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Sunday, September 6, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:04 AM BBT

Around midnight Bayleigh hit 400 laps on her Triathlete tricycle while describing her Swayleigh child to Da'Vonne "he's gonna be tall....(Day adds "and chocolate")and he's gonna love Cadence."  She is planning to just wipe out the entire 500 laps and call it done. Da'Vonne is keeping her company in the backyard "Girl you breezin'"

Bayleigh: well, if you keep talking...I didn't even know I was at 400





Cody and Dani discuss first impressions when the game started. Dani said she was worried when she saw Nicole A because she had ghosted her. Cody tells her that NicA was "talking so much shit about you before she left" Dani says that Kevin told her that, too, but she ended up cool with NicA.  Cody tells Dani that he thought he would work with Enzo when they first started the game and that she gave him bad vibes "you said whatever you said about my jeans, and I was like....bad vibes." Cody mentions that he didn't know what to expect coming into the house, and Dani says that the cast is so different than what she expected *feeds cut*



12:10 AM BBT

Dani and Cody have been whispering for a long time in the kitchen

Da'Vonne notices that Kevin is on the hammock looking forlorn "Come on, I can't take it anymore. Smile"

Bayleigh: I second the motion

Kevin: this was nothing for you (Bayleigh's punishment)

Bayleigh reaches 438 and decides to take a break to eat something.

Christmas: you're almost done.....this is easy for you

Bayleigh: don't say that Christmas....it's not easy

Da'Vonne yells to production "when her punishment is over will y'all leave the tricycle?...please.....Leave the tricycle"

12:50 AM BBT

Many HGs have gathered outside on the couch as Bayleigh nears 500 laps. She reaches 462 but the counter doesn't note it.

Christmas: that's 462 BB

Production adds the lap to the counter

They discuss the BBQ for Labor Day. They guys think they will get a grill. Christmas says they said BBQ but it will probably be BBQ food they pick up.

Christmas: Killing it

Enzo: Crushing it...Baying it

Tyler: is Dani in the DR still?

Cody: I don't know




12:58 AM BBT

Bayleigh is now using just her left leg while propping her right leg on the frame of the bike. She is reaching her last 10 laps as the spectators discuss the recurring number 13 in the game.

David: Lucky number 13...Why is 13 such a concept this year?

Cody: I was thinking the same thing.

They make the connection that Christmas had 13 All Star babies

David: the map sequence was all about 13  [That map under the rug in the LR must have been used for the veto comp. The veto comp was all about the players reaching the number 13 in some sort of combination of numbers and then sprinting to a destination with the last one arriving being eliminated and choosing a prize/punishment]

David: The  Nicole's thing has 13 on it

Ian agrees this is interesting

Tyler Why? (to production) Are you doing 13 on purpose?

David: Gotta be... if there are 13 flags on here we know something is going on

Chris: nah, that's just some store bought thing

Tyler: the 13th person is gonna get to come back

David: Janelle

Ian: Janelle was 14



12:59 AM BBT

Bayleigh has just 10 laps to go

Chris: Go Bay, Go Bay, Doing it all day. Go Bay, Go Bay, Getting it done today

Da'Vonne is adding vocals to the beat. The HGs are being very supportive.

Tyler suggests they ride the bikes with Bay, so Cody, Tyler and Enzo jump on the stationary bikes to bike along with Bay as she completes her punishment. Tyler says they should do it one footed like Bay.




Da'Vonne begins chanting and counting down the laps. The other HGs join in

You got 6...got 6 left...you got 6...got 6 left

You got 5...got 5 left. You got 5...got 5 left

She got 4...got 4 left...she got 4...got 4 left

She got 3...got 3 left. She got 3...got 3 left

Lots of fun dancing going on



and she got two...she got two left...she got two...got two left









1:02 AM BBT

She got ONE....she ONE left...SHe ONE....she got ONE left

Bayleigh: I finished it....lord that pedal was jacked up [hope BB gets a discount on the janky bike from Amazon  -MamaLong]

They all congratulate and hug Bayleigh, praising her attitude and determination, even with a broken pedal.

Da'Vonne: She is DONE...she is done now...she got none...got none now

The HGs begin chanting again "She got none...got none left...she got none.....got none left.....We going to bed....going to bed now.....bed...going to bed now"





1:09 AM BBT

Bayleigh is on the hammock alone crying while Cody, Tyler and David are playing pool and enjoying their BB life.



