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Friday, September 2, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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2:48AM BBT Michael actually going through with Kyle's request to share the info with Alyssa that he thinks she is kind and genuinely cares about her. Alyssa cries. Zingbot told her she was dead weight and useless. Alyssa says she will work with Michael. She'll give him info. Michael asks for Dyre fest. Alyssa says both Kyle and Jos said things. She says Kyle spilled first. She says when she came back in the house she didn't tell Michael because she didnt know who to trust. She said Kyle told her about the pound and their final 4 and she's only telling Michael. She names Turner, Monte, Kyle and Joseph were the pound. She's hoping this info builds trust with Michael. 

2:55 AM Michael says he won't put up Turner because he put up Kyle last week. 

Michael tells her people won't want to sit next to her at the end because she had a good social game. 

2:59 Alyssa lets Michael know that she knows he is thinking through every decision. She says everyone gave her info on the LO. She is claiming Kyle told Terrance about the alliance first and then told Turner that they had to tell Alyssa (we know Kyle told Alyssa first)

3:07 AM BBT Alyssa giving Michael info on what was going in during Dyre fest. She talks about the pitches Joseph had where he said her back. She says he named Michael in final 4 with Tay, Britt. Michael denies he says these conversations literally never happened. He goes into their week with Jasmine. 


3:14 BBT Michael and Britt chat in hoh room. They say no one is excited when Michael wins. Britt says she wants to yell and run around but she dials it down. They discuss who to evict. Michael thinks Terrance but thinks if he puts her up next to Terrance everyone will want to send Alyssa home.

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3:15AM BBT Michael says he would want to keep Alyssa in case of a double eviction next week. ANd that in the event of a double Terrance would perform better in a competition. They discuss Alyssa's Zing. And that he Zingbot had to repeat it twice because she didn't understand it the first time. They say she was delusional that she thinks she was playing the game. The confirm that Alyssa and Terrance will go up.


3:19 Michael and Britt discuss possibly backdooring Monte. Britt thinks they need to get Turner soon. If it was a spinning comp she thinks that she won't do well but that she would do better than Turner. 

Michael says he knows that they are waiting to take a shot at him so he can't give them a chance.

Britt says Taylor thinks that she and Britt have a final 2. 

Britt says Zingbot made fun of her face and Michael's face but he better get used to them because they'll be sitting in final 2 chairs. 

Britt wonders why there hasn't been an AMerica vote.


3:29 BBT Britt seems to genuinely think Monte would have gone up instead of Kyle if none of last week's drama had happened. (I think it would have been Michael. I think Michael thinks it would have been Michael).


3:34 Michael says Turner mentioned reheating the leftovers. They worry about what Turner would do if he wins veto.

They don't think Monte is throwing comps. They don't think Monte is a huge fan of the show. (Michael is mentioning exactly what comps were when last year)

Michael hopes for Bowlerina for veto comp tomorrow. 

Michael never in a million years thought he would be in a position of having to win or being sent out. (He's happy about making it to this far in the game and being perceived as a comp beast).

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9:04 am Washroom Terrance used facilities and washed hands, putting in contacts, brushing teeth etc. 

2 feeds on him and other two on Alyssa sleeping.


Terrance lifting up his shirt searching for his abs. 

[I do think his workouts are paying off, he look slimmer since entering the house ~ Witch67]



9:10am Bob - Terrance please put on your microphone -


Terrance puts on microphone and goes into workout room and starts his routine on the bike. 
 2 cams on Terrance riding 2 cams on Alyssa sleeping 


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9:18am Feeds Cut


9:21 am Feeds Return Golf bedroom ..Looks like Brittany is getting out of bed and looking for clothes, straightening drawers.


Terrance still riding bike, hands free now. 

Brittany is changing batteries in her mic in storage and returns to golf room  

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11:18AM BBT

Michael is eating some toast.

