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Monday, September 12, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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11:52AM BBT

The feeds return after Taylor was named as the replacement nominee. Taylor says they need "public time"

Britt: Sure! I love you though.

Taylor: I love you more.

Britt: We are gonna get to the end of this.

Taylor: We are gonna be final two. A girl has to win. And then the people against us have to choose between us.

Britt: How poetic would that be?

Taylor: We just have to get there.

Britt: And we will. Did you hear they are shutting down the backyard tomorrow morning?

Taylor: Can't even get a break. Can't get a nice, gentle easy setup easy breakdown comp.

They join Monte and Turner in the kitchen.

Taylor: It's sad girl Taylor. 




12:27PM BBT

Monte, Britt, Taylor and Alyssa talk about Indy in the backyard and how she never wanted to talk game. They agree they liked "On the Block" Indy because she was always nice to everyone.



2:15PM BBT

Turner and Alyssa are chatting in the kitchen. Just random topics.





2:20PM BBT

Britt is passed out on a lounge in the backyard. SHe can be heard snoring. Monte moves a lounger into a spot for himself and begins a similar plan.





2:37PM BBT

Alyssa has fallen asleep in the hammock.


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12:10am BBT Dental talk. Alyssa needs her wisdom teeth out. Monte/Turner still have their wisdom teeth. Monte is fine with his but Turner would take them out. Alyssa'sbottom teeth are growing to the side. Turner says she has perfect teeth. Headgear & braces, she says.

12:25am BBT Monte is snoozing in the lounge chair by the hammock, so BB calls him to the DR. Turner received his Birkenstocks from Megan on Day 4. Taylor takes Monte's lounge chair (you don't snooze, you lose). Turner says Megan is much cooler than he is.

12:30am BBT Alyssa says Britt went to bed early. She said "Bye, b*tches, I'm safe". (not really - Alyssa is making fun). Alyssa says she has to give a speech in the morning. You do, Turner asks? (Has he been to a Veto meeting this season?)

12:32am BBT Alyssa says Britt winning Veto was an L. Turner was 1 gear away and she was just 3 gears away. Now the consequences, she says. Britt told Taylor Michael's message was to save herself. Turner says Michael/Britt were dragging each other.

12:36pm BBT Turner says the thought of just 3 competing for HoH is crazy. Alyssa heads to the WC. Turner says losing Alyssa this week sucks. It's like giving a dog a good last day. It's hard, Taylor agrees. She wishes she had more time to get to know her (she had 2 mo).

13:39am BBT Taylor says she likes Alyssa. Everyone does, Turner says. He tells Taylor what Monte told him about the Britt talk. They hash through all the things Britt said that they don't believe. The talks got deep, Taylor says, I asn't expecting it. 

12:41am BBT Turner says it'll all work out for the best. He hopes HoH is physical, no more puzzles. Taylor recalls Janelle/Boogie hanging onto a key in the rain and Boogie jumped. Taylor really enjoyed BB23 Kyland. 

12:43am BBT Taylor's fear was being carried by guys. She has her wall win & some 2nd/3rd places, she did something to be there. Turner says Alyssa outlasted the large alliance - that's something. Turner thinks he, her & Monte have played the most honest game this season.

1:45am BBT Monte/Taylor are asleep in the BY. Alyssa says her head, throat and heart hurts. Kyle, Turner asks? Yes, she says. Don't let that bozo hurt you. Alyssa wants to see him in the JH. You left on a good note, Turner says. 

1:48am BBT Turner wanted to be a rapper when he was 7. He was not encouraged by his parents. His home was crazy, he says, it was not great growing up but he still loves his parents. Alyssa says she knows they hurt him ... FotH.

2:00am BBT Alyssa says Michael would have won both HoH & Veto this week. Taylor wakes up to get a snack. She cried in the dark during the comp but Michael would have said best comp ever. Turner says Michael will be AFP. Turner says Taylor will be. Not me, she says.

