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Sunday, August 8, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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2:00am Big Brother Time SUNDAY MORNING

Alyssa and Xavier are whispering in the Have Not Room
Sarah Beth and Kyland are whispering in the bedroom

Bubbles re-visits.  She has been very sporadic and coming in very often since feeds return. Possibly to gather some conversation for the show that will be a surprise for us, possibly just because Bubbles does Bubbles.

12:08 pm Big Brother Time

Xavier and Alyssa continue to talk in the bed room. (They may have been there before, it was a short clip and I saw blue )
Xavier is saying he wants to separate Sarah Beth and Derek X now.  He thinks Sarah Beth has been lying about having a girlfriend.
Alyssa suggests replacing Britini with Hannah.

 Britini is called to the diary room, she comes in to get something to wear.

Alyssa demonstrates a movement she had to perform.
Xavier mentions Sarah Beth again,

Bubbles. Again.

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12:15 am Big Brother Time

Xavier and Alyssa still talking in the bedroom.

Alyssa continues to insist Derek X will not nominate Christian.
Xavier is non-commital.
He wonders if they should just vote Sarah Beth out against the new nominee. He says it makes people think the Kings are dissolving.
Alyssa wonders if he will put Big D up, then she asks if he is putting up “one of us”
Xavier says as far as he knows, “no.”

Alyssa says she would have taken a punishment, not the money. Taking the money makes you look greedy. Alyssa says she did the wrong thing.
Xavier tells Alyssa he wanted to talk to her before she meets with Derek X.
They leave the room, decide to head upstairs, Xavier stops to remove his contacts.

Sarah Beth and Kyland are in the bedroom, talking about the competition, Sarah Beth looks very upset, but she says they just need to move forward.
Kyland says he is sorry she has to sit up there, she says it ruins her argument for the final two that she has never been on the block.

Sarah Beth says her biggest fear is that Christian and Alyssa are going to be “pi**ed as he**” and retaliate.
Kyland says they might not.
Sarah Beth says Derek X did not tell Christian he would not go on the block. She got this information from Xavier, Derek X didn't say anything like that.
Kyland insists that Derek X is not playing them,

Xavier and Alyssa have moved to the chess room, Christian comes into the area. Xavier tells them to come to the Have Not room for the seclusion.

When they get into the room
Alyssa says she is worried that Derek X will be talked into putting up Christian. She thinks Kyland will be the one to do that.  She doesn't want Christian on the block.

Xavier says “you are on the block and you take 5K?” He says that means you feel way too comfortable, or you don't care if anyone else on the team is back doored.  He says that also removes the incentive for anyone else to take the veto, with the exception of Britini.
Xavier says she never even should have the 5k, he says she should maybe take the money and go home. Xavier says taking the money when you are on the block is sketchy.

Alyssa says anyone other than Derek X should have taken “that”.

Xavier says Claire and Tiffany were in the lavatory area earlier today. Kyland and Sarah Beth were there.  Sarah Beth was talking about taking a trip to Disneyland, she said she was single and it was the right time to do something like that.
Xavier says Sarah Beth is focused on only making the jury.  He says before they came in the house they were asked who potential duos would be and most people answered Sarah Beth and Kyland.

Bubbles  12:35am--

Cameras move to Sarah Beth sobbing on Kyland, who is holding her and petting her.

Sarah Beth,”Do you think I will laugh about this later?”
Kyland, “uh huh”
She tells him she got snot on him, he says it's okay, she's fine.

Cameras move back to the Have Not Room.
Alyssa says Derek X told her he was not back dooring her, Christian or Xavier.
Xavier says “If and when he puts Big D up, we send Sarah Beth home.' He says he doesn't trust Sarah Beth at all now.
Xavier says Claire and Tiffany are on board for that as well.

Christian mentions the double eviction, he says they need to send another Royal Flush member home.
Christian is worried that the next competition will be mental.

Xavier says if “she” picked Kyland over any of us, she will pick him over us any time. (Sarah Beth).

Christian insists they have to double down, Alyssa says they need to talk to the Jokers and let them know they are willing to take one of their team down to keep them safe.

Alyssa thinks the Jokers will go after Derek X.

Xavier says the best scenario for them is taking out Sarah Beth, he wants to focus things so Big D will go up as the replacement.

Christian says if Derek X has already told them he was putting Big D up, if they question him he might think they don't have trust in him (Derek X).

Xavier says if they take out Sarah Beth, it removes a duo.  Xavier says he likes the odds with him, Christian, Alyssa, Claire and Tiffany.  He says Derek X told him earlier he would put up Big D as a replacement.  Xavier says even if he puts you (Christian), we would have the votes to put Sarah Beth out.

Xavier counts the votes to stay.  Himself, Alyssa, Claire, Tiffany and Hannah are the five.
He adds Britini, who would be the 6th vote, and Big D wouldn't matter.

Cameras move to Kyland and Sarah Beth, who are now plotting. We came into the middle of the plan, so we only know “plotting”.  Sarah Beth says she will have trouble sleeping, Kyland offers to stay up with her.  Sarah Beth wants a club sandwich...she lists a mess of items..maybe could be possibly a club sandwich description, ham, turkey, onion, lettuce, mustard, ketchup and mayo.

Kyland continues to whispers Kyland-isms.  Big D opens the door, apologizes and leaves.

They discuss Shelly and how she might feel about their friendship, he says he wants to respect her and how she might feel.  Kyland says he has other female friends, Sarah Beth says Shelly knows she is committed to her (Sarah Beth to Shelly), she has other guy friends she hugs.
Kyland tells Sarah Beth as long as she is comfortable with it, they can continue their affection.
They notice the cameras are on.  Sarah Beth clarifies how she feels about Kyland, her commitment to Shelly and her desire to not explore other options.

Sarah Beth thinks Kyland and Shelly would bond over their love of food.

Kyland says he is not worried about what the house feels, he is worried about what people in her life are feeling.
Sarah Beth realizes she needs to do damage control, Kyland plans to talk to Derek X tomorrow.

They leave the room and cameras move to empty living room area, then to kitchen, where Big D has made pizza.

Big D tells Sarah Beth she can have Kyland for the night, he tells Big D “you are the biggest cuddle commodity in the house.”

Camera moves to lavatory area.

Derek X, Azah and Sarah Beth are in the room, Claire is in the loo, she comes out talking about her sports related life.

Cameras move to Have Not Room, Alyssa and Christian are canoodling and talking.  

Xavier gives a list of who is where, says they will have to talk to the others tomorrow.

Alyssa leaves the room, Christian whines about not wanting to take a shower, he says he hasn't showered since before the Have Nots.
Xavier says maybe put on deodorant and shower in the morning.

Xavier says things are adding up, and he thinks they need to go with their gut.
Christian asks if they should make it a “thing” with Claire and Tiffany tomorrow. 
Xavier says it would be good for all of them, he says taking Kyland or Derek X out would create a win for them.
Both of them say taking Derek X out first is the best plan, in the double they mention Britini, and Derek X. The list continues, Kyland, Azah and Big D (in that order).
Xavier says at the final 6 they will be competing in almost every competition.
They forgot Hannah, they put her right after Derek X.

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1:06 am Big Brother Time

Xavier and Christian wonder if Sarah Beth is America's player and has money waiting for her if she makes it to jury.  They think that is why she has been focused on jury and not necessarily the win.
Xavier insists that if America choses a sweetheart, they have all already said it would be her.

