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Thursday, July 15, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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7:00pm-8:00pm BBT: Alyssa is talking with Whitney about all the things in the house this week that went on and she thinks Derek X and Kyland have started a lot of it. They agree that Frenchie may be in an alliance with Derek F and may be working with him for final 2. Most HG in the KT and LVR getting ready to eat dinner. After HG eat dinner Whitney and Tiffany are cleaning up and doing dishes, Britini and Claire i the WA doing hair and talking about how they do not know Brent much as he does not talk much to anyone.

8:00pm=9:00pm BBT: Clair and Britini continue talking about the guys in the house and thinks that everyone likes Derek F but they are not sure about Christian and  are watching him. Kyland enters the WA and and the three talk say they think that Travis will be voted out Thursday. Most HG in the LVR playing games as we keep getting a lot of WBRB.

9:00pm-10:00pm BBT: HG in LVR playing games  then they take a small break and Alyssa, Christian, Xavier and Brent are in the PP and they talk about who they might nominate if they were to win HOH this week, Alyssa says she would put Derek X up  because he never talks to her and has never come to her to talk. And then she says Britini as she started the all girls alliance and did not include her in it. HG continue game night in the LVR.

10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: In the LVR the alphabet game is going on they get to the letter F and someone says fourplay and  a discussion starts and Britini leaves Derek F goes to talk to her and she tells him that she decided at an early age she would save herself for marriage and it was so uncomfortable in there and Derek F says i understand  and as a black gay man  i do understand you have to make your decisions and that they are her own. He tells her if I ever make you uncomfortable please let me know and i am always here if you ever need to talk. The game in the LVR has now changed to a game called Goodnight.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Derek F and Xavier talking in the YBR about  their alliances and who they need to get out first  and then next they both agree it needs to be Travis Derek X then Clair,  Brent comes in and Xavier walks out so Derek F ask him who he thinks and he says the same people as himself and Xavier, Brent tells him they will have to vote out team mates before their alliances. In the HOHR Frenchie is talking to  Alyssa and Travis about them recording their goodbye messages Feeds switch to Tiffany and Clair  talking in there RBR about Alyssa and what she has said to them and Tiffany said all she said is that i would never be a target or go up for her. Clair says she is sweet but she can be a pawn for us since she is and Tiffany agrees. Tiffany then said she was watching Frenchie during the games and she noticed he was studying peoples answers closely and she thinks it is because he is so much older.

12:00am-1:00am BBT: Travis and Frenchie in the HOHR talking about the  eviction and how people are telling him that they are going to do what Frenchie wants so Frenchie tells him to talk to the Queens and then get 4 more votes. They get up and leave the HOHR where Frenchie joins the YBR and the Big Blue Couch hosted by Derek F. Travis is sitting alone in the LVR just thinking. Christian and Derek X in the KT talking  and Christian says we both need to compete hard tomorrow  and not put each other up. Travis is now in the GYM with Brent and  he tells him he is losing a friend tomorrow as the girls want a guy out of the house. Travis tells Brent that he might out Frenchie for a liar in his eviction speech because she lied to him several times and Brent says is that the ay you want to be remembered. Brent then goes to the HOHR to tell Frenchie about the conversation Frenchie smiles and says America is loving this .Derek F and Azah talking about Derrek F being a haver not he says he does not know if he can do it. They talk about how small the rooms in the house are, Hannah goes to the SBR and ask for lights out and BB turns the lights out.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: Frenchie, Alyssa. Christian and Derek X are playing chess in the PP Just general talk going on, HG get up and all head to bed lights off in the  BB house all HG sleeping.

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8:57AM BBT

We have had WBRB Bubbles for 10 minutes now. Must be 'Wakey Wakey Houseguests' time

9:00AM BBT

The feeds return to HGs beginning their live eviction day

Big D- I feel I'm gonna take a cold shower to really wake me up

Azah says there is a line for the shower


Big D- I believe that...Oh, I actually woke up before these big ass lights were on. It's so pretty.


