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Friday, July 15, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:06AM BBT

In the livingroom, all of the HGs are wearing denim shorts, bandanas and tartan shirts from the HoH Comp. The HoH players are covered in colored powder. Joe says he thinks production will send in people to help Jasmine around the house

[They gave Christmas a scooter. Maybe Jasmine will get the 2.0 version -ML]

Jasmine whispers to Ameerah and Britt, "I didn't want Taylor to get it. I'm sorry, but I want her out. I want her out, out. I cannot believe I just won HoH."

Indy: I cannot either, and you didn't even want HoH. ANy you were like, Indy, you can do this (that she would be the girl to win)

Turner walks up and Jasmine says (about Taylor), "You thought you were off the block." Turner laughs.

Joseph shouts, "You are a Big Brother legend to roll you ankle and then win."



Daniel was the HoH Part 2 host. They talk about racing for a pie and matching colors to people. This was a county fair festival where Daniel said "Hootenanny." Kyle and Daniel agree there are so many HGs that will be great hosts.



12:13AM BBT

In the Car Design bedroom, Pooch is telling Alyssa that Jasmine should put up the guys and let them win veto then put Taylor up as replacement, "Don't give her a fucking chance to win it." Alyssa says Jasmine won't put up two girls. Pooch tells Alyssa that she shouldn't then asks her to tell Jasmine to put up him and Brittany. Pooch thinks the only one who wouldn't use the veto (if picked to play) would probably be Michael. Alyssa leaves asying she will tell Jasmine.


12:15AM BBT

Pooch updates Joe on the plan in the bathroom. Joe likes the plan.



12:25AM BBT

In the bathroom, Michael tells Brittany that it's Friday and Britt talks to the camera telling her husband, Stephen, Happy Birthday while she blows kisses. Michael suggests they spell out Happy Birthday to him in M&Ms on the dining table.

Britt: He will love that.

She gets teary and Michael gives her a hug.

Taylor joins them in the bathroom and Michael tells her he knows she was so relived, "When Julie said that." Taylor says she was because she was still afraid she could get evicted even though Paloma had self-evicted.



12:29AM BBT

Alone in the Golf Pro Bedroom, Taylor is talking to herself, "Oh my God. I am still here. I am still here. It's a quiet game now. It's a quiet game now. They are gonna send me home. That HoH was just up to chance. The re was no skill there. I have to figure out if I want to be a Have-Not this week. I have to figure out if I'm gonna be a pawn. I ahve to prove my loyalty to them, which sucks. There has got to be a way to get in with this group. There has to be a way to get Kyle out. But, it's not my decision."  


Taylor sees her reflection in the mirror and laughs at the way she looks. Her teeth are blue.

Taylor joins Daniel in the SR

Daniel: You killed it

Taylor: There was no skill to that

They discuss that there were extra pies in the competition and question whether it was the original competition plan or a backup plan. Taylor thinks it was the regular HoH comp they would have played after the eviction.

Taylor: Ameerah was the second one to get it and Jasmine was the last, but she had it right.

Daniel: How are you with Jasmine?

Taylor: I feel good. I don't think she will send me home.

Daniel: Dope

Taylor: You're free agent out here. Good for me; good showing out there. But, Jasmine? She rolls her ankle and the last thing people see is her on her back, crying. Turn on the feeds and see she won HoH. Like, what the fuck. *they are laughing at the irony.

They discuss slop and that Nicole is down for doing it.

Taylor: I would rather do that than be a pawn. I want to earn favor with the house.

Daniel: We all have to do it (at some point)

Taylor: This week? Michael goes up, takes himself down. I go up and Paloma goes home. I'm sitting on the block next to Terrance.

Daniel: When they told you that, you cried (that she was safe)

Taylor: All the game knows of me, is me crying. I knew there was no way I had the votes against Terrance. For three seconds, Had me by the neck, Julie Chen.

Taylor says she was eating the pie off the letters. 

Daniel: You were eating it?

Taylor: It was good. You should have tried it.

(It sounds like they had to find hidden letters in pies, like a pie eating contest. )



Nicole joins them and Nicole tells Taylor not to volunteer for Have-Nots becase "we got it." Taylor syas she couldn't do Have-Nots with Terrance (his snoring is pretty loud)

Collectively, the three say that Michael is killing it in the game. They discuss that Jasmine and Michael likely have the most fans.


Taylor leaves to clean up.


12:41AM BBT

Daniel and Nicole are now alone in the SR whispering game.

Daniel: Oh my God. I am so happy!

Nicole: I'm just like, you know, now...This is going to b e the craziest week.

Daniel: Why?

Pooch walks in and interrupts their conversation. WHen he leaves, they say he might end up going home because he is volunteering as a pawn. Daniel says he thinks it's best for a big guy to go home and he will always be a fan of Taylor. They want to bide their time with her, knowing she will take out huge targets when she wins HoH.

Nicole says they need to talk in depth. Daniel says he is down to play bumper pool.

Nicole: The alliance of Monte, Kyle, me, Ameerah, Alyssa and Michael is a final 6 deal.

Daniel: Am I fucked?

Nicole: No

She says she told Alyssa to keep him safe, and she agreed.

Daniel brings up the guy's alliance

Nicole: Wait, what, there is a guy's alliance?

Daniel: Don't spread it. It's the big dudes. Oasis....then add onto it.

They decide to talk later and Nicole leaves

Daniel (now alone): Fuck me! Damn!



Nicole sits next to Turner in the living room.

Nicole (whispers): Taylor thinks she's safe

Turner: I know

Nicole gets up saying she has gas and doesn't want to fart on Turner


1:15AM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Kyle is telling Alyssa that he is usually the sober one in the party group because he doesn't trust himself drinking, "But if we go on a cruise"

Alyssa: Wait, who is going on a cruise?  (she is laughing) it would be just you and Terrance. No one would show up.


1:20AM BBT

Nicole finds hair in the bathroom and yells to Joseph that he needs to clean it up because it's all his baody ahir after he shaved. "At least it's Joseph's. He is clean. Joseph, you are gonna have to wipe it all down."


1:44AM BBT

Brittany and Michael finish the birthday sign for her husband on the dining table. Michael says it was Hayden's birhtday the day he left (for BB)

Brittany: Aw, Man!




