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Saturday, July 24, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
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Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
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12:13AM BBT

In the Have Not Room, Tiffany, Claire and Ky are discussing who the targets would be if Christian won HoH. Ky says he feels strongly it would be a girl or Derek X then Xavier. They think Alyssa would go after Whitney.




In the Poker Parlor, Brent and Derek X are playing chess. There isn't much talking because it's a real game and Brent is determined to win.


12:36AM BBT

Brent is talking with Hannah and Whitney in the kitchen while pizza finishes cooking in the oven. Whitney is distracted by her black attire full of lint, so she grabs a wet wipe and begins wiping down her clothes, "I need a lint roller."

Brent- Yeah. I don't know what you're doing, but you are definitely disinfected.

The pizza is done, so they pull it out and start cutting.

Brent tells Whitney that she knew it was coming because he wouldn't look at him during nominations. She says he wasn't looking at her either. Hannah says her first tears in the house were, unfortunately, at his expense. (Hannah is being facetious here) Hannah says that when Britini broke down, it was hard to watch and had her on the verge of tears.



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12:57AM BBT


Tiff and Ky leave Claire alone in the Have Not Room, so she addresses us common folk on camera, "I am a very bad actor; I have decided.  I cannot stand Brent! He needs to go. I would like Whitney to go. I do want to work with Hannah. I would LOVE to keep Britini. I would LOVE to keep Azah. They are shooting themselves in the foot Honestly, Azah more so. I DID come here saying I want an all girls' alliance, and I wouldn't hate it. I DON'T really trust Ky, still. I am working on it, though. But, I'm hesitant. He's good. I think he is the best player in the house, by far.


I think Tiff is good, and I WOULD ride to the end with her. She would beat me in the end. She would beat me easy in the end. I think I am in a tricky spot. I'm trying to think who I can beat in the end. It's only week three; it's a long game and I'm still playing low. I am still purposely acting goofy and silly and dumb. which I am. I'm awkward and goofy. But, I am really trying to play my intelligence down. I am going to keep trying to throw comps. I may need to win this comp, though, and I never want to throw a comp that I need to win. I am going to keep acting goofy and then post jury I'm gonna start going against that identity that built for myself and start being smart. A lot of these people are real good at talking, and I knew coming into the game, that would be my weakness, just fitting in all the time. But, I worry that I am at the bottom...I do have Britini and I do have Jackpot. I think Ky would want to keep me because he knows he thinks can beat me. I do think Tiffany's jokes and demeanor could get the best of her. I would never take a swing at Tiffany, at all."





The cameras move to Ky and Tiffany whispering in the bathroom still trying to settle on a name for their Final Two. Tiff says "I like the Dealers...Brokers....the Professionals. When we were sitting there in nominations I couldn't look at you"

Ky says they will think of something.

Tiff- I don't know, was there a Commission?

Ky- I think there was a Commission or Committee, or Collective something

They say they want to stick with casino theme.

Tiff- I was think of, you know, like Mob Bosses and the entity of gambling, money

KY- It's alright; okay there was Quiet Storm, the Collective



1:00AM BBT

Brent and Hannah walk in the bathroom and break up the conversation. They begin washing up and change conversation. Brent tells Tiffany she was avoiding him. She responds that she was looking for him earlier. Whitney joins the group in the bathroom saying she's still up waiting for her DR. Whit begins complimenting Tiffany on her eyelashes

[Whitney compliments Tiffany on something EVERY time they talk; I mean, that reads totally fake to me  -MamaLong] 


Tiff tells her she is "just gassing me up. You're gassin' me...gassin' me!" Whitney says, No, really. You have gorgeous lashes."

Tiff tells her to look at Kyland's lashes.

Whitney- I can't look at him. I might do something dangerous.

Tiff- Okay



Conversation changes to music requests for HoH baskets.

Hannah requested Summer Walker, Savage Mode, DaBaby, SZA 

Tiff says she doesn't know nobody new. "My butt put Tupac and Biggy."

Hannah laughs

Tiff said she requested Chris Brown, DJ Khalid

Hannah laughs again and Tiff responds that he has everyone on his album.

