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Sunday, August 15, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:25AM BBT

Sarge- Derek F, please go to the Diary Room Downstairs


The King (punishment voice)- Where is my jackass? Make yourself one delicious club sandwich.

Kyland picks up a few things in his room then heads downstairs to obey the king.

Brit and SB keep im company while he constructs the sandwich.


12:37AM BBT

Big D is finished in the DR, so he heads into the YBR to talk with Azah about his conversation with Ky. 

Azah- I think Kyland does believe in the 6, but he still plays us.

Big D says Ky is planning to talk to her

Azah- It doesn't change anything about the way I feel. I still don't trust him. I'm not a fan of Ky.

Big D- you have to manipulate men. Like I told you.

Azah- I don't know what you want me to do. I'm chilling

Big D- You have to manipulate. If you don't, you are gonna get eat up and spit out. Do you know what he suggested next week.

Azah- what?

Big D- put up SB....He literally said put him and SB up

Azah- Then why didn't he do that this week? He didn't have to win. I don't believe a thing that comes out of his mouth. He said that last week.

Big D- Let him talk to you and see what happens. You asked me for advice and I'm telling you what you need to do. He told me now what the plan is, but I felt as though...

Azah- Didn't he say that we all had to decide? DId he talk to anyone in the 6?

Big D says that Ky, X and Ky talked about it and Ky was supposed to go around and talk to the Cookout members, but he never did. You need to have a conversation with him. He is gonna come looking for you.

Big D heads to the kitchen and stands there trying to get Ky's attention so he will go talk to Azah

[What a waste of time. Trying to work with Azah is like trying to fit an orange in a banana peel. She has a fixed mind set in this game. She is a wonderful person, but not made to play BB. Honestly, I'm not either. -MamaLong]

Big D whispers to Ky that she is waiting for him to go talk to her.


1:13AM BBT

Ky and Tiffany head into the HoHR

Tiff tells him there were a lot of people wanting to talk to him and everytime she checked there was a line of people waiting. "I didn't feel like I needed to cut the line in front of anybody, and unless my ass is on the line, I'll wait my turn.. How was your day?"

Ky says that he talked with Big D and things are fine. Big D wants to get rid of threats that are bigger than him and his allies. Ky says he wants to get rid of those that are unpredictable.

[Again, Ky delivers a single thought in a run of words and stops that takes way more time than necessary.]

Ky- I told Big D that some people want Alyssa and some want Britini. 


Ky drones on with Tiffany about OTEV and what he did and why he did it and what he was thinking and what he wasn't thinking and why he thinks in the first place and what others were thinking about him and why they were thinking it and why he was thinking what others were thinking would impact his thinking and could he do this or couldn't do that or what would happen if he had done this or done that...  (I think you get the picture)


Tiff- I think it was a strategic move. I think it will be fine. It honestly does not feel like a win when it was handed to you.





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Tiff interrupts Ky and says she knows others are waiting and she doesn't want to get off track. Ky continues Ky-speak and Tiff interrupts him again [It's the only way, friends  -MamaLong]

"I know Azah wants Claire to go...if Claire goes, you lose the trust of somebody who is close to you.But I want to ask you a question: In your interview exercise, what did you gain in your knowledge?"

Ky tells her he will talk about that later.


Tiff says he can bring in the detectives now. Ky leaves.


Tiff looks through Ky's basket and says, "Please do not put dark chocolate in my basket. Put milk chocolate. Okay, first of all America. I really wanted to see if Ky was going to be honest with me and tell me he threw that comp to Alyssa 'cause he is tryin' to act like nobody can figure out that he threw it and he was. I have to get myself closer to Kyland because apparently his memory wall questions were to expose what everyone was thinking. His first question about who is most influential in the house...well, I think I probably ranked really high... with Xavier...Miss Sarah Beth says I am the most influential person in the house because I have been in the ear with every HoH. Well, that's true and that is exactly why I don't trust Sarah Beth. She is on to me and I am on to her, and that is why Sarah Beth has to go."


Tiff hears people coming so she stops talking. Derek X, Claire and Ky enter the room. Ky leaves again and DX jokes that he will lock Ky out. She tells them that she wanted to see if Ky was going to be honest, "he told me the same thing he told you, and I asked him what he gained from his memory wall exercise and he said that was something to talk about later" *rolls eyes* Ky walks back in and they all start munching on Ky's snackage.



1:38AM BBT

Ky says he wants to assure everyone he is taking Claire down

Claire- I feel like I have been paranoid, like block paranoia, but then I was like, this is the logical move in general. I feel good. I trust you. I will need reassurance a couple times a day.

