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Sunday, July 25, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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The feeds return from WBRB Bubbles


12:11AM BBT

Britini and Xavier are having animated game of pool in the backyard. (Xavier is one of the few that frequently beats Britini at pool.)




Brent and Alyssa are talking at the backyard chaises. 


Brent- Unfortunately, beauty brings hate and jealousy

Alyssa- There are plenty of pretty girls in this house. Why is it all on me? (the guy's attention)

Brent- Yes and no. It's all about preference with a lot of people. You are an aesthetically easy person to look at, but you have a personality.

Alyssa- But every girl here is pretty and has a personality. That's why they are in this game.

Brent- Whitney is too temperamental.

Alyssa- What does that mean?

Brent- her temper is all over the place. Azah is a beautiful girl, but she's set in her ways, reserved. She's always studying.

Alyssa- so because I'm pretty and like ot talk about poop

Brent- you're more outgoing in the house. You are the female version of me as far as personality. You're engaging and it gets people to like you. You don't just have to have the face to get the attention. 

Alyssa- so should I not be as social as I am?

Brent- I don't think that's good for for your game...not being social

Alyssa- So what am I supposed to do?  So, it's not fair from the beginning for me.

Brent- Unfortunately, with Christian saying in front of all the guys in the house  

Alyssa- you said X said something about me

Alyssa- you said that you possibly know who Derek's type is (Baby D)

Brent- yeah, it's you

Alyssa looks shocked- WHY?

Brent- Yo! She's over here being so naive

Alyssa- I thought Derek's type was Hannah

Brent- oh Hannah is fine as help, but she's walls up. Hannah likes me and I like her, but we're not compatible.

Alyssa- when did Derek say that about me?

Brent- from the beginning

Alyssa- Oh he just said I was his type

Brent- he said he was too attracted to you, he goes 'I'm really attracted to Alyssa, so going to use the veto on Alyssa'

Alyssa- he was just messing around

Alyssa- you said X said something about me; Oh you said that he said there was someone he was interested in

Brent- oh I knew from the beginning.

Alyssa- Why?

Brent- Look Alyssa, I haven't been wrong about much in this game. If I tell you something it's because I read the room, looked at their mannerisms, read their body language

Alyssa- So what was his to tell you it was me

Brent explains that people change when around someone they are attracted to. Their body language opens up, eyes light up...swallows deep, clear your throat to get ready to make conversation. "Those subtle things tell you who is important to whom." Brent goes on to tell Alyssa that when she walks in a room Christian lights up.

Alyssa- I feel like I came into this game already with unfairness

Brent- you did it right with me in the beginning

Alyssa- What do you mean?

Brent says she looked at him in a certain way when he smiled at her and he knew not to waste his time

Alyssa- Oh I was snotty? I'm sorry! I'm sorry I seemed like a bitch.

Brent- no it just told me not to engage with you; why waste my time


Brent says to Alyssa that she "aggravated right now" noting the way she is sitting with her legs crossed away from him. She says she is cold and tired. "You're not relaxed or your legs would be more open and free....respectfully, of course."

Brent- This is my last week in the house.

Alyssa- Why do you think that? You have us... I mean...the alliance.

Brent- I don't want to say it and put in into the world 

Alyssa- Don't overthink it. Why are you worried? About your team?

Brent_ I can trust you, wholeheartedly,  right?

Alyssa- yeah; you're making me nervous

Brent- I just don't think X is going to want our alliance to work.

Alyssa- Okay; and he can't even vote.

Brent- But, he can veto

Alyssa- he made it seem like he does not want the veto used

Brent- He is spending a lot of time with Big D and Azah

Alyssa- He has been vague with me so I've been vague with him...he said he is going to have one-on-ones but, as of now, he said he wants noms to stay the same.

Brent- good...good

Alyssa-I'll tell you if he says anything otherwise

Brent- I need you to give me a heads up l

Alyssa- I don't know why he would do otherwise

Brent- Because he could be building something with the three wanderers (Jokers) and he is going to be their leader; doesn't have to worry about me anymore; Puts me and Derek up; He would have a team of 4; My team has three....I just need you to not say one goddamned thing

Alyssa- nope; I'm not going to do that

Brent- because he would come after me

Alyssa- I won't say a thing

Brent- Look at me; if he tries to get Christian to use it, you have to tell Christian not to

Alyssa- I know

Brent-I don't want to look like a fucking idiot; I really really really trust you; I really do

Alyssa- I hope so

Brent- I hope you trust me too...I worked my balls off to keep you, Derek and Ky off the block

Alyssa- I know

Brent- X is acting weird with me and Britini is acting too happy

Alyssa- the thing with Britini is I've told her relax because the worst thing she can do is freak out; this is her game play; her game play is her social game. She hasn't won comps.  Alyssa takes a deep breath and says she feels better.

Brent- good

Alyssa- it just sucks to be targeted day 1 because of the way I look

Brent- that's life

Alyssa-wait, Derek X likes me?

Brent- Yeah

Alyssa- He is so cute;I try to flirt with him all the time; he gets so awkward

Brent- I don't get it; I'm curious. I am the biggest flirt in the house, but you don't like when I flirt with you.

