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Saturday, September 26, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12: 05 AM BBT


The Big Brother House was rather quiet after midnight. Most HGs went to bed early. Cody and Enzo were the last ones awake.

Having nothing else to show us, the BB cameras give us close ups of Cody's loved ones in the frames above his HOH bed.


It was lights out for the whole house by 12:09 AM.







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12:01 AM BBT Cody and Enzo continue to talk in the HoH. Enzo says that Dani is too much. Even she is starting to bash Nicole now. "I am just, like come here and tell me more. These are the things that I am going to remember." Enzo and Cody say that they are going to get ready for bed. Cody needs to lock it in and get ready to go for tomorrow. 


12:05 AM BBT Enzo is climbing into bed in the HN room. That only leaves Cody up who is in the HoH bathroom. BB zooms in on his photos. Cody crawls into bed by 12:08. All the lights are off and every one is in bed now. 


9:12 AM BBT Wake up call


9:29 AM BBT The feeds return. Memphis is the only one awake. He is seated in the KT, yawning and drinking coffee. 


9:34 AM BBT Kevin is up and joins Memphis in the KT. There must have been a power outage during the night that messed up the time on the microwave. Memphis tells Kevin "We don't know what time it is, it is a mystery." David is also seen awake and starting to get dressed. BB calls out to the HG to change their batteries. Nicole is called to the downstairs DR. Enzo comes downstairs and also notices the clock. "We don't know the time or anything." Memphis "It's the fu**ing Matrix down here." 


9:43 AM BBT Enzo goes into the KT. He says the microwave is saying that it is 10:30 but that can't be right. They hope it is an early comp so they get the outside tonight. Enzo whispers to Memphis in the KT. We can vaguely hear him say something about someone going after Dani, so they are all alright. Memphis nods and smiles before he heads to the WA. Enzo makes a protein shake and walks around room to room with it, stirring it as he goes. He looks like he is looking for something or someone. He briefly goes back and sits in the LR but changes his mind and heads up to the loft to sit down. 


9:54 AM BBT Enzo is sitting up in the loft with his protein shake. He looks like he is deep in thought. With the volume up, you can hear his stomach growling. All remains quiet in the house. 


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10:09 AM BBT All 4 cameras are on Nicole and Dani who are still asleep in the PBR. The house remains very quiet this morning. 


10:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kevin in the WA. He just got done shaving and doing his hair. He puts some moisturizer on his face. Feeds 3 and 4 remain on Nicole and Dani in bed in the PBR. 


10:36 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are following Kevin this morning since he and Memphis are the only two HGs that got out of bed and stayed up. Kevin looks at the camera, shrugs, and says "there is nothing to see". 


10:39 AM BBT Memphis and Kevin are talking in the WA about the veto. Memphis says it is probably going to be like the gorilla cage one with a button or something. Tyler is going to go for the prizes and the money. Kevin asks Memphis if he would go for the money. He said he isn't sure. Is going for something like 10 grand worth it compared to the money they are playing for? Kevin asks if Memphis would consider throwing the comp if he could do it in such a way that no one knew he did it. Memphis says yes, he would consider it. 


10:46 AM BBT Memphis is called to the DR downstairs. Dani has gotten out of bed. BB "Wakey Wake HGs." 


10:51 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the HN room where both Kevin and Enzo have both crawled back in bed. BB reminds the HGs that they are to be up between 10am-10pm. No one stirs. David is called to the DR downstairs. 

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11:01 AM BBT Nothing new to report. All 4 feeds remain on Enzo and Kevin laying down in the HN room. 


11:07 AM BBT BB "Good morning HGs". There is no responses from our 2 HNs. 


11:09 AM BBT The feeds finally switch to the PBR where David and Tyler are getting up. Tyler tells him that he needs to go the DR. The feeds then switch again to Nicole who is sitting in the WA with a face mask on. She appears to be staring into space. 



11:16 AM BBT Nicole says that she needs to wash her hair today, so she is going to take a shower. She leaves the WA and heads to the KBR to get some clothes. 




