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Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:01AM BBT

General conversation in the kitchen between Turner, Monte, Taylor and Alyssa. Britt is sleeping in the Golf Pro Bedroom.



1:09AM BBT

Monte, Alyssa and Taylor are playing cards in the kitchen while Turner and Britt are eating. Lots of laughing and enjoying the game.



2:00AM BBT

Monte, Taylor, Turner and Alyssa are playing card games in the kitchen.


3:24AM BBT

Monte is teasing Taylor by holding bunny ears up on the back of her head when she's not looking. She catches him and says "Oh, Boo"




4:36AM BBT

Turner, Alyssa, Taylor  and  Monte are playing cards in front of the memory wall.



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12:00am BBT Monte asks if anyone dreamed while they napped. Turner says no. Alyssa she dreams at home but not so much here. Monte dreams all the time about game stuff. Alyssa had a dream about Nicole/Joe on an island going tubing. She cuts a slide of her banana bread.

12:04am BBT Taylor says it's midnight, they have 2 weeks left (actually, just 12 days as the 2hr Season Finale is Sunday, 9/25). Taylor remembers she spent the first 2 weeks on the block. Alyssa doesn't remember much from the first 2 weeks. It was chaotic, Monte says.

12:06am BBT Taylor says they'll end on a Sun or Wed. It's usually Wednesday, Alyssa says. She checks the chicken. It's crispy now, says Monte. Taylor hosts a game - guess what cards are in her hand. Alyssa thinks Michael will ask why they deserve to win for the Jury.

12:15am BBT Alyssa/Turner agree Jasmine will drag out her voting speech when she puts in her key. Taylor asks Monte if he wants to work out. Monte could be up to it. Alyssa/Turner talk about friends' cats. 

12:30am BBT All the HG except Britt are in the KT. The topic is Rachel and Brendan's season. They move on to BB19. Turner thought Cody had no personality. Meatball Josh was worse, Alyssa says. Turner still can't believe he won. He told his GF Josh wouldn't win.

12:35am BBT Turner says Paul should have won over Josh. Even if you were manipulated, he says of the Jury, get over it (Paul's mistake both times was not owning up to his game w/the Jury. The Jury will respect game but even at the end, Paul did not own up to his game).

12:40am BBT Britt is awake and joins the other HG in the KT. Turner says reading his mom's letter makes it seem like he's dead, like she's learning how to live without him (she lived without him for decades before he was born). 

12:43am BBT Britt says in school, she played a person who died from a DUI. She had to walk around school all bloodied up and couldn't talk. At first people felt bad but then they just ignored her. Alyssa knows people who died from DUI but life moves on. 

12:46am BBT Britt hopes Stephen is handling everything OK alone w/o her. Taylor/Alyssa clean up the KT while dances. Monte invites Britt to join them playing cards. She'll watch, she says. Taylor starts dealing Bullsh*t at the DT while Monte changes into his HoH robe.

1:00am BBT Alyssa is losing and accuses Monte of protecting Taylor (truer words were never spoken). 

1:15am BBT Britt decides to go back to bed. Turner is bored too but hangs in the KT. They're laughing and having fun. 

1:40am BBT Monte explains how to play Spades. Alyssa/Turner are lost. It's Monte/Turner vs. Taylor/Alyssa. Taylor says they're going to crush the guys. Monte tells them to organize their cards by suit. Turner asks if the spade is the shamrock or heart?

1:43am BBT Taylor asks why Monte double-socks his feet? Stop judging me, he says. She'll judge the F*ck out of him, she retorts. They talk over a variety of topics as they continue the games.

2:15am BBT The internet loves that they are playing cards right now, Taylor says. 

2:30am BBT Monte explains more strategies in the game. Turner keeps asking him to start over, leading Alyssa/Taylor to laugh. 