2:05am BBT Turner suggests an HoH Sleepover. 4 people in one bed, asks Monte? Alyssa says she and Taylor get the bed. The guys can sleep on the floor. Monte says fine. Taylor wants to use his shower. Monte says he'll be asleep. He heads up and asks if they're coming?

2:25am BBT Monte brings down some HoH snacks for Taylor/Turner/Alyssa. Turner says he's lost 2.5lbs since DF. He's nomrally very tidy. 

2:50am BBT Turner remembers Indy praying with them. Alyssa asked to pray with Indy once & she said no, she wanted that prayer to be for her. Turner says most of the HG will never come back into the BB House. Why would they, ask Taylor? All Stars or hosting, Turner says.

2:55am BBT Monte wonders if Michael has been tainted by the Kyle thing. Turner thinks Ameerah could've gone toe-to-toe with Michael comp-wise (she won 0 comps in her 3 wks). Monte says time for bed, kids, let's go upstairs. Slumber party, Alyssa says. BYOP, Taylor says.

3:00am BBT Taylor goes up to HoH with her water bottle. Alyssa has Kyle's gold blanket. Alyssa asks where she should sleep. Monte says he's an oven so if she wants to be worm, he's in the middle (of Alyssa & Taylor). Taylor can sleep on the HoH couch. 

3:05am BBT The girls align the pillows in the HoH bed. Alyssa is on the left, Taylor on the right. Taylor says Britt will wake up and wonder where everyone is. They should put some beer cans out, Alyssa jokes. Monte is in the HoH WA.

3:10am BBT Monte completes his ADLs and jumps onto the bed between Taylor & Alyssa, saying he's a big kid now! They watch the spy screen, waiting for Taylor to come upstairs. No one hangs in the LR, Alyssa observes. Monte says it's a grim place, the eviction place.

3:15am BBT Turner arrives in HoH for the sleepover. They ask where are his pillows and blanket. He thought he was sleeping in the bed. Taylor says OK by her. Turner puts Kyle's blanket on the floor. Don't do that, Alyssa says. You wanted me on the floor, Turner says.

3:20am BBT Alyssa turns off the lights. Turner is on the couch and Monte is in the bed between Alyssa/Taylor. Alyssa says tell us a story. Taylor starts telling the sleepover HG a story. 

3:25am BBT Taylor wants to see JCM's interview w/Michael. Monte says he was out of breath. Taylor says he was doing all that campaigning. That's why he had to go, Monte says, campaigning skills. Monte says there were 2 Jasmines - Mississippi Jasmine & Atlanta Jasmine.

3:28am BBT Alyssa asks what JCM asks in the interviews. It's different pre-jury and Jury, Turner says. Taylor says she shows the evicted HG their GB msgs. The lights are out in HoH, Turner on the couch, Monte/Alyssa/Taylor in the bed. Britt is asleep alone in the GBR.

3:35am BBT Turner climbs into the HoH bed. Monte/Alyssa swap places. It's now Turner/Monte/Alyssa/Taylor squeezed into the HoH bed. All HG are sleeping.

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3:00PM BBT

Bob: No Napping Houseguests!


3:18PM BBT

Alyssa is alone in the kitchen, so she talks to the cameras, "Okay, Live Feeds. How can I stay this week? I am on the block which isn't great. But,  I feel like I have a pretty good social game which is why I am here." She tells us she is the last to survive the big alliance and survived the best players this season, Michael, Joseph and Kyle. She says she let eveyone in the house know she is not a threat to their game. "Possibly I can survive this week and then that's top 4. I have a lot to do over the next few days. Fingers crossed I can make something happen. Love you America." *She blows us a kiss.




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Morning Report...


8:10am BBT Lights on in the LR/KT. Lights remain off in HoH for the Sleepover, and the GBR (where Britt sleeps alone). 

9:00am BBT Wake-up FotH. Monte sits up in the middle of the HoH bed and tries to figure out how to get out without disturbing the other 3 Sleepover HG. Britt gets up & notices the other GBR beds haven't been slept in. 

