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Friday, September 16, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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11:56PMBBT Monte and Britt are in the kt. They speculate what's going on in jury. 

12:10 BBT Taylor and Turner have joined the kt. Someone laughingly says Alyssa said her father was sometimes a nudist. They laugh about her stories in general. 

Taylor offers wontons. Monte and Britt are in. Taylor commends Monte on his cleaning and organizing of the kitchen. 

They note it's after midnight and they think there are 12 days left.

Not much going on, food prep and lots of long pauses. 

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12:15am BBT The BY is open and Monte/Turner/Taylor are at the hammock. Turner is still fuming at Britt. They note how early it is and they already did noms. 

1:00am Monte heads to the pool table and mutters about understanding why Taylor wants Britt in F3 but he wants Turner. Britt is too good at mental comps and has to go. Monte fuels Turner's fyre, telling him America probably hates Britt, given her BB Comic & Zings.

5:15am BBT Taylor pokes the bear in HoH, talking about love, foreplay, orgasms, touching. They start spooning and Monte says he's just a man, mother forgive me.

7:00am BBT BB starts waking up the HG. 

8:08am BBT In the BY, Taylor tells Britt this is the plan - one of us gets HoH, one of us gets Vetom let's just do it. Britt says it's happening! Britt heads into the SBR for morning meditation. Turner/Monte discuss how the last week will play out on the BY balcony.


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8:25am BBT Britt has gone to her happy place. She's sitting on her SBR bed, fingers pinched in a Buddhi Mudra, eyes closed, a peaceful smile on her face. Turner/Monte continue general talk on the BY balcony (it does not seem like he has told Turner of Taylor's intent).


8:30am BBT FotH. We have the  Rancho Coastal Humane Society, so BB may be doing something with the HG. 

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10:16am BBT Feeds back. The HG are sitting around a small DT wearing Pie (3.14) shirts. Tayor discusses pizza pie. Monte doesn't know why they were woken up so early for that. Maybe this thing is ending earlier than they thought. Turner thinks it's because of Football.

10:17am BBT Monte has the Veto around his neck. The comp involved days. (this means that Monte can control whether Britt or Turner are evicted)


10:20am BBT The HG talk about what might have been going on outside the house. Turner says Beyonce might have released her first posthumas album. Taylor is stunned. I'm just saying, Turner backtracks, we don't know!

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10:25am BBT A better look at the HG's tank tops. They each have a different math symbol. Monte has a Divisor. Britt has Pie. Taylor is (X). Turner is wearing an equal sign. Monte says the whole comp took 30m. Walking to the Veto site took 2m. They saw palm trees, houses.

10:28am BBT Turner wonders if they'll get the BY back or if they'll start building out the set for the Final HoH comp. They start discussing what highlights might be in the BB Brunch. Britt is sure her reaction to Michael's eviction plea will be included. 

10:32am BBT Britt describes what the live audience was like when she attended a live show as a SuperFan. She got there early & waited in line for the limited tickets. She wonders if they are going to decide F3 early to give loved ones more time to fly out for the Finale.

10:35am BBT Taylor can't believe this. From being in trouble Day 2 to her savier since Day 2, motioning to Turner. The HG have brief spurts of talk followed by deafening silence. Britt/Taylor are doing most of the talking. 

10:37am BBT Taylor has to make sure her Finale night outfit still fits. Monte has a shirt he's been saving. He had a chain necklace that BB wouldn't let him bring in - it would interfere with the mic. Taylor lost a crown ring (replica of her crown) during the Wall comp.

10:40am BBT Taylor says she never won a Veto but made it to the end. BB opens the door to the BY and the HG celebrate. Taylor says the breeze and shade are perfect. BB moved the hammock into the shade and lowered the awnings already.

10:43am BBT Taylor claims the hammock, the other 3 HG on a bench next to it. They don't have the cornhole or ladderball games. Monte says it's because of center camera they put in. Britt realizes the shade is weird because it's so early in the morning. 

10:45am BBT Monte says this is perfect CA weather. They talk about staying in LA and meeting each others SOs. Taylor tells Britt's Steven to fly out here and stay in a nice hotel, not the kind BB put them up in (for sequester). They ask loved ones to come to the Finale.

10:50am BBT Britt & Steven were on a road trip at the start of the pandemic & the CA hotel policy changed so that only people taking care of someone w/COVID could stay in a hotel. The person hinted for them to say they were so they could stay. Otherwise it was their car.

10:53am BBT Correction - Monte is a Square Root, not a Divisor (I'm old school math). The HG head inside to drop off their comp mic packs and change out of their comp clothes. Taylor wants to go ahead and have talks.