Alyssa- I'm saying I like to flirt with Derek because he gets really scared and awkward; he flirts back with me

Brent- true


[For a guy Alyssa claims she can't stand being around, she sure enjoys sitting with him and hearing all about herself.  -MamaLong]



12:23AM BBT

Brit is now playing Brit at the pool table after losing to Xavier. Brit says, "I have to actively train to beat you X"

X- I'm not that good

Brit- that's not true




12:24AM BBT

Camera moves to the Poker Parlor where Hannah and Baby D are 

Derek X- at some point they are gonna try to take us out

Hannah- It's just a matter of when

Derek X-- we need to make sure we have the numbers

Hannah- for when that happens, yeah

Derek X- because in all honesty, we are gonna go up on the block

Hannah- eventually

Derek X- I'll be able to win the veto, though

Hannah- Brent was saying the comps get more physical as we go along and I was like, it doesn't work that way

Derek X- they get more and more memory comps

Hannah- you didn't watch season 14, but Ian didn't win any of the comps pre-jury; post jury; I think he has the IQ of genius; he was 21 at the time - youngest winner of all time. Post jury?  I think he won like 5 comps:  3 HoH and two vetoes and the final HoH...because memory was his thing

Derek X- wow

Hannah- that's how all the greats won this game: Dan, Derrick, Ian, even Nicole Franzel

Derek X- nothing pre jury?

Hannah- none of them with the exception of Rachel Reilly won anything pre jury

Derek X- and here I am with two veto wins; like fuuuuuuuuck

Hannah- well, you just have to lay low. I think for you, it is definitely smart to throw the HoH comp. For me, I don't want to have to take that shot 

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1:30am-2:00am BBT: Claire and Sarah talk about who will play the Wild Card comp next week and Sarah says she will have to play against ,not for sure and the other teams will have to pick between Xavier/Alyssa  and Azah/ Derek F. Sarah says she will need to win that comp. IN the YBR Britini is crying telling Azah and Derek F she wants off the block because she says everyone is scared of everyone in this house, Derek F. Wants to yell at people but says he can not blow their game up in here. Britini continues her crying says she can not win anything in this house.

2:00am-2:30am BBT :Derek F and Azah, Britini Still talking in the YBR and Azah gets upset and says she was not raised this way and turns her head, Derek F tells her to stay with him and listen and she says she just wants to go to bed for the night as Derek F continues to give them a pep talk and keep their heads in the game .Brent comes in and out of the YBR saying he is Hungry and leaves the room. Derek F , Azah and Britini now going to sleep in the YBR with the lights out. Brent goes to the HOHR talking to Xavier about the comp today and how it made him so sick and nauseous .Brent then tells Xavier that Britini scared him in that comp and how she performed.

2:30am-3:00am BBT: Tiffany now in the HOHR talking to Xavier About Britini and how she has been crying, Clair comes in to get her water and stays to listen and talk, They then talk about Hannah being so smart in this game and how Allyssa does not like Christian the way Christian likes Alyssa, Tiffany says Alyssa is using him is all. They talk about Alyssa and Hannah being so smart at this game.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Tiffany and Claire head too the HNR where Kyland is and they talk about How Hannah told Claire she wants Alyssa and Christian and the Xavier. They then talk about needing Derek X on their side as a number, Talk goes to  wanting to see and win Endurance comps, Kyland says the next one has to be endurance as they all say goodnight and get into bed. All lights out in the BB House and HG are all sleeping.

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12:37AM BBT

Xavier is asking Tiffany about the conflict between her and Azah

Tiffany explains First of all, it started before the competition yesterday. I don't know if I told you she checked me on how I played that competition...that me and Derek where targeting Britini. I noticed she wasn't talking to me and then heard she was mad as she was watching the comp.  After noms, she came up to talk to me and said 'I want to know why you and Derek were targeting Britni.'

Xavier- that was her being emotional

Tiffany says she has been emotional about everything "That's my girl, but I need her to understand that's how I play my game. I play to win. But it was very confrontational."

X- we need to make sure; there should not be any hostility

Tiffany- listen; when we were on the couch just now, she said I feel bad for Brent. I said I felt bad for him, too. She said she didn't understand why everyone was being fake because he knows he is the target. I told her you have to play the game. He thinks he has the votes to stay. Let him think he has the votes to stay. And she was looking at me like I don't play that way. Like I can't say anything right. Everything I say is wrong. We are playing a fucking game. Either you have game or you don't. Because I am playing a game and she is taking it personal...I am just really done. She has no respect my game. She doesn't understand me, period. She is not going to vote for me in the end. She would get my vote because it's just a game to me. 

Xavier- just be as cordial as possible. 

Xavier says they have to play the game and if Azah doesn't want to be fake she can let them do that. He says he talked to her and told her she needed to get better at that (not taking things personal)



1:14AM BBT

Whitney is in the HoHR talking with Xavier about meeting guys and she will approach them, not afraid to make the first move.

X- Women! Women! Take notes! If you are a woman and you are interested in a guy and you approach him first, that is very attractive to a man because that doesn't happen very frequently. In my adult life, that has happened..... I could count on my hands how many times.  Women don't openly approach men often.  It is rare. Very rare. And it makes the man feel good. You will find your success rate with men skyrocketing.




They begin role playing being in a bar and approaching people they are interested in.


Xavier pretends he has had too much to drink. "Stop, stop. If you get any closer I'm gonna fall over." She asks him to take his hat off. He throws it across the room. "I'm gonna show you how I get down at the bar when I am with my crew."




Whitney says she would be with her friends and make eye contact with him. She would play with her straw and smile at him. She would walk to the the restroom and stay for a minute then come back out and pass by him.


