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Saturday, July 23, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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3:15 AM BBT Ameerah, Nicole, and Daniel are in the Space Age Bedroom talking about how much Joseph eats (4 protein shakes a day) Ameerah says she thinks he's on steroids because he's so solid (all muscle) Nicole says she knows he's not because she asked him and because his back doesn't have acne and his face looks good. They agree she's probably correct.


Daniel says he really wants to play in the veto.  Ameerah says she's probably getting a lot of airtime because she plays in all the comps and because shes coming in 2nd so frequently.


3:21 AM BBT in the HOH room Turner, Joseph, Monte, and Kyle discuss how the house may have found out about the Oasis. "After the show we're going to find out so much we didn't know about everyone. Learn about a lot of conversations."  They are trying to figure out what the house flipped.  Kyle notes a conversation shift with Ameerah who went from sharing a lot to suddenly saying she doesn't know or hadn't heard.  Joseph says Indy tried telling them a boy told her but they knew it had to be Ameerah because she was the only one who knew.  Prior to that comment, the guys had no idea the girls were so close.  Monte says a lesson to be learned is to not throw names out, you can't talk game or trust people outside their alliance. 

Joseph (laying shirtless on the HOH bed alone with a blanket wrapped around his waist) says if a female is going to win, Nicole and Ameerah are the front runners.  Monte responds they (the guys) need to start making big moves

Joseph is sharing the conversation (saying to not repeat this) that after Turner won HOH Ameerah ran to the bathroom, cried and threw up.  He says its because she turns the house and once Turner won HOH she'd be found out.  They believe Ameerah is ruthless and would lie to their faces without a problem.  

Joseph says he tested a theory - everytime he spoke to Brittany prior to Pooch's eviction, Ameerah would run to talk to her.

Joseph says Pooch had only confided in Ameerah. He quotes her and says, "and I quote I swear to God, 'I'm going home'" Turner says he may have to back door her and all the guys crack up.


3:31 BBT Joseph belives Ameerah took the opprotunity to flip the house against Pooch.  The guys agree she was the one to flip the house. She gets nervous whenever anyone bring up Pooch going home and she says, "yeah it's just a game." Joseph says when Pooch tried to make an alliance with Ameerah, Indy came up to him and Monte and threatned them if they tried to go after her.

They guys decide that was a crack in her armor and now she's back "calm, cool, and collected."

Joseph says he knew from day one Ameerah was a smart girl. He says he only trusts the three guys he's sitting with right now (Monte, Kyle, and Turner) 

3:36 AM BBT Joseph believes Jasmine took a shot at the guys so early in the game but Ameerah was holding that gun, not Jasmine (the guys agree) 


3:39 AM BBT Josephs tells Kyle anything he says to Alyssa is being repeated back. Monte says they need to make sure they win HOH's. The guys agree this is the best conversation they'd had in the game.

Alyssa isn't to be trusted, she'll run back

Kyle says Alyssa was always super transparent until he asked about the girls alliance earlier in the week (he called her over while he was in the shower) and she said, "oh no, that was set up by Paloma the first week" Kyle says, they'd been drinking, Jasmine said, "Kyle I need to ask you something..." and Ameerah shut it down by sayind it wasn't a good idea or a good time.

Joseph tells the guys to watch Ameerah's face when Joseph gives her a signal that she's being too obvious about who she's targeting.  He laughs because she says Josephs always watching her.


3:44 AM BBT Monte says the only difference between them and the girls is that last week the girls had an army, they had every girl.

4:35 AM BBT Daniel, Nicole, and Ameerah are asleep (or trying to fall asleep) in the Space Age Room

Joseph, Kyle, Monte, and Turner are still in the HOH room

Monte says Michael and Brittany is a whole different conversation. Joseph says MIchael trusts "us three" (joseph, Kyle, and Monte) Brittany is trying to get in with the girls but Ameerah made Brittany cry. Ameerah said she made Brittany cry but didn't mean to and started laughing.  Joseph says the only thing Ameerah could have made Brittany cry about was swinging the Pooch vote.

He compares Ameerah to a dragon.

Kyle warns Joseph that Ameerah is smart enough to notice Joseph always paying attention to her and who she is talking to.


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3:52 AM BBT Joseph says Ameerah is not an emtional player shes a strategic player.  There's no way she cries unless there's a possibility "this conversation" happens (Ameerah being found out by the guys)

Joseph says he trusts the guys

Kyle says Ameerah has all the girls.  Kyle says theres a reason Daniel, Nicole, and Ameerah wanted to sleep in the "bubble room" together (they believe they are working together) 

Kyle says Terrance isn't in an alliance.

They are discussing why the girls picked their Besties.

Kyle says, "thats why she took Terrance. Because she knew in her mind she was fucked. I'm going on the block. Terrance is a nobody in an alliance."

Joseph says they should put Terrance and Ameerah on the block against each other.  Then the Nicole/Daniel team has to fight the girls and that blows up from the inside.