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Tyler and David are noticing that a planet is lined up with the moon. They are mesmerized.




Bay talks to Swaggy but production is slow to get her mic turned on so we can't hear what she's saying



Her voice is now audible and she tells Swaggy she hopes he is proud of her...she loves him and misses him. SHe asks him to spread the love to her family. She is happy that she met him on the show and she would do it a million times over for him. [This is a sweet moment  -MamaLong]

Da'Vonne and Kevin notice she's crying 

Da'Vonne: what's wrong Bay-bee

Bayleigh: nothing...I was talking to Swaggy and it made me cry. Just told him I hope he is proud of me

Day: he watched the whole way

Bayleigh goes inside to take a shower


1:18 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is talking with Kevin in the backyard

Day: you were in a funk today

Kevin: everyone can have a bad day

Day: but you were like Oscar the Grouch times 30


3:00 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is alone in the kitchen. She looks at the camera and begins speaking to her daughter Cadence. "I love you pooty." She tells her she misses her voice "I miss your voice....your voice....I really miss your voice. I miss you a lot"  She wishes she could have brought her with her "packed you in my suitcase.....but this is all for you. All for you little girl" She begins crying. "If I'm still in here.....I'm playing for you."  Da'Vonne is waiting for her laundry to finish in the very slow machine  "42 minutes? To do what? To do Whaaaat?....Alright, 42 minutes." 







3:07 AM BBT

Da'Vonne, Bay and Kevin are in the bathroom. Da'Vonne has been looking for her comb for days and feels like somebody took it.

Bay: I miss my baby daddy

Da'Vonne: is he up or he asleep?

Kevin: I'm gonna go to the hammock and talk....like a crazy person

Day: gonna go talk to your husband?

Kevin: the hammock  [he does kind of sound like a crazy person, here...he must have misheard Day]

Kevin heads to the backyard and settles on the hammock. He begins talking to his husband, Alphonso


His conversation is the familiar self deprecation and complaints that he sucks at the game while others are made for it.

[I tolerated his long dribble in an effort to discover one particular thing, and I did!..... Kevin does NOT have a power  -MamaLong]

Kevin says everyone annoyed him today...he couldn't stand being around them. He says the comp was not rigged. It was a fair chance for everyone.







3:56 AM BBT

Kevin is in the backyard alone riding the tricycle and whistling "this is fun.........it's really sad this thing is broken, though  (the pedal)"

*the bike is squeaking like crazy....sounds like it will just fall apart


Kevin head into the bathroom and Da'Vonne asks if he is going to sleep. He says yes.

Da'Vonne: whhhhhhhy

Kevin: Girl, it's 4 o'clock






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11:20 AM BBT

Big Brother cut the feeds and woke up the HG's. They all look exhausted. Cody is mocking Nicole  [Dani and Cody both mock houseguests a lot. This is something I find disgusting.  "Shameful behavior"   -MamaLong]

BB cuts the feeds again because many HGs are still in bed not budging.



11:30 AM BBT

Big Brother has opened the backyard. Memphis opens the door and complains it is really hot.

Kevin: thank you Big Brother

Christmas is running around "yes, yes, yes, yes"

Memphis tells the other HGs that he has good news and bad news. "The bad news is it is hot as Hades. The good news is we have Cornhole" The houseguests have been asking for cornhole for weeks.

Kevin comes into the bathroom to tell Memphis there is a BBQ grill.

Memphis: that's good but we don't have any food




Da'Vonne checks out the grill. "It's the real deal!...Will they give us ribs? Nope!"


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11:55 AM BBT

Dani and Nicole are in the bathroom. Nicole says she has to pee but doesn't want to take off her unitard. Ian walks in...