Xavier- That wouldn't work on me. You didn't wash your hands. No! No! You're nasty. You have let all America know you are touching them with your pee hands.


Whitney gets mad and goes to wash her hands.


They continue their role play.   


[I'm not impressed and it sure seems X isn't either.  -MamaLong]


Right after Whitney meets with X, she goes to the backyard and tells Derek X & Brent that the plan is going perfectly. 


2:33AM BBT


Tiffany and Claire are talking alone in the Have-Not Room. They are reviewing their plan and speculating about what's to come.


Claire- Britini is absolutely working with Whitney. I feel like she absolutley; she must be. Whitney thinks she is. They could be lying. Who knows.

There are very loud noises coming from the walls (production) It sounds like the walls are being torn down

Claire- But Whitney is convinced that Britini is going after Alyssa, Christian...some combination of the Kings, or any of the Aces would go after the Kings. Hannah is convinced of the same thing. That's why she wants to throw it to them. She doesn't want to throw it to just anyone. She wants to throw it to the Jokers.

Tiff- Well, we don't know if this is true

Claire- We don't. I didn't tell her who I'd want but she tried to play the: who would you want out? game

Tiff- it was just you and Hannah?

Claire- It was me, Hannah and Derek X and Whitney came up

Tiff- I don't like that. They are too close. Hannah should never ask me anything in front of Whitney....becasue you don't know what I want said in front of Whitney. Just like with me, you and Sarah Beth. So, I'm definitely not gonna say 'Claire just said...' I DON'T like that!

Claire shays she thinks she fucked up and told them I do think a Kings should go and it might not be awful if a Joker wins.  I said Azah. Tiff asks why is that a fuck-up? Claire says that if Whitney thinks Azah is working with them. Tiff says she seriously doubts azah is working with them and that she was wanting her to say Alyssa and Christian.

Claire- absolutely

Tiff- I don't see Hannah have anything with Christian

Claire says that Hannah talks with Christian every night about BB getting advice

Tiff- she has a lot of game going on (Hannah wants to work with Christian)

Claire- I know....she could say Alyssa/Christian but she could also say Sarah Beth because she knows I'm tight with Sarah Beth...She straight up said Christian

Tiff- she knows if she gets rid of Christian, she has Alyssa back

Claire says that Alyssa is using Christian as a shield "She doesn't want to date him. He wants to date her...maybe feelings will grow, but"

Tiff- she is using him as a number for him

Claire- SB wants Whitney/Hannah

Tiff- pre jury? That's the whole team...Hannah is intelligent as hell

Claire- very smart

Claire explains that she went up to the Poker Parlor where Hannah and Derek X were talking and she walked in...then Brent came in "and they are the worst liars. When he came in, they completely froze up in the middle of the conversation."

Tiff- and Brent is observant

Claire says they tried to play it off as them playing chess when they clearly weren't. It was so obvious.

Tiff- he already doesn't trust Derek X (Brent)

Claire- they need to be careful 

Claire says that it's not that bad, though, because she doesn't want to be seen as a duo with Derek X (let them be seen as a duo)

Tiff says she needs to hang out with Whitney because she never hangs out with her "Sarah Beth wants Whitney/Hannah...she doesn't want to lose Alyssa"

Claire- Whitney and Hannah have told me they want Alyssa and Christian. Whitney told me she can't be the one to take out X

Tiff- Whitney don't want him out of here

Claire- she doesn't want him out of here; she wants him or Christian, but Hannah told me that he asks her BB facts about how to play Big Brother

Tiff- He can't think about nothing but Alyssa. I don't see Christian doing nothing but hang around Alyssa. Hannah and Alyssa are very smart at playing this game.

CLaire- yes

Tiff-  Whitney is good at getting close to these guys so they don't want her gone.

Claire- yep

Tiff- Derek X is amazing at winning comps

Claire- He is....He is good at these things.

Tiff- He could have beat me yesterday.

Claire- 100% he is good. He is better at these mental games. These big dudes aren't built for these things

Tiff- How long do we keep them. Those 3 are smart and they all have the same body type. (X, Ky, Baby D)

Claire says that SB wants them three and Ky

Tiff- who is the 5th?

Claire- she said potentially, X

Tiff- I agree with that

Claire- But she said Derek X will have to beat Ky

Tiff- yeah, he's too good. I don't think Ky is going to go for 4 girls and him. He will want a guy

Claire- yeah

Tiff- I like Alyssa on a personal level, but the thing is, can she make it without guys

Claire- I think she can

Tiff- me you Sarah Beth, I think it's equally anybody's game

Claire- I think so too

Tiff- me, you, Sarah Beth Alyssa....think of how much favor she has with the guys

Claire- it needs to be another guy

Tiff- I don't know how far Big D can make it

Claire- he just wants to get to 5

They say they still don't know how X will play in competitions.

Claire- we don't. A  lot of these guys, we don't know

Tiff- we need to keep Ky. He will protect us

Claire- He will. He is the smartest guy in the house.

Tiff- his loyalty will lie with us

They agree Ky is best to keep. 

Tiff- we need to start thinking about when everyone will be targeting us. When are we on everyone's radar and being targeted?

Claire- yeah, but we are walking a very fine line. We don't want to get blown up. We can't win. (Claire is trying to get Tiff to slow down and not be so aggressive)

Tiff- We can't win because we would have to show our cards.

They feel like right now they just wait out people going after each other and lay low. They feel people will target Christian and Alyssa and Christian is so competitive that he could win the veto. They say Christian was impressive during the veto comp. Claire feels Christian will target Whitney and Hannah. Tiff thinks he will target Azah.







