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Wednesday, August 24, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Washroom Area (WA)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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11:09 pm bbt Joe, Kyle Turner and Alyssa are in the pool. Open discussion of the leftovers. Speculating about inside. They think it could be Monte or Jasmine and depending which will tell them about a final 4 they made. Joe "knows" Michael, Brit and Taylor are together (he's right). Taylor asked him which side he would pick in the LO. Joe is spilling to Alyssa about the week Taylor was HOH

They laugh that if Brit was gone when they go back in the house that you really can't trust anyone.




11:25 They're going around the group saying if there was a battle back who would they want to see and who would you not want to see.

Turner asks who Indy would have put up. Alyssa says definitely Monte because he put Indy up. They say Indy was playing like it was bb Brazil (no real strategy, just have a good time) They say Indy was fixated on Britt being a have not. (They didn't pick her because it was Michael's bday and they were festie besties)


11:36 Outside is getting ready for bed. They put their blankets in the dryer to get the ants off.

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10:12AM BBT

In the backyard, Kyle tells Alyssa he wants to date her after the show.

Alyssa: we live in different parts of the country

Kyle says he will move to her.

Alyssa: okay


10:20AM BBT

In the Golf Prod Bedroom, Taylor is hiding under her comforter, not wanting to get out of bed.

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11:30AM BBT

In the kitchen, Jasmine says she gets along with everyone but "that Turner." Monte says Turner looks like a cult leader. Jasmine, Taylor and Michael laugh.

Taylor: I know! It's like, meet you at the compound.

They discuss how cool it is that Turner's dad is a history teacher.

Jasmine: That makes sense.


1:19PM BBT

Turner and Alyssa discuss Jasmine and how she always says she will keep it real and tell him something if it , but then withholds information and lies. Turner says he can't believe her peace and love thing.

Alyssa says Jasmine sets people up and retells what happened when Jasmine found out that people knew Press on Honey was her nail business.

Turner: I told her I knew that Press on Honey was her brand, and she said she had only told two people.

[Jasmine did get pretty upset over that. -MamaLong]

Alyssa says Jasmine was really mad at her for that.

They feel she exaggerates her social media success and income for brand deals.



2:20PM BBT

Terrance is silent and in deep thought in the backyard. Kyle asks him if he wants to go back in the pool.

Terrance: I'm just thinking...why would Turner think he's gonna go up.

Kyle: I have no idea. I can't imagine a scenario where he would.




2:23PM BBT

Turner walks by.

Terrance: Can I chat with you real quick Turner.

Turner cannot be heard because he doesn't have his mic on.

Terrance: Yeah, definitely


2:27PM BBT

Inside the house, Michael is joining Taylor in the gym, "She put Alyssa's clothes on her bed, like the cardigan. She knows. That almost makes our conversation easier."



Michael notices the bike bars are too wobbly. He has to tinker with it for a bit, but gets it fixed with Britt's help.


2:42PM BBT

Joe confesses in the backyard that he didn't speak to his step-mom for 10 years. He says he was the "remnant" from his dad's first marriage and it was all really awkward.



2:45PM BBT

Britt is playing a game with Michael and Taylor in the gym. She hides behind the wal and makes noises with an object. They have to try and guess what it is. The first one she does is using the diffuser from the blow dryer, opening and closing it. Michael gets close by guessing it is something rubber. The next one she does is scraping Alyssa's broken headband against the metal frame of a chair. Taylor was close by guessing a hairbrush or comb against metal. The game continues.


The final round is spraying WD-40 against the medical kit.

Monte walks in.

Britt: Alright. That is it for merriment.

Taylor: That was fun.


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2:54PM BBT

Terrance and Turner are talking in the backyard. The topic is Jasmine. Terrance says she is always "concocting shit but it is always for a girl, but if there are two guys on the block, she is cool as fucking ice." He says he told Alyssa that Jamsine might be her girl bit he doesn't trust her. Turner asks Terrance how he felt about Nicole telling him he was her homie then told him she was voting him out.

Terrance: It was like, damn, you did me dirty as hell.