Hannah- that's true

Tiff says she put Marvin Gaye


*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


1:26AM BBT

Ky and Claire are in the HNR talking. Tiffany creeps up as quietly as possible (They have been constantly testing the privacy afforded by the HNR, seeing how much can be heard.) Tiff walks in and asks if they heard her. Ky says he heard the door (the first door). Claire says she didn't hear anything.






In the Sea Glass Bedroom, Brent is talking with Alyssa, Christian and Derek X about how he KNOWS he is not the pawn. "Guaranteed TOp 8. Stupid! Stupid!"

The camera keeps focusing on Christian's beautiful mani/pedi.




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1:34AM BBT

Tiffany is relaying to Ky and Claire that Baby D has been talking to Azah. He told Azah he was probably going to be picked to play WIldcard and/or veto. She says he messed up telling her that, but he said he didn't tell her that was the 'plan.' "I was like, Derek, why are you talking to her?" Tiffany continues by saying that Azah is very aggressive so she told her "That's they way you play your game. I don't play that way. You play your way and I'll play mine."

Claire- He can talk social with people, but...

Ky- I know

Tiff-You need to talk to him and find out how he ended up having that conversation with her.

Ky agrees.

Sarge- Tiffany, please put on your microphone

Tiffany- I'm sorry. I'm going to bed.

Ky- We are in bed now. Can you please turn off the lights in the Have Not Room. Thank you

Claire- We love you


The lights go out a few minutes later.

Ky whispers- thank you

Tiff whispers mm hmm


2:08AM BBT

Brent, Alyssa and Christian are the last ones awake in the BB House. They settle in bed and ask BB to turn off the lights

Brent- And can you get the camera off me?

The lights go out and Alyssa whispers "Yay"


2:50AM BBT

Brent is back out of bed to the loo

Alyssa is caressing Christian's arm

Brent stops at the memory wall and stares at it on his way back to bed

ChrysAlys are whispering, but we are out of luck. No mics mean no audio.

Brent crawls back in bed

ChrysAlys continues hand holding and are caressing fingers affectionately.

[It definitely appears their relationship has progressed.  -MamaLong]


3:00AM BBT

The Big Brother house is now dark and silent with all HGs sleeping


7:50AM BBT

Azah is up in the kitchen making coffee


7:54AM BBT

We have WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey


8:07AM BBT

The Feeds are back with the house lights on and houseguests beginning to start their day.


X makes his rounds through the kitchen handing out hugs to Brit, Claire and Azah. Azah asks if he wants "eggs, bacon or pancakes or something." Xavier accepts the offer, "a little of all, please."


The Reef Bedroom (SB, Derek X, Claire, Hannah) is talking about a creepy message during wake-up this morning saying, "Don't worry! I'm not going to hurt you." They think today's veto will be a scary one. They all agree it definitely woke everyone up.


*Feeds pop to WBRB Bubbles



Christian tells Brit he hasn't had a good night's sleep in the house at all. He says the Sea Glass Bedroom is just way too hot.

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Britini joined the group on the Reef Bedroom and they begin discussing the Olympics starting officially last night. Brit is sad she is missing it. They hope Julie updates them on medal counts.

Brit says Simone Biles will get no less than 5 medals. (Team, All Around, Vault, Beam and  Floor) "Beam she fell on and still got bronze. That just shows you she's That Good."


8:20AM BBT


Kyland is talking to Xavier in the HoHR. They discuss needing to talk with Baby D and Azah today. X says if he gets houseguest choice he will pick Christian "because I have to pick someone on my team." (to keep up the facade) Xavier says he wants  Brent to get fully blindsided on eviction night and he told everyone to keep playing like he is not the target.




8:33AM BBT 

X gets out of bed and says he will shower downstairs. He puts in his contacts and intentionally pulls his waistband down to show his perfectly sculpted ab cuts. He checks himself in the mirror then heads back into his room leaving the bathroom sink running  [hope it has automatic shut off].



As Xavier is tossing his freshly laundered bag of clothes on the bed, he stubs his toe and starts jumping around. "Owwwwww. Mother F@@@@@. Alright. We're good. We're thug."





