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July 11 Live Feed Updates

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marc and janie in the hoh bed

marc says that will has a great body and janie agrees

marc says...and now we know how to get it

they go on to talk about his lipo scars etc

and say that he just had the last lipo 3 weeks ago

marc says that this is the real all stars

there is only one mistake

janie says...george

they both say uh-huh

marc says that george is a mistake that has the potential to go to the end

they both agree that lisa should have come in the house, even if she would have been an amber

now they are counting things in the house for hoh comp

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Howie talking about the nerd herd in the bacyard....while a few listen

Meanwhile, in the HoH bedroom, Marcellas and Janelle talk about how ugly one of the rooms is with memories of houseguests pasts and knickknacks. Then they go back to BB Trivia, getting ready to answer HoH questions...everything from how many of everything there are to what was received in each season.(example golden veto was introduced in 3)

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9:46P BBT- Kitchen

Lots of action with several people eating, washing dishes or cooking. Conversation is light and doesn't have anything to do with the game. Will appears to be cooking turkey burgers with grilled onions while James is finishing his grilled turkey salad.

Cam feed switches to the gym where Nakomis is on the treadmill. Alison is in the room but quickly departs, unsure if anything was said between them though. Cam goes back the kitchen where James is tending to Wills burgers.

The sound got a little mixed up after BB asked Marcelles to stop obstructing his mic. He's heard stating that Janelle can't ask him not to vote for Danielle and that Danielle wasn't supposed to be in the house.

Will finishes up his burgers and says that they're awesome.

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10:08 P BBT- HOH room

Marcelles seems to be deciding to change his vote. He seems set on using the exact same line that James is about Danielle. Namely that Alison has no one. Janelle sees through that says at minimum she has Diane and Nakomis and probably Mike and Boogie. They begin to question each other about Chicken George's vote. They're all over the place until Kaysar enters the room where Janelle Marcelless and Erika are and says that Danielle told him that CG had promised his vote to keep her. Marcelles can't believe this.

They review the Nakomis/Alison fight. Marcellas says that he won't under any conditon be the swing vote to keep Danielle in the house. He doesn't want to keep her in here when she will explicitly go after him as soon as she gets the chance.

Erika states that if a tie breaks out she was told in the DR that BB has not disclosed how they will break the tie of eviction votes.

Janelle states that Diane, Will and Boogie are a dangerous three to combine and that the seedlings are there for that alliance to be formed. Marcelles clearly wants Danielle out, and Kaysar promises if he gets HOH next week he'll nominate Danielle. Marcellas says that in a perfect world he would want Danielle to go this week, Will next, and Chicken George after than and then Alison. Kaysar and Janelle scream that if you leave Alison in the game that long she will take control and begin to target them.

Janelle forces Marcelles to face the idea that Alison goes this week who would he want to go next and says Mike, Will and then cuts off the statement and says that Janelle nominated the wrong people. Kaysar makes the case that either one out is a good thing but that Alison is working out for 15 hours a day and saying she's taking out Janelle. Marcelles states that this is a line from James and that he can't be trusted. Janelle states logically Alison will be coming after her.

Kaysar proposes Alison this week, Danielle next and then they re-evaluate the situation. Marcelles plays out different scenarios with HOH next week and who they would be nominating and that he could be stuck with Danielle for multiple weeks. Marcelles ends this rant stating that if Janelle asks him to keep her out of danger and vote for Alison that he'll do it. She hugs him while he's screaming that he can't believe that he won't do vote the other way. He seems like he's genuine in this statement and huffs about it a bit.

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10:46 P BBt- chess terrace

Erika and Marselles lying on the couches talking. Marselles states that he's pointed out Janelle's biggest problem. If she wasn't one of the four she wouldn't be such a target. She should let one go, and they think it should be James.

Erika asks if either one of them should try for HOH this week and Marselles clearly says no. Marselles thinks that forcing a tie and see what happen is a viable option that needs to be considered. Erika responds by saying "Then you'd be picking a side." Marselles says "You vote to evict Alison, I vote to evict Danielle and then we allow them to decide it." The issue, which Erika points out again, is that BB will not tell them how the tie will be broken.

Danielle comes up to the terrace and joins them. No comments are made befor Jase comes up to join them. Conversation comes to absolute dead stand still. Erika goes to the HOH bathroom and conversation reverts back to being bored and that it's too early to go to bed.

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11:15P BBT- living room/dining room

Janelle, Will, Diane and Nakomis are playing a game of islanhopper which includes jumping from and to pieces of furniture. We get FOTH and then we come back to find them playing it again. Over the PA we hear BB say "Guys, please don't jump on the furniture I'm serious." This leads to the end of this game and on to a a couple of rounds of hide and go seek. The HGs seem legitimately bored and hesitant to talk about the larger game that's going on.