[I know, these updates are boring. Sorry! -MamaLong]



11:42AM BBT

Terrance makes a sandwich



12:09PM BBT

Terrance is in the kitchen peeling some boiled eggs. Taylor is resting in her bed alone in the Golf Pro Bedroom. No one else is on camera.


12:14PM BBT

Taylor is still fast asleep despite loud kitchen noise while Monte and Terrance prep food.



12:29PM BBT

Turner is still sleeping. This is the time in the season where Bob seems to start allowing more napping.



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2:44PM BBT

Alyssa is asleep in her bed. There isn't much going on with these final 7 HGs



3:00PM BBT

Monte, Terrance and Brittany are talking about human connections and finding the right person. Terrance says when he met Tracey, there were instant sparks. Brittany says she referred to Steven as her husband as soon as she met him.





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4:30PM BBT

The feeds have returned.

Michael nominated Terrance and Alyssa.

Taylor: I am going to fight tooth and nail to make sure you don't go anywhere.

Alyssa: Thank you

Alyssa asks Turner if they can talk. They head to the Space Age Bedroom

Turner: What's up Buddy?

Alyssa: A lot.

Turner: I figured.

Alyssa tells Turner that she talked with Michael and told him some things about The Leftovers but didn't tell anything that would Turner in danger.

Turner: Okay

Alyssa tells him she loves him, and Turner says he knows for a fact that Alyssa is not the target. They begin discussing that Terrance is Michael's target.

Turner: I am never going to vote you out. You're gonna have my vote until  the freakin' end.



4:40PM BBT

[I'm out for the night. -MamaLong]

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4:45pm BBT Monte comforts Alyssa who is crying over Kyle's eviction. He wasn't just a friend, she says, he was everything (you had a hot/cold way of showing it). I need a friend right now, she says. I'm talking to you as a friend, Monte says. 

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6:52pm HOH. Michael  came up to HOH with new sheets he has a nose bleed earlier, from the dry hot/ cold inside air he thinks. 
[I always wash new sheets before putting them on bed]
He is talking to himself about what kind of snacks he wants  as he goes thru HOH mini fridge 

Michael brought down all the salads that go bad tomorrow and said they are fair game for everyone. 

Monte, Terrance, Taylor playing Chinese Checkers in the Kitchen area 


6:55pm Feeds cut WBRB message 


6:56pm Feeds back to Chinese Checkers game 


6:58 pm all feeds on Chinese checkers game with Michael Monte Taylor and Turner 


Alyssa is sitting at the Kitchen Island zoning out into space.


Brittany has joined Alyssa at the kitchen island, and Alyssa gets up 


all feeds on the Kitchen. 


7:07pm Feeds cut to WBRB 


7:09pm feeds back to the kitchen Chinese Checkers game. Alyssa has returned to kitchen island 


7:12pm Brittany was called to the DR downstairs.


Terrance has been missing in action



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6:45pm BBT In the SR, Michael tells Britt/Alyssa that Terrance threatened to turn the Jury against him. He's going to give him space. He said things he didn't mean when he was put up against Ameerah. (For Jury Management, Michael needs to blunt anything Terrance says).

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7:16pm Chinese Checkers game ends. Turner won. Taylor go gets in bed and puts headband over eyes 


Terrance is spotted in cars bedroom with Sunglasses on


Feeds cut back to kitchen Alyssa is eating a salad. Monte is eating cookies that Alyssa made earlier. Monte says if no one is going to eat the French toast he is gonna eat it.

alyssa asked when he made it ..


Monte says considering when we woke up ..this afternoon 

Turner says he is gonna be up to 4am 


7:20 Monte is called to DR a downstairs


Terrance is awake and in the Kitchen getting something to eat 

Michael shares he brought down a bunch of salads and wraps from the HOH and they are free game 


Turner, Michael and Alyssa are sitting at the Kitchen Island talking about Indy kept forgetting there were cameras everywhere 


Bob tells Taylor no napping.Taylor whispers I am not napping I feel sick? 


7:23pm Monte is back from DR and warming up French toast.