Derek X and Kyland are in the HOH, Kyland is asking about names that may have been mentioned.

Kyland says Sarah Beth told him she has no idea why she took the 5k.
Derek X says he still wants to work with her, he knows it cost him 5k.
Kyland says they are confirming each other in conversations, he thinks Derek X bought her loyalty.

Derek X says before the competition there was no good reason for Christian to not go, but after this Alyssa and Christian have straws to grasp at.
Kyland says that also has the argument of anyone suddenly wanting to work with the Kings. People know Sarah Beth is not leading that team, and the house knows who it is. He suggested Xavier might not be loyal to his people, 
Derek X says Xavier has told him he will be loyal to Derek X, but Xavier does not want Christian to go.  Derek X says Christian is a shield for Xavier, which is the reason Derek X wants him gone.

Claire says she has come to remind them that they have not eaten dinner yet, it is 1:00am.

They come up with a plan to test Sarah Beth, Derek X says working with Xavier? Kyland says maybe talk to Xavier about joining the two of them. He says Xavier said he doesn't want to be a third, he will feel it out what Xavier is thinking.

Kyland says Big D, Xavier and Alyssa would probably vote to keep Christian, but they have four and only need one.  Derek X thinks Britini would not vote out Christian, but she is upset with Sarah Beth's actions in the competition. He also thinks Britini wants to keep a Joker off the block, he says it is his best guess, but Britini also knows she can't beat Christian and she can beat Sarah Beth.

Derek X says the vote will be tighter than he likes.

1:24am Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth, Azah, Big D, Alyssa and Britini are in the anchor bedroom.

No one has any idea who Derek X will put up to replace Britini.

Alyssa, “Well he wouldn't put up me, I made a deal on the wall.” Big D says he wasn't aware of that, he didn't know there was a deal.  The only one they heard was one with Xavier.

Hannah comes in, Alyssa leaves the room. She says she won't be called to the diary room, she already showered.  No one comments, (Alyssa seems to think production aligns themselves to her—Grannysue)

Britini says that Sarah Beth came to her twice today asking her (Britini) to throw the veto to her. Britini says she told Sarah Beth she was playing to win the veto.

Hannah is confused, why the tears? She chose the 5k. Derek X didn't take it from her, she doesn't get that either. Hannah says Sarah Beth told her she was taking the money, she  begged Derek X not to take the money.
Azah says 'Well, crying got her 5k”
Britini says during one of the rounds she asked Alyssa if she was taking the veto, Alyssa told her she didn't know, she was looking at her team to see. Britini says when she heard that, she decided she was going to “get that veto”.  Britini says Kyland was gunning for the veto to take Sarah Beth off the block, but he also told Britini she was his close ally. (Britini is not buying that at all).
Azah says she is happy for Britini.
Britini says she would never ask someone to throw the veto to them if she were on the block, and in fact she did not do that in prior weeks.
Hannah tells her she deserves that veto, and she says it is confusing that someone is on the block and did not go for the veto. She says if she were on the block she would not throw it to the other person.

Hannah leaves, Azah tells Britini to be careful about saying who she likes and dislikes in the house. She tells Britini to have conversations, but tells her not to reveal anything to others. 
Britini takes the advice from Azah, then starts screeching her made up song.

Cameras move to the kitchen, Derek X, Britini, Kyland and Sarah Beth are in the room.

Back in the bedroom, Azah wonders why people feel like they have to lie.
Big D says because people believe them, he says Britini was a pawn and got herself off the block.
Azah says they put Britini up, she came down, now another person will go up. She thinks it will be either Big D or herself.  She thinks deals were made in the house that leaves only the two of them.

Azah says if he puts her on the block she will retaliate.

1:45am Big Brother Time

Alyssa is in the HOH room with Derek X.
Derek X says he doesn't know why it looked bad for Sarah Beth to take the money.
Alyssa says the only person it would not look bad on would have been for Derek X to take the money because he is HOH.

Alyssa asks if he wants to talk to Christian, Derek X says yes,

Tiffany comes to the door, Derek X says they need five minutes.

Derek X says he is afraid to put up Big D, but they tell them they have the votes for that.
Derek X says it might be Big D who goes up.
Alyssa says they have the numbers no matter who goes up against Sarah Beth.

Xavier and Tiffany are in the Have Not Room.

Xavier says Sarah Beth needs to take her money and go.
Tiffany says Sarah Beth asked Derek X not to take it.
Xavier says no one would have take the veto from Sarah Beth.
Tiffany tells Xavier that Sarah Beth told her, Claire and Hannah, “now the most annoying person in the house is walking around with the veto.”
Tiffany says Claire told her that Sarah Beth was complaining about Britini being annoying.
Xavier says she was also complaining about Big D making comments.
Tiffany says she is not loyal to anyone but Kyland
Xavier says Sarah Beth would take a shot at any of the rest of them instead.
Tiffany says Azah told her “I don't like it when people manipulate.”  Tiffany says she doesn't know what game Azah came to play.

Christian and Alyssa come into the Have Not Room
1:57am Big Brother Time

Bubbles pays a visit.

Okay children my eyes are tired, my fingers are tired, and no matter how curious I am, I have to go find my blankets and pillows.  Goodnight my dears. I am sure Mama Long will hook us up soon.--hugs Grannysue

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2:15AM BBT

Kyland is in the kitchen still wearing his 80s aerobic style outfit from the veto competition. "I feel like a loser. I mean I did lose. I was lucky enough to get third pick of spots."

Hannah- Look Ky, you have won 12.5% of the competitions you have been in. Like 9 people have won 0% of their competitions.

Ky- Don't say nice things to me

Tiffany enters the kitchen and Hannah offers her chi tea. She says good night to Big D after he says he was looking for her to say good night. Big D starts talking to her and she says "keep talking to Ky, I don't like made up conversations."

Big D tells her they were talking about the competition and that Ky feels like a loser.

Tiff- I mean there can only be one winner. Did you try your best? You trying your best. At the end of the day, I try my best and that's all I k=can do. You really tried and what can you do if you give your best?

Big D- Tiff, you literally gave me this same talk yesterday

Tiffany goes on to say that it doesn't do any good to tell yourself you are a loser..that your time to win comes when it is your time to win "We all want to win. None of us are out there getting bruised up, banged up, injured to lose....we will keep going. You encourage yourself. You don't beat yourself up."

Tiff- Timing is everything

Big D- Azah just said that this morning

Tiff- when you are disappointed is when you know you quit; but if you gave it the best you have then it's okay


Meanwhile, in the Have-Not room, Xavier, Sarah Beth, Christian and Alyssa are talking about the veto competition.

They are teasing about how the teams are over but it doesn't matter

Alyssa- Shh bute still working together.

Christian- regardless, you'll still be here next week

Sarah Beth- I hope so

Alyssa- I really wanted to win it for you Sarah Beth 

SB- I understand. I really wanted to win it, too. I know Kyland wanted to, too. I really feel that competition was built for Britni. 

Alyssa- the neck thing was really for her because she was getting last in the other ones

Christian- she was barely surviving until the neck one

Alyssa- It's annoying. I was getting third and then first in the circle, 2nd in the circle the first round, I think and in the squatting one I got 4th  

Christian- it was unfair, the neck one

Alyssa says that she thinks even with her helmet tight she doesn't think she could have won it "she was evolving or something. I don't think I would have got it."