Turner: It was like they put you on a boat and sent you to sea, but you were fine.


In the backyard, the Dyre Fest HGs are talking about a "darty" being a daytime pool party. Turner says when he thinks of a darty he sees a dirty backyard party with solo cups and a bunch of drunk people. Alyssa says it was an honor to get a darty invitation.



3:02PM BBT

Joseph says his dad got a white shepherd because he was crazy over german shepherds. He says his family has a soft spot for animals. Turner says his cat Nelson gets chronic UTIs and has to have very expensive special food that his says costs $150.

Joe tells the story of vet bills trying to save one of their cats being over 5K and the cat still died.

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3:46PM BBT

Alyssa shows Kyle her stomach. It has bumbs all over which she thinks could be from the chloring.

Kyle: My legs are the dryest they have ever been...like big flakes

Alyssa: We are falling apart out here

Kyle: It's only like 24 hours now (to got back inside)

Alyssa: I think they will let us go inside tomorrow for a little bit, right?

Kyle tells Alyssa that he is worried about Turner flipping on them. Alyssa doesn't think he will do that. 

Kyle: It's our last 24 hours

Alyssa: No way

Kyle: If I go then you have to go next week for the jury house. Are you down?

Alyssa: Sure

Kyle: If Turner flipped....

Alyssa: He wouldn't do that.




Alyssa: It's gonna be fine

Kyle says he worries that he is not doing enough or is doing too much.

Alyssa advises that he speak with Terrance as a united group "I've been wanting to work with you."


3:57PM BBT

Kyle says if Turner flips, he thinks Terrance could get rid of him.

ALyssa tells him she is sorry he is stressed out.

Kyle: Joseph is just straight up better at everything. The way he manipulates...

Alyssa tells him that everything is going to be okay.

Kyle: I'm sorry! I'm just stressed.

Alyssa tells Kyle that it's like he and Turner have never vibed.

Kyle: We haven't

Alyssa: Just chill

Alyssa reminds Kyle that their new alliance just formed two days ago. He needs to relax. 

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12:20am BBT Monte tells Brittany he cannot imagine Kyle/Turner/Joe keeping Alyssa over Joe. How could they think they'd be OK with that? 

3:30am BBT Taylor finishes in the WA and says GN to the camera. All lights are off.

8:30am BBT Lights go on inside the house.

8:45am BBT DyreFest HG are awake and performing ADLs. Big Brochella HG are not.

9:05am BBT Terrance/Joe begin a light workout. When he's done, Terrance plays Alyssa in Chinese Checkers. 

9:20am BBT Joe and Terrance meet in the BY corner by the pool for another eviction pitch. There's nothing new. Terrance tels Alyssa she's next, so he's doing 1-on-1s. 

10:05am BBT Michael is in HoH bed, Alyssa is talking to Kyle. It's very hot out. Alyssa goes to play Chinese Checkers with Joe, while Turner/Kyle watch. Turner says Alyssa kicked him last night. She apologizes, wasn't aware. Kyle says either Joe or Turner kicked him too.

10:12am BBT In the BY, Kyle tells Alyssa he wants to date officially after the show. We live in different parts of the country, she reminds him. I'll move, he says like a puppy dog. 

10:20am BBT BB is still trying to wake up the Big Brochella HG. Taylor is hiding under her comfortor. Alyssa dips her feet in the HT. 

11:00am BBT Alyssa names a butterfly in the BY "Cupcake". Kyle/Turner are on pool floats. Joe is on the weight bench. Terrance is on the couch. Alyssa joins him with some food and drink. Joe helps lift Turner out of the shark floatie so he can can answer BB's DR call.

11:15am BBT Monte is eating at the DT; Michael/Taylor are at the KT Counter. Taylor starts laughing. She just had the thought of Turner and Jasmine going to the JH together. Taylor says she has more heart for someone leaving on a Reality TV show than when she breaks up.

11:17am BBT Taylor looks at the Memory Wall and misses the old photo frames. Michael says they used to have keys holes in the wall to indicate noms. Monte wonders how they made the photos turn grey (they were frames; the screens were always video panels).