3:00am BBT Turner/Alyssa get a moment alone in the KT. She apologizes for freaking out earlier. It's OK, he tells her and asks if she talked to Britt. Alyssa doesn't think she has her. Monte said he'd consider it. (Alyssa cannot bridge the distrust between Britt/Turner)

5:00am BBT Monte/Taylor/Turner/Alyss continue playing cards. Monte/Turner eventually emerge victorious and the HG begin their bedtime ADLs.

5:40am BBT Alyssa is in bed. Monte/Taylor/Turner gather in the WA for shout-outs and game talk. 

6:40am BBT Monte/Taylor head up to HoH. It was a nice convo with the young man, Monte says of Turner. Taylor asks how they are going to make this work. Monte is worried Turner/Britt will flip if they think he & Taylor are getting close. Turner is called to DR.

6:50am BBT Alyssa/Britt are sleeping in the GBR. Monte/Taylor are cuddling/chatting in HoH. I got to take my shorts off, he says. Hot already, Taylor asks? No, uh, the, uh, uncaged snake. OMG, Taylor exclaims! 

7:00am BBT Turner is out of the DR. The house is dark. He slips into the CBR and into a restless sleep.

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8:30am BBT The main house lights are on, but the BR lights remain off. 



10:35am BBT BB starts the long, losing battle to get the HG up for the day. All feeds on Turner (who went to bed just 3hrs ago) in the CBR not getting up.

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10:54am BBT GBR Britt is out of bed dressed and putting a ball cap on while doing her makeup

[it isn’t a good look for her imo~Witch67]

Alyssa is still sleeping thru all of the snap crackle and pops of the make up containers. 

Britt walk them the kitchen to the Bathroom. 

10:57am BBT BOB does his Houseguest must be awake  10am - 10pm speech. All 4 cams on bathroom/washroom area


11:00am BBT Britt out of the restroom, washes hands and grabs her drink off the kitchen island, taste a swig and leaves it, she is coughing a lot. 
[the excitement is … well not there Witch67]


11:04am BBT BOB calls Alyssa Taylor Turner to please change your batteries …all cams on Alyssa still sleeping

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10:35am BBT BB starts the long, losing battle to get the HG up for the day. All feeds on Turner (who went to bed just 3hrs ago) in the CBR not getting up.

10:45am BBT There is no movement in the CBR or GBR despite lights on. In HoH, the lights remain off while Monte/Taylor barely audibly mutter w/o mic's. Taylor says this is impressive. Monte says circumstances are not ideal, but I'm getting there.

10:52am BBT Britt is up and heads to the WC. No stirring from Monte/Taylor in HoH or from Alyssa in the GBR or Turner in the CBR.

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11:06am BBT 2 cams switch to HOH room Taylor still sleeping, Monte is not in bed, he went to the restroom, washes hands and face. Puts on some lotion returns to bed and takes off glasses. He lays down on stomach as Taylor lets out a giggle and says Sleepy man then scoots back over and lays her head on his shoulder


11:11amBBT Taylor is making hmmph noises and then asks Monte to hold her just a little bit longer, he rolls over and ..they start making out 

and feeds cut to Alyssa sleeping 

11:19am BBT BOB announcement Alyssa Taylor Turner please change your batteries. Request is being ignored Alyssa is still sleeping. All cams on her. 

11:27am BBT BOB announcement Alyssa Taylor Turner please change your batteries. 
Still sleeping. 

11:30am BBT we have WBRB for less than 30 seconds. All Feeds come back on Alyssa sleeping 

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11:35am BBT Feeds cut Briefly to HOH Monte and Taylor cuddling. Feeds cut back to sleeping Alyssa. Then two cut back to HOH a Monte and Taylor whispering, can not hear what they are saying. 

11:39am BBT Taylor says she loves it when the glasses are off they kiss a little bit. Taylor says I know I am not supposed to act suspicious, but how am I going to do that. Monte says I’m not going to tell anyone …and FEEDS CUT! Back to Alyssa sleeping in GBR

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11:39am BBT Alyssa gets up and exchanges her battery but then crawls back into bed in the GBR. Monte/Taylor remain lights out in the HoH room. No sign of Turner in the CBR but he hasn't gone anywhere.