Alyssa is reviewing her speech in the HNR again. She is nervous saying she will stutter at least once and black out a few time

X and Christian tease her

Christian- don't think about the 50 million people that will be watching

X- picture everyone in their underwear 


[That makes me think of Marsha Brady trying to get through her driving test LOL  -MamaLong]



The HNR is talking about IDL being the best time to take naps.

Production must have played Justin Bieber🎼 this morning because I keep hearing humming and singing.


Christian- I have freaking space buns on my head right now

X- and you still look sexy as heck

Christian- I don't get how I come off as a threat

9:14AM BBT

Alyssa gets up to check her face in the mirror. X and Christian both stare at her butt, speechless.





[Alyssa is definitely getting the most drool so far this season.  -MamaLong]


She thanks her fellow have-nots for letting her sleep on the one flat bed in the room.

Christian- no problem


Britini is whispering with Azah in the YBR

Alyssa feels confident today about staying "whoever gets HoH, I can't wait to see photos"

She tells them her hat got confiscated and she thinks it's because of race "it said Brownie"


Sarge- please stop singing


9:18AM BBT  Reef Bedroom  Tiff & Brit

Tiff- 'cause really you just target on everybody; then somebody in jeopardy of going home; nobody is talking about it; I am a person that, unless, I mean,  it was brought to you, I would just cover it at the source. If the attention isn't on you, I wouldn't bring it to you. Even just telling one person, even someone you trust because they trust someone too.  I mean it becomes the telephone game. We know. We know. We all got your back. I would keep everything in your pocket. If you want to do that, that's your game. I just wouldn't bring the attention if it's not there. I think you're good because it's very ludicrous, but I don't know what you feel about what you heard, but you got to do what's best for you. But, I don't bring attention to myself that's not already there.

Britt- right; it's a crazy game

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They leave the room and walk toward kitchen

Tiff- I would just let it die because, essentially, you just paint a target

Brit- right

In the HNR, X tells Alyssa his goodbye message to her was "if you go home, something went fucking sideways"

X says his message to Travis was different


9:22AM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB

9:38AM BBT Sea Glass Bedroom Britini and Derek X

In the SBR, the cam focuses in on Britini. She smiles and waves at the camera, "Good Morning America. Good Morning! Happy Day Nine. Today is the live eviction which is not fun at all...and the Head of Household competition. And we may have to gamble something today, folks. What are we gonna gamble? Couldn't tell you.

Baby D- something around our dignity

Brit- Also, mom and dad. Love you!

Baby D adds in Phil and Anna "I feel like I know them a lot"

Brit- I love my fam...and nana too but she has nothing to watch the live feeds on.

Baby D- damn! she is fully cut off with civilization

Bit says she doesn't know technology and Baby D says he had to set up Paramount + for his parents because they don't know technology either. "When I told them it was 24/7 they said 'you can't do that.'"



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9:06AM BBT Britini is whispering with Azah in the YBR. Britini was pulled aside by Christian last night where her name was brought by the guys that she is the creator of an all girls alliance. Britini wants to tell Big D, for him to scope it for her. Britini tell’s Azah that not doing anything about it yesterday was a good move but today she is going to squash it.


9:35AM BBT Travis is in the RBR trying on different shirts to wear to the live show while talking about how Frenchie told him that if he could flip votes for a 7 to 7 ties that Frenchie will keep him. Travis doesn’t believe it.


9:38AM BBT Britini talking to the camera “Good Morning America. good morning, happy day 9. Today is the live evection which is not fun at all then the HOH Yahooooo. We might need to gamble something today, what we are going to gamble couldn’t tell ya.


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9:51AM BBT

Whitney and Brit are on the bikes in the gym singing (Sarge must be sleeping)



We should expect that Travis is being evicted tonight in an almost unanimous vote since there has been some talk about rogue votes.


9:56AMBBT  Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


[Okay, I'm out for a bit and not sure I'll be back prior to lockdown. Hopefully Sheldon or another updater can take over.  -MamaLong]

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10:12AM BBT: X and Big D wondering if today's comp will be team related. Azah comes in and twerks. The other HG are telling jokes in the KT.

10:15AM BBT: Big D and Brit are talking - he tells her if she can get it, to get it. She says she will. He says if he wins he'll just sleep and listen to music in his room.