11:19am BBT Taylor misses the old nom keys (me too). Michael misses the drama of the old nom wheel. Monte says says the key order meant something. Taylor likes the nom block though, it's faster and she got to give her reasons sooner. 

11:25am BBT Taylor was a cheerleader in HS, including a year of cheer competition. They won a trophy because the other team didn't show. Jasmine says history was her favorite subject in HS - she got al A's. Monte had god-sisters who were on a travel cheer team.

11:27am BBT Taylor says travel sports are hard. Monte says it was a nightmare. These kids bank their whole life, getting into college, on sports. Taylor wonders what Canadians think their season. She says BBCAN was almost canceled and fans saved it (and we're grateful).

12:25pm BBT Brittany says Jasmine was trying to pull at her heartstrings. Michael says no way, she never tried to build anything with us. Brittany just wants to be respectful but not give in. She wants to explain everything to Jasmine so she'll stop asking questions. 

#BB13 We 12:27pm BBT Michael/Britt agree that the first Leftovers will explain the alliance to the Jury (Britt doesn't know Michael beat them to the punch with his GB msg to Indy). Jasmine thinks she's playing circles around you when you're running circles around her, they say.

12:35pm BBT Brittany says they can't take credit for Week 1 - that fell into place (Britt thought she was in danger and was never told that America voted to give her safety). The second half of the game, she says, will be hard. The first half wasn't easy, Michael says.

12:37pm BBT Michael thinks his HoH was easy - it was known target and he thinks he came out unscathed. Brittany hopes Alyssa is not evicted. In the BY, Joe tells Thurner  he doesn't want to hurt his game but is offering Terrance safety.

12:39pm BBT Joe asks Turner if Monte is a concern. Turner says no. Joe says he feels closer to Turner than Monte. He never thought Kyle would do what he did. It hurts. His life is in Kyle's hands. He tells Turner, you're my boy. I would love this for you.

12:45pm BBT Joe says Kyle is dropping lies, suggesting he was working with Ameerah. Facts, Turner says. If Alyssa knows you are voting for me, Joe says, she'll pester Terrance. Joe will be a pawn if a Leftover wins HoH. He promised Terrance too. He will beg to be a pawn.

12:50pm BBT Joe is begging Turner for his vote. I've never liked to you, we have no idea if we're a priority to those inside. Turner says Joe has given him a lot to think about. Joe leaves Turner alone to think about it.

12:55pm BBT Turner sits next to Alyssa, who says she's miserable out there. They compare Joe's campaign pitch. It's a good campaign, she says, he'll volunteer to go on the block. It's all BS. She asks if Joe was pursuasive but we cannot hear his response.

1:00pm BBT Alyssa tells Turner she likes him as much as Kyle (Turner knows how much Alyssa "liked" Kyle). Kyle told her to vote  him out if it's best for her and he'll still love her. Kyle will not get in the way of her game. Turner says this would be his 3rd alliance.

1:02pm BBT Alyssa tells Turner she would put up Monte/Taylor, maybe Michael. Turner agrees. They don't want to give Michael the chance to play for Veto if they can avoid it. 

1:04pm BBT Alyssa/Turner concoct a story for the Big Brochella HG. Kyle/Joe were noms from the start. Turner says if they think he's not been on the block, they may use it against him. Alyssa asks what reason they should use. Because he hadn't been nom before.

1:06pm BBT Turner wants to talk to Terrance. You busy, he asks? I'm cooking, Terrance says. Alyssa says the next HoH has to be mental or a maze since it can't be outside (it will likely take place after the HG reuninte so BB can clear out the BY and set up a comp.

1:08pm BBT Joe/Kyle are by the DyreFest kitchenette. Kyle asks what Joe will say in his eviction speech. He offers to give Kyle props. Kyle's nervous, they (Alyssa/Turner) are talking now. Joe says he did not sacrifice his integrity. He'll go out a fool, a happy fool.

1:10pm BBT Alyssa/Terrance/Turner talk. She thanks T for not putting her on the block. She wouldn't have survived against Joe (yes, she would have). She says she loves Jasmine but she's not good for her game - she p*sses off too many people (that could be a good thing).

