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Sunday, October 4, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:15 AM BBT

The feeds were out for most of the night once the HGs got alcohol. At 12:15 the feeds pop in to the Haves in the kitchen acting silly and the one Have Not in bed sleeping.   [It really is cruel that they had a Have Not at Final 6. I don't remember BB doing that before.  -MamaLong]


Conversation turns to expensive wines that HGs have requested in their HoH Basket.

Memphis says he requested Prisoner and his favorite is Belle Glos and he knew they wouldn't give him that one.

Cody says Josh's wine was about $22 and anything $25 and under should be provided

Cody says he wishes they would give them a Brita (for the water)

Christmas: No like a dolphin

Christmas and Cody begin making dolphin noises


12:23 AM BBT

Enzo heads to HOHR to listen to music. It is really loud...really loud.

BB: please turn the music down

[BB gives up and takes the camera off of the HOHR because we could hear the music clearly]


Cody finds a cup of coca cola that Enzo left

Cody: look at this; he took one sip and left this here.

Cody rants that Enzo is the fucking messiest HG ever.

Memphis says he has watched Enzo clean dishes.

Christmas says she washed the dishes.

Cody says he picked up a bunch of cups off the table that were all Enzo's  and told him to clean them "he's like a grown ass child"

Christmas is feeling very good after her alcohol and when conversation comes up about Entourage she fangirls over Adrian Grenier

Cody says he is a big BB fan "Shout out to Adrian Grenier"

Christmas: CHristmas is a Fan!

Tyler: Christmas wants a piece

Cody announces   "Enzo is listening to Papa Roach, let's finish the party in the HOH Room"

[The HGs are screaming and making a lot of noise]

Memphis asks Christmas to go get the disco ball (the pink light up ball)

Christmas: you owe me  (she is yelling in place of talking)

Christmas is definitely drunk. SHe dresses up in a pink tutu and baby pool toy then grabs other inflatables and begins heading to the HOHR

Memphis asks if she found the disco ball  CHristmas: NO!



Christmas enters the HOHR and they turn the lights off and begin to rage

Someone found the light up ball and they are throwing the toys around the room

Enzo is constantly yelling

Cody screams "Enzo shut the fuck up"




Something gets knocked over so Cody turns the lights back on




12:35 AM BBT

Christmas thinks she is really funny as a drunk holiday. She is being super silly and dancing around in her tutu

Christmas: did you have a good time at the discotheque

Cody says he did have a good time in the discotheque

Enzo: we need a luxury comp where we can watch a movie

Christmas: when is that gonna happen; there will only be 5 of us after Thursday

They decide to turn the lights back up because it is after 10. They'll hang out in the dark

Christmas: give it a minute and let our eyes adjust

Enzo: I think we should get family montage this week and a luxury comp

Christmas says her eyes are adjusting

Enzo: I love it

Cody: but will they let us do this

Tyler: it's after 10

Cody: shut up Bob

They all begin mocking Bob (control room)

"Wakey Wakey" "It's time to wake up" "Stop that" "What do you not understand?"  "no napping" "there are fresh batteries..."

Memphis: that voice in the morning "it's time to get up" I am so sick of hearing that statement. I literally despise that statement

BB: slow your roll

They all yell and Cody says "you slow your roll, Bob"

They continue talking about Bob's annoying statements while sitting in the dark  [they are all clearly drunk and just enjoying the high]



12:41 AM BBT

Memphis: I want to change the batteries the night before

Cody: (to BB)why can we not change our batteries before we go to bed?

