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CBBUS3 Episode 7 - HoH & Nominations

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Previously on CBB, moments into the game, Todrick, Carson, Cynthia and Shanna formed a foursome. But Todrick quickly switched his loyalties to Miesha. With the house divided, the ultimate fighter rose to power again. And she wanted to take Carson out.

It was reindeer games for a Veto and Shanna sleighed the competition. With Kirkpatrick and Shanna aligned with both sides of the house, they decided to draw a line in the sand and save Carson. So at the Veto mtg, the former Miss USA gave Carson some gold...

Forcing Miesha to put a new kid on the block. At the live eviction, the house saved Cynthia and sent Chris to say Hi Hi Hi to JCM. Then, with only 7 remaining, a battle of endurance began. Who will go from powder to power, and which two HG will hit the block?

Plus, it's the Sunday Night super showdown you've been waiting for. Prepare to be bowled over with hard hitting house drama. Seriously, you don't want to miss this, no matter what game might be on another channel. All this right now, only on CBB!

We start with the HoH comp already in progress. The HG are sprayed with colored paint. Carson says things are heating up in here, a full on war, a house divided, Carson, Shannon & Cynthia vs. the other team, Todd, Todrick, Miesha and Lamar. But we have better uniforms.

Shanna says with her ride or die out of the house, she's alone in the game. Miesha can't compete in HoH but the Miesha Mafia can, and I'm not coming off this wall until they go down. Miesha says not only did her plan to evict Carson backfire, she's dependent on her team.

Cynthia says she has to beat Todrick, Lamar and Todd because they are riding with Miesha. The HG get splatted with red paint. Pink is my color, says Carson.  Todd says this is horrible! Todrick tells us he looks good in pink but it's hard to hold these handles.

Glam is a big part of my life, says Cynthia, but this is not my kind of glam. You look fantastic, Miesha says from the cheap seats. Lamar says he's gonna fall. It's mental torture to not be able to put my feet on the ground, he tells us. More hairspray.

Aw Sugar, Lamar says, and he's out at 21m 2s. That wasn't a good job, he says. Miesha says now she's down to Todd and Todrick. Basically, that means Todrick. Cynthia is holding on for dear life, her legs are fine but her arms, not so much. She's down at 21m 16s.

Carson says with Cynthia down, it's up to him and Shanna to win for our side. It's go time! Miesha says this nail biter needs more nail polish. They are slimed with multi-colored paints. Todd takes it hard, with green paint covering his glasses.

Shanna turns her head and avoids a direct blast. She says it is so hard to hold onto these handles. It's dripping and freezing; I'm jumping up and down to get my body temp up. It's a Pride Parade, shouts Todrick to Carson. Happy Pride, b*tches! 

They get hairspray again, this time followed by colored hair dropped from above. I got hair, Todd rejoices. Where were you when I was 26, he jokes in DR. He tries spitting the hair out of his mouth. The wall tilts deep and Todd takes one foot off, then drops at 50m 56s.

This is just not fun, Todd says to Miesha's laughter. It's the big shocker of CBB3, Todrick tells us, Todd & Lamar fall. It's all down to me to bring home the HoH. The numbers aren't in my favor right now, Miesha says, if we give up control, I'll be the #1 target.

The wall lowers again. We are basically parallel to the ground, Shanna exaggerates, I want to fall so bad but I can't until Todrick falls. This is agony, palms, wrists, my elbows are aching, I'm freezing. Shanna drops at 55m 44s.

It's down to Todrick & Carson, Shanna says, if Carson wins, we can flip the house but if Todrick wins, I'm in big trouble. Todrick can't let Carson live another week, he's too big a threat. 

Oh My Lanta, Shanna has fallen down, Carson recaps, now it's down to me vs. Todrick. If I don't win this, I'll be on the block for a 3rd time in a row. We need a victory. 