10:55am BBT In the SR, Taylor tells Britt to leave it to her. Britt was one off her first try (Day 4 instead of Day 3). Whatever happens happens, Britt says, I'm so disappointed. Let me do my work, Taylor says. I should have come clean to Monte protecting Michael

10:57am BBT Britt is tearing up in SR, saying she got in too deep with Michael. Don't beat yourself up, Taylor says. Britt knows Monte is going to keep Turner. He would have taken her out last week if she hadn't won Veto. Taylor tells her to not give up.

10:59am BBT Taylor heads up to HoH. Monte says he'll be right up. Turner has changed clothes in the CBR. Monte slips under the covers to change out of the comp shorts. Turner/Britt are in the SR together but the only words are Thank You when he holds the door for her.

11:02am BBT Taylor comes downstairs and says she pulled a Turner and lost the HoH key. It's easy to do, Turner says. BB reminds Monte to put on his mic. Taylor finds the key in the GBR. Turner says he's lost 5lbs since DF. Monte take his time getting his mic pack.

11:04am BBT Turner thinks Britt was called to the DR. Taylor calls out her name. No response. So Turner/Taylor/Monte can talk about her. Turner was surprised she got the first one wrong. Taylor says it was an easy mistake. Monte is overwhelmed with emotion. Thank God!

11:06am BBT Turner asks does he need to compaign this week? They laugh. This will be his first time on the block on eviction night.  

11:08am BBT Monte/Taylor head up to HoH while Turner eats noodles at the KT counter. Monte/Taylor hug and kiss. And kiss. And kiss. And kiss. Everything is happening as it needs to, he tells her. Taylor jumps into Monte's ample arms and they continue snogging. 

11:09am BBT Turner tells BB that there's dust coming out of a vent over the KT.  Monte is still holding Taylor in his arms as they are continuing to snog. She asks if he can do squats w/her (he can & does). There's more to you than your body, she says but doesn't let go.

11:11am BBT Monte says they'e given them enough show. He sets her down but continues to hold her tight as she beams in his arms. She compliments him on studying hard. Taylor tells Monte that Turner would beat either of them in F2. Monte says she survived the block 5 times.

11:13am BBT In the KT, Turner cleans up after lunch. Taylor sits on the bed and Monte kneels beside her. In between kisses, Taylor says it's up to him & he knows what she prefers, but she also knows what he wants. Britt would take me because she's so scared of Turner.

11:15am BBT Monte says they had a good talk last night. Taylor says is committed to their F2 whether it's Britt or Turner. She's not asking for a decision right now - she hopes they have time. Tuner sits at the small DT contemplating whether Monte will keep him or not.

11:18am BBT Hey, Taylor says smiling, we're in the Finale. No JH, Monte says, it's like a dream. He says he should go downstairs before Turner goes apesh*t. Monte wants to work out. He needs to feel productive, clear his head. They kiss again. Thank you, he says. 

11:20am BBT Monte says he's going to workout outside. Taylor says maybe she'll watch from the hammock. Monte comes downstairs and he and Turner head to the BY. That was Gas, Turner says, that couldn't have gone better. I was overwhelmed with joy, Monte replies.

11:21am BBT Monte/Turner sit on the BY couch. Monte says it's like poetic justice, having control. Britt knew she was fighting for her life. Turner asks if Taylor is on board. Monte says to be honest she's worried about you, but looking you in the eye, you're good.

11:23am BBT Turner says that is such a relief. Technically, Britt has more comp wins than he does. Logically, Monte says, between us, if she takes Britt, Britt/Taylor take each other (F2). I don't want her to have a chance at 2nd, she doesn't deserve it.

11:24am BBT I'd rather be in F3 with you and Taylor, Monte tells Turner, they've played similar games, made similar moves. Turner knows Britt will spin something. Monte says even if she wants to talk, he'll not listen to her words. Turner commits to Monte for F2.

11:25am BBT Monte says this is working out like a dream. He asks Turner to not act too comfortable. But he earned the right to decide and won't feel bad. Especially how she's been acting, Turner says. In HoH, Taylor closes her eyes and lays down on the bed.

11:27am BBT Turner asks if Monte's told Taylor. Monte says no, it will just stir up sh*t between her and Britt. Taylor think she can beat Britt easier than Turner, Monte says. That's crazy, Turner says. Monte says he's just massaging Taylor with a congrats hung.

11:29am BBT Monte says Taylor is just afraid of going against to guys. He says once they got Michael, there's no reason to fear comps. Turner says with Britt/Taylor, you would have to win to survive. We all have our own pitches, Monte says.

