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Sunday, August 30, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT

Enzo, Dani, Nicole, Tyler and Cody are in the HOHR talking about just letting Kaysar know they love him but he is going home.

Cody: we did that for Devin in my season and the week was chill. We just tol h, we love you but you"re going. He said he still wanted to campaign but he was more chill.

They are worried that Kaysar would not be chill and would cause problems so they decide not to tell him.

Enzo says he will talk to people and feel them out (for the replacement nom) "It's nice that no one is bothering me tonight, Yo"

Dani says she thought everyone would be up here.


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1:45 AM BBT


Nicole: Let's play The Ball Game

Cody: Oh my God, yes

The HGs gather in the kitchen for a game called Ball  Game. It looks like they will use small  plastic balls (or plastic eggs?)

Bayleigh says she is going to bed. Memphis is already in bed with a bad back injury. Tyler is in bed with a muscle strain from doing "a full x" according to Christmas in the Pose In Ive veto competition. Christmas is just watching and directing.

Nicole: get in a circle...I bet in two minutes everyone will come to play

Cody: we need numbers

David: I got to get sleepy....Bayleigh, come here

Nicole: I said two minutes and they come (meaning everyone else will want to play because it's so much fun)

Enzo: what are we doing over here?

Ian: fine I'll play

David takes of his socks "for traction"

CHristmas says the floor is dangerous, it's slippery. Someone could get hurt.

Dani: I need a bandaid on my finger....what if I smack it

Nicole: it will be fine

Nicole throws the first ball "Enzo"

Enzo: wait, wait,....you say a name

Dani: this is the game

They are unsure of the rules.

Kaysar: she chucked it at my face

Cody begins explaining then says "you explain I don't know the rules"

Nicole explains "we have two balls going at once and the way to get someone out is if you have both  balls your hand at once.  If the ball drops to the ground you can pick it up and just get rid of it before you have another ball.  Okay, we have to spread out. Spread out more this way guys. Cody picked this spot.:

Da'Vonne: Wait, spread out...who picked this spot? Cody?  (they think it's not enough room)

Cody: If you don't say someone's name before you throw the ball does that mean you are out.

Nicole: Yeah

Cody: okay so you have to say the person's name

David: (with impatience) can we play the game?

Ian says he is tired and going to bed. Nicole "Goodnight Grandpa."

Christmas: Look at Little Miss Grandma over here talking smack

Enzo says you don't want to get the stink...the bad juju.

Christmas: nobody needs the stink

Nicole: Let's do a practice round. We have to make sure Dani's finger is okay.

David: no practice round. This is the game.

Their practice game is a mess. Christmas says  "Cody, you're out"

Cody: I did an overhand throw, is that right?

Nicole: no overhand throws

Enzo gets called to the DR "Oh, I was out anyway"

They play another round

David and Kaysar throw back and forth to each other several times then suddenly find new targets

Dani "oh, that was mean"

Nicole is out after getting a ball thrown quickly by David. She laughs and runs out of the circle in David's directions with her pinky fingers up like horns

Dani: what is this?....what is this? (Dani mimics the horns)

Christmas: Okay Time Out! I just want to identify that Nicole charged David like a raging bull but I get called weird when I raise my voice in a competition. I get called aggressive. We need a name for that because that was terrifying.

Next Round    (Dani keeps throwing overhand to Cody, which is against the rules. No one says anything)

David is out and he runs out of the circle with the horns, too  [this is highly entertaining, folks]

Next Round  (now it is down to Kaysar, Cody, Da'Vonne and Dani)

The boys target Dani. She has to run for a ball (this has been happening every round ro Dani) Dani is out  "I'm sad that I'm out"

They decide to redo the round

Kaysar falls to the ground and just lays in his back. Everyone is laughing and having a great time.

Kaysar is out

David: what happened

Da'Vonne- awwwww  Byyyyeeeee

Next Round is Final Three....Cody/Dani/Da'Vonne

Cody and Dani target each other and Dani is out pretty quick "you threw both right at my head"

Fina Round is between Da'Vonne and Cody. The round ends quickly

Da'Vonne finally wins a competition in the Big Brother house.  "I won"


1:52 AM BBT

They decide to play again. Christmas tells them mix up the circle, scramble the eggs.

