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Wednesday, July 13, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:10AM BBT

Monte, Ameerah, Alyssa and Joseph are cutting up in the bathroom. Well, Monte is cutting the cheese (passing gas) and then trying to make sure it doesn't stink too bad. This is just childish silliness with a lot of delirious laughing.


12:30AM BBT

Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine are talking in the Space Age Bedroom. They are discussing Brittany's paranoia and Indy is recounting her conversation with Paloma (a well deserved warning to Paloma to stop talking so much because everything can get twisted)


[Y'all, I'm no longer a fan of Paloma. She is just way too much and teeters between complete mental breakdown and an overconfidence that is so distasteful. I just don't think she is mature enough for Big Brother. -MamaLong]


The girls feel bad for Brittany, but agree that she needs tobe the first girl to go fromt ehir alliance. Jasmine says she doesn't bring anything into conversations. She just lingers, which makes her look sketchy.

Alyssa- I know. I just don't want her to feel excluded.  [Alyssa is a truly nice girl. -ML]




12:44AM BBT

Jasmine says that Alyssa said she (Paloma) has alliances with everybody but feels bad about it because they (meaning Paloma and the girls) are friends.

Indy: Yes, that's what she said (revealing she has alliances with everyone)

Jasmine: And she said, "'Y'all can put me on the block' (Paloma has been saying that since everyone in the house likes her so much, she is a target) but she said 'other alliances' and I was like What the Hell! Don't spill your game."


They continue discussing things Paloma has said aloud, and they don't trust her to not screw up their game. Pooch comes up in conversation and Alyssa says, "I can't stand that kid."


The girls are seriously frustrated with Paloma in the house. They fear that they are not her top alliance, and just hopes "she calms her ass down."

Alyssa: All I said was asking if anyone has seen someone get struck by lightning and P (Paloma) said, 'Oh, remember when you said how you like to watch those lightning videos' and I was like, what? I never said that. So, anything you say can get twisted.

They recount different things that have snowballed and how words get twisted in the BB House into something totally different.

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12:56AM BBT

Jasmine says that in her conversation with Turner, he revealed he would put Terrance and Brittany on the block.

Indy: He came and talked to me

Jasmine: Yeah, I told him to

Alyssa: Me too

Alyssa laughs that Turner said, 'Pooch and P (Paloma) would never touch the block (on his HoH reign). But trust me,  I like you, too. I just like them more.' *She snickers.

Indy: He said that to me, too


[I'm not a Turner fan, either. Just when I think he's cool, he slips something out that makes my head tilt to the side.  -MamaLong}


1:01AM BBT

Ameerah walks in to join the conversation. She says she is worried about Paloma. (Who is currently in the DR)

Alyssa says that Brittany is saying no one will look her in the eye, so it is making her panic.  Britt said, "I know what that means."

The girls collectively agree Britt is a liability.

Alyssa: Well, she is not coming for us.

Ameerah: She is coming for me. She told Pooch about that (Ameerah labeled Pooch as a target and Brittany stupidly told Pooch claiming she could protect Pooch from the girls. Pooch then told Ameerah what Brittany said.)


Indy says that she was in the SR talking with Alyssa and when they came out, Britt was standing right at the door.  Indy points out that their alliance members should not be freaking out when they see each other tallking. The other girls agree.


Talk turns to Indy putting Paloma in check. Ameerah asks Indy what Paloma said in response.

Indy: I don't know because I don't speak English properly (she means she can't follow Paloma because she talks so fast.) [Paloma functions as if she is on heavy doses of amphetamines...no lie! -ML]


Jasmine gives Ameerah the summary that Indy was asking her not to talk about them in ways that make them appear to be a threat in any way, and she asked her to listen more and talk less. But Paloma heard it all then twisted Indy's words saying that Indy told her she was threatening her game then said it was reason for her to be backdoored. Jasmine says they were just trying to get her to calm down and realize that Paloma's relationship with them should be the strongest, but she talks with everyone so much and claims to have other alliances, which make them (Indy and Jasmine) uneasy.