1:15pm BBT Kyle says this is their last full day. Terrance scoops some franks & beans into a styrofoam container. Joe tried the vegan franks. He wishes they could do something for the beans. In the Golf BR, Jasmine is backing her suitcase alone. 

1:25pm BBT Taylor/Michael/Brittany concoct a story to tell Jasmine explaining their vote. They will blame Alyssa for getting drunk and talking about her. Taylor says they can use Girls' Girls too, she didn't know about it. Nothing about that is a lie, Michael says.

1:30pm BBT Taylor says she doesn't want to smile over someoe leaving, but she wants to start the "Jasmine, you're leaving" talk. Brittany is going to say she knows Jasmine is a straight shooter and her word is her bond. They all laugh. She did give us info, Taylor notes.

1:33pm BBT Taylor may not have the patience to talk with Jasmine. She's going to say she gave Indy & Alyssa chances to let her into Girls' Girls and they said Jasmine said no. Brittany says it's all about Jury Management for us, not about confrontation or discussion.

1:40pm BBT For it to be effective, Brittany says, Jasmine needs to apprecite their explanation, not be angered. Brittany says they have to hide the pig blanket or Jasmine will take it with her. It's not hers. 

1:45pm BBT Taylor throws out having all 5 in HoH and casually telling Jasmine she was being evicted. Monte would be crumpled up in the corner. Brittany says it will all come out in the Jury House (The Leftovers). They decide to do the talk in the SBR. 

1:50pm BBT Brittany says Jasmine is faking her injury - the doctors took all the stuff (scooter, boot, cane) away. Michael wishes he could ask Hayden about it. Is he in medicine, Taylor siezes? He's a PA, Michael says. Taylor says Jasmine wrote her off on Day 1.

1:55pm BBT In the BY, Terrance/Turner/Kyle/Alyssa talk lying. Terrance says X was a lawyer but said he was a bartender. He needs to start. Turner likes what he does too much to lie about it. Kyle thought about hiding how many followers he had. Alyssa says she can't lie.

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4:55PM BBT

Jasmine is talking with Michael, Brittany and Taylor in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Michael tells her tha his concern is that she has alliances with other people and would have their backs before them. Jasmine argues that if it was an alliance she created, she could understand that concern. But, Indy is gone now. 'I would not go after someone when I am telling all three of y'all that I am not coming after you....and I am not a physical threat. I get it. I know this is personal rahter than game. I did make it, though. She called it off after the veto wasn't used on her. I have nothing right now. The only person I have is Alyssa....getting to know you guys. I see that I am just like you guys. I said coming in here that I didn't want to see a meathead win. If that alliance is the only thing against me...I would be hurt and I respect you guys coming to me and asking these question, but I'm not gonna fuck over y;all."


Jamsine tells them she had only one final two. Michael tells her that he knows that is a lie. SHe swears the only final 2 she ever had was with Ameerah and she is gone. Jasmine is getting emotional.





Jasmine details her alliances. Britt and Taylor tell her those are a lot of alliances. "It's alarming."


Britt: I think what it ultimately came down to is that you say that you are straight shooter and tell the truth and then we ask questions and you don't say those things.  

Jasmine tells Britt the reason she was never straight with her is because Kyle said that she was talking behind her back and had a final 2 with Michael and was coming for her.

Britt: It sounds like there was never trust there.

Jasmine says she wasn't willing to show her hand and noticed that Britt wouldn't make eye contact.

Britt adds some fuel to these flames, "If I had to guess, that was probably after we founnd out you guys were trying to flip the vote with Daniel and pin it on me. So that didn't sit well with me."

Jasmine: Excuse me? I don't know what you are talking about. That had nothing to do with me. I told Daniel to his face I was not voting to keep him.


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Jasmine: I can only say what I can say. Obviously I can see how you three feel about me right now. I really do, game aside, love you guys.

Taylor: And we reciprocate that

Britt: Yeah

Jasmine: I was not born yesterday. I applaud it.  I get it. I already knew what was going to happen. I knew when Monte came down with Michael that y'all were going to keep him.

