepare for bed, leaving Monte playing cornhole alone in the BY. He gets tired and heads to the WA to take out his contacts. In the CBR, Turner is folding his clothes. Britt is sleeping in a dark GBR. 

2:00am BBT Monte heads up to HoH. Taylor is in the tub. Monte tells her she was condescending talking about his goddaughter. Her tone shoved it in her face. Taylor apologizes and says she's been in a funk all day. She didn't mean to disrespect him. 

2:05am BBT I care about you as a person, Monte says, outside the intimate stuff, but I've seen another side. You can be warm as well as tone deaf. Taylor didn't want them to be seen as King & Queen of the BB House. She's not the girl who throws her game for a guy.

2:10am BBT Taylor is afraid of mixing emotions and game. She sometimes amps up the cold to not be tied to a guy. (This is the opposite of Kyle/Alyssa where she accused HIM of not opening up emotionally) Taylor starts crying.

2:12am BBT Taylor tells Monte she has to think about how women are looked at on the show. She was betrayed by a man, saved by a man, had a fauxmance & now a friendship with a man. She alienated the women in the game, not intentionally. She just wanted to talk to Britt.

2:15am BBT Monte tells Taylor he understands her game was impacted by men. There are just times I know who you are, he says, and times I don't. I care so I want you to see it. When you are safe, you start being less warm, less condescending. Is this who you really are?

2:18am BBT You try to be this independent woman who doesn't need anyone, doesn't need to be warm anymore. It hurts because we were intimate. They have gotten very close so he won't take what she said personally (seems like he did), but is this how she treats everyone?

2:20am BBT Taylor is silent in the tub for a moment. She doesn't want to hurt people she says through, she's a sensitive person inside and is just protecting herself. She only shows her gentle side to those who deserve it. She has become too defensive a person.

2:25am BBT Monte says he understands. He's seen the gentle side, not hard Taylor. Robo Taylor, she adds. You've rubbed people (HG) the wrong way, he says, all they saw was the cold side. Taylor asks if he means Nicole/Ameerah? Monte says this is about you, not them.

2:30am BBT Monte tells Taylor it was obvious when Nicole was joking, but not with Taylor. When she played pool with the guys, she displayed a certain side and then got to know her better. He says says this is just his theory to explain how things happened this season.

2:35am BBT Monte says he's herd her say things that really cut others the wrong way. You talk about feeling vulnerable & I can understand you may feel that way. This is not an attack on you, this is me trying to communicate with you. Taylor sits up & whispers, I'm sorry.

2:40am BBT Taylor says she doesn't care about how she looks. She cares about him and doesn't like that she said something that hurt him. She appreciates the convo. She asks how he is doing? I'm fine, he says, but if this wasn't TV, I'd have said something harsher.

2:42am BBT All I have is my honesty, Monte says (this is where he loses me; "his" honesty does not necessarily mean he's being honest w/himself). He has a low tolerance for disresepct (which is more often perceived than intended), especially in front of other people.

2:44am BBT Monte continues that he isn't comfortable spending the night w/her. He can't be intimate with someone who disrespected him. Taylor says they were way too physical. She didn't know enough about him to move that fast, who they were as a couple.

2:46am BBT Monte says the attraction & chemistry can't be denied. These are things people who care about each other should say. This game is so hard, Taylor says, like a mirror - how do others see me? What is real and what is not? This is not judgement, Monte says.

2:48am BBT All I can do is laugh at myself, Taylor says. Monte knows she has a heart. Her jokes are not meant to be mean. He tries to see her perspective, but during Big Brochella, he startd to see her differently. 

2:50am BBT Taylor wondered if there was a chance he was using her for game but didn't want to be that girl (who was used or who thought she was being used?). Monte says he had built-up sexual tension & they acted on it. It wasn't wrong. 

2:52am BBT Taylor says she'll have different consequences. Monte says it's not right that society views men & women differently. He reveals that Turner knows about them. He guess it; it was getting obvious. 

