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Tuesday, September 6, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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10:53am BY Britt and Alyssa cheating on the couch about Turner and his game play and Michael winning all the vetos


meanwhile in the Kitchen Kyle has joined Terrance in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast 


back outside they are talking about Michael and him throwing a veto, Alyssa saying if she wins next week who would go out. She says Turner isn’t talking to her about game.Alyssa said yesterday when she is in the shower and she said are we still good and Turner said yeah to got you bro .. Alyssa thought it was weird he didn’t talk game. 

10:57am Monte joins Brittany and Alyssa in the backyard with coffee and talk turns to dragonfly’s and Hummingbirds Alyssa talks about all the butterflies that come on the backyard and these plants are all fake and confuse them. Brittany talks about seeing butterflies after her Aunt died. 

11:00am Terrance making eggs. No sign of Taylor, Turner or Michael. 
Monte in the backyard says they were up late plating ladder ball and Chinese checkers. Alyssa said she saw Taylor early this morning switching laundry. 

All Feeds Cut to Terrance eating scrambled eggs..he seems to have trouble keeping them in his mouth…LOL 


11:03am Back to BY talk is now on avocado and that they have a lot of salmon. And general food they want to make. Brittany says we are gonna lose the backyard soon and Monte says yeah about an hour. 

Talk turns to end of summer and school starting 



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11:46am BY Terrance and Brittany chatting while she eats avocado toast, about life outside of BB and what they will be doing once BB will be over.


Alyssa is jogging across the backyard


Monte has grabbed some blankets and is upstairs in the Tiki Lounge area ..looks like he is sneaking a nap in. 

talk in the backyard continuing about life in general and what they will do after BB 


11:50am BOB announces No napping houseguests! 

Taylor is up and heading outside to check laundry. She heads back inside looks in the car bedroom ..sees nothing exciting and lays backdown in bed, covers her head. 


11:53am WBRB 


11:55am Feeds Back …BY Brittany still eating her toast while chatting with Terrance. He said with us being her and out personality being shown that it may open doors of opportunity. He doesn’t want to go back to driving a bus. 

11:57am Turner is now awake getting coffee in the kitchen, while Alyssa fills water bottle, Brittany says you got about ten minutes in the backyard go get some rays. 

Alyssa has moved to the workout room. All feeds are on her riding stationary bike. 
Turner walks past with his hoodie on ..Feeds stay on Alyssa 

12:06 Alyssa still riding squeaky bike ..all Feeds still on her 

12:07pm BOB makes his announcement of Houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. 

12:09 Alyssa has adding a gold dumbbell to her bike riding. all Feeds continue showing just the workout room and the clanky squeaky bike 

12:15Pm Terrance is exiting Michaels room telling him when you are ready just tell me I’ll come back, Michael was still sleeping. He leaves and heads downstairs

Turner is under the stairs drinking his coffee just chilling in the butterfly chair 


Alyssa is finally finish with the noisy bike ride, see Turner sitting in the corner and asks what he is doing laughing, Turner replies nothing  just sitting here chilling 


12:17pm Alyssa is now looking for clothes on the space bedroom and other two feeds are Kitchen and Turner. Alyssa heads to the bathroom to take a shower. 

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12:29pm Alyssa is out of the shower and passes Turner who is still in the chair under the stairs and says wow they are really going at it .. (building in the backyard) she passes thru and sees Brittany sitting in bed covered up Taylor still sleeping. Comes out and chats with Turner about what to have for breakfast. She is in the kitchen making breakfast. 

12:32pm 2 Feeds on Michael sleeping in the HOH other feeds on Turner picking his nose [gross! ~Witch67]

12:36pm Alyssa asks Turner did someone cook in here this pan is dirty, Turner said he has been sitting there for half hour and didn’t see anyone

.. Terrance made eggs earlier ..


Alyssa comments on the noise of them building something outside and Turner comments for 4 different events Alyssa says 3 HOH, Veto, HOH or one thing of something they have never built before. 


12:36pm Alyssa asks Turner did someone cook in here this pan is dirty, Turner said he has been sitting there for half hour and didn’t see anyone

.. Terrance made eggs earlier ..


Alyssa comments on the noise of them building something outside and Turner comments for 4 different events Alyssa says 3 HOH, Veto, HOH or one thing of something they have never built before. 


