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Monday, August 16, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

The scientific term for brain freeze is “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”.
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10:00AM BBT WBRB for Wakey Wakey


10:18AM BBT Lights are on and HGs slowly waking up. Brit is in the shower and Claire is at the sink washing her face.


10:26AM BBT Brit heads to the YBR and asks Big D talked to “him” last night. Big D says no but now he knows why Frenchie felt the way he felt.


10:27AM BBT Claire heads to the HOHR to talk to Ky about how his talks went last night. Ky jokes and by saying everyone was throwing you under the bus last night. They both Laugh…  After a few mins of joking Ky says next weeks is going to be very interesting.


10:35AM BBT Ky tells Claire that he doesn’t know if, hmm like, well…  He can’t seem to get a straight sentence out and changes direction often. He is clearly trying to avoid giving out any relevant information.


10:40AM BBT Claire is trying to redirect the conversation and tells Ky that her biggest fear over the next few weeks is going out as collateral. Up on the block with the wrong person, being on the block next to..  Ky: Baby D, X Claire: Or even you…

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1:30 BBT Brit heads to the living room and X and DX give her a big hug. X is telling Brit that she needs to fight. He says that Christian had an up-hill battle but still fought.  Brit heads to the Kitchen, Alyssa asks her if she needs anything and Brit said just water.


1:30 BBT DX joins Azah and Big D in the YBR saying as he walks in “Incoming, Incoming”  Big D says he doesn’t want to talk right now. He is not going to campaign against Brit. He says he would rather just sit here and chill and never say anything about her. If you feel like I am good to stay here than keep me if you don’t it is what it is at the end of the day. I can’t ask for votes, it’s not right.


1:34 Brit joins them in the YBR room sitting in the back listening to Big D talk to DX. DX tells Big D he is glad he yawned during the Veto ceremony. Big D : It is so fucking boring Azah says she had no idea what Ky was talking about, she was like Bro what the hell


1:35 DX says, I isn’t going to lie I don’t think there was a point to what he was saying. Azah, just say it Ky say it from your chest. Big D says he SHOULD of said do you need some Fruit Loops or Chex Mix or something. What do you need to get through this, I don’t even know what is going on here.  Let’s see what Alyssa is going to do.


1:39PM BBT Brit, DX, Big D and Azah are comparing notes on what questions Ky asked each of them. There seems to be a mis match of answers. Azah said she didn’t answer not even one of his questions. Big D says he thinks everyone got something different from Ky. Brit is saying that Ky told her that he can’t trust her because none of her answers lined up with anyone else in the house.


Big D says there was 5 questions. One of the questions was who you want to go home. DX confirms with Brit that Ky told her that she can’t be trusted because her answers don’t align up with anyone use. Brit says yes, he says his connections fine her unpredictable.

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1:16pm BBT Ky's has followed his plan as intended. Brit is sobbing in the YBR w/her fellow Jokers who remain silent as she rants in anger at being nominated again. Claire, Tiff and Hannah are in the BY patio. Alyssa did not use her Veto. Brit told Ky to F himself.

1:23pm BBT In HoH, X gives Ky a hug. He is replaced with SB who is offering her support. Azah and Big D offer Brit comforting words but have not let on that they were aware she was going to be backdoored. Brit does not want to campaign after Big D. He tells her she has to.

1:25pm BBT Big D says he will not campaign against any fellow Joker. Brit says Ky threw it in her face she didn't win Veto. I am not going to change who I am, she says, I am proud of who I am. I am not going to lie to stay off the block, even if I'm the house punching bag.

1:29pm BBT Claire was saved by Ky and replaced w/Brit. Big D has all but told Brit she is the target, saying he will not campaign against her but she better campaign against him. Azah mocks Ky's game and Big D tells Brit to toughen up. Brit says she's a laughingstock.

1:33pm BBT Brit leaves the YBR and Big D is upset for Brit, saying he's thinking of sabotaging his game. Azah says he can't. She's going to vote for him to stay. You can't, he says. I have to. Big D is upset Alyssa didn't use her veto on him after he protected her.

