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Sunday, July 25, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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7:54PM BBT

Xavier is beginning his team meetings starting with the Kings

He tells them he will start with an apology "especially to Britini"

Alyssa- what about veto? Are you going to say they are staying the same?

X- I don't know if I want to disclose what we are doing with veto. We know what we are doing, but it's best not to disclose  (noms are staying the same)

Alyssa- If I was in her position, I would feel better knowing but that's not our problem, so I don't think you need to

X- Does anyone second that?

Alyssa- It would be better for her, but it's not our problem. Big D is gonna tell you to use it

X- I will just say I need to take time to process

SB- I think that's smart

Xavier says he will meet with the Jokers then the Aces

Alyssa- do you want me to grab the Jokers

X- yes

Alyssa goes to get the Jokers and they wait for them in the HoHR




8:01PM BBT

The Jokers join the Kings in the HoHR. Big D was first through the door followed by Azah. They are all just waiting for Britini. Brit finally shows up. Xavier is offering his candy even though most of it has been consumed by others already

X- Welcome Jokers

Big D- thank you Kings

X- first and foremost I wanted to apologize to Britni. I know htis week  has been miserable. It was something I needed to do to get the target out of the house. I do sincerely apologize for any emotional stress. I promise you aren't going anywhere. You don't have to accept it or you can accept it, but I wanted to say it in front of everyone that I sincerely apologize

Brit- I appreciate that

Big D- so the plan is Brent is going home

X- that's the plan

Big D- if something happened to Britini, just know expect me to be coming....just so you know

X- everyone in the house knows you aren't the target except the one person in the house, and it should be, to my knowledge, a unanimous vote. I guarantee you, he is not coming off that block. If you have questions, let me know.



Big D (to Brit) Are you okay with that?

Brit- well I just was hoping I can meet with you after the teams

X- sure

Brit- he hasn't kept my name out of his mouth for two weeks; I want him out as well

X- he is going to get a rude awakening come eviction night

Christian- he has said he is prepared that it will be a unanimous vote, but for YOU to go

Alyssa- and we have to keep acting that way

Big D- as long as everything goes according to plan, I'm good. But, if little Britini goes home, that's game play...you hit me and I'm hitting you right back.

X thanks them for coming up. Big D says thanks for your time. SB says "Love you Jokers"

Azah- Okay, if you insist, I'll take some candy. I don't want to be rude.

Brit- is there a team you want us to send up next?

X- Aces

The Jokers leave

X- How did that go?

Christian- it went good; I mean we did get threatened but

Alyssa- it went good


8:11PM BBT

The Aces join the Kings in the HoHR

The candy is getting raided with Twizzlers being snatched by Brent and Hannah grabs Nibs.

X is ready to begin but Hannah is still in the candy. He calls to her to come sit because they are all waiting for her. X starts the meeting by explaining that Brent was put on the block because he wanted a strong competitor to keep the target from getting veto and even though he got sick in the competition, the goal was reached when Brit didn't win. He tells the group he is sorry for shocking them, but Brent is not going home.


[Remember, Brent's entire team is working against him, so they are all putting a rather convincing show right now.]


Brent says he spoke with Azah and she seems better with him right now, "so we have that advantage because at the end of the day the Jokers are going to keep getting picked apart. If we keep our deal, the Radicals are top 8 and nobody expects us being together."

Christian adds that Azah felt comfortable so whatever he (Brent) said worked.

Brent- Okay Top 8 and then we will go after each other. That's when the competition will matter. It should be easy.

Everyone schmoozes Brent and the Golden Globe has to be awarded to the entire show.

X- in the meantime, we have all been doing a great job laying low. Keep doing that. Brent, do you have any questions?

Brent- no...we have the numbers

X- Okay, that's it

Alyssa- meeting is adjourned



The Aces leave and go get the Queens.


Once gone, Alyssa says "wow you are good at this. I would have fucked that up. That was really good"

X- Do you think he feels comfortable

Alyssa- On yeah

Christian- he does

SB says she thinks he knows

X- so, yeah, if he does blow up, it's easier for me to target

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8:20PM BBT

The Queens (Claire, Tiffany and Kyland) enter but we get WBRB Bubbles on the feeds


8:21PM BBT

The feeds return to Alyssa addressing the group about how unfair it is that everyone is joking about Christian and Alyssa about being a showmance but not to anyone else that is cuddling. "It's annoying." Everyone agrees to shut it down when they hear anyone talking about them being a showmance from now on.