Christian- yeah, she was going crazy. That's why X and I were trying to make sure it was set for you

Alyssa- They were like, it's only 60 seconds

Chris- unfortunately, it didn't matter

Xavier asks Sarah Beth. SHe says that she won't be able to relax until votes are in on Thursday. Alyssa says she knows how she feels "because everyone was telling me, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good"

X- What would you know about being on the block on eviction night, Alyssa? What do you know?

Alyssa- What do you mean what would I know?

Sarah Beth says it is horrible to be on the block the first few weeks. "It just feels like you could lose everything."

Xavier- We are nice people. Why do people want us out. We just win stuff. It's not out fault. I still wish this didn't happen. You should have never been on the block in the first place. I understood his reasoning, but...

Sarah Beth- As long as it goes according to plan Alyssa got a phone call and I got 5 thousand dollars so as long as it goes to plan, you know what, water under the bridge

X-the plan has been a bit sketchier than others but as long as it goes according to plan, fuck it. Moving on.

Chris- You don't have anything to fear because 'the house' is US

SB- my birthday is Monday, and he's gonna put Big D on the block. It's going to be so awkward. Another Kesha birthday.

Alyssa says he didn't want to do the BBC if he was nominated last week. Big D thinks he is a pawn

Chris- he is going to be so salty

SB- I think he thinks for sure that I am going home

Chris- I wouldn't say thinks...more like he knows

Xavier- he already threatened our team once

Alyss- Pit Dog...Pit Dog

Chris- 'I'll go pit dog on you'

X- yo, you're gonna threaten the team that has won more competitions than anybody? Good threat. (sarcasm)

SB says she doesn't think he would be that great of a jury member anyways.

Chris- Yeah because he will be so pissed.

X- he will vote for the one he likes most

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Alyssa repeats that she was happy it was a physical comp but she was no match for Britini in the neck round.

Xavier says when they saw it was fitness, he and Christian were pissed. SB says she has never seen a comp like that before. Xavier says they had a  retro fitness comp in BB14

They begin discussing Alyssa's reward

SB- that's a good one

X- you got a new iPhone?

Chris- they said new phone and iPad

Alyssa says she won't have to continue with her old phone plan

X tells Alyssa she can give him (her friend in the house that has an android) the iPhone "'cause you don't need it"

Alyssa tells him she will give him her old phone (11 Max Pro)

X- we have a plan. It will literally be my BB phone

Alyssa- it's yours; I already have a Macbook but it's memory sucks...the new one will be my work one

X-y'all heard it here America; Alyssa Lopez is giving me her old iPhone

Alyssa- I get a phone call this week and in four weeks I get a video message "but the call, mentally, Kristin, will be amazing for me"

Sarge- you are not allowed to talk about production

X- Sorry Colonel....truthfully, that 2nd place prize is legit

SB is having second thoughts about the cash prize. She wishes she would have let Baby D take it because it would make him look bad "he slammed me on the block on my birthday" 


[He knows exactly what he was doing to SB. SB said earlier that she thinks he forgot it was her birthday on Monday. He did not forget. How could he with her constant reminders.   -MamaLong]


2:42AM BBT

In the kitchen, Tiffany is talking about her grandmother making her warm milk before bed. She still misses that every night at bedtime.

Hannah and Tiffany continue a game of chess at the kitchen table.


In the living room, Ky is snuggling Big D who is giving SB a pep talk. Azah comments that she hopes when she is married, she never has to beg her husband to lay with her. "And that is all I'm going to say about that." 


[Big D is constantly begging Kyland for cuddles. -MamaLong]


SB continues to lament over her getting the money

Big D- at least it wasn't a trip. I was expecting a trip. 

SB says Alyssa got the best prize

Big D- a brand new phone and a brand new laptop and a phone call, and if you are here in 4 weeks you get a video...blew my mind....like WHAAAT?

SB- it was cool to play in an iconic BB comp


Here is a rundown of the Rewards/Punishments Competition:


Britini- PoV

Sarah Beth- 5K

Alyssa- new phone; new computer; phone call home; video in 4wks (if she is still there)

Kyland- punishment (details unknown but it's longer than Baby D's)

Claire- punishment (details unknown)

Baby D- 24 hour punishment as a bathroom commentator (he provided an example "Claire has been shitting for 10 minutes")



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3:35AM BBT

Baby D says good night to everyone and heads to bed in the HoHR. Tiffany is cuddled in bed with the lights still on

DX- you beat me up here. I was looking for you.

They begin their nightly planning meeting with chess board and all.

Tiffany is sleeping in the HoHR with Baby D tonight.

Tiff and Baby D agree that SB is good at manipulating and she is a threat, but Baby D says SB will go after targets that he doesn't want to or can't target himself. Baby D plans to propose to the Jokers a deal that he is not putting any of them on the block as a replacement if they offer him safety the next week. Tiff agrees that Big D is expecting to go up.


4:48AM BBT

SB and Ky decide to go to sleep. They tell each other "good job today." Before asking for he lights to be turned off Ky asks SB if she read the "The Alchemist...I want you read it so we can talk about it"

SB- I promise I will read it. Let's talk tomorrow.

Ky asks for the lights to be turned off and asks for SB to give him her hand "good plan"

They whisper

Sarge- Sarah Beth, please put on your microphone

They laugh

Ky- good night...we got this

SB- we got this


4:52AM BBT

The lights go out in sea glass bedroom and Ky whispers "thank you"


4:55AM BBT

They see Ky on spy cam moving about the house

Tiff- he can't be coming up here

Baby D- if he does, I'm turning off the lights

Tiff- oh, he heading to the bathroom


They have a near two hour long planning session and finally turn the lights off at 5:26AM.

Baby D- good night, Tiff

Tiff- Good night.....turn your brain off


It isn't long before Baby D is asleep, surely dreaming about his backdoor plan to evict Christian going off smoothly (he is a bit worried about repercussions but moving forward) and Tiffany is likely wishing she could have convinced him to oust SB instead, wanting Christian to stay as a shield for herself but also knowing DX and Christian would continue targeting each other down the line.


5:40AM BBT

The Big Brother House is dark and silent. Big D is dreaming of his next cigarette in the YBR with Azah sleeping soundly and Britini likely replaying her momentous veto performance on perpetual rewind in her blissful sleep. Alyssa and Christian are off camera doing who knows what. We can imagine Xavier is enjoying his week of safety and maybe dreaming about Whitney's voluptuous lips in the HNR. After hours of game chat and some cuddling, Ky and SB are sleeping in the sea glass bedroom in separate beds. Hannah and Claire are sleeping in the coral reef bedroom. 

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8:40AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping.


8:57AM BBT: Britini is up and out of bed. Kyland gets up but then decides to get back into bed. The rest of the house is still sleeping. 


9:03AM BBT: Britini is back in bed. 

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10:00AM BBT: Everyone is still asleep and the BB house is dark. 


10:03AM BBT: BB cuts to the WBRB for the morning wake up call. 


10:17AM BBT: The HGs are awake and moving around the KT. Britini starts singing songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, BB tells her to stop singing.


10:20AM BBT: Britini needs help putting an IcyHot pad on her neck, Claire says she'll help her but wants to see how Sarah Beth did hers first. BB cuts the feeds. 