Ky says he understands, "I get it."

Tiff- yeah because I was about to turn vegan and how am I gonna turn vegan if the vegan isn't here?

Ky starts talking about Beyond Meat and making tacos with it.


1:40AM BBT

The cam switches to Hannah alone in the kitchen sitting silently in front of the chessboard and staring at the memory wall while twisting her mouth in what I have come to understand is her intently thinking face. The cam switches back to the HoHR where Tiff is saying, "I wanted to be in a showmance with Ky, but he chose Sarah Beth. No one chooses the black girl. I'm just gonna have to go home and check my DMs." The cam pops back to Hannah still twisting her face in the kitchen then back to the HoHR.


1:43AM BBT

Ky says to them that obviously one of them is going to win the next HoH. Ky says they got out one of the powers this week and next week the only people still there that would play the power are people they know and are working with. 


Baby D passes silent but deadly gas and they all start complaining. Ky begins a cough/choke sound saying he shouldn't talk while snacking.


Ky admits he only slept 2 hours the first night of his HoH. Ky says he feels least close with Chaddha, "but I like her"

They begin discussing that they need to come up with another alliance name than Detectives when including Hannah. Tiff asks "what firm do detectives have" and CLaire says "agency." They jump on the term "agency."  They decide the Detectives includes the 4 of them, but the new alliance name, including Chaddha, will be called The Agency.

DX- We are all agents. This is our sign (he puts his hands together in gun motion with fingers to his mouth like blowing on the barrel (hopefully someone will grab a pic of that at 1:51:55AM).

Tiff- Agent Tippy Toes

DX- Oooh, can I be Agent X?

Ky- Agent DX

Tiff- that sounds like

Ky- Agent DIX (sounds like dicks, so that should be dismissed)

*The cam switches back to Hannah still twisting her mouth then back to the HoHR

Dx (to Ky)- Agent K?

Claire- Agent Young!

Ky- Agent Ky or Agent Young

DX- I like Agent Young

Ky- Do you think it matters the way we, the order, we bring in people?

They devise a plan where Ky and DX will talk with Hannah and brainstorm the name (pretend to brainstorm the name) then say" let's bring in Tiff and Claire"

Tiff- We have to pretend we don't have a name for it, right? Agent Chaddha. I love it


1:55AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


The feeds return to them discussing when to tell Hannah. They decide to tell her tomorrow.

Tiff- I wish Azah wasn't up there and then you could go get her.

*The cam switches back to Hannah heading for the loo 

[I just love it when the camera crew is paying attention, and tonight, they are doing a superb job including shots of Hannah as the Detectives devise this plan to bring in Hannah -MamaLong]




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1:59AM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Tiff is saying they need to figure out their next target and Chaddha will be really good at helping them figure that out. They decide that someone has to play the next power.

Ky- We need to get that game explained to us.

Tiff- Me and Claire, we don't have enough money to play.



2:02AM BBT

Claire says they will all be getting more screen time and Azah might play, "but if she wins it????" Ky says they will still have the veto. Tiff says Big D should be able to afford to play. Tiff says she is confident she could do that game because she is good at balance, but they still don't know who that roulette wheel will land on.

DX- are there any people we could put up where we could guarantee the wheel wouldn't be spun?

Ky says the powers expire

Claire- if someone is at $125 they physically can't get to $250

Tiff- I don't have the money but could probably win in

DX- hear me out here...you win HoH (DX quickly switches saying I win HoH in a joking way because Claire doesn't win anything)

Claire- Why do you think that's funny? I got third today (in OTEV)

Tiff- I can't afford to play. Claire would have to be HoH.

Claire- Guys, why are you putting this on me when you think it could be slip-n-slide?


Tiff- I could do it. I'm light on my feet. I'm fucking Tippy Toes.

DX says it needs to be someone athletic "guys have stronger legs"


They discuss that DX and X would be very close in their performance. Ky insists he could do well.

Tiff- I don't think Ky can stand on his feet. He too big.

Claire- Fessy won it

Ky- yeah Fessy won it, Michie won it. Caleb won it.

Azah has been waiting a long time to talk with Ky and they begin worrying that she may have seen all of the enter the HoH.

2:10AM BBT

Claire- should we reconvene later

Tiff- should you and I leave together?

Claire- Should I look upset

Ky- not upset

Tiff and Claire leave. DX stays.

Ky- I think it's strange that Azah is more mad at me than Big D

DX- you can try to explain

Azah knocks on the HoHR and Ky opens it saying, "just another second, sorry"

Ky- explain what?

DX- explain your rationale...I mean I just don't know why she is up here right now

Ky is annoyed that Azah is treating him angrily when he is HoH and is holding a veto.