The game begins and there is lots of yelling, laughing and swearing. This game is lasting much longer. They are all getting better and begin targeting Nicole "Go for Nicole" "Go for Nicole"

Nicole: I heard it

Cody finally calls out Dani for overhand throws. He loses the round and Dani says "Karma"

We get stars and when the feeds return Kaysar is saying it was "funner than I thought"

They decide to play again tomorrow. Nicole suggests they use oranges because they are too heavy to overhand throw.











2:01 AM BBT

Dani, Cody, Nicole, Da'Vonne and Kaysar are talking about the word GIF

Dani says "I call it jiff but it's actually GIF, right Kaysar? You would Know.

Kaysar: It is GIF....it's actually an acronym with a guh sound but I don't remember what it is

Dani: what's that word? I want to know.   [Graphics Interchange Format. Thanks, Google  -MamaLong]

They are talking about Nicole and how she had such a mean face with her bull horns. You can hear her singing form the distance and they laugh that she is high on Coca Cola.  

Da'Vonne tells Dani they are almost done (with Have-Nots) Dani says "don't get ahead of yourself. We are only halfway"

Da'Vonne says it is already Wednesday in her mind (to make the time pass faster and stay positive)

Nicole comes back into the kitchen

Cody: did you have soda?

Nicole: no

Cody: candy?

Nicole: no

Cody: well something happened to you

Nicole says she had M&Ms hours ago but she usually gets hyper around 2 AM

Cody: I guess that game got it out of you

*feeds cut

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2:05AM BBT: Dani, Cody, Da' and Kaysar are at the KTT and Nic is in the KT in her leopard print onesie.  She throws a pineapple head to Cody - he catches it and says she could've taken an eye out.  She says she gets a little hyper around 2am.


2:15AM BBT: Cody tells the others that he wants to go to bed but then he'll get excited and hyper and not be able to sleep.  He says "I'll never lose the child in me".  He hopes it will keep the grey hairs at bay.   Room goes quiet and Dani plays with her water bottle.    Enzo is in the DR.


2:21AM BBT: Dani and Cody are whispering at the KTT.  Kaysar says he's going to hit the hay.  Da' is in the WA getting ready for bed.


2:22AM BBT: Enzo is out of the DR.  Da', Cody and Dani are still in the DT.  They want the BY to be opened, but they think it'll take them a day to dismantle the comp equipment, so it'll be Sunday night or Monday.


2:33AM BBT: Enzo, Da' and Cody talk about how pretty and nice Jordan was.  Cody says Jeff and Jordan are people he'd like to grab a drink with.  They talk about how great they're doing, but then Dani says that the tv show he's on is "basically like 5 D-list celebrities" in Denver. 


2:35AM BBT: They talk about how tomorrow is election day.  Da' tells Enzo that he now has a vice president.  They are confused and then realize that's Kevin.  Cody says they should try to get him to not use the POV.  Everyone says "no way".  Enzo says "no, yo - he deserves it."


3:01AM BBT: The HG are talking about pre-cut pineapple at the grocery store.  Dani says "like in cans?"  Bay: "no, freshly cut every morning".  Dani "like in syrup? like in little cups?"  "No."   They talk about what they're going to do tomorrow.  Bay said "I just peed in the HOH".   Conversation is all over the map.


3:26AM BBT: Enzo, Cody and Dani are in the HOHR now discussing who they can put up that would actually not be voted out.


3:32AM BBT: Dani, Cody and Enzo decide that Christmas going up makes the most sense.  He is going to call in the favor on Kevin to vote Christmas to stay.   He would love for her to win the HOH next week.  If they do a questions comp, it'll be a crap shoot.  Enzo tells them to go to bed, that they can talk more tomorrow, yo.  He reminds them to keep their talk quiet so Christmas doesn't wig out, and turn out the light on your way out.  Dani goes to the HNR.


3:33AM BBT: Ian and Cody are in the KT waiting on the bathroom, that there's a line.  They wanted to give Da' her space.  Da' asks Cody if he needs space - he just needs to pee.  She says good, cuz I gotta go back in.  "That slop is no joke."


3:40AM BBT:  The HG are settling in to bed.  No more game talk.



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7:40AM BBT Kevin eventually moves into the WA doing stretches for his sore legs.





7:45AM BBT: Kevin is in the dark KT studying the HG faces, singling out their eyes, nose, and mouths.







7:47AM BBT: The lights come on in the KT while Kevin has his hand in the fridge and he freezes and looks around like a kid with his hand stuck in the cookie jar.  He quietly stands in place, looking around the house as if to continue studying.