Britt: SO there is nothing to hide. We just want you to know there are too many things in a list to quite believe anything we are hearing right now. 

Britt tells Jasmine that everybody she thinks she was working with her was actually working against her and gave them the information. Jasmine asks if it includes Alyssa. They confirm that it was her and everybody else. Jasmine says she doesn't care about the others, but she is so hurt that Alyssa was against her. Jasmine thanks them for being honest and transparent. Amid tears, Jasmine says that she respects them all, loves them all and knows her dad is proud of her for making it this far. Jasmine begs them to please not let Turner win. "I fought hard with an injury and I tried the best I can. I said I was playing this for my dad and hope he is proud of me up there. And I hope y'all give them hell the rest of the season."

Taylor: I know it took some time for us to have a relationship, but when I say I love you, I do mean it.

Jasmine: I hope so!

Jasmine now knows she will be evicted tomorrow night and head to the jury house.










Sorry y'all! I'm out for the night. -ML

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2:04pm BBT Kyle asks Turner for a 1-on-1. You know where my vote is going, Turner says. Terrance tells Turner he's been on the block 4 times and talked with Turner twice and knows he's all good. We survied a week, Alyssa says, we laughed, cried, faught.

2:06pm BBT Terrance says the week started as a sh*t show... And ended as the After Party (their new alliance name), Alyssa says. They plan to say that Joe spilled on The Leftovers and Terrance will say he was overwhelmed and how could he trust him after that?

2:20pm BBT Alone, Terrance asks Kyle why Turner thinks he's going on the block (next week)? Kyle can't imagine a scenario where Turner is targeted. If one of them wins, he'll still be their target, and Alyssa. 

2:27pm BBT In the gym, Taylor is on the bike. Michael tells her and Britt that Jasmine is pulling out clothes she borrowed from Alyssa. She knows. He says the bike is wobbly and he and Brittany fix it for Taylor. 

2:42pm BBT Joe says he didn't speak to his step-mom for 10 years. He was a remnant from his father's first marriage and it was awkward. Britt plays Guess The Sound with Michael/Taylor in the gyn. She hides and makes a sound and they have to guess what it is. 

2:44pm BBT The first sound is opening/closing the hair dryer diffuser. Michael guesses it. She scrapes Alyssa's broken headband against the metal frame of a chair. Taylor guesses a hairbush against metal. The final round is WD-40 sprayed against the medical kit. 

2:55pm BBT Terrance explains to Turner he gave Daniel a sympathy vote but not Nicole because she did him dirty the week he was on the block against Ameerah. He says Jasmine is always concocting something but for a girl. She gets cold as ice if 2 guys are on the block.

3:02pm BBT Joe says his dad is crazy for German Sheperds and got a White Sheperd. His family loves animals. Turner says his cat has cronic UTIs and has to eat special food that costs $150. Joe says one of their cats cost over $5k in vet bills and still died. 

3:46pm Alyssa's stomach has goose bumps from the chlorine. Kyle says his legs are so dry. We're falling apart, she says. Just 24hrs and we go back inside. She hopes they'll be allowed to go inside to clean up before the live show. 

3:48pm BBT Kyle is worrled Turner will fip. Alyssa doesn't think he will. Kyle worries he's doing too much or not enough. She suggests telling Terrance he's been wanting to work with him. If Turner flips, Kyle thinks, Terrance will vote him out. 

#BB24 3:57pm BBT Kyle says Joe is straight up better at manipulating. Alyssa assures him it will be OK. Kyle apologizes for being stressed. It's not like he and Turner never vibed, she says. We never vibed, he says. Just chill. The new alliance was formed just 2 days ago. Relax.

4:55pm BBT Jasmine/Taylor/Brittany in the GBR. I can see what you think of me, Jasmine says, game aside. Taylor is laying out her reasons to vote out Jasmine - all her alliances (Girls' Girls, Five Swatters, Old Skool). Jasmine asks what is Old Skool? 

