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Monday, August 23, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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First time ever posting updates, so please be gentle. Lol


11:30 BB time:  Kyland and SB talking in HoH bathroom, while SB does her makeup. Kyland said he told Derek X that it’s not looking good for him. 


SB finds it interesting that Chaddha hasn’t  talked game to her. SB wants to know why Chaddha isn’t fighting for Tiff to go up.  She said if her and Kyland were in that situation she’s try and throw anyone under the bus to get him to stay. 


SB asks how confident Kyland is in the vote to get Derek X out. He said completely. 


Azah and Derek X are cuddling in one of the bedrooms, not talking about game, just about a cartoon.  We get the WBRB message and when feeds come back Derek X and X are talking in one of the bedrooms until Derek X is told to change out his microphone. 


11:45 BBT:  Derek X heads to main bathroom where Chaddha, Alyssa, and Claire are talking about some MTV show. We get WBRB message again.  We’re back and Tiffany is now in the bathroom. Big D comes out of the toilet and joins the MTV favorite shows convo. 


Back in the HOH bathroom SB is practicing her nomination speech for Derek X. She thinks he’s a big threat and it would be reckless not to nominate him.  Kyland likes her speech. 


SB says her and Kyland are in trouble and she hopes that they can trust Alyssa and work with her next week.  WBRB message again. 

12:10 pm BBT:  We had WBRB message for awhile and now puppies. Guessing it’s time for the veto ceremony. 

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#BB23 1:05pm BBT Feeds return after the Veto meeting and DX is being consoled in the CBR with Claire. DX wants to eat now that he's on the block. Alyssa/X/SB/Ky are clearing the air in HoH regarding the use of the Chopping Block power. They discuss DX being sketchy all week.

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1:05 pm BBT:  Feeds are back up. Derek X is  on the block. 

SB, Kyland, Alyssa, and X are talking in HOH. Alyssa says that Big D told her to get out Tiffany if he went home last week. They feel pretty good if Big D wins the Coin of Destiny that he would not come after them.


[Kyland is rambling a lot and not saying much of substance.]   Sounds like they want to nominate Tiff and Claire next week.  They are running through a lot of scenarios for how things can go next week. 

1:17 pm BBT:  Claire and Derek X talking in one of the bedrooms. Derek X is beating himself up over not playing the roulette game. He was too trusting. 

1:30 pm BBT: SB, Ky, Alyssa, and X start a new alliance called the Monarch or Monarchy. 

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2:15PM BBT

Derek X is talking with Hannah in the bathroom

Hannah- I told him, Big D, you have to understand that he wasn't campaigning against you; you can work that angle as well

DX_ what did he say about that

Hannah says he siad he feels like the biggest target in the house

DX- I told him if I go he will be the next biggest target


Cameras move to Xavier and Azah talking in the YBR

Xavier says he will enjoy safety this week and enjoy knowing that this week went according to plan with no Cookout member leaving


2:31PM BBT

Tiffany and Kyland are playing pool in the backyard.

In the kitchen, Azah is starting to prep for dinner. SB and hHannah are chatting with her about recipes.


2:35PM BBT WBRB Bubbles


2:39PM BBT

Alyssa and Xavier are enjoying hte sun in the backyard. SB is heading to the hammock.

In the coral reef room, Tiffany is talking with Derek X. Tiffany is telling DX that SB doesn't want to come directly at her, so she is coming after him, "she is not afraid of me; she is not afraid of Claire; she is not afraid of Chaddha"


2:41PM BBT

Claire comes out of DR

Tiffany- Hi Baby

Claire- I just got out of DR

Tiff- how was it?

Claire- quick


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Tiff- I believe she thinks she has her, Ky King (she means X) and Alyssa, Azah and Big D and if she takes you out (DX), we are disarmed. She thinks she has the numbers. She is very protected by Ky. Alyssa is very protected by X. DF can't win nothing. Whatever happens, I really believe you will be the one walking out the door. I'm sorry.

DX- I know

Tiff- but I want her to be the target next week....ever since day 1 I have wanted her out

DX- I'll make my entire eviction speech about why you can't trust SB. I gave her five thousand dollars.