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5:28 pm Car bedroom Terrance asks Taylor to have a seat in the hot seat and asks what is this wall we can’t get over to work together. He says there is no way she should get to stay over me. Alyssa Jasmine, Nicole and Danial all wanted her out when she was on the block she had Turner Brittany and Michael and me ..they kept going at him wanting him to vote her out! He said he finally said No I am not voting her out. 
he continues saying how Alyssa wanted her out so bad


5:31 pm …Feeds cut WBRB …


5:33pm feeds back 

Terrance talks about thought process and he said I don’t see it G, why you want her here. I am not your enemy, I just want us to try and work together. I want to have a full conversation and find out what it is that we can not rock together. 

Terrance says everyone wants to know why  Taylor asks who ? Who? He says even Monte don’t understand why you want to keep her. 

Terrance says we have both been up Taylor says yeah 4 times and we went up in place of her! 

He says so if she came before you then what the freak do you think you going to come before her then. 

8:38 pm Convo continues about how she has the votes locked. Then Terrance says they want another person of color to win back to back then why vote me out then. 


Michael told him Turner Alyssa Kyle turned on him. It was told to him by multiple people.


Taylor asks who would you put up if you win


Turner comes in out of nowhere …convo stops


8:41pmTerrance says no one is working for me , so I need you to work with me G. If I win HOH I would need you to work with me just like if you win HOH a I would do what you wanted to help your agenda to support you. 


Terrance asked who her closes alias are..he said I am being serious 

Taylor whispered something [and I don’t think she answered ~Witch67]

Taylor says she is having a hard time who to keep white girl who cries all the time or the black man who wanted me out over Kyle and the racist comments

she said she has a veto and she has an HOH 

and Terrance asks do you think that weighs more ? She said you have a veto and you can change the game. 

he is laying out how the votes would work if he is kept and one of them win HOH. Including Monte and Turner 


Taylor asked if he talked to Brittany and Terrance explains that Brittany said it would be good for her game if he stayed 


Taylor asked if he talked to Michael Terrance stated Michael said if you come to me with a good pitch he would listen. he says he doesn’t have a good pitch yet 


Taylor says are you telling me Alyssa lied to my face since you came back into the house? 

Terrance said I have no reason to lie to your face, but I will tell you some of the things she said out there


He said do you know how much anger I have inside of me with what went on during DF? He still said I would love to have him Joseph still in the game, 

he said Joseph said he was in two beds Ameerahs and Taylor’s and he was still here. Terrance said Joseph was a double agent! He was a good double agent.

Terrance said in retrospect he should have put Alyssa up and got her out ..outside 


5:53pm He said Alyssa came to him when they both got put up and said don’t worry I am not gonna campaign against you, and what was the first freaking thing she did was go up there to Michael and say Terrance this Terrance That … 


convo switches to Kyle … and Kyle told him he thought him and Michael were tight and Kyle was pissed he didn’t get picked by Michael 


Taylor is telling him about says he was supposed to use the Veto so they could get Alyssa out. 

Terrance said OHHHHHH he was supposed to use the veto to get Alyssa out … Joseph was campaigning to get Alyssa out and Kyle was campaigning to get Joseph out …



Taylor shares they told Kyle that he needed to go outside and handle it to get Alyssa out during DF. 

Terrance said he only had two options break up a showmance or a Bromance. 
He says Joseph brought up you never wanted to use that veto to get Alyssa out

and Kyle spun that you always wanted to get Terrance out. And that’s why she needs to know she is NOT you you think she is. 


6:00pm…Feeds cut WBRB


6:01pm feeds back and Terrance is telling Taylor they need to work together he said Nicole would never get a vote from him 


Taylor tells him about season three and how someone was in the diary room and the things that were said and was sitting next to the pretty little white girl Lisa and they chose Lisa over Danielle. …Feeds cut in and out …

Terrance said and they chose her? Over Danielle. 

Terrance is saying how they have to play the game and watch what they say, but they don’t. We have to work together G


He said he feels in his opinion Alyssa could ride Michael out and sit next to him and win. She could Freak him and she could Freak you too! 

He is talking about how the jury will see Michael 

Taylor said just bitter as hell, can see how they will blame Michael for getting him out and vote her to win. 

Taylor said you wouldn’t wait until after veto? he said if he is HOH he would put up Turner Michael, he said they tried the backdoor …dumbplan. he said he would put him straight up. Everyone plays in the veto it would be 5 against one. 










6:11pm talk continues and they laugh. Taylor asking if he made any promises and Terrance said he didn’t make any promises to anyone. 

Terrance gets up someone called up to Diary Room and they both moan about the timing 

he gets up to leave and Taylor said have you talked to Monte straight forward like this

he said he talked to Monte and he knows more way more than you think.

she asked he knows about the alliances and he said Monte knows a lot more than you think ..