4:47pm BBT Taylor says Old Skool was Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah, Alyssa and Terrance. Jasmine says that was formed without me. She wasn't in it. On her grave, her only F2 was Ameerah, no F2 with Alyssa - she's with someone else. I wasn't born yesterday.

4:49pm BBT Jasmine is talking fast with Britt/Taylor. She doesn't ant sympathy. She knew she couldn't compete. Britt asks why she didn't say who she was working with? You and Alyssa were in a lot of alliances together. Jasmine says she's not in Po's Pack or Old Skool.

5:01pm BBT Britt assists to Jasmine she's heard different. No, Jasmine says, she I was only in Girls' Girls. Old Skool was presented during her HoH but she never agreed to it. You say you're a straight shooter, Britt says, but you withhold info.

5:03pm BBT Jasmine tries to turn the tables and accuses Britt and Michael of being F3 with Taylor. She says Kyle told her. Britt accuses Jasmine of trying to flip the vote on Daniel and blame it on her. She denies it. She says she told Daniel she was voting him out. 

5:05pm BBT Jasmine starts getting defensive. I'm not stupid, she says, Monte was saying "next week" as if he knew he would still be here. I hear y'all when I'm in bed, I see you all talking, When you told me to wear a suit to Eviction, I knew. 

5:07pm BBT Jasmine asks if Alyssa was part of sending her home? Part of it, Brittany says. That's hurtful, Jasmine says. Taylor says they didn't have to pry anyone for info, it was all given to us freely. Jasmine starts to cry. I did a great job, I made my dad proud.

5:09pm BBT Jasmine says her relationship with God is good. Whoever is meant to win the game will stay in the house. It was not meant to be her, it was not her path. Brittany says the HG in the other alliances volunteered info. Jasmine says I have no info for you. 

5:11pm BBT Don't let Turner win, Jasmine pleads. Not on my watch, Taylor promises. Thank you for being transparent, Jasmine says. I fought hard with my injury, played for myself and my dad. She tells them to give 'em hell the rest of the season. 

5:13pm BT Jasmine says a weight has been lifted and she can prepare now. Getting Monte out was a lie? Yes, they tell her. Taylor says it's taken us a while but I'm glad to know  you and we'll be good friends outside the house. Jasmine agrees. 

5:15pm BBT Jasmine says when the split happened, she knew she was in trouble. Alyssa was crying. She asks who is going home from the outside? Michael says they don't know. At least I won't be lonely, there will be someone else going. Jasmine is crying again.

5:17pm BBT This is not easy, Britt says. We should go, Taylor says. I'm proud I never gave up, Jasmine says. Michael reminds her that even with her injured foot, she took out a big player. You played a strong game. I never thought I'd win HoH and take out a male threat.

5:19pm BBT Brittany reminds Jasmine she's going to London. Hug Zingbot for me, Jasmine says. Brittany tells her she appreciates her ability to separate personal and game. Jasmine regrets what happened to Taylor. Taylor won't hold it against her. 

5:30pm BBT In the BY, Kyle is beating Turner 7-5 in Cornhole. Inside, the HG leave Jasmine alone in the SBR. 

5:55pm BBT In HoH, Michael/Britt discuss her guided meditation career. She thinks when the HG find out, they'll understand her casting better. Michael still isn't sure about Monte/Kyle's jobs. Brittany thinks Kyle is a circus performer (or maybe just the class clown).

5:57pm BBT Michael wonders if Monte is really a fitness trainer. He got certified in February, Britt remembers, what did he do before? Michael wondered if Pooch was a cop. Daniel was pretty straight up, a bigger fan than he admitted. Jasmine spilled her job. 

5:59pm BBT Michael tells Britt that Nicole had a secret from her past but he won't say what it was. In the BY, Turner wonders to Kyle/Alyssa/Joe how Burt's Bees became so popular. Kyle wishes they could go up on the BY balcony. Terrance is resting under the tent.

6:20pm BBT Jasmine meets with Monte in the CBR. Jasmine repeats that she only had a F2 with Ameerah, no none else. She continues to say that Alyssa had a F2 with someone else but doesn't name who (implying Kyle). She never trusted Nicole.