DX suggests she is probably scared not knowing what will happen. 

*WBRB Bubbles



Ky finally goes out and calls Azah in to talk as DX leaves

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Ky drones on to Azah. Hannah knocks on the HohR door and Ky tells her he will come for her later or if she is going to bed he will talk with her tomorrow. Ky returns to Azah and delivers more Ky-Speak.

Azah- I do want to know moving forward, is this the format of the way everything will go?

Ky whirs on more. 

[What is important to know with this conversation is that Azah now knows directly from Ky that Brit will be the replacement nom, and as much as she doesn't like that, it is what Ky feels has to be done to further the mission of the Cookout. -MamaLong]


2:30AM BBT

Both Big D and Hannah are waiting in the parlor. Big D is waiting for Azah, while Hannah waits for her turn with Ky.


2:39AM BBT

Ky has finished with Azah and is now talking with Hannah.

Hannah agrees that he has to pull down Claire because if he leaves her up there, their hand will be shown with the votes and Claire would go home leaving DX coming after Ky. "Brit has to go home." Hannah tells Ky that him throwing the veto to Alyssa was blatantly obvious "it was just bad" and he needs to understand people will connect that he is working with X. Kyland does not seem worried about it saying, "It's not that I don't care....I know you have your preferences"

Hannah interrupts telling Ky that she is okay with Britini going home.

Ky continues, "but I think we are at a place where everything is risk...these powers and unknown variables. Britini outwardly said she wanted the second power and would use it..."

Hannah interrupts again saying she understands why Brit is going.

Ky continues, "that didn't work out...I am making decisions based on house perceptions."  

[That particular Ky-speak means 'what's done is done.']

Hannah- okay, so you're not concerned

Ky asks Hannah her thoughts and Hannah says he will explain it to him tomorrow because she is tired and wants to go to bed. Ky keeps talking.


Meanwhile, downstairs in the LR, Azah is complaining to Big D

Big D- he is the HoH and has a veto

Azah- Ky doesn't have to use the veto but he is going to.

Big D says if Ky is making decisions on his own then they will make their decisions on their own too "That's the way I look at it. At the end of the day I'm annoyed because I never knew I'd be on the block with Britini. I would rather have any of these other bitches.

Azah- he knew what he was doing.

Big D- he feels threatened by Britni and he can't control her

Claire comes out of the DR and Big D says "OH, they did you like they did me"

Claire- I haven't even talked about veto yet

Big D- you better hurry and go to bed

Claire says that's what she's doing, "they can talk to me tomorrow"

Big D (to Azah)- I know this is gonna be hard

Azah- I'll get there, Boo. I have been mourning for 3 days already. It explains why he didn't want to throw it to me. It explains everything; everything.


3:00AM BBT

Tiffany and Claire are talking in the sea glass bedroom (nothing new)


3:30AM BBT

Ky is rummaging through snackage in the HoHR on cams 1 & 2. He rereads his letters from home.

"Yo, Tara, (Tara is Ky's best friend who wrote this week's HoH letter) look what I have. And I did it without having to risk the, uh, what's it called, OTEV curse. I won. That's dope." He gets undressed.

The sea glass bedroom is dark on cams 3 & 4.


3:35AM BBT

Ky cleans up a bit then turns off the lights in the HoHR to go to bed.


3:36AM BBT

Just as Ky settles for his long awaited slumber, the demanding king comes over the speaker, "Jackass of Clubs, make yourself a triple decker club sandwich"

Ky- Bro! Yo! Cold blooded. This game is mean. Y'all are fucked up....oh, man. I see y'all.  I see y'all. Real cute. Real cute.

Ky puts his costume back on, grumbling, and goes downstairs to complete the task.


3:49AM BBT

Tiffany joins Ky in the kitchen. Ky apologizes and Tiff says it isn't the sound, it's the smell. Ky says he got mad at them (production) for the first time.  Tiff says she is concerned that Azah may tell Britini about the blindside, "that would be hell." Ky says it is out of their control. 

Tiff- everything is going according to plan. Can't be upset about that.

Ky tells Tiff about Azah asking if that's the way everything is going to go from now on. Tiff says it's because she doesn't like how he makes decisions. Ky says things are different every week so it's hard to know exactly what is going to happen, especially with powers in play.

Ky- I feel like she is talking about not having input but I asked her for input with questions (on the Frenchie thing) I asked and she would say "I don't have an opinion on that." (he says she answered that way for every question.)

Tiff- Kyland, that's the first time for me hearing that. Wow.