Alyssa is called to DR downstairs 



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8:50 pm Car Bedroom Terrance and Monte whispering about Terrance conversation with Michael earlier. It is hard to hear. Terrance is going over how he told Michael the timing was good for his game, and Michael gave that as a reason questioning his motives is the reason he went up.

Terrance tells Monte he will not vote for either one of those two so someone else has to be sitting up there next to one of them.


whispering about how Brittany is pulling Alyssa in with them. Going over scenarios of how the game would have been if this info hadn’t came out. 

Monte is telling Terrance when he was working with them, they are calculating and they do not make decisions based on emotions ..they knew what they were doing 


Monte says they lost me, they don’t know it ..he said after they pulled that bullshit in the house meeting how this was bad for your game..bullshit you waited two weeks and you can’t say this is bad for your game, 


Terrance says he is going out telling Monte to kick their ass. He will be all up in the Jury house like indy in the Kitchen. Telling it all


Monte says Michael can’t play in HOH next week ..he will be sitting on the side lines.

one of us wins ..we put up Michael and Brittany go up, Michael wins, we put up whoever and vote Brittany out.


Terrance says when I walk out that door you gotta go crazy. I will help you guys from jury. 
[sounds like Terrance is going to not care what he says this week ~Witch67]


Monte says he was all prepared to go up against Indy ..but then they pull that bullshit against Kyle. ..he say if we do not take a shot and just sit here Michael will win the game. 

Monte said whoever is sitting next to him, if Brittany is out automatically wins because of the way they sat on this info 


Terrance says Michael is already in his own head about what he said to him. 


they discuss Taylor and she has to know she is third place she just has to know

and Brittany knows she isn’t going to win this game ..so why are you going to take up a place from someone who wants to play and play to win.


Monte says they are mind fucking Taylor as his father would say after  the first week when they were ostracizing Taylor. he said Brittany started being on her hip, hey you got a friend, I am here for you


Turner comes in and convo stops ..He asked if he is interrupting and says he just needs his soap ..they say no we just chilling 


he said Joseph was the same way with her but Taylor in her mind is thinking these are the people who have had my back since I was ostracized the first week .   

Terrance says you need to tell her she needs to do what’s best for her, because they have been doing what’s best for them ..by bringing her in. 

Terrance says he is going to try and have a real good talk to her about perceptions


feeds go out and come right back 


Terrance says he is gonna talk to Jasmine about what went down and how they felt. 

monte says low key conspiracy after Zingbot and who got the worse things 

he said usually about uses info from what America thinks and who got the zing zing 


Terrance says his was even a zing Monte agrees 

even Taylor’s wasn’t bad. 


Monte says he has a suspicion that America isn’t happy 


Monte says when Julie has her hair all tied up she is going to ask some tough questions
And when Brittany goes out she is going to have her hair tied up …that’s his theory 


Monte says with Zing bit mine was fine yours was fine Turners was fine Taylor’s was fine but there’s wasn’t 


feeds cut and come back and they are laughing Monte says how come they get me for plagiarizing but not you ?

They laugh some more and Monte says ok let me get some more …Terrance say he was going ..gets up and leaves Monte pulls hat over eyes and goes back to sleep  


 9:19pm Cams start zooming in on pictures in car bedroom 

Terrance comes back into room and talks about the crepe paper decorating they are doing … 


Monte asks what time is 6, 7 o’clock Terrance says no man later than that it was 6 something when he ate his tuna sandwich…


Terrance talks about Dyerfest and all this info coming at him, all he could think was how in the heck was he going to come back into this house with all these people


Monte said if you would have had the info about Kyle going into Dyerfest then coming back in here …

Terrance said would have been like a welcome mat. But hey we are making some lemonade out of it


Terrance is now trying close his eyes and rest too. 