11:30am BBT Taylor re-reads her HoH letter outloud, giggling. I hear her voice in this, she says. She got letters from her mom and her bestie. In the BY, Monte says justice has to be served (on Britt). It's time to hit the steel, he says, beginning his workout.

11:35am BBT Turner is going to do some laundry. Britt is still in the DR. Taylor is in HoH and Monte is clearing the weight from his shoulders by lifting weight with his shoulders.


11:44am BBT Britt goes up to HoH and Taylor tells him Monte isn't ready to make a decision yet but it's an ongoing convo, she assures her. How does he not know, Britt asks. She looks resigned. She doesn't even know what to say. Taylor will figure something out. 

11:45am BBT Taylor says right now, Monte is all about celebrating F3. Tell him anything you need to tell him, Britt says. I know, Taylor says. I just don't know what to say, Britt says. Then let me help, Taylor says, be social, be present, don't alienate yourself.

11:46am BBT Britt says it would have been easier if I had either just won it or been aweful. Britt says I have no chance to win (F3) first round. I'd have to win 2 to have a chance. Turner could win it all. Taylor says there's time before eviction, let me suss it out.

11:47am BBT Taylor says Monte's so pumped up on adreneline, he had to go work out to burn it off. She and Britt hug. You realize his decision impacts your game too, Britt says. I just feel so dumb having protected Michael for so long. I don't blame you, Taylor says.

11:49am BT It's going to cost me the game (Michael) she cries. Taylor tells her to listen to some Beyonce. Britt asks if she can wait up here. Absolutely, Taylor says, pull yourself together here so you aren't moping down there. Taylor gives her the HoH room. 

#B24 Fr 11:51am BBT I don't deserve her, Britt says of Taylor. Monte is talking to himself in the BY. The most honest ones are left (F3), he says. He's not trying to be a righteous savior, but he's not going to take someone to F3 just beause they are easy to beat.

11:52am BBT Monte says no matter what Taylor says, she's taking Britt to F2 over him. For the Black community, it feels good to have 2 African American's in the F3. He respects the Cookout but we did it different, even when it was suspected we did it the same way.

11:54am BBT Monte says sound logic can never be defeated. Turner has a great resume & is a competitor but he believes in himself & he can beat Turner in a comp. And if he comes up short, his odds are still strong he makes F2. Simple logic. Alone in HoH, Britt says F*ck.


12:03pm BBT Monte takes a break from working out, fantasizing about winning. He'll start his online business. He's so thankful. He returns to the workout.

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12:30pm BBT Britt is still in HoH, talking to herself, occasionally sighing heavily. Taylor is out of the DR and in the KT, eating noodles. Monte has come in from his BY workout and gets some fruit from the SR. Turner may be in the DR. Or sleeping.

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12:57PM BBT

Taylor is trying on the infamous finale night outfit.

Taylor: Wow! That is something! 

She walks into the kitchen area, "With the heels. Here we go." 

Taylor is excited by the way the light is hitting the jumpsuit, "That is unbelievable. That is really fucking cool!"

Britt: That is gorgeous.










2:30PM BBT

Taylor and Monte are napping in the HoHR. Britt is relaxing on a lounger in the backyard.

Monte says he just has to get caught up on some sleep.


Pics from 10:15AM BBT after the veto competition.



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1:00pm BBT In the GBR, Taylor tries on her Finale outfit and it still fits. She shows off the dress (stunning) to Turner/Monte. She tries heading back to HoH but it is locked. BB may be fixing the overhead air conditioner. BB says sorry. 

1:05pm BBT Britt asks game aside, how Turner is doing. He had a rough day yesterday but he's doing better now (a promise of F3 will do that for you). Taylor gets into HoH and says it was like opening the door to a wind tunnel.

1:15pm BBT Taylor meets with Turner in HoH. Britt had the wrong stragegy for the Veto comp. Turner has the worst jury management. He never talked to Indy. Ever. He recaps Britt asking how he was doing mentally. He wanted to say she was the reason he was going through it.

1:16pm BBT Turner says he talked Monte and he hasn't told him anything yet (not true) but he fully trusts him to do what we've been trying to do (F3). He doesn't feel good w/Britt at the end. (Turner is basically repeating what Monte says he told Taylor, though it isn't)

1:17pm BBT Turner says he's shown his character to Monte and Britt has as well. His Veto speech will be cazy. Taylor says he's going to have his moment. Turner says he's going to say whether she stays or goes, she'll always be a walking L to him.

1:22pm BBT Taylor tells Turner she struggles but she's not waivering (about the F3 w/her, Monte and Turner). If you ever get a struggling vibe... At the end of the day, Turner understands, you have to be friends with Britt for a while.