1:16AM BBT

The cameras move to Terrance and Nicole in the Car Design Bedroom. Nicole says she loves their room so much because it feels so big. Terrance says his glasses are 8 or 9 years old. Nicole lectures him about getting his eyes checked regularly. He says he does, but only updates the contact lenses.  They hear Daniel in the next room, and Nicole says that Daniel is switching beds with Paloma and letting her sleep upstairs for the night. Nicole says she can sleep in Paloma's bed and Daniel can sleep in hers (I think she wants this because Terrance snores loudly. He knows and feels badly about it.)




The feeds were mostly on WBRB from 1:25AM - 2:48AM BBT.


2:49AM BBT

In the bathroom, there is general conversation between Pooch, Taylor and Kyle.


3:24AM BBT

Terrance and Nicole are still chatting with the lights on in the Car Design Bedroom.


3:43AM BBT

The girls in the Space Age Bedroom are sleeping soundly with the lights off.


3:47AM BBT

Turner joins Nicole and Terrance in the Car Design Bedroom and gets ready for bed.


4:00AM BBT

The lights are off now with Terrance snoring 


6:30AM BBT

All of the BB24 HGs are sleeping.





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7:32AM BBT

Monte is out of bed and heading to the loo.


7:39AM BBT

Michael is now up for the loo


7:50AM BBT

It appears Michael has gone back to bed. Monte is not on camera.


7:55AM BBT

Joseph is up for the loo. 


7:58AM BBT

Joseph stumbles around the house with his beach towel blanket over his head, I guess to protect his eyes from the lights. Joe checks to see if the backyard is open. Nope. He heads back to the HNR and settles on the large butterfly inflatable next to Monte.



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*side note: The Have-Nots now have blankets and pillows in the HNR




8:33AM BBT

Monte and Joseph are back up. Monte has been in the loo for a long time.

When he comes out, Joseph is waiting. He tells him, "I just blew up the toilet."

Joseph: Oh no!

They both say something feels off and they couldn't sleep , anxious for the day. They discuss breathing exercises.


8:34AM BBT

We get WBRB for a minute then cameras are back on sleeping HGs in the Car Design Bedroom

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9:01AM BBT

Terrance is snoring very loudly in the Car Design Bedroom


9:04AM BBT

Joseph and Monte are talking about Taylor in the bathroom and how Nicole is close with her.

Joseph: I saw her holding hands with Taylor during the thing (veto meeting) But, you see how...it's been very obvious that Pooch and Turner are a thing (alliance)

Monte: Right

Joseph: But the good thing is they go and talk with everybody. I think we should do that, too. But, it's two HONEST players.

Monte: It causes a red flag for people

Joe: Everybody knows they are together

Monte: And everyone is going to assume that 'Monte got Joe and Joe got Monte' (menaing having each other's backs

Joseph: I'm serious, if I'm not winning, I want you to have that money

Monte: Likewise

Joe: I want this to work and plus, us be friends outside of here

Monte: Yeah

Joseph: And that's why I picked you. I don't see that with anyone else. We both get along and can play a man's game

Monte: Same here, Bro




9:09AM BBT



9:11AM BBT

Feeds return to Joe and Monte in the bathroom


Joseph is telling Monte about his mom, who battles chronic disease (not sure what). He says he doesn't want others to know, "She lives her life in her bed. She can't hardly see. I want to help her out a little. Maybe there are doctors out there that can help her vision or help the swelling in the brain. I hope she is watching but she cannot even use her cell phone. It progressively (her disease) got worse as I got older. Because she is sick, she is always on medication. The medication numbs her and it's sad to watch someone wait day by day. She thinks she has no influence on my life, but she is the true influence on my life because she wasn't there. But she's a huge reason I am who I am. A lot of my drive and what I want to do is because of her. SHe has the cleanest heart in the world. When COVID hit, she lost her dad to it. I definitely want to change things. She's the reason I wanted to do this. I am so grateful for my health, mentally and physically, because of h er. SHe doesn't think she did much for me, but I am gratfuel because of her."