Sarge- Xavier

X- Yes?

Sarge-Please go the Diary Room Downstairs

X- oh no; I slipped a discus or something; oh, alright



8:47AM BBT  Sea Glass Bedroom

Alyssa and Christian are talking about being caught under the covers in the HoH

Alyssa- Mark is going to talk to us about Jacob (Mark is code word for Ky and Jacob is code word for Xavier)

Christian- Jacob?

Alyssa- Yes, Jacob

Chris- What are we going to say about it?

Alyssa- We say we were under the covers because the lights were very bright; and because your blue eyes are sensitive

Chris- sensitive....good

Alyssa-sensitive to the light; so you had to hide your eyes. I was there for moral support. I didn't want you to be alone under the covers.

Their ridiculous story is...well, ridiculous. But, it is also pretty cute.  -MamaLong]




Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles

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8:59AM BBT

We now have RCHS on the feeds (possibly time for Veto Picks)


9:23AM BBT

The feeds are back. 


Claire is leading yoga near the front door




Brent is blow drying his hair in the bathroom.

Alyssa is in the bathroom and starts brushing her teeth "I'm excited for veto. Everyone was new except Britini"

Xavier- that's true, Christian hasn't and I haven't

Alyssa- no one has except Britini


9:25AM BBT

The feeds cut to RCHS, again


9:27AM BBT

The feeds are back to Houseguests again


Whitney enters the bathroom and announces, "I am so excited to play!"

Brent- I know! Let's hope we win.



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9:37AM BBT

Big D is eating breakfast at the kitchen table with Tiffany

Big D- Everybody gonna let me win this today, right?

Tiff- go out there and win it


9:48AM BBT

Whitney tells Ky in the gym that if she wins she won't use the veto


Big D walks in and calls Whitney a hussy for being in there alone with his man. Brit walks through and Whitney asks her to join her on the bikes.


9:49AM BBT

Feeds cut to RCHS


9:50AM BBT

The feeds are back on Houseguests. Whitney finished on the bike and is heading out of the gym.


Claire walks in the gym and they begin discussing feeling low energy. Claire thinks it is the fasting and not the slop because they haven't eaten much slop.

SB Walks in

Ky- Sarah Beth, I'm so excited you are gonna host


Playing in Power of Veto: Xavier, Britini, Brent, Whitney, Christian, Big D with SB hosting

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10:00AM BBT


Xavier starts his meetings with the veto competitors. He begins with Britini. He tells her that she is completely safe and he feels really bad for putting her up because she didn't do anything to deserve it. It was only because her name was mentioned by Brent. She asks if he will take her off the block. He says he will. She asks who the replacement will be. He says he won't say names but it will be a bigger threat than she is.


Next up is Brent. X asks how he feels about the picks.

Brent- I will use the veto on me. Whitney would save me. You would leave them the same. Christian would leave them the same. Britini would save herself. Big D would save Britni. I think everyone has 33% chance.

Brent repeats all his same sentiments he said to X before about not putting someone you really want in the game on the block.

X- says they see things differently

Brent tells him he won't hold anything against him.


Sarge- Sarah Beth, please go to the Diary Room downstairs


Back in the HoHR, Brent tells X that it is flattering because he has "been the number 1 target since day one in the house for all the guys...and so it's flattering for me because I haven't won one competition.  So for my ego and my pride, it's flattering.  I just want you to tell me, man for man, that I am not the pawn. I just want to hear you say it."

Xavier- Do you feel like people think we are still working together?

Brent- obviously you painted that we're not. It's not the first time I was blindsided or betrayed. You showed me the knife before you slid it in. I appreciate that. You haven't given me a reason not to trust you besides this incident. Now it makes it look like we aren't working together. Is it sinking in with your team and my team. I don't know.  My team was shocked. Your team was shocked, and we are the biggest alliance in the house. But, we have to go after people who aren't in the alliance.

X- agreed

Brent- you took his  (Frenchie) shit and put scent on it

Xavier laughs

Brent- I think it is in your best interest to sit the Radicals down and explain things. It would make them feel more comfortable.