1:25pm BBT Turner undertands Taylor & Monte will talk. He hopes it won't be necessary but asks her to vouch for him. Do I campaign this week? Taylor says it's not necessary. You know where I'm at, Turner says, I feel good with you & Monte. We deserve to be together.

1:28pm BBT Turner asks Taylor if she feels OK with him in the end? Taylor admits she's scared of him but feels good about him at the same time. Just so you're less afraid, he says, I have the worst Jury management in the house. Cannot be denied. 

2:05pm BBT Turner is listening to Beyonce in HoH while Taylor reads her letter again. Britt is on the couch. She thinks she could be friends with Jasmine after the game. She says the thought of losing Taylor & Turner sucks). She's gone through so many emotions, blames Michael.

2:15pm BBT Taylor says this place is a fishbowl. Britt is going outside. Taylor is going to lay there then go outside. See you in a bit, Britt says. In the KT, Britt tells Monte that Taylor/Turner are napping. Taylor too, he asks, disappointed.

2:16pm BBT Britt lays down in a lounge chair by the HT. Monte heads up to HoH and blops down on the bed next to Taylor. With Turner lights out on the couch, the bear stays in his cave. Monte says the camera is right on Turner - how do they not get him for napping?

2:30pm BBT All four HG are resting. You can hear Turner breathing deeply in his sleep. In the BY, Britt has random movements of awakeness as she waits for her laundry to be done. 

2:35pm BBT Britt on the other 3 sleeping in HoH and says that's not fair, BB, now they are going to stay up late and I go to bed early. They'll be F3. (BB periodically says no napping but since the HG are sound asleep, they don't hear it)

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Britt joins Monte and Taylor in the HoHR for the snoozefest. She is quickly asleep.


3:15PM BBT

Bob: (with stern tone) What do you not understand about please? Wake Up!



3:36PM BBT

Bob: Taylor, please go to the diary room downstairs.


We then get RCHS on the feeds.

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3:15pm BBT Britt goes up to HoH where Monte/Turner are asleep on the bed and Taylor is asleep on the couch. Britt lays down on the other HoH couch.

3:35pm BBT FotH - Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

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4:03pm BBT It took family videos to get the HG to finally wake up. Feeds come back to Britt wiping way her tears. She never wants to be away from Steven this long again. Monte is called to the DR, but he's still regaining his composure. 

4:05pm BBT Turner says his mom is so funny. They are all laughing and talking about their loved ones. Taylor says his mom was wearing the same dress as in one of his HoH photos. Britt feels so good now. Turner is quiet. Britt says it is so nice to be loved.


4:15pm BBT Britt heads to the BY with tissues and says a few words. Taylor is laying on the LR couch. Turner gets up and wanders into the KT, contemplating food. Britt comes back into the house and sits on the LR couch next to Taylor's head. 


4:15pm BBT Britt heads to the BY with tissues and says a few words. Taylor is laying on the LR couch. Turner gets up and wanders into the KT, contemplating food. Britt comes back into the house and sits on the LR couch next to Taylor's head. Turner heads out to the BY.

4:22pm BBT Tuern is playing solo pool in the BY. Monte is in the DR talking about what it means to him to have seen his family video. Taylor has relocated to the BY hammock; Britt is ride beside her on the lounge bench. 

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4:50pm BBT Monte is now laying on the bench next to Taylor in the hammock. Britt heads to the GBR to touch up some makeup. Turner is in the KT getting food. Taylor tells Monte she asked Turner if he had a F2 w/Monte and he said no. I already told you that, Monte says.

4:52pm BBT Monte says Turner has tried to suggest they have a F2 but they don't. She asks if say they are F2 out loud. If he asks, e have to deny it. True. Since we haven't said it, we can deny it. Are we calling this a F2, Taylor asks? 

4:54pm BBT Monte says I'm just telling you I'm picking you at the end of the day. And that's what I told you, Taylor confirms. If she had won Veto, she would have said one of them (Britt/Turner) is lying to her and whoever owns up will go to F3. It'd be great drama.

4:58pm BBT Turner joins Monte/Taylor by the hammock for a little bit, then BB asks them to lower the awnings, so the three do it together. 

5:13pm BBT Monte/Taylor/Turner talk BB tatoos. Turner would have to get a black-and-white one - he doesn't do color tatoos. Monte suggests Taylor get a Lays tatoo (be careful, you can't get just one). Taylor heads up to HoH to get her ballcap.

5:16pm BBT Turner heads in to check the oven for his burrito. Monte tells Britt, who is off to herself, to join him by the hammock. How are you doing, Monte asks? Good, Britt lies. She wants to talk but not today. Today they celebrate their families.