BB replies "Because I asked nicely" (in a slow and deliberate tone)

The HGs all to scream and laugh    [Nicole is still sleeping, or trying to sleep, next door in the HNR]

Tyler: that was money

Cody: Oh Shit....Oh my God

Christmas: Yesssss

Enzo: that was a different tone I've never heard before

Cody: that might have been actually Bob. He might be here right now

Memphis: that was good

Christmas: what else you got to say

Cody mimics "Because I asked nicely" in a scary voiceimage.thumb.png.f36974eb15de4529b5ab05aa78524241.png





12:45 AM BBT

Memphis says since the season is moving into October "it's going to become a fucking haunted house in this place. There has never been a season that went into October"

Tyler says Over the Top was a fall season

Memphis: yeah but it was on the internet

Enzo: that shit don't matter...it was on the internet, Yo

They begin discussing that the comps are going to become crazy

Memphis: the last few comps are going to be Halloween theme...bet...bet

Christmas: I rode a freaking unicorn that shat in my face

Enzo adds "I rode a banana this year. And I rode that shit like Seabiscuit....I rode like Seabiscuit"

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12:51 AM BBT

Talk turns to sex when Christmas begins joking around about Enzo's health

Enzo: I know when I get the fuck out of here...oh my God, Yo

Christmas: you're gonna be bang bangin' instead of meow meowin'

Memphis: Bang Bang Skeet Skeet

Cody: Bang Bang

Tyler just laughs

Cody: wang bang, pow, pow

Enzo: even just a kiss...just a little kiss

Cody: yo, I'll give you that kiss right now, Bro

Christmas: Enzo, we are all deprived....we are all in a dry spell

Enzo: I can't wait, yo....oh my God

COdy: Yo, when I touched your lips that one week, I felt like..

Enzo: yeah, but you guys got girlfriends. Me? I mean I got friends that are girls, so I mean. It is what it is.

Christmas: Enzo, you are not over here crying that you got no...

Enzo: No, I got them lined up, Yo....lined up

Memphis: check the DMs

Enzo: I'm gonna start with my hometown and then I'm gonna expand out

Tyler: he is gonna do some meet and greets

Christmas: you should actually not touch your hometown

Cody: oh my God

Enzo: I know but it is just quicker and easier, Yo

Christmas: you guys know....leave that shit alone

Cody: I',m not saying a fucking thing

Enzo: oh my God....I can't wait. What is it October 3rd? Jesus Christ! Oh my God, man...That means we have twenty something days left......it's nothing

Memphis calls it a night and says he is going to bed

Christmas throws a pillow at Memphis and it hits him in the crotch

Cody: Whoa...Christmas joy

Memphis: that almost got me aroused

Memphis goes to bed

1:00 AM BBT

Nicole joins Enzo, Christmas, Cody and Tyler in the HOHR. They all cheer when she walks in.

Nicole: what is going on in here

Enzo: we are having a pajama party

Nciole: are you guys wasted

Cody: no

Just general conversation for awhile as they all come down from their buzz


1:05 AM BBT

Nicole: Christmas, are you wearing your tutu? (she is laughing) I thought they said it was too bright for you to wear.

Christmas: They said they might not be able to give it to me because it is so bright, but they did. We had a disco party.

Tyler: we were throwing shit around

Christmas: we had a dance party...you guys didn't dance, but I danced

Talk turns to David 

Enzo says he should be happy he got some money

Cody: he should be happy he made it this far

Tyler: what did he get, 8th?

Enzo compliments David saying he found a way to ride it out

Christmas: he got halfway...and look who you are in the house with...Janelle, Kaysar

Enzo says he thought Janelle would at least make it to midpoint

Christmas: I was surprised that she seemed to not give a shit until she was about to get evicted

Enzo: she said she didn't and then she was like I'm gonna play...too late

Enzo talks about how both of the 2 time All Stars "were gone this season...just gone" (meaning they didn't play well)

Enzo: it speaks volumes for those left in the house. There are some really good players left in this house. It's awesome, man.