Monte thanks Joe for sharing about his mom, "I appreciate you, my boy."

Joe: This is what I wanted to talk about at the table (Family DInner) but I didn't want to cry again...I want you to have that context to know why I am here.

Monte: I think if other people in th ehouse heard that, I don't think it would be anywhere near negative toward you.

Joseph: It's definitely a trust thing. I don't mind being vulnerable, but it's a game and a trust thing. The only reason I share it is because I met you six days ago and feel I have to give you everything. I'll probably share with Pooch and others later. I have friends that don't know much about my mom's situation. I don't want them to feel bad for me. But I was fortunate enough that with my mom not being there, I am a stronger person.

Joseph gets up to wash his face "before I start crying"


9:21AM BBT

It's Monte's turn to get teary while he talks about his parents. Joseph gives him a hug.

Joseph: Oh, my boy. Come here.

Monte says he is thankful to his parents for having them because they were in their early 20s, "young and dumb. When my mom, right after she had me, they split up. Things turned out. But, every time I talk with my dad on the phone, he tells me I love you and don't ever get that confused. He felt he didn't do a good job because of that situation (his new family)" but his dad makes a concerted effort to tell him things that fathers don't usually tell their sons. His dad moved his new family, convinced his new wife, to move to Delaware to be closer to him. He says he always knew his dad loved him, but when he made that effort, it was everything. "Like, I can finally get to know this dude. Now that I have, he is great dude."




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9:51AM BBT

The cameras cut from sleepers back to Monte and Joe in the bathroom

They are going over what they think about the girls and how they look

Joseph: She was talking about casual sex in the HoH room (they are referring to Alyssa)

Monte: Yeah

Joe: I think she would be down for a good time, but Kyle? (Kyle really likes Alyssa) But I don't think she is into Kyle.

Monte: Kyle is a nice guy

Joe: He needs to be a  nice asshole; Kyle is a great guy but I can't see that happening in the long run

Monte: I feel like a therapist sometimes. Like why are you attracted to assholes?

(Alyssa has a bad record with men who have all turned out to be assholes)

Joseph says sometimes girls end up in bad relationships because it's all they know. 

Monte says he is not into psychological warfare. He asks Joe to rate the girls.

Joseph: On physical appearance?

Monte: Yeah

Joseph: That is actually hard. I think Jasmine, even though she is married, is beautiful. Oh my God, Bro. I'm trying to remove personality from it. When I first came in I thought Paloma was beautiful.

Monte agrees, "She has nice lips"

Joe: I would say that Paloma is more my type, but Alyssa is...well, Indy is cute, too

Monte: Yeah

Joseph then baits Monte by throwing in Nicole's name to see how he will respond

He waits... and waits until Monte finally questions his rating.

Monte: Wait, what? (not because Nicole is not beautiful, but because she is not an option given she prefers girls)

Joe: Dude, I was just waiting to see how you would react

Joe is laughing hysterically.

At this, Taylor enters the bathroom but hesitates when she sees them laughing.

Monte: Good morning Taylor!

Joseph: Come in. We are just being clowns. Some Tom Foolery while waiting for the music.

BB must have heard, because...


9:56AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"

It's campaign day, but I'm not positive there will be much campaigning. Taylor is likely hesitant to talk too much given her words are misunderstood, and Terrance feels he has this in the bag based on his social game. The Backstage Pass Twist is still in play, and we don't truly know how iit will affect this eviction. Taylor is the house's number 1 target, followed by Brittany.




10:20AM BBT

The feeds have returned to a dark Car Design Bedroom with, still sleeping, HGs.


10:26AM BBT

the BB24 House Lights are up, but the Car Design is dtill dark with sleepers.


10:30AM BBT

[It's my understanding (from my Studio City sources...nothing confirmed) that Paloma had a bit of a meltdown in the DR, and it was determined that some of the HGs are severely sleep deprived. Perhaps Big Brother is trying to do these HGs a solid and give them as much sleep as possible.  -ML]

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10:38AM BBT

Taylor is working out on th ebike in the gym. Monte and Joe are hanging out in the kitchen.