9:29pm Workout room 

Brittany is telling Michael about planting seeds and  that Alyssa is giving her Taylor Vibes and Taylor is awake and walked into the workout room and asked if they were gossiping .. Michael says well this isn’t really gossip but it is and shares his partner shares gossip with him 


Talk turns to tv shows and reality shows on tv 


Feeds cut to cars bedroom 


9:37 pm Back to workout room Taylor says she thinks Terrance is trying to flip Monte against them and Brittany says was he talking  and Taylor says he talks and talks 


Taylor said it is the dumbest shit ever for him to say he is going to flip the jury house 

get out of here with that shit, I will shut that door behind him just like I did with Kyle 


Brittany say people are too smart to believe that.

Taylor says Veto tomorrow! Do you think Zingbot will be there. 


Michael wonders if the zings will be on Sundays show? 
Taylor says yeah Julie said it on the live 


Zingbot told Michael he was ugly and proud Brittany has ugly eyes and Taylor is a frosty bitch 


9:44pm Turner comes down from HOH after a shower 


Bob tells him to put on his microphone.


Talk turns to Veto comp is going to be massive they can hear them still building outside


Taylor is going over order festie bestie then split house 


Michael says it is almost 10 o’clock he gets called to storage and says it must be his new comforter. 

9:47pm Terrance is in washroom taking contacts out.

 Michaels  comforter is white and Taylor remarks yeah that’s what you need with nosebleeds a white comforter. 

Turner has joined the workout room talking about food and Taylor chickken salad  talks about Boston market 

Bob tells Turner to rematch his mic. 



9:51pm car bedroom Terrance has undressed and gotten into bed for the night.


Monte is sleeping


Talk in the workout room is about ants ..


Taylor says she can smell Turners soap … he said he got cucumber soap last time it was lavender 


Brittany talks about the amazing race and how the guy says Spa ..SpaaAAAA


Taylor gives a shout out to bookings.com then asks them what commercials they miss 

Turner says none of them He already knows what to buy. 

feeds cut back to sleeping Monte and Terrance

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10:28PM BBT

Michael, Britt, Monte, Turner and Taylor are talking about earthquakes in the gym. Britt has survived a tornado and an earthquake, and she would prefer a tornado saying the earthquake was terrifying. Taylor says maybe the season will keep getting spicier and they will get an earthquake. Monte interrupts that they do not want will that to happen. Britt says they do not want that, "We do not want to mess with the stability in the earth." Taylor says she wishes they had the bigger dining table (just in case they have to dive under a table)

Turner: Would you rather drown or be on fire? I'd rather drown.

Britt: drown

Taylor: Fire. I'd die from smoke inhalation first

Michael: With drowning, you try to hold you breath and you know you can't

Monte: I feel like it would be way more pleasant to drown

Michael: It's a shame you can only do it once

*Everyone laughs then the feeds move to Terrance trying to sleep in the Car Design Bedroom with his eyes covered. He is rather restless.






11:00PM BBT

Monte, Britt and Taylor are snacking in the kitchen.

Monte: I have never been into dips....look at me now

Taylor: Dipping left and right

Monte is staring, and Taylor asks what he is looking at.

Monte: I'm trying to see which pita chip I'm going for.

Taylor: Oh

He grabs one, 'There she is....People tell me I often look at my food before eating it."

Britt: Really?

Monte: I like to examine it first.

Alyssa enters the kitchen and asks the time. She heads into the bathroom.




11:20PM BBT

Alyssa and Monte are playing Chinese Checkers at the dining room table while chatting with Michael, Taylor and Britt. The lights are now out in the Car Design Bedroom, but Terrance is still fighting sleep. Taylor says it's funny that the welcome sign is faded at the door, "They must have put that down early."


11:51PM BBT

Alyssa (to Monte): You kicked my ass in this game.

Monte: I'm not sure what happened, actually.

Alyssa: Congratulations. I was just lost and confused. Good game, Sir. You are the winner







11:52PM BBT

Monte, Taylor and Alyssa dive into the ice cream and cookie dough.