Christmas: I think it's that time

Tyler: I just don't want to go back to the light

Enzo: we lounging right now

Tyler: we need to do this every night...lights out at 10 o'clock

Enzo: it's not so dark in here

Tyler: they have  night vision....they can see us


1:11AM BBT

Nicole heads downstairs to wash her face and make something to eat

Christmas and Tyler leave saying they are gonna leave those boys to chill

Enzo: it's over?....what did I say (he thinks he chased people off with his conversation, but he didn't) What the fuck happened? DId I say something bad

Cody: no

Enzo: why did everyone just leave...everyone bounced at the same time

Cody: no, shut up...I said I want to go to bed

Enzo: what happened....I'm about to go hookup with Christmas, yo (he is joking)

Cody: go do it

Cody leaves Enzo in the HOHR to listen to Papa Roach


In the WA, Tyler and Christmas say that BB did them right, and they just needed a change. They feel like new people after tonight.




1:27 AM BBT

Cody has gone to the DR. Nicole joins Enzo in the HOHR in the dark

Enzo: you can turn the lights on

Nicole: no let's leave them off..... I'm just gonna chill right here

Enzo: me too....I got a little buzz right now. I'm here.....I'm here

Nciole: we don't need to talk...just listen to your music

Enzo: I'm into it (the music) I mean it's not my music but I'm vibing to it. If it makes me reminisce, I'm into it.


1:30 AM BBT

Christmas joins Memphis in the KBR and crawls in bed. They chatter for a minute and then the room grows silent.

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1:46 AM BBT

Nicole heads to bed and says goodnight

Enzo: good night....I'll peep in tomorrow....good night

(Enzo rolls over on the couch and his mic drops off swinging into something sounding like someone hit a percussion instrument


1:49 AM BBT

Cody comes in after his DR session and turns the lights on. Enzo tells him that "Nicole was just here, she left just 5 minutes ago....she was like, you just listen to music......just chilling in here with me in the dark"

Cody: how fucking good is Nicole...dope, right?

Enzo: fucking love her, yo

Cody: is everyone asleep?

Enzo: I hope I wasn't too bad telling my stories

Cody: no.....no

Enzo says he wants to check with him and see if he (Tyler) is gonna go

Cody tells Enzo that Tyler will go this week and then they have a 75% chance to make it to final 4.

"Memphis, you, Nicole win HOH, we are final four"

Enzo says he wants Nicole to win HOH but he will if he has to

Cody: we can't clip Nicole in the final 4 over Christmas


2:00 AM BBT

Cody says Nicole or Memphis need to win HOH "If Memphis wins HoH, we don't have to clip anyone to final 4 and then Memphis can't play in the HoH and it's me you and Nicole...we are golden no matter what. You don't even have to win because if Memphis wins he will clip Nicole and if Nicole wins she will clip Memphis. If Christmas is here, she will clip me.....everything is a calculated risk"

Enzo: if Nicole wins HoH she puts up Memphis and Christmas.....do we clip Memphis, yo?  Do we clip Memphis? In the final 4 with Christmas and Nicole? We are gonna run through it

Cody: the only thing for me is not knowing where Christmas is but knowing where Memphis is. We can see what happens and talk it through.

Enzo: I know you already told her (Nicole)

Cody: what do you mean?

Enzo: about the Committee

Cody: no, I told Nicole about the 2.0  (he is joking)

Enzo: you did?

Cody: no....why would I tell her that?



Enzo tells Cody that Tyler is trying to get him to save him....trying to scare him. 'Yo, that's all bullshit. He doesn't know that I was in Core Four and the Wise Guys with Memphis. "

Enzo comments that he now realizes Memphis is with them. Cody asks him "do you not believe me?"

Enzo tells Cody that he believes everything he tells him but he wants to hear it from Memphis too.

Cody: did you hear Memphis saying he was going over shit today (studying stats and details) You have to go over shit.

Enzo: I am now, yo

Cody begins quizzing Enzo by asking various questions




2:51 AM BBT

The plan is in place to evict Tyler this week. Enzo wants Memphis next, but Cody wants Christmas next. They will discuss further after the next HoH.