The houseguests were up super late. The Have-Not Room was the last group awake. The lights went out around 4:20AM.



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10:00AM BBT: All of the houseguests are still sleeping.


10:07AM BBT: "Good morning, Houseguests," says BB, "there are fresh batteries in the storage room." Stronger by Britney Spears begins to play and BB cuts the feeds for the wake-up call. 

10:18AM BBT: The HGs are awake and moving around the house. Britini waves to the camera as she leaves the YBR. Derek F puts his shoes on. Many of the HGs are still in bed, but the lights are on.


10:20AM BBT: Britini is in the hammock talking to herself, she say she doesn't feel comfortable sitting next to Brent on the block and that ''someone else can sit up there for the rest of the week.''


10:21AM BBT: Britini says that Brent is ''locked on the block'' and that it's time for her to come down. She says she doesn't believe she'll be able to promise Xavier safety next week if she wins HOH.


10:23AM BBT: Claire walks out to the BY and gets a towel, she talks to Britini about having to take cold showers as a HN. Whitney makes coffee in the KT. 


10:26AM BBT: Kyland cuddles Sarah in the RBR, Claire walks in and they talk about Kyland staying up until 4AM. Claire says there's no reason to stay up past midnight tonight.


10:28AM BBT: Britini and Claire make plans to work out this morning so they can enjoy the pool the rest of the day. Derek F is lifting weights outside. In the RBR, Claire runs into an open drawer. 


10:29AM BBT: Derek F says he's ''losing muscle'' in the house because the weights aren't what he normally uses. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes.


10:31AM BBT: Britini swings on the hammock before sitting with Derek F near the weights. She chants, ''I believe in you!'' Derek F says she wakes up with too much energy. Whitney does laundry. 


10:33AM BBT: BB says ''Good morning'' to the HGs again. Britini says Derek F can lift her. Claire, Kyland, Sarah, and Derek X chat in the RBR.


10:34AM BBT: Xavier is awake and sitting up in bed in the HOHR. He eventually gets up and gets ready to shower. The group in the RBR continue joking around and Derek F continues to lift weights in the BY.


10:37AM BBT: Derek X, Claire, and Sarah want to have a Murder Mystery dinner party. Claire says she'll come up with it. They talk about creating characters and clues. 


10:38AM BBT: BB tells most of the house to change their batteries. The group in the RBR talk about their Murder Mystery dinner party. Derek F is outside lifting weights and breathing heavily. 

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10:40AM BBT: Derek X tries to figure out how the final four works. Claire tries to explain it to him. Kyland and Sarah talk about the Murder Mystery party they want. 


10:45AM BBT: The group in the RBR play a game where they name chain restaurants that aren't fast food. Derek F continues to work out. 


10:49AM BBT: The group in the RBR name fast food restaurants. They talk about wishing they could record journals they could watch back and remember what they wanted to Google and look up. They talk about space.


10:50AM BBT: Claire, Sarah, and Derek X leave the RBR to change batteries. Kyland and Hannah are left in the room, Hannah doesn't have her mic on. Outside, Derek F tells himself he'll do whatever it takes to get the money. 


10:52AM BBT: Claire and Sarah return to the RBR, Sarah gets back in bed with Kyland and Claire cuddles with Hannah.


10:54AM BBT: Britini and Whitney are in the KT looking at the back of a cereal box, doing the crossword. Derek F finishes his workout. General conversation in the house.


10:57AM BBT: Britini talks about the calories they get in the house, BB cuts the feeds. 


11:00AM BBT: The feeds are back, Britini smiles at the camera in the KT. General conversation in the house, BB cuts the feeds from time to time. 




11:17AM BBT: General conversation continues to fill the house, the group in the RBR talk about music. The group in the KT listens to Britini talk about sports. 

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11:20AM BBT: Whitney is called to the DR, she leaves Britini and Xavier in the KT.


11:21AM BBT: Christian joins Xavier and Britini in the KT before walking through to the bedrooms. Xavier sits at the table leaving, Britini fixes the chess set.

11:25AM BBT: General conversation continues to fill the house, ranging from Disney Cruises to US Geography, to Eels. 


11:27AM BBT: Derek F and Azah are in the BY, Derek F says that ''Britni isn't going home.'' Azah is upset, she sayas Brent isn't ''dumb'' and knows what's going on and Xavier needs to be respectful. 


11:28AM BBT: Azah doesn't understand why they just can't play the game and why they have to ''throw Britini under the bus'' twice. Derek F says it's a ''play stupid kinda game.'' 


11:30AM BBT: BB keeps cutting the feeds while Derek F and Azah talk. Azah doesn't like how people keep getting put up on the block because of rumors. She thinks Kyland is behind the noms this week. 

11:33AM BBT: Derek F says he's going to tell Xavier to tell Kyland to ''calm down,'' and ''reassure him.'' Azah doesn't understand why everyone is ''gunning'' for Brent because he knows he's going home. 


11:35AM BBT: Derek F and Azah argue about Britini being put up on the block. Derek F says it's a game and he doesn't know why Azah is struggling with this. Derek F says that putting Britini up is keeping blood off X's hands.


11:37AM BBT: Derek F explains to Azah that she can't ''blow up'' everything. Azah says she offered herself as a pawn to keep Britini off the block. Derek F says it doesn't work that way. 