Monte says Taylor is so socially isolated and "nobody can stand her" we get WBRB which cuts off the conversation.

Kyle says the girls hate her and it's only going to become more apparent.

Monte asks for the proposal.  Kyle says if they, numbers wise, bring in Taylor, Michael, and Brittany...Monte says that means it's a split.

Kyle says he's just looking at options. Kyle says 2 days ago, Jasmine, alyssa, ameerah, indy - probably not indy, nicole, daniel, and terrance.  that's set in stone.  that's legit set in stone.  they solidified it.  it's happening.

Kyle says he's just spitballing...here's what we do.  we win the veto.  we take down michael & brittany and planned.  turner (homeboy) puts up ameerah and terrance. they guys laugh.  kyle says, "all i'm saying, thats three votes here.  i guarantee i can get michael.  brittney is scared of ameerah.  thats three plus the two is 5, we can approach taylor.  we approach taylor and say, 'listen, we scrounging together an alliance'."    





4:03 AM BBT monte says, "it's plan and clear.  you just detailed what ameerah did this past week. everybody can see that the four girls, alyssa, ameerah, jasmine, and indy are thick as thieves.  if we can point that out to michael, brittany, and taylor. what other choice do they have?"

they say its obvious they are isolating taylor.  jasmine keeps giving her the mean mug.  kyle says he trusts those three guys.  he doesnt trust taylor, shes a shark, but she can be their shark.  they want to tell her nicole teamed up with her not beause they are close but to use her. 

[the four guys are all standing now, very excited as they hatch a plan]

kyle says if they give taylor a home to come back to. if taylor goes home this week they are in a worse position. 

4:07 AM BBT Monte says anyone winning the veto will take michael and brittany off because they know they want taylor out. they are in a good scenerio because as long as michael and brittany are down - its what everyone wants.

kyle says alyssa, jasmine, and indy without ameerah are not what they are now.

joseph says if they go with michael, brittany, and save taylor no one can touch them

kyle says they'll (M, B, and T) be loyal to them because they (K, J, M, & T) are throwing them a life vest.

Joseph says, that's it.  this is going to jury.  we have to tell them this is going to jury.

turner says he's thinking of every single scenerio. is he putting a nail in his coffin.  he reminds them his bestie is jasmine.

kyle says, a girl wins hoh and puts turner and jasmine up.  the girls would lose 2 votes (the hoh and jasmine), the guys have 3 plus brittany, michael, and taylor which would be the majority no matter what.  kyle says he's shaking.  he doesn't know if hes excited or horny.

turner says, at the end of the day, thats a crazy sick plan but if he pulls her chip.

turner says taylor is expecting to be backdoored. turner said when he asked taylor who she doesn't want to see on the block taylor said terrance because "that's her black homie" so he doesn't want to divide them.

kyle says once taylor hears what nicole is doing behind her back.  they guys are nervous taylor will revert to nicole anyway.

monte says he asked ameerah where the idea of getting pooch out came from. ameerah said the idea just came about and he says he knew then it was her idea.



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4:21 AM BBT kyle says nicole thinks its so solid taylor is going home.  nicole told him their (nicole and taylor) plan is to team up with 2 groups of alpha guys and the guys will carry them through the game. nicole is going to approach kyle and daniel and taylor is going to approach turner and joseph.  kyle says they take that to taylor and taylors trust with nicole is dead.

monte says, "nicole fucked herself"

kyle says they take this to taylor and show her they have information.

joseph says they go to taylor and say they are giving her information even though she has nothing to offer them.

taylor called pooch a pawn and joseph is telling a story about how taylor said, "pooch is a pawn and a pawn should never try to fuck with a queen" 

kyle says they need to be sure because the girls are going to fight for everything

joseph plans what they guys will tell the girls tomorrow. "we need a plan. last night we were up drinking beer laughing celebrating josephs birthday" 

Joseph remembers that last week brittany approached him and pooch saying that ameerah was targeting him.  ameerah started spreading rumors that brittany was not to be trusted.

kyle says he feels bad for Brittany but she tries


5:07 AM BBT kyle says this is the only option they have right now.  they have to take this shot.  They can ride this for the rest of the game and at the end of the game it will come back to your (turner's) hoh

joseph says:

taylor is a mastermind but no one gets to know it because shes quiet

michael is a competitive genius

brittany is the eyes and ears of this house

joseph continues, the girls aren't as strategic as them.

5:21 AM BBT Kyle counts possible votes if Joseph and Monte sit on the block next week.

5:23 AM BBT they discuss if Ameerah goes home with so many votes the girls will have to be convinved Ameerah played too much game this week and was found out by Turner.


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5:27 AM BBT kyle talks about how to approach the other three and make them feel comfortable.  he says they need to let them (michael, brittany, and taylor) talk more than they (kyle, monte, turner, joseph) talk. be very cautious about how they present information to those three.