Enzo and Cody stay up talking until about 3:40 AM BBT.

Enzo falls asleep on Cody's HOH couch.

Enzo finally wakes up and heads downstairs around 5:30 AM BBT.


8:45 AM BBT

The house is dark and silent

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9:30PM BBT: Enzo, Cody, Christmas, Memphis, and Tyler are in the HOH room drinking and talking about random things. They discuss past houseguests of their seasons and which ones they have met before.

9:32PM BBT: Feeds go to stars for about 5 minutes. When feeds return, more general talk. Tyler isn’t in the HOH room anymore.

9:50PM BBT: Feeds are still interrupted by stars quite a bit. Still general discussions.

10:00PM BBT: General talk, drinking, and lots of laughs still.

10:05PM- 12:15AM BBT: Stars.

12:15AM BBT: Feed return after about 2 hours of stars. Enzo, Christmas, Memphis, Cody, and Tyler are in the KT. General discussion and lots of laughter.

12:23AM BBT: Enzo heads to the HOH room to listen to music. The music is loud and BB asks him to turn it down. Cody, Christmas, Tyler and Memphis are in the KT. Cody says that Enzo is the messiest, and the others defend him. Christmas says she is feeling really good from the alcohol. Cody says that should all go finish their party in the HOH room.

12:25AM BBT: As the HG’s make their way to the HOH room, Memphis asks Christmas to go get the pink light up ball. Christmas puts on a pink tutu and a baby pool toy, then grabs other inflatables and heads to the HOH room.

12:28AM BBT: Christmas enters the HOH room and they turn off the lights and start to dance. Someone found the light up ball and they are throwing toys around the room. Something gets knocked over, and Cody turns the lights on to investigate.

12:35AM BBT: The HGs are talking about how great it would be to get a luxury comp and family montage this week. General discussion in the dark.

12:37AM BBT: HGs are mocking BB. BB tells them to slow their roll.

12:42AM BBT: Memphis says it would rather change the batteries for his mic the night before. Cody asks BB why they can’t change their batteries overnight, and BB says in a different voice “Because I asked nicely!” The HGs talk about it and mimic BB again.

12:45AM BBT: Memphis says since the season is moving into October, the house is going to become a haunted house because there has never been a season that went into October. They talk about the season that was in October that was online. Memphis says he thinks the last few comps are going to be Halloween theme and crazy.

12:50AM BBT: General discussion continues. Memphis decides to call it a night and go to bed.

1:00AM BBT: Nicole joins Enzo, Christmas, Cody, and Tyler in the HOH room. They all greet her with a cheer. General conversations follow.

1:05AM BBT: The HGs talk about the disco party they just had. Talk turns to David and how he should be happy he made it so far and got some money. They then talk about Janelle and how she played this season.

1:11AM BBT: Nicole heads downstairs to wash her face and make something to eat. Christmas and Tyler say they are going to leave and let the boys chill. Cody tells Enzo he’s tired and leaves the HOH room to let Enzo listen to music.

1:27AM BBT: Cody goes to the DR. Nicole joins Enzo in the HOH room to chill.

1:30AM BBT: Christmas joins Memphis in the KBR and goes to bed.

1:46AM BBT: Nicole heads to bed.

1:49AM BBT: Cody comes in to the HOH room after his DR session. Enzo tells him that Nicole just left like 5 minutes ago. They talk about how much they adore Nicole, then Enzo says he hopes she wins HOH this next week, but he will if he needs to. Cody tells Enzo that Tyler will go home this week and then they have a 75% chance of making it to final 4.

2:01AM BBT: Cody and Enzo talk about who needs to win HOH next week and who to take to final 4. Cody says the only thing that he is concerned with is not knowing where Christmas stands, but knowing where Memphis does. Enzo says that Tyler is trying to get him to save him.

2:11:AM BBT: Enzo tells Cody that if he is voted out, he wants Cody to win this thing. Enzo says we have to get rid of Tyler.