10:17AM BBT: The HGs are awake and moving around the KT. Britini starts singing songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, BB tells her to stop singing.


10:24AM BBT: Azah and Derek F are mouthing and whispering in the YBR, Britini walks in and walks over to Azah, who whispers to her. It sounds like Azah is saying something about last night, "those two?" Britini asks. We can't hear Azah's response, but mentions Derek X and Hannah. "Everybody?" Britini asks. 


10:24AM BBT: BB tells Azah not to obstruct her microphone. Britini says they  have a "really solid five." Britini says they're going to control the vote this week. 


10:27AM BBT: Azah tells Britini not to trust everyone in the house. She says she doesn't know who mentioned Britini's name to Derek X. Kyland is called to the DR. 

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10:28AM BBT: Azah tells Britini to "just be very careful." No one says anything further. "Another day, guys," Derek F says. Claire walks into the KT where Xavier is. "Late night," Claire says. 


10:30AM BBT: Britini compares notes with Azah and Derek F about who knows what. Azah says Derek X told her that he wished he didn't win the HOH. She says that Derek X made a deal with Alyssa not to put her up. Britini shakes her head. 


10:31AM BBT: "The way she acted last night," Britini says. "She's a big baby," Azah says. Azah says when Alyssa started whining last night she almost had to "straighten her a** out." 


10:32AM BBT: Azah says Alyssa was very upset because the competition "wasn't fair" and that Alyssa was going to talk to the producers in the DR because it wasn't fair for her. 


10:32AM BBT: Azah says Alyssa needs to "grow the f**k up" because Britini won the VETO comp fair and square. Sarah Beth walks in, all game talk stops.


10:36AM BBT: Xavier whispers to himself in the gym. "That's what needs to happen," Xavier says, "gotta keep going to work." He starts working out. 


10:37AM BBT: Sarah Beth, Derek F, Britini, and Azah chat in the YBR. Xavier continues to work out. 


10:41AM BBT: Xavier is still in the gym, he goes through the upcoming vote with himself. He whispers while he works out by himself. 


10:45AM BBT: Sarah Beth and Britini leave the YBR. "She's a big ol' baby," Azah says. She wants Alyssa to go home, but wants to send Christian home first. Britini walks back in.


10:46AM BBT: Tiffany walks into the KT and starts to whisper with Claire, they don't get far as Sarah Beth walks in and they stop whispering. Sarah Beth says she was in the DR until 4AM. 


10:47AM BBT: Azah is very frustrated with Alyssa, says it's not productions fault that she lost the comp. "They were accommodating her so much," Azah says about Alyssa.


10:48AM BBT: Britini says when she won the VETO, instead of congratulating her, everyone ran over to Alyssa to see if she was so ok. Britini says that "showed" her all she "needs to know" about "those people." Azah agrees. Britini leaves. 


10:51AM BBT: Derek X joins Tiffany and Claire in the KT. Britini walks in and hugs Derek X. Derek X says he got out of the DR at 3AM and everyone was up late. 


10:53AM BBT: In the YBR, Derek F doesn't know what Derek X is going to do when Britini takes herself off. He says that Derek X has already promised Xavier and Alyssa and there aren't many other options.


10:53AM BBT: Azah tells Derek F that if Derek X puts either her or Derek F up, she'll go after him next week when she wins HOH. "No matter what," Derek F says, "he's going to get his hands dirty."

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11:07AM BBT

In the living room, Xavier is talking to Tiff and Claire about how his dad is the greatest man he has ever known. "If I can be half the man my dad is....that's my goal." Tiff says it's nice to hear that and Claire agrees. X says he wants to be a man his children and family can admire. Tiff tells X not to forget that he already has a nephew (she means her son). X says that if he really is like "this Christian, like she says" it will be great. Tiff says he is a more chill and that she knows he has been rooting for Xavier.


12:38PM BBT

Derek X has been quizzing Tiffany on her numbers in the living room since 11:40AM.


1:17PM BBT

Xavier and Azah are talking in the living room. They are discussing that they are both fine with voting out SB.


At the kitchen table, Britini and Christian are playing chess while DX, Kyland and Big D are chatting about Netflix shows.

Alyssa, Claire and Tiffany are in the kitchen chatting while Tiffany is prepping food on the counter.


In the HoHR, Hannah is preparing to take a shower but is waiting while Xavier uses the HoHR loo.

Hannah waves to the cameras while she waits, "Hi guys...I don't have anything to say. I don't know what you want from me, but we are gonna do Hot Takes with Hannah so get ready because it's going to be a juicy episode. It's a very busy week and you don't know what might happen. Also, if there is America's Player or America's Wish or America's vote I would really appreciate it if..."

*Cams switch to the kitchen so we miss this, but we know she is asking to get America's support instead of SB


1:23PM BBT

In the kitchen Claire is insisting everyone watch the Lego movies because they are "so, so good...all of them"

SB agrees. Big D is insisting they watch Boss Baby. Tiff says she has no desire to watch a baby. Claire agrees to watch Boss Baby if Big D promises to watch "The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie 2 and The Lego Batman....so good". Baby D has agreed to watch too. Big D says Boss Baby carried over to a Netflix show and was always in top 10.


1:34PM BBT

Tiff, Big D, Xavier, Claire and SB are talking about the Tiger King. Big D says she (Carole Baskin) killed her husband and buried him under the property. SB doesn't believe that happened. They continue debating the show and the people.

[I have never watched that documentary. My children warned me I would not like it, and I trust their opinion because they know me really well. -MamaLong]


Brit and Christian have moved their chess game to the living room (kitchen too distracting).


1:40PM BBT

Alyssa comes out of the DR telling Christian that they (production) can't make any promises, but she did request Kristin (as her phone call home for the reward she won in the veto comp)


1:46PM BBT

Xavier is chatting with Kyland while Ky is taking a shower  


The houseguests are still waiting for the backyard to open. The teardown from the HoH and veto comps is intense.

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The kitchen group is continuing to talk about documentaries and, specifically, cases where husbands killed the wives and/or children. Thankfully, BB knows I'm watching (as well as others bothered by the details) and moves all cams to X and Ky in the bathroom.


1:54PM BBT

In the kitchen, the cam returns to Tiffany saying they need to change the subject. (yes, please!)


Alyssa- when do you guys think we will get the backyard

DX- I don't know. Hopefully, soon. 

Derek X says he thinks it's raining "I just get that vibe"

Alyssa asks how he knows...did he wake up with his nipples tingling. (This gets more raunchy)


1:55PM BBT

DX is talking about the DR calling him back in for his punishment. "They have to do something."

A BB voice comes over the speakers "It is time for ..... to ....the latrine" (some of the announcement isn't audible because of loud HGs)

The houseguests begin oohing and ahhing and SB says "Oh nooooo"

Sarge- Derek X, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

*WBRB Bubbles


2:00PM BBT

In the living room, SB, Alyssa, X and are discussing that they have never seen an HoH not take a prize.

Alyssa- I requested Kristin for the call, the sain do promi... Cams move to the bathroom because Alyssa is talking about production)

Brit and Christian are moving to a bedroom...this is their 3rd relocation to play their chess game.

Christian says he can't focus on more than one thing at a time.