5:31 AM BBT kyle says to approach Michael first. Then Brittany.  They can then bring Taylor into a small group and make her feel good and say, "we already have Michael and Brittany" 

5:39 AM BBT The guys leave the HOH room. Turner talks to the camera and explains that he is so tired and says he was so quiet during that conversation because the guys had a lot of the moving pieces.

Monte and kyle are in the bathroom 

kyle tells monte he was waiting to share the information he has about alyssa. monte says he doesnt want to make michael more paranoid but the information is going to come out.

5:52 AM BBT kyle tells monte the girls intentionally picked besties not in their alliance. 

Kyle says the girls are being strategic forming relationships with daniel and taylor.  Kyle says Daniel doesn't see it as girls vs guys he might just think they are tight and they probably have talked game every night for the past 2 weeks since they share rooms.

kyle says he talked to ameerah today and asked her about the alliance she was trying to build with terrance, michael, nicole, and daniel.  she says it never materialized.  she said they got into three different alliances because everyone wanted to work with them. kyle says shes feeling very safe and playing so many sides of the house. he was wondering if he missed something but she came through and said it was her, ameerah, jasmine, nicole, terrance...they are all older. he swears there was someone else too. she said it was all older people and her.

monte says to vote out alyssa over indy. kyle agrees and says indy doesn't talk game but alyssa is all over the house and talking alliances with everyone.

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kyle says he likes alyssa and would date her after the game (he then apologies to her via the camera for talking shit)


9:47 AM BBT Houseguests are debating what the comp could be today.  Brittany thinks it will be something "very athletic."

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2:22 PM BBT RCHS on the feeds still






6:57 AM BBT Kyle randomly woke up, bolted upright in his bed, smiled, stared around the (dark) room for a minute, laid back down, then grabbed ear plugs and then went back to sleep. [faint snoring can be heard on the feeds]


7:14 AM BBT Taylor brushing her teeth in the bathroom, daniel making coffee in the kitchen. [Taylor is wearing a burgandy satin slip...girl is well aware the feeds are 24/7. I appreciate her lifestyle]

7:17 AM BBT Kyle is now awake, Ameerah and Nicole are both laying in bed whispering talking game. Ameerah says, "once we get to six you, me, Michael, and Alyssa have to band together and vote them out."  They are discussing aligning with Michael later, but first they need to take out Monte. 

7:18 AM BBT Taylor added a sweatshirt and is in the storage room changing her battery pack.


7:22 AM BBT Kyle, Taylot and Michael discuss that Alyssa plays chess all the time and her secret might be that shes a grandmaster.

7:23 AM BBT Alyssa and Kyle are in the storage room talking about the game pieces they have.  They walk into the kitchen and discuss how they each slept. Kyle says, "You wake up like this?" 

7:26 AM BBT Bob announces, "Have you changed your batteries." and startes everyone

Indy comes downstairs and Kyle comments he knew it was her by the sound of her footsteps.



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7:29 AM BBT Michael, Alyssa, and Kyle discuss the songs from this morning.  (Beetlejuice may have played) They are wondering if they purposefully play songs that are kind of annoying.


7:35 AM BBT Ameerah and Nicole discuss that Terrance will put the pieces together first.  Ameerah says they have time to put the pieces together, Nicole agrees.  They say they'd need Daniel to have Monte and Kyle on the block together, that would be the only way it would work to their advantage. Daniel, Terrance, or Jasmine could get HOH and get rid of them.  It's the only way the scenerio would work - one of the guys taking a hit at the guys. If they don't get rid of Kyle or Monte, Kyle or Monte will come after them.  Nicole says they need to get as close to the six as possible.  Once they get to jury they'll realize how much their hands were involved - they'll all talk.  Ameerah says they're going, it'll suck that they (the guys) will get out but they (N & A) are playing a good game and they (the guys) will respect them.


7:41 AM BBT Nicole says the problem with the Festie Bestie is that besides the three, they are all paired up with people they don't want to get rid of yet.

7:52 AM BBT Daniel (eating breaking in the kitchen at the counter) says, "is it Saturday? Good morning Ally! That's for my niece. Finally a morning she's awake and home!"

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7:57 AM BBT Michael and Brittany are in the Car Bedroom taking about potentially being pulled off the block in favor of another target. Michael says, "Nicole thinks everyone trusts her." 

Brittany says they just need to win it (the Veto) She follows up with, "it's going to be so wonderful when we win HOH."

8:00 AM BBT Nicole and Ameerah are still laying in bed.  Alyssa has come to talk to them.  Ameerah is told to stop obstructing her microphone - she can't find it (it was under her pillow) Indy joins them, then Daniel joins them as well.  They talk about what time they went to sleep last night

8:07 AM BBT Nicole and Daniel make Nicoles bed and discuss what she talked about with Ameerah this morning.  He's surprised Monte needs to go first and Nicole reminds him to keep his calm.

8:10 AM BBT Jasmine, Indy, and Joseph chat in the Golf Room.  Jasmine mentions she went to the DR then the Bathroom late last night (early this morning) and he wasn't in bed.  Joseph responds they were upstairs clowning.  Jasmine says, "it was your birthday.  I understand.  I would have done the same thing."