Dani: Ian says he wants to keep Day (Da'Vonne)

Nicole: I know! So, it's us three and Kevin. We need to get one more vote

They haven't talked with anyone else about it yet


Memphis has been complaining to Christmas about his back, saying a guy pushing on his muscle isn't helping and the heat analgesics have made his skin raw. He says it's going to take a month to heal his back. Ian comes out and leaves the door open for a few seconds while he grabs his cup. Grumpy Memphis tells him flies get in through open doors. When Ian goes back inside Memphis expresses his annoyance in Ian "not having to show his cards.....Again"


12:13 PM BBT

BB asks the HGs outside to lower the awnings

Cody: nope, no

Christmas: will get it later...we are in a game right now (backgammon) 


Da'Vonne asks Nicole in the bathroom if Christmas is aiming to keep her. Nicole tells her she has indicated keeping Bayleigh



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Cody walks into the bathroom and finds Dani, Day and Nicole in there. He immediately throws up his hands and heads out

Da'Vonne: a lot of girl stuff happening in here

Nicole: What? You don't want us to hear your #2

Cody asks Christmas if he can use her bathroom. *the girls are all laughing



12:45 PM BBT

Da'Vonne tells Dani she is leaving everyone alone today...doesn't plan to do any campaigning. She begins counting votes with Dani.

Da'Vonne says: If I'm doing the math right she (Christmas) has Cody, Enzo

Dani: not Enzo....well, I don't know

Day: okay, Cody possibly Enzo

Dani: and possibly Tyler... and Memphis wants to keep Bayleigh


12:50 PM BBT

Dani is asking Day if she has more than one wig. Da'Vonne says she has a bunch of wigs but only brought one because she saw Neeley brought a bunch of wigs (BBOTT) and they (production) would only let her wear one

Dani: oh, for continuity

Day: yeah

Da'Vonne then mentions that BB made her keep her braids during BB18 with Zakiyah so people could tell them apart

Dani: they did not say that??? (she is shocked.....I am too)

Da'Vonne says it was never explicitly stated but she definitely felt the vibe    *and of course the feeds cut*



[Hm? There is a duck missing in the bathroom. I wonder why the camera is pointing it out. Let the conspiracies begin  -MamaLong]


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12:58 PM BBT

The HGs outside are talking about how great their BBQ will be

Cody is praising his ability to grill ribs



1:15 PM BBT

Enzo tells Tyler on his wait outside that he has brown paint all over him. The paint has been coming off the backyard furniture.

Da'Vonne: why is the furniture falling apart?

The HGs figure it's because of the heat.

Ian comes into the bathroom "what happened there"

Tyler: on my back?

Ian (to Tyler): Oh yeah, you got all that chair gunk on you





1:24 PM BBT

Da'Vonne and Kevin are moisturizing their faces. Day tells him that she plans to take it easy today and she will be really social tomorrow then she will turn her campaigning back on.



Kevin thinks that's good. He asks her why people "take it easy" when these are the days that people will be talking and she needs to give them something to talk about. She says that she did all of her talking right after the veto competition.

Da'Vonne tells Kevin that he can't say anything but Christmas wants it to stay (the noms)  Kevin says he feels like a potato because his face mask is cracking.

Da'Vonne tells him he looks like a potato 

Day tells Kevin that she is working and she has Dani and Nicole working for her. Kevin asks "what is their incentive"

Day says she believes Dani?Nicole are jealous of the relationship Bayleigh has with the guys

They keep hearing a strange sound

Da'Vonne: what is that noise? What is that squeaking?

Kevin: something is flimsy about that

Day: what is the "that" that you're talking about

Kevin: the jealousy...I think they are low key laughing at her



1:34 PM BBT

Kevin is asking Nicole about her costume and what is production doing with it. SHe tells him they are trying to fix it because it isn't fitting like it's supposed to fit. Her arms are only supposed to be out like TRex arms and the whole thing just caves in...so they are trying to make it better.

1:38 PM BBT

Nicole and Da'Vonne go into the Love Lounge to discuss the campaign to save her. Nicole tells her she doesn't want to put herself on the line right now and become a target for stirring stuff up, but if the veto is not used "I promise you I will do whatever to get you the votes. If Kaysar says I am running the game, I will try and run the game. I will put in the work for you to stay in this house." Nicole tells her she has 4 votes (Ian, Nicole, Kevin and Dani)

Da'Vonne: and we need just one more

Nicole says she considered trying to get Christmas to pull her down but she really doesn't think she will do it. "It's great that you have four solid votes without even trying or offering anything....I'm not gonna flip. I promise you that. Even if I'm the sole vote to save you."

Day: I appreciate that



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Nicole says they won't even try to get Tyler's vote because "he worries about what happens outside more than in here" and he won't want to go against Bayleigh after what happened on their season before when he was attacked for not protecting her.