Xavier says he plans on doing team meetings again and they can come together




10:20AM BBT

Xavier is still meeting with Brent in the HoHR. Conversation is just traveling in circles.


10:28AM BBT

Xavier wants to meet with Christian next, but he can't find him. Brit says he is in the DR. He gets Big D, instead

X- I would like it if you could join me in the HoH room

Big D- okay

They head up to the HoHR

Big D tells Xavier he is happy he is playing in the veto competition because he wants to win something. 

He says he is concerned that he (Xavier) picked Christian

X- why

Big D- because he can win

X- who do you think I should pick

Big D- Alyssa

Xavier laughs

Big D says if he wins he will have to use it on Britini because he would look crazy if he doesn't

Xavier agrees

Big D asks Xavier what he hopes happens

X says he hopes he wins or Christian wins. big D understands, "oh, so you don't have to change anything."

Xavier says he didn't make any promises to Britini

Big D- you have a full team and that's my thing...I would rather go into the next week with three, three and three

Xavier tells Big D that he (Brent) thinks Britni is still the target


Big D jokes with Xavier that if he wants to put him on the block, go ahead "I am ready to break some dishes."

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Big D tells Xavier he talked with Azah and calmed her down "Britini is not going home!" He tells X when they get closer to numbers they may have to reassess things (implying they won't take Azah further) He then jokes with Xavier, "other than that do not waste my time... do not call me up here; I don't like you. I don't care for you. Okay? Do not bother me. Do not ask me to your room. I ain't opening up any more of your snacks. Your beer was whack. Don't ask me up here again! I will do what I want with the veto."


Big D leaves the room and X calls "Goldendoodle" Christian comes in and X asks how he feels about veto.

Christian- I feel good


*The feeds move to RCHS



The feeds return to the houseguests with Big D in the YBR  telling Brit that he made it clear to Xavier he will use the veto on Brit if he wins. Brit says she still wants to talk with Tiffany because she is so confused as to why she would make an agreement on the field to go with Christian (she meant Baby D)  but then gun for her. Britini tells BIg D she will put up Xavier and Christian on the block of she wins HoH. She leaves the YBR and Big D says to the camera.

Big D- sounds good to me; nod and smile


10:52AM BBT

Britini goes into the loo and begins screaming 'Who keeps doing this. It is OVER not under. Who keeps doing this? Someone keeps doing this?"


Ky and SB are both showering. Ky says it must be Sarah Beth. SB says she doesn't understand what she is talking about. SB swears it isn't her because she doesn't care if it's over or under. Once Brit comes out of the loo she gives SB a tutorial on how to properly put the toilet paper in the holder in an OVER position. "There is a right way and a wrong way." Ky says there is someone trying to spread chaos. SB says she thinks it is not intentional, that they "just go through a shit ton" of toilet paper and tells Brit she will do it the way Brit wants it from now on. Brit leaves then starts questioning everyone saying there is an active culprit.


[It doesn't bother me at all; either way is fine. Some toilet paper is specifically designed to be placed in an "over" position given the way the embossed flowers, or whatever pattern there is, lies. However, I think it's pretty messed up to have fancy toilet paper, in the first place. Many Americans take toilet paper to the next level, IMHO.  -MamaLong]




11:00AM BBT

Xavier is meeting with Azah. She is apologizing for bringing people down. He tells her she has a big heart and that's what everyone loves about her. Azah tells Xavier that she is not happy with Brent (because of the angry black woman thing). "I think he just doesn't like being corrected by a woman."


[What's the 'angry black woman thing,' you ask. Well, Azah and Brent were discussing the game of Big Brother when Brent confused the terms "floater" and "coaster."  Azah explained to Brent what a floater really is, but he went around afterwards to a lot of HGs saying she "blew up at him." She never raised her voice or tried to dismiss him. She wasn't upset in any way. She was just explaining that he had the terms confused. She feels he has taken that story and intentionally painted her "an angry black woman" so she is clearly not happy about that.  -MamaLong]

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11:15AM BBT

Xavier is meeting with Baby D (Derek X) in the HoHR now. He is so relieved that he didn't get pulled for veto because it would have looked so cold when he didn't save Brent.