7:50AM BBT: Kevin takes down the POV necklace from the wall and takes a minute or two to clean it off.  (paint?)



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12:11 PM BBT Christmas tells Memphis that she is not going to split the house, She is not going to show all her cards right now that is not her game play.  They then change to Memphis back.  All cams change to Ian Kaysar and David because Memphis and Christmas talking about production. Memphis then gets called downstairs DR. Kaysar said the omlet is ready. 

12:21 PM BBT Dani is the WA doing ADL's. While Christmas Kevin Ian David and Kaysar are in the KT talking about how she hopes to get her protein powder. 

12:33 PM BBT Ian and Christmas in the WA talking about votes. Ian says he and Kevin made a promise of a Pawn pack and Christmas said what is that?  Ian tells her if ethier of them was a pawn they would vote to get rid of Kaysar. Nicole comes in and breaks up the game talk going on between the two of rhem. David and Kaysar talk about cars in the KT. Cody joins Christmas and Ian in the chat. BB calls Enzo and Tyler to see if they changed thier batteries. 

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12:46 PM BBT Ian says he saw Memphis come out with a muscile relaxer and we get stars. he says it came in like a pill packet. just been a relaxing and lazy Sunday for these HG. David said he got seen by a doctor. Nicole said he in the next room. Kevin said that there no way he would have been able to do the comp. David agrees and said he asked DR for foam rollers. stars again. 

12:51 PM BBT Kevin said that they need to play mentally and physically and that we dont need to get caught up other aspects socially. David agrees and says could you imagine if you gave up or if i give up. He said asked him what is he going to do. Kevin says yeah. David said he not going to say. The camera then changes Memphis and Christmas. Memphis said on his season the first 6 weeks was camaraderie. Chritmas says yeah and since Janelle is gone now maybe Julie can ask us questions.  Christmas says now Kaysar spiraling out of control and jokes and says America get ready! christmas then asks about his back and the chat stops.  

1:11 PM BBT Nicole Ian and David talk about having PTSD and bad dreams they had. David said he did weed to get rid of his dreams but it messes up your sleep cycle. they discuss those back and forth and share what each one had. All cams on this discussion, 

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1:18 PM BBT Ian and Nicole talk about different bb players. The first one they discuss is Frankie and how he did get to vote was day 48. They talk about different people on season 14. David is doing some cleaning in the batthroom. Ian ask tyler how he is, 

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1:07PM BBT -  Enzo and Cody discussing putting Christmas up next to Kaysar since she volunteered and it would be easier.   Enzo thinks she wants to repay him for making her his Plus 1 from Safety Suite.   They're saying they could go all the way with Tyler (final 3).

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2:29PM BBT: Christmas and Bay are talking in the CBR.  They work their way through how they'll handle a double eviction.  They then move on to how Memphis will do going forward.  Christmas says that in a way, it's worse than breaking your foot.  Bay adds that Memphis doesn't know how bad it really is and that he could potentially make it worse, whereas Christmas knew her limitations.


2:33PM BBT: Dani, Nic, David, Enzo, Tyler and Cody are all chit chatting around the KT island.  Just small talk.  Back in the CBR, Bay says that Memphis is scheduled to be back on slop next week.  Christmas replies that "that can't happen".  Bay said it's looking like it will.


2:35PM BBT: Christmas and Bay agree that the other girl HG are friendly, but aloof.  Bay asks what she thinks about the girls not have an alliance, but protect each other for a little while. Christmas says however it's presented should be as strategy, not as gender.


2:37PM BBT: Bay says that there aren't any girls in the house where she thinks "I'd take her to the end because I know I could beat her", that they're all bad b*tches.  They go through the guys that they think would have their back:  David, but he's going crazy, Memphis, but he's messed up, Kaysar, but he's the #1 target right now.  They're happy that Kevin is now seen as a competitor.  "The boys are kinda losing their sh*t".  


2:44PM BBT: Bay tells Christmas that production told her they can take her hair down Wednesday night, so she'll have time to get it done.  They told her that the show will be live on Thursday, so she'll also have time during the day.  Christmas said she'll help her, and Bay said they'll need to start in the back.