Big D- you know how he is Alyssa


The living room crew is waiting for DX to come out of the DR in his punishment costume.

Tiffany is playing with Xavier's nipple.



2:09PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles 


The feeds return to the HGs discussing morning music being Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bieber, Kesha , Sizza, The Weeknd remix and Outkast's Hey ya!


2:17PM BBT

Azah is complaining that everyone has been taking over her "chocolate cloud" for cuddling and she is not happy "because I discovered this land first....you guys came and pillaged him." 

[Big D has won best cuddler of the house this season]

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2:19PM BBT  Kyland and Brit are talking about Britini still being on a high from yesterday, "I can't wait for my family to watch it....my dad is gonna flip shit. My mom is gonna cry and my dad is gonna flip shit..... so I need the entire reaction of the episode recorded so I can see what's happening. I really can't believe it happened. That was insane yesterday."


2:33PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


2:35PM BBT

Feeds return to Ky and Brit now in the coral reef room (away from DX's punishment)  talking about the nominations and what the veto players said about using the veto should they win prior to the veto. Brit speaks directly about who said what. Ky uses his typical Ky-speak to share a few broken thoughts spread over a quadruple of the time needed to truly convey what could be said in just one quick sentence.


2:41PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles

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2:46PM BBT

DX is showing the HGs his costume. He is a royal court authority (or town crier) that must announce HGs in the bathroom. He has a trumpet and is in full monarch style attire from the 18th century.  

[Sorry! My computer died (RIP and I can no longer post pics   -MamaLong]

DX- When someone goes into the bathroom I have to blow the horn and announce like "Lord Kyland is using the latrine" then I can freestyle

Brit takes over the horn and starts playing. DX says he needs her to teach him how to play it. Several take their turn trying to blow the horn. Christian gets a run that everyone cheers for. DX says he loves the jazz freestyle.

All of the HGs are so excited for Derek X's punishment

DX asks if any of them need the restroom. Tiff says he can go pee if he wants. Claire says he will have plenty of opportunities to display his talents ove rhte next 24 hours. 


Alyssa needs to pee

DX- Come with me.

There is now a shed-style lock on the bathroom door and only Derek X has a key to allow HGs inside. DX has a staff with a plunger on the end. He tells Alyssa she has to say if it's number 1 or number 2.

DX- Lady Alyssa is using the porcelain throne. It is number one.

When Alyssa comes out he announces, "Lady Alyssa is done using the bathroom with a time of 32 seconds.....Lord Kyland is using the porcelain throne."

DX loves his costume and says he is wearing it on finale night.

DX is disappointed that his punishment is only 24 hours.


[The Royal Flush....bwahahahaha......gotta love how BB joins in with inside jokes.   -MamaLong]


Update on veto comp: it included 3 exercises called Block Burner; Booty Scooty 12 Thousand and the Denialator


3:12PM BBT

Britini is trying to make some slop food but realizes she can't have soy sauce

(She needs Da'Vonne's condiment recipe abilities)


Sarge- No Napping


3:13PM BBT

Sarge- you are not allowed to talk about production

Tiff- who is talking about production?


3:16PM BBT

In the living room, Kyland is trying to work out the knots in Alyssa's neck that she got from yesterday's veto comp. She is grimacing as he continues working the muscles


3:19PM BBT

Big D is announcing the order of the laundry: first the slime comp clothes then towels then dishrags then individual HG wash. Tiff asks about bedding. Big D says people should wash their bedding with their clothes.


3:21PM BBT

Big D has his lighter at the ready, so the backyard will soon open.

X- look, he has his lighter in hand...he's ready

Big D- I'm gonna light this whole house on fire. Be ready.

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3:25PM BBT

Xavier needs the bathroom and has to get DX from the HoHR. He escorts him to the loo downstairs and gets him started in the loo. X asks DX to blow the horn to muffle the sound of his blows. DX asks him if he has stage fright. After Xavier, Big D asks to be announced as King Derek. DX announces King Derek but BB is not satisfied with the volume of his announcements and requires he announce it louder. Alyssa is next for round 2. Immediately following is Lady Britini and then Lady Claire. DX is getting better at blowing the horn.


3:32PM BBT

Kyland and Xavier are talking game in the coral reef bedroom. Brit brought her slop meal to the bathroom to be able to chat game with DX.

Brit is explaining to DX that right after she won veto, no one was congratulating her. They were coddling Alyssa. Once they came in the house and while Brit was applying Icy Hot patches to Alyssa's neck, Alyssa was complaining about the comp not being fair "and I was right there taking care of her neck" Brit says she came and apologizing pretty much immediately saying that she was sorry for the way she acted because even if her helmet had fit, she knows Brit would have beat her. Brit says she doesn't think it was genuine...that it was more like damage control.


3:50PM BBT

DX- I need to tell you something. It cannot leave this room. Christian and Alyssa told me if they won HoH this week they were gonna nominate Jokers. 

Brit- Interesting. They are playing a solid game. Both of them are.

DX- so if Christian made you one week deal he has kept that deal.

Brit- true; interesting; INTERESTING

DX- Alyssa is the brains and Christian is the braun

Brit- true

DX- if we take out Alyssa, Christian is just floating

Brit- true

DX_-you take out Alyssa; he is coming for me and then you later; but if we take out Christian, Alyssa will try to come for us, but I don't think she will be able to beat us out in comps...definitely not all 7 of us. Christian could.

Brit- absolutely

DX says Alyssa will be mad but won't be able to do much about it

Brit- that's true...that's true. Damn! They are both good for different reasons.


Brit- It is crazy how two faced people can be in this house. I'm down (to evict Christian) DX and Brit make a pinky swear.

DX- We have you, Big D, Azah, I feel we have Tiff and Claire

Hannah comes in for the porcelain throne. BB asks DX to be louder. DX says he can't...he literally can't. He has to repeat the announcement.

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4:00PM BBT

All cams are on Azah and Kyland in the storage room playing Find Ky's Words. Azah is struggling with understanding what Ky is trying to say. [So am I  -MamaLong]


4:06PM BBT

The backyard is now open. Big D is smoking a cig on the backyard couch while Tiff is telling him "Don't worry about it"


4:10PM BBT

Big D says he is excited for Claire's punishment because they will get a deck of cards and the backyard will be open until at least Wednesday


Tiffany is commenting on the flies that are bugging her. Big D says it's so bad he may go inside.


[Many think flies are a bad omen. I choose to see flies form the positive side of things: they are symbolic in that they are trying to tell us to look at things from all perspectives, being that they have 4 to 4.5 optical lenses.  -MamaLong]


Talk in the backyard turns to the Kardashians and Blac Chyna. 



4:20PM BBT

Brit realizes the backyard is open and runs outside yelling  "S U N S H I N E"

Tiff- oh God


4:25PM BBT

Tiffany has finished her visit to the porcelain shrine. DX is doing too good of a job with this punishment. It is definitely not really a punishment for him (yet). Kyland corners Tiff on her way out of the bathroom and asks to speak with her. They go to the coral reef bedroom.


Kyland wants to make sure "his logic matches his preference" Tiffany keeps getting distracted then apologizes to Ky for not paying attention. She finally settles to listen [I understand her strife.  -MamaLong, who is just keeping it real for Kyland is an absolute doll and I really do like him even if my comments may seem to be giving him a hard time. When I transcribe, I do it with truth]


Big D interrupts their conversation then apologizes saying he will come back.