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11:45am BBT WBRB message

12:43pm BBT Feeds return Alyssa is up and in the space bedroom, she is sniffling. Monte pops in with a quick question ..vegan French toast? 
Alyssa says she will take two please 

feeds switch to Kichen Taylor, Turner Monte chit chatting while Monte cooks in his HOH robe

12:47pm BBT Alyssa joins the kitchen crowd sitting at the counter watching Monte cook 


Brittany is in the shower coughing still

12:48pm BBT WBRB

12:49pm BBT back to Kitchen with general chitchat 

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image.thumb.png.bb7158959c79ac81a563e50970ba9519.png1:37PM BBT

In the kitchen, Alyssa summarizes the movie Man On A Ledge for Monte and Turner.


1:38PM BBT

Britt and Taylor are talking in the bathroom area.




1:52PM BBT

Monte is cooking French Toast at the stove top while wearing is HoH robe. Turner teaches Britt how to play Spades at the kitchen island.

Britt: That sounds fun

Turner: It's super fun

Monte: It involves a lot of strategy

Britt tells Monte the French Toast was really good







1:57PM BBT

Taylor is finishing up her beauty routine in the bathroom


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11:57pm BBT Monte is in the KT, wearing his HoH robe over his hoodie. Britt is swaying in the GBR, contemplating her clothes drawer. Alyssa comes into the GBR and greets Britt.

12:45pm BBT Victory, sayeth BB! Turner/Taylor/Monte/Alyssa are in the KT. Alyssa says someone smells like lotion. It's Monte, says Turner. Alyssa was putting away clothes in the SBR. She hardly goes in there anymore. It's nostalgic.

12:50pm BBT Alyssa asks if Elton John sings Tiny Dancer (yes). She's surprised he's still alive (and touring). He's ageless, Turner says. Alyssa is getting eyelash extensions when she gets out. She says they can get more sleep tomorrow during HoH LD because fewer HG.

1:00pm BBT Alyssa says Jasmine reminds her of a friend who hate in bed and left dirty dishes around. She would sleep in Alyssa's bed when Alyssa was working as a flight attendant. Jasmine's attitude was carefree. Taylor says Alyssa is sugarcoating it.

1:03pm BBT Taylor describes for Alyssa how Jasmine used her Bday ever time she wanted to avoid being nom. First it was 2 wks before, then when Kyle pretended to take her London trip, she said it was her Bday trip. Even during Big Brochella, she said it was her Bday week.

1:06pm BBT Taylor asks Turner if he's ever dreamed of doing drugs. WTF?, he responds. He was on something in her dream, she explains, he was on a road and FotH.

1:10pm BBT The HG are talking about movies, then Halloween costumes. Taylor wants to be someone from Miss Congeniality (which she won during her Miss Michigan pageant). Alyssa says a sexy ZingBot (is that possible?). 

1:13pm BBT Alyssa puts on Taylor's sunglasses and practies being being a beauty queen, dancing around like a model and waiving her hand. Look at me, I'm Miss Florida. Vote for me, I hve no talent but I'm a fun girl!

1:16pm BBT What's going on here, asks Turner? He's not impressed by dancing. It's never cool (I feel sorry for Megan - her man don't dance). Alyssa made up the story about bananas being from FL. Turner/Taylor say they believed it. Got ya, she says, well, they could be.

1:19pm BBT What, what, chicken but, Alyssa says. OMG, replies Turner. Alyssa asks Taylor/Turner to guess the time. They guess and she says close but no cigar. Taylor doesn't want a cigar. Alyssa says she looks at the Mem Wall and her mind goes blank (totally believable).