2:55PM BBT: Ian is out of the shower, Ba is getting dressed and Bay walks through the WA.  Christmas says that she hopes the BY is open tomorrow because her clothes are stinky.  Ian said he's down to one clean pair of gym shorts. There is howls of laughter coming from the HG still around the KT island.

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2:59PM BBT: Ian is done getting dressed and Nic comes into the KBR to grab her sweatshirt.  He puts on his hoodie as well.  Lots of different temperatured people in the house. Memphis has his hoodie on in the KT and Cody is shirtless.


3:02PM BBT: Nic goes into the SLR and talks to herself. "What did I say?  I can never go into town again.  They'll hate me.  Idiot, idiot, idiot".   Ian joins her to hang out for a while and catch up.


3:04PM BBT: Nic tells Ian to make sure he's clear that he's voting Kaysar out, no matter what.  They agree that if Kaysar stays that it'll be trouble.  She says she'll make sure that he's not the replacement nom.  







3:06PM BBT:  Christmas is eating at the KTT, sitting with Memphis.  Tyler and Dani are sitting at the KT island.  Kevin is rummaging through the food and Bay is cooking something. 


3:08PM BBT: Memphis is stretching his hurt back on the LR floor while Cody works out his abs.






2:22PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler are up on the bridge playing Backgammon.  She starts whispering about David and rattles off names of possible replacements,, but says it doesn't really matter because everyone wants Kaysar out.


3:30PM BBT: Dani joins Ian and Nic in the SLR.  Ian says that he can still smell his g/f's perfume on his hoodie.  The girls wished they'd brought something like that from Vic/Dom.   They start whining about how cold it is, and there's nowhere to talk without people popping up.


3:34PM BBT: Kevin is in the PBR talking to to Bay.  She wants to talk to Enzo and see where he is with her.  Kevin tells her that he's looking for a pawn.  He tells her that whoever that pawn is, doesn't need to ask him.  Bay says jokes about being backdoored if she was to go up.   They laugh.  


3:20PM BBT: David is sitting in the WA with Da' while she braids her hair.  She tells him that she was under the perception that he wasn't well received last year, and is glad to see the difference this year.  He drones on a bit about his feelings were hurt.  (his tone of voice)


3:59PM BBT: Ian and Nic are studying the days of events in the SLR in case there is a questions comp.


4:17PM BBT: Tyler is changing clothes in the PBR where Dani and David are talking about working out motivation.  Dani jokes about the cameras being on him trying to get a towel slip.


4:19PM BBT: Tyler tells David "rule #1.  Don't call Dani mean, even when she's being mean".  


4:21PM BBT: Enzo is talking with Kevin in the HOHR.  Enzo ensures him that everyone wants Kaysar out.  Enzo tells him that he'll never put him on the block again. Kevin believes him "it's how we build trust".  

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4:33PM BBT: Enzo tells Kevin that he won't think about F2 until he gets to a stage further along.   There's hootin and hollerin downstairs because the BY is now open.  Kevin heads down.

4:35PM BBT: Dani hits the hammock.  Enzo walks around saying that things are missing in the house, somebody is stealing stuff because he can't find his green sweater.  "and with the mock votes, something is going on, yo".




4:54PM BBT: Memphis and Cody are whispering in the BY.  Christmas joins them and game talk ends.  Ian is now swinging hard in the hammock.  Kevin is laying in the grass next to Nic.







5:01PM BBT: Christmas is giving Nic a shoulder massage in the LR while Kaysar, Memphis and Cody are talking about Fast & the Furious movies on the BY couch.


5:09PM BBT: Kevin talks with Christmas in the CBR.  She misunderstands that she's going up as his replacement and wigs out.  He says "no" and she starts smiling again.  He feels motivated by his POV win and starting to prove himself.


5:25PM BBT: Christmas went up to Enzo and tells him about the conversation she just had with Kevin.  Enzo says that Kevin has been great and proven himself and he'll be loyal to him.  She asks him about Cody and he thinks he's good with both him and Tyler.  He needs to keep them close because they're comp beasts.


5:27PM BBT: Devin is with Da' on the bridge and he laughs and says "don't tell me you and Bay have made a Bay-Day" girls agreement.  She says no way, other than they have said they'll protect each other.  


5:47PM BBT: Enzo, Christmas and Kevin are in the HOHR.  They want to work fast before someone goes in.  Enzo reinforces that Kevin and Christmas have proven their loyalty and Enzo is going to put Christmas up as a pawn.  She says she doesn't want to, but it has to be done.  They're going to position it that Enzo used his +1 safety on her and she's paying him back.