10:21AM BBT: Azah/Tiff are having heart2heart in RBR about where they stand with each other and to make sure they avoid house conflicts.

10:27AM BBT: Claire joins Azah /Tiff in RBR to put on her face before they get locked in HOHR. They wonder about alliances and that Brent is in every convo.

10:33AM BBT: In the WA some of the BBC HG are doing a 'skyrocketing' dance in the mirror.  (Ky/BigD/X/Lys/Christian/Sarah)





10:38AM BBT: Feeds have gone to animal shelter videos in preparation for tonight's live show.  Stay tuned!  We'll back as soon as possible - hopefully during the HOH comp; if not, right afterwards!

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11:45AM BBT The feeds switch from RCHS to WBRB Bubbles

11:48AM BBT The feeds return post lockdown



Baby D, X, Alyssa, Azah and SB are doing yoga neat the memory wall.

Alyssa- are the feeds back on now?

Someone replies "yes"


Brit is talking with Big D in the YBR about yesterday and being approached that talk was floating around about her starting an all girls' alliance

Big D- whaaaat?


Claire is leading the yoga session. "one body, one movement...I do the Peloton yoga everyday"

Travis joins in, too






11:59AM BBT

Sarge: Alyssa, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

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11:49am BBT: HG out of LD some HG in the KT area doing yoga, Britni in the YBR with Derek F telling him about the girls starting an all girls alliance and she was not at the meeting because she was playing pool, She says it was told to her yesterday about it by Travis.

11:54am BBT: Derek F and Britini still talking in the YBR about who they trust and who they do not and She says she was not even there to consent to an alliance i was just brought in by association.  Derek F says he has not talked to anyone about game play not you or not the guys and no one has ever asked me if i want to be apart of something or anything and i am ok with that.

11:58am BBT: Britini says she is so ready to play today and Derek F says i am to lets get this going.  Britini says isn't it funny that i created an alliance that i was not even there for. Derek says he wants HOH tonight so he can see his friends and Britini says Big D go win go win that yes.

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12:03PM BBT   YBR

Big D- what time is it? DO we know what time it is?

Whitney (in full face mask) it's 12 o'clock

Frenchie begins talking about things hiding in the house (clues within the decor)

Big D and Whitney say they don't think so

Frenchie begins looking around, above and under things




Kyland is talking with Christian in the HoHR (nothing new)


12:09PM BBT

All cameras are on yoga now; Hannah has taken Alyssa's place on her mat



12:11PM BBT Ky has now joined the yoga class


12:12PM BBT

Frenchie, Whitney, Big D and Brent are talking about sterilization, penis size and birth control in the YBR

Brent says he thinks he will get one (vasectomy) because he doesn't trust girls

Big D tells him that he need to do it like Frenchie and have kids first; he begins talking about people thinking prep is a magical pill when it's not "no; it's just an extra security when you use a condom to not get HIV; you can still get STDs"

They comment that they wish production would tell them what they should wear

Christian- I asked when do we get the trimmer and they ignored me

12:14PM BBT

Frenchie gets up saying he needs to go check the HoHR because "they said I got twenty minutes"




12:30PM BBT

Big D says they moved his couch "I think they couldn't see my face (during talk show)

Tiff says they fixed their drawers in the CBR (they were broken)

Claire-Did they say that's why they moved it?

Big D- I just assume because every time people would come in here and talk to me the cameras would be trying to get me

Tiff- they couldn't see his face

Big D- I just wish they would tell us what to wear....they took two days to set up (implying they should already know, so why aren't they giving the HGs a heads up)

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Alyssa pulls out her suitcase and begins packing her things in her suitcase. Big D is surprised she didn't turn in her bag because everyone was told to.  Big D asks Alyssa how it feels to pack up when she could be going home. Alyssa says it's not hard because they took most of her clothes. Big D teases that she should have read the directions on what they could pack. Alyssa is trying to decide what to wear. She chooses a black dress that she says makes her butt look good. Big D says she has a good butt and asks how she got it given she's so thin. Alyssa says she took a weightlifting class in college that was hardcore "you couldn't put your hands on your hips; if you had to throw up you had to do it in a squatting position; you would get dings and he would mark them on a board so the end of the class each mark was a lap; I used the showers" (saying people usually never use the showers, but she did)

12:49PM BBT

Hannah joins Big D, Claire, Azah and Alyssa in the Yacht Bedroom. Alyssa is going through her stuff and saying what she will leave in the house. Alyssa says she will leave the panty liners that she wears to prevent camel toes

Big D- wait; I'm learning here. You use panty liners to prevent camel toes?