Cynthia says Carson and Todrick are 2 sides of the house. This is our only chance to flip this house. If Todrick wins this, Carson and I are back on the block. Todd shouts Don't Give Up from across the yard. 

Carson says the wall is now parallel to the grown (about a 45 degree angle), like hang gliding. All of my muscles are starting to quiver and not in a good way. Todd says it's down to me and Carson, fitting since this is the gayest comp I've ever seen on BB.

Todrick needs to win for Miesha, the biggest target in the house but despite my age and condition, you don't know Carson Kressley. How are you, he asks Carson on the Wall. Perfect, never better, Carson says confidently. Todd's left foot slips and Cynthia lets out a gasp, then covers up her mouth! 

Todd tells us he wants to win this comp more than life itself. But it is becoming really slippery & he's nervous. It's time to make a deal. You want to make a deal, he asks Carson? From across the BY, Miesha notices them talking and hopes he holds on as long as he can.

Carson tells Todrick he can make a deal. Todd asks him to please not put him up or backdoor him. Yep, Carson says simply, Promise. Todrick drops as Miesha watches dejectedly. Well well well, Carson says, still clinging to the Wall, guess who's HoH, everybody!

The Wall returns to vertical and Carson says OMG, in shock surprise and waving to the imaginary masses, hello my people! Todrick congratulates him. I want to give everybody a hug, he jokes with his paint-soaked clothing.

Would you look at this, he tells us, holding up the HoH key, there's a new Sheriff in town, kids, and things are going to start changing around here. It feels really good, he says. Cynthia celebrates in DR: Who got the power? We got the power! Everything just changed!

Todrick was so close, he tells us, but thankfully I made a deal for myself. The rest of my team may be in trouble. Definitely in trouble. This sucks. It's the opposite of good. Miesha says hello worst case scenario, nice to meet you.

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The HG are heading in from the HOH comp and Carson says OMG, what just happened? Did little ol me just win HOH? Things are looking up. Shanna is freaking out that Carson just won HOH. She thinks Miesha’s side of the house is destroyed and it is amazing.


Todrick is glad he made himself a deal, but it is bad news for Miesha and he needs her to stay for his sanity and to make it to the end. Miesha says she refuses to go down without a fight. No matter what happens.


Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna are celebrating and Carson says that was a miracle and Shanna says Todrick was starting to struggle and Carson tells her about the deal he made with Todrick. Carson says Miesha had no problem nominating him for weeks.


Shanna says they are popping their pants, especially Todd. Carson says Todd should be because he messed with his woman. Carson says that might be his two nominees and hopefully they get rid of one of them.


Todrick is telling Miesha he wanted to make a deal with her but he was about to fall and he cannot believe he has not won anything yet. Todrick says he does not want to be the teammate who did not pull their weight and Miesha says she would not change a thing.


Lamar is talking to Todd about the veto competition and Todd is again explaining how the game works. Lamar says he thought the game would get more simple the fewer people are there. Todd thinks Lamar understands how half the game works.


Who wants to see Carson’s HOH room?!? Todrick asks Miesha if they should go see Carson’s HOH room and she says no. Miesha says she is not a fake person and she is not going to go and kiss butt when everyone knows she did not want this to happen.


Carson talks about the pictures of his family and horses. He noticed that Miesha did not come up for the party. She must have been busy eating kale.


Carson wants to talk to Todrick and he wants to give him an update and be clear and honest. He says he is probably going to put up Miesha and Todd and he asks Todrick to leave nominations the same. Todrick says that is kind of scary and Carson says that how it has to be.


Shanna says it would be amazing if Todrick game to their side where he started. Carson says he wants to be transparent. Carson says if they can get Todrick back in the fold and get rid of Miesha, then all would be right with the world.


Todrick is clarifying that if Miesha leaves he would work with them to get Lamar and Todd out and Cynthia and Shanna confirm and say they would love to work for him. Todrick says he came to play for himself and Miesha going out is not bad for his game.