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8:22 AM BBT Indy is complaining to Joseph and Jasmine that her back hurts from the Have Not room.  

8:24 AM BBT Nicole (in the bathroom with Daniel and Brittany) discusses needing to workout.  She says at home she used her Pelaton.  Brittany leave and Nicole and Daniel discuss when they'll pick the veto players.  Last week they think they picked at 10am.


8:32 AM BBT Turner emerges from the Diary Room and announces its time to pick players for the Veto competition


9:04 am BBT Feeds are back.  Taylor is laughing in the Jetson Bedroom (super high spirits!) She asks Ameerah if she heard the rules - only 1 person from the winning Bestie Duo gets to decide who to take down from the block.  If your bestie is evicted that means you aren't safe. She says that the game sounds regular and theres no advantage to your bestie being eliminated.

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9:07 AM BBT Ameerah and Taylor are wondering if after the next eviction the remaining besties will recouple.

Taylor ponders how you get nominated or play for veto if you're a single. Ameerah says it's hard to have a strategy when they have taken everything they know about Big Brother away from them [expect the unexpected! ~ SometimesITeach] 

Taylor leaves the room and Ameerah lays in bed staring off into space


9:08 AM BBT Indy is taking her Cold Have Not shower. Joseph commiserates with, "not the cold morning shower!"

9:10 AM BBT Monte, Joseph, and Michael chat in the Car Bedroom about the Veto competition.  They tell Michael, "do what you do best!"

9:12 AM BBT Monte takes his slides off and he's trying to use one on his hand to kill a huge fly that's been pestering them.  He kills it (it's huge!) and they go to tell the house about their victory (with the fly as proof)

9:13 AM BBT Taylor says she loves playing veto and especially likes not having to play to take herself off the block this week. She wants to know if Michael or Brittany have talked to Turner about who the replacement nom would be. They say they haven't really heard anything.

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9:15 AM BBT in the living room with Daniel, Alyssa, Monte (reclining on the Block couch), Jasmine, and Kyle. Alyssa had complained she was cold so Daniel got her the pink blanket.  Monte has been throwing pillows to Daniel who has lined them on top of Alyssa as extra padding and coverage.

9:17 AM BBT Taylor tells Michael and Brittany she isn't in a position to even throw a comp.  She buries her head in her hands. Taylor goes on to theorize what happens to the remaining Bestie after an eviction.  They agree that it's impossible to guess.  Brittany says it'll keep them on their toes.  Michael says they'll just wait and see.  Brittany and Michael leave Taylor who buries her head on the bed.  She stands up, continues to look for her missing shoe, and says she's stressing out and not eating, thanks big brother.

9:23 AM BBT Nicole and Daniel are in the HOH room. Nicole says she now has to figure out a way to sabotage it - but she hates the idea of throwing the comps, especially with the detail of whomever survives eviction isn't guaranteed safety.  She can't remember if they were told guaranteed safety that night or going forward.  

Daniel says he thinks Pooch is sequestered and he thinks it's mini battle backs from here on out.  It's not that four people fight.

Nicole says she'll have to go against Taylor or against Pooch because  "she" said, "even if you survive eviction..." (Turner enters the HOH) Daniel apologizes for being in there.  They ask Turner what the paper said.  Turner says, "The one who is not evicted is not safe the following week." So they think its a mini battle back.  Turner says it'll probably just be the first one person or they would do four for a few weeks down the line." Nicole thinks you could go up as a third nominee, a bestie duo could go up then she could go up.

9:43 AM BBT Nicole, Daniel, and Michael talk about the upcoming Veto comp.  Nicole says she feels good and slept well, she's going to foam roll so she's ready. Nicole schemes with Daniel about sabotaging Taylor - "you'll have to tell me her numbers. If I hear you cheering I'll know.  Call out what's happening so I don't have to make it obvious I'm looking."  Nicole says she thinks the comp will be very athletic.  Her sister will kill her because if it's a skill, like a ball, she's amazing at that.  They decide the waiting is the worst part.

Michael says regardless of what happens, he'll find a way.  Just because it doesn't go the way we want it, just makes for better tv.  

Daniel says when the host gets called to DR they probably have 20 minutes.

9:49 AM BBT Brittany comes over to talk to Daniel, Nicole, and Michael.  She says Taylors been in the storage room with Joseph for 15 minutes and everyones talking about it downstairs.  (Joseph is on another camera talking in the living room with Ameerah, Alyssa, and Jasmine) Nicole says she's going to get away from "you guys" and leaves Daniel, Michael, and Brittany who all stop talking and move away from each other.  Brittany approaches Daniel and asks him for some of his first HOH mojo.  Daniel says, "you guys just need to do your thing"


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9:57 AM BBT Jasmine and Alyssa are still in the living room.  Monte has joined them.  They are talking about Joseph talking to Taylor calling him a puppy dog and being friendly with everyone.  They think he's so sweet but they want to tell him, "No!" Indy joins them and they continue talking. Taylor joins them in the living room and they start talking about what Joseph could have been like as a kid.  They start sharing how they acted as children.  Jasmine says she was bad, not disrespectful.    Taylor tries to participate in the convo two times but they aren't really including her.