[Oh please! These two can't convince anyone they are "just friends."  -MamaLong]


Alyssa- I'm just venting...I'm defensive. Frenchie started it and now we just have to deal with it.

Christian says it's annoying because the very first thing whenever they are together is to consider if they should walk away

Claire- that's annoying

Ky says they have aggressively shown they are like brother and sister and just friends

Claire- should we start calling out other duos?

Tiffany suggests SB and Ky  (too funny)



Ky- so how did these meetings go

Alyssa- Yo, X was killing it

Christian- he was! Killing it!

Ky- I want a little bit less, because you yell a lot and are frantic (being facetious)

Tiff- I was walking around like this (looking scared)

X- I appreciate your frankness

Xavier then shares how the meetings went and tells them "everyone can come clean in goodbye messages 'nobody likes you' let's not be dicks. I'm not gonna be a dick. I was just having fun. But you can let him know; until then, it's a smoke screen."

They gather in a circle and Ky says, "We just say... It's time to show our cards; it's a good thing we have a Royal Flush." and they turn their cards over.




Christian is doing a height challenge with Claire. (She looks taller to me.)

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Topic of conversation now is the next HoH competition because no one wants to win it.

Alyssa is making the argument that she doesn't want to win HoH and go after Whitney because she has no real reason to go after Whitney, but the guys do. X interjects and says that Brent was coming after him, but he was willing to target him for the team. Alyssa says Brent was coming after X (not until the final 8, though). Alyssa feels like if no one wants to win it and no one agrees to do it, then she would do it and put Whitney up with Azah, but she wants Azah to go home.

X says he agrees with what she is saying "if one of us doesn't win, someone is taking a shot of us" (because they will be the only team of 4). Alyssa says she will do it but wants to have the power to say who goes home. SB asks what if on of them comes down. 

Alyssa- I just feel like I should be the one that gets the final say because I am willing to do it

Xavier agrees that she should get the final say

Christian- just like everyone points out us, we need to point out Brent and Whitney

Alyssa- I think the whole house wants Whitney out

SB- are you sure Hannah doesn't want Whitney out

Alyssa- well, she said she doesn't want to win it and she said she wouldn't want to take out a big threat

SB- she is just telling you what you want to hear; I think she's smart

Alyssa- my point is, if I'm on a wall and I'm the one willing to do it, I want to have a say. And I don't want you (X) thinking you are taking out Brent for us. It's for everyone.


[Alyssa has made her argument very effectively, and I am impressed that she realizes the entire risk she takes if she becomes HoH to take down the next target. I get the impression Alyssa is used to having to advocate for herself. Well done.   -MamaLong]




8:52PM BBT

Brit is back in the HoHR meeting with Xavier and Christian making it clear that she was very upset over Xavier's nomination speech "I have never had anything like that ever said about me." Britini's voice is quavering a bit. She is concerned that Brent will flip the vote.  Brit says Brent hasn't taken a moment to get to even know her. Christian says Brent thinks he knows who everyone is just by looking at them and he is wrong. "Anything he says about you will be taken with a grain of salt. We don't believe what he says." Britni brings up that Ky noticed Brent only talks game about people who don't flirt with him. She was alarmed by that because she would never use flirting as a strategy.

Christian- he is on the wrong fucking tv show if he wants that

Brit- At this point, I don't know if there is a possibility of having the veto used or if I stay up there the rest of the week. I would just like a heads up.  

Xavier says he will be more forthcoming, "Right now we haven't been persuaded to use the power of veto. Nominations will remain the same. Obviously there is a competition next week and if you have to put someone on the block, I want you to come after me."

Brit- Okay, I mean I haven't really thought about next week yet.   

[She has said with Azah and Big D that X will be her nomination  -ML]

X- regardless, you are good

Brit- I love you guys and would love to keep this going in the future



When Brit leaves the HoHR, Xavier turns to Christian and says, "Okay, she cannot win HoH next week."