2:00AM BBT - 3:30AM BBT

Just lots of random conversation while waiting for the HoH Room Reveal.


3:28AM BBT

Bob: Jasmine, please go to the DIary Room Downstairs

All of the HGs cheer!



4:01AM BBT

"Who Wants to See my HoH Room?"

All of the Hgs cheer. Monte piggybacks Jasmine up the stairs.






The HGs are chanting outside the door but, of course, there is a delay trying to get past the crappy HoHR door lock. Finally in...



4:06AM BBT

Everyone is throwing out Oohs and Aws. Pooch says, "Fine as hell." Jasmine gets teary looking at her photos. Nicole comforts her.


Jasmine's music is Lemonade by Beyonce, and her HoH letter is from her husband, Justin:


"Baby, you did it! Congratulations on winning Head of Household. Let me start by saying how much I love and miss you. Geez, it is crazy how quiet this house is without my best friend here. But then again, the quietness hasn't been such a bad thing. I'm so extrememly proud of you and all that you have already accomplished. And I can't wait to see what else God has in store for you. I can't explain how proud I am of you, and I truly feel like the luckiest husband in the world. Your ambition, tenacity and genuine heart of gold continue to shine through each and every day. We are all rooting for you. You're doing an amazing job. The quote 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' is so true because I miss you so much. Although you are thousands of miles away, please know and remember that I am with you each and every step of the way - your biggest supporter. Not only are you my better half, but you're every beat of my heart. Although I miss you like crazy, keep killing it in the Big Brother house and bring home $750,000. I love you to the moon and back, Baby. Show the world that amazing ray of sunshine I call my wife. Your hubby, Justin. "


Jasmine thanks her husband for the letter as all of the HGs share in her glee.  She got a pic of her with her husband. There is also  a picture her and her dad when she was a baby.image.thumb.png.98f6b9d76ea3bc81950d2a664aa063f0.pngimage.thumb.png.9d56fdae24d4deb4463191725a2ba715.png


HoH Basket: sunglasses, animal print headband, coconut cashews, Doritos, strawberry shortcake, mangos, socks, butter cookies, Twizzlers, SOur Bunch bites, Tangy turtles, jelly beans, face masks, hand cream, Sweet Tarts, 854 lashes, nail polish, cupcakes, Special K, Oreos, headphones, peanut butter & caramel coated popcorn.


Her fridge/freezer are not yet stocked because production told her the stores were closed. SHe is expecting popsicles.


Jasmine: Okay, Guys. Y'all can go to sleep now. I know you were waiting on me.

Monte: We are at your service, My Queen.




4:48AM BBT

In the HoH bathroom, the girls are helping Jasmine get cleaned up and ready for bed while laughing about the guys.

Alyssa: And Ameerah said, 'and stay out'

Ameerah expresses her disgust over the guys getting on her bed, "She is a married woman. Fuck."

Ameerah says she is going downstairs to monitor and "keep my eye on things."

Jasmine asks her to bring up the small towels she hid in the bathroom drawer. Ameerah says Daniel had to use them because he was locked out to get his towel (from HoHR)

Alyssa notices there is a beauty package for her under the HoHR sink.

Alyssa: They hooked you up.

Indy: There is no bubbles (for the tub)


Downstairs, Ameerah tells the guys her nickname ifrom her friends s "Meerkat"


5:08AM BBT

Jasmine, Britt, Ameerah, Alyssa and Taylor and Indy are in the HoH bathroom helping Jasmine get ready for bed. Indy is telling Jasmine that she has to stick up for herself when Jasmine says it was awkward because she wanted to shower, but Daniel was in the HoHR, "I was like, I can't shower with you in here." Jasmine tells Alyssa, "you brought me th emost holey panties I have...these are my period panties." Alyssa says she brought up two pairs, but the girls tell Jasmine she should just wear what's comfortable. They discuss Jasmine's fall and how they all wanted to run out there to help her but were afraid of what to do since it was a live show. Jasmine says Monte and Pooch were fighting over what to do with her shoe (take it off or leave it on). Alyssa says leaving the shoe on helps with swelling, so Monte wanted to leave it but Pooch took it off. Monte almost passed out when he saw how swollen her foot was. Britt asks Jasmine if she needs anything before she heads to bed. She asks if she needs someone to stay up with her. Britt moves Jasmine's crutches by her bed so she can easily get them when needed. Britt says goodnight then leaves. Ameerah and Taylor help Jasmine go through her HoH basket in search of a scrunchy. They find a headband for her. They discuss if her bed sheets were washed. Taylor says she thinks they are brand new sheets. Taylor comments that her letter from her husband was so sweet. Ameerah says she wants to go to bed but wants to help her elevate her leg, first. Jasmine asks Ameerah to get her perfume from downstairs for her. WHen Ameerah leaves, Taylor says, "Girl, what a fucking week." Jasmine says the ice pack isn't as good as actual ice. Taylor heads down to get her more ice packs sinc eth eone she has isn't cold anymore. WHen Taylor leaves, Alyssa whsipers to Jasmine, "Oh my God. She is so paranoid."

Jasmine: I know! What to do!? What to do!?

Ameerah returns with the perfume and Jasmine tells her she sent Taylor for ice packs, "I can't get rid of her."

Ameerah leaves saying she will come back later.

Taylor enters with an armfull of ice packs then helps get Jasmine situated on the bed, says goodnight, offering to help with whatever she needs then leaves the HoHR.


5:28AM BBT

Pooch is talking with Ameerah in the bathroom downstairs. Ameerahs says she thinks Taylor should go up. Pooch asks what they do if she wins (veto). 

Ameerah: If you are head of household, can you win veto and change your nominations?

Pooch: Yes

Ameerah: I can't believe they can do that.

Pooch: They do it throw people off.

Pooch doesn't want to give Taylor a chance to play in the veto. He wants her to be backdoored.




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5:42AM BBT

Pooch, Joseph and Taylor are talking to the feeds in the bathroom. Pooch says he is 5'10" but Joseph puts him check saying he is 5'9" and is only 5'10" with shoes and his hair. They say hi to Paloma.

Taylor: I hope you are sleeping!

They tell the feeds they get yelled at, especially Turner.

Taylor: We get yelled at and spanked

Joseph: Well, we get to what we want, but we get yelled at.