11:30P BBT - FOTH

11:35P - All cams comes back to HOH where Howie and James are talking strategy on who needs to go next. James wants George, Howie wants Nakomis. They talk about Will and how he will make a deal use it to his advantage and forget about doing his part of the deal.

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12:26 A BBT - Storage Room

Nakomis just came out of the DR where apparently she made a good plea for some alcohol because it resulted in two bottles of wine and a large number of cans full of beer. The extended game of "Guess that celebrity" and "I ran across that celebrity" in the living room appears to be over as people walk to get some booze and then head out to the hot tub so that they can get some kind of buzz.

They walk out there and found that the hot tub water is now a green color and none of the ladies want to get in any longer. Apparently no one has been cleaning the hot tub.

12:40 - Living Room

The group (minus Boogie) are sitting in the living room and successfully coax Howie into doing his dance routine while they hummed some Rod Stewart which had us on FOTH. Everyone seemed to think it was pretty funny and enjoyed it for the entire 15 seconds it lasted.

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12:45am bbt -

F1 &2 - Nak and Jan outside on the red couches drinking red wine

F3 & 4 - living room with howie, will, danielle, CG, ali, diane, jase - will talking about how howie has a body that is inproportionate. Will says that he has ok arms and ok legs, but that his chest and belly are like that of someone that doesn't work out. There's some talk about the grossness of the hot tub and Will tells that there was some rumor going around his high school when he was there that if you had sex in the hot tub you wouldn't get pregnant. He said that 9 months later all the ho's were pregnant.

W: guess that theory is shot

They start talking about favorite songs. Kaysar again announces that he doesn't have one which irritates Marcellas.

Marcellas calls will a 'totally 80s boy'. Will announces that his crushes were Debbi Gibson and Taylor Dane. Will says that the hottest girl in his high school yearbook was about a 6. And that when he went to college and saw all the gorgeous girls, he thought he wouldn't get anything done there

They are talking in the living room about what their favorite books are and Howie states that he doesn't read...Well, maybe only just the Jedi Constitution. Will asks him to explain that and Howie compares it to the bible in its complicatedness to explain. Will's favorite book is a book he recently read, can't remember the name, but the author is Oliver (missed it) about factual medical anomolies.

More talk about favorites

Will asks the group if they read "1984" where they talk about big brother..Most say they have.

Talk moves to favorite children books.

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1:17am bbt - kaysar, diane, janie, howie, danielle, gather around in the HOH room to hear some "scary stories" that will has. Will has decided to go and see if he can find and bring in CG to be with them. He feels bad about the pool comment he made to him earlier (about him sleeping in it) - appears to be sleeing on the red couch outsides, but tells Will he is just relaxing.

Will returns to the room. The other HG are all talking about different dreams they have had. Nak says that she had sleep terrors when she was young. DAnielle has a lot of zombie dreams. Janelle dreams about losing her teeth.

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will hasnt started his story yet, but said that he though Howie would really enjoy it. He says he can tell the story in 5 mins (its a 4 parter), but they would be asking questions, so it might take 2 hours. Will says the story is true, completely true.

They start to talk briefly about the knife incident in another bbseason and we get 4quads of fire

(feeds are choppy for me tonight - getting a lot of reloads, so sorry about gaps)

1:37am bbt - feeds back, but full of fire

talking about hot past guests and fire....

erika asks will to tell his story and will starts by saying that he will not be offended if someone gets tired or wants to leave or has questions...interject anytime. He says it starts slowly and it doesn't end in a cool way. But he says they will like it

wills father is a prof. at univ of florida for over 25 years. 1/2 the year he spends at (someone is gonna get a video of this i hope) = gonna go too fast for me - nm...the long and short of it was when Will was growing up there was a ghost of an old woman who they found a picture (triangular) of in a hidden room and they had to have the ghost exorcised so she didnt bother anyone else anymore.

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2:04A BBT - Chess Terrace

On the scarry deal Jase uses Erika's necklace as a pendulum to start asking questions. Danielle and Marselles start freaking out and walk away. Jase asks such questions as "Are there fourteen guests in the BB house?" and "Are there 17 BB All-Stars?" Unable to view the necklace due to the camera work I was unable to view the necklaces motion but the reactions showed that they "divined" a yes answer to the "Are there 17 BB All-stars?" question. The HGs seem to be going crazy.

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2:30am bbt - Will, Jase, Howard, Diane, and kaysar, erika & laying around the chess table in the terrace area outside HOH. Janelle just went to go to bed and she and Marcellas are now in HOH. Howie was asleep and snoring on the floor behind the big blue rounded couch. They wake him up and say if they hadn't they bet BB wouldn't have even known he was there.


2:35am bbt Feeds back to 1&2 - hoh with marc and janelle. Talking about how often housecalls is and what they talk about on it ....Janelle an Mark talking about how the show goges, when showed, housecalls, ...

