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Sunday, July 24, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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2:00AM BBT

HOHR - Beginning of new alliance, the "Leftovers" - Nick, Michael, Turner, Brittany, Joseph, Monte, Taylor

Michael said they need to do something as a signal as to when to get together.  He mentioned if you have glasses to fiddle with them.  They can't call people into rooms because it is too obvious.  They say they are tired of people always bringing up Taylor's name and making up stuff.

Joseph is talking a lot, basically providing a lot of motivational speech.  Specifically selling that this was all people who chose specifically to all come together based on what they know about each other this far in to the game, not a thrown together alliance at the start.

They are going to keep asking like Taylor is going to be the target but when they turn the key, Ameerah will show up.  Joseph brings up that Daniel is in Old School and Ameerah is with the girls.   Kyle says no one knows about Old School.  Alyssa told him about it, so he wants to keep it quiet as he finds out more.  

Joseph and Kyle are telling Taylor they support what she is trying to do and want America to see it.  


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4:42 AM BBT Daniel, Joseph, and Turner are hanging out in the bathroom.  Daniel is telling the stories behind his tattoos.  

Daniel shares a story about going to the studio Elvis recorded his breakthrough hit at, on the anniversary (Dec 4) of the day while he was on tour as Elvis.  He tells the tour guide he has the role of Elvis.  His story gets interrupted by Joseph reminding him about the dream he had the night before about a haunted house (the story Daniel is sharing is eerily similar to the dream) then they talk about ability to communicate with loved one who have passed. He talks about his ability to see/feel ghosts and spirits.  Cameras switch to sleeping Houseguests.

5:01 AM BBT Cameras switch back to Daniel, Joseph, and Turner as they discuss die-hard live feeders who don't go to sleep until they house goes to sleep saying, "they're fucked."  Everybody splits up to go to bed.  Daniel walks through the kitchen and comments on the time (to himself) on his way to bed.  

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1:10 BBT All feeds on Terrance & Jasmine eating chicken wings and discussing air fryers with Nicole. Nicole isn't eating. 

Indy is there too in the background. Discussing lasagna now.

1:16 BBT Kyle playing with some kind of snow globe. It's a golf ball inside. Whatever he was trying to do he did it. Ameerah, Jasmine and Michael & Alyssa are also there.



1:31 PM BBT HOH room General talk - Turner about high school friends to Monte. Daniel talking to Joseph on the other side of the room Terrence enters - backyard still closed he reports. 

Feeds go on and off Indy and Nicole. Indy is on the bike. As soon as they start to discuss what happened yesterday feeds go off of them.

1:46 Nic just noticed backyard is open

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Ameerah, Indy, Jasmine, Michael in backyard. Laundry and celebrating


2:05 BBT looks like Nicole and Taylor may finally talk about yesterday. Taylor is laying in bed. but no Nic walks out all 4 cameras go to Taylor (Nic told her she wanted to talk but later, she wants to enjoy outside time) and then WBRB

All feeds come back to HG at the pool including Ameerah, Joseph, Alyssa Nicole

HG just hanging out in the pool



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Terrance, Michael and Monte are running laps in the back yard, Terrance taps out at 8, Michael and Monte go 10.

Monte and Michael do burpees. Michael taps out early, Monte does 10.


Turner has the camera, he is taking pictures of the house guests.


In the kitchen general chat while Tucker works with the camera.


Ameerah and Jasmine are whispering in the bedroom. Jasmine has no idea where the boys' heads are.

Ameerah says Joe has a soft spot for the girls, she says she wouldn't mind taking Turner out.

Jasmine says people don't really want Turner out, Ameerah acknowledges that.


Brittany comes in with the camera, she is showing the bedroom she sleeps in, then goes off to record other things.

Ameerah counts votes that could put Turner out of the house. She isn't sure about Daniel.

Jasmine says she doesn't want to risk that is also worried that they would save Terrance.

Alyssa comes in, Jasmine asks her how she feels about Turner, Alyssa likes him but he never talks game to her.

Alyssa says everyone would vote out Turner over Jasmine.


Jasmine worries about peoples' perception of her. 

Alyssa says she doesn't want Terrance to leave, and if they go up, Ameerah would stay.

Alyssa says they have to see next week after Taylor leaves...


Kyle comes in, Jasmine asks him if he would ever vote against her.

Kyle groans, gives a half hearted denial.


Camera moves to Indy and Turner.

Indy is giggling at the table, Turner has the camera.


Conversation continues in the bedroom, Taylor has come in, Kyle is still there.

Jasmine is going over far out scenarios for the person left behind in a duo.


Jasmine whines a little to Kyle, he says he doesn't even think about things like that, he asks if she feels like she is in trouble. He asks if she feels like she is a target.


She says no but she is injured.


Jasmine says there are some people she wouldn't vote out no matter what.

Kyle takes the information on board.


Camera moves to back yard.


Terrance tells Nicole that she "went off the rails" Nicole argues back a little. Cameras move back to bedroom, once again avoiding coverage of the confrontation between Nicole and Taylor and the subsequent bad behavior of Nicole.


General conversation in the bedroom.