6:22pm BBT Monte says Nicole made a bad move telling Indy/Alssa/Jasmine info during his HoH week when she was on the block. He tells Jasmine she'll see the bigger cause someday. Jasmine says Kyle was scared Alyssa would go up if he used the Veto on Taylor's HoH. 

6:24pm BBT Monte says that when Daniel used the Veto and Nicole went up, Kyle wouldn't do anything to save someone he cared about safe (they are still holding back on letting Jasmine in on what has really been going on in the BB House). 

6:26pm BBT Jasmine tells Monte that Joe said he wasn't close to him. What do you think, Monte asks? She thinks they are. Go with what you feel, he tells her. He promises to come to Atlanta. She asks if Joe was floating? Monte again says what do you think? Time will tell.

6:40pm BBT In HoH, Taylor tells Britt Jasmine thinks Alyssa gave up the info that made them turn on her (this is dumb because the truth will out in the JH and you don't earn points for being unnecessarily deceitful). 

6:42pm BBT Brittany doesn't want Joe in the Jury. Taylor says he's convinced the girls will murder him. Britt thinks they've protected him - Jasmine/Indy have blinders when looking at Joe. 

6:44pm BBT Monte tells Taylor/Britt how he told Jasmine to trust her feelings. That's a good way tod o it, Britt says. Monte doesn't think Joe would make up a story about Jasmine's F2. Michael says it was an odd story but everything he told them seemed true. 

6:46pm BBT Monte says Jasmine told him he slipped up when he said he'd be here next week. Michael says he slipped up a couple times too. Brittany thinks Jasmine appreciated the talks. 

7:00pm BBT Back to the DyreFest, Kyle/Alyssa are both crying about how he lied to her. They tell each other they love each other. Kyle didn't want to say it in the game because he wanted it to mean more than the game. 

7:40pm BBT Kyle/Alyssa admit to being worried at the beginning that they wouldn't be able to win the other over. Kyle says he was fighting to not go home first. He never thought he'd make Jury. Alyssa says Jasmine helped her through her panic attack. 

7:42pm BBT Alyssa says she was having a panic attack and Kyle was in HoH trying to figure out how to get her out. Oh stop, Kyle says. Inside, the HG are finishing dinner. 

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8:50pm BBT Alyssa tells Turner it would be great if they and Kyle could make a F3 deal. Turner says they are already part of a F4 deal (The After Party with Terrance). That's why they should make the F3 deal, she says.

8:52pm BBT Turner isn't sure Jasmine would come to their side (unlikely to be a problem). Alyssa says she 100% would come to their side - Jasmine can't stand Taylor (especially if they fill her in on The Leftovers). Alyssa apologizes for eating Turner's HoH food.

8:54pm BBT Turner says it was mostly Indy eating his HoH food. He had to pretend to not be annoyed. He can't believe other HG weren't as emotionally destroyed being a HN as he was. They recall how Daniel didn't want 2 persons of color on the block week 1. That was sweet.

9:05pm BBT Turner says Daniel never talked to him again after he voted out Nicole. Alyssa says he yelled at her. Terrance says there's no point in his watching the first half of the season (unless you want to see what you missed). 

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10:40pm BBT For the last couple hours, the Big Brochella Leftovers have been in HoH with casual convo. They discuss favorite alliance names. Michael liked Ball Smasshers. Taylor liked Cookout and Chill Town. Level 6 was the worst. Worse than Foutte, Michael asks?

10:45pm BBT Talk turns to what is happening with DyreFest. Terrance will tell them the truth, Brittany thinks. This has been a crazy twist. Taylor says you should have seen your faces when JCM announced. 

10:50pm BBT Imagine Kyle/Turner being inside the house, Britt says, and us outside. Michael says Turner would have loved voting out Jasmine. Tomorrow we find out if Turner is the last HG to not be nom. Taylor says he made a huge move during his HoH and caught no flack.

10:55pm BBT Talk turns to season highlights. Michael says his first Veto. Monte says his HoH. Taylor says The Wall. Monte says The Leftovers was a close second. He says we hoped you (Michael/Brittany) would join. Michael says Kyle offered and I said yes.