1:54pm BBT Brit complains to Big D & Azah she told Ky the truth & he lied to her. Big D pretends to be upset with Ky. DX is now in the YBR observing. Brit asks if she's such a threat but gets no answer. Alyssa tells X she couldn't use Veto because he would have been nom.

1:55pm BBT In HoH, Ky worries about the other pairs getting together. SB says nobody is talking game with her except Alyssa. Ky wants SB to know his compliments to her are genuine but he doesn't trust others to mean it. 

1:59pm BBT Brit/Big D/Azah/X are in the YBR. X says Ky's speech was long. It made no sense, Azah said, it was a personal decision, not strategic (she knows better). Ky talked about a mountain & rings. In the BY, Alyssa says Jokers claim to but do not have her back.

2:00pm BBT Alyssa says Big D is hypocritical making a deal about two HG from the same team being nom - it's not the first time, just the first time for him. Inside, Big D says he's coming for SB to hurt Ky. DX tells Hannah he wants to keep Brit but can't figure out how.

2:09pm BBT SB gave Brit a heads up before the Veto meeting and Big D she'll vote for Brit to stay. Hannah says no, she was just trying to be kind to the Jokers. They are all upset that Ky used candy to justify his decisions (they all do) saying he didn't take it seriously.

2:15pm BBT SB comes to the YBR and Big D complains Ky said he checkmated him. He doesn't know how to beg for votes (he had the votes in the bag before he was nom) and will just keep cooking and cleaning. Brit doesn't want to be left alone to her thoughts.

2:25pm BBT SB returns to the HoH having scouted out the reaction in the YBR. She tells Tiff she would rather evict Brit because she's coming after Ky & they don't want to lose Ky. Tiff just listens. X tells Alyssa by the pool, DX asked if Big D would ever leave the house.

2:46pm BBT Claire tells Hannah she doesn't trust Ky anymore after all his HoH twists. Talk turns to swimsuits from TJ Maxx and Forever 21.



2:55pm BT Claire/Alyssa/Azah in the BY bikini bathing. X is in the pool while DX relaxes in the yellow chair. Tiff jokes Hannah can only stand to be outside for 3 minutes. You know me well, Hannah agrees. Brit & DX are at the DT. We are the last 2 honest HG, she says.

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3:50pm BBT For nearly the last hour, the HG outside have filled their time discussing Avatar: The Last Air Bender (not to be confused with Jim Cameron's Avatar movie). 

4:05pm BBT X touches a sleeping SB's head with a towel and she scratches her head. Alyssa/Clair says it was a bug and Hannah runs away. X says it was a cockroach (certainly a pest). X does it again and this time gets caught. Ky and DX play foosball in the BY upper deck.

4:12pm BBT Alyssa tells Claire she got started as a videographer for a fishing show. She would puke while filming the gutting scenes. She became a social media manager, then got interested in designing female clothing. They sold well so she was invited to become a partner.

4:14pm BBT Alyssa continues telling Claire her story. She spent a year launching her business while working at Hooters 4 nights a week. It was very stressful. (If I was starting a business, not sure I could walk away from it for 3 months).


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6:33PM BBT

In the kitchen TIffany says he is going on a straight diet after looking at labels and being shocked by the amount of sugar and sodium in the ingredients. Alyssa whispers to Tiff "we made it to top ten" the bump elbows instead of high fives since Alyssa's hands are dirty from prepping food. Alyssa whispers to Tiff that Britini was telling her to keep her so she could be a shield "Isn't that the same fucking thing that Christian asked?" Tiff says they have to keep Azah and then "are we going to have to hear this for the next three days?" (Brit's crying)


6:49PM BBT

Tiffany and Brit are playing pool in the backyard. Kyland is talking with Alyssa in the kitchen about Britini wanting to campaign.