1:23pm BBT Alyssa/Turner agree Indy's Mem Wall picture looks the meanest. They say the Mem Wall pictures don't capture who they are. Kyle's picture looks nicest and also funniest. Taylor says Terrance's picture is disappointing because he just ended up being mean.

1:26pm BBT Monte comes out of the DR and says he must have said something stupid last night about Backstage. BB reminds him to not talk about his DR sessions. Alyssa makes a kissing noise and says she's a dolphin (can they go back to sleep, please?).

1:29pm Alyssa says she's an mammal person and for a few minutes they discuss all kinds of animals. Taylor finds Britt in the WA and they hug. Taylor knows Britt needed time to herself. She's getting ready to be called to the DR. Taylor says time to work on her hair.

1:36pm BBT Britt hopes they can get on a more regular sleeping schedule. Taylor blames the others for keeping her up. Tomorrow is an important day, she reminds no one. She hasn't spent time w/Britt, she says, because in her head she's moved on to next week.

1:39pm BBT Taylor says she fears next week. Why, asks Britt? Taylor says she's never felt pressure like this before. It's easier when you're on a team. Britt asks what she did to make Taylor doubt her. It was a lot of little things, the situation, not her specifically.

1:42pm BBT Britt says they have to win HoH. They'll talk later. She gives Taylor a hug then leaves Taylor in the WA. Turner is wrapped in his blanket and says he's so cold. Alyssa asks Britt if she's played Spades. Monte wants to see if Alyssa can explain how.

1:45pm BBT Turner starts to explain the game and Britt tells him to stop, she's lost. Monte cooked some french toast and Alyssa devoured it. They start talking about Saturday morning cartons. Turner says Alyssa's Bday is coming up. In 2 months, Alyssa says.

1:55pm BBT Alyssa says a girl has needs but she doesn't want to hook up with just anyone (fooled me). She wants a more human embrace. Turner says she should get a dog. They start talking dogs they've known (earlier, it was all about cats). 

2:00pm BBT The HG talk about things that are scary. Doddlebob was scary, Alyssa says. Britt agrees. Alyssa says SpongeBob is fun to watch while high. Britt had an edible once. She & Steven tried it after it became legal in California. Alyssa has a great time high.

2:05pm BBT Turner says he was at a party in LA w/cool people doing drugs and watching Spongebob. He found it funny to watch. (riiigghht) Taylor is upset she hasn't been called to the DR  yet. She did her face and hair and everything, she complains.

2:09pm BBT BB calls Taylor to the DR. Monte says he ate too much. Britt has no idea what time it is. Monte says he & Turner willl get some naps in and stay up late again tonight. Turner is zoning out. What are you thinking, Monte asks? Literlly nothing, Turner answers.

2:13pm BBT Alyssa grabs Kyle's gold blanket from the GBR. Turner asks if she's washed it. Alyssa sniffs and says no. Someone's got a crush, Turner teases. She giggles a denial. Sometimes, she says looking up at the lights and cameras, she forgets this is a fake house.

2:15pm BBT Turner says he's been out of school for 5 years now. Alyssa has been out for 6 years (she dropped out after one year of college; Turner never went to college). Alyssa doesn't act so much like a child outside the house, she's more of an old soul. 

2:17pm BBT Turner teases America has seen she's a young soul in the house. No one is watching at 5pm on a Wed. Turner reminds her she's been here all season. Alyssa says her young soul just showed up yesterday. Alyssa asks Monte if they can stretch. Yeah, he says.

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2:20pm BBT Monte heads up to HoH and puts on his headphones in the WC. Britt is meditating on the GBR bed. Taylor laying on her bed in the GBR. Taylor asks if she's got bad news. No, says Britt. Taylor is going to do 30m on the bike. 

2:40pm BBT Britt is deciding whether to stay up tonight. Monte/Turner were planning to stay up late and sleep in the morning, she tells Taylor. Taylor says she was really mad at Monte yesterday but they hashed it out. (is that what that was?)