Ky- I'm like, you don't get to bitch about what's happening when you don't cooperate. It is what it is.


5:02AM BBT

After talking for hours, Tiff and Ky finally settle for the night, sharing the HoHR bed.

Tiff- Good job Ky

Ky- Good job Tiff. Let's stay "Connected"

Tiff- yes

They both drift off into BB slumber.

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8:30AM BBT

The houseguests are still sleeping. They will likely get to sleep in until at least 10AM since it's Sunday Funday.


[What's the plan, you ask: Well, Ky was strategic with his noms knowing the power could significantly impact his end goal. He put up Claire and Big D as pawns and made sure the second veto would come into play. He actively threw the veto to Alyssa knowing that with him betting on her, he would win the 2nd veto. Although Alyssa was his initial target, her being pulled to play veto changed that plan. Ky will replace Claire with Britini and leave Big D on the block. Britini will be evicted on Thursday. Everyone knows this plan other than Britini. As of right now, Britini believes Big D is the target (thanks to Big D playing along). But, Brit is not stupid. I think she will figure it out come Monday, so be ready for full on meltdown.  -MamaLong]

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9:10am BBT Wake up time, we have WBRB 


9:19am BBT In HNR Alyssa and X talking. Alyssa says they didnt tell about their showmance because ppl would assume that if they told her something she would run tell Christian. Alyssa says she will just be to herself for the rest of the week, wouldnt it be funny if she won HOH, then ppl would have to talk to her. No body talks to her now. 

9:29am BBT Brit and Big D, Big D says Alyssa will take me down. Brit asks but we need to know who he will put up in his place, it needs to be someone they want out. Brit says they need to paint a big enough target on this person to make them be put up. There are ppl in this house that have sway and they need to put them up. Brit says he needs to go to Ky and say Hey this is what it is. Big D needs to go  to talk to  ppl and see how they feel  about this HOH then take it to Ky. 

9:33am BBT Brit tells Big D that the minute someone tells him something against Ky he needs to take it to him. Claires biggest fear is that Tiff goes up next to her. Big D goes to cook and Brit talks with Tiff and says they have to get Hannah put up. They need to make Ky scared of ppl coming after him next week. 

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9:48am BBT Big D and Sarah are going to make breakfast, omelets, pancakes and potatoes. Derek X and Ky are cuddling in bed, Ky has his Jackass head on DX head, Claire is sitting across the foot of the bed. They say it was hard to look Christian in the eyes. Claire agrees.  DX says he was worried there would be a Battle Back, Alyssa really wanted one. 

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2:10PM BBT

In the kitchen, Big Brother is allowing us quite a treat. Big D is cleaning up the kitchen floor and Azah is waiting for him to finish so they can play chess. Big D says he wants to shower first. Azah says that's fine "Do what You Need to Do" she then begins singing it and BB allows it. Big D says she is going to get in trouble. Azah says no because she is making it up right now. She continues singing and Big D starts adding some voice add-ins. It's actually very entertaining and worth a flashback.

Big D- Loved that. And that was Azah singing Do What You Need to Do which is her top hit single on the pop tracks coming in at number 1

Azah- coming in at number 2 after The Big Blue Couch

Azah begins singing the BBC opening number

Big D says she sounds really good. Azah says the high ceilings make her sound better than she is.


In the sea glass bedroom, Hannah, Tiff, Baby D and Claire are hanging out enjoying random conversation

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4:45PM BBT

In the HoHR, Hannah and Xavier are assigning superlatives to the HGs

Class Clown = Big D

Most Likely to Vote for Themselves = Ky

Most likely to get attention= Tiff

Most likely to pick wax out of their ear and eat it = Claire   Hannah says, "just to try it, if it's vegan"

Classic Mean Girl = SB

Most Likely to Cry = Azah


5:12PM BBT

In the backyard, SB is on the ground near the Duke of Decks (Claire) swinging in the hammock and chatting away.


5:19PM BBT

Azah is crying again in the HoHR. Big D is trying to comfort her. The jackass is not on camera.

Big D- no one is dying. If you stick to your word and I stick to my word...we can go back home knowing we have been part of the biggest change.

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5:44PM BBT

Tiff, Hannah and Xavier are chatting in the coral reef room. They are discussing what to reveal in goodbye messages.


Tonight's show revealed the actual BB Bucks winnings:

$100 = Derek F., Derek X. and Britini

$75 = Hannah, Tiffany and Xavier

$50 = Azah, Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Claire, Kyland


6:10PM BBT

Xavier has pulled Azah and Tiffany into the HNR for a mediation session. 


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He wants them to recognize that they both have very different play styles but need to work together: "in order for us to be solid, we gotta take care of stuff now."