He goes to leave

6:14pm Taylor looks up at the camera and says …I know way to much now … spins and says I don’t want to know this much …and say where is Monte. She goes back to fixing the beds when ….


BOB tells her to go to the diary room upstairs 

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6:19 Taylor returns to her bed and terrance says you ready part 2 

Taylor laughs and says you know the saying ..ignorance is bliss and they both laugh and say come on 


Taylor says before we come here Turner wins HOH and said we need to bring Monty in he is another feather in our cap..


Terrance talks about when monte was on the block and how mad he was ..and Taylor says that irritates her that people complain about try being up there eviction night


he talks about when things went south with Kyle  and Taylor wants to know who was plan B ..he explains both of you all were pawns the plan was to get Michael out but he wins veto and Kyle goes well there goes plan A ..there was no plan B.


Taylor asks if he is on board if the vote is to keep you? He said it would be us, Taylor said it would be the three of us Monte her Terrance and he said and Turner.


6:28pm she said ok ..Michael wins veto who goes up? You gonna put me up? You gonna put me up..

Terrance said I need your help with that she says you would put me up ..I would not put you he gets serious and said no, we gotta stop this G I would not put you up we got to work together.


Taylor says you gotta talk to everyone and Terrance says I don’t, I just need to talk to the three people [ Monte, Taylor and Brittany ] who want me here not the one who don’t and points to Turners bed.


9:31pm Taylor talks about Brittany and she doesn’t think she will go against Taylor’s vote and Terrance says if it’s me this week make sure it’s her next week flip a coin. 

he goes on to say it wasn’t just Kyle by himself, he said the way they said it ..

he said we are coming up on double evictions ..look they close the yard today at 12 o’clock he said this may be the week. He said from here on out everyone plays veto 



FEEDS CUT to Turner and Alyssa talking about how he cannot trust her she said she has no game. WOW she straight up lied. 

Turner leaves and Alyssa said send in whoever..he runs into Monte 

Turner shares with Monte that Britt made a final two with Alyssa and that  Britt also made a final two with Turner,


Turner asked Her who would you put up and he said I don’t know And he said alyssa said she wouldn’t put up Britt Turner said he busted her bubble and said that Britney made a final two with me too. He said you need to tell her she made a final two you 


9:39pm FEEDS CUT  back to Terrance and Taylor

Terrence is saying how you didn’t want us to align you don’t want us to get the forces behind us but now look what we’re gonna  do,  he said we need to align and work together. He doesn’t like the fractures that happened between him and Taylor. 

he said Nicole wanted to keep you in the game when she was on the block and Taylor asks who did he said Nicole, Ameerah. She said Oh yeah yeah want to keep me but no one told me you know where I was …out there on a ducking island. 

Monte said he was mad because you never owned up to wanting him out, you never came up to him and Terrance said he told him man you have to go to her 

Taylor asked before DF or after DF Terrance  says after …


Turner interrupts and says damn you still talking it has been like six hours and Taylor laughs and Terrence laugh and say no we’re not talking about game Taylor says we’re talking about laughing about stuff that happened early in the game

6:45pm she leaves and Turner says he wanted to have one on one …

Terrance says damn bro I am trying to make peace with that woman. 

Terrance say why the duck am I really on the block. He said she has never touched the block on eviction night … and she would have the Jury votes to win. 
he says you got more irons in the fire next week, there is moves to be made and no one wants to make them.He said that no one wants to play an individual game right now and he just wanted to talk to Turner and figure out what his game was with his plans were and he wanted. 

Turner asks if he talked to Brittany and Terrence goes on to say that he didn’t talk to Brittany and Brittany told him that he was good for her game and she hasn’t talk to anybody else and she would vote to keep him but she doesn’t know where everyone else stands but I think if you were to Brittany  and you can definitely add me and you get Monte there you go. 

6:51pm Terrance talks about everyone playing veto and he can’t win, but he has to go straight up. He tells Turner this has to be a double because they closed the yard today it has to be Turner agrees. 

Terrance said it is the same ducking feeling coming back in from DF. Turner tells Terrance you got my vote to stay and they bro hug it out Turner goes to leave and says anyone you want to see next and Terrance say send in Monte I gotta get that stamp in! 

Turner leaves and goes to kitchen ..FEEDS FOLLOW …


6:53pm Taylor is in the kitchen ragging on Turner about drinking coffee this late? He said I am going to hit the bike..


Michael is on the bike and Turner hops on, Michael says he has not done a thing today 

Turner complains the bike is too hard Michael adjusts it and Turner gives a play by play of how much nothing he has done …orange chair, coffee, DR, coffee and now on a bike. 