They laugh about Michael showing them all up. Joe says Pooch will put him (Michael) on the block for taking all of his comnfidence. Joseph says that all of the food was gone after Have-Nots were allowed to eat.


Have Nots this week: Nicole, Pooch, Terrance & Daniel


5:52AM BBT

Jasmine is talking with Ameerah alone in the HoHR. AMeerahs says Pooch is waiting for her (to talk). 

Jasmine: Go get him. You have to stay with him, but bring him up here.

They notice on spy cam that he is already on his way up.

Ameerah: Poor Brittany. We can't put her up.

Now in the room, Pooch points out that she should put up him and Brittany. Jasmine says Britt will cry on her, "she will bawl." Pooch says that since she has to compete, she doesn't want to risk Taylor having a chance to compete (foot injury will make her slow)

Ameerah: What about you and Turner?

Pooch: Yeah, okay

Pooch says he only keeps Turner close because he knows that Kyle and Monte have a solid bond. (he tries to play off his relationship with Turner as being a bit phony)

Jasmine suggests not using Pooch as  a pawn, but Pooch tells her she doesn't wantt o get blood on her hands.

Jasmine tells Pooch she will not put up Michael or Brittany.

They go through multiple scenarios looking for a successful backdoor on Taylor.

They laugh about Jasmine having a hard time getting rid of her, so she asked her to go get her ice packs and she returned with a ton of them.

Pooch: I saw and told her, she is not dead. (Jasmine doesn't need her whole body on ice  LOL)

Pooch says when he is HoH he is nominating Michael, "He is a beast.  I consider myself a fit dude, but he dominated me."

Jasmine asks who he wants to keep safe. He replies that he wants to keep Kyle, "because he would have a hard time fucking me over this early"

Ameerah suggests she talk with Brittany, but Jasmine claims she may not have the energy for that [The HGs have been consistently complaining about getting "stuck" talking with Britt. -ML]

Pooch insists that putting Brittany up would be something no one in the house would be upset with. 

Jasmine jokes that it would be hilarious if they find out Britt "works for the FBI, or something." Ameerah says Britt works for Mattel (Britt has convinced Ameerah with her lie about her career)

They all agree they love Joseph.

Ameerah: I'm not putting Joseph up, ever.

Pooch: I feel like he would be a soldier for me


[Okay, y'all. Taylor is Jasmine's target. But, if Pooch ends up on the block, he very well could go home even though he would think he was just the pawn. Don't forget, he is volunteering himself. Daniel, Nicole, Terrance, Michael, Brittany, Indy and Alyssa would be willing to vote him out if Taylor ends up avoiding the block, somehow. -ML]


6:18AM BBT

Jasmine, Ameerah and Pooch discuss their wake-up time better be 10 or 11 since they haven't had any sleep  (yeah, good luck with that  -ML)

Ameerah says noms will be tomorrow or Saturday morning.  (Usually, noms are on Friday)


6:40AM BBT

Pooch finally leaves the HoHR. 

Jasmine: I don't think I can do another conversation like that. I gotta get better at putting people out. He is a talker

Ameerah: You gotta put him up. I will vote his ass out. He tries to get an alliance with everybody.

Jamsine: Alyssa said, 'I cannot stand that guy. I want him gone.' She literally told me that. If Taylor had gone home today, I would have got Pooch out. That would have been easy.

Ameerah tells her that Kyle has already said he would vote him out (Pooch), "Pooch is going on the block. If he was able to somehow get the votes, I'd be shocked. Brittany is..."

Jasmine: Brittany is gonna cry

Ameerah says "Man, he can talk a lot" (Pooch) and that she was trying to pretend to be falling asleep so he would get the hint.

Jasmine gets up to use the loo and stumbles through on her crutches.


[Poor Jasmine, she looks to be very uncomftable. I hope her ankle heals quickly because it will be so hard for her to move around this week going upstairs and back down. -ML]


Ameerah says that she doesn't think she can put Brittany up because she is in the girls' alliance and Indy won't have it. "You could talk to Taylor and persuade her to go up and not win veto so we could get Pooch out. I told her that was my plan."

Ameerah: If it was me, I would put up Pooch and Taylor and tell them both they are the pawn. If one of them come off, you backdoor someone.

Jasmine: But I have to have the votes. I'm gonna talk to everyone.


6:51AM BBT

Ameerah says she is going to bed, "I'll see you in an hour"

Jasmine: It better not be.

Ameerah: Good Morning Houseguests  (pretty good Bob impression)

Jasmine asks what time it is and can't believe there is no clock in the HoHR. She asks Ameerah to look at the camera and tell her what time it is on the microwave. When Ameerah leaves, 'Oh my God. I can't believe I am HoH"



7:36AM BBT

Jasmine is asleep in her HoH bed with the lights on. She can't turn them off unless she gets out of bed, which is not easy for her do with her busted up ankle. The lights are off in the Golf Pro Bedroom, where Joseph and others (not sure who after bed swaps) are sleeping soundly. image.thumb.png.bfd0ef8063df12006ff12655a092d4fe.png

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8:49AM BBT

All of the remaining BB24 HGs are still sleeping.

Jasmine eventually put her shades on to protect from the lights in teh HoHR.



8:55AM BBT

Terrance is out of his inflatable Have-Not bed for the loo.

Terrance heads back to the HNR and settles on the floor, just using a pillow for his head.

Beofre he can truly get comfortable...


9:03AM BBT

WBRB appears on the feeds.

It's time for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"



9:14AM BBT

The feeds return to all of the house lights up and pissed off, groggy HGs.

[They only have themselves to blame. -ML]


Michael tries the backdoor. It's not open.

Daniel is telling Britt that the beds in the HNR aren't the probelm, "I am used to crappy beds, but it's the cold air being pumped in that's brutal. Once I get some coffee in me, I'll be okay."


9:17AM BBT

Ameerah, Indy and Alyssa are still in bed in the Space Age Bedroom.

Ameerah: We have got to get up. The cameras are moving around on us.

Alyssa: I have to pee so bad.

She gets up and heads to the loo.


Back in the HNR, Nicole says, "This is on a whole other level."

Daniel: It is cold as fuck in here.


Michael joins Alyssa in the bathroom area. She asks if everyone is up.

Michael: Not nearly

Alyssa: Four hours. I'm gonna die. Yesterday was a long, long day. It sucked.