Monte suggests Taylor put hte ice cream in the microwave for a few seconds to make it easier to scoop. She refuses, "No, my mom does that, and I hate it. I refuse. My  ice cream must melt on its own."

Monte: Feel free to break your wrist.

Taylor: I will


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Moving to Saturday where it belongs


12:06PM BBT

Alyssa talks to the cameras. She says she needs to whisper because others are "resting" nearby. She is excited their dishwasher is now working. "It's very convenient." Alyssa tells us she made herself avocado toast with egg, "and I rate it a 6 out of 10. I've had better. I've had worse." She tells us she can't exactly speak freely because there are others in the house, but she knows she needs to win veto today to save herself thinking no one else would be willing. Alyssa sayss he really misses Kyle and needs to have some conversations with him in the jury house, "but not too soon." Alyssa says, "I love you America. I love you Canada." She complains to us about Turner never washing his dishes, and shows us a coffee mug with black coffee. She says that she finds them everywhere. "I literally find 10 of them a day just sitting around. I love him, but I want to rip his hair out. It's brotherly love, but man he gets under my skin." Alyssa confesses that she has been stressed out and doesn't feel she looks her best. She has let her self care go in exchange for just lying around. "So, please be nice to me. You may think there's not a lot going on, but a lot is going on with me. You watch the feeds. You watch the show, and you're like...wow, Alyssa looks terrible. It's because I am terrible....But, we are gonna make a comeback and win this game."  She sets the dishwasher and heads to the loo.





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12:50pm HOH ,,Terrance asked to talk to Michael 

terrance aske d what his thought process? Michael says he is the only person he has heard that he has a plan to get him out …he said my name has been thrown around 


Michael said when I brought it up yesterday you didn’t admit it , but you didn’t deny it 

he said between you and Alyssa I wouldn’t want to keep someone who wants to get me out 


he said wee see especially last week …things change minute to minute. 
Michael said he still feels similarly but will pivot if things change


Terrance is chuckling to himself. He said it’s funny when you think you are part of something but when power is shifted people will put their hands up 


12:52pm Terrance says everyone plan coming back in last week..plan was to get Michael out. He said he came back in as a dead man walking ..so who do you think I am going to take out? Outside jokes were flying and everyone jokes said you were going out.


Terrance continues he doesn’t want this weight on his head ..it is was everyone a


Michael said where did the plan come from to back door me ? 
Terrance said EVERYONE. 


12:55pm Terrance said he has been on the chopping block every week. Joseph felt like he was left out to dry because you picked Monte over him. So Joseph was coming in to get Michael out. 

Terrance says last week when he talked to Turner, he asked him if he was still good and Turner said you are good and I left the room. 

Michael asks Terrance what would you have done if you were in my position. So you promised safety to the one person who was going to put you up last week 


12:59pm Terrance tells Michael you gave him a free pass to take a shot at you nest week? Why would you give a free shot to someone who tried and will try to take you out ? 

Terrance tells Michael if I take myself out of the equation of what is going on you can figure it out. 

Michael says he doesn’t feel good about going back on his word and put Turner up.


Michael say so from what I am understanding the person plotting to take me out is gone and I promised the other one safety I have no one else to put up. 

Terrance says he plans on going to bat and winning the veto, but either way it goes I am ok with going to jury, like I said earlier I will play my game from there .

he brings up I am having trouble with i the way the things that went down with Kyle.
he didn’t says Thursday we get back together and you see Kyle come back into the house ..nothing is said …we went thru a late HOH …nothing is said … the. Nominations and nothing is said … from Thursday and Sunday nothing was said. 
that is a conversation I will have in Jury nothing was said 


1:04pm Michael say I will be happy to share my thought process now, he said with cameras here I didn’t want this to be a race thing. He said Brittany and him wrestled with it ..he said if I do it before noms it would be seen as trying to save my ass. If I did it before veto it would look like I was trying to save my ass, he said he didn’t want it to look like he was using it to save himself ..no matter when he brought it up his thought process was that when he brought it up was the right time to do so and it wasn’t to further his game 


Terrance said well yeah you thought it was the best time to bring it up so you were good..Michael cuts him off


Michael says no I didn’t do it to be in a good place in  my game 


Terrance said I agree with all of what you are saying up until then …but if you felt that way the minute you saw Kyle come in you should have shared it we hadn’t played the HOH yet and it could have played out from there. You could have said ..