Tiff- I want you to hear this Claire. I want you part of the assassination plot


2:51PM BBT

Claire has joined Azah in the kitchen and is working some dough for her. Azah is making puff puff.

Azah- Thank you, Baby

Claire- you're welcome


2:55PM BBT

CLaire heads into the coral reef room and grabs a basket of clothes. The camera follows her, "Oh come on. Why do you have to do that?" The camer moves away. "Thank you. I appreciate that."


2:56PM BBT

Big D is talking with Baby D in the backyard. Big D says he feels he is at the bottom of the totem pole and doesn't know what to do to get control of the house.


2:57PM BBT

Kyland enters the coral reef room where Claire is now in her swimsuit. He asks about Claire, and she says it's an obvious game move.

Ky- that's the game

*WBRB Bubbles


3:00PM BBT

Claire is alone in the coral reef room. She talks to the camera, "Alyssa, X, Azah, Tiff...those are the votes I can count on. I should be good. I bet I'll be okay this week and I have to fight to make sure I am. It sucks because I really like him. I wish it was anybody else I was up against. I have to make sure I stay. We'll see. It's going to be an interesting week."

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3:55PM BBT

Hannah tells Azah, Claire, SB and Alyssa that she got a breast reduction at age 18 "They used to be huge"

She says she still has scars


3:55PM BBT

Kyland, Big D and Xavier are talking in the Have Not Room

Kylands says he told TIff and Chaddha and he will tell Azah, too, that they have to beat those girls

Xavier says that everyone wants SB out next, so...

X- I can't win, he can't win (he=Ky), Alyssa can't win; Claire can't win. One of the others has to win

Big D- What if it's...

Xavier- endurance...like slip-n-slide

Ky- that's my worst nightmare

X- If Alyssa wins, she is going after Claire

Kyland- one thing we can't let happen is Alyssa or Claire (winning the HoH comp)

X- If one of us wins, Claire has to go

Big D- I feel like it's gonna be luck

 Ky- it could be something we are horrible at and then we have no say

Big D- the goal is to pull this off with no problem

X- of course

Ky- but we can't control it

Kyland jumps up and checks the hallway for hidden ears

The guys laugh at him 

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4:38PM BBT

Derek X and Xavier are talking in the living room. DX asks Xavier how he feels. Xavier says as the third nom he is feeling uncomfortable.  "Not great. I'm still sitting on the block and unless I find a way to win a veto...My level of compfrt with it depends on who wins the HoH, but the number of people to win HoH and not be looking at me is small. And we got that fucking power next week, too. It could change everything."

DX- Let's say if I still had a chance at that power, would you feel more or less comfortable with me being the anonymous HoH?

Xavier- for me, I would feel better. I feel that would put me in a good situation.

DX- would you want to sit next to a strong competitor

X- no, it would have to be someone I felt I could convince the house to send home over me


4:43PM BBT

DX- Can you try to keep this between us?

X- Mm Hmm

DX tells Xavier that he got $100 both times

X- Damn, boy. You are loved by America...I want you to be completely transparent...When you won HoH, was it your goal to go after Christian?

Derek X says there was at the beginning "I will say I made those noms because I wanted to bide my time because I wasn't sure and now I feel fucking stupid."

Derek X- I am guaranteed to play (coin of destiny) and can control the noms. If you help me this week, you and Alyssa are good.

Xavier advises DX to think about his arguments and explain what he can bring to the table.

DX- I appreciate it man


 DX asks Xavier how he feels about keeping him. Xavier says he is 70/30. DX says he was expecting 100/0 (zero chance of keeping him) Xavier says it was 90/10 but hearing he can play for that power changes things.

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6:05PM BBT

After talking with DX in the sea glass room, Hannah enters the coral reef bedroom while DX heads off looking for BIg D.

Hannah talks to the cameras, "I feel so bad (repeats two more times) He can't stay."