2:28AM BBT: Stars.

2:38AM BBT: Cody and Enzo talk about their seasons and how they each played the game.

2:57AM BBT: Enzo and Cody still talking about the next HOH and how either Enzo, Nicole, or Memphis need to win to get to final 4. Enzo tells Cody that he can feel the both of them in final 3.

3:00AM BBT: Cameras turn to KBR. HGs are asleep.

3:35AM BBT: Enzo is still in the HOH room with Cody. They have the lights off and are talking general discussion.

3:40AM BBT: Enzo and Cody decide to call it a night. All HGs are asleep.

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12:49 PM BBT

Nicole is talking to the cameras about her mom "my mom is my best friend. She is basically me. ..but she is a bit feistier than I am at the same age. SHe is a good time when she gets a glass of wine, which isn't often

Cody: who are you talking to:

Nicole: myself. I talk to myself all the time

Cody: you talk to yourself out loud? What are you talking about?

Nicole: my family. WHat? You don't believe me? I am

Cody: speaking of family, Cristie, I love you.

Nicole whispers "I'd rather talk to myself than most of the people in this house, so it is what it is."




1:24 PM BBT

The houseguests are enjoying the backyard

Tyler: we are losing daylight, guys. The pool is starting to get covered.





1:35 PM BBT

Cody whispers to Nicole "yesterday, he told me he would put her on the block"

Nicole: oh, okay




1:46 PM BBT

All the HGs are in the backyard except Enzo. No sight of Enzo at all.


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1:53 PM BBT

Tyler, Christmas and Memphis are talking about Enzo still sleeping.  

Tyler: he said he was hung over

Memphis: No way, he has to be fucking around

Christmas: I didn't realize Enzo was such a lightweight.

Memphis: I think he was just thinking that, he was just feeling loose...He had 2 beers and two glasses of wine.

BB: Enzo, houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10 and 10. What do you not understand about please? Wake Up!

The HGs in the backyard are laughing and feel like they are responsible for Enzo being called out

Christmas: Damn....none of us 

Tyler: something different than normal

Christmas: we've been so stone cold sober

Memphis: I didn't realize I was going to rehab.....I am now rehabilitated



2:00 PM BBT

Enzo is finally awake and rummaging for food in the kitchen "I don't know what I am feeling"

Enzo asks Cody about the laundry. He tells him there is a load in there now, but it will be done soon.



Tyler Christmas and Memphis are talking about the presidential vote

Tyler says this is only the second time he gets to vote (for president)

Memphis says they have to hit rewind and watch debates and stuff [if they only knew]

Christmas: we have no time to catch up on that stuff

Memphis mentions that it's possible the election date possibly getting moved because of COVID "I don't know, I highly doubt that is going to happen"


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2:30 PM BBT

Tyler tells Nicole that Enzo is showering and he thinks shaving his back. Nicole is surprised he is doing it by himself. "He can't reach."

Nicole: how is he shaving his back hair?

Tyler: with like 7 disposable razors.....maybe Christmas is helping

Nicole goes to offer help

Nicole says she has never shaved a back outside of the house, but inside the house she has shaved Derrick's back and Memphis' back.

Nicole: Enzo you need help?....I've shaved Derrick's back, I have shaved Memphis' back. Let me know if you need me.

Enzo decides to wait until Thursday


Christmas is in the KBR getting emotional over her letter from home "Oh....I miss him"



2:34 PM BBT

Nurse Nicole brings Enzo some face wash that she wants him to keep using since it is made for sensitive skin (he had an allergic reaction to the Crisco on his face from OTEV) She says he can use it until it runs out.