6:56pm he ask Michael if Hayden is coming out Michael says probably. Turner starts naming people to come out He shouts out to Megan and get in touch with Hayden and  He and Michael start naming people to come out. 


Alyssa and Monte whispering 

6:59pm FEEDS CUT BACK to the workout room .general chit chat about after show 






7:03pm switch feeds to Alyssa and Monte whispering very low …

Alyssa says she is an emotional person but will not play emotionally 

she asks Monte to keep her Monte says Terrance is not really having any hope of staying. So she is good. He asks her who else she wants to talk to and she says that’s it except for Britt and Monte makes crazy circle finger and says I think she’s up there pointing up. 

Alyssa says I hope they cant  hear us ..Monte says as long as they whisper but talking yeah .. she then asks normal about dinner and salmon 


Monte leaves ..she sits for a moment then goes to open the door and Brittany is there! 
she invites her in to chat says she wants to touch base with everybody. She just wants to just get thru this week. She wants to stay calm this week. 

Brittany says she was in meditation room and was with Turner and Monte comes in and says well we might as well check in and see what is going on here…

Britt said  I saw Taylor was in the room talking with Terrence like that isn’t a giveaway


10:12pm Brittany says no one is coming up to her talking came and she doesn’t feel she cant go up to them and  talk game, talking about she gets nervous. 

Alyssa say yeah no one is talking game with me either 


Britt say she told Terrance things don’t look good for him and encouraged him to play for veto. 
Alyssa is whispering … [can’t make out what she is saying ~Witch67]

Britt say s he is going to poison the well against Michael so ….

Alyssa whispering .. 
Britt says she just feels some kinda way she doesn’t want to promise anything to anyone ..

Alyssa agrees and said we just need to get thru this week and then next week 

they stop talking game and Alyssa says she is going to the bathroom 



Michael and Turner still biking it and talking about life in general and places.


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10:21pm Turner says his ass is destroyed on that bike and leaves as Britt comes on and they are talking about outside BB


Britt says she can’t wait to take a walk outside the house, Michael agrees and hope the weather will still be nice and how the weather can get in Minnesota.


Michael says he can’t wait to catch up to everybody 

Britt says yeah one of her friends could have gotten engaged, any one pregnant ? 
she said her sister is getting married at the end of her pregnancy. 



FEEDS CUT to Alyssa and Turner are now talking 


Alyssa is whispering so low … 

she is repeating what Britt said and how she said she is not talking game to everyone ..

Turner is rolling his eyes and saying Oh God of Course! Alyssa said yeah I think she’s just trying to get some information from me and Turner said yeah so she can come and say this is what Alyssa said 


They are talking about Michael and Brittany and Alyssa says Oh God I hope they don’t blow up..and Turner says I hope they do!

Alyssa saysnot while  I’m on the block and he goes well what you got two votes and he gets to vote if it’s a tie we just need to get to Taylor


Turner is saying that we need to sway Taylor and Brittany even told him we need to sway TAYLOR but she’s kind of going back-and-forth but Alyssa says TAYLOR says there’s nothing Terrence could say to her that would get her to keep him

Alyssa says she just can’t with Britt she just know she can’t …Turner says oh I agree I can’t with Brittany either she’s gonna be target for everyone next week. 

Turner goes on to say who the fuck cares if Brittany blows up in the middle the house is it gonna hurt me isn’t gonna hurt anyone she’s gonna hurt her


he said it to make sure that if Taylor wins she targets Brittany

he suggest if Taylor approaches her don’t say you don’t know anything.. 

Alyssa says she was gonna say she didn’t know anything

he said no you need to let her know you know everything. 

10:32pm they talk about how this never works when someone panics and makes deals with everyone. 
Alyssa  asked who Terrance is talking to right now Turner says Monte.. 

Alyssa said not Taylor and he said he didn’t see Taylor thinks she is in DR


Turner leaves and Alyssa lays down and stares off into space



back to Michael and Brittany talking in Workout Room ..talking about life outside game 



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Monday/Tuesday overnights


12:15am BBT Taylor & Britt get together. Who is our target next week? Britt is not sure Monte/Turner would vote out Alyssa next week. Taylor wonders who is Alyssa's target. Monte, Britt thinks.

1:00am BBT Monte/Taylor are playing pool. Turner sprays for ants. Maybe we won't play pool, Monte thinks. Britt goes to bed. Monte asks Taylor if there are any new developments. No, she says. Britt is acting different, he thinks. She wants Turner up, Taylor says.

