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Saturday, February 12, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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12:25am BBT Feeds return and Carson is reading his HoH letter from his friend, Tom. He has a picture of his horses. He got big sunglasses: I could do welding in these! He got Madonna for his music. After the pro-forma congratulations, Carson tells everyone to get out. But come back any time. Everyone returns downstairs. Carson turn on the HoH monitor and jokes it is his security camera.

12:30am BBT Miesha did not go to Carson's HoH reveal. Todrick comes downstairs to the Clock BR and tells her about it: horses and friends. Miesha asks for the lights out. Todrick yells at BB to turn out the lights. Todd and Lamar are in the Chalet BR. They ask BB to turn out the lights. Cynthia and Shanna are in the Chocolate BR. 

12:36am BBT This is an *sshole question, but do we get paid for Chris Kattan? (I think she means they get paid for each eviction survived, and she is wondering if Kattan's DOR counts as an eviction). Cynthia says if Miesha is evicted, we'll be two women in a house full of men. (well, 2 are gay, so really it's only the other 2 men they have to worry about. Fortunately, there are plenty of cameras in case someone tries something funny.)

12:40am BBT Carson brings his things up to his HoH room and draws a nice warm bath. Lights are off in the Chocolate BR. Carson is the only one up. Everything is so fresh and clean, he gushes. All the HG are sleeping except Carson.


12:50am BBT Todd is up snacking. All feeds on sleeping HG. Carson is having some alone time in the HoH bathtub.


1:00am BBT Todd and Lamar both brush their teeth then head back to bed.

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9:59AM BBT

Carson joins Shanna and Cynthia in the Chocolate BR

Shanna: It's nominations today

Carson: I know; This is what I was thinking. If I put up Miesha and Todd, Todd's gonna go ballistic. I thought I should do what she did with me, which is, before the nominations,  puIll him aside and tell him he is a pawn, which is true, because I don't want him to go as bas as I want Miesha to go.

Shanna: We are all gonna vote for her.

Carson: And in all honesty...

*Interrupted by camera hogging Glitter

When the feeds return...

Shanna: They are gonna take you to the diary room and have you pick keys. They are gonna give you the names give you the keys and you're gonna name the names, and turn it later and that's it.

Carson: Okay, so I'm gonna tell him, use you as a pawn, (to Todd) let's keep it quiet that we had this conversation and if you win veto, keep the nominations the same

Cynthia: And if he doesn't keep the nominations the same?

Carson: If he doesn't keep the nominations the same, then someone else on his team is going home. If he doesn't keep the vote, it's gonna be him or Lamar, but I don't know if I should say that.

Shanna: It would light a fire under their ass to show the house has flipped.

Carson: I say if you don't keep the nominations the same, it will be somebody else.

Cynthia: Well, you could say, if you don't agree with this deal, I will put up Lamar instead.

Shanna: He will want to send Miesha home before Lamar, so it's not bad if you say that so he understands. His boy might go.

Cynthia: He wanted to talk to me (Lamar) but I don't know what about....I think he will not be too upset.

Shanna: Yeah, he is all over you.

Cynthia: I think he and Todd feel less optimistic about the game.

Carson: We tell him we love him and want him to stay.

Cynthia: I think giving Todd the option is a good play because he has been really in his feelings. 

Carson: Miesha has to be the first to go

Both girls strongly agree.

Cynthia: If I wasn't on our team and you offered me that deal...

Lamar interrupts them by walking in the BR. Everyone praises his outfit.

Cynthia: Versace, Versace, Versace

Cynthia tells Lamar she will talk with him later. Carson leaves to go get Todd to join them in the Chocolate BR for a discussion.



Cynthia: I think that's a fair deal

Shanna: A very fair deal; they would not have offered that to us. They were mean.


10:06AM BBT

Carson and Todd return to the Chocolate BR.

Todd: Hello

SHanna: Hi

Cynthia: Hey Todd

Carson: So I wanted to talk with you because we don't want you going anywhere. So the plan is, we are gonna put Miesha up with you as a pawn.

Todd: okay

Carson: You're not gonna go anywhere. The only thing we ask, is that if you play in the veto and win, you leave the nominations the same.

Todd: Okay, I can do that

Carson: Okay...so that's it

Todd asks about his missing shoe and thinks Kirkpatrick is trying to play a prank on him. They all agree to look for it.

Cynthia: You good?

Todd; Yeah, I'm good.

Carson: I just didn't want you to be surprised.

Todd; No, I'm good

Lamar walks in the room looking for eye drops.

Todd: Oh my God. What does the ghetto dude got on today?