Todrick goes to talk to Miesha and he is telling her about the conversation. Shanna says they need to keep Todrick scared so he will keep noms the same. Todrick tells Miesha says he cannot make that deal because he would be first out.


Todrick tells Miesha that he wants to tell Carson that Shanna has been playing both sides of the house and that she is not deserving because she has not been honest. Todrick says he needs to take the spotlight off Miesha and shine it on Shanna.


Todrick goes to talk to Cynthia. Todrick says she is a hard nut to crack but he needs to paint this narrative about the snake she has been sleeping next to with a blonde weave. Todrick says Shanna has had both sides of the house to keep her safe.


Cynthia says she is in shock. She sleeps in the same room with Shanna and she cannot believe she was working with the other side the entire time and playing her and Carson. Miesha joins them. Miesha says Shanna is so shady and she does not deserve to be at the final.


Cynthia does not like talking things by second hand so she wants to talk to Carson and he comes in. Todrick fills Carson in on Shanna playing both sides of the house. Carson says oh my gosh. His head is blowing up that Shanna has been a double agent.


Carson is wondering if he has been played and Miesha says she respects them both and she suggests them going in together and backdooring Shanna. Carson has never doubted Miesha’s integrity or honesty and coming from Todrick also he is believing them.


Cynthia tells Carson she has tried to protect him the whole time and the same cannot be said of Shanna. Todrick thinks his plan has worked and maybe he and Miesha can stay in this house. Shanna comes in and things get awkward until she leaves.


Cynthia says she cannot believe this. Todrick just exposed Shanna’s whole game to her and she cannot believe she ever trusted her. Cynthia is filling Lamar in about what she found out. Shanna wants to talk to Cynthia and she says not without Carson.


Todrick says they just shook up the house to Miesha and says there is still a chance for us yet. Shanna wants to talk to Carson alone first and she wants to know what happened because Cynthia does not want to talk to her. Carson fills Shanna in on Todrick’s pitch.


Shanna says to Carson that she already told him everything and she said she was always with them, but she had to make sure she was safe. She says she never put Carson or Cynthia under the bus. Carson says let us go talk to her as well.


Shanna and Carson join Cynthia and she repeats what she said to Carson. Cynthia says Todrick and Miesha were the ones who said Shanna was the one told them to put Carson up. Shanna says that is a lie. Shanna says what are they not understanding?


Cynthia asks if she was in a final four with them and Shanna is trying to explain how things happened. Todrick is standing on the dining table eavesdropping because Shanna and Cynthia are getting a little loud. Miesha is standing outside the HOH door.


Shanna says Miesha is right outside the door and she turns the tv on and she goes out and asks for her privacy because she gave them privacy when they had their talk. Shanna is still trying to convince Cynthia they are on the same side.


Cynthia says they have been keeping Shanna safe and Shanna says she has won two vetoes and Chris Kirkpatrick risked his game so the rest of them could move forward together. Cynthia says call Todrick and Miesha in here and Shanna can tell them.


Shanna says she will do that and swear on her children. They all head downstairs and Shanna tells Miesha well played. Cynthia says the only way she will believe Shanna is if she tells Todrick and Miesha to their face that she did not pitch Carson as a target.


Shanna says Miesha has been gunning for Carson the entire time and Todrick told her that Miesha was detrimental to his game and they are ridiculous. She tells Carson to do what he wants because if he wants to believe them, then there is nothing she can do.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Carson’s first nominee is…Miesha. His second nominee is…Todd. Carson says they are both huge threats and he has great respect for both of them. He thinks they are good.


Carson says he is not a big backdoor fan but Shanna seems to be everyone’s target, but if it goes another way he still has his original target on the block. Miesha says she felt like a dead woman walking but Todrick has flipped the script.


Todrick says not to toot his own horn, but now it looks like Shanna will be out of the house. Shanna is so hurt and upset by what happened and hopefully she can play veto and win for herself and that is how she will play the rest of the time she is there.

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