1:05am BBT Monte suggests Taylor ask Britt if she talks game with Taylor and see what she says. Taylor goes inside to get her water bottle and Turner/Monte play ladderball. Turner says Britt is imploding. She wants us to go after each other, Monte says, 

1:10am BBT Monte continues to to vent to Turner. Taylor seems blind when it comes to Britt. She has to see Britt is acting strange. Michael has to be suspicious. (if they aren't worried about her, you have your answer). Taylor returns and talk goes back to Ladderball.

1:30am BBT Terrance is in bed. He's excited about tomorrow, he tells the camera. He thanks live feeders for rocking w/the old man this season. He has an uphill battle now. His BB role model was Cliff (BB21) who fought to stay in the game. He hopes he makes Cliff proud.

1:35am BBT Terrance knows there are 1000 who would trade places w/him & he's pulling on that energy to strengthen him. Never count the kid out. He's going to sleep because it's going to be Showtime tomorrow. He should have been a lawyer - he's making his closing remarks.

1:37am BBT Terrance says all he needs to do is focs on the small details and try to crack it open an inch. 

1:40am BBT Monte pushes his theory to Taylor about Britt trying to get them all to target Michael. Taylor promises not to tell Britt but wonders if they should express their concerns to Michael. When the time is right, Monte says.

1:42a BBT Monte recalls all the times they could have taken out Michael but didn't. They just have to hope he slips on Veto. Taylor would not be upset if they put up Michael. It's the following week, Monte worries, it's my *ss. Taylor promises to protect him if he does.

1:44am BBT Taylor suggests a F3 with her and Britt (has she even been listening to Monte?). Monte can't talk to her, it's just weird. Taylor asks if he's talked to Terrance He gave him a pitch, Monte says. Taylor says they can talk about Britt after eviction. 

1:46am BBT Monte brings up that the Michael/Britt timing on the Kyle thing was sketchy. Taylor says it's weird if Britt thinks Monte/Turner are close and then she offers Turner a F2. Monte says she's trying to cover her *ss in case Michael is evicted. 

1:48am BBT Monte doesn't think Britt checked with Michael befor emaking all these F2 deals. She's running her own game. We can't act on it until Michael's gone. We can compare notes, Taylor says. She agrees Britt is more distant lately. 

1:50am BBT Monte tells Taylor that Turner said Britt told him Taylor is getting too close to Monte (did you follow that?). Monte says Michael/Britt should have told them about Kyle during Big Brochella and they could have talked about it. What if Kyle had won HoH?

1:55am BBT In HoH, Michael tells Turner he worries others will want to drag Terrance to the end and won't evict him. Turner isn't intimidated by either Alyssa or Britt in a comp. It doesn't matter what Alyssa does with noms, they have the votes. 

1:57am BBT Turner thinks the girls want Monte to put him up. Michael says he's started wondering if Britt would put him up. If Alyssa wins HoH, would she listen to you if you said Britt was leaking information, then put put her up? 

1:59am BBT Michael thinks Taylor will take a shot at the two of them and but him and Turner up. He doesn't know what changed with Britt. She decided 2nd place wasn't good enough, Turner tells him. She's playing all sides, Michael says, he didn't expect this from her.

2:01am BBT Turner tells Michael if it's physical, he or Monte could win. Michael thinks Taylor isn't good under pressure, she gets frustrated easily. They think Britt will continue to try to work everyone. They go downstairs to play pool, joining Monte.

2:05am BBT Britt is lying to someone, Monte tells Michael/Turner. What do we do? Nothing? Change the vote? Michael says no, Terrance would put him up. He thinks Britt and Taylor's votes Thursday will show their cards. Taylor feels wierd about Britt too, Monte says.

2:15am BBT Michael says Britt thinks she can beat Turner F2. Turner says she called them both middle-of-the-road players. It was 5:30am, Monte quips, maybe she was sleep deprived. It gave me Nicole vibes, Turner shivers. 

2:19am BBT Michael says Britt was calmer during the Festie Besties (she was more protected with Michael as a bigger target). He notes that when they get to F5, the bonus money kicks in. 

2:21am BBT Michael says Britt said she could have won BB Comics if she hadn't fallen. That's like me saying I could have won the envelopes if I had picked the right one. Monte says he'd nom Alyssa/Britt if he won HoH. He's not worried about Britt winning and staying.

2:23am BBT Monte says he, Turner and Michael are a 3-headed monstor (maybe that should be their alliance name). Taylor comes outside and all monster talk ends. There are dead ants on the pool table (they sprayed it earlier) so they play Ladderball instead.