6:52PM BBT

Alyssa is cutting potatoes with a butter knife (production limits their accessibility to knives every since Justin held a knife to Krista's neck in season 2) SB says she would never had expected to be able to chop potatoes with a butter knife. Kyland says they are getting used to using it. Alyssa jokes they will all go home and continue chopping up things with a butter knife after BB.


7:03PM BBT

Whatever Alyssa is making looks delicious. It's red peppers, olives, onions, and mushrooms thoroughly doused in vegetable oil and seasonings placed on a round pizza pan


7:12PM BBT

In the backyard, Hannah, Brit, Azah and Claire are talking about crying in the BB house. Azah says they are all entitled to their tears. Hannah says she has already cried twice today. [I've never seen Hannah cry, and she claims to have no emotion.] Brit stays silent. They begin talking about Big Meech, Vanessa and Christie being big criers. Claire says she thinks of Christie crying in the shower every time she takes a BB shower.


7:14PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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7:20PM BBT

Brit is campaigning to Claire on the backyard couch. They keep commenting about ants being everywhere.


Hannah and Azah are in the bathroom talking about tomorrow being the last day in the backyard.

Azah whispers to Hannah that Kyland has made himself a target, and if she wins HoH, she will put him on the block.

Hannah says she would put up people who don't have enough money to play in the casino.


7:38PM BBT

Brit is talking with SB on the backyard couch now. Brit tells SB she would have had no idea if she hadn't given the heads up. SB says no one knew what Kyland was going to do. Brit asks her what her response was to Ky's decision. SB tells her that he has helped her a lot in this game and she told im she would support him however she can. Brit says that Ky told her that Ky said he is indifferent as to who goes. "I know what I can offer in this game. I know what I can do. It's just tough."

SB- it is really tough

Brit- I don't want to fight against Big D but Big D is not fighting at all. I don't want to come across as too rough. I've spent 27 27 out of 41 days on the block. This is how I'm playing this game."

SB commends Brit and says, "you will come out of this tough as nails because I was on (the block) for one week and fell apart."

Brit repeats, "I don't want to go home. I still can't believe that actually happened."


7:45PM BBT

In the backyard, Xavier is twirling his pool cue. He comments that he learned from a friend, and that he was friends with everyone, even if they were in band. Tiff and Brit jump on him for making fun of band. Tiff and Brit both comment that they were band kids in school.

Brit- I was in band 5 out of the 9 class periods in my senior year

X is complaining about never getting the chance to learn to play an instrument because he focused on sports in school. SB tells him it's not too late.

X continues bashing high school groups referring to band and theater students as being sub-par

Tiff gets loud, "Hey walk and talk at the same time."

Xavier tries to do some damage control by telling the feeds he had friends in every group.

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8:14pm Big Brother Time

Xavier and Hannah are talking at the Foosball table. 

Xavier is talking about this past week and the BB High Roller cash.  
Hannah says America must not like showmances much, Xavier agrees that most of them fail.
Xavier wonders how the voting will go this week with Britini gone, 
Hannah says a few people are thinking they might vote to keep Britini, not Big D. They feel that Britini is a shield, and Big D could be the nominee that always stay.
Hannah says if Derek X votes to keep Britini it would end his relationship with Kyland. Hannah says Derek X doesn't know about the Cookout, he thinks his best chance to the final two is through Kyland.
Hannah says Big D would be a bitter jury member, Xavier says he won't make deals and go back on it like Kyland just did. Hannah says as many Cookout members as possible need to save their money for the third week, Xavier asks who would have enough to do it.
Hannah mentions the extra money that might be offered, Xavier says he is not banking on that, only what America gives them.
They decide to go to the dining area and eat dinner.

House guests are wandering around the kitchen filling plates, heating food, and gathering for the meal.

Derek is on the hammock talking to the camera.
He is spending the time talking to his family and friends and thanking them for their support. He sends a special thank you to his mother. (Some of message mentions his mother helping paying his bills while he is in the house. ((Nah, this is a bid for America to send him 100 more this week,)--I am assuming this message to his family is really a bid to America that is thinly veiled.)
His message continues, he mentions his dad's fans before settling in the hammock.