11:18 AM BBT The feeds return. Dani is wrapping up her morning shower. Memphis and Tyler are talking in the KT. Memphis didn't notice the power go out last night, but Tyler did. Memphis has fixed the time on the clock, but messed up the clock on the microwave. It didn't save the time. Tyler is trying to change the time on the clock, but keeps turning on the microwave instead. David comes to help Tyler. They had to open and close the microwave door several times before they figure it out. Tyler "11:18 is one of my lucky times. You all are screwed." David "Why is that?" Tyler "It just happens. I look at the clock and see it reading 11:18 enough times that it stands out and I take notice." 


11:27 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on David and Dani in the WA. Dani is brushing their hair. David is in the shower. Feeds 3 and 4 appear to be stuck on FOTH. David and Dani are talking, but it is distracting because the FOTH music is overpowering on Feeds 3 and 4. BB tells the HGs Buenos Dias. 


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11:31am BBT: Tyler, Memphis and Nicole in the KT just sitting and laughing at BB telling HG to get up.
11:35am BBT: Tyler asked if Cody just went to the DR and Memphis ask did he? Tyler says i think he did it is about to go down. Nicole and David in the WA doing ADL's.
11:39am BBT: Memphis and Tyler talking about the light in the house, Tyler says he does not remember the stadium lights in the LVR being lit up, before and says he can not even look at that  then he says the lights around the mirrors have never been there either but are lit up today, Feeds switch to Nicole in the shower.
11:50am BBT: Dani telling a story in the KT about a dram she had to David, Christmas is getting out of bed now and making her bed.
11:55am BBT: Nicole now out of the shower and Christmas enters the WA with Nicole singing good morning Christmas and we get stars.
11:58am BBT: Dani, Cody, Tyler and David making breakfast as they talk about movies with Memphis and Dani gets called to the DR. Nicole in the STR slamming cabinet doors looking for Q-tips.

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 12:12PM BBT Tyler is doing dishes. Nic getting ready in the WCA. BB calls for Memphis to move his mic higher.


 12:21PM BBT In the KT, Dani, David, Cody and Tyler talking about holiday lights. How some people decorate so much you can connect to a radio station to hear music. Dani talks about the Rose Parade. Tyler asks what that is. She tries to explain it to him. Memphis says he doesn't know what day but thinks it's on New Years. Nic says she doesn't know what it is either. 


12:27PM BBT Xmas called to the DR. The HG in the KT are talking about boat parades and grand marshalls. Cody and Tyler talking about when Cody played football.


12:42PM BBT Cody and David talking about sports. Memphis working out. Nic doing her make up and is called to the DR.

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12:50 PM BBT


BB: Please stop whispering


Tyler is giving Cody a hard time in the kitchen over his lack of vocabulary. 

Tyler: now you are self conscious about it

Cody: you are DTM  (dead to me)

Tyler: twice I've caught you not knowing what something means

Memphis: I don't know what you guys are arguing about

Cody: Tyler is just being a (inaudible)

Tyler: I want you to speak up...I'm just trying to speak up to give you some definitions....expand your vocabulary

Cody: you don't know shit


BB: Please stop whispering    [there is no one whispering on camera   -MamaLong]

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 12:50PM BBT Cams on Dani sitting in HOH bed listening to music. 


12:57PM BBT Cody and Dani talking in the HOH BR. We joined from stars. Cody talking about people going up on the block. Cody says with Tyler he would be an option. Cody says that he thinks Xmas will go after her first. Dani says that she thinks Cody is over her. They are disagreeing what order they will go in.



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1:05 PM BBT

Nicole and CHristmas talk in the Love Lounge


Nic: I was just wanting to check in...I feel like

Christmas: Why is this awkward? We've never said these words to each other

Nic: I feel a war is about to start

Christmas: yeah

Nic: I just want to make sure we are still good

Christmas: Yeah. The past two weeks have been a roller coaster and the last few days I've been PMSing; If I have been quiet, it's easier for me to recharge by myself. At this point after Kevin is going we are getting down to the nitty gritty. Final Eight

Nic: yeah...if I go to war for you or whatever I just want to make sure you have my back

Christmas tells her that she has seen her loyalty so they're good. They agree that all girls at the end would be great

Nic: Christmas, I do have your back. If it's in question (Christmas' name coming up) I shut that crap down. I do feel at times I go to war for you. I just don't want to look like a fool where I turn around and you stab me. I don't want your name to come up because I feel you have the best interest in me....I take that super seriously

Christmas: thank you

Christmas shares that she has heard some things circulating that have been frustrating  *feeds move to another room







1:23 PM BBT

Cody gets called to the DR

Dani: okay...go pick players for the veto competition. Let's go! You look better than you did yesterday. Yesterday was really horrible. 