Paloma walks into the gym and asks Taylor to put the curling iron together for her (it's like mine, with multiple different size barrels and attachemnts) Taylor fixes it, and Paloma tells her she looks "hot. You're already ready.

Taylor: It's just pink

Paloma tells Taylor that she thinks she figured it out....the backstage thing

Taylor: Now is not a good time to talk about it

Paloma: At this point, it is fucking with my mental

And, we get WBRB, again.




10:44AM BBT

Kyle has joined Jonte (final two alliance of Monte and Joe) and says he still feels tired even though he went to bed early.

Kyle asks Jonte if they reached out to any former players before coming in the house. Monte says he saw Derek F. (BB23) at a club in Philly, but he was under the influence (Monte). Kyle tells a story of getting caught drunk by his Christian mother, "It was not a good time."

Monte says he saw him and asked if he was Derek F from BB, and he responded yes. He told him he was a big fan, and that was it.


10:47PM BBT

In the gym, Taylor is talking to herself while biking. She is thinking aloud about the game. "For me to stay....*sigh...incoherent mumbling....Fuck! someone from...what does that mean? Fuck!....after the backstage...my goal was....Joseph.....Fuck!" It seems she is practicing a speech, but it is hard to hear.

Taylor gets flustered..."What would it mean? This does not change the rest of my life."




10:52AM BBT

Taylor is now going fast on the bike, but it is making loud noises, so she sits back down.

"We have to pass between people...that's a sign...we have to choose...."

Taylor is struggling with the bike seat and all of the clinking noises the bike is making.


11:00AM BBT


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11:15AM BBT

Feeds return to all of hte house lights up and HGs milling about.


11:21AM BBT

In teh kitchen, Britt is talking with Monte about her continuing to take prenatal vitamins hoping for the Fall that she will get pregnant, "I was so scared to have kids, forever, and now I'm dealing with infertility."

Monte: Not hopefully, it WILL happen

Joseph: (to Big Brother) Can we get some Joseph Flatbread

Monte: But just for Joseph

Joe laughs, "Oh, no. It's called Joseph Flatbread." (it's a lavash, which is healthier from what I have heard)


Joseph: I have got to get in the DR. I need hoodies and Joseph bread.



11:22AM BBT

The camera cuts from the kitchen to Taylor talking with Nicole in the Car Design Bedroom. 

Nicole: If you are wanting to do that you then you are gonna have to have very serious conversations today and get super vulnerable and super emotional

Taylor; Mmm Hmm

Nicole: So you really need to like... I know you sat with yourself for awhile yesterday

Taylor: I know. But, it's IN...in  there today.

Nicole: , but you are gonna have to dig deep inside and figure out what's going on with yourself. ANd figure out what have you really done because nobody else can save you. I mean it's at the point now where

Taylore: It's locked.

Nicole: People have alaready made up their minds. 

Tatlor: Mmm Hmm! Yep!

Nicole: So if you are willing to have those conversations today, I suggest you be very deliberate...possibly use the Have-Not room so you nobody interrupts. 

Taylor:  Mmm Hmm. I know nobody can save me, but....

Nicole: I mean that's the best advice I can give you

Taylor: Yeah

Nicole: But, Kudos to you for even thinking of the damn Mon Won hat thing. 

Taylor: Thank you

They fist bump

Nicole: Give me a hug

Taylor: I'm sweaty

Nicole: I'm sure my breath is worse than anything

Taylor: mornings are rough

*They hug and Taylor heads to the kitchen to make oatmeal




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11:50AM BBT

Taylor and Brittany talk in the Golf Pro Bedroom. 

Britt: How are you doing?

Taylor: I'm just holding out that today is something. I mean the suitcase is just... (the nominees' luggage is in the SR)

Britt: I know.