2:45pm BBT Britt was surprised Monte described her as a mobb boss. Turner is brushing his teeth in the WA before going to the DR. Alyssa will talk to him when he gets out. She joins Taylor/Britt in the GBR. Has Taylor started packing? No, but she's fast at it now.

2:50pm BBT Alyssa tells Taylor/Britt that Monte is going to lead a stretch session. It's Wellness Wednesday, she says. Alyssa/Taylor discuss what they can bake today. Taylor says some people fall asleep watching the feeds (guilty). 

2:55pm BBT 3 mo have felt like 3 yrs, Alyssa says. Britt agreees. Alyssa can't believe she lived for a wk in the BY & used a porta-potty w/4 guys. Terrance was always in there. The only benefit is that everyone went to bed together & you could see who was talking to who.

3:00pm BBT Mo Britt says initially, the only thing she knew about Monte is he liked the WC. Alyssa says she couldn't use the WC for a month (obviously, she did). Britt wanted the full BB experience but was never a HN. Alyssa can still taste the slop.

3:02pm BBT Alyssa says the cold showers and HNR were hard but not as bad as the shower and tent for DyreFest. She survived and is a better person for it. Just kidding. She lays down and says her stomach will be permanently damaged from the stress (it's called an ulcer).

3:04pm BBT Alyssa says she'll cry in pumpkin patches with butterflies when she gets out. Britt is worried she'll be still suffer from paranoia when she gets out. It'll be OK after a couple weeks, Alyssa thinks. Trust is such a foreign concept in the house, Britt says.

3:06pm BBT Alyssa wishes they could see family videos. The Clock Veto seems like weeks ago. Alyssa wonders who was the Cuckoo voice. Britt does an imitation, saying you have 2 minutes to get outside. Alyss reminds Britt that Steven will see her win Veto tonight.

3:10pm BBT Alyssa says her HoH music would have been Certified Lover Boy (who needs the music when you had the real thing?). She asks what music Turner requetsed that he didn't get. They make peace & love hand gestures. 

3:13pm BBT Alyssa wishes a msseuse came into the house. Turner wishes a lot of people came into the house. Turner says he got a massage in China once. Did it leave you refreshed? It hurt and he felt betrayed (you sure that wasn't a body search by the Chinese police?).

3:15pm BBT Alyssa suggests Megan might like a massage. Turner says no, she sees a chiroparactor. She asks what gifts he's given her. An album & other things, he says. Alyssa jokes he's been with her for years and he can't remember the gifts he's given. Jeez, says Turner.

3:17pm BBT Alyssa promises to surprise Turner at the Rugshack. Turner asks if Alyssa knows about his parents. She knows his mom. He doesn't mention his dad a lot. He has an older brother he doesn't see often. Both the brother and father are named Scott.

3:30pm BBT Alyssa is nervous being interviewed by the press after the show. Technically, Turner points out, they did press before coming into the house. After being in the house, thinks, the press should be a piece of cake. Turner wonders what he looks like on camera.

3:32pm BBT Alyssa and Turner look at a sleeping Taylor. She's knocked out, Turner says. Turner is surprised when Alyssa says her dad was a boxer. When he was young. Then he became a martial arts trainer. 

3:34pm BBT Alyssa says her father put her first BF through the ringer when she was 16. Was he worthy, Turner asked? No, she says, he cheated on her. Her dad was jacked but got really thin after finding peace in nature. 

3:36pm Turner asks if Alyssa is mad at Joe. No, he didn't mean anything to her. They were just acquaintances, not friends. She expects more from her friends. Turner would love to visit Joe but won't drive across the country. But they coudl Facetime.

3:40pm BBT Turner says if he was in Utah, he'd look Kyle up (it's a big state). Neither would bother with Daniel if they were in Vegas. Alyssa broke up with a BF who was nice and did stuff for her but wasn't a conversatinalist beyond telling her she was pretty.