Cody heads to DR

1:26 PM BBT

Kevin is taking a nap in the Have-Not Room. He is sound asleep.




1:33 PM BBT

We have an immediate feed cut to cuties at Rancho Coastal Humane Society for the veto picks.

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1:02pm BBT: Cody says he does not think Enzo is going to go up next week. Cody says he is just getting through this week  and he wants his noms the same. Dani says she has talked to Nicole and Cody says i have too and Dani says Nicole wants Christmas  to go and Cody says she does not want Christmas gone. Cody says his conversation was different with Nicole than hers was.
1:04pm BBT: Cody talks about how Nicole was upset about the Ian thing and she could be coming after us but i do not know, He tells Dani he feels like he is doing best for them and he just doesn't know about Nicole. He says i just know if i have to put up a replacement then Christmas goes up but i do not know if she will be receptive or not. Dani says i do not think so.
1:07pm BBT: Dani and Cody repeat themselves a lot about Nicole and Christmas. Cody says he is excited to see how this weeks plays out but says i know we are safe but still it is stressful. Dani says she feels that they were friends and close to David and Kevin till this and now everyone else is close to them and we are nothing. Cody says yeah because we put them up.
1:30pm BBT:  Tyler and David in the PBR talking about who they are keeping if noms stay the same. Tyler tells him he needs to win the veto if kdevin doesn't win it he only needs 4 votes this 1:32pm BBT: Tyler in the KT and you can hear tools being used in the BY. Tyler says wow it is going to be awhile man. Memphis sitting in the LVR alone waiting for Cody to come out of the DR.
week. Tyler leaves telling him he has this.
1:34pm BBT: WE now have Puppy Cam as they pick for POV players.

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1:49pm BBT:Cody, Kevin,David, TYler,Nicole, and Enzo playing in the POV with Memphis hosting.
1:53pm BBT: Dani ask if Nicole playes veto alot and Tyler says this is her 3rd one. Tyler says kevin gets picked alot too and Dani says not as much as Tyler. 

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2:04 PM BBT

Dani, Cody and Nicole are talking about Christmas going to the DR. Apparently she is really upset she was not picked to play in the POV competition

Christmas is still in there guys...just want to throw that out there

Cody: Did she get called in there

Dani: no

Nic: no...I don't get it...What is she going to say? It's not liked it's rigged

Dani:she literally said just call me if I'm a replacement nom, otherwise wake me up on Thursday

Nicole: was mine on top or did you squish them around

Cody: I literally picked the first one....just boom

Christmas comes out of the DR acting just fine

2:30 PM BBT

Tyler is chopping up apples in the kitchen while talking with Dani, Kevin and CHristmas about fashion labels


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2:06PM BBT In the LR, Dani, Cody and Nic talking about how long Xmas has been in the DR. She wasn't called in. She is upset that she wasn't picked to play Veto. Nic says it wasn't rigged. Xmas comes out and says hello and heads to the KT.


2:16PM BB In the KT, Tyler tells Xmas that if it makes her feel better, Kaycee didn't play in veto until near the end. Xmas says that Kaycee is a bigger comp beast. Xmas says that she is frustrated that she has only played in one Veto. Tyler says she won that one. Xmas says she just has had to watch all of them except that one. We get stars.


2:21PM BBT Nic and Cody talking. Nic says she wants to gun for the veto. They talk about the convo Nic had with Dani last night. They talk about that Dani felt that Nic made her use her power. Cody says that he understands what Dani was willing to do for those close to her.


2:30PM BBT Enzo and Memphis go to the HN room. Memphis says that Enzo has to go for the veto. He is worried Xmas is going up. Memphis says that he is worried the vote will be a tie. Memphis says that he thinks if Kevin is still up there is won't be a problem. Enzo says he will go for the veto. Memphis says going for the cash isn't worth it.

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Enzo and Memphis head to the Have Not Room to talk.

Enzo says he wasn't planning to win it.