Taylor: Rough

Britt says there are a million scenarios and they don't know what is going to happen. Britt says it could be possible that they both end up safe (he and Taylor) She asks Taylor if it comes to her (Britt) and Terrance on the block, could she get her vote. Taylor says yes.

Britt: Let's just hope you and I come out unscathed.

Britt shares her new theory that if someone from the backstage crew is evicted, they stay in the house and  have to live in a secret room.

Taylor: That room has to be something (a mystery door is upstairs)

Britt: I get so caught up in my theories and thinking that I don't do a good job with others, but you are doing a great job

Taylor: I'm trying. It's rough. This is hard.

Britt: Just keep doing what you're doing. We've got to stick together.

*WBRB appears


12:08PM BBT

Taylor talks with Terrance in the Car Design Bedroom.

Terrance: The key is, we have to get Brittany up. 

Taylor: I think anyone next to you goes home.

Terrance:  No, no. After everything, if it's Paloma or Alyssa? I don't got the votes. (He is right about this -ML) The boys love Alyssa. Brittany is the only one I feel comfortable sitting next to. If I knew it was me and Brittany, I wouldn't even pack my suitcase. But, fuck it. I'll put my shit together and walk the room.

They both agree the only way Taylor would be safe is if she sits next to Brittany.

Terrance tells Taylor to talk to everyone and do what she has to do, "I'll respect that."



12:10PM BBT

[I'm out for a bit. Please update if you can.  -MamaLong]


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1:24PM BBT

Kyle and Pooch are working out in the gym.




Taylor is packing her bag.

Indy just tried on a dress (I think it belongs to Taylor) and asked the HGs' opinions.

They all like it, especially the fabric. (It's pretty tight)


Michael says he doesn't know designer labels very well.

Paloma: Yeah, I don't know. FUcking Marshalls or TJ Maxx. 

Indy says Taylor gave ehr the dress because it doesn't fit her (Taylor.


1:33PM BBT

Turner is talking with Jasmine in the bathroom.




Everyone compliments Terrance on his "Sunshine Shirt" saying he always brings the sunshine (it's actually sunflowers)

Daniel shows Terrance that he has a sunflower tattoo. Daniel says he slept so much better in the community (meaning downstairs in Paloma's bed instead of alone in the HoHR.




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1:46 pm bbt not that much happening right now not that much to game talk either

1:47 pm bbt Taylor is packing her things for tomorrows Live election

1:49 pm bbt and whispering to Terrence

1: 49 bbt just general talking about animals in the kitchen

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1:42PM BBT

Terrance is packing in the Car Design Bedroom. He notices the camera moving toward him, "What up, What up; What up! Please do not talk about my horrible packing. I do not know how to pack, let alone know how to fold. At least you can take a gander at what I would be rockin' in the BB house. Gotta have my orange. Y'all know I go crazy for orange.  Orange is my vibe. And flowers is my vibe. I do like the fact that I was at least neat. It makes the process easier.

Taylor hears him talking and asks if he was talking to her.

Terrance: No, I was talking to everybody. I'm talking to the feeds.



Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-60489’03” (1).png

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1:51 pm bbt just just general talking I don’t know why they’re not talking about game somebody can take over now I’ll update later have a good rest of your day bye

1:52 pm bbt two houseguests are talking about pickles and I’m talking about cooking food

talking about working out

talking about Paloma and talking about doing yoga 1:54 bbt

1:54 pm bbt talking about strength and exercise

1:55 pm bbt  talking about yoga a lot

Kyle is eating some food 1:56 pm bbt 

1:56 bbt talking about massages

How many take a break thousands of an updated talk to you guys later

2:01 pm bbt Terrence in his room by himself packing up his stuff

2:02 pm bbt  I think slops gonna end at midnight tonight

2:04 pm bbt Terrence is done packing

2:05 pm bbt i’m gonna go take a break now guys someone can fill in for me when I’m gone I’ll come I’ll come back later OK 👋 

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2:32PM BBT

Michael, Kyle and Turner are talking clothes in the living room. Kyle wants to borrow Turner's pants.