3:50pm BBT Alyssa says she's moving after the show. She'll visit her mom, but then is going to Tampa or Austin. Maybe Boca where Joe lives. It's a laid back beach town. 

3:52pm BBT Turner says he always sleeps through his alarms at home - Megan has to wake him up. That explains alot, Alyssa says. Turner says BB has given up on them with only 2 weeks left. Britt is out of the DR and joins sleeping Taylor and Alyssa/Turner in the GBR.

3:55pm BBT Alyssa heads to the WA and Britt follows. Britt says Alyssa should Britt is voting for Taylor and ask Turner for a sympathy vote and let Monte break the tie. Alyssa tells Britt she'll let her know if it doesn't seem like Turner is going to keep her. 

4:00pm BBT Monte comes down from HoH and finds Alyssa. Is everyone in nap mode? She thinks so. Check the GBR, she suggests. She goes tothe GBR and finds Turner laying down. I was just gone 5m, she adminishes him. It felt like 30m, he says. She'll nap with him, she says.

4:05pm BBT The camera is on a sleeping Taylor. The camera just loves Taylor, Turner jokes, all it wants to do is stare. Turner/Britt/Alyssa play musical beds in the GBR around a sleeping Taylor. The feeds are getting their money's worth, Alyssa says dryly. 

4:06pm BBT Britt recalls BB23 when Big D, Azah and Xavier spent all day in bed talking about what they would do F3. She gets it now, there's nothing else to do on ILD. 

5:35pm BBT Alyssa is eating alone in the KT. Monte is stretching in the gym while Taylor, who is not, watches. Monte may skip leg day to be more fresh for HoH even if he's not competing. Taylor says Alysas loves white rice, so she's going to cook some for her tonight.

5:45pm BBT Alyssa asks to talk to Turner in the CBR. She hates feeling they have to chat but they should. She's worried because Britt keeps saying she's undecided and Monte seems more receptive. She asks if she still has Turners vote? He says yes, 1000%.

5:47pm BBT At least someone doesn't want her out, Alyssa says. She doesn't want to annoy him & apreciates his vote. She'd die and take a bullet to the head for him. Turner returns to the GBR & climbs into bed. Alyssa gets her suitcase from storage & brings it to the SBR.

5:50pm BBT In the gym, Taylor doesn't know how Monte an workout and talk at the same time. She can't do two things at once. Alyssa asks the camera to not zoom in on her packing. The camera zooms in her packing. 

5:52pm BBT Monte would be OK if he didn't work out but it doesn't feel right. Doing something to improve himself makes him feel better, it's a form of self-love. Alyss joins them. She's drinking ice tea and not sweet tea because she's mad at Terrance.

6:05pm BBT In the gym, Taylor/Monte/Alyssa/Britt talk about their battle cars. Alyssa can point to her scars & say 20 yrs ago, she was on a reality TV show. Taylor wishes they were there when she got her shoulder scar. I was, Britt says. I meant the others, Taylor says.

6:10pm BBT Alyssa says Terrance did 100 jumps each day. He lost something like 10lbs in the house. Taylor/Alyssa talk turns to lip filler and botox. Taylor wanted a boob job but not a breast implant. She looked at a fat transer but realized she had no fat.

6:15pm BBT Alyssa says her plastic surgeon boss offered to give her an implant but she wanted to wait until after she had children. Her mom went from a C to D and now they're huge. The family she was a nanny for had 7 children, including natural triplets, all girls.

6:20pm BBT Alyssa would love to have twins, a boy and a girl, then she'd be done. Taylor asks what if they are identical? Alyssa suggests tatooing them . Monte completes his workout and puts his matt away. Turner is sleeping in the GBR. Alyssa suggests playing Spades.

6:30pm BBT Monte asks BB for more bubble bath but was told he got all he gets. Turner is snoring in the GBR. Alyssa says she's deciding between showering or laying down. Taylor suggests showering first, then laying down. Taylor is done socializing & will lay down.