Hannah drops her head and puts on a huge frown, "I think this is the most guilty I have felt in a very, very long time...The fact that if he goes home this week and I could have done something different but I didn't, I am gonna feel direclty responsible for sending him home and that sucks because I respect him so much. Stay tuned."


6:11PM BBT

Claire, SB and Azah are preparing food in the kitchen. Azah says she was always helping in the kitchen as a child. Claire says she had to learn how to cook when she turned vegan.

Outside, Hannah is chatting with Big D who is lounging in the hammock.


Baby D and Xavier are working out in the backyard.


6:16PM BBT

Hannah whispers to Big D that she fees truly guilty about Baby D. 

Big D- You aren't HoH. You didn't put him on the block

Hannah- I know

Big D- That's why we do it this way...so we don't get dirt on our hands.


6:18PM BBT

Tiffany and Kyland are playing chess at the backyard couch and chatting about DX's departure on Thursday.

Tiff- This is so hard. These people want him out. What is it? What did he do?

Ky- I wonder every single day.

Tiff- He was extremely disciplined to be so young; it's part of his lifestyle...so to be so disciplined, it must be in his work as well

Kyland- I am usually considered very disciplined, but he is exceptional...it is intense

Tiff- Who is your ideal HoH this Thursday?

Ky- Honestly, if Axah is telling the truth, then it would be Azah.

Tiff- If Azah wins then what does Derek do as anonymous HoH?

Ky- it's up to him

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6:36PM BBT

Tiffany talks to the cameras in the coral reef room, "*Sighs* They tryin' to weaken me...they trying to weaken me in here, y'all. They are tryin' to take Claire, and they are tryin' to take DX. I really didn't want DX (to go). I'm gonna be bored out of my mind. He is so fun to have around. He is so funny. He laughs at all of my jokes, and he makes jokes I can laugh at. And he doesn't find me offensive. He has helped me develop my math skills from at least a first grader to 5th grade. But I am not gonna be emotional about it. I am gonna be strong. But, DX is my friend. I love him. He is just an amazing person. To be in this house without him is not something I want to have happen. I realize it is a game and in order to get the Cookout to the end, we have to get him out. And it has to be next week that SB has to go or...I told y'all from week one she would be dangerous to my game, directly or indirectly. I don't care what she tell y'all. I don't care what she tell Ky ...he says she says I'm not even on the top of her list. There are a lot of things I don't say that are in my head. Just because that is not what she's saying doesn't mean that's not what she's thinking. I definitely believe, though, that she is great at playing this game. She is playing the is game. I know she is playing the game. And for me, if I can't see and read your next moves, you are dangerous and need to go.  Nothing has surprised me. Nothing in this house has shocked me. She is the only person that I am not there with to know what she will do.  Therefore, I don't know if she be looking at me. But she is definitely weakening my defenses. It's cool. I'm gonna put a big girl, put my big girl underwear on and step up to the plate. Next week, I would love to win HoH, but at this point, I don't even care as long as whoever wins it will take her up out of this house and get us closer to the mission. MP! Master Plan. The process of eviction. Everyone has their own preference. I'm sad, though. I'm gonna be bored as hell. Imagine being in a house with the same people seven days a week. All the fun people are gone....not everybody provides entertainment. I need some freaking entertainment. Damn!"

Tiffany shouts out to her friends and family, "everybody out there cheering for me, I need it. Don't be laughing at me. I really am trying when you see me out there losing. When it's time, I will shine. Remember that. Let me go be social."


*WBRB Bubbles


7:06PM BBT

The feeds return to all cameras on Tiffany sitting alone on the backyard couch and deep in thought.


[I'm disappointed, too, Tiffany. But, Derek X made himself a target beginning week 1. Now it's adios. I will miss him, too.  -MamaLong]


7:11PM BBT

In the backyard, Hannah, SB and Big D are talking about Brit and hoping she isn't too bored in the jury house. Big D says she has movies. Hannah thinks there could be a battle back.


7:13PM BBT

Azah announces that dinner is ready. Tiffany announces to the HGs outside.