In the dining area house guests are eating, general chatter.

Azah has joined Big D on the hammock.
Azah say she came to play, she accepts the fact that America doesn't like her, she just hopes she has her job when she gets back.
Big D says she hasn't done anything malicious, she will be fine. She hasn't made up stories about herself that create pity.

Azah says she will only vote to keep Britini if she is sure it won't change the eviction.
Big D says Azah was mentioned as going on the block, but Big D says he stopped it, he said Azah's name went through the Cookout.
Azah says she was wrong in the moment, she could have exposed the group.
Big D says if he (Kyland) owns up she can go on, Azah tells him he (Kyland) has not owned up, he thinks he did nothing wrong.
Azah says she lost any trust she had in Kyland, and she is moving forward with it. She says he made a personal game decision and admitted it in the replacement ceremony.
Big D says the longer their extended players stay the harder it will be when it is time to let them go. He says Britini is so lovable and so cute.  The others are not, it won't be like losing her.

Big D says Xavier told him Christian had the vote to stay the day before the vote and Big D told him he was being selfish. He says that is what put him on the defensive.
Azah says Christian's eviction planted seeds of distrust in the Cookout.
Hannah and Claire are whispering on the patio, we hear, “considering it.” They are playing chess while they talk.

Claire says something about Kyland and Sarah Beth.
Hannah says she doesn't see Sarah Beth going after Alyssa, but she does see Sarah Beth putting her and Tiffany on the block then going after Derek X.

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Claire whispers to Hannah, Hannah shakes her head “no” and whispers back. (These girls are really good at whispering).

In the chess room Sarah Beth and Kyland have challenged each other to a game. No game talk.

Claire and Hannah continue to whisper... (I put away my beloved skull candies and pulled out the beats, still can't hear more than on out of every four words.).

9:23pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany is giving Derek X a haircut, the clippers are covering their voices.

Big D is talking to  Azah, she is on the hammock, he is on the ground. Big D is saying he doesn't have a problem with Cookout members being dishonest with people outside the Cookout, but he wants them to be honest to each other within the Cookout until they are the final six.

9:35pm Big Brother Time

Britini and Hannah are talking on the patio chairs.

Britini says she wants to stay in the house, but Kyland made a personal decision today, not a decision for the house.  Britini says Kyland seems to be indifferent to either her or Big D going out.
Britini says she says something she means it, his comment about her being unpredictable is not accurate, she says she has been called out for not mentioning her targets.  Britini says she has been on the block for 27 of 41 days, she isn't comfortable sharing that.  She says she has been on the block so much her targets don't matter.

Hannah says she gets it, not saying the wrong thing when you are on the block.

Britini says she has thought it through, why she deserves to stay, and how she can help get people out of the house who will not go out unless they are beat (competition).

Cameras move back to Derek X and Tiffany.

Claire says she thinks Xavier will take Kyland out, Tiffany says Xavier will not do that. Derek X says “I might, everyone has to go at some point.”
Claire agrees that Kyland needs to go, he made a deal with Britini and went back on it.  Derek X says he did make the deal, even though he says he didn't use the words. (he clarifies it so Tiffany knows Kyland was caught in this.)

Tiffany says Sarah Beth is for sure, for sure voting Britini out.

Claire leaves and joins the conversation with Britini and Hannah.

Britini repeats she is a shield, she says she is a vote if they need it (females), and will fight to win for them as well. Britini says she wants to be in the house badly, she feels it was disrespectful today.

Cameras move back to the haircut.

Tiffany is still perfecting Derek X's haircut.

Conversation with Britini, Hannah and Claire continues.

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10:00pm Big Brother Time

Haircut continues

Britini continues her campaign.

10:13pm Big Brother Time

Big D is talking to Alyssa and Xavier in the living room area.

He is talking about the relationships the teams created and how they have made the game so different than it could have been.

He says he plans to talk to Kyland later.