Turner: What size are you?

Kyle: Like a 31/33

Turner says that will work because he bought those pants big at a 34 waist. He says he wants to wear them tomorrow but then he can borrow them whenever. Turner is a 29 waist. Kyle is a 31 waist.

Michael says he wears a 32/34. Kyle and Michael commiserate over how difficult it is to find jeans they like.

They say it is always "hit or miss"



Kyle said he was really hoping he would get the chance to borrow clothes from other HGs


Michael asks Kyle what they want to do about sleeping arrangements; do they want to try to stay in th esmae room. Kyle says it will all depend who ends up being HoH and they could find themselves back in the HNR. 

Kyle: I didn't realize how much being a Have-Not would hurt my social game

They say that as Have-Nots, they have no energy to to do anything, even talk.


2:45PM BBT

Terrance has been asking Michael about his career as an Escape Room Maker. (This is a lie. Michael is an attorney.) He makes it all sound pretty good. He's very convincing.


2:54PM BBT

Brittany has been talking with Ameerah and Nicole in the Space Age Bedroom. Critt says she is going to walk around today like she knows she is safe, even though she isn't. 'I want to make people I've got, know I've got them because at first I was just so socially awkward.

Nicole tells her to just be true to herself so she can look in a mirror and be proud of what she's doing.

Brittany tellsw Nicole she wants to work with her, Terrance and Michael.

Nicole: There are so many options.



Brittany leaves and Michael walks in, but we can't hear the conversation ove rthe conversation in the kitchen. BB finally gets the audio fixed and we hear that Michael is confirming that he wants to work with Nicole, Daniel and Terrance. 

Nicole: Have you talked with Brittany

Michael: I have talked with her, but I'm getting the vibe that the house doesn't want to keep her around

Nicole: Same

Michael: So, I am trynng to get distance.

Nicole asks how he feels about the other people he is working with.

Michael: I am hearing that most people would put up Brittany and Indy next week. But if one of them comes down? Ugh!

Nicole: My thing is that if I get HoH next week, Indy is not going up. I'm sorry. Not happeneing because we haven't talked much game but she has said to me that if anything happens, she will not put me up. That's one more number for somebody to do what I want.

Michael: Yeah

Nicole: She (Brittany) just told me I'd be safe if she got HoH, so I can't put her up. SOmebody else has to do it.

They feel it is best for Terrance to win HoH to put her up.

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Nicole begins counting votes, "I feel we have me, you, Daniel, Ameerah, Brittany Terrance, Indy and I feel we would have Jasmine"

Michael: Yeah

Nciole: That's half the house

Joseph knocks on the door and invites them to come do stretches.

Taylor comes in and says, "Man, you just get hounded."

Nicole: People are such fucking bastards. They just come in and fuck up our rotation of wanting to talk. (she is half joking...just half)

Taylor says she is not into group activities.

Nicole: I can't with you.

Nicole tells her that after talking with several people, "There is a very good chance you could stay in the house."

Taylor: That would be awesome

Nicole tells her that everyone is coming to her today and talking and telling her that she will be the next HoH

Taylor: DO you want it

Nicole: I do and I don't. I want it because I know who would be safe.

Taylor: If you do, put me on slop.

Nicole: Thank  you for that! I feel like we would vibe together on slop!

Taylor: Hell yeah!




3:15PM BBT

Joseph is leading Indy, Monte, Turner, Pooch and Michael in some yoga stretches.






3:20PM BBT

WHile a majority of the house is sweating to Joe's yoga session, Taylor sits alone in the Golf Pro Bedroom eating something from a bowl and counting votes.




3:23PM BBT

The yoga session has finshed and everyone claps.

Brittany announces, "Okay Guys, no pressure at all, but I am leading a guided meditation at 5."

It seems like just about everyone is interested, "Yay! We're gonna have a full house." 



3:39PM BBT

Brittany is talking with Kyle in the loft while he plays on the bumper pool table


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3:55PM BBT

Nicole, Alyssa and Indy are talking in the Space Age Bedroom.