[Alrighty. I'm out for the rest of the night. Sweet dream everyone.  -MamaLong]

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8:32pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth, Claire, Tiffany, Alyssa, Christian and Xavier are in the HOH room

Xavier is explaining his strategy with Brent's nomination.  He says that he is allowing Brent to believe he was the target but will not be going home. He also tells them that he does things when he talks to Brent to make Brent think Xavier wants him gone but is not sharing it with him.  Xavier says if Brent blows up about that, it will give Xavier an excuse to “change the target to Brent.”

They are discussing having a secret sleepover in the HOH room.

Alyssa is still stinging from some of Brent's comments about her, she mentions them once again.

Xavier asks if all business is taken care of and some house guests leave the room.

Christian, Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth stay in the room to have a 'Kings” meeting.

Alyssa is telling them she wants to be HOH next, but she wants to choose her own target..she makes other demands as well.

Bubbles interrupts.

When feeds return Alyssa continues to talk about wanting to send Azah home, she insists she doesn't want to win HOH.....The group continues to talk about who should go on the block and how to manage damage control.

Alyssa and Sarah Beth leave the room and Britini comes in to talk.  Christian gets into the HOH candy again.

Britini asks how the meetings went. Xavier says they went well the house knows Brent is the target, with the exception that Brent might possibly not believe he is safe.

Britini says she knew it was a possibility she was going off, she was surprised by the speech and worried that there was an undercover meaning to the speech.  She says that was upsetting.

Bubbles again...

Feeds return to Xavier telling Britini that Brent has rubbed people in the house the wrong way.  Britini is still questioning  not using the veto. Britini adds that Brent has been splashing her name all over the house.

Xavier tells her that Brent will not get to anybody.

Christian says he believes he can look at movements and knows people, that he reads lips, and that sort of thing.  Christian tells Britini that anyone that has been “read” by Brent can tell her he was wrong.  Britini says he has thrown her name out as master mind of the all girls alliance, extreme competitor, and things like that. Brent told Britini he talks game relations to people who don't flirt with him, but she also knows Brent has thrown the name of three people that do not flirt with him.

Xavier and Christian agree to keep things confidential.

Britini says she would like to have a heads up before veto tomorrow. She sees both sides, but she is hoping.

Xavier tells Britini that more than likely the veto will not be used.  He tells her that, in the event she wins HOH next week and feels the need to go after his team, it should be him. (Xavier knows the Cookout has him safe if he is nominated.)

Britini says she has no problem with any of the Kings and would like it to continue that way. Britini is making a great attempt to be accommodating, gracious and understanding, even though she may not be feeling it.

Xavier says Brent isn't getting in anyone's head, he is sick of Brent talking about women in the house, he tells Britini that he did not mean anything in his speech and her family already knows it, and America knows it.  Xavier says that Britini is the saint in the house and everyone knows that, the speech was just to throw Brent off his game. Britini is happy to hear that.

Britini hugs Xavier, then gives Christian a biggggg hug that he is happy to have. (Britini has a soft spot for Christian, and he may have one for her as well.)

After she leaves the room Xavier says “she absolutely cannot win HOH next week”, and he told her to put him on the block not his team mates because he needed her to know he acknowledges her.

Xavier says it sounds like Brent has been talking sh*t about women that don't flirt with him. They name women in the house he could be targeting...and Xavier mentions that Brent doesn't talk sh*t about men in the house.

Both men think Whitney will be gunning for HOH next week, they say they need to find out who she would put up.

Xavier says anyone on the Kings that can compete should try to win, it would be dangerous to lose this one coming up.  Xavier says he can't think of anyone outside their team they could agree to throw it to at this point.  They mention Alyssa, Sarah Beth and Claire as possibly safe to throw the HOH to.

They decide to go downstairs in a search for food.

Xavier sees chicken. Christian comes into the kitchen as well and they start getting their dinner ready to be reheated.  Xavier even agrees to try a small mushroom although he says he doesn't like them at all.

Bubbles appear

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9:18pm Big Brother Time

Xavier is talking to Derek X.