Feeds3&4 - orange bedroom with Allison and Nakomis talking strategy. Nak says she wants to break soemthing...that this house makes her want to do irrational things. Ali is giving her many ways to break things and offers many irrational things to do to make her feel better. alison has on her eyepatches doing obligatory responses here and there and Nakomis is talking...and talking. Ali is ready for sleep and Nak is wanting to talk. It looks like the lights are on in the room and ali has her shades and nakomis is trying to go to sleep with the lights on.

2:43am bbt - F3 & 4 switch back to those talking outside the hoh....will on the floor sharing the bolster pillow at each ends with kaysar, erika on the couch laid out, Howie said opposite end of couch on as erika, Diane is in there somewhere i think...(could be wrong). Will says season 2 was crackheaded edition. WIll says that he never even knew there was a marvin until he came in for this season and now he wishes he had played All-Stars. He wants to meet him

Will is making fun of howie...telling him that he could turn him into a wrestler. Will wants Howie to eat everytime someone else eats (I cant figure if he 's messing with howie or if he's bein real). He says howie can be a wrestler like a baboon. He urges him to eat non stop and with a spatula. It's funny either way...

Will started the conv with liike a moan oh please howie be the fat guy this season. Will says you should do only 3 things here...eat, sleep, lift...that's it...no talking...nothing...just those 3 things.

Kayser: you could be the reality barbarian wrestler

Will" and you could take off your cape and say "HOT"....and "HEAVY" <they all kinda laugh> 'cept howie...who keeps saying over and over again "santa monica band boys" that just kills me <he's kinda laughin'>

Will: what?

and then howie will say it again....

they then all head downstairs to the kitchen. Will is really makin fun of howie and kaysar will dig here and there, but erika doesn't seem to be ssaying much. She heads off with kaysar after telling howie good night, Will and Howiehead off to the bathroom

Howie: Santa Monica Band Boys...haha...that just kills me.

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2:35 A BBT - Red room

We went from FOTH to the red room where Alison was talking to Nakomis about some conversations she's had with Erika and Chicken George. Alison says she doesn't know where their vote is going and is going to talk to both of them tomorrow (later today). She also comes to the conclusion that if those votes don't go her way we will have a tie which assumes that she has all the votes minus James, Kaysar and Howie.

The conversation floats to how Nakomis used to speak to the remote camera operators by speaking into the camera and asking yes or no questrions and waiting for the camera to give a yes or no motion. Nothing of much value here but Alison has put on her face pillow and Nakomis appears to have stopped talking to sleep herself.

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3:01am bbt - howie, erika will in the bathroom...brushing teeth....

Howie: this season is good vs evil

Will: you really think that? i think it is the (this might be wrong) season of skill against 'not so much'

Will says how badly the design of the bathroom is and doesn't have a theme. He says he could do a MUCH better job.

Kay - you think the producers love it when you talk like that?

Will - hey, <laughs> that's how i told 'em it was going to go down.....

Will: there should be some clues...where you can look for clues in the house...this house seems to have no theme at all. .

...then will continues to make fun of it all. Kaysar, Will and Erika walk through the house trying to find and see if they can find secret rooms or secret stuff.....Will just thinks it's too odd that they haven't done anything AND haven't found anything .....he doesn't think allstars would be that non-challenging......howie isn't with them, he is sitting in the bathroom on the couch picking his teeth.

3:07am - bbt - seems will and kaysar have headed off to bed....Howie still up in the bathroom

1 feed keeps zooming in on the ducks in the bathroom - the white ones ....like their might have been something to miss...and in and out on the bathroom door "occupied" sign.

It all means something or.....the cameraman is bored.

Howie goes to get in his bed and someone (sounded like james maybe?) was in howie's bed and therewas some back and forth about howie saying he could sleep there, so howie went off and found somewhere else to lie.

3:14am bbt - All four feeds on sleeping HG, except for Howie who seems to be standing in one space like he's lost or thinking real hard. He is standing in front of the bd he is now supposed to sleep in. Tarantula light is off in the spider room

4 feeds on major snoring lol

g'nite all :)

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6:08 am BBT

All HG still sleeping... steady snoring...

6:11 am BBT

Snoring getting louder and louder... almost deafening....

Marc and Boogie moving around... another snorer is intermittently joining in

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Will up at 7:36 am BB time to use the restroom. A minute later he comes out of the toilet and walks past the sink without washing his hands on his way back to bed. Cameraman zooms in on sink for added emphasis.

Diane up at 8:11 am BB time to use the restroom. She washes her hands when finished and heads back to her room.

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8:25 am BBtime - Dani heads to the diary room. We get a little to see her in the diary toom for a little bit till feeds cut to FoTH. She is asked about How her plan (Jase disagreeing with Janelle) should have worked out. She says Jase should have disagreed, and then they could have gotten Janie out, but she doesn't blame him for not taking the risk because she wouldn't have done it either.

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