5:50PM BBT: Kaysar, Nic, Memphis and Cody are on the BY couch.  They think that if not for the grey hair, they'd think that Ian was 23.


5:53PM BBT: Enzo tells Kevin that Christmas volunteered to go up and is showing them that she is a team player.  "She knows that Kaysar is going, so why not get it out of the way now."


5:54PM BBT: Nic tells Kaysar and Memphis that she has forgotten voices and faces from people back home.  Memphis says "you've only been gone 6 weeks".  She answers "maybe I'm just blocking it".  


5:56PM BBT: Enzo and Kevin head downstairs and Da' says from the KT "here they come.  President and Vice President".  Enzo says "it's almost election day!"

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6:06 Kevin and Dani are doing some arm excersizes with the bars and dumbbells. Ian is in the hammock rocking so happily. Bayleigh is on a bike machine. Memphis, Nicole and Kaysar are on the outside couch talking just enjoying the BY all general chit chat.

6:16 PM BBT Tyler and Enzo are playing pool while Cody watches. Enzo hears a whistle and he thinks it plane. He says something about a Pandora's box. BB calls him  to the DR upstairs. He ask is that my Pandora's box bb? Christmas sees something in the sky and her Kaysar and Ian speculate what exactly it is. Bay and day talking in the Kitchen she asked if she has had her bible study and bay says she hasn't. 

6:34 PM BBT Christmas Kaysar and memphis now think whatever they saw is a plane. Dani and Bay are in the KT talking. Stars. Cody and Tyler playing pool. 

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8:14 PM BBT

The feeds are still down.

There was clearly a wall screamer with a megaphone announcing "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone" twice at 6:34 PM BBT on camera 3 & 4 right before the feeds cut to stars. The feeds cut back for a quick peek to the HGs being rushed inside then back to stars and eventually the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.




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10:21PM BBT:   The feeds are back.  Cody and Dani are in the SLR and Da' and Christmas are in the WA.


10:22PM BBT: Dani and Cody are talking.  Cody tells her that Kevin told him yesterday that he's a free agent this season and wants to get into an alliance - but they can't include Kevin and exclude Da' because they're so close.  They don't feel that he can really help unless Da' is gone.


10:24PM BBT:  Christmas tells Da' that Enzo doesn't understand that Kaysar has a good relationship with some that will back him.  She is trying to get the numbers locked in.  Tyler brings Da' some food, which she will save for later (after putting it back in the skillet).   Christmas pushes Da' to convince Kevin that he wasn't the target and to work with them.


10:26PM BBT:  Cody asks Dani if Da' has really never won anything in BB, and she confirms it.  She tells him that Da' has won comps on The Challenge, but never BB.  


10:33PM BBT: Still in the SLR, Cody says that every time he thinks about it, he gets so mad about today.  Dani said he had 2 beers, but he said they didn't make him feel any better.  All cams go back to Christmas, Da' and Kevin in the WA, where Christmas goes into the shower.


10:38PM BBT: Enzo goes into the PBR where Kevin is under the covers.  Enzo tells him that he's been saying "you'll find out tomorrow who I put up".  Nic comes in with a microwavable heating pad.  Enzo says he never wants to be HOH again (yo), and Nic laughs and says how hard this season is, and that this is the most truthful, honest season she's ever played.  They call her "Nicole, that mother freaker."   


10:41PM BBT: Enzo tells Kevin that players are being sneaky af this season.  They agree that Kaysar is up to his old ways and trying to divide the house.  Enzo is going to spin it that it's up to the house to decide who stays/goes.


10:42PM BBT: Enzo wants to go take a shower, listen to music and then go to bed, yo.   Kevin is to the point of giggling at Enzo.  [it's nice to see Kevin happy and bonding]


10:44PM BBT: Enzo continues with Kevin telling him that he thought he had Pandora's Box when they handed him the envelope.  Kevin asks what was up with that - he says it was just about the HOH blog that he had to do. Walking through the KT, Bay tells Enzo that he's got 3 people that need to talk to him tonight.  


10:46PM BBT: Nic has the heating pad on her shoulder, where she holds her stress.  She said she usually gets a massage every 2 months, but hasn't been able to since the pandemic.  She tells him that she has bad anxiety.  He asks if she grinds her teeth, she says yes.  Kevin says that his husband does that too.