6:35pm BBT Alyssa tells Britt she'll see her in the WA. That sounds so funny, she says. In the WA, Alyssa tells Britt what Turner said. Britt asks if they should leave Turner alone or touch base again? Maybe Britt will ask Turner if he's giving Alyssa a sympathy vote.

6:40pm BBT Brittany is eating alone in the KT while Turner/Taylor nap. She cleans up behind herself and joins Taylor/Turner in the GBR. Alyssa is in the shower.

7:05pm BBT Alyssa is out of the shower and puts fresh bandages on her uts, then puts on makeup and gets dressed. She sits in the WA thinking. No napping, BB says. It has no effect on Turner/Taylor/Britt. Monte is taking a bath in the HoH tub.

7:20pm BBT Alyssa heads up to HoH & rings the bell. She wants to get touching base with Monte out of the way. She says Turner is her homie & she feels good about his vote. Britt is Taylor's friend & doesn't think she'd vote against her. She hopes Monte would keep her.

7:22pm BBT Alyssa says she's not going to be a Michael or Terrance but wants to have fun hanging out, playing Spades. This has been a dream, she tells Monte. She wants him to enjoy his bath and they can have fun later. She heads to the GBR and slides into bed.

7:55pm BBT Monte is the only HG awake, listening to music in the HoH. He heads downstairs and throws away some cash. He requests the DR and is let in. 

8:00pm BBT Taylor gets up and brushes her teeth, then heads up to HoH before seeing Monte out of the DR downstairs. He comes up and they go into HoH. He's already started packing to return downstairs tomorrow. He tells Taylor to take what she wants. She already has.

8:08pm BBT Monte tells Taylor about checking in. He's going to wait until tomorrow to tell Alyssa she's being evicted so the can still hang out and she can sleep easier tonight. (is Monte trying to make it easier on Alyssa or on himself?)

8:10pm BBT Taylor reminds Monte he told Jasmine the night before. Monte goes back to Turner saying Taylor said she wouldn't be friends if he voted her out. She's too emotional. He doesn't think Turner would go back on his word to him. Britt's coming after him either way.

8:12pm BBT Monte wonders why everyone is sleeping so much (maybe it's because, I don't know, they stay up all night?) Turner is called to the DR and continue sleeping. Alyssa pokes him awake. They called Taylor, Turner mumbles. Britt says yeah, they called you.

8:14pm BBT Turner gets up and slomps off to the DR. With Turner gone, Alyssa tells Britt if they can pull this off, they could make F2 together. Britt says it's so deliate. Alyssa suggests Britt casually asks Turner how he's voting tomorrow. 

8:20pm BBT Britt tells Alyssa she thinks Turner is being straight-up and Monte is planning to break a tie. Alyssa doesn't think Turner would blindside her. Britt says she's been at the end of a blindside. The point is you don't see it coming. 

2:25pm BBT Britt says if she does this, it'll seem like she has a F2 w/Turner. She hates Taylor would be collateral, but Taylor jumped ship on her and bet on Monte/Turner. Alyssa feels good that Turner has since the start of the game he would never vote her out.

2:27pm BBT It would be f*cked up if Turner turned on her now, Alyssa says. If she won HoH, she'd put up Monte/Turner & Britt would have to win the Veto to send Monte home. Monte will do anything to get to the end, she says. He wanted Michael out & put his plan in motion.

8:30pm BBT Alyssa says Monte will take Turner/Taylor to F3. Taylor has been on the block 5 times and has one HoH. She'll win again and win the game. Turner returns to the GBR and they have to stop talking.

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8:30pm BBT Turner is ready to play Spades. Alyssa tells Britt she can watch if she wants to learn. She suggets Turner get Monte/Taylor from HoH. They watch Britt take Turner to the WA but cannot listen in.