1:13 pmFEEDS CUT to sleeping Alyssa 

1:14pm Feeds back to Terrance and Michael 


Terrance explains he will be explaining how he it all went down in the jury, he said it effects them and me still. 

Terrance said I just wants it all out there before he leaves,  it was opportunity, this is how he sees things. So if you feel that I am not interacting with you and Brittany this is  why. 

Michael says all I can do is tell you and explain my perspective and there are a thousands things that could have gone differently, he said he can’t change it but he understands Terrance’s viewpoint. 
[he is in lawyer mode deflect and rephrase  ~Witch67]


Michael is just saying the same thing over again Brittany and him were struggling.


1:21pm Terrance said he just wanted to make sure he had this talk he didn’t want anything open when he left the house so people know exactly where I am coming from. 

Michael says he respects how he handled the situation 

Terrance says there are a lot of campers and microphone so I have to water it down 


Michael asks Terrance what can he do better in the house, what can he do better to make Terrance more comfortable in the house. 


Terrance chuckles and says no no no no one needs to do anything different for him, everyone do what you have to do. But he enjoys his little  room and enjoys his peace and quiet. 

Michael says when he walks out the door I don’t want there to be a million things We wish we would have said 


terrance says no we are good it’s all good 


1:25 Terrance leaves and sits at Kitchen Island with Brittany and said he just can’t help with the timing.. Michael is watching them on spy cam in HOH 

Terrance is sharing what he said to Michael .. and how nothing was said when you all saw Kyle come back in ..but there was no sense of urgency, it took certain game components to be in place before anything was said


1:28pm FEEDS CUT TO HOH Michael is watching them



Terrance says he wants to go to jury and Brittany says you really want to go to jury ?
Terrance says the odds are stacked up against me Brittany says there is VETO Terrance you can play for veto, you have a chance at veto

Terrance said what for to buy me one more week ? The odds are against me and I don’t want to delay it


Terrance shares Michael said he was the mastermind behind wanting to get him out the house , how does that make since he is low man on the totem pole.

He said he was out there talking about his plan to get him out, you all saw Kyle come back in. and during HOH Turner said you will see who goes up you will see. 


Terrance said but I am the one getting thrown under the bus, Michael asked who else wanted me and I told him Michael the fucking house. 

1:34pm Brittany said Michael and her went back and forth is today the day we should say something and we just didn’t know when to when to bring it up. I wish we could have done it different,  she said during the meeting it was the first time she had heard some of the things that were being said. 

She is looking at the jury board and she said I don’t even know who I have a chance to win if I was sitting next to someone. 
Brittany tells Terrance it isn’t good for my game for you to go home, I have not heard anyone say my name. Even with some of the people I am close to and working with She is hoping he will change his mind and play for the veto.

She said the leftovers are done other alliances are done. I don’t think you were ever coming for me. 

Terrance chuckles and say no nah 


Brittany continues Michael will be tie breaker vote, so he has to win veto 


1:40pm Terrance said who knows maybe the conversation he had with him might change his way of thinking ..


Brittany says she is not entirely convinced that things couldn’t change with Monte and Turner. it’s tough she said she feels close with both Terrance and Alyssa, but it’s not set in stone. 

[ my feelings she doesn’t want Terrance going to jury to tell how Michael and her used the info to their advantage ~ Witch67]

1:43pm Brittany says Terrance is able to win somethings. 
Brittany says Zingbot says none of them will be invited to all stars. Is it because Michael is super human and wins everything or you all suck. 

Brittany continues to tell Terrance do not give up! 





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