Todd starts saying Lamar is looking for a 20 rock or a 10 rock

(I hate this about Todd. His jokes are inappropriate and not funny. He knows Lamar had substance abuse issues, much like his own. -MamaLong)

Cynthia turns to Todd and says she thinks they should tell Lamar so he knows

Todd leaves the room.

Carson: Yeah, so we are unified

Cynthia: so here is the plan

Carson: Of course we adore you and don't want you going anywhere

(Lamar's eyes are watering fromt he eye drops)

Carson: Don't cry. It's gonn abe okay.

Cynthia laughs

Lamar: I was feeling like Jesus (pronounes with Spanish dialect)...my job here is done

Carson: No, you want to stay and get some extra money

Lamar: I really wanted Todd to get that. I think he needed it (he means the HoH)

Carson: I'm gonna put Miesha and Todd up. Todd is the pawn just like Miesha did to me.

Lamar: And we all vote Miesha out?

Carson: yeah

Lamar: Todrick is not gonna vote Miesha out

Carson tells him that he made a deal with Todrick. Lamar says that is not what Todrick was saying last night, so he needs to talk with him.

Bob: Lamar, please put on your microphone

Lamar: You are gonna have to reinforce that deal with him. He told me he would still vote Miesha to stay.

Shanna: Lamar, let's say Todd wins veto and takes himself down. Carson has to put someone else up. 

She tries to explain how the veto would work if he is the replacement nomination and how he would still be safe. He doesn't quite understand the process on who gets to play in the veto competition.

Cynthia: Todd knows, and he is good.

Carson: If we don't get rid of Miesha, none of us has a chance.





Cynthia: At least you get an option because with us...they just put us up there. That's the play, and it's gracious.

Lamar leaves


Shanna: He repeatedly said you have to talk with Todrick and solidify that deal.

Carson goes to get Todrick

Cynthia: I like it because it doesn't feel icky either.


10:15AM BBT

Todrick joins them and Carson repeats the deal to Todrick

Carson: I'm gonna put up Miesha and Todd with Todd as the pawn. We won't put you up.  If you play in the veto, I  need you to keep the votes the same, though, so we don't even have to get to the backdoor thing. (he means nominations)

Todrick: Okay. That's kinda scary

Carson: I know, but I think that's how it has to be. Do you have any thoughts (to Shanna)?

Shanna says if someone comes down it would be Lamar or him (to go up as replacement) but no on wants to be backdoored

Cynthia points out that no one wants to get backdoored and they never gave them a meeting like this, "Honestly, we want you to stay before her."

Todrick points out that if he doesn't take her down, it would be him, Lamar and Todd... They begin discussing that when they first came in the house, it was the four of them and they could go back to that (Carson, Todrick, Shanna and Cynthia formed the Foundation before it became the Formation)

Cynthia repeats that they never got a meeting or the knowledge of what was going to happen. She lets him know that what they are doing is a courtesy.

Todrick is clearly torn over Miesha and how much she has done for him. They tell him they understand if he doesn't want to take the deal.

Carson: It would be great if we could all be working together. And heart of hearts, none of us have a chance against her.

Cynthia: Facts

Carson: We just want to be completely transparent and honest.

Cynthia: We don't want you to go. We love you. Nor do we want to backdoor you.

Todrick: What do you think I should do? I would like a moment to process this. 

Todrick says it is basically a, 'if you win, congratulations. If you don't win..." (to Miesha)

Cynthia says that is exactly what it was for them, too.

Carson: I would say good luck. I didn't get a lot of good lucks from her. I did get a sincere congratulations from her last night, which was appreciated. But if we don't get rid of her, none of us have a chance. It's not personal.

Cynthia: We are all toast (if Miesha stays)..as someone who has been on the block, I would have liked a heads up, but I was not given that. I think it's very nice that you're (to Carson) doing that for them.

Todrick: It's like me and her and Todd and Lamar might as well not even be here

Cynthia: Once Miesha's gone, I don't think Lamar and Todd are gonna be too devastated


10:23AM BBT

Todrick: I don't think they care. Well, I've been straight forward with y'all and I don't think it's a deal I can afford to turn down. I know I am not going to win standing next to Miesha, but she has been good to me. She is very strong, so it is possible she can pull herself off.

They all agree



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Shanna says Miesha won't even speak to her now becasue she took off Carson, but she knew that she would have been up next if Carson or Cynthia pulled themself off. Shann asays theat Miesha had such a hard time with having to decide the replacement be Todd, Lamar or Kirkpatrick that it confirmed for her she was next. Todrick agrees.

Cynthia says she likes Miesha, but she knows she would win the game. Todrick says Kirkpatrick must have trashed them in order to flip the house. "But I think my mom would tell me to go back to my original four. I alsways wanted to, just not with Teddi"

Cynthia: and you were always honest about that



Todrick makes it clear that he would like for them to think about what they want him to do should Miesha win veto and take herself off.