8:35pm BBT Turner says if he votes out Alyssa, she won't vote for him in the Jury, it would be a worse betrayal than Kyle. Both agree they don't have much Jury support. But Turner hates a nom threatening them with their Jury vote. 

8:37pm BBT Turner says he'll explain in his GB msg to Alyssa that he can't vote against his F4. No sympathy vote, Britt asks him? He may consider it if Britt is up for it. She says it's up to him. He'll think about it. 

8:39pm BBT Britt points out that they can split the vote and Monte can break the tie. That may be better, Turner agrees, Alyssa is very emotional and it's harder to lie to her. Britt says sympathy vote or not, it's going to be the same result, just more heat from Monte.

8:41pm BBT Turner doesn't like that Alyssa tried to manipulate him with the Jury threat. Britt says if he votes to keep Alyssa and Monte sends him out, that's 2 weeks in the JH to do damage control for him. Turner promises to tell Britt what he decides before the vote.

8:43pm BBT In the meantime, Turner tells Britt, tell Alyssa it's all on Monte. The HG gather in the KT for cards. 

9:00pm BBT Britt says she feels sick. She's been taking naps but it isn't helping. Taylor asks if she's been keeping hydrated. Yes. It's hard napping all the time (the HG seem to be doing OK at it). There's one more hour until 10pm and they can officially go to bed.

9:05pm BBT Taylor screams! Britt asks what happened? Alyssa says the icing fell behind the oven. They are trying to get the icing from behind the coven. Alyssa says it's hot, be careful. Please Stop That, BB orders. 

9:15pm BBT Now Alyssa feels sick from nappign on and off. She's been in the DR 5 times today. She was hoping to do her hair and work out today but she'll have to go natural tomorrow. Alyssa has a loud sneeze. That's a good one, Taylor says. 

9:25pm BBT Monte is in the DR. Taylor lays across the KT counter, waiting for food to cook. Taylor/Britt/Alyssa agree to a normal bedtime tonight. They can't do 5am again with everything tomorrow. 

9:40pm BBT Alyssa explains to Taylor why Derrick was one of the greatest BB players ever. She can only think of 5 woman winners from the 23 seasons. Britt says Michael's long legs & track body (cross country) helped him win. Alyssa says the game is weighing on her body.

9:45pm BBT Taylor says there are ppl who know everything about the BB House. You mean Production, Alyssa asks? Yeah. Alyssa was thinking of live feeders, but they don't see everything. The feeds aren't on all the time, Taylor notes.

9:55pm BBT Turner is out of the Downstairs DR, Monte in the Upstairs DR. General chat about changing perspectives during the season. Alyssa says Turner has a one-track mind and doesn't listen to anyone else. Turner says he did change his mind about 9-to-5. 

9:58pm BBT Britt says she has chills. And they're multiplying. She's got the Grease song in her head. She played Patty in high school. Alyssa/Turner decide to play Chinese Checkers while they wait for Monte. Britt heads to the GBR. 

10:03pm BBT A coughin Britt is called to the DR. Monte washes his hands in the HoH WA and heads downstairs. Alyssa gives up on the checkers game. Turner beat her in 14 moves. They decide to play Spades. 

10:15pm BBT What comp hurt the most ppl, Taylor asks? OTEV, Turner says, it injured everyone. Taylor asks what the symbol is in the O on Monte's HoH robe. It's the switching of power, Turner says. Monte asks if they've all been waiting on him? (Yes)

11:00pm BBT Taylor says last game. They have been enjoying each other's company and small talk playing Spades. Taylor says there may be some tears shed tonight (over the card game). Turner still doesn't know what to call the "clubs" symbol on cards. 

11:40pm BBT Britt calls it a night & heads to bed. Taylor says her leggings make her butt & abs look good. Turner says some HG got better HoH stuff than others. Turner says now he has a soar throat. Turner hopes they don't all have Covid. He hopes he's not getting sick.

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