In the HoHR, Big D and Kyland are talking. Big D says he doesn't need to be involved with the mediation and either does Ky or Hannah.

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6:59PM BBT

Xavier is still leading a mediation session between Tiff and Azah in the HNR.  


7:18PM BBT

In the backyard, Big D, Britini and Baby D are enjoying the fresh air and chatting about game. DX asks Big D if he was able to get any information from Ky last night because he was with him a long time. Big D says "not a fucking thing" so he changed the subject to family.

Big D- I was like, I can't even talk about this game and he was just like, I don't really have anything for you


Back in the HNR, Azah is crying again and apologizing to Tiffany after both were able to air their grievances. Tiff consoles her saying they don't really know each other. 'I am with you, and the way you feel about Britini is the same way I feel about Claire....We all are connected to our people and that is what hurts most." Azah says she shouldn't have stepped to her in that moment of confrontation (when she and Big D escorted Brit to the HoHR in posse standoff fashion). Azah admits it was disrespectful and she should never have treated her sister that way.


Tiff- I am never going to turn my back on you. You have me in the game.

Xavier- We are in a pressure cooker, a social experiment. At the end of the day, like we know that what we got is bigger than all of us.


7:30PM BBT

Kyland is speaking with Alyssa in the parlor.

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7:36 PM BBT

The mediation group in the HNR has finally finished and dispersed. They all seem better after the conversation.


Back in the parlor, Kyland is telling Alyssa that he will let her know tomorrow what he wants her to do.  


7:47PM BBT

Azah and Baby D are in the hammock. Baby D says when they came into the game they had a 6.25% chance of winning the game." As of, we have 11 people left and we still have less than a 10% chance of winning the game." Azah asks when it will substantially increase, and Baby says not until they are down to 4 left.

Azah- this game is going to fuck with me for the rest of my life


[I'm out for the night y'all -MamaLong]

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8;57pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa and Sarah Beth are in the hammock.

Alyssa is telling Sarah Beth about the house not wanting to talk game with her, she tells Sarah Beth that she is interested in protecting Xavier, which means Sarah Beth as well.

Sarah Beth says she is not sure, but Alyssa could be a victim of Christian being voted out last week, and the kiss before he left that surprised everyone.

She tells Sarah Beth that Britini lied to Christian, telling him he had her vote, but it was not true.  Alyssa says Big D blamed production, telling Alyssa that he was not allowed to tell anyone who they are voting for.  Alyssa says that everything Tiffany told her about last week has been proven to be true, she says everyone else lied to Christian. They told him an hour before the eviction that he was leaving

Alyssa say Christian's pitch was why he should stay, but not against Sarah Beth staying. She said he tried really hard and was lying to him. She tells Sarah Beth that up until the last hour Christian believed he had votes, and when he found out he told Britini to vote with the house.

Alyssa asks Sarah Beth if she thinks Kyland threw the veto to her, Sarah Beth says as far as she knows, he had a brain fart. (Sarah Beth knows he threw it but has said it needs to be left alone, Alyssa is proud of beating him and why hurt her with bad news—she told a group in the HOH last night)

Alyssa says Claire bet on Kyland and that is why he may not have wanted to win the veto, but she seems glad to hear that Sarah Beth doesn't think he threw it.  She even says she is happy to know that she honestly won.  Alyssa says she needs to know what Kyland is doing, Sarah Beth says she knows, but Alyssa tells her not to tell her, unless there is a reason for her to change her speech.

Sarah Beth says the Jokers have not spoken to her at all, Alyssa says they have talked to her, it seems like they think she owes them something.

Alyssa says she has been told there were four duos in the house, and after Christian was eliminated the plan was to go after Kyland and Sarah Beth.  People in the house don't see Derek X and Hannah as a threat, but they do see Kyland and Sarah Beth are.  She names the duos: Kyland and Sarah Beth, Derek X and Hannah, Tiffany and Claire. She says the fourth, and most worrisome to the house was Christian and herself.

Sarah Beth says Derek X shares information with her, but she thinks it is because he is close to Kyland, and that makes her reluctant to upset Kyland.  She tells Alyssa that before Christian won the HOH an alliance was made that did not include her (Sarah Beth). She says Big D has told her over and over that she is on the bottom of the totem pole, she says she is trying to decide what make the most sense.  She says people expected her and Alyssa to crumble.

Alyssa says they can't trust the Jokers, but she wonders if they should worry about who they can't trust or the ones they can't beat.