Alyssa says yes because she doesn't want to be that girl like Rockstar with a camel toe picture all over the internet

Big D has fallen asleep. Azah leaves in search of nail polish (I think)

Claire- have fun packing

Alyssa- thanks...it's easy. I don't have much.

Claire leaves


Whitney is curling her hair in the bathroom


12:57PM BBT We get WBRB Bubbles

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12:03pm BBT: Frenchie walks into the YBR and Derek F tells him they moved my bed and Frenchie says why , Derek F says i guess they could not see me so they moved it then Frenchie says he feels someone is watching  and moving things in the house like maybe for a scavenger hunt Britini says yeah maybe for that. 

12:09pm BBT: Clair still doing the yoga class with  half the HG in the entrance way.

12:14pm BBT: Frenchie talking about getting a vasectomy and his wife has her tubes tied and Derek F ask if it hurt and he says for a couple of days but it was not to bad. Talk turns to STD's and condoms . Hg still in the entryway doing yoga.

12:22pm BBT: Derek F says to Christian he is not plotting at the end of the day and i do not talk game a lot but Brent talks about voting off all the girls. Christian says he is scheming and Derek says yes. Derek F then says at the end of the day whoever i am on the block with i am not going home i do not have any numbers.

12:24pm BBT: Christian says if i am ever going on the block i would hope that you would tell me and Derek F says of course i would tell you, Derek F says being in here is a walk in the park in here and if i hear your name of course i am going to tell you. He says everyone is going to game but a different game you just have to make your decision on what you want to do. Subject changes to Derek F finding a blind spot in the house and BB moving his bed.

12:39pm BBT: Hg are all laying around while Alyssa is packing her clothes.

12:50pm BBT: Xavier and Travis in the LVR eating and talking about Hg taking money in the comps and Xavier says if you take money you are shafting your team mates though  and Travis agrees. Feeds go to the WC with Whitney doing her hair and Frenchie watching and them talking general talk.

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1:00PM BBT

Frenchie walks into the YBR and everyone compliments him on his outfit.

Big D says Frenchie is looking good

Azah- I haven't dated a white boy in a long time

Frenchie says he is shy about that because he never had girls interested in him for his looks. Everyone wanted his friends.

Azah- you have hot friends, too?

Frenchie says he has on that is a built farmer that is good for Alyssa "he has cows and tobacco farms"

Alyssa asks how old and Frenchie says 27

Alyssa asks his name and Frenchie says he can't say because he didn't sign a "thing"

Frenchie- I tell ya, if you marry him you'd be set for life

Alyssa gives the camera a look (she likes what she hears)

Hannah- we are all moving to the farm  





The HGs have the clippers/trimmer now and begin taking turns freshening up their look





Baby D offers Claire to make Impossible Burgers when he hears her say she's hungry, "do you want one"

Claire- I will absolutely have an Impossible burger.



1:16PM BBT

The HGs just continue getting ready for the live show and partake in random chatter.


1:19PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles on all cameras


Frenchie talks with Travis in the SR. Frenchie tells him maybe things would have been different if they had talked and they will be friends outside the house. Travis thanks him and says, "no regrets."


1:25PM BBT

Tiffany is shaving Christian's scruff of his face and giving him a nice trim.



Tiffany- if they are here at 5 then we got be up and ready at 3


1:34PM BBT

WBRB on all cameras

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1:00pm BBT: HG just sitting around talking general talk and Alyssa still packing her things as they wait for Bb to tell them what to wear tonight.