Cameras switch to Daniel, Nicole, and Joseph.  Joseph is debriefing his convo with Taylor saying Taylor doesn't feel comfortable.  They say Taylor hasn't felt comfortable.

Joseph tells Daniel that Brittany got really upset about all the mom jokes.  He's asking them to not say anything now and to stop making the jokes. She was really upset in the bed.  Brittany has been trying to get pregnant and the mom jokes have been really upsetting her since it's something she wants to badly and hasn't been able to do yet.  Joseph says to not approach her and apologize but he's asking for compassion because the topic is so sensitive.  Nicole says she was talking to her and Jasmine about the situation and it was a healthy conversation but she can understand why the jokes would be upsetting.  Daniel thanks him and says its good to be reminded.  

Monte, Indy, and Alyssa join Daniel, Joseph, and Nicole in the bedroom.  Joseph leaves to get food "before I have to go act like a clown." Taylor joins them as Joseph and Monte leave.  Taylor sits on Nicoles bed.  Daniel and Nicole make fun on Alyssa for farting in the room last night.

10:09 AM BBT Joseph, Monte, Indy, Kyle, and Terrance are in the living room talking about baking a cake or an ice cream cake.

10:10 AM BBT Nicole, Ameerah, and Daniel talk about the eviction being Pooch 2.0    Nicole says she'll be so upset.








6:13 PM BBT Feeds are back Michael and Brittany are wearing blue tiedye button up shirts over blue t shirts.  Nicole and Taylor are wearing yellow tie dye button up shirts over a yellow shirt.

Michael and Nicole talk in Space room.  They are wondering if they need to keep their shirts on.  Michael and Nicole hug.  Michael notices she was dropping pieces.  Nicole says she was even telling her what to do.  Michael says it worked out perfectly.  Nicole says, "I have a heart, you know?  I'm just speechless.  I want to just talk to her."

Michael says he glad she didn't have to sabotage her.

Nicole says shes glad too but she just told Alyssa she knows she (Taylor) didn't do that on purpose.  Nicole feels like a villian.  

Nicole says, "I dont understand.  i didn't think it was difficult to put that first piece on."  Michael said he didn't think so either and it was doable from both sides. Nicole says she gave her the first piece and once she had the piece right she started building it properly.  Taylor got dizzy at one point (they were spinning)

Nicole says she doesn't know what to say to her.

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6:17 PM BBT Michael says what do you say in these situations.

Taylor talked to NIcole in the bathroom and said, "When you're ready, can we talk?"

Nicole says she's not confrontational but she was upset.  Michael says, No one is saying Nicole is stirring stuff up.

Brittany joins them.  Nicole says Taylor was messing stuff up.  By the time Brittany had her second piece Taylor was working on the first piece. She tells Brittany that she did amazing and she's so impressed.

Michael is discussing the harness and they weren't expecting him to be on the ground. Brittany said the hard part was knowing what was balanced and she's out of shape.  Nicole says Michael and Brittany did a great job communicating.

Michael was nervous about knocking pieces off.  He says one fell.  Brittany says they purposely took some pieces off.

6:23 PM BBT Nicole is praising Brittany.  Brittany says she hopes people can see shes an asset and shes not expendable.

They continue to debate if they can get changed.  

Alone in the room, Brittany and Michael hug and they are super excited talking about how well they did.  Brittany says, "and she's, what, 60 lbs lighter?"

6:26 PM BBT Taylor has been sitting in the bedroom with a few houseguests who have all been chatting.  [She's trying to keep a brave face and is attempting to participate in the conversation but it's obvious she is heartbroken ~ SometimesITeach]  

Jasmine says it looked hard.  Taylor said it was.  Trying to balance yourself.


6:31 PM BBT Nicole says she's surprised they used same drum set they used on premier night.  She tells Ameerah she gave Taylor all the right pieces.

Ameerah tells Nicole that she knows shes good.  Nicole says Taylor asked her to talk.  Nicole said no, but Daniel blew up on her and she didn't expect that.  Nicole was pissed and looked right at Ameerah (maybe during the comp) and said, "let me know when it's time for me to quit this game" Nicole says she doesn't need to talk to Taylor for the rest of the time shes here.  Nicole feels good about what she said.  Daniel told Ameerah that Nicole kept her calm.  Nicole says she didn't belittle her but she told her (Taylor) how she should have approached her.  

6:36 PM BBT Turner is wearing a pink tiedye shirt in the kitchen with Daniel, Terrance, and Indy.  


[It sounds like the comp was assembling the drum set puzzle from the first night while being hoisted in the air by their bestie.]