3:25am BBT Michael/Taylor/Turner/Monte play Chinese Checkers in the BY. They believe they will lose the BY at noon Tuesday. 

4:15am BBT The Chinese Checkers game ends. Taylor gets her sheets from the dryer and trades them for her comforter to wash next. The guys play cornhole. 

4:30am BBT All the HG but Taylor give their shout-outs, perform their bedtime ADLs and crawl into bed. Taylor is alone in the BY playing cornhole. She says she never wants to go to sleep while they have the BY. She sits on the BY couch and contemplates.

5:00am BBT Taylor returns inside, prepares for bed and goes to sleep. 

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Filling in some Tuesday gaps:


10:53am BBT Alyssa/Britt on the BY couch talking about Turner's game play and Michael winning all the Vetos. Turner isn't talking game with Alyssa - he just says he's got her back. He won't say anything more.

10:57am BBT Monte joins Alyssa/Britt in the BY and talk turns to dragonflies & hummingbirds. Alyssa thinks it's unfair to the butterflies that come into the BY and all the plants are fake. Britt saw butterflies after her aunt died and wondered if there was meaning in it.

11:00am BBT Monte tells Alyssa/Britt Turner/Michael were up late playing Ladderball and Chinese Checkers. Alyssa says she saw Taylor early in the AM switching laundry. Terrance is eating scrambled eggs in the KT by himself.

11:03am BBT Monte/Alyssa/Britt talk about how much avocado and salmon they have. They are going to use the BY in about an hour. Talk turns to the end of summer and school starting. 

11:46am BBT Britt is in the KT having made avocado toast, talking with Terrance about post-BB plans. Terrance doesn't want to go back to driving a bus. Alyssa is jogging in the BY. Monte is sneaking in a nap in the loft. BB: No napping, HG! 

11:55am BBT Taylor checks on her laundry then returns to bed in the GBR. Turner is awake and getting coffee in the KT. Britt tells him he has 10m before the BY closes. Alyssa comes in, fills her water bottle, and heads to the gym to ride the exercise bike. 

12:07pm BBT BB reminds HG they must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Alyssa adds a weight to the bike. Terrance tries to meet with Michael in HoH but he's still asleep. Tell me when you're ready, he says, heading back downstairs. Alyssa finishes on the bike.

12:20pm BBT Alyssa takes a shower. Turner has been in the chair under the stairs for the last half hour, listening to construction sounds in the BY. They are really going at it, he says. Taylor is asleep in the GBR. Michael is asleep in HoH. 

12:30pm BBT Alyssa is making breakfast and asks Turner who left a dirty pan in the KT. Turner didn't see anyone (Terrance made eggs before any of the HG were awake). They talk about the construction noises coming from the BY. 

3:40pm BBT Monte is alone in the gym doing shoutouts. He thanks the guy who took over his fitness clients. 

3:55pm BBT Britt tells Alyssa she can fall asleep almost anywhere (that's a trait shared by all the HG). She about recording stuff for friends. Alyssa heads to the WA and Britt is still talking about her plans. She offers to interview Monte on the live feeds.

4:05pm BBT Alyssa suggests leftovers for lunch, maybe pulled pork on nachos. Terrance likes that idea (all that exercising undone by nachos for lunch). BB finally game them good lunch meat, she says. 

4:10pm BBT In the gym, Monte says people make excuses for not exercising, saying they don't have time. He has to change their mindset. Britt says she also makes excuses about not having enough time. Negative thoughts prevent action, she says, it's powerful.

4:13pm BBT Britt tells Monte one approach to acting is taking action first, then feelings will come through. Another is to explore the feelings, then act on them. In the KT, Alyssa tells Terrance she's going to make cookies. (Did she feel like it or just acting like it?)

4:15pm BBT Alyssa says the chocolate chips will expire 2 months after they are home from BB. Should she crush the M&Ms? Terrance says yes. She puts them in a bag and then hits them with a rolling pin. 

4:25pm BBT Michael comes downstairs and Alyssa says she had nothing better to do so she decided to bake. They'll get eaten, Michael promises her. She apologizes if her banging with the rolling pin woke him up. 

4:30pm BBT In the gym, Monte tells Britt about his fitness podcast. He will talk about nutrition. Britt checks in with her nutrionist weekly. Monte suggests a podcast. She has a list of healthy foods to eat. Monte prefers to add good foods rather than take food away.

4:33pm BBT Monte explains to Britt the brain doesn't like things taken away. It feels like punishment, Britt agrees. You say don't and the brain says do. Monte sets a fixed budget for food. He buys the healthy stuff first then has no money left for bad stuff.