In the kitchen, Daniel gets his first swallow of caffeine, "Oh, fuck yeah"

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He sits at the kitchen island with a coat on, still freezing from the HNR. He says hi to his mom, "What's up Mom? She is surely up watching. Well, I'm back on 4 hours." (of sleep)


Alyssa joins him saying she feels like she got run over by a mack truck.

Daniel: For sure

9:27AM BBT

Alyssa heads upstairs to check on Jasmine.

Alyssa says, "Hey" then cleans off all the stuff on the bed and climbs under the covers with Jasmine, who has her face covered by the blanket.

They both dose back off to sleep.



9:31AM BBT

Michael is quietly plotting with himself, in between dosing fits,  in the bathroom.




9:34AM BBT

In the kitchen, Daniel is complaining about the trash smelling terrible. He empties the can and puts in a fresh bag, taking the smelly one to the SR.


9:38AM BBT

Terrance joins Michael in the bathroom area.

Michael: Good Morning Terrance! How was night one?

Terrance: I survived.

Terrance tells him the temperature wasn't that bad for him, he just couldn't sleep on the floatie, so he slept on the floor.

Michael: I know Monte did that a few nights, too


9:40AM BBT

In the kitchen, Daniel is thinking aloud, "That shit wasn't fair." He lets out a deep sigh.

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9:54AM BBT

Brittany, Michael and Daniel are talking about the wake up call and how they know Big Brother will send out a final warning, soon. They discuss how Joe really pushes the broundaries with the sleeping rules.  Daniel says he is not a rule breaker, "I respect authority." Britt says she isn't a rule breaker either and would cringe when the teacher would yeall at the whole class when she knows she wasn't breaking any rules.


9:55AM BBT

*WBRB for a warning from Bob, and this is a long one.


10:01AM BBT

The feeds return.


*I will be in and out today. Please post updates, if you can.  -MamaLong


10:05AM BBT

Terrance and Daniel are cleaning out the fridge and dumping expired food.

Alyssa is helping Jasmine get out of bed. Terrance hears Jasmine struggling and goes to help, reminding her to make sure she stays on top of the pain medication.


(Did y'all know you aren't supposed to keep opened food past 7 days? So many people risk their health with old food.  https://www.statefoodsafety.com/Resources/Resources/when-to-throw-it-out-leftovers)



Jasmine has been called to the DR and decides to take the stairs in a sitting position, one at a time.

Terrance: Oh, okay. SMart. Scoot. She is in a lot of pain. (Why didn't they call her to the upstairs DR? Sheesh!)

Terrance: I will have Aleve ready for you when you come out of the DR.  (What a great guy!)




Jasmine struggles to the DR on her crutches while Michael assists with the door.


10:12AM BBT

Alyssa heads back to her bed in the SPace Age Bedroom where Indy is still sleeping with shades on.

Nicole comes in and tells Alyssa the HNR is freezing cold, "I'm gonna have to spoon Pooch"

Alyssa: I'm sorry

Nicole: It's okay. It's just gonna be a long week, and I have to remember to eat. How did you sleep?

Alyssa: Okay

Nicole: What time did you go to bed?

Alyssa: Like 5:30

Nicole: Ugh!

Nicole begins complaining about the cleaning of the kitchen when people are still so tired. "I know we need all hands on deck, but..." (they have to clean out the refrigerators for the new groceries coming in today.)

Alyssa: everyone?

Nicole: Well, he made an announcement




10:17AM BBT

Nicole tells Britt, Daniel and Terrance that they have to "throw it all out. Throw out all of the lunch meat or people are gonna get sick."

Daniel says it smells so bad.


Terrance: Gotta double bag it

Thye transfer the chubs of meat from the fridge to the freezer after Nicole says they bought all of that fresh.

Daniel: It's too much. There is no way we can eat this much.

Nicole reminds him that big eaters were on slop, "It's so funny how that made such a huge difference."



10:27AM BBT

Nicole: I am not gonna lie. Because I am not cooking this week, I am not going anywhere near this fridge.

Terrance agrees.

Nicole: People are going to have to start stepping up and cooking stuff.


Nicole thanks Daniel and Terrance for initiating the cleanout, "I'm pretty sure most of us stayed in bed to avoid it on purpose."

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Terrance, Nicole and Daniel discuss how bad the HNR is to sleep in with Michael. Nicole says it is colder sleeping on the inflatables, feeling the cold air is moving beneath her. SHe thinks it will be warmer to sleep on the floor. Michael tells them to be sure and annoucne when Have-Not approved food items are needing to be replenished before the haves eat them all (like olives and pickles).


10:38AM BBT

Nicole heads back to the Space Age bedroom

Nicole: I'm not going to sugar coat it. It sucks. But, I am so glad I am in there with the people I am in there with. Hey, y'all be sure to thank Brittany, Daniel, Michael and Terrance because they cleaned out the storage fridge. I helped with the kitchen fridge. I am only telling you guys. WHat time did you go to sleep? (to Ameerah)

Ameerah: 7

Nicole 7?!?!

Ameerah: I stayed up in the HoH listening to Pooch. He has such a bad fucking plan. 

Ameerah whsipers the plan to Nicole because Indy and Alyssa are still sleeping. She tells Nicole the plan. "I lie to you, not. I'm sorry, but if Pooch is going on the block, I'll vote for fucking Pooch."

Nicole: Me too



Nicole tells Ameerah that Taylor willn ot come for any of them. Ameerah tells Nicole that Jasmine doesn't want to put up Brittany because she would be the "paranoid pawn."

Nicole: If we want to get out Pooch, putting him up will be the best idea.

Ameerah says that they could put up Taylor and then blindisde Pooch, "I really like Pooch, but I am here to win Big Brother. He is a lot right now."

Nicole: It would be hard to get him out. And it would be hard to get Turner out.

Ameerah: I think they are working together

Nicole: Oh, they are a duo. WIth them here, none of the females are safe.


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11:07AM BBT

Jasmine is called to the DR upstairs. She says she should put some pants on and Nicole offers to get her the HoH robe.

Jasmine: Aw, that's cute.

Jasmine struggles with the crutches, saying they are hurting her arms.

Nicole: We need to get you one of those things where you just scoot.

Jasmine: I know, and Christmas had a boot.





11:11AM BBT

Back in the kitchen, Daniel is making himself some sweet slop pancakes, "at least that's what I'm telling myself."