Nicole: David, Cody, Memphis.....we have to get one of those    [Good luck! Nicole doesn't realize how close David and Tyler are. I believe they could get Enzo over David and with Kevin, Nicole, Dani, and Ian the votes would be great]

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2:05 PM BBT

The feeds return to Bayleigh and Kevin talking in the Love Lounge

Kevin is leading her to believe he will save her because he wants to get to the end and win.



2:13 PM BBT

Da'Vonne is grossed out by the bathroom drains and calls from the bathroom that she could use baking soda and vinegar to unclog them. Unfortunately, they don't have any vinegar. Dani and Nicole agree that the drains are nasty.

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2:05PM BBT Kevin and Bay talking in the lounge. Kevin telling her to talk to Tyler and make him feel good. Bay says that Tyler told her he had her back. She says that the distraction makes her feel like he may not. Kevin says he has to believe Tyler. Kevin says if she survives the week, then it shows a gesture. Kevin says he is "team I want to win" and wants to do what will get him far. Bay tells him that she doesn't want to go to early jury. She says that she needs to get it together and get people out. Kevin says they need to make bold moves. Bay says they both have to do that and she is ready. Bay wants to talk to Xmas and see if she has a preference on who stays.


2:10PM BBT Day comes into the KT, Dani tells her to not outplay herself. Dani says they will get the votes for her. Dani says they get a party tomorrow and then Day can start working on Tuesday. Dani gives her a pep talk. Bay comes through to go upstairs.


2:14PM BBT Bay goes to HOH BR. Xmas is in bed. Bay says that she has decided that she doesn't want to make the HOH any more rough for Xmas. She says that she doesn't expect her to use the Veto. Bay asks Xmas if she has a preference for who stays. Xmas says she needs to process this. Xmas says that there is not a specific target this week. She has done her job and she doesn't want that decision. She wants to leave it up to the house. She knows Bay and Day are regal women and will not campaign against each other. 


2:23PM BBT Xmas talking in circles. talking a lot but saying nothing. Telling Bay to ask other HG what challenge they would have with her. How can she make the house more enjoyable. She says that Bay has to take a leap of faith. Xmas keeps asking her if she makes sense. Xmas says that they never "locked it in" so it isn't up to her. Bay says she thought they had but now she sees that they did not.

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Christmas is thinking intently after her talk with Bayleigh where she pointed out that pairs are an issue in the game and she hopes that after this big move one of them bring her in. Chris says to herself...."Nicole and Ian...that will be a problem" She then gets emotional and hides her face from the camera.

The camera switches to another view.






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2:28PM BBT IN the BY, HG sitting in the pool and the sun. In the HOH BR, Xmas is telling Bay about having virtue in the house. She says that she walked away from her season feeling fine. Bay wants to know why it's not ok for her and Bay to be best friends in the house but Nic can have Ian as her best friend. Xmas says that she hasn't heard that. Xmas says she is sorry. Bay says no, you're not. 


2:35PM BBT Bay telling Xmas that she told her last week when she was on the block, she told her she had her vote. She says she won't ever tell her what to do. She tells Xmas that she has had conversations. She says she thought they had a game together. Xmas starts to tear up. Says she is sorry. Bay says that her HOH is done and she hopes that Xmas can enjoy her HOH week and keep her hands clean. Bay leaves and Xmas starts watching the HOH TV.


2:51PM BBT Enzo and Bay talking in the WCA, he asks her if Xmas has told her who she wants out. Bay says that she is leaving it up to the house. Enzo tells her that he has told the others that he has more of a connection when Bay. He says he isn't saying who he is voting for but he does have a better connection. Bay saying that her plan for the comp was to outrun them but she got rattled when Day jumped. She says that she feels David will vote for her. She says that Kevin told her he isn't sure yet. She says Day was surprised by this.


 2:59PM BBT Bay and Enzo still talking in the lounge. She asks him to feel the temperature and let her know what he finds out. Bay tells Enzo that Xmas is going to attach to Tyler. Enzo tells her she needs to work on Cody and Dani. She says ok. They are trying to figure out what she can say to them. Bay says she isn't going to bash her but wants to sell her. He tells her she is going to have to win something. She says she will emphasize that she is loyal.