10:48PM BBT: Two cams are on Cody and Dani still in the SLR.  The other cam is in the HOHR where Ian is rocking and Kaysar is on the bed.   Kaysar asks if Ian thinks that Enzo is in the clique, or is on the fringe.  If he's in it completely "then I'm screwed and have no chance in hell".  Ian says he has no idea what will happen tomorrow, so it's going to play very quiet -   "but let's see what tomorrow brings".  Kaysar says "the window of opportunity is closing. I'm not sure what stuff I could pull to get myself out of this jam".


10:51PM BBT: Ian asks Kaysar who he thinks will go up.  Kaysar says that their only options are Day, Bay, David or Christmas - everyone else is on the inside.  He says if one of those women go up, the house will blow up because they're sassy women.  Ian asks if he thinks it'll be them.  "Who else would go up?  Everyone else is in his alliance. It won't be Memphis because he gave him his word".  Ian asks if there's any of them that he feels he has a chance against.  "Only David.  Everyone else would get super messy".


10:55PM BBT: Enzo joins Kaysar and Ian.  "They gave us enough beer to make us tired".  Kaysar asks Ian to leave so he can talk to Enzo.  Enzo says that some of the girls need to talk too.  Christmas pokes her head in and asks to talk to him after Enzo - he says he'll go get her when he's done.  Kaysar campaigns and says he understands his game and that has something good.  He tells him to think about the pecking order and that it would be foolish to think he's the only game in town.  Enzo says "I don't trust anyone, bro".  

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10:57PM BBT: Tyler joins Dani and Cody in the SLR.  She asks Tyler what his dark quirks are.  He says he taps his finger in a shape of an eye.  Ian comes in as well and they ask him about his quirks.  He answers "they're not obvious?"  


11:00PM BBT: Enzo repeats himself to Kaysar that the votes are out of his hands.  Kaysar is clearly frustrated and Enzo is very blunt.

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10:49 pm Big Brother Time


Kaysar is talking to Ian in the HOH room.  He realizes that staying in the house is a long shot.  He wonders if Enzo is on the fringe of a group, or if he is in a group.  Enzo says the only possible, is Baleigh, Davonne, Christmas, or David. He gave Memphis his word so he won't put him up.


Ian asks if Kaysar feels that he has a chance against any of the people Kaysar mentioned, and Kaysar says only David.


Enzo comes into the HOH, he was planning to come up and take a shower.  He wasn't wanting to talk to people tonight but realized he has to.


Big Brother gave the houseguests a camera and Enzo is laughing about playing with it in the HOH room.  


Ian mentions that the back yard is closed for the night.


Enzo asks Ian if he can talk to Enzo alone for a minute. Someone comes to the door and Enzo sends them away. (maybe Christmas).


Kaysar says he knows there are dynamics in the house, he wonders if what Enzo has is "the thing", especially after what happened today.  Kaysar says Enzo has to know he is not the only game in town.


Enzo says he doesn't trust anyone this season, everyone is locked in with everyone. Kaysar says he has no one since Janelle left.   Kaysar says he has tried to talk to people, but he isn't getting anywhere.


Enzo asks Kaysar who he wants put up, Kaysar says he has no idea.  Enzo says that Kaysar is the target this week.  Enzo say he got flak for putting up Kevin this week.

Kaysar says he hopes they find something between them that overlaps.  Kaysar say that Enzo has to be hearing what is being said in the house, that he is the primary target in the house.


Enzo tells Kaysar that he is not voting and is out of it, the house will vote.  Kaysar mentions that David is the only person in the house who has done anything to make anyone in the house angry.


Enzo admits he is keeping Danielle, Cody, Tyler close because they are beasts in this game.  


Kaysar asks Enzo what he has in place to protect himself.  Enzo says he makes good points, but he plans to get his hands dirty. Kaysar says Enzo is doing the work for them (Danielle, Tyler and Cody).  Enzo knows they are dangerous to play with.


Enzo says it is a fine line to help Kaysar and stay within a safe line.  Enzo mentions that he has a limited number of people to put up in the house. (Kaysar has no idea that Enzo is working with Christmas too).


Kaysar tells Enzo not to do Tyler and Cody's work for them.  Both of them agree that there have been deals made and pre game play.  Kaysar tells Enzo that they have drawn him into them and will send him out when it is convenient.