Indy comes into the room, Alyssa asks if she is ready to make some slop.


Jasmine says she isn't hungry, she doesn't want the steak in the fridge, the girls decide to go to the kitchen, Jasmine decides she will "fry up the steak" anyway.


Joe comes with the camera, showing the beds.


Monte and Turner are with Joe, he says they told him they know the plan the boys have tomorrow.

Joe says he talked to Indy, Indy told him Tucker was close to Alyssa so she would tell her what he talked about.

Joe says he could see disappointment when Tucker won the HOH.

He also mentions Jasmine's questions about safety.


They leave the room and separate.


Michael is in the shower, Monte approaches him whispering.

Monte says that him and Joe have a plan to tell Turner  tonight, they will tell Taylor later, he calls it "urgent". The shower interferes, can't hear much of it.


Monte gets his things ready for a shower and sits on the bench to wait for Michael to finish.

Monte says he is sore from the workout earlier.


Cameras move to dining area.

General chatter.












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Michael and Brittany are discussing who will take the lead in the veto.

They plan to say something simple.

Brittany says Turner seems okay with it.

Michael says Taylor told her she had a one on one with Nicole.

Michael says thats good.

Brittany says Taylor is just awkward, but she has said she trusts them.


Michael says it is good that everyone agrees that Nicole and Daniel go before jury. Everyone sees her not being a good competitor, she brags about "I would have kicked your a**" about competitions.  He says she isn't as strong a player as she says she is.


Brittany says Jasmine and Ameerah talked to her today.

Michael tells Brittany that they put him as the sixth person in an alliance week one, he is worried that Ameerah will possibly blow that up.

He says they renamed it "Po's Pack", he says he was just told it was renamed, he has had nothing to do with it.

Brittany understands.

Brittany says the girls are working together, they named it "Girls' girls", the two females not included were Taylor and Nicole. Brittany says they ghosted her, no one approached her when she was put on the block. She said they were not happy when they won veto either. They were excited to send Taylor out,though.


Michael says it all goes back to Ameerah, she wanted something with the girls,but bragged about being in alliances all over the house.


Brittany says when Jasmine won the girls' connection got tighter and Brittany was put aside, she was just told what to do.


Brittany says they are making a smart move.


Michael says they should both just agree that they would not vote her out.

He says they might buy that Indy flipped her vote.


Brittany says the girls have targeted Indy for not talking game.

Michael says he was given a list of people who would be out before jury. He says it was decided. Michael says they tried to use the "Cookout" maneuver of everyone bringing in a side person, but he couldn't.


Brittany says she wasn't invited to do that either. Sheasks if the "Leftovers" is more real, Michael says it is.


The two of them talk aobut who they can trust most, how many votes they will have towards the majority, and removing themselves from alliances that are not relative.


Brittany says she is worried about Daniel and Nicole.

Michael says he plans to remain close to her this week.

He wonders who Daniel and Nicole campaign for after the veto ceremony.


They says that Ameerah has an unattractive side, and she enhances the truth a little. Michael says she is emotional, she changes her mind often. Michael says he feels less bad about Ameerah going if she was recruited, had not seen many seasons.


They plan to enjoy the veto ceremony tomorrow, and they plan to claim they thought they were pawns to get Turner evicted.

They are speculating that Daniel and Nicole will be very "mad".


They talk about Taylor just not being socially aware, they know she doesn't mean anything  by some of the things they say.


Brittany says she wonders if Daniel and Nicole will gravitate toward her and Michael after this week.


They wonder how Jasmine will be when she loses Ameerah, and she also thinks people will not put her on slop next week (she has avoided it so far). They say it will be hard for her to come up here and go to sleep, she will lose her bed downstairs, someone else will take it.

Brittany says Jasmine reminds her of a "real housewife", she brags about her money.

Brittany says Jasmine just doesn't want to be uncomfortable. (the veto competition).


They both say they would fight for their partners in the alliance.







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They plan to keep it to themselves that they know Ameerah is being voted out, they plan to claim innocence. 

Michael says they need to get their story straight for the question, why Turner put up Ameerah and Terrance up without talking to anyone.

They plan to talk to the group about that to be on the same page with that.


Michael says it is possible that Turner will go back to the original plan, they just have to make him comfortable.

Brittany wonders what kind of hold Daniel and Nicole might have on Turner.


Michael confirms that the "Oasis" was a real thing, but he and Terrance were not invited.


Brittany says Taylor really did want to make a girls' alliance but no one wanted to let you in.

Brittany plans to let Taylor know that the girls had a plan to get her out.

Brittany says the girls were in the HOH laughing last week because they were using Taylor and planned to get her out.


They decided to see if they could use "Chen-bot" for their own two person alliance.

They think if they shuffle partners they would like to pair Michael with Terrance.

Brittany plans to play oblivious to the girls' shenanigans. She wants them to think she is still useful.


They are talking about the veto competition, they wonder what happened with Taylor and Nicole. They only had four pieces and they were wrong.

Michael  says Nicole calls herself a strong competitor, but she has won nothing.

They don't think Nicole can step into Ameerah's place.