3:16PM BBT Bay and Dani in the back yard. Bay says that she has done three shows in a row. She has had no mental breaks. Dani says people think its all fun and games and it's not. Bay says she is so empathetic that she takes on other people's emotions and she needs a break. She says she can't keep putting on a facade and being nice. In the HOH BR, Enzo talking to Xmas. Xmas says she wants to watch Bay and Day's behavior this week to make a decision. Xmas says that those two are on the block and both had false starts. She says all Bay had to do was let others go. Enzo agreeing.


3:24PM BBT Xmas is telling Enzo about Kevin acting weird this week. She says the fact he is paranoid means he has done something wrong. Xmas says he hasn't even come up to the HOH and told her she did a good job with the noms. She says that floaters are not going to be taken to the top. Enzo says that she and him are the comp beasts so far this season. She agrees and we get stars.



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5:54 PM BBT

Da'Vonne joins Tyler, Ian and Kevin in the backyard and wakes up Kevin, who was napping on the sofa that Kaysar used to nap on



6:05 PM BBT

Tyler is talking with Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the Have Not room. He is wearing his shades and appears to be crying. Da'Vonne is now crying, too.

Tyler tells them that he is going to ask Christmas to pull one of them off and put him up in their place because they want to be there and deserve to be there.

He doesn't want to be there as much as they do. "I don't want you guys being targets and I want you guys to stay."



Bayleigh asks Tyler to let it be the two of them on the block because Da'Vonne deserves to be here "I feel guilty for dragging Da'Vonne in this drama"

Tyler: I don't want to be here anymore

Da'Vonne: that breaks my heart because I know you aren't a quitter

Tyler says he is not a quitter but he feels responsible and he is sorry...he wants to undo any damage he may have caused. He says he wants to go. Bayleigh apologizes to him, too.

6:16 PM BBT

Bayleigh tells Tyler that this is the craziest and bravest thing she has ever seen anyone do.

Tyler: I am not trying to be a hero...I just see how bad y'all want to be her and I don't and I feel guilty

The girls tell him that no one has ever thrown them a life vest "and you are throwing us a life vest. That means a lot"



Bayleigh tells Tyler that this lifts a weight off her shoulder because she was so confused

Da'Vonne says that Bayleigh has been more concerned with the the relationship (between Tyler and Bay)

Tyler: I am not going to say I am completely guilty of maliciously trying to attack you but I'm not going to say I'm completely innocent


6:19 PM BBT

*feeds cut*

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Tyler tells the girls that he is willing to tell all of the houseguests that he lied about Dani even though he didn't. Bayleigh tells Tyler that she was having a hard time understanding how he could keep it together has been falling apart without Swaggy and has been wanting to go home for weeks.

Tyler: I'm not put together, I just hide it. I don't want her to see it.

Da'Vonne: because it would make her fall apart


[Big Drama in the BB House today as Tyler approaches Bay and Day with his plan to become a replacement nom and go home. He is emotionally disturbed by his part in the drama that has the two of them on the block together and feel he is partly responsible. Bay wants Da'Vonne to be the one taken down because Bayleigh also feels responsible for Da'Vonne being put up with her. It looks like this may really happen.]

Tyler hugs them and leaves the room. Da'Vonne says if Christmas refuses to do it then they know they are truly being targeted.

6:38 PM BBT

Tyler is in the HOHR probably wanting to speak with Christmas, but Ian, Nicole and Memphis are in there too. 


Christmas: I want to know what those yellers said  [apparently another megaphone showed up]

Tyler: they said 'Tyler and Kacey have a final two'    [LOL]

6:44 PM BBT

Bayleigh says that she think David has a power.

Da'Vonne says she thinks it's Kevin. 

Bay: he would never tell us if he did....and Kevin is selfish

Da'Vonne: I told him he is selfish, too



All cameras are on the Have Not Room right now while Day/Bay discuss Tyler's proposal. Bayleigh said that she had been praying like crazy and felt she was being told by God to stay still 'you're not going anywhere'


[Christmas is working closely with Tyler and has told him about her power. I imagine she will try to convince Tyler to stay and put someone else up instead. We'll see.  David is too close to Tyler, so Tyler won't let that happen (just more guilt for Tyler) but if that somehow happened and David goes up, he can't save himself because he didn't play his power at the nomination ceremony. Christmas would likely turn to putting Kevin up. -MamaLong]


Da'Vonne discovers the backyard is closed so she asks what happened.  [She's told about security breach but I can't hear the details]

Da'Vonne: again?  