11:38AM BBT: Derek F continues to tell Azah that she can't be a pawn, because pawns go home. He asks if Azah understands, she eventually says, ''ok.'' 


11:39AM BBT: Azah says she wishes she had a ''heads up.'' She says X is the only one who gave them a heads up and everyone else is playing games. Derek F says he's glad X told them anything at all. 


11:40AM BBT: Azah says she's not upset with X, she says she's upset with Kyland and feels ''played.'' Derek F wants to know why she feels that way. Azah says she feels ''played by that side'' because of the Wildcard comp. 


11:43AM BBT: Derek F tells Azah that ''no one else matters but their alliance." Azah says she feels the truth from Derek F, but she doesn't know that Tiffany is telling her the truth. 


11:45AM BBT: Brent walks outside and Azah and Derek F's conversation ends. Britini, Sarah, Kyland, Hannah, Alyssa, and Claire chat about music in the RBR. 


11:46am BBT: Derek F, Brent, and Azah talk about the mess Frenchie left. Brent asks them to just do what's best for their game. Derek F asks if he's talked to the rest of the house.


11:47AM BBT: Brent tells Derek and Azah that he knows he's not a pawn. Brent says they won't have their teams after next week. 


11:48AM BBT: Brent says he feels sorry for Britini because she's going to just continue to be put up on the block. Derek F doesn't agree, he says there are plenty of pawns in the house. 


11:50AM BBT: Azah says she doesn't think Britini is a pawn this week. Brent asks for clarity, Azah says she thinks Britini could be the target. Brent tells them to ''open their eyes.'' 


11:51AM BBT: Brent tells them that Britini will keep going on the block until she eventually goes home. Azah says she's going to start an all girl alliance called the "Hershey kisses." 


11:52AM BBT: Brent tells Azah and Derek F that keeping him in the house would be keeping a target and it would keep them safe longer. They switch to talking about the last comp. 

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12:00pm BBT: Derek F. says everyday he walks around thinking these people are with these people and then you turn and you do not know anything, He says i got to figure out who is with who in this house and figure out my game. Brent says well i tell you this you have my Word both of you.

12:03pm BBT: Derek F. Gets up and goers to get food and Azah says she is going to do laundry as Brent walks off. De F. decides to go to the pool. Britini and Azah now talking, Britini says she has to see how tomorrow goes and Azah starts talking but it is muffled by the towels she is holding against her mic. 

12:05pm BBT: Britini then says to Azah i have my move though and Azah  moves the towels and ask her are you sure that this move will make sure that you are here next week  .Brent in the KT telling Z Xavier about his talk with Azah and Derek F.

12:15pm BBTL Britini goes to the YBR talking to Alyssa as she folds clothes talking about her plan to stay in the house and how mad she is to be on the block and being targeted. Britini tells how she come to the room and cried lastnight trying to figure out what went wrong.

12:22pm BBT: Brent in the BY talking to Azah just general talk. Britini still talking to Alyssa about them trusting each other and how they have each others backs and we get WBRB.

12:26pm BBT: Britini says last week i understood why i seen my face but this week i do not understand it. In the STR Kyland and Claire in the STR talking about taking a shot at the Jokers. Kyland changing the trash bags and making a lot of noise  so we cant hear.

12:31pm BBT: Tiffany and Kyland in the CBR talking about Tiffany's talk with Azah and how they are good with things now, Tiffany says  all she cares about is Herself and Kyland  and Claire in this game.

12:35pm BBT: Tiffany says she  doesn't care if anyone knows how she is playing or not . They continue to talk about how people in the house are playing the game and how she does not like how some are playing .She says she does not care though.

12:45pm BBT: Derek F laying in the sun in the BY while Azah lays in the shade talking to to him and to Alyssa about Laundry. Azah ask if she can workout with Alyssa today and she says yes as she is fixing to start.

12:51pm BBT: Kyland says to tiffany if you win HOH Thursday night and have to put someone on the block on the spot what do you do? She says oh my God and covers her face. Claire comes in and they talk about who they need to be put up and they all agree Christian.

12:58pm BBT: In the CBR Tiffany and Kyland repeating what they have said to Clair, Most HG in the BY working out or laying in  the sun.

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Azah's turn. She truggles but completes 10 reps.


1:07PM BBT

In the Coral Reef Bedroom, Claire, Kyland and Tiffany are discussing their targets. The order will be Whitney then Britini. 



1:11PM BBT

Hannah, Sarah Beth, Whitney and Brent are discussing Travis not having an accent even though he was born and raised in Texas.







1:14PM BBT

Hannah says Brent has the personality of a doctor, "like I know this. This is the way."

Brent- don't mistake cocky and confidence. I don't walk around saying my shit don't stink. I am confident my shit stinks.; wait, you guys think I'm arrogant/

Hannah- It's a fine line. You say everything with conviction, and your way is the right way.

Brent- So you think it's my way or the highway when I believe in 50/50 all the way through. I think high self esteem and confidence is often mistaken.

Hannah- It's not necessarily a bad quality to have. You just have to own it.  I think you also have high self esteem and a high sense of self worth and you're confident. But I think it's...

Brent finishes her thought- sprinkled with arrogance

Hannah- yeah, like an ice cream sundae

Brent- So you think I'm a snack?

Hannah gives him a look.

Brent- See, but that's just flirting


Brent sees Christian passing through so he asks him if he is confident, cocky, arrogant or high self esteem?