X- yeah; I didn't want you to be put in that position

They both agree that things look real good for veto (as long as Brent doesn't win)


Baby D says it is crazy how everyone in the house is so good at lying.





11:24AM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS

(instead of the feeds popping to WBRB bubbles today, they have been going to RCHS. It seems someone in the control room just forgets to change the feed interruptions correctly, especially on competition days)


11:26AM BBT

The feeds are back to houseguests



(Yes, that is a tooth flosser over Brent's left ear)


Tiffany walks through the LR where Whitney, Brent and Baby D are chatting and Whitney compliments her outfit "You look so cute."



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11:47AM BBT

The feeds cut to RCHS, again


11:52AM BBT

The feeds are back on houseguests. Xavier is talking with Kyland in the HoHR.

Whitney is braiding her hair in the bathroom.


11:58AM BBT

The feeds pop to WBRB Bubbles this time


11:59AM BBT

The feeds are on the house, again. The HGs must have been given a time warning because most are up and actively getting dressed, if not already


12:00PM BBT

Xavier is meeting with SB now. He asks her what she thinks would happen with veto, "Christian would do whatever you want, you would leave it the same." She says Big D would pull Brit off and Whitney told her she wouldn't use it. 



Brit is talking with Brent in the Sea Glass Bedroom 

Sarge- Brent, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

Brit- Have Fun!

Once Brent is gone, Christian asks Brit if she is going to have trouble trusting Xavier now. She responds with something about how hard it is to know when people are being honest versus playing their own game, and that she just doesn't like that she was put up on the block two weeks in a row for her loyalty (sarcastically) "God forbid I am loyal to anyone."


12:13PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


The feeds return after a minute to Xavier meeting with his last HG, Hannah, in the HoH. He asks her how she feels about veto. She feels fine about it. Hannah didn't want to be in a position to have Brent thinking she would use the veto, if she won.

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12:08pm X talking to Britini in HOH. Tells her the only reason she was on the block last week was because of Frenchie. She leaves and calls Hannah to HOH but she is getting ready for POV comp. Quick WBRB and Sarah heads to HOH. She will be playing for POV along with Big D and Whitney. Sarah leaves after saying POV should be soon. 



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12:23PM BBT

Sarge- Xavier, please go to the Diary Room, downstairs.  


12:26PM BBT

Ky, Claire, Whitney and SB are in the kitchen talking about high school and college.

In the bathroom, Hannah, Alyssa, Baby D and Brent are chatting.

Baby D leaves to see if Ky wants to play chess.


Baby D comes back and whispers something to Brent, "Good luck, man. You got this."

Brent asks Alyssa how she is feeling about veto then says the only thing that would blow it is if Britini wins.


12:29PM BBT

*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


[Brent believes that Big D would take down Brit and Brit would take herself down. He also thinks that Whitney and Christian would both take him down. In reality, Brent's only chance is to save himself with that veto today.  -MamaLong]


12:36PM BBT

The feeds return to Alyssa in the kitchen and Brent whispering with Christian in the Sea Glass Bedroom. Chris tells Brent he has never lied to him in the game.





12:38PM BBT

We are back to Bubbles


12:39PM BBT

Feeds are back on the houseguests


Ky is talking with Claire and Baby D in the Chess/Poker Parlor





12:40PM BBT

Britini is complaining in the YBR to Azah and Big D about Frenchie and the French Kisses...and how she explained to Xavier that she wasn't a part of it. She wasn't even there for the meeting.

Azah says "I guess the way of this game is we just act dumb, huh?"

They all start laughing.





12:50PM BBT

Hannah and Whitney are talking in the bathroom. They are nervous about Big D putting up Claire. They want to work with Claire. They don't want Britini to leave saying "she is a ray of sunshine." Hannah says they need to just focus on the veto.




12:52PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles

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 12:48pm Derek X, Tyland and Claire in PP playing chess. Big D, Azah and Britini chatting, mostly Britini trashing Frenchie and Tyland. (They are waiting for POV comp to start.) Whitney and Hannah in WA putting on makeup and hoping that Big D doesn't win POV. We get WBRB again.