Shanna; We want you to work with us for that final four

Todrick struggles with leaving Miesha alone in the game.




Todrick asks about the nominations, and they all say that nominations are today.

Todrick says he is going to think about it because he doesn't want to just throw her under the bus. He asks if it's okay to tell her all of this. They say she deserves to know.

When Todrick leaves Shanna says that they do not want to give Todrick the option to stay with Miesha. "If he wins the veto and takes her down, we're fucked."

Cynthia: Totally

Shanna: That's why I kept looking at you. You guys were saying like it's okay, but we need to keep him scared. Don't give him any ideas.

Todrick comes back: Hey she just asked me to come up and hang out with her at the elliptical. 

He asks for advice on what he shoudl say to Miesha.

Carson asks Shanna what she thinks

SHanna tells him to tell her he made a deal with Carson on the wall, "and you have to make a decision for yourself."

Todrick: I just want to make sure you don't think I'm throwing you under the bus if I tell her the deal you told me

Cynthia: It's not really a secret

Todrick: I just want to make sure you're okay with me being honest with her now

Carson: I'm gonna tell her in two seconds

TOdrick: She already feels it's going to be her and Todd

Carson: we just want you to keep the nominations the same and come work with us

Cynthia: Just tell her

Todrick leves to talk with Miesha.

Carson: Just be totally honest. I'm sorry.


After he leaves, Shanna says, "That was good, I just didn't want him thinking he could make a plan with her."

Cynthia: I think at the end of the day, Todrick wants to stay in the game.

They agree they are all okay with doing a final four with him.

Carson: We would have a nice, fair, wonderful game  



11:05AM BBT

*WBRB Glitter

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12:04PM BBT

The CHGs plan to have salad for lunch and then tacos for dinner.

Shanna: I'm getting homesick

Cynthia: Mm Hm; it was weird because thinking I was going home, I already had one foot out the door. I thought people wanted me out, especially after I had my blow up with Todd. I didn't think it was going to be unanimous,. That I didn't expect.




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Cynthia, and Todrick talk about Kirkpatrick and how they couldn't trust him. Todrick tells Cynthia that she wasn't the first to come to him and warn him about Chris Kirkpatrick.




Shanna is clearly uncomfortable listening to Todrick and Cynthia dis Kirkpatrick.







12:21PM BBT

Lamar and Todd are hanging out in the gym talking about random things.




Back in the kitchen, cTodrick and Cynthia are talking about Miesha's gameplay. Todrick says Miesha's decisions have never been personal, only strategic.



Conversation goes back to Kirkpatrick. Todrick says he was trying to get a nobel edit. Cynthia says he just played the game wrong. SHe told him to campaign against her and he never did.

Cynthia: The only person he can blame...he can't blame me, he can't blame you, he can't blame Miesha.

Todrick asks if they can go have their talk. They head for the bathroom.


12:32PM BBT

Todrick throws Shanna completely under the bus with Cynthia, backs up and then drives forward again. I won't repeat what he says, but I will just say he has nothing nice to say about Shanna. He is clearly trying to sway Cynthia to believe theat Shanna is not being honest with her. Cynthia listens but doesn't say much in reply. Todrick says he doesn't want to work with Shanna at all.

Cynthia: I'm blown away

TOdrick: WHen you see it, you're gonna be blown

Cynthia asks Lamar what he thinks about Shanna's game, "because this just keeps playing back to me"

Lamar: I would say, flip it

Cynthia: What do you mean?

Lamar: Flip it

Cynthia: Du you trust her?

Lamar: No

They ask him who Shanna has been working with

Lamar says Carson

Todrick: Are you sure?

Lamar: Yeah, it's easy to see




Lamar says that when they all leave, they will have something to do (a job) but she has nothing, "she will be lost in the storm." Lamar says Miesha doesn't care for Shanna. "Miesha said to me, if SHanna wins, she will burn this house down."




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Lamar keeps bringing up Shanna's boyfriend and how a woman with integrity woudln't have his family's pictures up. [I have no idea who her boyfriend is, but it sounds like he is tied to a different woman.  -MamaLong]


Cynthia: It makes sense (she is beginning to hear what the guys are saying)







Todrick throws so much shade on Shanna, she can't be caught on film. 

Cynthia: Oh my God. I have to go talk to Carson.

Todrick: Are we good?

Miesha walks in and Todrick asks her in front of Cynthia who Shanna told them was her number one target in the house

Miesha: Carson

Cynthia is shocked by all of this and says everything makes sense to her now.