Brent has approached Derek X about his dis-satisfaction in the house.  Xavier says he needs to be careful how he approaches things and how he says it.

Derek X is concerned about how production is going to promote this, how his diary room sessions will go for Brent.

Xavier says Brent doesn't want to approach him like “that”,  (This is the first time I have seen Xavier perturbed, but we have no idea what the beginning of this conversation was yet.)

Whitney comes into the room, Xavier goes to the loo and Derek X leaves the area.  When Xavier comes out he teases Whitney because she was “laughing with another man.” After a few comments about “residual body fluids and more laughing Xavier leaves.”

Cameras move to the kitchen, clean up is happening.  

Seems like house guests are winding down early tonight. Several people have said they are going to bed at 10pm Big Brother Time tonight.

Xavier says when he was young his mother called him the garbage disposer but he doesn't like onions very much, and mushrooms have a weird texture.  He says asparagus is something he doesn't like, but other than those things he likes everything.

Claire says she doesn't like sliced tomato. (ohhh child you would starve here in the summer!;) Grannysue)

Cameras move to Alyssa and Christian at the billiard table. Big D is shouting across the yard about getting ready for the Big Blue Couch and playing the Mafia game.  (he doesn't know that several people are tired and probably won't be there)

Kyland is in the yard doing sit ups and weight squats.

Cameras move to storage room for a second. Azah and Whitney are digging for snacks.  

(Whitney is wearing a sweat pants set, one side is darker gray, the other is lighter gray.  When I was a young girl this was a very popular style for one whole summer.  Not sweatpants material, mind you, it was cotton. And the top was a long tunic style vest. (before Poodle skirts youngns) It is so nice to see young ladies wearing these things again, mostly because they think these things are unique.--Grannysue)

Cameras move to kitchen and dining area, Big D is saying they have no butter. 

Big D somehow broke Whitney's little shirt strap, she is looking for a new tank top to wear underneath her outfit.

Tiffany is lying on her bed, she isn't talking. Camera follow Whitney, who is changing her top.
Oh my, we find out that Big D is not the culprit, Whitney herself did this. Poor Big D has been unjustly accused here.  Whitney tells others her story about Big D, now Big D is forced to tell the real story.

Bubbles. 9:39pm Big Brother Time

In the HOH room Alyssa and Christian are snuggled in Xavier's bed. We hear smoochie noises.  (They were told by Xavier already to stay out of his bed.)  They come up for air and start playing a word association game.

Christian mentions doing tik toc videos.

They go back under the covers and we hear more smoochie sounds, after they decide to go to the chess room.  They decide to remake the bed after spilling a jar of M&Ms in the middle of it. 
Alyssa leaves the room first, tells Christian not to go out yet. He obediently waits before going out the HOH door.

BOB tells Christian to reattach his microphone....

They go to the chess room, separate sides of the lounger, continue to play the word association game. Alyssa tells Christian to come and sit by her, again he is obedient. He gets himself comfortable and lounges beside her.
The game continues....
Downstairs Xavier and Britini are playing billiards, other guests are on the patio, 

and Whitney and Kyland are on the hammock.

Kyland is telling Whitney that only one person in the house has a reason to potentially put him on the block.  He has not done anything to anyone else. (Britini).

Whitney speaks of the Kings, with four competitors and being the only team in that position.  She says they are also very close to each other.  Whitney thinks Alyssa is the glue in the group, if she were gone they would be less close.  Whitney says Alyssa has big potential to win, and her team would like to put Alyssa and Christian on the block.

Britini is screaming in the background. (she won the billiards game). Whitney tells Kyland to hold on, she can't think with all the screaming.

Whitney says she doesn't know who would be a replacement, but Sarah Beth is possible, she is hard to sway. Xavier would be a possible replacement as well, but Sarah Beth seems to be of more interest to Whitney. Xavier seems to be a passing thought.

Kyland asks who would be less ideal to make it to jury.  Whitney says Sarah Beth would be hardest to sway in jury as well, Kyland agrees with her.

(I could be wrong, but I think Kyland has seen indications of a “deeper” relationship between Alyssa and Christian, and he may be encouraging this line of thinking. So far he has not repeated what he has observed to anyone.)