[I expect that today will be spent with Jasmine talking to all of the HG's and then making her nominations late this afternoon or tonight. Pooch is definitely going on the block, thinking he is a pawn with Taylor being the backdoor target. Jasmine has not settled on her other nominee. She is uncomfortable with it being Britt because it would end up being difficult dealing with Britt's emotions as a paranoid pawn. I think she is going to try and convince Taylor to go up as "pawn" and then, although she wants Taylor out most, it doesn't really matter that much to her if the evictee is Taylor or Pooch. It's going to be an interesting week.  -MamaLong]


The television downstairs says, "Nominations Today"


11:22AM BBT

Daniel and Nicole have been talking in the loft about how perfect it is that Pooch has offered himself up as a nomination. Nicole says Taylor, "Will do our dirty work for us. We need to make sure Taylor stays here, but she has highly offended Jasmine. Jasmine wants her to go."


They hear Jasmine coming out of the upstairs DR and help her. Jasmine says she will stay upstairs all day instead of fighting the stairs. Nicole asks if they told her to keep icing her ankle. She says they told her to keep icing and they loaded ice in the SR for her. Jasmine tells Daniel about Pooch offering himself as a pawn. She wants to talk with everyone and figure out who they are working with.


Jasmine says she wanted to go to bed, but Pooch was up there until 6 or 7 with his master plan, "and we hadn't even got out the barn, yet." Daniel tells her Pooch approached him right after the HoH comp with his idea. Daniel said Pooch is confident, "he is safe next to Taylor."


Jasmine says that's crazy to offer yourself up because you never know where the votes will go.

Jasmine: He is pushing it.

Daniel: He wants to prove himself with everyone



Daniel tells Jasmine he was in the DR until 5AM

Jasmine: Oh my God

Nicole brings Jasmine her breakfast that Terrance prepared for her.

They laugh about Joseph saying he would sleep in the HoH bed with her.

Jasmine: I'm like what the fuck. I am a married woman. He is so unknowing. He doesn't catch on. It's Joseph, so you can't really expect anything else.

Nicole says he was suggesting she sleep on the butterfly floatie with Terrance and she had to explain that was a big no because Terrance is married. Nicole calls Joe her little brother.

Jasmine says the DR told her she would be off her foot "for a good while"

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Nicole tells Jasmine she will never be on her radar.

Jasmine: Thanks because I have never really talked game with anyone

Daniel says he only talked game because he had to

They see people coming up to the HoHR and Jasmine is wishing they would let her have some time

Nicole tells her to "use the safe word."


11:35AM BBT

Joseph enters the Car Design bedroom to wake up all the boys and whispers to Pooch to get up, "Poochie! Get up! It says nominations today on the television"

Pooch: Okay, thanks for telling me

He tells Turner and Monte, too.

"I'm going in the DR. I need you boys with Jamine and shit."



Terrance enters the HoHR to check on Jasmine as she is eating, "I usually just eat egg whites, but this is good. What kind of bacon is this?"

Terrance: regular bacon

Jasmine's eyes get big and she takes a bite, "This IS bacon. I appreciate you so much!"

Jasmine says she will have to have someone sleep with her because she can't sleep alone. SHe didn't get good sleep until Alyssa was in the bed with her this morning.




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12:14PM BBT

Brittany takes Jasmine talking about making some homemade snacks by melting down the chocolate candies and mixing it with peanut butter and. Britt tells  Jasmine that she should definitley put Taylor on the block because she would respect knowing up front (Taylor has been saying she would consider a backdoor a low blow since day one). Jasmine tells that she will definitely do that and that a guy came and offered himself up as a pawn, but she won't say who. Britt says she hopes it is Pooch because he did her dirty (putting he on Backstage Pass when she wasn't the first or last one from her comp to drop.) Jasmine tells Britt she wants to be transparent with her, because they are in the girls' alliance together, lets her know that someone did say to her that she threw Ameerah's name out. She said that she doesn't want to say who it was, because she figured it would freak her out. Britt plays dumb and responds with "I swear, Jasmine. I did not say anything." (this is a lie) Brittany says she is only working with the girls and Michael.

Britt says some people stopped making eye contact with her so she was speculating that something was going down. Jasmine says it wasn't Michael or Terrance, "no one important" to her, and she doesn't know if it was just someone trying to throw out lies and cause trouble


Jasmine: Let's just put this under the bridge. I wanted to make sure our alliance is good.

Britt: Thank you Jasmine. That was why I felt so dejected. I wasn't talking game with aybody. It confirms my suspicions.

Jasmine: You know it's gonna be a guy (to go) because those guys been trying to get a girl out.


Throughout this conversation, Jasmine's doorbell keeps ringing and Jasmine is good at telling people to come back later.

Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-63264’36” (1).png



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12:59PM BBT

Kyle is taking his turn with Jasmine who tells him that Taylor is definitely going up with Pooch, since he volunteered. Kyle says a girl went home last week so it would make sense for a guy to go home this week.



1:01PM BBT

Pooch is talking with Turner and Alyssa in the bathroom. Turner says "Megan is basically my caregiver, I can't wait to see her" (Megan is Turner's girlfriend)

Pooch: I bet she is a total babe

Turner: For sure

Pooch (to Alyssa): If you are single handedly selling my demise, I will be so mad at you.

Alyssa: Selling my demise? YHow would that happen? You already offered yourself up. No, I already told you I need you.


Pooch has her little stuffed doggie toy.

Alyssa: How did you get that? I took it back from you.

Pooch: I know, but I like it. I want to hold my little guy.

Pooch calls him Little Pooch

Alyssa: His name is Frankie

Pooch: I love Frank.



1:07PM BBT

It's Terrance's turn to talk with the HoH. 

Jasmine: If it was you, which two would you put on the block.

Terrance: It's no shade, but I think it would be Indy and Taylor.

Jasmine: Not Indy

Terrance: She don't rock with me. We will always have the numbers for Taylor.

Jasmine tells him that Indy doesn't rock with anybody (they mean that she doesn't talk game)

Jasmine: Well, Taylor for sure.

They begin talking about Pooch, and Jasmine says she has to put him on the block, "I can get a big target out or send somebody home that I want to go home."

Terrance: If you got Nicole, you got me.