*WBRB Bubbles


[I'm out for the night y'all. -MamaLong]

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8:58pm Big Brother Time

Hannah and Derek X are talking in the lavatory. Hannah is trying to guess what Derek X does for a living, she says she can see Derek X as a bartender, but not Xavier.  She says Xavier is very reserved.


Feeds return to continued conversation.

Derek X says he is looking for a wedge to use against Xavier during his lockdown, he says he hasn't talked to Claire about it. (Hannah asked him that, not sure why, if she wants him to stay she would mention it to him..).
Derek X says if he can get to Big D during the time Xavier is gone he might be able to work in that direction.

Derek X says Big D has been with Kyland and Xavier all day.  Hannah says she is wondering how the dynamic will be with Xavier away from Kyland.
Derek X says he wonders what Britini will say when walks in and joins her at the jury house.

Hannah says she is sad about Derek X leaving, she says she wants to keep him there, but also keep Claire in the house. She calls it a “weird spot”.

Derek X admits that there are people in the house he doesn't care much for, he wouldn't choose to live with them outside the house.

Hannah says she wants to meet Big D's partner, she wonders who could live with him all the time. She is making fun of the comments Big D has made to her. Hannah says Big D thinks he is the leader of the house and she finds that hysterically funny. 

Derek X tells America to vote 100 dollars for Hannah, she has had his back. (America, she has not had his back, use your own judgment in your vote)

They talk about other house guests and whether she could live with them or not.

Big D is on the patio playing chess with Alyssa while Claire watches. (Big D is in his usual position: reclining against pillows while leaning on his arm)

Derek X and Tiffany are in the hallway bedroom.

Derek X says both him and Claire are no longer having fun in the house, neither of them like very many people here.
He tells Tiffany that he is thinking of giving up on Kyland's vote, and tipping off the house that the two duos in the house, Kyland and Sarah Beth and Alyssa and Xavier, have won nearly every veto and HOH in the house this year. He says if he stays it gives Tiffany and Azah a chance to win the game
He wonders if he could get Big D on board to go against Kyland.
Derek X says he was in the HOH today, he watched Kyland and Xavier go into the Have Not Room with Big D and spend over an hour.  He says that Kyland, Sarah Beth, Xavier, and Alyssa are running the house.

Tiffany tells Derek X that Sarah Beth sees herself protected by that group, she feels like she is in the middle of it.  Tiffany says she can't talk to Claire about it, Claire just won't hear it because she thinks she can work with Alyssa.  Tiffany says Claire doesn't realize she is at the bottom of that group of people.

Tiffany says she keeps going back to week 2 when she told Derek X to advise Kyland on how to position himself in the house and Kyland followed the advice and did it.  She doesn't think there is a pitch he can give Kyland, “If there was a pitch you could give, he wouldn't have allowed her to put you up in the first place.”  Tiffany also tells Derek X that this has not been Sarah Beth's HOH.

Tiffany says she wants either Sarah Beth or Kyland out....Tiffany says the thing with Kyland and Xavier is that they don't see me (Tiffany) as a threat, they will go after each other.  She says the girls (Alyssa and Sarah Beth) will never go after Kyland and Xavier, but they will go after the females in the house.

Tiffany says she won't show it, but she is sad about how this week happened.  She says Claire is close but the two of them don't share the same commonalities...Derek X..laughs at her. Tiffany says he always makes her laugh.

Tiffany says neither Sarah Beth nor Alyssa talk to her, she isn't close to Azah.  She says Big D wants her out, he is afraid Tiffany will put him out. Tiffany says Hannah talks to her some. Tiffany says if the five of them, Azah, Big D, Claire, Hannah and herself could team up against the four she would do that.
(Tiffany is committed to the Cookout, the reality of her doing this is real close to never happening.)

Every time Derek X floats an idea where he will stay, Tiffany mentions, “Claire will go.”  Derek X notices, but continues his pitch.

At one point, Tiffany says, “You know, that's the same thing Christian said.”
Derek X, “I should have kept Christian.”

Azah comes in and settles beside them.

Tiffany says she was asked her favorite moment in the house was, they all choose a moment.  Tiffany laughs at herself and things she has done. 
Derek X says there are funny things that happen every day.