Alyssa says that next week, everyone is gonna gun for it (HoH)



3:57PM BBT

Nicole says that with Terrance's snoring, she wants to get up and push him off his bed.

Alyssa notices Nicole's bracelet. She says they are intention bracelets.




4:03PM BBT

Taylor is talking with Kyle in the bathroom. Thye are going through backstage scenarios.






4:10PM BBT

Monte and Joseph are giving Jasmine a pep talk about working out in the gym. Joe says everyone will be watching and want to see her do well; she will be an inspiration...Monte says they will call these pep talks MoJo talks, and Jasmine loves it! They then begin putting Jasmine through a circuit workout. Taylor joins them and starts talking about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. SHe tells Jasmie she should do it, to which Jasmine appears shocked.

Taylor: Yes! You'd be great.









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4:22PM BBT

Nicole is telling Kyle, Indy and Alyssa about how she is still learning as part of the LGBTQIA community. That the terminology is changing and she still has a lot to learn.

Kyle: Progress not perfection is what I try to tell myself.

They all then say they love the house and people in it.

Britt is just lurking in the back of the room.



4:26PM BBT

BB just called Taylor to the DR. SHe asked for a few minutes "to put a face on."

Indy enters the bathroom beating a rhythm on a plastic tub,  desperate for music. Pooch compliments her from the shower.

Indy: Words of affirmation are my love language

Taylor: Same, girl, same




Side Note: Indy and Pooch call each other husband and wife, but they are all flirt. There is no love affair going on.

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14 minutes ago, MamaLong said:

5:25PM BBT

Paloma has been off camera most of the day. No one is talking about her, either.

5:35PM BBT



She's been in and out of shots, but even when she's shown (kitchen at 1:52PM and the bedroom with the yellow bedspreads at 1:53PM/1:55PM) she sometimes has her mic muted and is not the hyperactive insane center of every shot she's in.  She was eating soup at the kitchen table recently and seems more mellow, so hoping she got a psych eval and some meds.

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 5:30PM BBT Daniel and Brittany are on the landing. They are talking about having the confidence to just be themselves. Daniel says that being HOH is wild. In the WC, Alyssa is doing her hair. Pooch is shaving and chatting with Alyssa.


5:42PM BBT Most HG in the KT. General chatting about food and life. Some are eating. Turner is wandering around wear the HOH robe. Ameerah and Nicole chatting about family and sitting at the KT counter.


5:55PM BBT Brittany and Daniel chatting in the LR about feeling like they didn't have a June. Turner is now on the sofa with his eyes closed. Indy is taking a shower while Jasmine fixes her hair. Ameerah is lounging on the sofa in the WC.


6:09PM BBT Brittany in the LR doing meditation. All of the HG are there except Ameerah and Jasmine. They are in the WC whispering. 


6:19PM BBT Brittany is still trying to do hypno on the HG. They are all just napping or relaxing in the LR. Jasmine is still working on her hair and adding product.


6:24PM BBT The HG have come out of their trance and telling Brittany how wonderful it was.  Jasmine is applying still more product into her hair. She has been scrunching it for the last 20 minutes.



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7:06PM BBT

Indy and Daniel are eating at the kitchen island whilee Brittany dries dishes and puts them away.

Daniel tells Indy that he likes when a girl is sweaty after a workout

Indy: Weirdo

Indy says she can't stand sweatiness, on her or anybody.

Daniel says it must be because he is attracted to dancers.

7:10PM BBT

Nicole, Alyssa, Jasmine and Indy are redoing nail polish in the Space Age Bedroom. They are hoping that one of them witns HoH. Indy says she wants one of the girls to win HoH so she can sleep in the room at least one night and have a glass of wine. Indy says she misses sleeping with someone. Nicole says she doesn't. Indy says she likes to cuddle. Nicole says she is good without that. Jasmine says it was a bit weird for Daniel to sleep next to her last night, but it made her feel safe. She feels like he would protect her if anyone tried to do anything. Nicole says he would break someone's neck.