Jasmine: I knew we wouldn't have to have a long chat. I just wanted you to know you're safe.


[Look, y'all. All of those rumors out there saying the cast is racist and targeting black player? Well, you need to know that is just not the case. Watch the feeds and you will see for yourself. Monte and Terrance have both came out early suggesting Taylor as a target because they saw that she was not vibing with the girls and knew the girls were jealous of her; it would be easy to vote her out. But there are a lot of fools out there listening to false statements of others. Y'all know what they say about rumors, 'A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.' -MamaLong]



1:16PM BBT

Monte takes his turn with the HoH. Jasmine thanks Monte right away for all of his help. She tells Monte that she will put up Pooch since he volunteered, saying he is crazy for doing it.  Monte suggests Joe as a threat because he is gaming so hard, like Pooch.  [Careful, Monte.  You just revealed your vanity target. -ML]

They agree that Pooch runs his mouth too much, trying to talk game with everyone.

Monte: Thank God she did not win HoH and you did. (Taylor) Get Pooch out. I'll tell you right here it won't be unanimous, but you got the votes. It wouldn't look good to Joe and Turner (if it was unanimous).



1:26PM BBT

Terrance is listening to Pooch at the upstairs railing run his mouth about game, saying he is willing to go up to help the house, while Turner waits for his turn with the HOH. Indy is also awaiting her turn in the loft area.



1:30PM BBT

Nicole walks by and asks, "Are you all in line?"

Pooch: Just him (Turner)

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Back in the HoHR, Jasmine is telling Monte that she wouldn't be mad if wins veto and takes Pooch down because that would still leave her safe with Pooch and she has a target with Taylor.

Jasmine: I just want y'all (the boys) to know  that I am only putting him up because he offered. He wasn't even on my radar. Hopefully you won't go back and tell him...because I am still working out my plan.



1:47PM BBT

Ameerah is telling Brittany that she plans to move to Austin for about 6 months, "anywhere hot. I am just so tired of cold. (she lives in Maryland but works from home so can live anywhere) The only thing about Texas is that I like the ocean." 

Britt says she has lived in Texas for 15 years. She offers up Galveston for a beach.


[Galveston is 4 hours from Austin, but blah as far as beaches go. Port Aransas and Rockport are decent. Corpus Christie is pretty but a major no from me, a native Texan. South Padre Island has the best beaches in Texas, but it's 6 hours from Austin. Still, SPI feels like another country, in the best ways.  -MamaLong]


Ameerah decides to go in the HoH and breakup the Monte conversation since he has been in there for so long. Turner: I have been waiting a long time.



1:54PM BBT

Monte finally gets the hint and says he will leave them alone.

Jasmine: Okay, but you have only come to me once

Ameerah: But for a long time, though

Jasmine laughs at her failures with time awareness.


2:00PM BBT

Somehow, half the house ends up in the HoHR. Jasmine says it's crazy how she has no concept of time. She says she will talk with Joe and then Turner and then Indy. Everyone but Joe leaves.

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Jasmine tells Joe she will put up Pooch and Taylor. He asks her what she will do if Taylor wins veto.

Jasmine blows raspberries, "maybe Brittany, I don't know."

Joe says Taylor is the number one target and then Brittany. 



Joe: Michael and Brittany are Bffs

Jasmine: Really?

Joe: They hang out 24/7

Jasmine: Well, me and Alyssa hang out all the time, but we just vibe with each other

Joe: Brittany is definitely a big game talker, so if you are playing with Michael, watch out. I don't think either one of htem should go home, so that doesn't affect anything. You won't draw blood if she goes home. (Taylor) I want you to find out how she feels because she told me, "I feel good."

Joe tells Jasmine that Turner was originally planning to volunteer as Have-Not, but then he got "really down because of the Paloma game. He said he is not in the right headspace to go without food."


2:13PM BBT

Joe leaves and Jasmine asks him to tell Alyssa to be on standby to talk with her after Turner and Taylor.


2:16PM BBT

Jasmine tells Turner she is putting up Taylor and Pooch, but only because Pooch volunteered "because I know you ride with Pooch."

Turner: P and Pooch were my people (Paloma)

Jasmine says if any of them win veto, they will pull Pooch off.

They discuss how upset he is that Paloma is gone. Jasmine says if Alyssa was out, she would be devastated.

Turner tells Jasmine that he doesn't want to be crass, but Brittany drives him "up a fucking tree sometimes."


Turner: I was in the kitchen and there she comes with those big fucking eyes

Jasmine: She does like to sneak up on people sometimes

Turner then feels bad for talking bad about Brittany after Jasmine does not reciprocate.

Jasmine: You aren't the only one to bring her up; I promise you that.

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Britt warns Jasmine that thenominations will be  in 40 minutes. Jasmine asks Britt to have Alyssa pick out an outfit for her.


2:29PM BBT

It's time for Taylor to talk with Jasmine.

Jasmine: How are you?

Taylor: Well, I would prefer not to be a pawn, but I know you might be

Jasmine's eyes get big

Taylor- Awwwwww

Jasmine says it only makes sense for her to put her up as a pawn because of last week, "but I need you to understand you are not a target. I just can't let my HoH go down without getting a threat to the girls.

Taylor: If your target comes down?

Jasmine: I would have to put up someone else that I could get out

Taylor: You would not take that shot at me?

Jasmine: No, no. You're a best. I think you would be highly surprised..

Taylor: By people who would want to keep me?

Jasmine: Yes, and I am a straight up real-ass chick. I would be counting on you and a whole lot of other people for it to work.

Taylor: Will you tell me who the target is?

Jasmine: Well, you are about to find out in 40 minutes. I need you to win that target.

(Originally, they werre expecting the nomination ceremony at 5PM)

Taylor: Regardless, I will play that veto for you

*The doorbell rings and it's Alyssa with her outfit. The three of them talk about the plan, and Jasmine reveals that Pooch is the target.

Taylor offers up plan C, that she win veto and take Pooch down so they can put a bigger guy up.

Jasmine and Alyssa say no, that Pooch is their target. Alyssa says that would make everyone think they are working together, too, "Don't even risk that."

Indy walks in and when she opens the door, they smell broccoli. Indy says they brought new food, so she had to cook everything.

Indy: It's time (she wants her time with the HoH. The girls laugh about how direct Indy is.

Indy: I have waited long enough.