Kaysar says if Enzo puts up anyone else up other than David, he has no chance to stay.  He offers several times to work with Enzo.


Enzo rehashes what he has said already, Kaysar does the same.


Kaysar says that Enzo has never been mentioned by any of the girls (Baleigh, Davonne or Christmas) but if he puts one of them on the block they will blow up.

Putting David up avoids it.


We get puppies.




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11:13pm Big Brother Time


Kaysar and Enzo continue to talk about Kaysar's position in the house


Kaysar and Enzo hug before Kaysar leaves the room.


Enzo goes to the railing and tells Christmas he is ready to talk to her.


Enzo tells Christmas that Kaysar is not going to stop trying.  He tells her that Kaysar told him that if he puts up David there is a possibility he could stay.  He doesn't tell her that Kaysar offered a deal.


Christmas tells Enzo that Davonne came to her to talk to her today.  Christmas says that she is giving a heads up on the conversation.  Davonne told Christmas that she sees seven people in a group in the house against the other side.  She says knowing that and about the other side of the house (Enzo mentions "what happened today") they may want to look at something like that.  Christmas says Kevin, Enzo and herself are a group no matter what.  


Christmas says she is just relaying it, and they can take a look at it.


They go over the possibilities, Enzo says Kaysar is spinning out of control, he is done.  He continues to repeat some of the conversation, taking credit for some of the things Kaysar said.


Christmas says Davonne plans to ask him who is more of a threat. Christmas says the other side of the house is loose but coming together now.  Christmas says Nicole won't go after Davonne, and Davonne won't go after David.  


Enzo insists that Kaysar is going, he is a two time all star and needs to go.  Enzo sees Davonne waiting for him.


Christmas is worried about Baleigh being an emotional player.


Enzo plans to tell Davonne he will think about it overnight.


Christmas tells Enzo goodnight.


Davonne and Baleigh go into the HOH room. 


Enzo tells them some of what Kaysar told him about putting David up. He tells her part of the conversation.


Baleigh tells Enzo that Danielle is up to some "funny s**t". 


Enzo references "what happened today."  He says he thinks Danielle is running the whole house, she is all over the house.


Baleigh says she is worried that next week, when they only need five (Danielle, Cody, Tyler, Nicole and possibly Ian), they will turn on the other people.  Baleigh says they are at the point where one of them could be taken out, and Enzo avoids danger.


Davonne and Baleigh both believe Kaysar might stay this week.  Baleigh tells Enzo that Janelle offered to bring in Janelle and Kaysar in, but they refused.  (He heard this from Kaysar but did not believe him).


None of them want to have a discussion with Cody about Danielle.  Baleigh says she talks to Tyler, they wonder if they should bring Tyler in for a conversation.


Davonne asks if Enzo is up for taking a shot at Danielle. 


Enzo suggests that they do that on someone else's HOH. Baleigh says in that case it would have to be a back door so Danielle can't compete.  Baleigh says they need to think strategically, Enzo doesn't want to take the shot this week.  He worries about how that will look to Tyler and Cody.


Baleigh decides to go look and see who is with who downstairs.


Enzo tells Davonne about Kaysar asking if Danielle threw him under the bus.  He wonders why he would do that, and is it because Danielle and Kaysar are intertwined in some way.


Enzo suggests that if Kevin wins HOH they could approach him about putting Danielle up.


Davonne tells Enzo that Cody makes her nervous, that Cody is in a lot of pots.  Enzo says Cody won't come after Davonne, Baleigh or him (Enzo).


Tyler comes into the room.  Enzo complains about being HOH, he doesn't like it much.

Tyler tells them that Baleigh is going to get the rest of the "slick 6".


Enzo says Ian was upset about what was heard in the back yard.  He goes on to repeat parts of his conversation with Kaysar to Tyler.


Baleigh says they are too locked up in a "would you rather game" to come to the HOH. Enzo says maybe they should wait until later to have a talk, Baleigh doesn't like the idea and wants to break up the game.


Enzo repeats that Kaysar is the target, whoever he puts up is safe and will stay. He says after he does the replacement nomination he wants to be done with all the conversations, he plans to send any inquiries to "the house".


Enzo decides to leave in search of Cody, he thinks Danielle will follow.


General chit chat about house guests.


Camera moves to Christmas and Nicole F talking in the cartoon bedroom.


General chatting.











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