4:36pm BBT Monte says he got into fitness during COVID. He played sports in HS but his knees were bad. He didn't really start working out until COVID. He wonders if Turner is in the DR - he hasn't seen him. Just lounging, Britt tells him.

4:50pm BBT In the KT, Michael doesn't like jogging in the BY - too little room. He and Alyssa agree night swims are nice. Alyssa takes out her cookies and they look good. Talk turns to Halloween and Trick or Treating. Britt said she had 39 visitors last year.

5:10pm BBT Michael's mom made him stop trick-or-treating after 3rd grade. For Alyssa, it was 6th grade. Michael learned the Tooth Fairy was fake when he found all his baby teeth in a drawer. He figured out Santa a year later. Britt got coins & candy from the Tooth Fairy.

5:12pm BBT Alyssa's teeth were worth a dollar, she says. Michael got quarters. He says a kid in his class got $20 bills. Britt wants her kids to believe in Santa but her sister-in-law doesn't. She thinks it's wrong to lie to kids. 

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Closing out Tuesday's updates:


7:34pm BBT Michael tells Britt that Hayden is salaried and gets 27 vacation days per year. He works over 40hrs a week & needs the time off to avoid burnout. Michael says he's allowed 1 day per month (at the Escape Room). Britt says contractors at her workplace get none.

7:36pm BBT Michael tells Britt when he worked in IT, he had 9 hour days and got every other Friday off. Britt says when she worked at Meta, they wanted her to work longer days. Michael didn't like 9 hour days because it would get dark early.

7:44p BBT Terrance tells Monte he replays everything in his head all day long. He told Michael he has a part and a responsibility in the Kyle sh*t. Michael said he's threatening the Jury. Monte says he loves it, because no one will see it coming. 

7:46pm BBT Terrance is going to walk around the house like he usually does as if he's going hoime. Monte assures him he needs him and Taylor to take the shot next week. He promises Terrance to see what he can do. Monte goes to the SR and puts his hands on his head.

7:55pm BBT Alyssa checks in with Taylor with Turner, who says Britt offered him F2 and told him Taylor/Alyssa had a F2 plan to bring him to the end because he could be beat. At 5:30am this morning, Britt told him there was an all girls alliance and all men were targets.

8:00pm BBT Taylor believes Turner and says she's seen a shift in Britt the last couple days. Now she knows why. Turner says Britt said Taylor was targeting him and Michael. Do what you want with this info, Turner says.

8:02pm BBT Taylor tells Turner if she put him on the block next week he wouldn't have been the target. She asks if she was his target when she was on the block with Britt. Turner quips he was indifferent. Taylor says Britt's targets next week are Turner/Alyssa.

8:04pm BBT Turner tells Taylor that Alyssa told him that Britt said he wanted Taylor out over Terrance. Britt was pitching it in the CBR. Turner asks Taylor to agree not to put each other up next week. He asks if she's OK with Britt/Alyssa being nom next week?

8:06pm BBT Taylor says Turner may still be on the block next week but reiterates he's not her target. She's not making any promises in advance because that was a mistake last time. 

8:08pm BBT Taylor says she put a lot of trust in Britt. First she trusted Joe, then Britt. She's not easily put trusting anyone at this point. If Britt is Turner's target, Taylor says, she's OK with him doing his thing. Turner promises she won't go up anyway.

8:10pm BBT In HoH, Britt says if Taylor switches to Monte, she'll be screwed, Monte doesn't care about her. Britt has tried to be gentle with her. She thinks someone told Taylor something that spooked her. If Turner/Monte win HoH, we're in trouble.

8:12pm BBT Britt tells Michael maybe she went at Turner too hard and Turner spooked Taylor. Or maybe she said something that spooked Taylor. Michael tells her to not come across looking desperate. Britt agrees, she can't overplay. He asks her to send Terrance up.

8:16pm BBT Alone, Michael looks at the camera and rolls his eyes. Terrance comes into HoH and says he was hoping to have a better pitch but he's had no confirmations. Michael assures him people are considering it. 

8:18pm BBT Terrance promises if he wins HoH, he'd do whatever Michael wanted and he wouldn't have any blood on his hands. He would be a soldier in his fight. He would go after Turner because of DF and probably Monte because Michael doesn't want Taylor nom.

8:20pm BBT Terrance explains to Michael how the F3 HoH comps work. Michael patiently listens. Terrance reminds him he won an HoH & Veto comp b2b. Britt told him she'd like to vote for him but the votes are not there. Michael doesn't know if Alyssa has the votes either.