11:00pm BBT Monte says Joe wins the Most Patient award. Taylor says she has patience but Joe walked into the fire. Talk turns to how Jasmine wouldn't give you the time of day unless she wanted something. She lies too much. 

11:05pm BBT Taylor says next week we should all impersonate each other. She thinks the week could not have been good for the outside. It was invonvenient, Monte says. They talk about doing something for the Dyre Fest HG when they return, maybe a pasta dinner.

11:10pm BBT Taylor has a word for the Spelling Comp if they have it but it's been a long tme. Monte wonders if they'll get the comp where you have to carry stuff across a balance beam. Taylor doesn't want the greased lane water carrying comp. She wants Bowlerina.

11:15pm BBT Michael says Jasmine jumped off The Wall before they sprayed to avoid ruining her hair. Taylor says she had no chance anyway. Michael says she didn't want to play the Veto comp either. Taylor wants to give a speech tomorrow night but Monte says she can't.



11:17pm BBT Taylor says Jasmine said she loves strong-minded women. I just rolled my eyes, Taylor says. Monte says Jasmine played the game. And she got played, Taylor concludes. Brittany thinks she was edited as a country sweetheart. 

11:19pm BBT We got 2 rounds of tears, Brittny says, one fake and one real. Fake, Monte asks? When they told her she was leaving, Brittany says, she later admitted she already knew. I was born at night, Taylor quips, but not last night.

11:21pm BBT Brittany says if Jasmine knew she was going home the whole time, why did she go down swinging? She has no patience for Jasmine's fake sweetheart act. She lives 10m from the Atlanta airport - enough of the country roots. 

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11:40pm BBT Michael wonders if they should tell Jasmine the truth about the muffin on the way out. Brittany says she's going to take the blanket. Taylor tells Monte to pack the blanket so Jasmine can't. Brittany thinks Jasmine will be better behaved tomorrow night.

11:45pm BBT Taylor says enough drama. Brittany says The Leftover's mission was straight-forward but they agonized over everything. They wonder what HoH would be - maybe the State Fair where you have to hold onto a horse. 

11:50pm BBT Brittany says if Alyssa isn't gone, they have a problem. Taylor says if she is and neither she nor Terrance won Veto, what do we do? Monte goes to get a beer. Michael wonders if Kyle tried to save Alyssa or if someone went rogue and a Leftover left?

11:52pm BBT Michael says maybe Kyle tried to save Alyssa and Joe or Turner voted him out. That would be great. Taylor says Terrance won't protect Joe or Kyle. Monte wonders, what if Joe is evicted over Alyssa? Michael says they fire back. No other option, Brittany adds.

11:54pm BBT We prepare for the worst, Michael says. And the best always happens, Taylor adds. (Terrance did Kyle a favor by using the Veto to put him on the block. Turner can vote out Kyle, Alyssa can vote out Joe, Terrance can break the tie, and Kyle can't be blamed.)


11:58pm BBT Taylor asks what to say why Monte wasn't evicted? Michael says Jaz found the HoH invite so fast, she had to go. Britt says Jasmine compared herself to Christmas (BB19). That was horrible, Michael says, 12-on-2, harassment, one returning HG everyone followed.

12:00am BBT Michael explains in BB19 how Paul convinced everyone to throw HoH to Christmas in a broken foot. What was the point, Taylor asks. Give her HoH, Monte suggests. Exactly, says Michael. Brittany wants to know how he was able to make that happen so quickly.

12:02am BBT Britt says she's going to close the chapter and stop complaining about Jasmine. Michael says she has a laundry/cleaning service at home. Brittany just can't see her at home. Maybe she's different there, Monte allows. Maybe Justin is just too nice to tell her.

12:10am BBT Taylor wishes Kyle had made the comment to Daniel about being a 35yr old cosplayer. Michael says he's not wrong. Taylor explains to Monte what cosplay is. Michael wonders if Turner has showered all week. They are probably bitten up. Britt says oh the Pool/HT!

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