Christian says he is confident AF

Hannah- but wouldn't you agree there is a fine line between confidence of arrogance

Chris- yes, there is a fine line but it's on the person who perceives it that way

Hannah calls Christian a diplomat, "I see what you're saying. You make a good point."




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1:29PM BBT

Claire leaves Tiffany alone in the Coral Reef Bedroom, so she addresses us, her audience...

Here's the thing: I have a final two with Kyland, and it's called The Connect.

(Tiff shows the sign: she places her fingers and thumbs like the okay sign interjoined)




It's The Connect. You should know everybody got to have a connect, so we're The Connect. I feel really good about that. He could very well have a final two with somebody else, too. I don't know. I kind of trust him. I know in this game you shouldn't trust him but you have to trust people and I have to a certain extent...I have loyalty issues where I am truly loyal and I know because I made this final two with him and I trust him, I will be most loyal to him than anyone in this house. I love Claire to death, but I don't know. I don't think I can really beat her. I want to keep Claire and Ky, Derek X and X (Xavier) close to me. I don't want to show my cards. I don't want to win HoH. I don't want to win HoH. I can't even believe I am saying that. That's not even in me, I mean I want to win everything. But I don't want to show my cards. But, this would probably be the HoH I win, so I will probably have to.


And, unfortunately, Whitney has to go. I like her! I love her as a person, but I don't trust her at all. I don't know where she is going; I don't know where she's coming. I don't know where she is. I don't know who she is. I don't know what she is.... I have no idea, so she has to go. I don't expect her to be loyal to me.


And then Travis, Frenchie, Whitney, and two more people have to go.  But we will figure it out America. Keep praying for me and pray for my brain, please. It takes a lot of brain power in this house. And I'm a Have-Not so I'm not even feeding my brain right now. I'm drinking breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I love you guys! I can't think of anything else to say. I love you Kristian (her son) Bye Mama Pat. (she blows a kiss)


*Tiffany joins the others in the kitchen




1:34PM BBT


Britini is leading Sarah Beth in a water aerobics workout.

[It's pretty intense. They have the water sloshing out of the pool  -MamaLong]



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2:02PM BBT

Tiffany has joined SB, Brit, Christian, X, Brent and Big D in the backyard. It's a beautiful day and they are all enjoying the weather. Christian says he is going to do a backflip. Tiffany addresses someone regarding her concern (Alyssa or Xavier, maybe). She is really nervous about Christian getting hurt.

Tiff- No fuck that. Your labradoodle is trying to hurt his self. You need to tell him to sit down. He don't care about us. Don't you know I care about you like my son. Do you know if you hurt yourself I'm gonna cry? I can't stand this.




Christian lands a flip.

Tiff- Okay Yay that was good. Perfect. Thank you.

Christian goes to do more flips

Tiff- What the fuck?




Britini is coaching him, telling him how to get a better flip. He does another and Brit scream YES! YES! That was it!




Brent- I love her intensity!  She is always so happy for everyone. 

Christian continues landing consecutive flips. [Very impressive!  -ML]


Xavier and Tiffany begin begging production to order a "Stop That!" but it doesn't happen.

Tiff- Oh fuck that. If he don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck. I can't be caring more about people than they care about themselves. You do you. I'm gonna turn and stare at this Italian Stallion. How you doin'?


Tiffany and Brent begin playfully flirting with each other. Tiff tells Brent that she usually gathers her words quick, but he stops her in her tracks. "You're dangerous."



2:25PM BBT

Azah is talking about how she was always rail thin at 113 pounds all through high school and college, but now she works out three times a week and bikes twice a week so she has a little layer. She says she has a little here and has a little there. Azah is proud of that 13-15 pounds she has gained since turning 30. When Tiffany asks how much she weighs now, she says "122, I think." Tiff points out that Azah is tall. Azah says she is 5'8.5"







2:30PM BBT

Big D is talking with Kyland in the Have Not about his concerns with Tiffany. He says Tiff never talks game with him, so he isn't sure he can trust her. He expresses that he isn't happy there are less guys than girls. "I just get worried. That's where my mind frame is. We have to be here until week 5. How do we get there? That's what I'm worried about."

Kyland tells Big D that she is with them but she knows she can come off some type of way, so she limits her game talk.


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2:33PM BBT

Xavier, Alyssa, Christian and Derek X are having meeting in the sea glass bedroom. 

Alyssa says they need to have a meeting to discuss options. Xavier says he will do team meetings later this afternoon. Apparently so many do not want to win the next HoH (Hannah, Alyssa, the Queens, Baby D) and take the next shot, but they want to make sure X doesn't end up on the block. Derek X points out that he wants to keep blood off as much as possible. Alyssa is trying to convince Baby D to win the HoH. Alyssa says they should push Whitney to go after HoH hinting that she needs to win it because the Jokers are saying she is tight with Brent and may go after her. Instead, Whitney wins and goes after the Jokers.

Alyssa says she will throw it to Whitney. Christian says he is fine taking the shot. Baby D says the HGs impressions of them can't be undone, and that him not winning comps won't make them think he won't win. Xavier points out that sometimes you have to win comps to save yourself in the game.  Britini comes through and breaks up the conversation. They decide to talk more later.



2:51PM BBT

Christian is talking with Hannah in the bathroom. He asks her if she is going for the Hoh. She says if it is mental she will, but not if it's physical. "I'm not gonna throw any comps in this game, but I'm not gonna gun for it."

Christian- so in a mental game you will try hard but a physical comp you won't?