No game talk.

Britini and Azah are in the kitchen area. Britini continues to campaign..(nothing new).

10:30 Big Brother time

Azah and Britini in the kitchen not talking much

Hannah and Claire still playing chess, 
Claire talking about strategies for the BB High Roller winners, using the chessboard

Alyssa and Xavier on the sofa, no game talk
Britini joins Alyssa and Xavier, she looks very somber.
Alyssa leaves, Britini sits in the corner of the sofa, Xavier makes her smile.

Derek X finally has a finished haircut.  (He looks like he is 12!!!)--ummm okay, maybe not, Tiffany has a few more spots to perfect before turning him loose.

Alyssa and Claire in the kitchen area for snacks.

Xavier, Azah and Big D are in the bedroom, Azah is complaining that “she” comes into the room too often to get her “things from the cupboard.” 

Britini comes into the room, Xavier begs her to help him because Azah is mad at him.
Britini hugs Xavier, “Don't hurt X, okayeee??”
Azah asks her if she is helping him, Britini tells her they can live in harmony.

Azah is trying to ask Big D and Xavier a question, they don't want her to ask (it's about cranberry juice), they start chanting like Indians, “oooo ewwwooooo oooo ewww oooo”

Bubble interrupts before we can find out the question to:
Azah,”Cranberry juice, wait. Does that do the same thing as....” (chanting)..

However dears, I hang out with some awesome pals on the feeds, they told me that pineapple juice (drinking or eating the fruit) gives you a pleasant smell, thus the question if cranberry juice also worked. Thank you HeatherOG and moemoeog, now we can all know!!)

Claire and Hannah continue to plot after taking a break to get snacks. They have returned to the chess game on the patio.

They are talking about who will vote in what way, but most of it is weeks ahead.  
They do think Azah will vote to keep Big D,
Hannah thinks Big D would vote to keep Derek X, Claire says it depends.
Xavier comes out, he says “Ya'll been playin' chess alll da**ed day, you haven't finished a single game yet.”


When feeds return the girls are snacking and talking about movies “21 Jump Street” and 22 Jump Street”  They go in depth with their discussion while we hear Xavier moving balls around on the billiard table.

Derek X has finally escaped Tiffany's clutches. His hair looks very good, she did a nice job. (He still looks like he is 12).

Claire is still in the back yard with Hannah, other people wandering around the yard as well, general movie story line reviews.

Britini has joined Tiffany and Derek X in the lavatory, Tiffany sends her to empty the towel for her.
(it amazes me that Tiffany gives the house guests little chores and they go off so happy to do as she bids them.  I needed a Tiffany in my house to help me with that talent.)

Tiffany takes the bigger towel to the outside trash. Azah is amazed at the amount of hair she is pouring into the can. (Azah had joined Hannah and Claire)

Azah has gone to the hammock, she says she is taking Xavier's flip flops, he tells her she can lay on the hammock, but leave those alone.

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11:00 pm Big Brother Time

Azah and Xavier are laughing on the hammock. Azah is making fun of how her idea of playing the game has changed so much. Xavier is poking fun at her plans to have a stern demeanor when she came into the house.

Tiffany is talking to Big D in the living room.
He says, “If I am here.”
Tiffany, “You gonna be here.”
Big D goes on to say he is missing home and his mother.  He says it seems like day 40 is the catalyst. He says he didn't think he would get emotional in the house, but he is really worried about his mother, is she okay.
Tiffany tells him her mother told her she knew she was going into the house, how long it would be. Her mother told her she knew she was doing this for her family.
Tiffany says they can't focus on what is outside the house, they have to focus on what is inside the house. She says just give yourself a few minutes, but not a whole day.
Sarah Beth is listening...her lips are wobbly...(she has her sunglasses on, but she feels this.--Grannysue)

Tiffany tells him to stop focusing on things he doesn't want, she says to focus on what you do want. She believes when you do that you get many things you do want.