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Brent is talking with Azah and Big D in the Yacht Club Bedroom saying he would be really surprised if he is not the target "because this just doesn't make sense." Big D says that he is targeting Britini. Brent argues that if Xavier was targeting a girl, he would have put up two girls. Big D says he (Brent) is tight and working with Xavier, to trust him. Brent tells them, "If I am being honest, I don't have a final two with X. I only had one with Frenchie, but everyone had one with Frenchie."

Big D- I am going for veto because of my teammate. I think you should go for the veto.

Brent- absolutely; But guys, you don't use somebody that was being verbally targeted by all the guys as pawn.

Big D- you weren't mine


Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


When the feeds return, Azah is addressing Brent saying that their team (Jokers) is the only team without a leader. They only have themselves. Azah says that she didn't hug him (Brent) after the ceremony because she thought he was talking shit about her.





Brent tells Azah "I think the world of you, as a person...unfortunately, Frenchie was the one spreading all sorts of rumors." Brent says Frenchie formed an all girls' alliance run by a man and named after himself. "How dumb!"  

Big D asks Brent" if you are not a pawn, why you up there then?"

Brent- because of Frenchie

Big D says that Frenchie is gone now and he made such a mess that everyone is like 'who is here and who is who' "Like Dr. Seuss or some shit."

Azah says she will not say anything disparaging about Frenchie.

Big D says he didn't want to lose his friend in the game, and he wanted to keep Frenchie as a shield.

Brent tells Azah that the rumors were not started by him, just reiterated from Frenchie.

Azah says she just wishes Brent would have talked to her

Brent thanks Azah for talking with him about it, "I appreciate you Azah"

Azah- no problem (she looks perturbed)

Brent leaves

Azah rolls her eyes. he is very good....very good, though...very persuasive

Big D begins singing "He got to go...He got to go...He got to go..."

Big D- now did Frenchie do all that. We may never know.

Azah- Guess who came up with the name? ME! As a joke

Big D is laughing and Azah continues filling him on that and how the girls that were there were not taking it seriously. It was all a complete joke.


1:30PM BBT

Britini comes back in the YBR so Azah repeats the whole Frenchie's Kisses alliance story for her.




Brent is talking with Xavier in the HoH again.

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1:40PM BBT

Whitney joins Big D, Azah and Brit in the YBR. Brit asked her if she would use the veto. She says yes because she wants to see who else X would put up. 


Big D comments that he thinks the reason the veto comp is taking so long is because they are having trouble finding something for him to wear.


Whitney leaves and Big D whispers to Azah and Brit, "She is dangerous."




1:50PM BBT

Sarge- Xavier, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

1:53PM BBT

The feeds have moved to WBRB Bubbles


1:57PM BBT

The feeds have returned to the HGs

Feeds are back on the HGs


2:00PM BBT

Hannah, Azah and Big D are talking about Tiffany's real age. Tiffany won't tell anyone her real age. Big D thinks she is really like 32-34. Both Hannah and Azah say they have figured it out based on her timeline reveals in conversation. 

Big D- Why won't you tell me then?

Azah says it is not her business to tell and she respects that Tiffany wants it private.

Azah reminds him "black don't crack."

Big D compares Tiff's skin to his mom's then says she could be 40, but he would be surprised.


2:05PM BBT Feeds on WBRB Bubbles again

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The feeds return to the house

2:12PM BBT

Xavier suspects the comp could be endurance because it's such a massive buildout. 

Big D says they started the last comp at 1PM and by the time it finished it was about 5PM.


In the Sea Glass Bedroom, Alyssa is picking zits on Christian's neck. They hear a popping noise then Alyssa goes for another, "I'm so glad you are letting me do this."

Christian- I need to clean my whole face. If I had my beard, you wouldn't see them.


image.thumb.png.6cfea9564651fe45e7422dc13e451fc5.pngThe HGs are getting bored waiting for the Veto Competition


2:26PM BBT

ChrisAlys is alone in the Sea Glass Bedroom

Christian- Think there is anyone around?