5:18pm BBT Turner brings his burrito out to the BY table, eating alone. Taylor comes out to the BY and swaps ballcaps with Monte. She goes back in side and Britt/Monte continue talking. Britt says the game is making her consider what kind of friend she wants to be. 

5:22pm BBT Britt says Steven is her absolute BF, but she came into the BB House & didn't feel herself, wasn't able to make friends. And this is who America saw. Monte/Britt talk about personal life lessons they are taking from BB. Turner continues sitting alone.

5:28pm BBT You can hear someone breathing deeply while sleeping but Turner/Britt/Monte are all awake, so maybe it's an audio leak from Taylor in HoH. Monte tells Britt he's learned more about being simple and flexible in the BB House and hopes that continues after BB.

5:32pm BBT Britt tells Monte that back home, she's very into self-help, always trying to improve. She asks if Michael ever said anything to him about her. No, Monte says. She wants to apologize for this she said based on info Michael told her. She's still reeling.

5:34pm BBT Turner puts his empty dish into the KT sink (doesn't rise it). Britt confesses to the F2 talk with Turner but says it was at the direction of Michael and she doesn't know why she was still defending him after he was gone. It took her a while to readjust.

5:36pm BBT Turner puts on a long sleeve shirt and checks the laundry. Britt is trying to untangle in her own mind how much of her game was Michael's and how much was hers. Monte is trying to understand why Michael would want her to have a F2 with Turner. 

5:37pm BBT Turner takes his laundry to the CBR. Britt also admits to having just recently having left market research. She asks him what he thinks she does. She's a certified clinical hympotherapist. She didn't share because Michael didn't think she should.

5:39pm BBT Britt was worried the other HG would think she's a guru and see her as a threat. It's not magic - it's something she trained for. She knew what kind of character BB wanted to be but she didn't want to be stygmatized. Monte says her guided therapy did help.

5:41pm Britt tells Monte Michael figured it out. She wanted to show the good side of it but she was convinced she had to hide it. She had no clue what Michael was saying about her behind her back. Turner returns to the BY and heads to the pool table.

5:44pm BBT Britt tells Monte she just wanted to clear the air. Monte appreciates it. He understands now, and her explanation ties back to who she wants to be and what she wants to learn from the game. Britt says she felt she couldn't share her real self & it all blew up.

5:47pm BBT Britt doesn't blame Michael for playing the game her but really her one big lie was wanting to not be judged for what she did outside the house. She didn't expect the HG to be so open but by the time she was comfortable, she felt she couldnt come clean.

5:50pm BBT Monte says he could tell she had a passion for guided meditation. It all makes sense now. Britt says she heard so many stories, she's not a stripper or anything. She thinks she was cast to be a hypnotist but she's really a therapist who wants to help people.

5:53pm BBT Monte is happy that she found her calling. She says she gave her client list to Steven and asked him to let them know she was going to be on the show and hopefully they'll still be there when it's over. It's all virtual, she explains, and she has package deals.

5:56pm BBT Britt describes starting up her business - she had a lot of word-of-mouth business and had to figure out how to collect payments. She's relieved to finally be able to share this with him. Monte thanks her for sharing. He doesn't take anything personal. 

5:58pm BBT Britt says it's her own fault, but no one knows who she is & she didn't want to leave that way and maybe she makes a little more sense for people. Monte says lets keep chatting as the week goes along. He never gets upset with anyone as a person for their game.

6:08pm BBT Monte/Britt finish up & Britt goes to tell Turner, who guessed NASA. Joe said she was a hypnotist after she did the group meditation. She says for her clients, it's usually a last resort. It worked for her depression so she decided to learn to do it herself.


6:10pm BBT Monte heads inside to the KT to find something to eat in the freezer. He leaves the door open while he reads the label. He goes up to HoH and rifles through Taylor's HoH snacks. She's not there. Britt continues her explanation to Turner about her game secret.

6:14pm BBT Turner still thinks Michael does something more than he let on, like runs a billion dollar company. She says Michael figured it out and she had to tell him. Monte returns to the KT. Turner thinks Joe is smrter than he let on.

6:16pm BBT Britt says Turner would likely be hard to hypnotise. He appreciates her sharing. He thinks Taylor is exactly who she says she is. They head inside. Monte is putting on his while/yellow hoodie. Britt heads up to HoH to talk to Taylor but she's doesn't answer.

6:18pm BBT Monte calls up that Taylor is in the DR, so Britt comes back down. They tell her it's 6:15pm. Monte has his dinner. It smells fire, Turner says. She knows what she's doing, Monte says of Taylor's cooking. Monte thought it was cold out there. Turner enjoyed it.