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4:32PM BBT

They can hear DX coming with his horn blowing. He opens the door and announces "C O N S P I R I N G!" (Tiff adds "yes, about you") then closes the door and blows his horn while traveling in another direction.


4:44PM BBT

Hannah, SB and Baby D are in the HoHR. Derek X asks SB if she turns 28 at midnight. SB says yes but they didn't get her a cake. Baby D suggests maybe someone took it. He offers his cheesecake which she declines. Baby D is chowing on his Oreo Cheesecake. SB doesn't like Oreos.


4:57PM BBT

Tiff is crying to Ky (not sure if this is real or a diversion to get out of the conversation)

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7:00 PM BBT

For the past hour, Tiffany, Xavier, Claire and Hannah have been participating in a nice workout in the backyard.

Christian joined in on some parts of the workout, as well, but pretty much was doing his own thing. Azah has been watching.

Brit and Kyland have been participating in an intense game of chess in the kitchen for the past hour.


Derek X has been handling his Lord of the Latrine duties.


SB and Big D have been doing laundry.


I do not know what Alyssa has been doing. Seriously.


7:34PM BBT

Sarah Beth has been wanting to go to bed early because she claims she didn't get any sleep last night. She tells Azah that Kyland was upset with her for not wanting to stay up for her birthday. Azah asks if she has a cake, and she says her birthday is not a secret, but she has no cake.

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Azah is telling SB that she would have taken the money.

SB is explaining to Azah in the YBR how she never expected DX to leave her with a punishment on her birthday  "I mean I think I was a little bit surprised. I didn't think initially he was gonna take it. I just thought, I don't know, maybe I'm naive but I mean the dude put me up for eviction. I'm on the block. It's not looking good for me; it's my birthday. I thought he is not gonna be that mean to me and give me a punishment and take the money. That would make him look like a villain. I don't know if you were able to hear it, but he was like 'I'm gonna take the 5 thou'..he almost said it....but production stopped him because he wasn't standing in the right place or something. So I had a split second to think about it and was like he is gonna take this from me and I want it.  I don't want him to take this, so I mouthed please don't take it, and I was already crying."  

Azah says they were all watching from the balcony thinking "this is an individual game"

SB says if she was HoH and she had put someone on the block and they didn't get veto, "I would not have taken the money from them. I wouldn't have done it."

Azah- I know I talk all this shit but (in that situation) I don't know if I would be Sarah Beast or Sarah Beth.


7:49PM BBT

SB is alone in the YBR now.

Big D walks into the YBR to find SB crying real tears

Big D- are you okay? Come here. What's wrong? What's wrong?You are in your feelings.

SB- I'm okay..I was just talking to Azah. She was comforting me and stuff. I just got a little upset in my head, but I'm gonna pull it together

Big D tells her she has to fight for herself "I know it's not easy, but you gotta fight...at the end of the day, you only have yourself...you got your friends and family at home.... You came in here a bad bitch. The only people that matter are your family and friends at home. Everyone in here is public enemy number one.... All of us are just 16 strangers. We all want to win some prizes. Whatever you got to do to get there...GET THERE. Don't let anybody control your game. You control your game. Teams are over. It's an individual game. I love you guys. As I told the team... I love you guys and will help you however I can."


SB says she is excited for his next show

Big D says it's time for HIS show. "Who cares what Hot Takes with Hannah have to say!?"

SB- Hannah got her start on your show, didn't she?

Big D- a spin off. She tried to get a pin off.

Big D is talking smack about Hannah's show and how it has the worst producer (Xavier).

Big D starts calling Xavier "player...peasant"

X- I ain't no Joke. I'm a King. I'm out here doing what I does.

Big D let's out a big sigh "I don't talk to peasants


Big D whispers 'WHat do you think will happen?"

X- I don't know




7:55PM BBT

Tiffany is in the shower and whispering with Lord of the Latrine every now and then.

DX leaves saying, "Thank you Lady Tiffany. Lady of the slowest bowel movements."

Tiff- Oh my God

DX heads to the kitchen to scope out dinner


7:56PM BBT

DX runs back in the bathroom, "Lady Tiffany, I forgot some pertinent information."

Tiff- Yes, Lord Latrine

DX says when he was with their friends (production) doing his Twitter questions, he asked if he could tell others

*Camera moves to cut off this forbidden conversation about production


In the YBR, Big D and X are talking about how they need Jokers' votes, so they won't mistreat the Jokers.

Big D- they are gonna keep us around because we can't win shit. I'm gonna run to the bank and cash that check.

They start laughing.


8:08PM BBT

DX is doing a model walk in the kitchen for Claire and Hannah. They keep telling him "hit, hit" as he struts along.  [He really is great  -MamaLong]

DX checks on the pasta that  Azah has been making


8:10PM BBT

The camera moves to the Have-Not room where Alyssa is on top of Christian under the sheets. He begins discussing an intimate situation from home and the camera moves back to Xavier and Big D about to play pool in the backyard.

Big D- Damn! My last two cigarettes.

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8:12PM BBT

Britini comes out and as Big D is sorting the balls in the triangle rack. Big D says "oh no." Brit says there are no more teams and now he doesn't want her around. Brit snatches the triangle and starts sorting the balls herself as if he had no idea what he was doing. Big D looks at her with big eyes then back and forth between X and Brit. X says "basically the way you did it was fucked up. That's what I'm seeing."   Britni is playing commentator on the side while the boys play. 


8:15PM BBT

The cam switches back to the HNR where Alyssa and Christian are discussing what they will say to people who hit on them outside of the house.

Alyssa is quizzing Christian by pretending to be a girl hitting on him and then gives him a chance to respond. Every response he provides ends with ...."my girlfriend" making it clear he is committed to her. 


8:21PM BBT

In the hammock, Kylandis trying to convince her that she is not in danger.

SB- Tiffany said she will keep me?

Ky- absolutely

SB- Claire said she will keep me?

Ky- absolutely

SB-  Big D said he will keep me?

Ky- less enthusiastically, but yes..just kidding...YES because Azah and Tiffany are.

*WBRB Bubbles


8:25PM BBT

Tiffany and Hannah are talking about the Cookout in the bathroom. They are talking about what to do if Britini figures out the Cookout and tries to blow it up. Talk moves to Kyland and how he makes assumptions that he knows everything SB is thinking. "How do he know her? Every time he got an answer, I got an answer."


8:30PM BBT

Back at the hammock, SB is telling Kyland how Shelly is such a great cook and likes to make really cute food that tastes good.


[I'm out for the night y'all. I have to report back to school tomorrow for teacher inservice. Students return on the 18th, so you'll see fewer updates from me beginning tomorrow. PinkTee said she will try to fill in the holes. I'll still post when I can. AND, you know grannysue1154 will be here soon with your late night updates. Time for me to get some sleep.  -MamaLong]

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8:37pm Big Brother Time

Xavier and Hannah are in the HOH room talking about Hannah's Hot Takes show.
Hannah is looking for a camera, she says “Do the camera's not care?”
The cameras move to show Hannah.

 In the back yard Big D and Britini are on the patio, Azah is just leaving as she play-fights with Big D.

Cameras move to Kyland and Sarah Beth on the Hammock.
Kyland is telling a story (about a movie, a book, a conversation?) and he uses Kyland-isms while he relates it to himself.