They continue to gossip for a few minutes then leave the have not room.



General talk in the lavatory.

Ameerah, Jasmine, Alyssa, Nicole  joined by Brittany, Michael to loo, Daniel in the shower.

Brittany tells them she knows how to french braid.

No one knew she could do that, they say they went around asking, no one thought to ask her.

She demonstrates on Nicole's hair  and the girls are impressed.


Camera moves to back yard around the hot tub.

General talk

Joe, Terrance, Taylor, Michael, Kyle Brittany joins.


Nicole is braiding Jasmine's hair. 


Ameerah and Monte in the kitchen eating at the counter.

Indy is making a shake, Michael is eating chicken Monte made, Ameerah decides air fried chicken is good.

(she was reluctant to try it.)

They say it is peaceful, all the hooligans are outside.


People come and go in the kitchen.

General chatter


Indy is begging Big Brother to let her eat. Alyssa says no, Indy tells her to let Big Brother answer.  Monte makes a Big Brother voice, "NO". He tells her she only has three more days. Alyssa says she is struggling too.

They make jokes about unlocking the have not. Indy tells Big Brother, "you can use my credit card, I don't mind."


Monte asks if Turner is outside,they tell him Turner is upstairs.

Michael and Brittany are there as well, so they know where Turner is too now.


Indy says she doesn't like pickles or olives.

Alyssa says she doesn't like them either, she is struggling as well (she repeats it. She ate half a jar of pickles last night, counted zero calories as well)


Monte realizes Pooch forgot his cup, Daniel says they should ship it to him when the show is over.


Indy decides to try the fried pickles.














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Still general talk in the kitchen and around the pool.

Ameerah is pouring hot water into the hot tub, she says the guys loved it the first time, she is making more.

Daniel realizes it is boiling water.


Everyone leaves the kitchen, Brittany straightens the dining table chairs and the bar stools.

Straightens up in general.


Cameras move to pool area.

General talk.

Someone mentions Indy having ranch on slop yesterday, that is a no no. Alyssa says she didn't know, but will tell her.  (party foul)



Turner appears on the stairs. He says he has been sleeping.


In the bedroom Jasmine is munching on baked bbq chips and a popsicle. (This child is a snacking machine.)

She drops the last of the popsicle, continues munching on the chips.

Alyssa is laughing at her.

Alyssa is complaining that Indy made her wash have not towels with her clothes. She is worried that she will be put on the block with Indy.

Jasmine says they just have to get rid of the guys.

Alyssa says it will be hard for Jasmine to see Joe go, Jasmine wants to keep him as long as she can.

Jasmine says she was asking Ameerah "when does everyone go?"

She was interrupted, and complains that "she" gets in the way.


A group around and in the hot tub, general talk.



Kyle noticed that all "7 of them" are out at the hot tub, so they can talk inside.

Kyle says they might be onto something, he has walked in on them to silence several times. He thinks they might try to buy in to alliances within the house.

Kyle thinks they might try to sabatoge or get information.

Kyle tells them to just roll with it, like they are voting to evict Terrance.

Kyle says they will tell stories to flip a vote.

Kyle says they may think Turner had back up to do it. Kyle says they need to be solid.


Michael says he doesn't care about the past anyway, he cares about the future.

Turner is worried about what to say in his speech.

The group splits up


Taylor and Brittany go to the bedroom.

Brittany says since day 1 the girls didn't like Taylor, they have said they are girls' girls, but Taylor is a boys' girl.

Taylor says she gets the animosity.

Brittany says she was never quite in there, but Nicole seems to be.

The minute she was on the block the group went silent.


Brittany said when she won veto no one was excited for her, and that just did it for her.

Brittany is watching the door and listening carefully.

Brittany tells Taylor she was a target they could get out later.


Brittany starts fooling around with the ball cleaner in the bedroom as Nicole comes through.

They start talking about the decor in the house.

Taylor says she grew up playing junior golf, she was the junior golf champion, but she had to quit when she hurt her back. She says it is very expensive, but it is peaceful, takes a long time. She misses it.


Brittany says they are not in an ideal situation but they can work with it.

Taylor says they are both in a position where they had to determine whether they would betray each other. Taylor says Brittany will see it, and she hopes Brittany will see it later. 

Brittany says it was the same for her.

Brittany tells Taylor tomorrow the s**t will hit the fan, and old news is old news.

Michael comes in, Taylor tells him that the people are all saying the same words about how she communicates. Taylor tells him Nicole is positive that Taylor and she are going on the block tomorrow.  Nicole has told her it will be only business because she believes Taylor is leaving so it doesn't matter.

Michael says Nicole told him she was the only person Taylor has in the house.

Taylor says a mental spiral is not because of one person, although she understands the struggle.

Taylor feels distances from Monte, she hopes that will be resolved.



Darlings it is time for me to wander off and enjoy my cuddle time, although during the two hours I watched Big Brother this evening my puppies were overjoyed because they had uninterrupted attention. I am going to go say my prayers, curl up under my quilt, tomorrow (later today) is just past the sunrise.  Remember how special you are and how much you mean to others.  goodnight dearest ones, hugs-Grannysue






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