Christmas talks to the camera in the KBR "it's a hard week. It's Loyal's birthday on Thursday. I'm having a hard time not being there. I have to win that HoH. I really hope I win that HoH. I want to win it. I'm just gonna make sure....clean sweep it, ya know? I really, really, really want a letter from Loyal. I just want to continue to fight in this game and win...show I am not out. I am not out! I just need to relax and do what I know I can already do. I'm disappointed in my performance in that photo one. I didn't stop and take my time...just look at the things. You know the order. You're smart....so, it makes it challenging"

Christmas is indulging in some chocolate therapy (eating candy)




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3:37 PM BBT

In the kitchen, Enzo is making himself something to eat. Nicole tells Cody that he just throws in the rice without measuring. Enzo says he usually eats grilled chicken and broccoli raab. He really misses it. Nicole suggests he put it on his HOH request list.


Christmas is still studying in the KBR


In the backyard, Memphis tells Tyler, "just a few more weeks, Buddy, and we get to see our ladies. I'm so fucking excited"

Tyler: I'm dying, Man! I can't believe it!




Nicole throws out her slop meal feeling like she's going to puke

Tyler: it's a no go for you

Nicole: I'm just feeling so........I'm glad I ate the pickles while I was cooking....it's just too much oil

Tyler: I can't believe Enzo's chickpea stuff is actually good (Enzo added chickpeas to the rice he cooked)

Memphis is walking laps in the backyard.


3:50 PM BBT

Nicole heads to the hammock near where Tyler is sitting.


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3:08PM BBT: Enzo and Nicole are in the KT making something to eat. Not much talk going on.

3:13PM BBT: Tyler is in the BY and asks Cody how he's feeling. Cody says he feels fine. Tyler says that's good because Enzo said he feels hung over. 

3:16PM BBT: Tyler approaches Cody in the BY and says he isn’t feeling good vibes from Nicole and Memphis because they both told him he’s a good competitor and they don’t know yet what will happen. Cody tells him maybe they aren’t sure which direction they will go. Tyler says Nicole told him she would go based off of comps. Cody said yeah that’s what she said she was going to do.

3:18PM BBT: Cody asks Tyler if he thought they would base the POV pics off of evicted HGs and Tyler said No, not at all. I didn’t expect that and had no idea what I was doing.

3:23PM BBT: Tyler is in the KT now with Nicole. Cody is in the BY. Memphis goes into the BY with Cody. He has cold pizza and offers Cody some. They start talking about foods they have been eating in the BB house.

3:29PM BBT: Memphis tells Cody they only have 3 weeks and 3 days until they all walk out of the house. Cody tells him he’s ready for it. Memphis says at one point, he felt like this game was never going to end. Cody says he knows and he can now see the ending.

3:32PM BBT: Nicole, Enzo, and Memphis are in the KT. Nicole is making dip that she can eat with slop. They are talking about what Nicole is making, and how she makes it. Tyler is in the BY eating, and Cody is doing laundry.

3:39PM BBT: Cody joins Enzo and Nicole in the KT. They are talking about foods and how Enzo is cooking.

3:43PM BBT: Tyler and Memphis are in the BY. Tyler asks Memphis “what do we have like, 20 more days?” Memphis says yes. Something like that. Memphis keeps walking around the BY and Tyler goes inside to the KT to put his plate away.

3:54PM BBT: Not much talking happening. Nicole is on the hammock, and Memphis is still walking around the BY.

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4:18 PM BBT

Nicole asks Tyler about his ankle bracelet. He says he has been wearing it since he was in Australia. It's from 4ocean. He explains that they collect plastic from the oceans and turn it into jewelry. Nicole asks how long ago it was that was in Australia, and Tyler replies that it was right before BB20. She can't believe it is still on his ankle. Tyler says he has had two other random ones that broke off, but that 4ocean one has never broken. Nicole says if more people knew about it she thinks they would get them, too. Tyler says he and Angela have been hoping to turn Naut and Chain into a company similar to 4ocean and spread the importance of conservation.






Tyler: they sent me stuff after Big Brother because I talked about them a lot.