1:06pm BBT: BB has now given the HG the electric shaver and Frenchie is now trimming his beard and mustache , Brent, Kyland, Tiffany, Hannah, and Christian in the WA doing ADL's. In the LVR is Whitney, Travis, Xavier eating lunch.

1:23pm BBT: Travis and Frenchie in the STR talking and Frenchie says i wished we could have had them conversations you know and Travis said i know it was out of your control i understand, Frenchie says i appreciate that it was like both people on the block and Travis says what ever happens happens and we will be friends forever and Frenchie says yes we will they hug and leave the STR.

1:38pm BBT: Travis, Brent and Frenchie in the LVR talking general talk about mustaches and bears, Most HG in the WA getting ready for the live show. Just general talk going on about makeup and hair and what to wear.

1:47pm BBT: Tiffany, Azah and Britini in the YBR talking about what they HOH comp might be tonight. Travis and Brent playing chess while Whitney does her make up in the LVR. Most Hg still in the WA getting ready.

1:57pm BBT: HG still getting ready for the show tonight, Azah is doing Tiffany's make up in the YBR , Derek F comes in wrapped in a towel looking for his clothes and tiffany saying she wants to wear sports clothes with a sports bra tonight, Hg are still waiting for BB to tell them  what to wear.

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1:59PM BBT

Frenchie is talking with Claire in the Poker Parlor

Claire- I know you are worried, but you don't have to worry with me. I want you here and I want you to go far in the game

Frenchie- okay; you're golden

2:02PM BBT WBRB Bubbles

2:16PM BBT The feeds have now moved to Rancho Coastal until later tonight.

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

We are still on the feeds while the show airs on the west coast.

9:09pm Big Brother Time

Azah seems to be comforting Tiffany.

Tiffany says she doesn't want 'her' to know, because she (Tiffany) knows who she told.

Azah says if Frenchie had listened to her, he would not be in this position, Tiffany says “because he talks all the time.” Tiffany says as a person she likes Frenchie, but... 

Azah says Whitney came to her and asked who Kyland would put up, Azah says she doesn't talk to Whitney like that and isn't sure why she would even ask her.

Tiffany decides she can stop pretending to cry, they agree that they aren't really talking for a couple of days and leave the room.

Tiffany continues  to play the “I miss my baby” crying for other house guests, they buy it.

Christian and Xavier are talking in the living room, sounds like they are trying to clarify something that happened, but before I can figure out what they are talking about, or whom,

We get those cute little kitties.

9:22pm Feeds return

Kyland is gargling salt water, he is alone in the lavatory going over the people in the alliances, he says he could take out Brett and Whitney from those people, Derek X, Britini,..he doesn't name the third of the five he mentioned.

Hannah interrupts him during his train of thought. He tells her “this is rough”, but not to worry about it. Hannah tells him she is glad he won the HOH. Whitney comes up and hugs on Kyland, he says she is the one he is worried about.  She tells him he will “do great”, then she brushes her teeth.  He tries to leave, Whitney calls him back, he leaves anyway. He bumps into Tiffany when he opens the door. There  is a loud “thump!!” and we hear Tiffany yell “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Is someone chasing you????? 

Whitney and Hannah have identified themselves as Have Nots.

Whitney whines about not wanting to stay up so she can avoid the drama, Tiffany asks her if she thinks it will be like that every week. Whitney continues to whine. Derek F comes into the room, everyone agrees that there could be a battle back and if so, people would be in sequester.

Tiffany and Christian chat in the kitchen, she tells him she will try to deflect him from the block if she can.

House guests are lounging on the living room furniture, general chatter.

Tiffany comes into a room with Azah and Frenchie, he tells her she can stay, but she declines.

Frenchie tells Azah he has had a 'h*ll of a week', some of it he created, some he didn't. He makes it sound like he was a victim of the house, that he had to make decisions to save other people.

Frenchie says he tried to tell his team to pick 24, but they didn't see him, then Kyland got it.

Camera moves to kitchen, a dance routine is happening in front of the sliding glass doors. 

Brent is talking to Xavier about another alliance.  Brent says too much is being done that doesn't have to.