Azah is concerned, a male in the house mentioned being nervous about displaying a “moose knuckle”, she is now worried about that because the person (sorry don't know who), told her that Rockstar from a previous season was called out on it (of course she meant the female version).  Derek X wants to know what a “moose knuckle” is, Azah tells him it is a male form of “camel toe”.. Pretty funny.

Bubbles did NOT find humor in this instructional conversation, she showed right up before we could hear any of the rest of it.  Spoilsport I say.

Feeds return while Tiffany makes fun of herself putting on spanx without bloomers and how that looked. She says she had trouble in the beginning being careful of cameras.
Derek X says he was naked out of the shower for two full minutes when they first came to the house.

Azah says she wears bike shorts all the time and sometimes that happens, she says she doesn't really care, she knows the shorts she wears does that sometimes.
Derek X tells her to “show that cameltoe, pull em up.”

This time the camera moves from this hopelessly funny conversation to the back yard where there is complete, boring silence interrupted only by the sounds of chess pieces slapping the board and the occasional grunt, or Big D's impatient “Oh my Goddddd.”  
Finally Alyssa wins the game.

Camera returns to the hallway bedroom. Tiffany says she should have just “came in quiet.”

Tiffany says that Frenchie used a casual comment from her to go after Derek X, but did not do it the way it should have been done. She calls it “terrible.”

Cameras move again to the back yard. Everyone is leaving for the inside.

Big D. “Okay, well we are gonna do the BBC (Big Blue Couch).
Cameras move to the kitchen/dining room area.

Kyland is telling Sarah Beth a riveting story about how a traffic slow down resulted in a tattoo in a town called Fullerton....
Cameras move to Hannah admiring herself in the gym after Big D leaves. She said something and his response was, “Oh I'm gonna throw up, I have never heard anything....” She apologizes and he keeps going.

Bubbles returns and comes back to house guests starting to come into the living room area.
Slow gathering tonight.

Xavier is in the shower, in his feelings about Big D mentioning his shorts malfunction.  
Azah tells him that Claire and Hannah were talking about him not telling the truth regarding his real life job.
Azah does the damage then goes away
Xavier pouts.

Tiffany and Azah are in the lavatory, Tiffany tells Azah that the “6” want her out first, Azah says she thinks they want Kyland out first.  Tiffany says if any of them get to the three, the females don't have a chance.


Cameras come back, the living room area is now vacated.

In the lavatory Tiffany is telling Azah that she would love to see Derek X stay in the game. She seems to thing Derek X would be a good person to do that.  She says they need to get out Kyland, Big D and Xavier
Someone comes to the lavatory area and they talk about make up rituals.

Azah asks how Derek X is, Tiffany says “he's fine. I think he expects he is going outta here.”

Cameras move to living room area.

Hannah, Alyssa and Claire are laughing at Big D's contortions while holding a bag of trash.

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10:12pm Big Brother Time

Hannah, Alyssa, Big D, and Claire are in the living room making a wish list for competition.

Azah is humming the Big Blue Couch song. (I am calling it humming, she is waving her arms in a circle saying things like, “amm hamm chooka chooka do do.”)

BB Couch begins....
BB Couch ends

10:44pm Big Brother Time
Returns while Tiffany is squalling the Big Blue Couch song.  (squalling, screeching, howling...let's say Tiffany should never list singing as one of her top 50 talents—Grannysue)

House guests decide to play Mafia.
Big D complains that he has to do Mafia, Sarah Beth offers, Azah offers, no one steps up to say Big D does it better.
Azah comes through singing, Sarge in the background says to stop singing. (I would say it was a half hearted admonishment at best.)

General chatter while they wait for people to come to the living room area for the Mafia game.

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11:00pm Big Brother Time

General conversation continues, sounds like they are waiting for Kyland.

The Mafia game begins  

11:35pm Big Brother Time

A new Mafia game is beginning. 

I assume this game will last for some time again, so I will say goodnight to all of you now.
Have a wonderful day today.  Goodnight-hugs, Grannysue

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