Sarah Beth says Derek X would not have taken the shot if he didn't know he had the votes to send Christian home.  Sarah Beth says although Derek X had the information he never shared it with Sarah Beth.
Alyssa says she had a conversation with Derek X and he finally admitted that what Sarah Beth is telling her is exactly true.  Alyssa says that she had two opportunities to see that Christian was safe and wasn't able to do it.

Sarah Beth says Derek X was selling himself in the HOH as being told what to do, and a bad liar.  She says that is not reality, and because of it he needs to go soon.

Alyssa says Claire told her not to use the veto, and Tiffany agreed that she should not.  Alyssa says that is what made her realize the other three people were lying to her face (Big D, Azah and Britini).  Alyssa says people who are lying or not explaining what happened.....

Derek X pops up behind her and yells “Boo!!”  (at this point no name were being said, he probably heard nothing but “people lying or not explaining”)

Alyssa and Derek X go to the chess room, Derek X says the kiss messed him up a little bit.
Alyssa tells him she is a fan of the game, she has no hard feelings on a personal level. Alyssa tells him that she is upset, of course, but not at Derek X, the upset is on a game level.

Derek X says he wants to let her know where that came from, he wants to clear that up for her.  He says he got conflicting answers to what was the best move for his game.  He says going into the week there was a lot of pressure to put a King on the block. He says he didn't want to do that, and neither Alyssa and Xavier came to mind.  He says the problem came when Britini won the veto, he says he started to be afraid that if he didn't make the move against Christian now, Christian would target him (Derek X) in a later week.

Alyssa says she understands, it was his game move. She says that Christian expected it, he knew that the two targets in the house were Derek X and Christian.  She says she was hoping to work with Derek X and Hannah with Christian, and the nomination tossed that away.

Derek X says there was no name attached to the suggested alliance so he thought it wasn't real.

Alyssa says if he had any concern he should have come to them, that is what Alyssa and Christian had done.  She tells him she doesn't think he took that shot without knowing he would succeed. She tells him that at least he has given him a reason.

Derek X says the hardest part of taking that shot was him knowing he would hurt her and Xavier, he has no reason to come after them now unless he knew there was something....

Alyssa tells him she doesn't know if she can trust Hannah because she is aligned with him She tells him proof of that is in action, she says she is reluctant to trust him because she saw what happened with Christian. (Alyssa is taking away every excuse he had planned to use in this conversation)

Derek X says he needs to talk to Hannah, and if she agrees to it, he would be interested in working with her and Xavier.  Derek X tells her he felt a connection to Xavier the first week, he knew the three of them were close and he understands he violated trust with them.

Alyssa says they can have a conversation with Xavier and Hannah about working together.

Derek X says he doesn't like her feeling alone in the house, Alyssa says people are not coming around, talking to game with her.  She says the Jokers seem to be talking to her like she is one of them.  She thinks the veto is the reason anyone approaches her now.

Alyssa says it p**ssed her off that people were lying to Christian about having the votes, they could have been honest. She tells Derek X that she does believe Britini was the target in the beginning, but people lying to her and to Christian last week is not something she will forget.
Alyssa says when Christian was HOH and won the veto he could have put Derek X up but did not.

Derek X says that was hard for him to hear.

Alyssa tells Derek X that during Christian's HOH she told Christian that she trusted Derek X, and that was hard to live with.

Derek X asks Alyssa how she feels with Kyland, she tells him she hasn't really talked to Kyland, but she knows if she uses the veto it may not benefit her or Xavier if Xavier is not nominated.

Alyssa says Derek X should go talk to Hannah and decide what they want to do. She tells him when she picked her target with the cereal, she chose Derek X as her target. She asks Derek X why he was interested in whether or not she had talked to Kyland and he tells her it is because he was trying to determine if there were any deals made this week.

Alyssa tells Derek X her opinion on her win of the veto. She says she is too scared to use the veto because he might put Xavier up if she does it.  Kyland has told her he wants to keep his thoughts to himself. She says she is only concerned with herself and Xavier, she doesn't need to know who is going on the block, she owes no one else in the house anything after last week.

Kyland comes up with club sandwiches, they have to take one so Kyland can complete his duties.

Alyssa repeats that if Kyland uses the veto and puts someone new on the block, she doesn't care who it is with the exception of Xavier. (Dashes Derek X's hope she might take him down if he is the unfortunate soul to replace one of the nominees).

Derek X asks her where her and Xavier are for next week, she tells him she has no idea who is on their radar, she had no idea so many people didn't care about Christian leaving. Alyssa says she has been thinking about the wheel spin in the BB High Roller. She says if she is HOH, she would want Xavier to play, she would be exempt and his face would not appear on possible nominees.