Bayleigh: then the live feeds are off now then

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7:00 PM BBT

Cody is talking with Nicole and Dani in the KBR

They mention that the girls were in the Have Not room for over an hour and were then called to the DR

Cody: Bayleigh is gonna go but I'm not saying a fucking word to Da'Vonne for the rest of the game

Dani: she really does like you though

Cody: no, I mean game wise...same with David...I hate this fact check shit...and these bullhorns are gonna get me and you on the block (he points to Nicole)

*camera moves back to HOHR





7:05 PM BBT

Camera switches to PBR for a minute

Bayleigh is in the PBR with Enzo and David

Bay: these yellers are out of control

Enzo: what the fuck?

*camera moves back to HOHR



Christmas: I like me a lot


*camera moves back to PBR

Bayleigh: you guys are gonna pull your shit together and if I'm still here I'm gonna pull my shit together 

They say they will not go to the jury house

Enzo: yeah, fuck that shit

Bayleigh is giving the location of everyone but says nothing about Tyler

Enzo: Tyler is probably in the DR

Bay: yeah

They begin discussing the yellers again 

Enzo: they started screaming

*camera moves back to HOHR


[and as much as I love Ian, the conversation he is having with Christmas is drab... I am frustrated with this focus on the HOHR and want to see what happens next with this Tyler drama. I want Ian to get the hell out of that room so Tyler can talk with Christmas. Sheesh.  -MamaLong]

7:22 PM BBT

Christmas asks Ian if the noms stay the same...is he in favor of one of the girls staying over another. She adds that if he isn't comfortable sharing she understands

Ian says he will give her a percentage "I am 70% leaning towards keeping Day (Da'Vonne)"

Christmas says that is exactly what she is thinking. They begin discussing the powers. Ian asks if a power could mess things up. Christmas said she doesn't think so "full transparency" she tells him she thinks Kevin has a power. Ian agrees he has thought so too. Even though Kevin denied to both, they feel that Kevin has been acting strange.


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7:41 PM BBT

The camera finally moves back to the PBR

Enzo: it's really hard being called back to this game

Bayleigh: but you did it

David: yeah, John Wick....came back...outta retirement

Enzo: Johnny Wick...AKA Johnny WIck. It is definitely more emotional this time around


The begin talking about The Challenge. Enzo asks her about Kaycee and what happened to them for them to have a fallout. Bayleigh says that they were working together and Kaycee had a girlfriend back home but had a little thing with a girl on the show. The girl she had a fling with talked Kaycee into saving her over Bayleigh and that's what she did. She also says that Kaycee was flirting with her and making passes at her once Swaggy left and that set her off. "I would fight her if I saw her"   [I believe you Bayleigh but I'd put my money on Kaycee  -MamaLong]


7:44 PM BBT 

Bayleigh begins talking about Kaycee's girlfriend and the feeds cut back to the HOHR  [ugh!]


In the HOHR Ian is saying he just wants to get the HOH at least once. Christmas says his time is coming and then she delivers her theory that Da'Vonne threw the competition by saying it was shocking Da'Vonne had a false start right away. She explains the competition to Ian in detail. She is shocked that Day took off with a false start "but like a super fan I feel should know that...she had it and came off of it and it was 12 and not 13. I just don't understand why you wouldn't double, double, double check when you're the one on the block. And then Bayleigh did the same thing.  They counted wrong and then they ran. It just makes me...it's weird"


Ian: I don't know. I'd have to see it.