[Look y'all. Shanna has been working both sides of the house since day one. That is no secret. However, she did not have to make a play to save Carson and risk her ride with Todrick and Miesha. This smear campaign is really nasty. I may not be a huge fan of Shanna, but no one deserves this trash talk. -MamaLong]







Cynthia seems pretty riled up. She shares what Shanna was saying while coaching Carson on his nominations.

Miesha: Shanna is a snake in this game. I refuse to let her win. I'm cool with you winning, and you (Todrick) winning. I'm cool with Carson winning, but she does not deserve a final spot.

Todrick: What would we be saying to America for backing a person that is famous for marrying famous people? I'm not going to sacrifice the one person that has been riding for me the whole time unwavering to protect her. That's my stipulation. 

Cynthia says she wants to go talk with Carson.

Miesha tries to connect with Cynthia by telling her about her story of coming up poor and fighting her way in a man's sport "I have integrity because of the woman I was raised by." She tells Cynthia that she works really hard.

Cynthia replies that she never wanted to polay the game messy and that's why she was okay to go home last night. "I have to go talk to Carson because we are up against a clock."

Todrick thanks Cynthia for listening to him. Carson walks in, so his ears must have been itching.

Cynthia tells him he needs to hear some things straight from the horse's mouth and asks Todrick to repeat his spiel for Carson, which he does.









Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrotherLiveFeeds-84877’09” (1).png



Carson: Wow! I'm shocked.

Miesha: I'm telling you that I have a lot of respect for both of you, but if Shanna wins, I will burn this house down. I am totally okay with either of you winning because I know I have played my best game with integrity.

Carson tells Miesha that he was thinking of putting her up "because you are so good."

Miesha: I just ask that you tell me straight up.

Cynthia is defintiely upset and tells Carson, "I don't like that shit"


[Okay, y'all....we could have a change in Carson's nominations now.  -MamaLong]


Carson, this is so.....such a revelation!

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1:09PM BBT

Miesha says that she knows she is a threat, but she wants to play the game with integrity. (definitely hints of targeting Shanna)

Carson: I'm gobsmacked

Miesha: I'm always trying to look for the best in people (about Kirkpatrick).

She goes on to say that he had toxic masculinity "He had a problem being second to me.":

Cynthia: I don't know how you feel, but I am fucked the hell off. I want to go talk to her.


1:11PM BBT

Shanna walks in the bathroom and heads into the loo

Todrick: Thank you for having this discussion and letting me talk to her. I still feel like I don't know where my actual decision is going to be, but I appreciate everyone being so straight forward.



Carson says hearing it from the three of them makes it important to hear. He seems pretty upset, too.





1:25PM BBT

Miesha tells Carson and Cynthia that right after the eviction, she came to her and said maybe they can reconvene and work together, again, but she said no because she had drawn a line in the sand.


1:27PM BBT

Cynthia tells Carson she can't sleep next to "that" tonight. She plans to sleep on Carson's counch upstairs.

1:28PM BBT

In the Chocolate BR, Sianna is sighing deeply, and says "oh fuck, shit"

She is very concerned over this long meeting that is taking place in the bathroom and likely knows her game has just been blown up.

Shanna: It's absurd! (she is alone in the room)



Cynthia: SHe needs to go. If all this is true, she needs to go.

Carson: We have to put two people up.

Miesha suggests they put her and Todrick on the block so they can both play in the veto and backdoor Shanna.

Todrick: Now hold up. I was with you until you said put me on the block.

Carson: SO you are saying put you and SHanna up

Miesha: No, I'm saying me and Todrick so we can both play in veto. There is only one person that won't play in this veto. 


1:35PM BBT

Shanna walks in the bathroom and asks if she can join them because she is bored. Conversation changes and Cynthia exits for the HOHR bathroom. Miesha gets uncomforatble and says she thinks she should leave, "I just ask, if you put me up, please just put me up without a backdoor plan."

Carson: That has been my plan all along

Miesha says she doesn't want to be a part of the conversation anymore because she doesn't like the energy in the room. Shanna gets the hint and leaves saying, "sorry for interrupting your conversation."


1:39PM BBT

Big Brother: Carson, please go to the diary room downstairs.


[Okay, so it seems they may play all of this off as a complete backdoor on Shanna. I'm not sure that Cynthia will be able to hold back, though. Cynthia is a what you see is what you get type person. She wants to talk with Shanna, NOW  -MamaLong]


1:43PM BBT

Big Brother (stern voice): Carson, please go to the diary room downstairs.


1:47PM BBT

After Carson leaves the bathroom, Miesha tells Todrick there is no way this will be kept underwraps because Cynthia wears her heart on her sleeve.   (Yep, I imagine CYnthia is confronting SHanna right now, but it is not on camera.)

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1:49PM BBT

Todd and Lamar enter the bathroom. Miesha asks where she (Shanna) is. Lamar says she is upstairs.