Whitney tells Kyland he is not even on Britini's radar. Kyland says he is concerned that Britini winning HOH would be romanced by the Kings, they would tell her they are four strong and can help her later. He worries she would go for that.  Whitney says Britini has not had any game conversation with the Kings, and if they approached her it could weird her out.

Kyland says Britini told him she would not come after him, but the offer was not made to Xavier. He isn't sure she said that to Xavier.  Kyland is worried about Britini staying in the house.

Whitney says the girls trust Kyland, and she doesn't see him being a target, she doesn't see Christian targeting him either.

Kyland wonders if the next HOH is physical and Christian wins, what will happen.

Whitney says Hannah has a close relationship with him, Whitney says she has an “in” with Alyssa.

Kyland asks her who they would put up?
Whitney names Britini and Brent.
Kyland says Brent will be gone, so who.
Whitney says she doesn't know what they would do.

They get up from the hammock, Big D yells at Whitney for cheating on him with Kyland (or Kyland cheating on him with Whitney, not sure).

Cameras move to the kitchen/dining area and the living room.

It sounds like house guests are getting ready for “The Big Blue Couch” episode.

(Now darlings, I will tell you before this even happens that I will not be covering this game in detail. If you would like to watch the feeds and see it, you will find it shortly after 10:08pm Big Brother Time. I want you to understand that I will be watching, it is just past my old lady comfort level to repeat.—Sorry Morty--

I will be back right after, promise.

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11:11pm Big Brother Time

The Big Blue Couch and several games of confusing impromptu acting have ended.

Sarah Beth is winding up the recap for Claire, who was called to the diary room.

Brent and Christian are in the back yard. Brent is investigating the workings in the wall of the back yard.  Christian is trying to imitate a Marvel Comic actor, not sure who.

Bubbles returns (she must have gone out for dinner, she has been gone almost all evening)

After a few seconds, feeds return 

Big D and Brent are on the patio, they are talking about Sarah Beth's talent, Christian is in the hammock and less than a minute passes before Alyssa has joined him.

Alyssa is talking about the something being awkward, Christian asks her questions about “him” and if “he' said anything. (diary room is my assumption,). Christian tells her he can't remember. 
Christian names Gavin (diary room staff member).  Alyssa continues to say she felt awkward, she says they were under the covers to play a game, she gave another excuse for something that happened after the veto. They continue to talk openly about their diary room sessions.

Christian asks Alyssa to lay on the hammock, she worries about how it will look, Christian says “It will be fine. It will be fine.”  Alyssa goes to get a blanket from the dryer, Britini comes by claiming to have a secret having to do with saying the word “ballerina”.  She offers to make Christian a speech, Alyssa says not to do that while she is getting comfy on the hammock.

(We had a hammock much like that years ago. Grandpa decided to try it, he struggled, got stuck and dumped himself on his butt in the yard.  I tried hard not to laugh at him, but he looked at me like it was my fault! I still smile about that day. Funny thing, a few days later the neighbor two doors down had a hammock just like it and ours was gone from the yard.--Grannysue.)

BOB calls house guests to the storage room.

Christian and Alyssa and Britini say they will just wait, there will be 6 beers and 2 wines.

A few seconds later Xavier announces exactly that.  He is getting wine for the two girls.

Azah comes out saying they are going to play BB Nightclub.  They plan to dress up.
Britini asks Alyssa what nightclub dress is, and Alyssa tells her just jeans and a shirt.
Alyssa asks if Britini thinks hanging out in the back yard together, she says no.
Christian complains again that other people cuddle and no one says anything.
Britini tells them no one needs to worry about two people, there is too much in the house to worry about.
Alyssa says she isn't Christian's type anyway.

In the lavatory Kyland and Sarah Beth are talking. They plan to try to get to Derek X, not sure why. Claire is in the shower, she is involved in whatever this plan is. The plan is to go to the HOH room but separately.
Sarah Beth starts to leave and Kyland calls her back....

Kyland, “Where would you be if I had not called you back?”
Sarah Beth, “Sadder because I would have spent less time with you.”
Kyland hugs her, “Awwww”
(Great Dad joke)

Night Club will be tomorrow, they are saving the alcohol for that.