9:30am BBT Britt heads to the BY & soaks up the morning sun on the poolside lounge. After a few minutes, she heads into the WA to tak a shower. 

9:35am BBT Taylor comes down from HoH and heads to the GBR. Eventually, Turner/Alyssa also come downstairs and get ready for the Veto meeting.

10:57am BBT Britt can't wait to see Ameerah after teh show. Alyssa didn't know her very well - she was very guarded. She said she had $160k in student loans, so she must have a smart degree. Monte went to a state college because his mom couldn't pay for it.

10:59am BBT Alyssa wishes she'd had a college fund. She ent for one year and... FotH for the Veto meeting.

11:57am BBT Feeds return. Taylor applies a fresh bandaid to her shoulder then goes out to the BY with her water and tosses some LadderBall. She says to the BY camera it will be all Leftovers at the end. Monte comes out and Taylor asks when he'll tell her (Alyssa).

12:00pm BBT Monte says he doesn't want to tell Alyssa she's going out until the day before so she doesn't get worked up (it's never for the target's benefit but for the rest of the house). He wants to give her the chance to make a pitch. 

12:05pm BBT Alyssa is making food in the KT. Britt joins Monte/Taylor in the BY. Monte says that since The Leftovers, were formed, no one else won an HoH. That's saying somethng. Taylor's armpit hair is back - monthly laser removeal is a perk of being Miss Michigan.

12:10pm BBT Taylor gets Monte's Sriracha Sauce. He didn't realize he had that (in his HoH basket). Alyssa/ Turner are cooking in the KT. Monte tells Taylor? he enjoyed the HoH sleepover, though his arm went numb being next to Turner. 

12:15pm BBT Britt thought Taylor was going to the CBR last night (they had discussed rotating BRs this week). It was too cold, Taylor says. Taylor wonders if the DR ppl think about them after they go home. 

12:25pm BBT Monte says last night he & Alyssa were body to body in bed. Alyssa says she would sleep back to back with her ex. Cuddle 'till you sleep. One of Taylor's ex's said only b*tches get cuddles. She dropped him. Monte says back or head scratches put him to sleep.

12:28pm BBT Britt says Indy wouldn't talk game for the first couple weeks. She told Alyssa she usually hates girls but she's OK. Indy never said the word "alliance," Alyssa says, how are you supposed to play the game? Monte's frat advisor loved BB but died 2 years ago.

1:30pm BBT Monte/Taylor are laying outside on the BY couches. In the KT, Britt asks questions about Turner as he cooks. He's talking about his apartment befor ehe left. 

2:45pm BBT It's a quiet afternoon in the BB House. Alyssa is in the hammock. Monte is on the lounge and Turner is in the big duck floatie. Wakie Wakie, HG, BB says. Only Alyssa moves. I will ask politely, BB says again a few minutes later, no napping pretty please!

3:30pm BBT In the SBR, Alyssa tells the camera she never got a letter since she hasn't won HoH, and hopes she's still loved. She misses her dogs so much, their wet nose kisses. If she won, she'd donate to a dog shelter. She wants to volunteer at a turtle rescue.

3:32pm BBT Alyssa wants to help her mom out and to travel. Her mom has struggled so much. Even if she doesn't win, she plans to volunteer. Everyone has a story, a why. She took it for granted, but living with 15 random people, she realized people have stories to tell.

3:34pm BBT Alyssa wants to be a kinder person. She misses the ocean, lying on the sand and writing poetry to express her heart & soul. Poetry is a reflection of vulnerability. She wants to fall in love with life, people and animals.

3:36pm BBT If it ends this week, Alyssa says, I'm proud to have been myself from start to finish. She is worried about the JH and will fight to stay in the house. She's been told she has gotten by in the house on her looks but it's been her social game. 

3:38pm BBT Alyssa says it's not her outside shell that got her to F5 but her inside friendships. She likes happy people but likes animals more. She loves the sun, she lovs to laugh. Taylor makes her laugh. Taylor has surprised her in all the best ways.