Todrick: I just blew up her game, Honey.

Todd: Well, need to be....need to be

Todrick: If we don't take Shanna out, one of us in this room is going home this week.

Lamar: I ain't gonna bring up the picture thing again, but.... (he brings it up)

1:52PM BBT

Cynthia is upstairs in the HOH bathroom brushing her teeth.


Back downstairs, Todrick announces to the guys that it is likely that Shanna is going home, now.

1:57PM BBT

*WBRB Glitter


2:00PM BBT

The feeds return to Cynthia trying to meditate (I guess) on the HOH couch


The guys are still talking smack about Shanna in the bathroom downstairs (very ugly things, mostly from Todrick)


2:03PM BBT

Shanna and Carson head into the gym to talk. Carson tells her that they are saying she has been playing both sides of the house. SHanna says she was and she told them all about that.






Shanna defends herself saying everyone in the house has been paired up but her.

Carson: Right

Shanna: I was never putting you under the bus, or...

*WBRB Glitter


2:08PM BBT

The feeds return to Shanna in teh HOH with Carson and Cynthia

Carson: Tell her what you just told me

Shanna claims she has told them everything

Cynthia: You never told us that you said Carson needs to go up

Shanna: I never said that. Never.

*WBRB Glitter  (Seriously need to De-Glitter!)



Shanna feels like Miesha is listening at the door. SHe checks spy cam. She is.

Shanna gets up and steps out. She tells her that she gave them privacy in teh bathroom and she deserves her privacy with them now.

Miesha: I wouldn't say you let us have our privacy, but okay.





2:12PM BBT

Shanna begs them to think about things logically. She reminds them that she pulled Carson down. Their voices are elevated.

Shanna: If you guys think that shit is real, put me on the block.

Carson suggests they go downstairs so everyone can talk together (House Meeting)

Shanna is screaming

Bob: Stop That!

Cynthia is not buying any of Shanna's defense. Carson is just listening in.




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2:18PM BBT

Shanna screams, "Carson, do what you need to do." retreats to the Chocolate BR and talks to herself, "I am not going to stay in a shouting match. I literally took down Carson to help you. Unbelieveable. RIdiculous. Jesus Christ....well played Miesha. Evil female."


Carson: There is  alot of explaining going on. When people have to do a lot of explaining... (sounds like Carson is biying it all now) The hard part is that she is the one who saved my ass

Todd: That is only because of Chris Kattan (implying Kattan's departure messed up her plan)


2:22PM BBT

Cynthia tells Carson that she told Shanna she wasn't talking to her without Carson. Shanna then went and waited for Carson so she could get to him first. I'm glad she had the opportunity to explain herself, but I at the end of the day, I don't believe it.

Carson: You're dangerous, but I don't mind a fair fight.

Cynthia: Me too

Miesha: Thank you

Carson says that he is going to look horrible because she pulled him off the block

They all encourage Carson that he won't come out looking bad at all.

Cynthia: I promise you, I did not know. I trusted SHanna completely.

Carson (to Miesha) better with the devil you know, than the devil you don't

Miesha: exactly

Carson: I know exactly what I'm getting from you


Cynthia can be heard ranting throughout the house about Shanna.

Shanna is now under her covers in her bed.


Carson: You don't have to get that frantic. When you are that frantic, you are treading water. (he is talking about Shanna)



2:33PM BBT

The CHGs continue to smear Shanna all through the universe while she hides in the Chocolate BR.


2:45PM BBT

Shanna enters the kitchen and asks to speak with Carson alone. He says they can talk there in the kitchen. She says she wants to talk with him alone in private, but if he doesn't want to , that's fine. She asks, again. He tells her he will come to her.

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Carson tells them he is just going to go up there and listen.


2:49PM BBT

In the Chocolate BR:

Carson: Hello

Shanna: Hey Boo

He tells her this is all terrible but she deserves to say her peace. Shanna says she appreciates it and tells him that she had been working with others but not as a confimred alliance. Shanna says that after everything, she saved him.

Carson: I know, and we appreciate that

Shanna says that this is what they wanted to do, and now they won't win

Carson says that he will think on it and tells her he is sorry they are in this position...they can have margaritas on the outside.


Carson rejoins the kitchen crew and jokingly says, "Okay, I'm putting up Todd and Lamar"....laughs, then..."It was just more of the same." He retreats to the HoHR to take abath and listen to Madonna.


*WBRB Glitter



Shanna asks her crystal if her game is over

[I'm not sure what the crystal said, but I say... most definitely it is over -MamaLong]



3:06PM BBT

Carson heads back downstairs and tells everyone that he thinks he should stick with his original plan to put up Miesha with Todd so Shanna is not playing veto.