Cameras move to living room area.
Big D and Azah are lounging on the sofa, Tiffany is pacing.
Tiffany says all she usually sees on live feeds is game, she has never seen house guests play these kinds of games.  She says if everyone is in the room, the cameras have to be there. Tiffany says she never cared about fun in the house, she didn't watch it, she wanted to only see game.

Azah says that is the case for her too.

Tiffany says they are gaming, but it is still very early, Big D says they balance it out.

Camera moves to Claire brushing her teeth. (Riveting)

Kyland and Derek X are on the upper deck outside playing Foosball.

Brent returns from the diary room, goes to the storage room, comes out and they tell him BOB already told them to get the alcohol, they were saving it for tomorrow.

Camera moves to the HOH room, Xavier is relaxing in the bed and Sarah Beth comes in.  She tells him that she saw Alyssa and Christian in the hammock, she told them about the sleepover, and they weren't interested in coming up. She tells Xavier they told her it would be about an hour.
Sarah Beth says Kyland and Derek X are going to try to get up there, then Tiffany and Claire.

Xavier says if it starts to look sketchy they can abort, he says this alliance is never together. He is surprised that people didn't notice that in other seasons.

Xavier asks Sarah Beth if anything happened this week that made her uncomfortable, she says no. She understands why Britini is on the block.
Xavier says everyone told him Brent had to go,but “I am a male.”, he says Brent was speaking about Britini and it was insulting.

Azah comes into the room, she is looking for gummies, but settles for another style. Xavier tells her to bring back what is left.

Xavier says normally he would be up front, but because there are radicals in the house would come after him (Xavier).  Xavier says he doesn't like doing this, but it is the game.

Sarah Beth says she doesn't really want to win, but then she might. She worries that people will start to get upset. She says the game is getting really tough.

Xavier says having to put Britini up bothers him, he says he had to do that speech, it upset him so much he cried.
He continues to talk to her about what he was thinking about when he made his HOH decisions.

Cameras move to Alyssa and Christian.

Christian is saying 'He thinks he is perfect.  Perfect.”
Britini is on the other end of the hammock.
They are telling her they will not put her up, even as a replacement.
Alyssa tells her, “If I am in that room you can breathe.”

Britini says she is aware that she needs to chill and it hurt her in the mental competition
She thinks she needs to keep a clear head, her team wants the HOH.

Alyssa says her team is gunning for it as well, they are the only team of four.
Britini, “That as well.”
She says she doesn't want to pack her bags again.

Alyssa says if she knows where Britini's head is has a lot to do with whether or not she throws the HOH competition. She is willing to compromise with Britini if she makes it attractive to her.
Alyssa thinks the teams will dissolve after next week.

Britini says she likes odd numbers, three is her favorite.  She says she is running out of speech material.
Britini says she is only allowed to rap or do poems, maybe Shakespeare drama.

Alyssa tells her that rap needs to be her thing, America expects it.

Britini continues to talk about her raps. She offers hints about Christian's speech, Alyssa tells her no, to stop giving up clues, she needs to wait.

Alyssa tells them about her pre-selection interviews.

Kyland, Brent and Derek X are still on the upstairs deck in the back yard.

Kyland is talking about Alyssa and her investment with the men in the house.
Derek X wonders if there is anything they can do to influence Xavier's decision. Kyland says no, that is not something they can do.  Kyland says they invited Tiffany and Claire to the HOH, Claire didn't see him and was surprised to see him lying in the lavatory (she was in the shower), he says she invited him to come up too.  

Brent wonders what would happen if Kyland tells them his team will vote Brent out, and his team does the same, he would not be voted out.

Kyland says the house will assume Derek X and he(Kyland) will vote the same.
Kyland suggests that he goes to the HOH and takes Derek X (due to the invitation from Claire)
((Kyland and Derek X have been expected to go to the HOH, this was planned earlier, he is lying to Brent about this)).

Brent continues to plot the demise of Xavier and Christian. He says they can do this using the Mafia alliance.
Kyland says Azah has indicated she would put up Brent and Whitney if she wins HOH.

Brent asks Kyland to tell them to keep the nominations the same, he stays and they gang up and vote to run the house as a team.