Jasmine: I think the only other person I haven't talked with is Ameerah, at this point.




Indy offers to play veto. Jasmine says she would pick Michael, because he is a beast."

Nicole walks in followed by Ameerah. Nicole asks if she can use the HoH bathroom to get ready. Jasmine agrees.


2:40PM BBT

Taylor leaves and Ameerah locks the HoH door. They laugh about Indy barging in and telling Taylor, "I am here to dress Jasmine."

They review the plan and feel really good about it.


Ameerah says Joe has got to go because he is being inappropriate. "I'm gonna tell him."

Jasmine: I'm like, don't be that guy. That's why I don't do hi hair no more. I don't want to hurt his feelings this early, but if I have to, I will.  (Joe has been flirting too much with Jasmine -ML)


2:52PM BBT

Ameerah and Indy leave and Daniel joins Jasmine and Nicole in the HoHR. She tells them it's Taylor and Pooch on the block and it seems Pooch is going to be the target based on the house.

Jasmine: I fuck with y'all so I am being upfront. If Taylor brings herself down, perfect scenario. If Pooch pulls himself down, we all save face and take Taylor out.

They agree it's a fabulous plan.

Jasmine asks them to send in Pooch while she puts on her makeup, but Michael comes in. Jasmine tells him that she is putting up Pooch and Taylor and that she is picking him for veto if she gets houseguest choice.

Michael: Perfect

He leaves and Pooch comes in.

She tells Pooch that she told Taylor straight up that she is going up 

Pooch: I heard

Jasmine: Why did you tell everybody you are going up as a pawn?

He says he didn't tell Taylor. Jasmine says everyone said Taylor is a target.

Pooch: Does Taylor think I'm a pawn?

Jasmine: Nooooo

Pooch tells Jasmine he wants to keep her around because he likes working with her and Alyssa. Jasmine corrects him by saying that she is not working with anyone, "I vibe with who I vibe with."


Pooch: I trust you, or I wouldn't have brought it up to you  (volunteering to be a pawn)


3:00PM BBT

Monte, Daniel, Nicole are talking about farts in the Car Design bedroom.

Nicole says that she was talking with Alyssa about farts and burps and what is worse. Alyssa said she would rather someone fart in front of her than to belch because it's gross to belch in someone's face, "So I farted. She opened that door."

Monte farts

Daniel: You just farted again

Monte: I just ate that kibble; I had to


3:04PM BBT

Bob: Jasmine, please go to the DIary Room downstairs

Jasmine: Wow...won't you let me finish my makeup? Okay!

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3:07PM BBT

Kyle rings the bell to confirm the plan. Jasmine repeats that it will be Taylor/Pooch. He helps her get down the stairs, and as she decends, ALyssa tells Kyle that she picked out Jamine's outfit.

Kyle: Looks great

Terrance: How is your pain management?

Jasmine says she just took some meds, while she scoots down the steps.



3:10PM BBT


3:12PM BBT

Now we have Rancho Coastal Humane Society on the feeds for the Nomination Ceremony.

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4:37PM BBT

The feeds have returned after the Nomination Ceremony. Jasmine nominated Taylor & Pooch.

Jasmine now has a scooter to move around the house because of her ankle injury. It is not broken, but she has to stay off of it this week.







5:00PM BBT

I'll be out for a bit. -MamaLong

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5:53PM BBT

Taylor leaves the room in search of the puppy chow snack Britt made, so Jasmine, Nicole, Ameerah, Britt and Alyssa are talking in the Space Age Bedroom.

They agree to try and keep the noms the same and vote out Pooch.




They know it won't be a unanimous vote.

Jasmine says the guys told her who is voting him to stay, and she appreciated their candor, "Regardless, Pooch is out."

They begin discussing Joseph and how he is playing sucha  good game. Jasmine says she doesn't believe he is really flirting with her, "His brain is like a potato chip bag." The girls all agree they love Joseph and couldn't put him up as a replacement nom.

Nicole says she doesn't think he really wants to win the money, that "he is just here for the experience."

They laugh over Ameerah getting after Joseph for his flirtin.

Alyssa says she thinks he is a player-player with the ladies outside of the game.

The girls discuss the difficulty of having a guy for a friend because it always turns into something.

Ameerah: That is false

Ameerah says she has had a lot of guy friends and there was never an attraction on either side; just friends

Nicole says her best friend is a guy and has been her best friend for 20 years 'Y'all need to get some gay boyfriends, and then everything will be okay."

Jasmine wonders aloud if production stocked her fridge during the ceremony. Several offer to go look. Jasmine responds with, Why do y'all want to go to be HoH room.? It's boring up there!"

Nicole laughs and says, "I knew it. She is staying down here to regulate who she has to talk to."

Jasmine: Facts


The HGs are gathering in the kitchen. Earlier, Indy cut her finger pretty bad while cutting up chicken, so she coached the boys on how to finish up until her finger stopped bleeding.

Everyone is commenting on how good the food smells.

Indy: Almost guys. Almost.




6:12AM BBT

Indy checks in the HoHR fridge for Jasmine's fridge/freezer snacks. Ameerah and Alyssa report over the railing:

Lots of sushi, red velvet cupcakes, bbq wings, fresh fruit, two bags of pink shrimp, chicken salad, corndogs, shrimp cocktail, a tuna wrap, popsicles


At the bbq wings, Jasmine says, "throw them down right now. right now."

Joe: bring it all down....bring it all down (he is mocking Jasmine in a joking way)

Jasmine shares her food with the HGs




6:17PM BBT

Nicole whispers with Daniel in the Space Age Bedroom. She is worried that Taylor is being over the top nice to Jasmine and it could come off as phony and send her home if things don't work out the way they want. Nicole adds that Monte is giving a lot of pushback about Pooch being sent home. He told Jasmine he is not going to vote for Pooch.

Nicole: Him, Joseph and Turner will be the votes to save Pooch and the rest of us will vote Pooch out.

Daniel: Fuck

They discuss making sure they get the right person on the block as a repalcement, if needed.

Daniel feels like his numbers are dwindling.  [Sheesh, Daniel. You've lost one person. -ML]



Daniel says the guys have had an all guys' alliance without him since day 2.


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6:43Pm BBT

The HGs are gathering in the liiving room.