Memphis: you might need to, though

Memphis tells Enzo that he has a sneaky suspicion that CHristmas would be a replacement nom



2:39 PM BBT

Kevin cups his hands and whispers right to the camera "They are fake....they are cheaters" *feeds cut









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2:45PM BBT Memphis telling stories about his adventures. Memphis says that he can't tell others because the live feeders judge. Xmas tells the feeders to only judge on the nice things they do. Dani and Kevin talking in the CBR. Dani wonders if it is the punishment Veto. Kevin wonders if OTEV. Dani says it can't be.


2:53PM BBT Cody and Nic talk about how Kevin needs to stay on the block. Nic asks him if he knew that Kevin knew about Dani's power. Cody says he didn't know. In the KT, Memphis and Tyler talk about Dani using her power.


2:58PM BBT Xmas and Tyler do to the lounge. Xmas says that Dani won't go for the veto and then remembers that she isn't playing. Tyler thinks that Cody will put up Memphis, Xmas or him if one of the noms comes down. Xmas says they would have the votes to stay.

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2:57 PM BBT

Tyler and Christmas settle in the Love Lounge for a talk

Tyler: I have always been so sketched out with me talking to you anymore

Christmas: I know....I think they definitely have something and I think she's gonna throw it

Tyler: who Nicole? throw what?

Christmas: Dani...Oh right...she's not in it. Here's' the thing...I think that anybody other than you, Cody, Kevin and David are gonna go for it. You know?  Nicole has no ? (Christmas keeps coughing) if the veto is used....so why not go for the prizes, ya know?

Tyler: I hope by doing that it will piss Cody off

3:09 PM BBT

Tyler tells Christmas that Dani is playing a great game and if she is there at the end she will get his vote "that's why she has to go"

Christmas and Tyler both comment they would love to take a shot at COdy

Tyler: I can see our path to the end right now. Holy shit. I can see the path.

Christmas: we can steamroll...the odds are in our favor, but we can't mess up

Tyler: I'm gonna gun for the veto today






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3:02pm BBT: Enzo in the HOHR talking to Cody saying they need to go for the veto and win. Enzo says that he seen Dani and Kevin talking and i know they said something about the veto man. Cody says i only told you Memphis Dani and Nicole about putting up Christmas , Enzo says it was Dani bro, Enzo says it has to be Dani she has been messing up since the beginning man.
3:05pm BBT: Cody saying that Christmas came to him and says that her name has come up like 3 times now and he says i never said anything to her so did you say anything and Enzo says no it is Dani man. Cody says if i find out Dani is talking i will put her butt up on the block i have no problem with that at all.
3:07pm BBT: Cody says Dani talks to much and i know she will not come after us  right now but i do not want to put Dani up because everyone is coming after her and she knows she has to win everything now. Cody says if Dani is sitting next to David then Christmas has already told David that Dani will go so i do not want to put Dani up. Cody says i am glad Dani is not going to play she will throw it so they stay the same. Nicole will not throw it and Nicole and I will not take prizes at all and the noms will each take a prize but we aren't.
3:13pm BBT: Enzo tells Cody that he thinks they are good next week even if Christmas wins i feel she will put up Dani  and David but if one comes off who would go up and Cody says i will. Cody says that Nicole said if she wins HOH and it is a double eviction that she will put Tyler and Memphis up on the block and whoever stays on the block goes home. 
3:22pm BBT: IN the KBR Nicole and Christmas are playing a game, In the CBR Dani and Kevin are talking about winning the POV so Kevin can stay this week, IN the WA Memphis and Tyler are whispering about if they would have the votes to vote Christmas out if she went up as a replacement nom and In the HOHR is Enzo and Cody talking in circles about Dani, Christmas and Kevin  leaving the house. and about winning prizes.
 3:28pm BBT: Enzo says what can i eat now pickles and Cody says no have a proteins shake with almond milk do not use whole milk. Cody goes to the KT and then to the hall grabs a trashbag and heads back upstairs. Tyler is making food as Memphis just sits at the KT table.
330pm BBT: Memphis is now in there HOHR with Cody while Enzo is in the WC in the HOHR. Memphis says ummmm and Cody says you think Tyler is going to go for it and Memphis says for us the wise guys are the final 3 and we do not want to mess around we need to get Kevin out. Memphis says that Cody is your boy just make it happen forget the money just make it happen.. Cody says once you take a prize you are out of the running with people who are taking punishments and like Nicole she said she is only taking punishments.
 3:36pm BBT: Memphis tells Cody and Enzo that they have to stay off the block for the next few weeks so they have to get Kevin out now so they can have the few weeks.  Kevin and Dani whispering in the CBR about David and Day being so close with Christmas and how Christmas shared chocolate with day she says that is so weird to me. and we keep getting stars.
3:41pm BBT: Kevin tells Dani he just hopes that Dani will not be coming out of the house shortly after him, Christmas has now joined the HOHR telling them she was not upset with anyone that she was just frustrated that she did not get picked for the POV and she says i was not upset at Tyler cause he always gets picked. Christmas says i just wanted yall to know i was not upset with yall at all.
 3:44pm BBT: Enzo says he hope this is a veto with skill or maybe the pinball one where you have to shoot the ball in something. Cody ask if they are still working in the BBY and Christmas says i do not know.
 3:46pm BBT: Tyler and Nicole in the KT talking about playing video games. IN the HOHR Christmas still complaining about how she was looking in the DR and how she wants to look now and wants to play POV.
3:53pm BBT: Dani and Kevin talking about past HG in the CBR and Christmas, Cody, Enzo and Memphis talking general talk in the HOHR about food and sleeping.