Hannah and Xavier are doing Hannah's Hot Takes now in the HOH room.
They are talking about house guests who have been on the show this season and also in past seasons.
They are discussing the types of game play, Hannah doesn't know any cameras are on her at all,
and Before you know it, they are not!

Camera moves to the Kitchen area. Azah and Little Lord Fauntleroy  (hahaha, sorry Derek X) are cooking. Azah is giving him instructions to reduce the marinara in whatever it is they are making.

(Calling someone Little Lord Fauntleroy is saying they are very polite and well dressed. I used to refer to my sons as such when they were dressed up for church, or a party, or a big family day., the rest of the time when they were dressed like ragamuffins with dirty faces, I called them other things   :)  Love you boys, best sons ever!--Grannysue)

Azah is adding some of those penne noodles to a sauce that looks much like Alfredo. While they cook other house guests travel through the dining area. A smaller pan might possibly be for Britini as a gluten free option.  Kyland and Claire have come in to the kitchen to help, Kyland make a joke about the bread.

Kyland, “Is the bread rising?” Claire mumbles what sounds like “maybe”, Kyland says, “well, isn't it the third day?” 
(Grannysue smiles, “good one Kyland.”

On the camera I am not watching at 11:56pm
Tiffany has gone to the Have Not Room and interrupted Alyssa and Christian's canoodling session.
She has seen Kyland and Sarah Beth hugging in the hammock, she went and got Claire to go look as well.  Tiffany says it was the longest hug, Sooo she went and got Derek X to show him.  Derek X got his horn then sneaked up on them and blew the horn. She says they were startled, the hug was broken, Derek X fell to the ground. Everyone laughed.

Alyssa tells Tiffany they want to evict Sarah Beth on Thursday, but they cannot tell Derek X, because he will tell Kyland.  Tiffany says to tell her right before the vote so she has no time to go to anyone else about it.  Tiffany agrees.

They begin talking about the double eviction and realize that 5 votes will be needed each week. First eviction will have to be 5/4, then second will have to be 5/3 to avoid a tie.
They plan to put up Kyland and Derek X in the first.
Then the second eviction could be the remaining person and Hannah
Christian mentions Sarah Beth, Britini, and Baby D as possibilities.

They say that getting Kyland out in the first eviction will keep him from denying any story they tell for the second eviction.
Tiffany says taking Kyland out will force Derek X to make his own decision.

They continue to talk about their strategy, (which is pure speculation on their part at this point.)

They finalize their plan to tell house guests shortly before the vote that they are voting Sarah Beth out. Everyone leaves the Have Not Room together.

Christian hears what they are making downstairs, “ugghhggh. Are you kidding me?”. He goes back to the Have Not Room.
(Christian is a Have Not)

Tiffany goes to an empty bedroom and asks if we heard the conversation in the Have Not Room.
She says she got too much information, she felt like Johnny Mac with all her “duhh and okays.”
Tiffany says that they are back dooring Christian on Thursday, Xavier understands the plan and knows it is the path to the six.
But Christian and Alyssa have an elaborate plan to eliminate people from the game, not knowing that  Christian will not be here after Thursday.
Tiffany says that Derek X is right,(about Alyssa and Christian targeting him). she adds that she will never vote to evict him. Either she will be on the block with him or vote to evict anyone next to him. Christian wants DX gone, and Alyssa wants Kyland gone.
When they get rid of Christian on Thursday, the next HOH competition will happen but Alyssa cannot win this one because she wants Derek X and Kyland gone. There is no option for Alyssa to win this one, but when someone a house guest is close to goes home the person remaining in the game gets fired up to win.  Alyssa says that is just history of the game.
She goes on to say that the replacement nominee in Alyssa and Christian's plan would be Azah.  Tiffany says that in light of all this information, Alyssa needs to be out of the house before Sarah Beth, and that was not in her plan.
Sarah Beth has made herself the house target because of the 5k, she faked tears to get Kyland to not take it,  he was manipulated becausue he is such a sweet person,  but Kyland needed it too.

Cameras move to the kitchen.

Tiffany has come to the kitchen dining area and she is counting fish and sharks while she wanders around looking at the food being cooked.
Tiffany keeps yelling at the “Lord”. (it took me a minute there, but she is yelling at Derek X). Kyland is calling Derek X the “Lord of the Latrine”.

Britini is trying to blow Derek X's horn, a couple of times, then she has it. And she does it LOUD!!! (Take that thing outside young lady,--Grannysue)

Derek X is hoping he gets to keep the outfit he is wearing, (I wouldn't know whatever for, that style is not coming back anytime soon)

Azah tells them that at the “vacation home” before they came into the house she was able to have two single serve bottles of wine every day, all she had to do was ask for them.  The others say they had no idea, Big D says he would have stocked them up and “got lit”.
Tiffany is telling Claire about the conversation she had earlier.
Claire says “they are so isolated they have no idea what is going on.”
Tiffany says she is right, she found them in the Have Not Room.
Tiffany says she told them she would tell Claire, but knew she would be telling her something that will never happen.

Tiffany plans to have a gasp or face fall or something at the veto meeting. They are worried about where to sit, not beside Alyssa, but not across from her either. Tiffany says maybe further down. Tiffany, “What kind of people are we?” Alyssa says when it happens Claire and her need to go to Alyssa and show surprise.

They agree to talk to Derek X so they can help him figure out how to go about it.

Claire says “I think our planting seeds against Sarah Beth might have been too effective.”  Tiffany falls over.

They tell each other that they are a little worried about the vote because there are people that like her but don't necessarily want to keep her in the game. Tiffany says Sarah Beth is a house target anyway, keeping her this week isn't a problem. They plan to talk to Sarah Beth in the event there aren't votes to send her out. They plan to be careful how they approach her, they don't want her to think she has votes and stop trying.

Claire says Derek X wants Alyssa to go next, before Sarah Beth. Tiffany says she was also thinking along those lines.

Derek X comes into the room with Tiffany and Claire. Tiffany says Xavier knows Christian going is best for his game. She tells Derek X to go to him and talk to him to position that. Tiffany asks if Derek X plans to tell Christian he is leaving, Derek X says he will tell Alyssa about 15 minutes before the vote. He says he is fine with Alyssa telling Christian, she can do what she wants with the information.
Derek X says he is curious to see if Alyssa cuts ties with Christian when she learns he is going to be evicted.

Derek X says he is comfortable with Britini winning the next HOH.

Tiffany says Kyland asked her how she would feel if Christian went on the block and she asked him why he is asking her, it was Derek X's decision. Derek X says he thinks Kyland is feeling people out and Xavier is one of the people Derek X asked him to do it. 
Tiffany tells Derek X to talk to Xavier, let him know what he is thinking about doing (he can't say he IS doing it). 
Derek X agrees that is a good idea, it will smooth it over and make Xavier feel like he is in the loop.

Derek X says he is going to tell them that Britini was his plan for eviction, but when she won veto he felt this was an opportunity he has to take.
Tiffany tells Derek X to ask Xavier's advice about how to handle Alyssa in this situation, it will make him think he is helping.
She tells him to make sure he knows he is putting Xavier in “this position”, and illustrate his position.