Alyssa- No I think Brit is just sleeping in there

Christian- Do you think anyone will walk in here?

Alyssa- I don't know, maybe. That's why I am not laying on you.

Alyssa says she wants to lay on his arm, but she is being smart

Christian- You are being smart

He leans in for a kiss, but pulls back as Azah exits the YBR.

Azah- What are y'all doing? Y'all are up to some mischief!

Alyssa says they were playing the staring game.

Azah- Oh, and I ruined it

Azah leaves for the loo




Alyssa- I told you! Why don't you listen to me? Of course! Great! This is Great!

Christian giggles "That was so dumb!"

Chris- I didn't want to stop......What are the chances?

Alyssa- I told you

Alyssa tells him they need to stare at each other like the staring game several times today to throw her off.

Alyssa- Are you mad? Why aren't you looking at me?

Chris- she said we were up to something

Alyssa- yeah, exactly...we just need to be smart

Christian says when he heard "no napping" he thought it was the perfect time  

Alyssa- now what?

Christian- we play off of that....*sighs We had like 10 minutes of no one walking by

Alyssa- She is gonna tell Big D and Brit



Christian- she didn't see us do anything; our heads were just close. I think we're fine.

Alyssa is still discussing how they need to roll with the staring game plan.

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2:48PM BBT

Christian and Brit are tossing limes in the SR back and forth. They are actually really good at tossing and not dropping.




2:50PM BBT

Claire, Christian, Brent and Baby D are playing knock out now near the front door. They all agree it's a really fun game.

Brit has now joined the game.



3:13PM BBT

SB was called to the DR. All of the HGs are chanting "SB, SB, SB, Go SB"


3:16PM BBT

The HGs are just waiting for the PoV outfits and are excited to get the show on the road.


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5:21PM BBT    Two Hours So Far

The feeds are still on RCHS for the Veto Competition


5:41PM BBT    Feeds are back


It looks like the guys are exhausted, possibly from heat.



Brent and Ky both have ice packs.

Christian won veto!


Xavier goes up to the HoHR by himself and celebrates, "Best case scenario. Best Case Scenario. I didn't even need to come up here. I wanted to get away from people."


He goes back downstairs.

Christian goes into the SR. Brit joins in and they do a jam dance in celebration.


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Big D is talking about people on the live feeds wondering if we was going to make it through the comp.

The veto players are wearing tutus.


They were spinning. Big D says he tried spotting but the light made him dizzy.

(It sounds like Bowlerina)

Britini is wearing pink. Xavier is wearing green. Christian is wearing yellow.



Even the spectators were really hot just watching. Kyland almost passed out.


5:57PM BBT

In the YBR, Azah tells Big D, "Can you believe I almost feel sorry for Brent?"  She says everyone was cheering "get him, get him."


Azah- and then he started throwing up and people were like Oh my God

She says she couldn't sit and fawn over him. She couldn't be fake.

Big D says he isn't a big jock but didn't pass out or throw up.




6:10PM BBT

Brent- was it at least fun to watch though?

Hannah- yeah, it was

Baby D says he has a great story to tell

Hannah- When did the motion sickness hit you? Was it during the first round?


*camera moves to the bathroom where Whitney is showering and Christian is getting ready to shower.


Christian says the spinning didn't bother him at all

Whitney- I was amazed how straight you could run after spinning

Christian heads upstairs for the HoH Shower

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6:39PM BBT

In the YBR, Britini says Christian is going to want a rap. She begins planning her rap and sings a few lines. SB and Azah keep interrupting her before she can get to another line.


6:45PM BBT

Christian and Alyssa are under a blanket on the HoH couch kissing very loudly.





Christian comments that his grandparents are going to see this.

Xavier comes out of the HoH bathroom in his robe. He does a little prance and a spin while ChrisAlys Oohs and Ahs. When X goes to get his mic, ChrisAlys plants another kiss.


And another..



[I'm out for the rest of the night. I bet grannysue1154 will be here shortly. Nighty night  -MamaLong]

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