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Saturday, October 3, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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7:36PM BBT: Cody explains to Christmas that he is not engineering who goes home this week.  It's up to her and her conversations.  Enzo goes in to the HOHR and says "I'll come back".   Tyler, Enzo and Memphis are wondering about the house.  Enzo says he was hiding in the HNR and Nic came in.


7:38PM BBT: Enzo decides to shave and shower.  


7:47PM BBT: Cody reassures Christmas that he loves her, but...    She responds "I know I'm a big personality and that's why Big Brother picked me...."   They pay their respects to each other for gameplay.  


7:48PM BBT: In the KT, Enzo, Memphis and Tyler talk about who is from NJ and Enzo says that he thinks Meryl Streep is from Jersey.  They all agree that everything she touches turns to gold.

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9:03 PM BBT

BB: Houseguests, please check the storage room

Enzo: Whoa

Cody: alright, I'm hyped

The houseguests got beer and a bottle of wine from BB

Tyler: Thanks Guys. Thank you Big Brother

Christmas: Thank you Big Brother

Enzo: Let's go 


9:07 PM BBT

The guys begin worrying that maybe they won't get the backyard now.

Enzo: no, after that comp we should get that bro... I said 10 o'clock. We should get it

BB: Chill out

Tyler: we just did 6 fucking comps for you idiot

Enzo: I'm very appreciative...thank you...thank you...for my one beer

Memphis: you got two





The 5 in the kitchen cheers to FInal 6

Cody: should we get Nicole?

Enzo: no

Christmas: it would kind of be rubbing it in

They decide to not bother her since she is resting in the Have Not Room and can't have alcohol as a Have Not

They all head up to the HOHR with plans to get toasted since they also have HOH wine bottles from Tyler and Cody.

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9:29pm Big Brother Time


Everyone, with the exception of Nicole F, is in the HOH room.


Just general talk, nothing game related.


Earlier they got alcohol, so let's see.


We get stars for about 5 minutes, then feeds return for a minute. And stars again for a few minutes.


Feeds return and Tyler is missing from the room.


9:52pm Big Brother Time


Feeds continue to be interrupted with stars


Still no game talk.


10:00pm Big Brother Time


More of the same


10:30pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


11:00pm Big Brother Time


We have stars


12:00am Big Brother Time------------Monday morning

Tonight there has been nothing to see in the Big Brother house.

And because I need to find my way to my bed I am giving up.

Be kind and caring today, it speaks well of you when you offer compassion to others.

Goodnight dears,

hugs, Grannysue



Still stars






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