Miesha: Todrick could, potentially, be the one left out (of veto comp)

Carson says he wants to keep his word with Todrick, too, to not put him up

Miesha: okay

Carson: Okay, I think that's what I'm going to do

Miesha: I like the head on approach, too


When Carson gets back to his HoHR, he says, "Okay, that's better. What a day!"


More trash talking about Shanna


[Okay, I need a break from this drama. I wish they would just move forward with nominations.  -MamaLong]


3:22PM BBT

WBRB Glitter

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3:32PM BBT

Cynthia gets called to the DR. Once she is gone, Todrick and Shanna celebrate.

Todrick: Bitch! (he is calling Miesha over)

Miesha: I can't fucking believe it! Dude, you just won the best comp of all.

Todrick: Thank you

Miesha: I didn't know you were going to do that for me. That was huge. Thank you.

Todrick: I love you

Miesha: I love you to death!

TOdrick: My Miesha! Girl, there is a chance we're gonna live. Both of us.





Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrotherLiveFeeds-85036’06” (1).png


[I want to clarify about my earlier mention of Lamar being upset over pictures Shanna has by her bed. He thinks it is disrespectful for her to have them, and it seems like the pics he was referring to are actually Kirkpatrick's family photos, which Kirkpatrick gave to Shanna as a gift. So I was wrong to assume it was a boyfriend and his family's pic.  -ML]

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[I have not been able to confirm the nominations yet. Before the ceremony, Carson said he was nominating Miesha and Todd, but I am still awaiting confirmation. The wall was already off noms when the feeds came back after the ceremony.  -MamaLong]


5:41PM BBT

Cynthia talks with Shanna in the Chocolate BR.

Shanna: I wanted information. I was trying to find out what I couold. I wanted to find out who she was going to pick up.

Cynthia: WHen it came down to it...I just came off the block. I wasn't stressing you and he wasn't stressing you. I said I was fine to go. He said he was fine to go.

Shanna: You were never going to go, Cynthia. That was not the plan.

Cynthia points out that she finds it interesting that she has never found herself on the block. Shanna points out that's because they were going after Chris Kirkpatrick.

Cynthia: It seems like you have been playing this game and just looking out for yourself. Carson and I have not worked this house like you have worked this house.

Shanna: I was not working this house. I was trying to get them so we could have the numbers. I was trying to get them to switch on them (she means Lamar and Todd)



Shanna is trying to explain that things are not the way Todrick presented. 

Cynthia: When your back was up against the wall, somehow you found a meeting with them.

Shanna says her targets were always Miesha and Todrick.

Cynthia: same

Shanna: That's all I can say. I just wanted to have a calm...

Cythia: I appreciate that

SHanna: I wanted you to hear it from my mouth. Thank you for talking.

Cynthia: You're welcome.

Cynthia leaves

Shanna: (whispering) Oh Lord! What did they tell her?





7:19PM BBT

Cynthia tells Lamar in the Gondola Lounge that Shanna knew that she and Carson were going on the block. I'm told she knew.





6:08PM BBT

At the dining table, Todrick has been bashing Kirkpatrick.

Miesha: I want to talk to you later about what we do if she wins veto.

Todrick: Then we vote Todd off. I need to talk to Carson.



[Okay y'all. I've been trying to confirm Carson's nominations, with no luck. I have to assume it's Miesha and Todd with Shanna their backdoor since that is what Carson indicated just before the ceremony and because of the above chat between Todrick and Miesha, but I just can't absolutely confirm that yet. I am out for tonight.  -MamaLong]



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5:35pm BBT Shanna tries to explain hers and Chris's alliance to Cynthia. They made a move and missed, but she never said she was sending Cynthia or Carson home. She says she wanted to believe Todrick wanted a fresh start but the first thing he does is try to destroy them because for the first time they have power. Everything I've brought to us from them, they've destroyed in 5m.

5:40pm BBT Cynthia says to Shanna that Todrick claimed you were using him to get to Miesha because she wouldn't talk to you. Shanna claims Todrick wanted a F2 with her and promised Miesha would get voted out. He says he doesn't want to go to F2 with a Black woman, cannot beat Carson. He talks crazy sh*t. He knows I don't trust him but he's still trying to have a F2 once Miesha's gone. They're just trying to destroy our group.

5:50pm BBT Cynthia points out they haven't nominated Shanna. Shanna says it's because they've been fixated on Carson. SHe says she's talking from her heart, everything she's shared is brutally honest. Cynthia says Shanna has been working the house. Shanna says she hasn't. You've made the rounds, honey, says Cynthia. I was trying to get us numbers, Shanna protests, I wasn't trying to win a popularity contest.