6:20pm BBT Monte asks if Britt's going to eat. She doesn't know what, she'll wait until she's hungry. Turner breaks out the card deck. Britt is pacing, waiting for Taylor to get out of the DR. She heads back tot he GBR and sits in her bed. 

6:25pm BBT Britt puts clothes in the washer. She comes inside & Monte is talking about his dad not knowing what BB was but his wife did. She said he'd do great. He figures his dad is watching the shows but is not sure about live feeds. Britt is sure her mom is watching.

6:27pm BBT Britt is now making a PBJ sandwich. Turner really enjoyed the Beyonce music. Monte says that's promising. Turner said the album had a disco vibe. Taylor is out of the DR and is excited Turner has joined the B-Hive. He found the lyrics very empowering.

6:30pm BBT Monte couldn't find the iPod charger (to listen to music) so Taylor has to go find it. Britt follows her up to chat. Turner/Monte are out to the BY to play pool. Britt says she had a good confo w/Monte but she thinks he's already made a decision.

6:32pm BBT Britt tells Taylor what she told Monte about having so much difficulty separating her game from Michael. She's not offering excuses, just explanations. She eases into the "if you had to guess what I do" game & explains she is a hypnotherapist & Joe guessed it.

6:35pm BBT In the BY, Monte/Turner share what Britt told them about her profession and how keeping that secret, her difficulty separating from Michael impacted her game, and that her F2 talk with Turner was at Michael's instigation. 

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6:40pm BBT Britt is talking a mile a minute as she unloads her hypnotherapy secret to Taylor. She's still trying to reconcile with Michael using that secret against her. Taylor says that Alyssa said Michael said Britt was lying about everything starting with her job. 

6:43pm BBT Britt says she gets there are no rules but she really wants to know why he felt it necessary to betray something non-game. Taylor OMG, a lot makes sense now. She's so relieved she's finally talking about it and being herself. She was nervous telling her. Why>

#BB23 Fe 6:45pm BBT Taylor doesn't understand why Michael would throw that at her. He always thought he could talk his way out of it, Britt says, but now she's taking control over her own narrative. Everything else about her life was true. Now you have the complete picture.

6:48pm BBT Taylor asks if Britt/Monte talked about the vote. No, Britt says. The details have been blown out of proportion and she doesn't know what Turner is trying to do, he's grasping at straws, but she just wanted to reconnect on a personal level. 

6:53pm BBT Britt tells Taylor her arrangement with Michael was he would win things & she would bring him info. He would use the info to disarm enemies. She didn't realize he was hanging her out to dry in the process. Michael wanted to know who was taking a shot at him.

6:55pm BBT Monte/Turner playing pool. Monte plays a shot and tells the ball to get in there, whore. In HoH, Britt thinks Monte won't keep her because he knows she'll take Taylor F2. Turner/Monte talk about rock climbing. Britt says it's all physical comps now for Turner.

6:58pm BBT It makes no sense for Monte to bring me, Britt says. Unless he's confident he can beat us both. Do you have a F2, Britt asks? No, says Taylor but he thinks we do. If Turner wins F3 and brings Monte, Turner wins. Monte knows that, Taylor says.

#BB24 7:00pm BBT Britt says Taylor could argue that he might increase his chances of sitting F2 but he lowers his chances of winning. It doesn't sense for us to promise him F2 - he'll know that's BS. You can't BS Monte. Taylor/Britt head to the BY, but Taylor returns.

7:12pm BBT Britt asks if Monte/Turner want an audience. They say sure but it's their last game before they retire. After the game, Turner/Monte head inside to the KT. Taylor comes outside and she and Britt sit at the BY table to talk more about posible Monte arguments.

7:23pm BBT Britt gets her clothes out of the dryer. She really likes the weather. Monte/Turner miss Alyssa - she was entertaining. Britt brings her bag over to Taylor but she says take it in now or it'll get bugs. The last thing she wants is ants in her clothes.

7:25pm BBT Turner/Monte discuss Alyssa's future. She's got a lot going for her, Turner says, a good group of friends. She's still finding herself at 24, Turner says (barely out of diapers himself), but she's got her online interests. 

7:28pm BBT Monte/Turner don't think much of dating apps. Britt is back to the BY. Even if she won Veto, she tells Taylor, she would have sent out Turner and Monte still would have made F3. He'd be in the same exact positon (not exactly the same).

7:30pm BBT Taylor heads up to HoH and slips into bed with snacks and Beyonce. Turner is eating again at the KT Counter. Monte says he's tired too as he cleans up the KT. You get tired when you're bored. Britt heads to the GBR. 