6:38 PM BBT Nicole says she started yelling at Taylor.  She was actively telling her what to do as she was dropping pieces.  Nicole was bringing her the pieces she was asking for and the pieces she thought she'd need.  Nicole says, "I underestimated Brittany"

Michael enters and they call him the Veto King, he's just sweeping the vetoes.

6:49 PM BBT Taylor and Terrance talk about what votes she would have.  "You'd have me, Britt, Michael" Taylor agrees.

Taylor says she approached Nicole when they got back into the house and said, "When you're ready to talk, let's talk."

They agree they like Nicole and Daniel.  Nicole is a straight shooter.  Taylor said she "would like to put up Indy, that's a conversation that had been going around when things were good."

Terrance says she needs to make herself a whole ally and not an enemy.  Let's say it was a fluke last week that you happened to sit next to Pooch.  Just you and me are not going to make it alone.  We need them.

Taylor says, "they're just going to pick us off too."

Taylor says the game is interesting because outside of the house she's the most loving, sweet, and wholesome.  She won Miss Congeniality at Miss USA.  It's interesting being perceived so differently outside the house.

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Taylor and Terrance both agree they came because of the Cookout.  Taylor wanted America to see that black women in the house are not just "the black bitch"

Terrance says not everyone can see that side of her.

Terrance asks for Nicole to come chat with him - he says he'd like to get her temperature.  He thinks people have Taylor misunderstood.

7:20 PM BBT Taylor and Joseph are chatting in the bedroom alone.  Joseph tells her to take some time. People know she likes to be alone. Taylor says she'll allow her to feel the feelings.  Joseph tells her to give her (Nicole) some space, then have those conversations with Jasmine and make sure people know she's sorry.  Make sure people know it's genuine.  After that first week of mis steps and miscommunication. He reiterates to take some time. 

Taylor says she appreciates him always being a friend.  Joseph says they don't talk game or plans but he tries to be there for her.  Try to explain that this doesn't come to her as second nature but apoligize and back track.  He tells her to stay close with Brittany because Michael and Brittany are good people.

Taylor apologizes for him getting backlash and he says he'd never leave anyone alone.  Joseph says if she needs a friend, come to him. 

Taylor says she doesn't know if she wants to talk to Nicole before she talks to Turner.  

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Ameerah joins Taylor after Joseph leaves.  Taylor says she doesn't ever want to hurt anyone.  Taylor shares again the reason she joined Big Brother was the Cookout.

7:26 PM BBT Joseph and Michael are talking in the storage room.  he says he sees people walking past and giving nasty looks.  he says he won't stand for seeing anyone bullied, "i don't know if that's too strong a term" or being ostricized.  He doesn't care if that hurts his game. 

Joseph says we're decent people.  Kindness shouldn't be mistaken for weakness.  He says the people who are being decent and kind are getting the shit end of the stick.  He tells michael he's one of the nicest people in the house and he's been on the block 3 times.  Michael says he appreciates that.

Joseph says he hears a lot of plans that are being fostered and brought to him.  He wants to be at the table when the ideas are being fostered.  He says Monte, Michael, Brittany, arent like that and he wants to work with them.  He says he feels like Brittany is on the outside of the girls for some reason.  Joseph says he wants to talk to him again sometimes tonight but be careful,  Don't listen to people saying "I'll get rid of Brittany and you can join our alliance." Michael says he'd like to work with Joseph if they're ever in a position like this again.

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Kyle, Daniel, Alyssa, Michael are in the Tiki lounge, Turner and Kyle are playing the bumper pool game.

The boys are teasing Alyssa about being clumsy and causing a spill.

Kyle explains a new game to Alyssa-strip bumper pool/checkers.

Turner clarifies that socks count as an item of clothing.


Michael lost the checker game, they tell him to tak off his pants.

Kyle explains the game of "checkers" to Alyssa.. (watching Alyssa play, I would say she really didn't need an explanation)

Indy joins the group, crawls up onto the bench and gets comfy.


Alyssa makes Kyle take off his socks.

Indy is enthusiastic, calls it "interesting"


Monte and Terrance are at the dining table, Terrance says that wasn't the time to...

We get Big Circles

(They are probably discussing Nicole and Taylor. Earlier in the day, during the veto competition Nicole said angry things to Taylor when Taylor failed to work the puzzle correctly (that's the rumor). Nicole was called to the diary room and came out crying. (the rumor is that Nicole was "talked to sternly" by production.). Taylor saw Nicole crying, thought she was crying over her mother (cancer patient, who is very very ill). Taylor tried to comfort her, told her if she needed to leave the game, everyone would understand (about her mother). Nicole told Taylor that she was not crying over her mother, and said "It's you."

Subsequently Nicole traveled the house telling a twisted story in which Taylor was the villian.

The house seems not to believe this, and individuals have talked to  Taylor, who is hiding in the bedroom.

(Some of this I saw on the feeds, some of it I have pieced together from mini conversations around the house.-Grannysue)


Monte tells Terrance he is concerned about where Pooch's name started, Terrance says it bothers him as well.