Xavier says if the rouge votes hadn't happened, everyone would be kumbaya right now.  Xavier says they should have told Alyssa about the votes, and she should have known who did the vote.

They wonder who Kyland is going to nominate. Brent says not to make paranoid jokes about being nominated. They think it will be Britini and Hannah.

Whitney whines that she is not going to make jokes about being nominated. Brent calls her sensitive. She says she is not. Brent is watching Xavier's hand on Whitney's waist, his eyes move in that direction several times. He continues to talk as though he hasn't seen it.Brent wanders out of the area, Xavier tells Brent  he wants to be alone with Whitney, he wants to convince her to marry him.

Xavier asks Whitney who she has been linked to in the house so far, she says she was linked to Christian and him(Xavier).  Xavier says he has been connected with several females. Xavier says secretive sh*t isn't even possible in the house.

9:50pm We get kitties.

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9:09pm BBT: Tiffany and Azah talking in the YBR about Frenchie having to much power last week and Tiffany says Frenchie talks way to much. Azah goes on about how Frenchie had no respect for her and he would not listen to me and if he had listened to me he would not be in this situation. Tiffany crying missing her son.

9:14pm BBT:  Alyssa and Derek X comfort Tiffany as Alyssa asking if she is homesick and she says i just miss my baby and now i can not see him. They give her hugs. Christian and Xavier talking in the LVR about where they will sleep.

9:24pm BBT: Kyland in the WA gargling and talking to himself mostly whispering very low. In the CBR Frenchie comes in and hugs Tiffany saying he is sorry she did not win and she says thank you i tried.

9:27pm BBT: In the WA Hannah has joined Kyland talking  and Kyland says if i go out in blind faith i go out in blind faith but Whitney is the one i am worried about and he tells Hannah she is good as she leaves the WA. Whitney comes in and they whisper low.

9:34pm BBT: Brent and Xavier are in the PP talking about Tiffany playing the mom card and about the votes this week and how Frenchie told him that there would be 2 rouge votes this week. Brent says he is glad they are on the same page and he is going to  stay with the team as long as he can.

9:38pm BBT: Brent and Xavier talking about who made the votes and he says if Kyland did it then that was dumb because he can not play for HOH next week and they know it was not Frenchie he had no vote but they say they will find out who made those 2 votes.

9:40pm BBT: Team Ace are the have nots: Whitney,  Brent, Derek X and Hannah.

9:47pm BBT: Most HG in the KT learning a dance or making food just general talk going on, Whitney goes to the Have Not room to pick her bed and Brent follows to get his bed. Whitney comes out and lays in the PP with Xavier.

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9:51pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return

Brent is working with his microphone in the lavatory. As he leaves the room we get 

Kitties again until 9:54pm

Feeds return to Xavier and Whitney in the chess room.

They are talking about finding “true love”.  Whitney says she compares others to what she thought was true love.  Whitney tells Xavier that he is going to marry her, he tells her they may have to put that off for a couple of years.

Cameras change to living room.

Brent and Alyssa are cuddling on the sofa.

Camera moves to lavatory area, Kyland is talking to Sarah Beth. She says she tried to act bummed when he won.  Kyland says he will not tell anyone but Sarah Beth that they are not going up. He says she is not going up, but he is not saying that to anyone else.

Sarah suggests that they form a group with Derek X, Tiffany, Claire, herself and Kyland. He nods.

Kyland says he plans to do one on ones, but plans to watch who they go to when they leave. He also tells her he doesn't plan to tell anyone he promised Sarah Beth anything then he scats to the kitchen.

Tiffany, Frenchie and Hannah are at the dining table, Claire is at the stove and Kyland joins her.

Cameras move to Azah, who is talking to Britini.

Azah says that Britini should not worry about her (Azah). Azah plans to lay low and hope Frenchie wins the Wild Card. Azah says they need to see who wins that, then make decisions after that.  Azah says she just wants to enjoy this “chill” tonight.

Britini says she just wants Kyland to pull her aside to talk, but she isn't going to give him information she has. Britini mentions the all girl alliance but Azah says if it does come up all fingers will point directly to Frenchie.  Azah says she is out of it because she never attended one meeting.