2:54am BBT Taylor doesn't want Monte to be uncomfortable; he should do what he feels is best. Are you saying don't invite you up ever, or just for tonight? Let's just keep talking, Monte says (the can't we still be friends line). The intimate stuff just complicates it.

2:56am BBT Taylor questions whether Monte likes her or is just attracted to her? That's why they need to talk, he responds. We need boundries. She wishes they could just cuddle but won't ask. He thanks her for not being defensive; that would have been a red flag.

3:05am BBT Monte asks if she thinks they can cuddle and not go further? She says yes (recent experience says not). Monte says there's a level of spark she creates in him and he'll go to bed with a stiff one (I really regret typing that). 

3:10am BBT There's no camera in the shower, Taylor offers helpfully. Why? To take care of yourself. I don't do that at home, not to myself. I'm usually talking to someone. He doesn't like porn. 

3:15am BBT Monte says he's not perfect but knows himself. A man of his size, the color of his skin, the fear his mom gave him to protect himself, he's OK. He doesn't want to leave if she wants to talk. She says if he needs space, take it. She doesn't want to be selfish.

3:20am BBT Monte tells Taylor goodnight. She says come here & gives him a kiss. Bad Taylor, he says, they just talked about this. Kiss & make up, Taylor offers hopefully? Finish the bath, he says, he needs to adjust something. Monte leaves. Taylor says the water's cold.

3:25am BBT Turner is long asleep in the CBR. Talor refills the tub with hot water. She's silent for a second, then says insensitive b*tch. He's nice when it was convenient. I was set up. 9 more days of this, she sighs, you're a b*tch and he moves ahead. No way. 

3:30am BBT Monte is sleeping in the CBR. Taylor starts exfoliating her legs, muttering she's back to being the b*tch of the season. Jesus, no way around it. I don't want to feel bad about myself. 

3:45am BBT All the HG are sleeping.

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3:35PM BBT

Taylor is in the kitchen heating up some water. Monte is sitting at the island eating. Turner was just called to the DR. Taylor asks Monte if he wants tot ell her about his talk with Britt. He relays what Britt said.


[Yesterday afternoon, Taylor and Britt deceided that Taylor should be the one to rpesent the M&M graph data instead of Brittany. Brittany will only tell Monte what she feels would be good moves for Motne to make (taking her instead of Turner) but leave the rest to Taylor. -MamaLong]


Monte: She basically used different words to just say the same thing over and over.

Tyalor: Oh

Monte: Some of what she said I agree with.

Taylor is quietly staring into her hot tea

Monte: Are you all right?

Taylor: Yeah....just a lot to think about.

Monte: Like what?

Taylor says she doesn't see Turner making game moves based on what others say. SHe feels he takes a step back then makes his own moves.

Taylor: I'm just nervouc, Monte.

Monte: About what?

Taylor: Us in final 3 (including Turner). I just want to get us to final two.

Taylor says she just wants the easiest path to get to final two. SHe thinks that is with Brittany, not Turner.

Brittany walks in the kitchen and interrupts their conversation.


Brittany (to Taylor): Hello sleepyhead

Taylor says she plans to go back to bed, "Too much red wine."


3:44PM BBT

Britt and Taylor talk in the backyard. Britt updates Taylor on what she said to Monte, "I think he thinks he has a better shot against Turner with jury than I think is accurate. He is said he is open, but he's not." Taylor says she hasn't had a chance to talk with him about it.


Taylor: I don't know how to handle this, Brittany.

Brittany: I'm still playing....I just don't know how. It's the biggest catch 22.

Britt says she plans to make a killer speech that he can look back on and know that he made the biggest mistake. "He said he talked to you about the headphones."

Taylor confirms.

Britt: Don't push too hard....He thinks he can beat Turner, and I think he's wrong. 