Alyssa says she is a little embarrassed that she only got 50 dollars, she says Britini got 100, she thinks Azah got 50, she isn't sure that Big D got 100.  Alyssa thinks Britini would have played if she had gotten only 50 and she is saving it up.

Derek X asks her who they have in common they like, Alyssa tells him Tiffany comes to mind for her because Tiffany was honest last week. Derek X tries to get her to tell him who she dislikes, they play the wall guessing game, they agree it is a “she”. Alyssa says she likes Claire because of her association with Tiffany.

Derek X says he would not target Xavier or Kyland, that would be bad for his game. He wants to rebuild things between them, he is interested in having conversations with both her and Xavier. (Alyssa mentioned this to Xavier last night, she did not want to be receiving messages).

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10:00 pm Big Brother Time

The conversation between Derek X and Alyssa continues.

Derek X asks if it is true that Sarah Beth can't be trusted, she says that was game talk from Christian, he was trying to stay.

Alyssa asks what Derek X thinks of the Jokers, Derek X doesn't care much for their game/lack of.
Alyssa says they had three votes to keep Christian with the excuse of going with the house, they were the house (three of them), so that was not a valid reason. She says they also wanted Christian out of the house so can't complain now.

Derek X is called to the kitchen, they leave and go downstairs.

Cameras follow Derek X to the kitchen, Azah is tending to a rice casserole dish in the oven, she says the rice is not getting soft, but she tries it, and it seems ready.  She thought it was the rice, but realizes it was the oven. (over the seasons I have noticed that the oven and stove top seem to be very slow and have wondered many times if they have been provided with a low end appliance in the house-Grannysue)

Alyssa has gone to the living room to talk to Xavier.

Xavier says Derek X seemed worried about talking to Alyssa, she says she noticed.
She tells Xavier that she messed up and said to the camera that she loved Christian, she tries to tell Xavier she didn't mean it that way, he just teases her. She insists she meant it differently.

Alyssa continues to talk about her conversation with Derek X and is very accurate. (however she jabs a little while she tells it)

They talk about the roulette wheel, they need clarification before they decide, but if one is HOH the other should play in their case.  

Xavier teases her about saying too much, she says she did good and he should stop making fun of her.

Britini comes into the living room area and starts singing some sort of rap she made up.

Bubbles interrupts until she stops.

In the HOH room Kyland and Claire are talking while they watch the television screen.  

Kyland seems to be worried about drama tomorrow at the veto ceremony.  He starts talking in Kyland-isms again.... 

(five minutes later Kyland has not finished one thought....Claire continues to agree with all the unfinished sentences, and even starts talking like Kyland—Heaven help us)

After several more minutes of odd conversation Claire leaves the HOH.

A confused Big D knocks on the HOH door, Kyland is in the lavatory but comes out a few minutes later, he is planning to eat something before meeting with Big D. They go downstairs to the kitchen/dining area.

House guests are around the dining table, Tiffany is telling a graphic story about a roach that met its end while they eat. The death of this poor bug, Rocky/Rockette included bug juice, a possible pregnancy and violence at the hands of humans.  It seems the bug was trying to escape, but was killed in a mid-wing lift.  It was further mutilated by aluminum foil after being slapped with a shoe several times, Several people tried to intervene to save Rocky/Rockette. (I wish you could see Alyssa's face..just hysterical (10:50 ish Camera three)).
The story with all its ghoulishness grows in the telling.

Almost immediately talk turns to ice cream sandwiches made from frozen cookie dough.

Kyland celebrates, his punishment has ended.  He pulls off the costume to the beat of the table drums.
Kyland, “no more jacka**!”
Tiffany, no, you're still here.”

celebration continues, Kyland offers to show them how to make the sandwiches, says they will be for special occasions.

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11:00pm Big Brother Time

House guests are laughing at the table, we have no idea why.
Kyland heads to the storage room with his costume, then he tells Derek and Xavier to come to the storage room with him. He has them putting on two of the donkey outfits. They mention being donkey strippers and leave the room dressed up.

They say they have come to seduce. They hug on Claire while they yell “heehaw”
Claire, “I hate donkeys.” she laughs

They go to the back yard to find Alyssa and Britini.  Both of them stare at the donkeys, each donkey chooses a girl, Xavier lays on the table,props up his leg, approaches Britini.  Xavier takes his bowler hat and puts it on the donkey's head. They head off towards the lavatory with a plan to invade Tiffany, who is in the loo. Tiffany comes out, screams and looks over to see Xavier relaxing in a suggestive position on the lounge while Derek X chases her around the sink. They do a silly dance for her.

In the HOH room Big D is waiting for Kyland.