Hannah- if it's a mental game like the one we just had, I will try to win. If it's endurance and I'm one of the last 4 people up there and it's us with you guys left, I would let you win.



Christian asks who she is nervous about winning. She mentions Britini and Claire because she doesn't talk game with them.

Hannah tells Christian she wants to work with him. He says he wants to work with her, too.

They both recognize that the HG to make a move "will emerge as a new target."





3:03PM BBT

Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


3:08PM BBT

Big D and Kyland have been  talking with Tiff in the HNR. Big D says he doesn't think anyone would put of them on the block together because they are never seen together. He says the team thing has worked in their favor by allowing them to spread out. Big D says when he talks with others, no one ever mentions any of their names. "Whitney wants to go for Christian and Alyssa." Both Tiff and Ky say Whitney never talks game with them.  

Big D- the more we get out, the better our chances

Big D says Alyssa needs to go and then Whitney

Tiffany wants to know who would go for Alyssa

Big D says it's because they have a full team. "Someone from the Kings has to go home, so we send Alyssa home."

Tiffany- I think Christian's ass would say send me home

Big D- over Alyssa?

Tiff- Mmm Hmm

Big D-  if he is willing to do a Jack and Rose thing; let him do it

Big D suggests putting up Alyssa with Whitney

Tiff- I'm fine with that

Big D says he keeps his distance because he doesn't want anyone knowing they are working together "I talk disrespectful" (to Xavier) "and everyone knows I'm in love with Ky"

Tiff says he is being a fool falling for Whitney

Ky- My Mom knows what I'm doing

Big D says he is acting like that to be able to get close to SB and them




Tiffany says that she is willing to evict Claire, but will Azah evict Britini. Big D says YES! "She knows the mission. She got it now. She said last night that no matter if there is a disagreement or whatever, she knows the mission."


3:13PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


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3:19PM BBT


Hannah is talking with Whitney in the bathroom. They are whispering and nothing sounds all too important.




Big D and Ky finish talking and hug. They Ky asks Big D to crack his back.

Once alone, Ky talks to the cameras saying that the mission is important to him, but....


[What's 'the mission' you ask? Well, the people of color committed to take each other to the end no matter what on day one. This includes Big D, Azah, Tiffany, Kyland, Xavier plus Hannah and possibly, Baby D, too...if things work out to be able to keep him for the ride. But, the first 5 are The Cookout alliance. (side note: Hannah and Baby D do not know about The Cookout, yet) Of course, many of them have side alliances, so things can get tricky later.  -MamaLong]


"Hey what's up? This game is wild. I think that I've been thinking a lot about the mission, and my commitment to the mission remains absolute! That being said, I know that that commitment is going to be very difficult emotionally and probably to a higher level than I am ready for at this moment, so I am trying to prepare myself for that. The more we move to the 7 and you know..."

*camera moves to Big D and X in the HoHR, so we don't get the rest of Ky's thoughts.




Big D tells Xavier that if he wins HoH, he will put up Christian and Alyssa.

X- so the shot is to try and get someone out on my team

Big D- well, you guys have a full team so it makes sense

X-  What has to be done, has to be done. We have to appear pissed, just like you were with Britini.

Big D- correct




3:40PM BBT

In the backyard, discussion between Azah, Baby D, Tiffany and Claire is centering around food. Tiffany says McDonald's was a treat for her because they never had it as a kid. Baby D says it was the same for him. Tiffany says her favorite thing is dressing. Tiffany is explaining to Baby D the difference between stuffing and dressing, but the feeds cut to WBRB bubbles before we hear the details.



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3:50PM BBT

Kyland joins Sarah Beth in the hammock and they catch up.

SB- So, How are you doing?

Ky- *not audible*

SB- Good! I think my plan worked. Like really fast. *giggles* So, remember I said a few things to Britini and Azah to make them think that Whitney and X were working together?

Ky- yes

SB- so apparently Britni went...well, because you told me that Britini tells everybody everything...so she went to Claire and to Tiffany and said that she thinks they're working together and got both of them paranoid but she didn't say it came from me. So they both came and told me. And now Azah, Britini, Claire and Tiffany are all convinced that X and Whitney are working together.

Ky- I haven't talked to her yet. She hasn't told me anything yet.  I'll find out when she tells me.

SB-Maybe they are working together. I don't know. It doesn't matter because it works for us either way because I think they all feel really solid right now that Whitney needs to go next. When it gets down to us they will get rid of X before us. I think, in general, they would be more loyal to us. But you never know how things can change.

Ky- I asked the Queens and they are very much committed to Royal Flush ...they don't want to take any shots at the Flush until the final 8

SB- yeah, I think we are good for a final 8...100%. They just told me that yesterday.

Ky- Have you talked about who they want to target at the double?

SB- we were talking about maybe Big D only because he keeps talking about how dramatic he will be

Ky- that is not unreasonable

SB- maybe just to avoid...but I also feel like I wouldn't mind keeping him around because he won't win things

Ky- let's say the double is at 8

SB- we haven't talked about that, but if it is, we know what we should do, right?

Ky- I think so, what?

SB- I think we need to get rid of Christian in the double


[The "Royal Family" has switched to the alliance name "The Royal Flush"  -ML]





SB- I feel that Christian is really loyal to the Kings and wants them to be final four

Ky- I agree

SB- I think once we get down, he is gonna take a shot at you

Ky- If it was aa double and there's 8 of us, it would be you

SB- I think so...Honestly, I am telling you I am probably not gonna win HoH's for a while


*Okay, I can't figure out what they are whispering anymore because Britini is singing very loudly while playing pool with Azah (control room is MIA with their singing warnings)


4:15PM BBT

Alyssa, Christian, SB and Ky begin playing a game with the beach ball trying to keep it up in the air as teams







X comes into the backyard and Tiffany says he must have gone out for lunch or something because she hasn't seen him.