10:20pm BBT After dinner, Britt/Taylor talk. Britt trusts Monte. They have 3 different plans and just need to pick one. They all have pro's and cons. They had Tacos for dinner & Turner doesn't feel well. The rest of the HG are playing games. 

10:30pm BBT Monte lays down in the CBR. Alyssa finds him and says he told her to make sure he didn't lay down (so he would sleep through the night). Too late, Monte says. Turner and Terrance lay down in the CBR too. Instead of sleeping, they talk about house decorating.

10:40pm BBT Terrance says he bought his first house when he was 28. His first wife took it in the divorce. He lived in his parents' condo for a while, then his 3rd wife's house. Turner asks how do you go about buying a house? You start with what rooms you need, he says.

10:42pm BBT Terrance is talking about how to buy a house. After you know what you want, you go to a bank and run your credit to find out how much house you can afford. Then you go to a realtor and they show you possible homes that meet your needs and price range.

10:44pm BBT Terrance continues his lecture on home buying. Once you make an offer, you pay for a home inspection to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it. Then you try to finance a down payment separate from a 15 or 30 year mortgage. He suggests a credit union.

10:48pm BBT Turner says he got a car loan once, but paid it off. It did nothing for his credit (not true, that's how you build credit). He tried to start a shuttle bus company but was denied a business loan (that has more to do w/ having a solid business plan & equity).

10:50pm BBT Terrance says you have to buy stuff you don't need to build credit (no, you just need to pay for the things you buy). It took him 6mo to raise his business credit and that took forever. Turner was told he needs to be bring in $250k to get a $30k loan.

10:52pm BBT Terrance never certified his business and was using an address that was not his home, but is trying to make it legit (that maybe something he should have kept to himself). He tells Uncle Sam he's not making any money. he has tons of write-offs. 

10:54pm BBT Turner says in his first year, his costs were higher than his revenues, so he paid no taxes. Terrance says this was not only his first time applying to BB, it was his first time applying for anything. He watched BB but was lost as h*ll coming into the house.

10:56pm BBT Terrance tells Turner he's far ahead in his life. Really, Turner asks? Fire! Terrance says there are people his age still with no direction. Turner says he applied last year and didn't make the final cut, and didn't apply this year but they called him. 

11:00pm BBT Terrance shuts his eyes. Turner is called to the DR and say F*ck. Monte is already asleep and Terrance startsto snore. Alyssa asks if they should shut the door to the CBR. He doesn't answer so she does.

11:13pm BBT BB turns off the lights in the CBR. In the GBR, Britt/Alyssa/Taylor try to form the Vulcan greeting with their hands. Alyssa thinks Taylor looks 22, not 27. Taylor thought they would each get 3 Zings and BB would pick the best one. Britt says it was awkward.

11:15pm BBT Taylor is surprised there hasn't been an America's Vote. Britt says they may have had one and if it wasn't used, they weren't told (ding ding). Taylor wonders if there could be a battle-back. Too late, Britt says. It would've been pre-Jury, Alyssa says.

11:29pm BBT The girls head to the KT for ice cream & cupcakes. Turner comes out of the DR and asks where everyone is. They say Michael is taking a bath upstairs. Michael coems downstairs after his bath. Britt says muffins could be breakfast or dessert. 

11:31pm BBT Michael went to a Panera Bread and the menu said add a bakery item for 99 cents. He asked for a bagel and they said that wasn't a bakery item. They couldn't explain what it was if not a bakery item. He refused to pay the extra 40 cents for it.

11:33pm BBT Taylor wants a Chiptle Unlimited Black Card, It's given to celebrities. Someone on TikTok traded a Chipotle Black Card for a house. They discuss whether the 1st and 2nd place HG get an interview with JCM after the show (they used to appear on The Talk w/her).

11:35pm BBT Michael says in earlier seasons, the 3rd place HG got more time with the Jury (now they join them on the live finale). Taylor wonders if this season won't have a DE (yep, it will).

11:38pm BBT Maybe the 3rd place person will leave early and the F2 will get the house alone for a week. Michael says the feeds will be boring (they are). Michael and Britt think America voted on something for Dyre Fest (nope). 

11:40pm BBT Michael invites them up to HoH. Taylor declines, saying she wants to lay down. Michael says Monte used to go to bed early but now he naps and stays up late. Jasmine would go to bed so early, Britt recalls. She tried to stay up on night and was miserable.

11:45pm BBT Britt/Taylor/Turner/Michael are in HoH. They start talking movies. Michael sees Alyssa on the HoH Spy Screen and calls down to her to come up. 

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