Britt says that if she can see how much Turner is a threat to Monte's game then the jury must surely see it. Taylor says if she doesn't get Britt to final three, she doesn't have a chance to win, either.

Britt pulls out some tears saying that she made Steven a promise and Monte doesn't realize how much he is taking away from her. "I was just ready to pop when Turner..." SHe describes conversation between Monte and Turner that she overheard where they were talking about being able to buy 25K things right now (implying they do not need the money as bad as she does."

Britt: I don't want to give up. I can't go home. I know Steven will understand, but I made him a promise.

Taylor tells Britt she can't beat herself up over that. Britt says she knows he has already made up his mind even if he says he will think about it, "They are locked in. They have always been locked in, and if Michael had listened to me....But, he didn't. They are locked in, and he is convinced he will win over him."




3:57PM BBT

Britt: At the end of the day, if his mind's made up, it doesn't matter. That's why I want my speech to be scorchin...so when it backfires on him, that's what I will be remembered for.

Taylor: I wanted to take you to final two. There is no way I'm sitting next to Turner. He'll take it 9-0

Britt: Yeah

Britt goes on to say that, as a big fan, it is so hard for her to watch Monte tank his game by taking Turner over her. 

Taylor: I didn't come here to be a stupid girl and bend.

Britt: Well, that's how it ended up for both of us. It just sucks.


4:03PM BBT

Taylor is back in bed in the HoHR. 

Monte joins Taylor in the HoHR and takes up some towels, draping them over the shower.

It looks like he plans to take a shower. The feeds cut to Britt in the kitchen messing with the tie dye stuff.

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4:29PM BBT

Monte gets on the bed with Taylor. She tells him that she feels bad that she showed a side of herself that Monte does not like. She says she wants to be her softer self when she is with him. Monte says he wants that, too, but h e is concenred that she feels she has to be one way with some and a different way with him, "You should just be you."

Taylor: I don't think everyone deserves the vulnerable version of me, though.

Monte: Do you think they deserve the colder version of you?

Taylor: No

Monte tells her that he knows she is aware of it because she was proud of her Zing from Zingbot. Taylor says that she thinks it's funny becuase she is really not "frozen in ice."

Monte: Agreed

Taylor: That's why I loved the Zing...like ha, ha, we are all in on the joke

Monte says that it came off as something she is proud of, "Do you feel it is a compliment to be cold? That's the thing I am trying to figure out. Like, I don't think it's a compliment that I am boring."

Taylor says that's the joke. Everyone knows he is not boring, so it makes the joke funny. They discuss that Michael's zing came out of nowhere...had no basis.


[Actually, I think it was a play on how a mask can cover our physical ugliness, and Michael used the game, much like a mask, to cover the truly ugly player he turned out to be. -MamaLong]


Monte goes on to say that the zings are cerated based on what players present. He feels she must have displayed enough that Zing gave her that cold-hearted bitch label, and he wonders if she realizes how she comes off. Taylor says she seems cold to people at first, but it is short lived.

Monte: Sure. I think if you are happy with that, be happy with that.

Monte says that when people get close to her, or want to get close to her, and she then displays a cold version to that person in front of others.....

Taylor says that's why they had the talk last night.

Monte: In your mind, what you are saying is that you don't think it's there. In my mind, I am seeing it. It happened to me. I'm just trying to see why that person came out versus the person I am talking to right now.

Taylor: Maybe it's the circumstances of not wanting to appear so into you. There's layers of that tied to it. I think I leaned way too hard to the point that a line was crossed.


Taylor says she hopes they can move on from this. Monte says his hope was to root out where it was all coming from and make sure she is aware of it. 




Monte: There is a story to be told about your journey this entire summer. 

He tells her that she was heading out at the beginning of the game but stayed poised and unbothered, and now she has gotten this far. He begins pointing out things the jury will value and that she needs to take credit for.