6:00pm BBT Shanna continues to try to undo the damage Todrick and Miesha have caused. She says they were lucky to win HoH and now they have power. Cynthia says had the tables not turned, Carson and I would have been on our own; you would have sided with them (Miesha and Todrick). Every time your back was up against the wall, you were in a meeting with them. Shanna protests her target has always been Miesha. Shanna really thought Todrick was trying to change. She and Chris didn't think they were good people. Shanna thanks her for listening. 

Oh lord, Cynthia mutters after Shanna leaves.

6:08pm BBT In the KT, Cynthia relates her convo with Shanna to Carson & Todrick. Todrick says if anything, he wanted to sit next to someone who was gay or a Black woman (conviniently, he's talking to a gay man and a Black woman). 

6:30pm BBT Todrick, Cynthia, Miesha and Todd are together. Cynthia says she knew "they" were going to try to separate them. If I was making side deals with you guys, who wouldn't? Todrick says he didn't know she was coming after them, saying negative things about them.

7:00pm BBT Cynthia tells Lamar that all hell broke loose this morning and she's an emotional wreck. When I'm loyal to someone, I'm loyal to the end. When I find out that ain't the case and I'm getting played, that I'm sleeping with the enemy, that's crazy! That's the sister in you, Lamar says. He asks what Shanna said and Cynthia says she denied everything, that everyone's lying. That's not healthy, Lamar says. I get it, Cynthia says, you got caught. I don't have to like it but I can respect it if you just own it. It's called foolish pride, Lamar says wisely.

7:05pm BBT Todrick addresses the live feeders, saying he was prepared to move on (without Miesha) but found out a bunch of information about Kirkpatrick and he was really playing harder than even I thought, which is sad and unfortunate. I never liked him in NSYNC. I never had a crush on him, and now I realize even as a baby gay, my taste was spot on and impeccable.

7:30pm BBT Shanna is by herself in the Chocolate BR playing solitaire in bed while the other HG have dinner at the DT. She begs BB to open up th eBY, she needs to vape and get in the jacuzzi.

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7:50pm BBT Shanna continues to isolate herself in the Chocolate BR. Carson comes in see if she wanted dinner. She says later. After he leaves, she says Teddi, where are you when I need you? I voted you out like an *sshole. 

8:10pm BBT Miesha and Todrick strategize. If Shanna wins Veto, they have to vote out Todd. With the riff they've created on the other size, they're not sure how the others would vote. If they can't get Shanna out, Miesha muses, why would they want me out? Todrick thinks they should make a F4 with Carson & Cynthia. Miesha says if Shanna wins Veto, they can team up against Shanna after Todd is evicted. Miesha promises to help Todrick win HoH. Carson can't play and hopefully Shanna will be gone.

8:20pm BBT Carson tells Cynthia he thinks they're doing the right thing. Cynthia says it's a long way until Monday (eviction). I don't want her to feel isolated. Carson tells her he tried to encourage out of the bedroom for dinner but she has no appetite. Cynthia says she's not owning up to anything and I don't believe everyone else is making it all up. Carson says he trusts Miesha - if she's lying she's really good at it. Cynthia doesn't think Miesha would go that low. Carson says Shanna seems defensive and flustered. Better the devil you know than the someone whose been deceiving you since Day 1.

8:30pm BBT Miesha tells Todrick and Todd that this is war. It's good she's (Shanna) a target. It's not pressure, it's focus. You have to clear your brain to succeed. Even if she stays, Todrick reasons, there's 6 people. You can't make it if you don't fix it.

8:45pm BBT All four feeds on Carson covered in bubbles in the HoH bathtub, listening to music. The BY is open and Shanna is alone by the Jacuzzi.

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Todrick and Miesha are in the lavatory area talking
Just general life talk.

Shanna and Todd are outside, for the most part Shanna is silent,  using her vape while Todd enjoys the back yard tub.

Lamar is in the lavatory area talking, Todd has left the tub in the back yard and has joined him.
Shanna finishes her indulgence and returns to the house.

Camera moves to Carson in the HOH, he has the door propped open and is listening to his music.

In the lavatory Todd, Lamar, Miesha and Todrick are talking, but it is just generally non-game related.

Todrick is telling about a burglary at his home and took expensive bags, he says nearly 50k, and may have sold them for very little.  He says he did not press charges.

Bubbles interrupts the story.

On the other two feeds Carson continues to enjoy his solitude.

Camera one and two return to Carson as well, then Bubbles interrupts on all cameras.

(Seems like the house has settled down quite a bit, none of the early day drama right now. But take heart, we could see some fussing before the night is over).

9:15pm Big Brother Time

Cameras have returned once again. Carson is still in the HOH..no change there.