Tiffany emphasizes that Derek X should not tell Xavier the decision is solid, just very heavily considered. She says to make sure to tell Xavier that he (Derek X) wants to work with him. Tiffany tells him to do it soon, Xavier is on slop and will not be eating dinner and may go to bed early

Derek X leaves on his mission.  The girls giggle. Claire wants to see the script!  Derek X has stopped by the kitchen to check in.
He knows Xavier is in the HOH room with Hannah right now, he mentioned that a few minutes ago.

Morty, i fixed above Time Stamp...forgot to fill in the reason blank

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10:12 Big Brother Time

Bubbles stops by

10:13 Big Brother Time

Kyland and Azah are deciphering a recipe. They are making a meringue with  a whip and trying to figure out when to put it on.  They are making a key lime pie.

Derek X is cutting the chicken, food is coming out of the oven. Egg whites continue to be beaten. (a little sugar and cream of tartar make it go faster—Grannysue)

Derek X goes to get the horn, Claire is going to use it. Claire, “I hope I don't blow it.” Off they go up the stairs, blowing the horn.
Derek X, “Dinner.” 

Christian says it looks good, smells good, he says he might risk it.  He says, “If I get back doored tomorrow I am going to just go for it.”
(and may your fondest wish be granted)
While the dining area begins to fill with house guests we hear loud yelling somewhere in the house. 
Big D, “They told me you have to scream louder, Alyssa.”

House guests are telling Alyssa it isn't very good. (to themselves they say it is great). Tiffany proposes marriage to anyone who was in the kitchen cooking.

Christian, Alyssa and Xavier are in the back yard together.  
Alyssa says Derek X, for sure, is putting Big D up.
Xavier tells them to let the Jokers come to them because of the conversation Sarah Beth and Britini had a talk earlier. Xavier says Britini probably told Azah and Big D.
Christian say he thinks he can get Britini to tell him about it.
Xavier wants to create a situation where Jokers come to them. Christian says he will get Britini to tell him tonight.  
Xavier says to wait until the veto meeting to do that.

This plan is contingent on Big D being the replacement nominee.
Xavier says he is going inside to be social.  Alyssa says she has not been social all day, Christian doesn't count.
They continue their game of billiards.

They have decided to have a “sloppy date'. Sloppy clothes, eating slop in a sloppy room.  They decide to do it tomorrow, ask Xavier to make it and deliver it to them.  (And for Heaven's sake, they want it to not be noticeable—good grief)

Cameras move to Sarah Beth talking to Xavier in the hallway bedroom, then back to the yard.

Kyland has to go to the loo.  Derek X goes with him carrying his horn.
Derek X, “Kyland is going to the latrine” 
Sarge, “louder”
Derek X “Kyland is going to the latrine, gosh dang it.”
Sarge giggles

Derek X continues his commentary. Reporting number of “courtesy flushes”, smells, sounds etc.
Derek X washes Tiffany's hands.

Kyland comes out of the loo.
Derek X, “You got a little on your beard too.
Kyland laughs.

Alyssa tries to blow horn...fail
Tiffany tries to blow horn..fail

Sarah Beth asleep in the midst of this.

In the back yard Alyssa is asking Britini who is going up, Britini says he doesn't say, but she thinks it will be Big D or Azah tomorrow.
Britini says she tried to talk to him and gauge something, but he was keeping it to his chest.

In the kitchen area Derek X and Tiffany are fooling around with the horn, marching around.

Azah is telling about some girls bullying her, Azah says she had no neighborhood friends.  Azah says the girl pushed her three times  but before she ends her tale cameras move to 

Derek X and Tiffany practicing their model smiles.   
Step 1:  smile without using your eyes
Step 2: raise your eyebrows
Step 3: end your smile.
(I know you youngns did this. :)-Grannysue)

Azah's story ends with they never spoke to me again.  Someone mentions she may have committed a felony, she says since then she has not laid a hand on anyone.

Kyland is telling a story about someone bullying him as well by throwing him down stairs.

(Children, it is never okay to bully another person, and if you see someone being bullied, hurry to an adult you trust and tell them about it. If you are the bullied person, please tell an adult as soon as you can. And, if you feel that adult is not listening to you, tell another adult. Never stop saying something.  I know none of you darlings would ever be disrespectful to your mates.--Grannysue)

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11:09 Big Brother Time

Xavier tells about his school life. We can just say he seemed to have quite a few physical retaliations, and leave it there.

He talks about some things that happened, and Kyland says, “Have you talked to anyone about these things?”
Everyone laughs, but Kyland was probably pretty seriously asking.

11:18pm Big Brother Time

Bubbles interrupts for just a minute, the stories are still being told.
Bubbles pops up again, possibly because of the stories, let's go with that. She doesn't like these stories much.

11:23pm Big Brother Time
Kyland is cleaning up, Xavier is still telling stories in the background.  Big Brother lowers his microphone a little.
Sarah Beth is eating leftover casserole from the baking dish. (Big party foul here, is why we have plates punkin.)
Now she sticks her fork into the sliced chicken.  (I swear youngns' I am slapping her hands away in my head -Grannysue)

Kyland has gone to the storage room to struggle with the meringue. Kyland gives up after a few minutes, goes to the fridge, and leaves with a handful of groceries.

Camera shows baking dish with leftover casserole in it, there is quite a bit left and Sarah Beth is gone.

Stories in the background about childhoods and punishments continue while Kyland mixes a chocolate cake mix and Alyssa sweeps the kitchen floor.

Bubbles comes back, this time for an extended period.

11:54pm Big Brother Time

Britini is talking to Azah.
She is upset because Christian hasn't even talked to her.
Azah says just continue to be kind, she tells Britini said everyone in that jury had someone to help them except Britini. She was alone in that competition after Claire dropped out.
Britini says she didn't feel safe this week, she decided to go for it.
Azah says people in this game play for themselves, they forget that other people don't play for them.

Azah says she is pretty sure Derek X is going to put up Christian, and Britini is on board to vote him out.
Azah tells her to play the 'I don't know anything.” game, and they will send Christian home.

Britini says she asked Alyssa how she felt about the Jokers, she says Alyssa gave her a non-answer.
Azah says Alyssa and Christian are pushing for a Joker to go up, she says they send Alyssa home as soon as possible.
Britini says the only King she doesn't have an eerie feeling about is Xavier.

Tiffany comes to tell Azah that it is close to midnight and the pie is almost ready.

Britini tells Tiffany she can't figure out who is going up in her place, she says Derek X wouldn't tell her anything.
Tiffany says “as long as it ain't me.”
Britini tells Tiffany “we need to win the HOH.”.

Azah is finishing up the meringue on the key lime pie, and Kyland tells her there is a gluten free chocolate cake in the oven for Britini.

Xavier and Kyland go into the lavatory area to get Sarah Beth. Christian comes out of the shower flipping his hair.
They pick Sarah Beth up to their shoulders to carry her to the kitchen. Derek X is blowing the horn while they make a grand entrance.
Everyone sings the Happy Birthday song for her, then cheer.  They chant ages until they get to her age, then cheer again.

12:07am MONDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

Hugs all around for Sarah Beth. One on one hugs.

Bubbles enters the house, she has never been one to miss a party.

And with that my dears, it is time for bed.  I have old lady aches today and the comfort of my bed seems like just what I need.
Do something nice for someone today, and when you do, please think of me.  I could use the good thoughts.--Goodnight dears, 
hugs from Grannysue.  

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