Christmas: there is just no reason for anyone to have a false start in that competition

Ian: so you feel it was sketch

Christmas: well they acted devastated

Ian: well it was really hot outside

CHris: maybe....I almost false started once


Christmas: Do you think I disrupted the house with the decision

Ian: I don't think so...I mean I know had I won it I would have nominated at least one of them...I was definitely leaning that direction

7:59 PM BBT

Ian finally leaves the HOHR when Christmas tells him she wants to meditate. The cameras immediately move to Tyler chatting with Day in the bathroom

Tyler gets up and heads to the HOHR


Tyler tells CHristmas he wants to come clean

Chris: I feel like I'm in trouble

He tells her that he appreciates her trusting him but he is not as forthcoming with her as he should be and he is sorry for that

Tyler tells her that he feels he is the reason Bay and Day are on the block

*feeds cut  [UGH]




8:04 PM BBT

All cameras are on Bayleigh and Da'Vonne holding hand in the Love Lounge and praying 



Da'Vonne tells Bayleigh that Ian heard the what the yellers said

Da'Vonne: so the noise 

Bay: don't tell me you know...he heard it...Ian heard it

Da'Vonne: well It was Ian Cody and Kevin (in the backyard when the bullhorn sounded). Kevin said it was either 'The liars have a power' or 'Tyler has a power', but Cody was trying to talk over it.

Bayleigh: he is sloppy

Da'Vonne: real sloppy

Da'Vonne: Kevin brought it to my attention that those noises only happen when Ian is in the back so someone is trying to wake Ian the fuck up

*feeds cut*

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8:12 PM BBT

The feeds come back to all 4 cameras on Bayleigh in the CBR

The cameras then move to the kitchen where Memphis and Cody are going through the fridge

The backyard is still closed for lockdown

Memphis: I'm glad we didn't plan on grilling anything

Cody: yeah, glad we didn't commit to anything...glad we weren't grilling

Cody starts humming

BB: Please stop singing

Cody: Bro


[Welp! Big Brother does not want us to see Tyler's pitch to Christmas. I'm sure they realize it's great television for Wednesday's show  -MamaLong]


Bayleigh comes in the kitchen and tells Cody she knows it was him singing "because during that veto they came over the speaker and said 'Cody...'

*feeds cut*

8:19 PM BBT

The backyard is back open

Memphis: I'm definitely going to get crucified for making fun of Ian

Cody: huh?

Memphis repeats

Cody: You think that's what you're going to get crucified for? I can think of other shit! I think you would get by on that one.

8:22 PM BBT

Bayleigh is in the bathroom with Nicole and Day. Bayleigh tells Nicole she looks really cute and is handling her punishment like a champ. Nicole says that she is sorry she didn't stay outside with her but she is the real champ for finishing in 4 hours. "I've got this for 6 more days."  Nicole's costume has been fixed by BB. He wig is now glued on the the costume. When Nicole leaves the bathroom Da'Vonne says "Girl, you one bad Mother MmphMmph...4 hours!"


Nicole is complaining about the hair from her costume being in her mouth so she uses bobby pins to pin it back. The girls joke that she would end up with a hair ball by the end of the week.



8:31 PM BBT

Bayleigh helps Nicole restyle the hair on the costume to be more tolerable.


Nicole: the more I mess with it the worse it looks

Bayleigh: you got to start from the bottom (brushing it out)

Nicole says if her hair was really like this she would just go bald "you can't even comb it out"

The work put in was worth it, as the new hairstyle is much better

Nicole: Thank you so much


They hear some commotion and ask if it's the yellers again

Nicole: I'm over it...I've been over it




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8:42 PM BBT

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne decide to go upstairs to the loft and hang out up there.

8:43 PM BBT

Dani is freaking out in the PBR and tells Nicole that she feels Tyler is up in the HOHR throwing her under the bus

Nicole says she doesn't think that's what he is doing

Dani: he has been up there for two hours...this is so stupid.

Dani suggests she will get backdoored. Nicole says that would never happen

Dani: Like, so what if I said she should go. He has to freakin' go. If it's a double we have to get him out of here and hope the committee still trusts us. I know what's going on, I'm not stupid.






Dani says she doesn't care. If it comes out she will put it all on him "I don't care"

Nicole and Dani begin letting paranoia set in. Dani says she tried to go talk to Christmas but Tyler was in there and "she seemed annoyed and said they needed to finish talking'...whatever

Nicole: I just think he is trying to get her to put up one of us

Dani: me...me. It has nothing to do with you

Nicole says Christmas can be easily convinced

Dani: they aren't even close  (they being Tyler and Christmas) It's either a double or endurance

Nicole: it's not a double

Dani: Nicole, it is one thousand percent a double or endurance

Nicole: it is endurance

Dani: ...if it's endurance you'll have to peel my dead body off of her and I'll get him out of here