7:30pm BBT Monte asks if Megan cooks much and Turner says yeah, her whole house is full of food. For some reason, BB moves to a silent HoH instead of letting us learn more about Megan's cooking. Then FotH. 

7:43pm BBT Turner remarks that BB has fixed their sleep schedule getting them up early. Monte is reading the directions for cooking rice cakes. 


8:00pm BBT MOnte/Turner complaining how tired they are after eating diner. In HoH, Taylor complains how cold it is. BB complains about the HG napping. I'm complaining about the possibility of a good night's sleep. Britt is sleeping in the GBR.

8:03pm BBT Monte heads up to HoH & says Turner may be coming up. Then BB calls him to the downstairs DR. On his way, he tells Turner Taylor is still charging the iPod. So Turner claims a spot in the BY hammock, waiting for the camera to adjust & find him. There she goes!

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8:20pm BBT Britt is out of bed in the GBR. Monte gets out of the DR and returns to HoH. Turner stirs in the BY hammock but is not shaken by BB's No Napping announcement. Monte gets the iPod for the Beyonce experience then climbs into bed for the Taylor experience.


8:33pm BBT BB calls Turner to the DR downstairs. He doesn't react in the hammock. Britt sticks her head out & makes sure he heard. Yeah, he says begrudgingly, heading indoors. Monte is sleeping through the Beyonce experience. Britt pops into HoH to join the catatonic HG.

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8:36pm BBT Monte/Taylor are napping in the HoH bed while Britt sits on the HoH couch. After a few minutes of silence, Britt heads back downstairs. She heads to the BY and takes the hammock. It's so boring with just 4 ppl, she mumbles. So I'll talk to myself.

8:39pm BBT Britt says it was so overwhelming when the HG first arrived. The F4 wouldn't be so bad if she had won HoH or Veto. She could have finished 10m before Monte if she hadn't been one day off. But she can't beat herself off. HoH last week, 9 seconds off.

8:40pm BBT Britt says she got so close the last 3 of 4 comps and did win one. She'll go out F4 instead of F5. She feels good about that. But she's not out yet, there's a slim chance, maybe 20% if Taylor can make something happen. Is there anything she can do or say?

8:42pm BBT Britt says X was smart enough to realize he couldn't take Kyland to the end. Monte isn't as smart as X. Who is she, then, Big D? She doesn't want to disappoint Steven (if he's as good as she says, nothing she's done will disappoint him). 

8:43pm BBT Britt can't wait for America to see her video message and how handsome and strong he is. She hopes he's proud, she'd do anything for him. She's so close. I just want to show him I can do this. This game is about deciding first, thinking later.

8:45pm BBT Britt says she can't dwell on the past or about her mistakes w/Michael. She thought coming clean with everyone would make her seem less of a threat, which is the truth. This is a crazy game, you say and do things that aren't you. 

8:47pm I just like to garden, Britt says, hang out with Steven and my friends, and hypnotize people (you know, a normal Saturday night). Britt thinks Taylor is playing for 1st or 2nd, though there's a chance to get 1st. She'll have her vote for sure. 

8:49pm BBT Britt says last week was rough. What was I thinking? It was strategic, maybe not good strategy but I didn't think I could trust anyone so I went for who I could beat. And then Taylor goes and wins HoH and Monte Veto. So that backfired.

8:50pm BBT Taylor says the camera has been going back and forth trying to wake Monte up and as soon as he does. BB says No Napping. Back in the BY, Britt says everyone's distancing themselves from her, she still doesn't know what happened. FotH.

8:52pm BBT Britt heads inside to the WA, coughing. She knocks on the WC and goes in. We'll pick up coverage after she gets out because I'm not that kind of Live Feeder.

8:54pm BBT Britt washes her hands in the WA, still coughing. Taylor gets out of bed then crawls back in & wraps her arms around Monte. Britt gets some Oreos from the SR (needs milk, but shes dipping in something). For the record, Britt is not an Oreo twist & scraper.



9:00pm BBT Britt starts rinsing the dishes in the sink and putting them in the dishwasher. Taylor is no longer wrapping her arm around Monte's chest. Now she has her hand up his shirt. But the bear is still sleeping.


9:20pm BBT Britt is back in the SBR, walking herself through her arguments against Turner for Monte. BB has just 40m to try to wake up the HG before the HG can officially go to sleep.

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9:49pm BBT Taylor starts stirring in HoH so feeds switch to Britt silently strategizing and sighing. 