Monte says Pooch dug his own grave, but the way it happened is hard to grasp for him. He says there was an obvious target, then he heard from Jasmine that Pooch was leaving.  He says Taylor was unanimous to be voted out and it changed.


Nicole and Daniel are talking in the bedroom, they are talking about Joseph. Nicole thinks he is a cop or fireman. 

Daniel tells her she can't ask.

Daniel also tells her not to call the microphone a radio.

Indy comes into the room, she just isn't "feelin' it." (she is on slop and sleeping in the have not room. now she is a grumpy gus. I understand, feed me oatmeal for a week I would tear off your eyebrows- :) Grannysue)

Indy leaves the room


Nicole tells Daniel her mother loves Elvis, Daniel promises to send her a video.

More general talk.

Daniel thinks Brittany is a psychic or a healer. (close) or she is an "extra" in theater or movies

(Nicole mentions Xavier being an attorney last year. I smiled)

Nicole thinks Monte is a cop or a SWAT member (he is a fitness trainer) and Turner is business savy. He has been in LIFE magazine, he is a YouTuber. (close enough for a point). 


Camera moves to strip checkers. Alyssa is down to her sports bra. Kyle has no socks on.


Camera moves back to Nicole and Daniel again.

Daniel says he thinks Michael designs escape rooms (Michael is an attorney, although when he was young he worked in an escape room with McCrae from a prior season).


Indy comes into the room again, conversation goes to general chatter.

Daniel says he hopes his exposure on Big Brother will propel his rates so he can pay his band (12 people) better. He is also the producer.


Nicole says she deals with a groundskeeper and a housekeeper. Nicole says she dated a musician once, and it ended when he just drifted away.

General conversation continues.
















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In the HOH room Kyle, Michael, Alyssa and Turner are playing some sort of game. They lay on the bed one by one, close their eyes and one of the other three touch their thumb. The blindfolded house guest guesses who did it. 

They give up the game quickly and try to think of dumb games.


Joseph and Brittany are whispering in the gym room. Daniel says the outsiders were the last to know about Pooch last week.

Nicole says Turner told her that she and Michael would come down after the veto "no matter what"

Joe wonders what is the bigger picture happening.

Joe says "all you did was buy another week"

They hear movement nearby, so the talk goes to general workout talk.

Danger of being over heard passes.

Whispers continue, but hard to hear what they are saying.


In the HOH Kyle is talking about the girls downstairs and how they sit in clusters. Kyle says last week the girls sat in the HOH with their backs to the guys. He says those girls won't break away.

Kyle says even if the girls come after him next week the have the votes to keep him in the house.

Turner says he needs a reason.

Kyle thinks the girls would come after Joe and Monte.

Kyle says the only other pair to put up is Alyssa and Indy and they don't want to do that.

Turner says the only one he wants to do is Ameerah.

Kyle says Ameerah has a job lined up with Google after Big Brother, she could be a super fan, she has placed second in several competitions.

Kyle says when he was in the kitchen Ameerah was looking at the board,

then she went to Taylor because she knew they need that vote.

Kyle says he went to talk to Taylor and told her there was a possibility 

would be safe.

Kyle says he is putting all his eggs in this basket.

Kyle says Monte is wondering if Taylor was telling him the truth about Paloma and the all girls alliance, then it turned to blame Taylor.

Michael says Brittany has not been offered anything in the house by anyone, and they can bring her in.

Michael says he told Taylor there are people who want her here and something could be in the works

Brittany comes into the room, they say "perfect timing"


Turner asks her where she stands in the house right now.

Joe comes into the room as well.

Brittany says she was nervous in the house.

Turner asks her if she is in with the girls, Brittany says arms length.

Her win did not result in celebrating.

Joe says when Turner won HOH it startled them because it wasn't in their plan.

Brittany says last week she wanted to sit with them as a group, but that didn't happen.


Kyle tells Brittany that they are all aware of the group of girls.

Kyle says Alyssa has a crush on him so he gets information.

He tells her that the older players have an alliance called Old School, he lists the players

Brittany says she wasn't invited and she is an older player.


Joe says he isn't part of the process, he gets the information about what they are doing after the fact. Joe says Alyssa and Ameerah are close, Kyle says they wouldn't vote for Jasmine to go either. Joe says all of us are sitting ducks here.


Kyle says Alyssa told him the girls were hoping Taylor won HOH to take a shot at a strong guy.


Joe says Ameerah questioned him about talking to Brittany.


Kyle says they were questioning why Joe would talk to Taylor.


Michael says they are being controlled and manipulated by them


Brittany says nothing game wise comes from the girls, she is on the edge. She thinks they are using Taylor and she (Brittany) would be the next one used.

Kyle says if Brittany and Michael had stayed it would have been a toss up

Kyle says the OldSchool alliance is solid.


Turner says he is up to speed, he says last week can't happen again.

He says he is getting a grasp on who is working together.