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 4:09PM BBT IN the HOH BR, Cody, Memphis and Xmas are discussing Halloween and how kids will go trick or treating this year. Xmas says maybe they will do it in school. memphis talk about how he gets to golf for free in Palm Beach and go to the country club. In the lounge, Kevin talking to Nic. Kevin just talking about having conversations with others. 


4:19PM BBT Kevin and Nic trying to have a conversaton. We get so many stars, nothing makes sense.


 4:23PM BBT Kevin and Nic talking about Ian and what happened in the hosue. We get stars every fre seconds. Xmas has crawled in bed and is laying there. 


4:28PM BBT Kevin and NIc still talking. He is telling her how he and Ian had a pawn pact and then we get stars. In the KT, Memphis and Tyler prepping food.

4:31PM BBT Kevin tells Nic that he will try to win Veto. he says if he doesn't he has to feel solace that it was in his hands. Kevin says that Cody admitted to him that he has been salty since week 3. He says that Cody told him that he never spoke to him. Kevin says he told Cody that he never spoke to him. Nic is just agreeing. We get stars.


4:41PM BBT Memphis is telling Tyler about the movie The Beach and where it was filmed. He then goes on to tell him about snorkling and taking mushrooms before he went into the water. He tells him about sculptures he saw under the water. Tyler asks him if he has been to the Bahamas. Memphis says he has but doesn't remember much about it and laughs. 


 4:49PM BBT All 4 cams on Memphis eating huge pieces of cantaloupe and Tyler still prepping food. 


 4:51PM BBT Memphis tells Tyler that they are becoming the most boring show. Tyler says definitely and he has no idea why anyone would want to watch the lives feeds. he says that except for Love Island they are the only thing to watch so there is that. Tyler says it has become a ghost town. 


 4:55PM BBT Memphis says this is not good TV and it's only going to get worse. Tyler says he isn't going to do anything crazy to make good TV. They are discussing when DE is. They think it is in 2-3 weeks.





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5:07PM BBT Tyler in the HOH BR. Cody tells Tyler that he doesn't want the noms to change. He doesn't want to have to donate anyone else. Tyler says that he will gun for it. Cody says he isn't worried about it. He tells him that Dani is planting seeds that Tyler is coming after him.


5:13PM BBT Tyler and Cody in the HOH BR. They are bashing on Dani. And how she tells them who is coming after them.  Tyler says that Memphis caught Dani talking to Kevin so Kevin has to go. (they were chatting in the CBR - not hidden away) We get stars.


5:20PM BBT IN the KT, Kevin, David and Nic are talking about diets. In the HOH BR, Cody and Tyler still talking about the noms. Tyler gets called to the DR.


5:27PM BBT In the KT, Dani, Nic and Kevin talking. Dani says somthing about 9pm. They say they can still hear banging outside. Kevin says maybe it is OTEV. Nic says but there are prizes. She and Dani head up to the loft.

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