Nicole: cool



4:45 PM BBT (camera 1 /2 are on Nicole in WA and 3/4 are on stars)

Nicole is giving herself a pedicure in the WA 

Christmas comes through complaining about her Diary Room session questions

BB: you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests

Nicole: I clipped that one too short. It hurts

Memphis: what are you doing

Nicole: just cleaning up my cuticles



 4:48 PM BBT

Nicole is whispering to herself "what a joke....such a joke...I'm not even joking. (Nicole looks to the kitchen where Christmas is)

You are not going to get America's Favorite of anyone...I hate that sometimes stuff just drive me nuts...adios"

[Nicole told Tyler earlier today that she hates how Christmas is walking around all confident and acting like she knows she's safe]






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4:56 PM BBT

Now cameras 1/2 are on stars and 3/4 are on Tyler and Christmas playing backgammon in the LR

Christmas notices Tyler's finger injury "what happened?"

Tyler: I sliced it doing the dishes, and it's on my knuckle. Every time I bend it slices open.

Christmas: Oh man....I was wondering





5:08 PM BBT

Memphis is working out in the kitchen area while Tyler and Christmas continue playing backgammon.






Memphis then joins Enzo in the HOHR. They discuss that they have to get rid of Nicole because Cody wants to keep her and the only way to get rid of her is to put her up on the block with Cody

Memphis: because he can't vote....the only way it works in our favor is if she (Christmas) wins HoH and puts up COdy and Nicole and we keep Cody...otherwise I don't want to have to convince Cody that we need to keep Christmas...it's a hard sell...you either want Christmas as HoH or you want Christmas as POV winner

Enzo: I'm gonna say, I want her fucking gone, she's a champion, Yo



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6:13 PM BBT

The feeds have returned

Christmas and memphis are talking in the KBR. Nicole was just called to the DR. Enzo just came out of the DR.

Tyler tells Cody in the HOHR that he will make note of every word Memphis says to him this week and maybe it will total a full sentence. Tyler heads downstairs.

Cody: Oh Man! poor Tyler!

Tyler tells Enzo in the kitchen that no one talks to him "I have the stink"



6:21 PM BBT

Memphis and Christmas are studying game stats in the KBR

Tyler and Enzo are chatting about fishing in the kitchen

Talk turns to stingrays and Tyler describes a few beach rescues involving sting rays.

Enzo: did you save lives...cause that crocodile guy

Tyler: oh yeah, Steve Irwin

Tyler explains that a stingray has to get an artery or major organ to be deadly 


6:27 PM BBT

We get stars again

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6:36 PM BBT

The houseguests keep hoping the backyard will open back up. Enzo wants to play pool with Cody.

Tyler just wants some fresh air.

We get stars briefly, again.

The feeds return to Tyler kicking around a beach ball in a game they've started playing- aiming for a rigged up metal basket

Christmas walks through and Tyler tells her he has made a few. They begin playing together


Nicole has joined Cody in the HOHR

Nicole: he campaigned to me today (Tyler)

Cody: I'll tell you what drives me nuts...Christmas' false sense of confidence. We could literally send her home in the snap of our fingers

Nicole says Christmas thinks the game revolves around her

Nicole says Christmas hasn't even asked for her vote

Cody says he wants Nicole to win the next HOH so bad


[Yeah, Nicole....like, win something....please]


Nicole says she has never wanted to send two people out at the same time so bad

Nicole: I'll be honest, though. I'll put both of them up but I don't care who goes. I don't want to keep either one here (Memphis and Christmas) 



Tyler scores a basket downstairs in the bball game 



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1 minute ago, MamaLong said:

8:00 PM BBT

We still have cute adoptables on the feeds


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]


Thank you mamalong!

8:22 PM BBT.  Feeds come back to all cameras on Nicole in the HNR.  

8:27 PM BBT.  Nicole is alone in the HNR Studying the days.  She appears to be using the backgammon game to help her.    

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