X- I went out to lunch at Olive Garden

Tiff- Did you bring us anything

X- I brought some breadsticks


4:25PM BBT


Claire and Brit have joined the game of Keep it Up in the backyard. Everyone is having fun!




4:26PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


SB is jumping rope and doing a great job. Tiffany and Brit cheer her on.

Brit- Sarah Beast

Tiffany- Go SB

SB tells Tiff she loves her bathing suit.

Azah gets called to the DR, "In my bonnet?" 


4:29PM BBT

Feeds cut back to WBRB Bubbles

BigBrotherJunkie👁 #BB23 (@89razorskate20) | Twitter




4:38PM BBT


The feeds return to Tiffany and Xavier playing pool in the backyard.

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4:47PM BBT

Kyland and Sarah Beth are playing chess in the kitchen. He is graciously coaching her while they play. She changes up her play and he asks why she did that move. She gets a bit defensive and Ky tells her, I like that, Sassy Sarah."

SB- Don't call me sassy

They are having fun; no real bickering here.





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6:00PM BBT

Christian is talking with Big D and X in the backyard.

Hannah is telling Ky how to properly steam hot dogs in the kitchen.




Christian asks what is on the show tonight. Brent says the Wild Card comp.

Tiffany and Derek X are in the hammock talking about chess.


6:07PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles



6:10PM BBT  Feeds return

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5:00pm-5:30pm BBT: HG still sitting around the KT playing chess, Some HG in the KT making food, Xavier in the HOHR alone just straightening his room up. Derek F laying by the pool alone. Xavier now joins the KT crew talking general talk.

5:00pm-5:30pm BBT:(continued) Whitney joins Derek F in the BY by the pool. Whitney joins Derek F talking about  the people conspiring against each other are the ones going up and out right now and she is glad. Derek telling her how he feels from day one in the house.

5:30pm-6:00pm BBT: Xavier and Hannah in the HNR talking to the feeders about feelings as Claire comes in getting sheets to wash. She leaves and Hannah says we are back with hot takes with Hannah. They are going through each HG and where they sit in the house.

5:30pm-6:00pm BBT: (continued)Derek F and Whitney talking about who is throwing who under the bud as he sits and minds his own business. He tells her he wants to play this game very honestly. Claire has joined them and listening.

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6:12PM BBT

Whitney and Big D are talking in the storage room. She must have told him she heard he mentioned her as "a threat"

Big D says if someone came to him and said 'Whitney said she is putting Big D up', he  would go straight to her

Hannah walks in but Big D sends her away saying they are having a heart to heart.

Big D- I appreciate you coming to me...someone in the Slaughterhouse?

Whitney shakes her head yes

Big D asks who, but she doesn't want to say "If you give me more time"

Big D says he hasn't talked game or named a target since Derek X week one "I never put Whitney is a threat" out there

Whitney warns him that he shouldn't say anything about it





Kyland walks in and asks who they are conspiring against. They both joke that it's him because he won't commit to either of them. Ky says he commits to both and leaves.


6:24PM BBT

Big D is telling Kyland about his conversation with Whitney, "Whitney is telling me someone told her I've been trying to get her and Derek X on the block."

Ky- I've never heard anyone say that

Big D says "I asked her her and she said I can't tell you. Yeah, that's not me."

Ky whispers "Brent?  Has to be Brent."

Big D- now, if that's the game he gonna play, I'm gonna make sure I'm in no conversations. To me, I don't like that.





6:33PM BBT

Hannah, Whitney and Azah makes plans to dress up tonight for BB Nightclub. Hannah asks Azah if she can wear her orange dress. (the one from move-in day)

Azah has gone to confirm that they will get alcohol tonight.

Whitney- how will you confirm

Azah- I'll just ask somebody




6:38PM BBT

Derek X runs out in the backyard with the house camera. He begins capturing video with everyone.






6:39PM BBT

Sarge- Alyssa, this is a reminder that ... is not permitted  (the HGs in the kitchen are so loud I couldn't hear the entire message

Ky- Damn!

Hannah- They called her out by name

Ky- Alyssa, are you okay Alyssa


*Feeds cut to WBRB


The feeds are back. Alyssa was napping on the couch.

In the living room, Christian is sitting with Alyssa

Alyssa- are all the girls into Ky

Christian- everyone is into Ky; he is everyone's type

Alyssa- he is not my type

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6:30pm BBT: Tiffany and Derek X on the hammock as she tells him Brent is so sure he is not going home this week. Some HG in the hot tub talking general talk while others are in the KT eating.

 6:40pm BBT: Derek X comes out of the DR with the video cam and everyone starts screaming as he records the KT crew. WE get WBRB.

6:49pm BBT: A lot of very loud talking and general talk going on as the HG play taking videos. Christian and Alyssa in the LVR talking about Whitney always being so happy and looking for attention and how Christian does not like it.

 6:53pm BBT: Derek X in the LVR with Christian and Alyssa asking on video if they are in a showmance and Christian says i am in a showmance with that big guy over there with the yellow shirt his name is Derek F. and they laugh as we get WBRB.



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