Bubbles.....probably production wanting their donkeys back.

Kyland says his conversation with Azah was short, happened in the kitchen and was a good one.

Big D asks Kyland what they are doing at this point.
Kyland says he has a preference to put Britini up, but Derek X is also a possibility to go on the block.
Kyland says he says he has more questions, Big D tells him not to pressure people when they don't want to answer, he says the questions sound like they are for Kyland, not for an eviction.

Kyland defends his question asking HOH.
Big D says he knows Derek X is “your boy.”
Kyland says he knows the things Derek X will and will not do, that is the consideration right now.
Big D pushes the agenda that Derek X will take a shot at Sarah Beth.
Kyland says Britini seems to think Derek X is her closest ally in the house right now. Britini told Kyland that she would pick someone you could go far in the game with and that was Derek X.

They discuss who might have the 100 dollars/75 dollars to spend on High Rollers.
Kyland says Derek X is banking  more on the veto than the High Rollers, he also thinks he has votes to stay
Big D says Britini is worried about going up, and it is hard to tell her it is him going home knowing he is lying to her.  He says whatever they have to go with is what they have to do, he isn't going to argue it. He says everyone but him and Britini will say Derek X should go up.

They end their conversation and Kyland says he needs to freshen up before continuing his talks.

Derek X and Tiffany are in the bedroom together.  They are doing their usual cut up routine while they talk game.  

They talk about Xavier being a gentle person, they mention Kyland killing the bug.  Derek X says “he did it for a girl.” Tiffany, “mmm humm.”

Tiffany is called to the diary room, Sarah Beth has the go pro.  
Tiffany finds a bucket hat to wear for her visit with production.

Derek X and Hannah go to the chess room.
Hannah tells Derek X that when Sarah Beth left the outside area Big D said he didn't trust her as soon as she was out of earshot.  He said she was every single “bad girl” from every single season.
Derek X is laughing about Big D calling Claire a clown.

Derek X says he needs to apologize to her. She asks him if he was apologizing for being mean and snappy after veto. She knows he was a little upset, she doesn't take it personally. 
Derek X says he wanted to apologize to her about this morning, he doesn't want her to think he thinks she is weak in competitions.
Hannah says the “house pet” joke was mean. He asks what does she mean, she says what does a house pet do? Derek X starts to giggle, Hannah is giggling, and says “nothing, they eat and sleep”. Giggles continue.

Derek X says this morning he was feeling that he had to take a shot for everyone else, even though it was bad for his game (his HOH).  He says doing that put a big target on his back. 
After he explains his position, they start talking again about him teasing her about being a house pet.

Loud noises interrupt the conversation, downstairs Britini is being shouted out for never doing dishes. She does her own, but not for anyone else. She tells them they have one night for this, then it is over.
Everyone laughs and Derek X and Hannah go back to the chess room to finish gossiping.

We can see Kyland in the HOH room arranging his cereal logarithm on a towel. He is really concentrating on his task.

Derek X says he talked to Alyssa, Hannah says Xavier told her that Derek X tossed out the possibility of a deal between the four of them (Derek X, Hannah, Xavier and Tiffany).
They are talking about Big D and his conspiracy theories inside the house.

Sarah Beth comes by with the go pro.

Derek X starts giving out information about planning a Hawaiian wedding. 
They ask for a new question.
Sarah Beth continues to ask questions, none of which are revealing. She leaves and their conversation resumes.
Derek X says Alyssa said the word align and the word deal. He wonders if it was misinterpreted.
He is worried that the conversation might be used against him with Kyland.
He tells Sarah Beth that Alyssa said she felt good with Tiffany.
Derek X continues to repeat the earlier conversation, he is accurate.

Hannah tells Derek X that Xavier told her that he would have to talk to Alyssa and convince her to make some sort of deal with them. Hannah says she would like to make a deal with Xavier, but not with Alyssa because Alyssa would remain her target next week.

Derek X says he is worried about taking out targets in the house, he says Big D is the most protected person in the house. Hannah says Big D is likely to be sitting in one of the chairs in the final 2.
Derek X says if Big D makes it to the final 5, he will take the final 2 seat Hannah might earn.
Hannah tells Derek X that Claire is targeting Big D, Tiffany doesn't get along with Azah.
Hannah doesn't see a path to get rid of Big D.

12:11am MONDAY MORNING Big Brother Time


Children, this is the time for me to end my night in the Big Brother House.  It has been a busy night, and it seems like the house guests are not close to tucking in.  That is not true for me though, I am going to finish my cup of tea, find my puppies, check on grandpa and go to dreamland.  Be Kind today.''hugs-Grannysue

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