Nicole: Indy, why are you looking at me like that? I will not make out with you.

Indy: I know! It sucks! Dangit.  *she snorts

Nicole: This ain't Love Island.

Indy: They put me in the wrong cast.  *She laughs and snorts  

[Indy is pure entertainment  -MamaLong]




Alyssa gets nail polish remover in her finger cut.

Alyssa cut her finger on her razor last night but couldn't patch it up becaus ethe blood was making her sick. Nicole had to clean it up for her.


Indy: I wish I had my journal so I could write now

Alyssa: Oh, yeah. That would be nice.


7:22PM BBT

Indy asks questions about how to state their eviction vote. Nicole gives details then the girls tell her they will practice.

Indy: I vote to evict

Nicole: Oh that was perfect

Indy: I hope I remember

Indy leaves to make a hot tea and Nicole asks, "will you make a green tea for me please?"

Indy: Of course, meu amor (Indy says "my love" to all of the HGs in English and Portuguese, all the time)

Nicole: How do you say please in Portuguese?

Indy: por favor

Nicole repeats: por favor


7:25PM BBT

Daniel, Britt and Taylor are talking in the kitchen about meditation.

Taylor: Is your bathroom free, or is she in there? (she must mean Paloma)

Daniel says it's free

Taylor takes off to use his loo.


7:29PM BBT

Nicole is painting Jasmine's nails now. Indy comes in saying they need to order more tea.

Jasmine: Peppermint tea for me, please....anything caffeine free

Nicole: Peppermint only

Alyssa: I like green tea

Daniel comes in and Indy asks if there is anything good in his fridge upstairs. He says there are some things in his freezer that they will take away, so go get it if they want it.


7:33PM BBT

Brittany joins them in the SPace Age Bedroom and they all decide it's too late now for anything to happen. They were hoping something with Backstage Pass would happen. Then they decide they would have been given a heads up to get ready for it.


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7:35PM BBT

Taylor is talking with Pooch in the SR.  

Taylor: If it's a third nom situation, you would vote her out?

Pooch confirms saying against Terrance is harder, but she could beat Brittany.

Pooch tells her that people see her as intimidating for a reason. He says, "she is small so..." (Paloma)

Taylor: I'm not mad at anyobody. I'm like, hm, well done.  [My words exactly, Taylor -ML]

Pooch: You have to take it as a respect thing. People are going after you because you're fucking strong.






7:42PM BBT

Ameerah, Terrance, Kyle, Turner, Michael and Joe are talking in the bathroom area about traveling.

Ameerah: Funny story. Me and my firend went to Mammoth Springs thinking it was something we could get in. We wore our bathing suits and were like, 'no one is getting in' and asked the guide who said 'you would die"





Ameerah and Turner have both traveled a lot of Southeast Asia.

Monte has joined the group in the bathroom saying he would really like to take a scnic train trip.

Ameerah: I would really like to do that, too.

Terrance says Hawaii was,  "beautiful. SO beautuful" He saw the black sands and a massive turtle

Ameerah: Oh, so a tortoise

Terrance: I thought we were gonna see a turtle, and it was massive

They discuss that Hawaii is being  destroyed by tourism and they have a water shortage there.

Kyle says he just spent two months in Hawaii by using free airline miles then house sitting for a friend to take care of their dog, '"hey have a Tesla and a little Yorkie"

Michael: I need better friends

Kyle says that he went snorkling in an area that is supposed ot be the best snorkiling but the reef was dead similar to his experience at the Great Barrier Reef,  and was kind of depressing

Joe: So depressing

Kyle: It was sad

Kyle's story drops the mood as they all express how the oceans are being contaminated and destroyed

Ameerah: Oh wow. Thank you for that. I thought it was gonna be a good story.

Kyle says he grew up in Japan so he was used to vibrant snorkling


Kyle tells a story about driving the Tesla and almost running out of charge.





8:05PM BBT

I am out for the night  -MamaLong

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