Britini continues to rehash her worries about being put on the block with Frenchie. Britini hopes Kyland remembers she was the one who helped him remain calm.  Britini says she feels like she looks good as a nominee right now. 

Azah thinks Kyland will take advise from his team.

Britini continues to talk about reasons she should be ignored this week for the block. Azah continues to try calming Britini down, after a few seconds of bubbles feeds return

Britini tells Azah she wishes Frenchie would talk to them before 'doing things”, now she feels like a target. Britini says her name being thrown out there and she is nervous.

Britini changes her shirt and the two of them leave the room.

They smell the cookies when they go to the kitchen.

A group of house guests are sitting around the dining room table playing love her/hate her..

Camera moves back to Whitney and Xavier.  Whitney strokes Xavier's hand while they talk about basketball.

Whitney smells the burnt cookies and jumps up.  She tells them it smells like smoke really bad upstairs. Someone yells no so she goes back to her position across Xavier's lap.

Xavier tells America they are just friends. Twice.

Xavier asks Whitney about her personal life. Whitney tells a story about herself, that it true, is heartbreaking. (10:17pm Big Brother Time on camera 1).
Whitney has struggled nearly her entire life, and she wants to be a help to single mothers.).

Xavier tells Whitney he has lived with the idea that he is 'different' because of his race. He says he hates judgment. He considers himself to be a Christian, but does not attend church. He feels that church can be detrimental to people who are just doing the best way they can but don't meet church members' expectations. 

Whitney says she works to get money for single moms, gets them photos with their children, finds ways to provide them restaurant meals.  She says church helped her find that path.

Xavier laughs says he goes to church on Easter, Whitney says she takes her kids.

Cameras move to lavatory.

Tiffany is telling Derek X she is not really confident this week, no one can be.  They use their fooling around cover (giggles, laughter).
Tiffany is making fun of Derek X being on slop when Hannah walks into the room. They move to the gym

Tiffany starts making signals to the mirrors, she says she was talking to the lady in the mirror. (herself). Tiffany sees  a trail of something on the floor. (maybe ants). She thinks they came in on a wicker laundry basket.  She goes to the lavatory and talks to herself in the mirrors. She tells herself that even if she is safe this week, but she needs to not say so much.  She says she threw the vote to show Frenchie she was with him. Tiffany says Frenchie is on her radar but she will work with him as long as it is okay for her game.  Tiffany knows Frenchie only cares for himself, Brent is dangerous.  Tiffany says she will be careful with this.  She says, “okay America, I just came to get my invisiline”

We get bubbles. 

10:34pm Big Brother Time

Whitney and Xavier still in the chess room. Still flirting while they say they aren't flirting.  Whitney tells him “You know I have never been with a full black guy before?” Xavier laughs at her.

They go downstairs and race to the loo.

Cameras moves to dining room.

Derek F is talking about how people either like or don't like you.  He doesn't chase friendship. He says some former house guests have done other competition shows and show their true selves.

Derek F says he will see his photo on the wall in gray and  white soon, he should just go pack.  Someone in the background says, “Don't worry, you won't see it”.  Everyone laughs, Derek F says, “That's right I'll be out there talking to Julie saying 'Is it gray and white yet?'”

Talk moves on to house guests from earlier seasons.


When feeds return Britini is approaching Kyland in the gym and tells him she wants to talk to him whenever he wants to.

Derek F says he doesn't want to see the HOH room, he could care less and we get bubbles (probably while they tell Derek he must).

Kyland has gone to the blue bedroom and is lying on his back on one of the beds.

Kyland says he told them he just wants to chill, “Then four minutes later the door opens.”  He starts rummaging through his drawers.
While he is checking his clothes for clean or dirty Claire comes into the room to change her shirt.

Cameras moves to chess room then back to the bedroom

Claire asks Kyland if he feels okay, Frenchie comes into the room, Kyland repeats to Frenchie that tonight they will just be “chill”. The three of them are wandering around the room, Claire starts laughing because they are all being silent.  She says that could make people paranoid.  