In the lavatory area Lamar, Todd, Todrick and Miesha are still just talking, seems like most of the talking is being done by Todrick, who is describing his bed. It sounds over top.  He continues to describe (brag about) his house.

9:30pm Big Brother Time
Shanna heads to the HOH room with wine and some glasses. Carson thanks her for the wine (2 bottles), Carson tells her he does not want her to feel isolated.  Shanna says she won't do that. Cynthia joins them in the room as well.

Carson says it has been a crazy day, that no one is dying.

Shanna tells Cynthia they gave “us gifts and I wanted to share with you guys.”

Carson offers them music if they need it. He tells them it helps them leave the game for a while.
Carson sighs, “What a day.”
Shanna says she hopes they are excited about the veto.
Carson says we can just look at this as a reset, Cynthia says it is like a pressure cooker in her. Shanna says everyone has their day in the Big Brother house.
Cynthia says the stress of packing and unpacking, and all the whispering.
Shanna says she is going to leave them to enjoy the wine, Carson invites her to stay and enjoy it.'

Cameras move to Todrick and Miesha, Miesha mentions that she is helping “them” getting Shanna out this week. Talk moves to the final four and who will remain in the house..
Cameras moves to Carson reading his letter from Big Brother. He realizes the HOH cannot confirm to the people being nominated before the ceremony.

Bubbles interrupts

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9:50pm Big Brother Time

Todd comes into the HOH room, Carson explains that the door is open so people would not think he was ignoring them while he was using headphones.

Cameras move to the bedroom where Lamar, Todrick and Miesha are talking.

They are talking about the wall competition.

Lamar leaves and goes to the HOH room. He enjoys some of the wine with Cynthia and Carson. Cynthia wonders if Carson can give a list of music they want to hear tomorrow. They mention a party tomorrow but don't specify.

They are talking about horses, Lamar says he will never ride one, says he was with his family and he saw them take off and run.  Cynthia says the wall competition was worrisome for her, she is afraid of heights. Lamar says as soon as his shoulder started aching he jumped off, he says he wasn't going to allow it to injure him.

Cynthia says being in the house is making her feel her emotions more. Lamar says lack of sleep does that as well.  Cynthia says they have no outlets, Lamar says not even books.

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10:20pm Big Brother Time

Todrick and Miesha continue to talk.
Lamar, Cynthia and Carson remain in the HOH
Shanna is taking a bath (or shower, not sure which she decided)

Carson surprises us: he dated a football player (Atlanta Falcon). He says he wore his Superbowl ring. He says it was fun, but he would be better with an architect or a pediatrician.  He says his last relationship was about four years ago. He says he soothed himself with an expensive horse. He says they were too alike and it is better to be friends.
Carson says at his age, he wants someone who is 20,  maybe Latino, and he says he would be happy with a plumber or electrician, not someone in the industry.

Bubbles. (and we were so close to being done with our matchmaking questionnaire)

When we return to Carson talking about his sound track., then somehow to their love of art.

More general talk.

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Todrick and Miesha are dipping their feet into the Jacuzzi.

Todrick is talking about the difficulties he had when he came out as gay.  He says he wrestled with worry about embarrassing his family and his religion.  He tells her that he has only come to terms with that in the last five years.

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11:15 Big Brother Time

Carson is telling funny stories about his experiences. Lamar has left the room., it is just Carson, Cynthia and Shanna

Todrick and Miesha continue to talk at the Jacuzzi.

11:27 pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return to HOH still talking about travel experiences and where they want to go later.
Todrick and Miesha continue talking on the patio.

Bubbles again just a few minutes into this conversation.

11:41pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return, all conversations continue unchanged.

Cameras move to the patio area.
Todrick, Miesha and Lamar are talking about the argument earlier today.
Todd is there as well.
Todrick says he didn't know if Cynthia would believe him or not. Todrick tells them he was up at 3am worried about Miesha going home.

Todrick tells them about his tour bus, and his Australian tours, and his New Zealand tours......

Todrick wonders if he (Kirkpatrick) will be apologetic if they ever talk outside the house again.
Lamar says “some people think like winners and some people....(insert stammer),,,,and some people.....don't”

The HOH group breaks up, Cynthia is going to take a bath in the HOH.

The group on the patio continue to complain about Kirkpatrick. 
Miesha says she is pi**ed. Todrick says he was pi**ed yesterday, got over it, and after hearing more today he is p**ed again.
Todrick and Miesha continue to commiserate.

Miesha asks if anyone is being nice to “her” (Shanna). She wants to know if anyone is talking to her.

Well dears, it is 3am here at my house and I plan to find my quilt and tuck in with my little lovelies. 
Today is a wonderful day to wake up, take a minute to celebrate being you.  Hugs, Grannysue

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