Taylor: I just want to get to the end with you and have a fair fight. I want to do everything possible to get the two of us in those seats. It's why I have been so scared about Turner last week, this week, and it looks like next week. I don't want you to think I'm fighting Brittany's battle. I'm trying to fight for the one I have chosen with you.

Monte: That's fair.



4:50PM BBT

Monte repeats his concern that Britt could end up winning a comp and not take him to final two. Turner interrupts their conversation, asks if he can come in, and they welcome him to come hang out.



4:52PM BBT

Britt is rinsing her craft in the sink. The colors have run together quite a bit. I think this is the look she was going for since her hat is very similarly dyed.



4:58PM BBT



I am out for now. -MamaLong

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5:30pm BBT Monte is sleeping in HoH with the headphones on, Taylor snuggled up next to him with her head on his bare chest. They are holding hands. Britt is on the BY hammock and Turner is on the BY couch. 

6:00pm BBT Britt/Turner are in the KT, Britt heating something on the stove, Turner rinsing the coffee pot. Monte/Taylor are still entangled in HoH. 

6:15pm BBT Britt knocks on the HoH door. Taylor says come in. They ae just napping. Britt asks if Monte would be OK if she took his clothes out of the dryer? Monte wakes up and says it's fine. She heads back to the BY to put her tie dye into the dryer.

6:25pm BBT Turner is in the BY doing more tie dye. Thhis shirt will be purple, green, black & blue, he tells Britt, in a swirl pattern. Britt says she tried to lighten her shirt but washed it too much. 

6:40pm BBT In the SBR, Britt tells the camera if she can't be happy, she can be grateful. Her mood has been up and down. She should be sad right now. She just wishes she had won HoH and gotten pictures. If she was allowed back, she says, it would be easier next time.

6:43pm BBT Britt says she's grateful for being cast, for Steven taking care of things at home, for everyone watching. She's grateful for the laughs & meeting amazing people. She'll be friends w/Taylor & Alyssa & hopes Pooch. She never really talked to Palomoa or Ameerah.

6:45pm BBT Britt hopes Nicole will talk to her after the show. She liked Daniel but isn't sure he'll talk to her. She wants to perform & wants to learn from him. She isn't sure Indy will want to hang out with anyone after the show. 

6:50pm BBT In the BY, Turner says he survived DyreFest, Feste Besties and Have Nots. He's 91% of the way done. He talks about the things he wants to do in LA after the show. 

6:55pm BBT In the SBR, Britt says she was not using Michael, she was playing for the both of them. She knew she would have to play w/o him at some point or be OK with 2nd. That's how much their friendship meant, but she wanted them both to get there. 

6:58pm BBT Britt wonders if she was sold a bill of goods by Michael. She doesn't know if they'll be friends afterward. She wanted to be a duo on BB, it made her feel good. Michael was funny and no one else would talk to her. He let her be herself with him.

7:20pm BBT Britt hopes her kids will watch this one day. She wishes Monte would change her mind. She wishes she could hypnotise him to change his mind. She knows she has an incredible life ahead of her and no one can take away her BB experience.


10:20pm BBT Monte/Britt/Turner are playing cards and Chinese Checkers at the DT. Taylor is presumably in HoH. 

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11:00pm BBT Taylor joins Monte/Turner/Britt playing cards. She suggets an all-nighter in the HT, then watching sunrise. I didn't nap, Britt says. Turner has 2 boxes of Red Bulls. It's the last night (of BY), Monte says. Britt is convinced.

11:45pm BBT The card game has moved to the BY table. Britt remarks it was weird being alone in the BY earlier in the day. She used to have to go to the HNR to be alone. Monte thinks there was another room in past houses. Britt says the gym used to be a lounge room.

11:50pm BBT Turner brings out the Red Bulls. Taylor is getting a hoodie but has been gone 10m. Turner thinks hot coffee would be good and goes back to the KT and returns with a blanket. Taylor comes out and suggests moving the hammock inside. The F4 start playing spades.

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