3:40pm BBT Alyssa says she stopped weight workouts after she hurt her back deadlifting, but will go ride the gym bike. Working out makes her happy. She loves fall & the color purple. She also loves pumpkin. Her mom is from Toronto and she knows Canada watches BB USA.

3:42pm BBT Alyssa is afraid to watch the show back and see what people said behind her back, especially Terrance. She thought he was her friend but told her he dragged her. She's played as honest a game as she could (don't quote her on that), but expect the unexpected.

3:50pm BBT Alyssa heads outside to the lounge area where Monte is sleeping. Turner is sleeping on the duck floatie. If BB says no napping in a forest, does anyone hear? Not these HG.

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5:20pm BBT We fast forward 2 hours for some scintilating convo. Alyssa says all girls wear panties. Turner says he's a boxer man. They talk about Pooch not wearing underwear. How do you not wear underwear with jeans, she asks? (you're welcome)

5:22pm BBT Turner/Alyssa are sharing the hammock. Turner says the most chaotic F5 would be Pooch, Paloma, Jasmine, Daniel & Michael. Monte says Michael would have evicted all of them. Turner says Pooch had an alliance with everyone and he still got evicted.

5:24pm BBT Taylor asleep on the BY lounge. Alyssa says Terrance's happy place was the HT on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The (awake) HG discuss their post-BB vacation plans. Turner doesn't want to leave New England for a while.

5:26pm BBT Alyssa says it will be weired sleeping in her own bed again. The BB beds are more comfortable than the ones at home (sounds like she needs a new mattress). 

5:34pm BBT BB asks for the BY awnings to be raised. (BB didn't really need the awnings raised, but it was the only way to get the HG to move.)

5:50pm BBT Britt gets Turner in the CBR for a talk. If he were up on the block with her, he says, he'd be out of the house. Only if you're thinking logically, Britt replies. He says that Monte said their trust is irreparable. She asks him if its the same with him?

5:52pm BBT Turner he doesn't take anything in the game personally, and trust is always reparable. Turner tells Britt that Michael questioned whether Britt was lying about her job. He'll be interested after the game knowing if she's who she says she is.

6:00pm BBT Turner tells Britt that there are worlds in which he would save her at F4. Britt says there are worlds in which she would do the same thing. (Turner's playing a smart game here, offering to be Britt's only ally despite knowing she tried to get him out this wk)

6:03pm BBT Britt says after last week, she expected to be targeted by Turner. He may have been angry in the moment, Turner says, but he isn't now. Britt says she was trying to help Turner with Michael. Out in the BY, Monte has begun his weight lifting regimine.

6:45pm BBT Alyssa/Turner/Britt hanging out on the BY balcony, hoping for a sunset.

7:10pm BBT All five HG are on the BY Balcony enjoying each others' company and the end of the day.

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7:15pm BBT Monte heads up to HoH, leaving Turner/Taylor/Britt/Alyssa on the BY Balcony.

7:30pm BBT Turner joins Monte in HoH. Now that noms are set for Thursday (Taylor vs. Alyssa) the question is how it plays out and how to best position themselves for a F4 with Britt. In the BY, Alyssa makes her pitch to Britt to stay in the game.

7:45pm BBT Taylor rejoins the ladies on the BY Balcony. Monte is massaging lotion all over his body as he talks w/Turner in HoH. Monte asks how it is with Britt. Turner says Tense. I know she knows I know but I don't know if she knows I know she knows. Right, says Monte.

7:48pm BBT Turner tells Monte that Britt didn't ask if he could help her repair her relationship w/Monte. That's good, Monte says, because he does not trust her at all. (Turner doesn't mention the olive branch he extended to Britt that the 2 of them could rebuild trust).

7:52pm BBT Turner has gone to the BY to play solo Pool. Above him, Taylor/Britt/Alyssa are sharing memories and info about key moments in the game.

#BB24 Mo 7:58pm BBT Turner head back to the CBR. He grabs his letters from Megan, lays on one of the beds and starts reading. The girls are having a good time talking about the season, thinks they didn't undertand and answers they can give each other.