10:05pm BBT There's been a reversal in HoH. Monte now has his arm around Taylor's torso. Britt comes out of the SBR, washes up in the WA, then heads up to HoH, forcing Taylor/Monte to untangle. Monte gets up to let an chipper Britt in.

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10:07pm BBT Britt asks how Monte/Taylor are doing. Same, Taylor says sleepily. Britt says she did the dishes, ate some cookies and talked to the camera. She checked outside. It feels like the house is shutting down. Britt is happy their fams will be on TV.

10:13pm BBT Britt tells Monte/Taylor it's 10pm. We can legally sleep, Monte says. Taylor complains the cameras keep following him (that's how it works in the BB house but she's fooled them - she hasn't moved for hrs!). 

10:15pm BBT Britt says it's getting colder out. She's called to DR. Monte asks if he has a green light to come over? You always have the green light, she coos. Even if she was knocked out (sleeping), she wants him to come in.

10:18pm BBT Taylor strokes Monte's face. They are looking for Turner on the spy cam. Have you talked to him about the Veto yet, Taylor asks? That's why they pay us the big bucks. F3, says Taylor. She wants to be as close with him while she can. They snuggle.

10:19pm BBT Someone's coming up! Those damn kids, Monte exclaims, extracating from Taylor & moving to the couch. Turner comes in and Taylor asks where's been. Turner asks Monte about Beyonce. He likes it but says there are so many songs! Turner thinks he's on a loop.

10:21pm BBT Monte says Turner's the old man, not him. Turner on one couch, Monte on the other couch, Taylor in the bed. Turner has an idea for a subscriptin service based on thrifting. Taylor says he's mentioned it before. No I've not, says Turner. Taylor/Monte laugh.

10:23pm BBT Taylor says Turner has to make his thrift service carbon-neutral. The problem is finding boxes that are recycled and sturdy. He should call his business Thirfty. 

10:26pm BBT The HG talk about a past HG hosting the F3 review. Taylor says Xavier. Turner jokes he senses a bias going on. But he won, Taylor laughs. Monte says Turner's getting grumpy. Turner/Taylor both thought Xavier was boring. Just like Monte, Taylor says. Zing!

10:35pm BBT Taylor sits up. Monte is also upright, bopping to Beyonce. Monte/Turner joke that BB doesn't like Taylor. They don't give her a break. You are not allowed to talk about Production. You don't even know what I'm about to say, Taylor protests!


Done for the night.

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11:07PM BBT

Turner is passed out on the HoHR couch while Monte and Taylor discuss clothing items for the live show. Monte settles on the opposite couch with the headphones.


11:12PM BBT

Both guys are now snoring while Taylor paints her toenails. Monte is called to the DR.


11:24PM BBT

Monte gets up, handing Taylor the headphones as he heads downstairs for the DR.


11:32PM BBT

Britt joins Taylor in the HoHR. DIscussion centers around press on nails. Britt hates going tot he nail salon because it takes forever, so she appreciates the press ons.   

Taylor says that the pandemic forced her into trying them even though she didn't think she would like them.

Taylor: They are so easy, put them on and done

They both agree that Jasmine's nails have nice designs.


Conversation turns to hypnotherapy (Britt came clean to the others tonight about her actual career bein a hypnotherapist)

Britt: My dream is to be a celebrity hypnotherapist

Taylor: Are you allowed to do it to me or does it violate rules

Britt tells her it doesn't violate HIPA because it is not a medical treatment.

WBRB pops in....can't imagine why (wink, wink)


When the feeds return, conversation is about how both of them are "planners" and discussion moves on to customized scheduling and calendars including Calendly. Britt says she has had people from around the world schedule virtual sessions with her. Britt says she had to close down her booking site for BB but hopes it will rev back up after the season.


The girls discuss how they don't just have a shared experience of playing Big Brother, but they will have a shared experience reintegrating back into society after the game.


Taylor is clipping her nails, "Pain is beauty. Beauty is pain. And humiliation, a little bit."

Britt: Yeah


[I love this about Taylor. She is a beautiful woman but keeps it all real, sharing that physical beauty is just skin deep and often is the result of uncomfortable processes and artifical means. Real beauty comes from within. -ML]


The girls laugh about how they willingly signed up for Big Brother. The commiserate over the journey to being cast as BB24 HGs and details things that have happened this season. Britt says that Michael commented he would rather be remembered as bad than not remembered at all.


[Michael made sure of that. You can't weaponize race and expect society to not notice. I truly hope he owns his dirty play for what it was. -MamaLong]


11:52PM BBT

Turner is still snoozing on the HoHR couch while the girls chat.


Britt says she really hated working market research. She worked in it for 8 years and was miserable.

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