Kyland accepts his idea, Brent says the people who are keeping him know this is not real. Brent tells him to go up there and ask for a team meeting.

Derek X says, “They don't want us up there”, then he chuckles.

Brent is sure they will use the veto if he doesn't talk them out of it. Brent tells Kyland should act as though he is against Brent staying.  He continues his complicated, long instructions.

12:08 Big Brother Time______________________________

12:08 am Big Brother Time

Brent tells Kyland that Alyssa needs to be there when he does it so she reports back to him. That is they way he will know it happened.

Brent continues to go over a complicated plan to stay, he says he is going to bed, so if anyone asks he will have been there already. Brent leaves the area.

Kyland and Derek X begin a Foosball game.
Christian and Alyssa are still in the hammock, Britini is with them.
Alyssa leaves, Britini and and Christian are on the hammock.
Christian sees Brent follow Alyssa into the house.
Britini says she watched an interaction between them, she heard Brent tell Alyssa something about hooking up outside the house, and spending Halloween together.  Britini says she thought Brent was attractive, but when she got to know him that all changed.
Britini says she isn't interested in flirting with someone she doesn't like, she feels she is transparent in that regard.
Christian says he doesn't think any of the girls here are attractive.

Conversation becomes general

Brent is talking to the camera, he is telling America about his plan. He says the veto will not be used, but the Mafia vote will save him.  He says they will put up Xavier and Christian. He insists they cannot use the veto. “fingers crossed, stay tuned.”

Cameras move to HOH room.

Whitney has saran wrapped a bed, not sure who or when.

Brent is in the kitchen, he is approaching Hannah with his plan. He tells Hannah that Derek X and Kyland are on board.

Hannah asks why they are not involved with this, she plays too.  He tells her this just happened two seconds ago, they came up with it playing Foosball.
Hannah keeps walking around, comes back and gives him her attention.
Derek X comes into the kitchen, joins the conversation, but Hannah walks away, “We'll talk later.”

Bubbles   12:23am

And with that, darlings, I am going to go find my pillows and puppies.  Have a wonderful day, be kind.--Hugs--Grannysue

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12:06 AM BBT  Brent is going over his "perfect plan" with Kyland and repeats it several times then Ky says, "That sounds like some mobster Mafia shit."  Ky listens more then heads up to the HoHR to tell them about Brent's plan. Brent suggests he tell the group they need to "do the best acting moment of their life."


[Oh Brent, they have already earned an Golden Globe for their impeccable theatrics during this devious charade to oust you from the BB House. You'll see.  -MamaLong]


Meanwhile, in the HoHR, Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth and Xavier test the bed to see if they can all fit for their HoHR Sleepover.

Christian- first of all, 80% of these pillows have to go

X- that's why I hate throw pillows

Christian then demonstrates his twitching that often occurs during the night. so he doesn't startle his bed mates.




Derek X is playing Foosball with Kyland  [And I'm pleading to the BB Gods to oil that thing with WD-40; it squeaks like crazy  -ML]


A very well wrapped Derek X bed in the Coral Reef Bedroom compliments of Whitney, "He deserved it.":



12:16AM BBT

Brent's plan in his own words as he addresses the camera in the YBR: "Hopefully it works! Okay, one more time, I'm in the Mafia, that's Kyland's team and my team. I don't want Xavier to use that veto because I know he is gonna use it, take Britni down and put up Derek X, make them choose. I'm having Kyland's team go up there and try to betray me...telling them to keep the nominations the same. They're gonna go up there and say they're gonna vote me out, but we actually have the numbers and the vote. So, the Mafia will win the vote, and I will stay, basically, keeping the nominations the same...keeping our alliance strong. Once that happens, X can no longer compete for the next HoH. We have the numbers to win. We win. We take out anyone else in the competition. We put up Christian and Xavier and make them pick. Get out one of them and then control the house. So, standard parlor trick. Hopefully it works. I cannot allow them to use that veto because it will screw up everything. So, I need Kyland and them to pull through....Make them believe they will be able to vote me out if they keep the noms the same. Standard parlor trick. So, fingers crossed. Stay Tuned."   

[Oh, we will!  -MamaLong]



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