Frenchie has his microphone off,he is talking to them, I can't really hear him very well, but it sounds like he is complimenting Kyland's win.

Sarah Beth comes into the room searching for her “new bed.”  Kyland says to let him know if she needs more room. Claire helps Sarah Beth settle in.

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11:00pm Big Brother Time

Hannah and Derek X are in the lavatory area.

Hannah is talking about people she trusts, she doesn't like people who think they run the house.  She says she saw the panic when Kyland won the HOH. Hannah is trying to get information about who Derek X is confident in, Derek tells her he likes every person he names, but he doesn't talk game to them.

Xavier comes by on his way to the Have Not room.

Hannah says Frenchie came into the storage room when she was with Christian talking about the wild card competition and what it could be. Frenchie burst into the room and told them he was going to play in the competition and win. He said he was telling everyone in the house, not just them, but everyone needed to know. Kyland came into the room and asked her to clarify, she did.

Feeds cut, then come back to the conversation.

Claire come in and they start talking about crazy things the reward for winning the Wild Card is. She tells them about a reward challenge in a previous season.

Tiffany and Frenchie go to the blue bedroom. Frenchie tells Tiffany he is nervous, he thinks he is going on the block, if not he might be back doored.  He says he didn't have the chance to get to know people last week, he plans to do that now.

Tiffany tells him that his game started differently than other people in the house.

Tiffany asks about Alyssa, Frenchie says she is fine.  He says everyone misunderstood things, he tried to explain things but refused to give the names of people who advised him last week.

They leave the room and the camera moves to the kitchen. Which is empty if humans.  Camera move again to living room.

Just general chatter.

11:36 Big Brother Time

Camera moves to the chess room.

Xavier, Christian, Alyssa and Brent are goofing around waiting for the HOH room to open.

Alyssa is laughing about the possibility of Travis being stuck in a hotel waiting for a battle back.  They are all talking about how hard it would be to be there for 3-4 weeks.  Brent is sure there will be a battle back. Brent is practicing talking and arguing with himself, everyone is laughing. (It is pretty funny).

Christian and Xavier are alone now, Christian is fussing about the Butchers, Xavier says he feels like he is being shafted, things are happening behind his back. He says he likes them, but he is feeling evil about it. Christian says they should have won, Xavier agrees.
Xavier asks Christian who he trusts in that group, Christian says he does not trust the other three in the Butchers, with the exception of Xavier. He does not trust Frenchie, Derek F or Brent at all.


The HOH is open!!!!!!!!!!!

However.........Derek X\
f has stalled the unlocking due to a loo excursion.  House guests are waiting....waiting.....
Frenchie  goes to get Derek F. “We can't go in without you, comown”

Derek F heads upstairs after washing his hands

11:47pm Big Brother Time

HOH door is open

Everyone rushes in, the usual oooh and ahhhs over the photos. Everyone is asking him who is in the photos (at once).  Someone locates the letter and tell him he has to read it.

The letter is from his mother.

Kyland looks at the letter and gets teary, he is not able to read it aloud.  Tiffany reads it for him.

Tiffany hugs a teary eyed Kyland.

House guests tell him to go look in his fridge (they are trying to distract him a little).  Kyland sees his snacks and his music is Hamilton. He has a care package with his brand of shampoo, he likes that. Kyland lets them know they are welcome to share his snacks.

Kyland says if anyone wants to leave now, it will be fine. He wants to do one on ones tomorrow. He says he wants to talk to everyone, but he wants to talk to every one about 10-20 minutes.

House guests begin to leave him alone in the room.

Christian  makes a comment about Brent being “all over”  Brent discovers the unflushed toilet and warns the others.

Cameras are moving around the house.

In the HOH room Kyland is talking to Derek X alone. He is telling Derek X that people have been coming to him telling him others in the house have mentioned him.  He says Derek X's name has never been mentioned.

Derek X is whispering so we can't hear him. He says “they” will come up and tell Kyland that there is an all girls alliance, he mentions “Claire,......she's not.”  Derek X leaves the HOH room and we get 






Once again it is time to say goodnight. Remember to be kind today, and find joy in what you do.  Hugs from Grannysue

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