Kyle says the girls won't keep him over another girl, he is forced to this group. He adds that they are all in that position.

He counts the votes to get Ameerah out.

Joe, Monte, Taylor, Kyle, Michael and Brittany


They agree that anything Taylor says is exploded, but if someone else said  the same thing there would be no reaction.

(Praise the Lord, these kiddos get it!!!-Grannysue)


Kyle says when he talked to Taylor she was defeated. Michael agrees that is how it was.

Joe says Taylor has been ostracised.

Michael repeats what Taylor said as opposed to what Nicole claimed.

(Cameras move--I think this might be a sensitive production issue because every time someone mentions it cameras move or we get Big Circles.)


All cameras are in the bedroom with Daniel, Nicole and Indy.

Indy tells them goodnight.


Cameras return to the HOH

Alyssa and Ameerah have joined the group. Alyssa beelines to the spot between Kyle and Michael. Ameerah lays on the end of the bed.


General talk about the veto competition.













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Still general talk in the HOH

Still pillow talk between Nicole and Daniel (this might be a relationship to watch both now and in the future.


Indy comes into the HOH.


Ameerah, Brittany and Joe leave the HOH. Joe has to make steak, Ameerah says she is going to bed.

General chat 


Turner tells them there is a stool in the shower. They talk about the ways the stool can be used. Quite a few jokes. They offer to give Kyle "the talk".

When two people are really in love...

When two people just meet...

When two people are bored...

When people are on slop....(Indy)


Indy says she is going to bed.


In the kitchen Joe is working on the steaks, Brittany, Ameerah are with him. Daniel comes into the room as well.

They talk about Pooch, say he was the glue for the late night crew.

They hope he is watching the feeds.


Kyle was found in a game of hide n seek.

Alyssa runs to hide.

Michael and Kyle race off to find her.


Joe and Brittany continue to talk and work in the kitchen, talk to Ameerah while the children play.


They talk about their religions, and their relationships with God.


Joe, Michael and Kyle wander off to the storage room. Joe tells Michael to work with Brittany to get her to buy in. They want to talk to Taylor, Kyle says Monte needs to have a conversation with Taylor because of the Paloma "stuff"

Kyle will try to pull her into a room tonight with Monte.

The three of them slide back to the kitchen with no one noticing they were just together in the storage room.


Nicole and Daniel are still talking casually in the bedroom.


General talk in the kitchen while Brittany washes dishes and Joe cooks.











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In the bedroom Nicole and Daniel continue to discuss their theory that "he" is a cop.

Ameerah comes into the room. Ameerah says she watched the competitions on Big Brother. She says she watched the whole seasons of 10 and 16.

They wonder if there will be a hide n seek veto this year.


In, the kitchen general talk.

Monte tells them he talked to Taylor, he thinks they can work with her. He told her that Kyle, Michael, Joe, Turner and himself were not a part of anything.


Monte tells Kyle to go see Turner. He says this week will change the trajectory of the game. As people pass by they talk about all kinds of things, the back yard, etc.

Jasmine comes in, she says she has nervous flutters in her tummy. She is looking for crackers. Michael goes to look for Sprite and crackers.

Kyle wanders toward the upstairs.


Alyssa and Kyle are looking for her purple water bottle.

Kyle comes downstairs, reports that Turner is asleep on his sofa instead of the bed.

Kyle is playing with the vetos, clacking them together like chimes.


In the bedroom Jasmine and Alyssa are gossiping. Jasmine says the stress will just get worse. Jasmine is worried about passing out.

Joe comes into the room, Alyssa says, "Ok we get Joseph out next week, yeah?". He stops and looks at her, confused. Alyssa says, "Just kidding, I saw you come in."


Jasmine continues to talk about what happened to her and what could have called it.

They notice that Taylor has been in the diary room for quite some time.

Joseph tells them Taylor has accepted that she is going home this week. He tells them that Taylor apologized if she upset him. He says she is just awkward and doesn't know what to say.

Alyssa says she can't kiss Kyle, he has a cold sore.


Joe says Taylor told him she did not come here to hurt feelings, she plans to make things right. He tells them Taylor knows she is going home.

Joe comforts Jasmine because she is feeling bad.

Taylor comes into the room, Jasmine whines that Taylor hasn't been here to make her feel good.


Jasmine, who has been complaining of a stomach ache, says "Maybe I will go get a piece of that steak." 

The others tell not to do that, but to wait.


General talk continues


Brittany joins the group in the bedroom.

Jasmine makes sure she tells Brittany about her tummy troubles.

(I had an aunt like that, every time she felt mild discomfort of any kind she would repeat her troubles to everyone as they came into the room. My mama used to say she always tried to be last so she only heard it once. -Grannysue)


Ameerah comes into the room, Jasmine's trouble repeated.

General talk



Darlings it is time for me to say goodnight. Of course I will thank the Lord for my day, cuddle with my puppies and put the worries of the day behind me.  Call someone you love today, do something nice for yourself.-hugs, Grannysue





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