6:45PM BBT

Jasmine says Turner has his own words, Turner's Terminology: "Gas" (an expression in agreement; "Facts" (true); "okay shawty" "what up dawg" Jasmine hopes it makes it to the live feeds and the show does a thing on "Turner's Terminology"


7:06PM BBT

Taylor is talking with Pooch and Nicole (Have-Nots) in the living room while the Haves eat dinner. Jasmine and Terrance have fallen asleep on the couch.



7:11PM BBT

Nicole heads to the DR to request a Crossfit ball or foam roller to stretch out her shoulder.

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7:15PM BBT

The Haves are finishing up their dinner in the kitchen.








6:17PM BBT

7:30PM BBT

Indy is playing on Jasmine's scooter, rolling around the kitchen ringing the bike bell. Terrance is looking rough in the living room. He has zero energy. Joseph is talking about how late at night, when no one else is awake, he and Pooch play with the cameras.

Nicole asks Terrance if he is okay.

Terrance: I'm a little homesick

Nicole: Yeah

Terrance: For real; for real

Nicole: All the things. We got this. We are not on the block.

Terrance: Yeah, I would have been like, fuck this shit.

*they laugh





7:32PM BBT

Pooch says he is cold.

Nicole: Put some clothes on

Pooch: I need gloves. Does anyone have gloves?

Nicole: We weren't allowed.

They all complain that the day is going by really slow.

Pooch: I need just three women to hold me

Joe: Or one Joseph

Joe tells Pooch he (Pooch) would do good on the Bachelor, "The ladies will flock."

Pooch asks if he can't wait to go back to his lady

Joe: Yeah, I guess. We have issues, so we are not really an item.



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7:35PM BBT

Indy is talking about her job in the kitchen. Monte is asking what happens if the plane starts going down. Indy says they have floaties.


Bob calls someone to the DR. No one could hear who it was.



Alyssa shows her muscles.image.thumb.png.a4e74e5b3eb224cc1130e6b2ed3782da.png




Taylor is talking to the cameras in the Golf Pro Bedroom, "It's gonna happen. I need someone that will play to keep me. Okay, I get it. I am really, really nervous that Alyssa and everybody else is playing me. I have to win this veto. If you are at home watching, I am up on the block. I am going to play my ass off so I can get a veto under my belt, resume. Take myself down and put somebody else up. Worst case scenarion, I go home. Can't let that happen. There are too many good players, and I want to go super far. I have to beat him tomorrow and secure my own safety. Pooch is about to leave the building. And I love me some Pooch. I really do. I can't tell if I am good at this game or not. Everyone see me as a threat. Y'all probably think I'm a terribly player. All the girls and the guys. How do I survive all the girls? Big Brother, I have a comp tomorrow. Are you gonna let me go to bed early? I am so tired! I refuse to be Have-Not. I just have to keep winning. I have no choice but to keep winning. I have to win veto. If the girls are setting me up, I'll be devastated. Completely devastated. I trust Nicole. She wouldn't do that to me this soon. But I have to win that veto. I have to win it!"






Alyssa says she is sleeping with Jasmine in the HoHR tonight.


7:57PM BBT

WBRB in on the feeds.


8:00PM BBT

[I am out for the night.  -MamaLong]

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8:26PM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Nicole asks Indy to teach her Samba. Indy says she will wait for a party. Nicole says, "We are having a party right now."

Indy: Okay

Indy goes to get her heels.

Nicole: Shit, then I'm gonna put my heels on, too. 

Indy: Do it properly

Nicole: Yeah, let's do this properly.

Indy shows her the basics while, Michael and Jasmine watch.

Nicole: I feel like I'm in tap class all over again. That's right, I took tap and jazz. We should have a Big Brother Drag Show.

Michael: Which guy do you think would be the best in drag?

Nicole: Pooch, for sure.

Michael: Pooch would commit.




8:33PM BBT

Okay, I'm out for real now. -ML

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8:30pm BBT Ameerah says there are too many in HoH. Nicole says tehre should be a rule, no more than 3 at a time. Michael asks if they know what is going on? Everyone but Pooch/Turner/Joe, Ameerah confirms. I almost feel guilty, she laughs. 

8:35pm BBT Ameerah tells Michael they can make it to F6. We all play (for HoH) next week, he says. Ameerah says Brittany is the easy target. She says Nicole is worried the guys are working together but Monte/Kyle just told her The Oasis name, not who is in it.

8:36pm BBT Ameerah wonders why nobody is talking about throwing comps. She tells Michael Nicole wants to BD Monte. Michael says people are comparing Monte to Xavier. Ameerah says no, Monte's a target. Monte wants to take Joe to F7. Hell no, she says. Michael agrees.

8:39pm BBT Michael thinks if Monte and Nicole don't want to win comps, they shold not get to pick (Veto players). Ameerah would rather take girls along. Nicole said she has to take Daniel (can nobody in this house keep an alliance or F2 secret?).

8:40pm BBT Michael would rather take Jasmine, with her ankle. He would get rid of Joseph over Brittany - she's a weaker player & more loyal. Ameerah suggests Joe would be good to send to the JH. He would have to be BD'd; he'd go hard. Michael suggests saying he's a pawn.

8:44pm BBT Ameerah asks Michael if Brittany would come after her. No, Michael says, she'd go after a big target (I don't think he meant that to be condescending). Ameerah says Pooch called Brittany a robot. 

8:48pm BBT Ameerah tells Michael that Pooch tried to make an alliance last night at 6am with her and Jasmine (that's not how I remember it). Michael promises to eliminate Pooch if he gets to play Veto. They both are glad Jasmine won HoH and they can play next week.

8:59pm BBT After getting her finger treated, Indy has joined Jasmine/Nicole/Michael in HoH. Michael says Pooch is all over Kyle, trying to clim into bed with him. Ameerah says Kyle has no job and has been traveling. 

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Jasmine, Indy and Nicole are in the HOH, Jasmine is complaining about her appetite while she munches.

Jasmine says it is lonely being HOH, the girls tell her after the veto she will be swamped with people.


Nicole swears she will get Jasmine back for pretending she was putting her (Nicole) or Daniel on the block. Jasmine says they didn't react, but the look on their faces was funny. Nicole says she couldn't keep from laughing and telling them right away it was a joke.


They all agree they like Kyle, they say he is a nice man they respect.


General talk, nothing related to the game.








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