Tiffany, “if you are walking down the stairs saying in your mind, 'don't trip, don't trip, don't trip', what are you gonna do? You're gonna trip. The universe doesn't hear “don't” it just hears “trip.”
(My grandmother said this very same thing, and both Tiffany and Gram were right!-Grannysue)
Tiffany leaves the room, pats Big D and Sarah Beth as she walks by.

Big D tells Sarah Beth he needs to talk to Kyland to make sure he doesn't lose a personal relationship. He tells Sarah Beth he understands how she felt while on the block, he says the trust that people will keep their word and vote to keep him.  He tells her, “this is a feeling like you would have if Ky put you on the block.” Big D says the person in the house he likes the most put him on the block, He says, “Awkwardddd.”

Big D goes to get some juice and passes Kyland on the way. Kyland tells him he needs to finish “this” and then go to bed. They stop in the storage room, Big D says he just wants to know if Kyland is okay, he was a little harsh earlier and he (Big D) was worried.  Kyland apologizes and hugs him, he gives him a very sincere apology. Big D says they can talk tomorrow.

Xavier and Azah are still on the hammock.
Azah says the way it is now, people in the Cookout could go on the block, and people not in the Cookout would work to take them off the block.
She is worried that people are suspicious this week, she is worried that when she got upset with Kyland but didn't go on the block could be something questioned.

Sarah Beth is with Kyland in the HOH room. She says she is just checking in, she says Big D was worried that if he went out this week, would Kyland remain his friend. Kyland assures her that is the case.
Sarah Beth leaves the HOH room, Kyland goes to the kitchen for a snack.

Xavier and Azah continue to talk in the hammock.
Kyland returns to the chess room, gives Sarah Beth a hug and takes his seat at the chessboard.

Xavier and Azah are talking about the BB High Roller possibilities.
Xavier mentions Big D has 100 dollars, 
Azah, “how do you know that?”
Xavier said he was just guessing but now he knows.
Azah tries to rephrase.

The chess game between Sarah Beth and Kyland continues.

Azah tells Xavier that the plan Derek X had the whole time was to evict Christian. She tells him that there was not a different plan earlier. She lets him know that Derek X told Britini to win the veto.
(This was new information for Xavier).

11:36pm Big Brother Time
Sarah Beth is stumped, Kyland is sitting beside her, hugging her while he goes over possible moves.
No game talk

Conversation continues between Azah and Xavier.
Azah is telling Xavier about the previous week, how she felt about it.

Kyland and Sarah Beth are in the HOH room, 

Azah and Xavier continue to talk about possible scenarios. They seem to be concerned with Derek X's fate in the game.

Kyland and Sarah Beth are talking about how he made his choices for nominations.  He says the questions helped him do that. 
Sarah Beth says the people he chose to go up were not the same she would have wanted to go up.
Kyland says Tiffany has two people in the house that don't like her, that felt risky, Claire is not on anyone's radar.
Kyland says the two most influential people in the house seem to be Tiffany and Xavier, he wonders if he might be the third.
Sarah Beth says before this week she would have said Kyland was first, he would be safe making moves without being in trouble in the house. Sarah Beth says Tiffany has won nothing but has known what was going on in pretty much every HOH.
Kyland tries to rationalize her thoughts about Tiffany. (trying to make her question what she believes,)

Sarah Beth says she had two significant conversations today.
Kyland goes and does his paranoia people are hiding search while Sarah Beth laughs.
He comes back and Sarah Beth continues.

Tiffany and Claire had a conversation with her, and it seemed they wanted Big D to leave the house. Sarah Beth says she told them it was better to get Britini out since she is going after their shield (Kyland)

the second was a meeting with Alyssa, she asked who Kyland wanted out, Sarah Beth said Britini and Alyssa said “okay.”

Sarah Beth says she plans to be honest if Big D or Britini ask about her vote. 

12:00 am TUESDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

It is time for me to go find my pillows and puppies. Goodnight my dears. Remember that when you are kind you bless both yourself and the person you blessed.  hugs--Grannysue

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