8:15pm BBT Alyssa/Turner are over by the wash. Alyssa is unloading while Turner is loading. Monte is unloading the dishwasher in the KT. Britt/Taylor continue unloading thoughts on the BY Balcony. 

8:30pm BBT Monte is still cleaning in the KT. Alyssa has rejoined Taylor/Britt on the BY Balcony, talking past and present BB.

8:40pm BBT A coughing Taylor puts on her hoodie in the GBR. Alyssa is looking through snacks in the KT. In the SR, Monte discovers playing cards, 2 decks. Alyssa asks Monte to teach her some thngs. Taylor is in the SR fridge pulling out food.

8:48pm BBT Taylor/Alyssa/Britt/Monte are in the KT. Monte is on KP and Taylor is on food prep. Alyssa/Britt are advising. 

8:55pm BBT Alyssa/Taylor/Monte are talking about old souls and young souls, TikToks and Feelsin the KT. Taylor/Monte are preparing food while Alyssa keeps them company. 

9:30pm BBT Taylor/Monte continue food prep. Monte good-naturedly questions some of Taylor's cooking choices. Britt is in the SBR alone, part talking to the camera, part talking to herself, about the situation she's in and what she can do about it.

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10:00pm BBT Alyssa is napping in the GBR. Britt has been alone in the SBR for the last hour trying to figure out a path forward (at this point, the best bet for any F4 HG is to win HoH and/or Veto). Turner is shuffling one of the new decks of cards at the KT counter.


11:15pm BBT Alyssa is back up and has joined Turner/Monte/Taylor. They are going over the Veto controversies involving Kyle. She explains that outside of Girls' Girls and Five Swatters, there was no organization among her, Jasmine or Indy. Monte acts suprrised.

11:20pm BBT Alyssa explains that she told Kyle about Old School to try to build trust with her because he never talked game. She apologizes for lying about Pooch. She really hoped he would pull himself out of being evicted. 

11:23pm BBT Monte tells Alyssathat targeting her and Indy (Besties) was about protecting Michael/Britt as Leftovers. Alyssa says Old School never actually did anything. Monte/Taylor were convinced it was a real thing and was a key reason The Leftovers were formed.

11:26pm BBT Alyssa is called to the DR and Monte/Taylor say they surprised Old School was never a thing. It is what got the two of them here. Turner says Alyssa will be done with Kyle when she sees him blamking the other side being done because of her.

11:29pm BBT Monte says Ameerah/Nicole's mistake was keeping Old School a secret if it wasn't real. Britt wonders if Kyle knew it wasn't real. They figure he has other battles in the JH than that.

11:32pm BBT Taylor says they keep learning new things about misconceptions from Alyssa in the game. Monte says we'd never have learned this had The Leftovers made it to F7. Taylor notes Girls' Girls also had Nicole/Daniel looped in so it overlapped with Old School.

11:35pm BBT Britt says Girls' Girls worked with other HG but never brought them in, and that's why they failed. Monte says they were lucky The Leftovers had great competitors that could win HoH after HoH. 

11:38pm BBT Monte says both Jasmine/Nicole said Old School wasn't real on their way out. Turner's eyes are drooping. Are we losing you, Monte asks him? We have the whole night ahead of us, Taylor chides. Britt says she needs to get onto their sleeping schedule. 

11:45pm BBT Alyssa is back from the DR. Turner (who appears intent on driving Alyssa as far away from Kyle as he can) tells her before she goes to the JH, she should know Kyle was excited to bring them the Old School info from her. Good to know, Alyssa says dryly.

11:47pm BBT Turner backtracks and says he meant if she goes to the JH. Alyssa makes light of his slip. She says she told Kyle about being approached by anyone because she wanted to talk with someone who cared about her.

11:49pm BBT Monte says Kyle bringing them Old School was foreshadowing. They talk about Kyle being paranoid all the time. That's why he saw a Cookout 2.0, thought Old School was real and that he was on the bottom of The Leftovers (He really was at the bottom).

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