Dani says Tyler is more likely to win endurance than she is

Nicole: he's skinny too...endurance is like for skinny people...what if you offered Christmas your power

Dani: why would I do that....I don't think she would put me up...I'm stressed

Nicole: should I go look...I bet they are not done

Dani: they weren't like almost done...and he was like on her bed

Nicole: I thought he just missed ANgela. WHat's he doing

Dani: that's his game...he threatens to leave all the time...they weren't acting specifically weird. I don't know, maybe it's my paranoia

Nicole: damn, damn...I should have won veto


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8:33pm Big Brother Time


All cameras are on the washroom area where Baleigh is helping Nicole F repair the hair on her Sloppies-tard.


Earlier in the evening Tyler planned to talk to Christmas in the HOH room about the possibility of her using the veto on either Baleigh or Davonne.  When he entered the room the camera only stayed for a short while, since then cameras have been on other areas of the house, or we have been seeing short spurts of stars.  (The short version is that Tyler may be giving Christmas information about the game and his role in Daniellle's encouragement to put Baleigh and Davonne on the block this week--Grannysue)


Meanwhile we are watching minor wig surgery, while Davonne and Danielle look on with us.


Kevin enters the room and helps us watch as they painstakingly perform a much needed operation on the stringy hair. Baleigh decides they have achieved perfection, Nicole F prepares to put the costume back on (she has had it off most of the day due to other repairs in the back office.)


Nicole F determines that the surgery was a success, she no longer has hair in her mouth.  


Baleigh says her legs are achy after her tricycle adventure, she has been lazy today.  Baleigh wonders why Danielle came around for 10 minutes, Davonne says Danielle has not talked to Tyler, he went straight from the diary room to the HOH.  They decide to go wait by the HOH room, saying they will tell anyone who asks that they are waiting to talk to Christmas.


In the key bedroom Danielle is talking to Nicole F about Tyler's visit to the HOH.  Danielle says Baleigh lied about taking a nap, she is upset because Tyler has been in the HOH for more than two hours.  Danielle says she thinks Tyler is throwing her under the bus with Christmas.


Nicole F says maybe Christmas is just sorting things out.  Danielle whines about being in the middle of "all this" (ummm Danielle started it--Grannysue).  Nicole F feels she has been dragged into it as well.


Danielle says "so what" if she (Danielle) said they should go, since that is the game.  Danielle tells Nicole F that Cody has mentioned something to her that is making her worry.  She insists that she wants Tyler out of the house, but in a way they can slip it by The Committee.  Danielle worries that Christmas is giving information to Tyler. Danielle continues to voice her fears, she wonders if Tyler has a power that he will use on "them".


Nicole F says she hates it when this happens.


Danielle says she will call Tyler out in front of everyone, that she will tell the house that everyone wanted Baleigh and Davonne gone.


Nicole is worried that Christmas will be told about the "Slick 6".


Danielle says when she tried to go in the HOH Christmas seemed annoyed and told her she needed to finish her conversation with Tyler.


Danielle gives Nicole F a very complicated story that she should tell Christmas.


Nicole F worries that Tyler will tell things on her too, and she isn't happy about all this, she wants to talk to Christmas "right now."


Danielle repeats that Tyler has been there for two hours, she wonders if she should send Cody, Danielle says to let it play out.


Nicole F says Christmas will come down and act as if nothing has happened, Danielle is confident that they have a good story ready.


Danielle says Tyler is trying to get Christmas to put her (Danielle) on the block.  Nicole F says Christmas has withheld information from her before, and Christmas is not even close to Tyler.  She says they have the votes to keep Danielle, Danielle can only count 4 votes to stay.  Nicole F names other people who would not flip the vote to Danielle.


Danielle says that Christmas' demeanor was odd, Nicole F says she is just that way.  Danielle continues to whine and rehash her "bad spot."


Both of them plot to win the HOH.  Nicole F say this HOH is endurance, next week will be a double eviction. Nicole F wonders if Tyler would put her (Nicole F) and Danielle up together, Danielle says he would back door her (Danielle).


Nicole F tells Danielle to offer Christmas her powers, when she says she is going to to check and see if Tyler is still in the HOH. Danielle whines about being left alone.


Danielle makes the observation that Tyler plays sometimes by saying he wants to leave.


More general rehashing of Danielle's worries.

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