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BBUK: Secret house revealed as multiple fake evictions to take place!

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Be posting updates here from now on as the show moves into a major new phase.

Tonight, either Aisleyne or Susie will be "evicted" from the Big Brother house - but what they don't know is infact they will secretly move to "next door" and live in the secret house.

Pics of the secret house here: http://thediaryroom.net/tbbs/index.php?page=news (it's rather nice IMO)

They will be joined by five brand new housemates who will enter the house in tonight's live show.

However, over the next week or so Aisleyne or Susie will have to make many tough decisions and choose to evict one of the "neighbours" every few days - beginning tonight (we think!).

However, each "evictee" will actually move into the main house and become a genuine HM, eligible to win the

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Davina opened tonight's show from the diary room, revealing the secret door that leads "next door" - and it's all rather nice actually.

Gorgeous red circular sofa, a pretty nice kitchen-diner, small - but nice enough bathroom, and a bedroom, which is a rather nice shade of blue!

It's all supposed to be soundproofed so they can't be heard - but the garden is just feet away from the house so can only be accessed when the main HMs are indoors.

So who is moving in - Aisleyne or Susie?

"The sixth housemate to be evicted is..."


The crowd throw in the booing to throw her off the scent - and Aisleyne doesn't want to leave and is quite upset at the prospect of going!

The eviction went ahead as usual 30 minutes later with Aisleyne pretty upset at the prospect of being booed out - with Lea and Pete upset she's going.

As usual, the eviction countdown takes place and Aisleyne climbs to the top of the stairs, with BB telling the HMs to close the front door and return to the lounge.

And then the crowd boo the evictee!

Except, the door hasn't opened and Aisleyne is trying to prise them apart as she spots a runner at the bottom of the stairs who guides her into the house "Next Door".

Aisleyne is in a state of complete shock and confusion - but thankful she hasn't been evicted, while the other HMs try to convince themselves there were some cheers for Aisleyne!

So who is moving in.

First in is Jonathan, a 24 year old bouncer. He's straight and not looking for fame - happy to go back to his life of pulling games once he leaves.

He enters the house to find the main door cut off and is guided into the secret house "next door". It's empty when he arrives, with Aisleyne coming out of the bedroom to meet Jonathan and ask him to explain what's going on. He's clueless!

Next in his Dublin man Spiral, a 22 year old DJ. Davina reminds us all the HMs went through the audition process, so may have met some of the new or existing HMs before.

Spiral is ushered in next door as Aisleyne gets ever more confused, getting no answers from Spiral who is just as clueless to what is going on!

The third neighbour is Jennie, an 18 yr old barmaid from Liverpool. She's scared of nothing and a self confessed bitch who doesn't think before she speaks. She's had a boyfriend for three years.

The process is repeated, though Jennie seems more interested in the mirrors than the HMs. She completly avoids answering Aisleyne's questions, and Davina reminds us that neighbours have been in hiding for nine days prior to entering so know nothing of the secret house too!

Next in is Michael, a 23 year old student from Manchester, living in London. He's into meditating - and pole dancing, and also enjoys tantric masterbation!

He likes the idea of being with a woman - but doesn't fancy them - and has a random habit of becoming a TV presenter during part of the day, a habit which Davina says she shares.

Davina tells us Michael is the 100th housemate. (I think that's 99 + Chantelle)

Back in the house Nikki has concluded they've been locked in the lounge due to her trying to escape up the stairs during last week's eviction.

The final neighbour is Jayne, 36, from Birmingham. Describes her self as an 18 yr old crossed with a mother hen, and has a 12 yr old daughter. She has a secret fetish for PVC and leather - but her entrance outfit mean her secret is out!

She's as confused as everyone else in entering the secret house, but does know Spiral from the auditions.

So the neighbours are in - but there is a twist!

The phone in the secret house rings with Jayne picking up:

"This is Big Brother - is Aisleyne there?"

Aisleyne is instructed to come to the diary room where after saying she is "baffled" and "head****ed" she is told that the viewers have been voting to "move" a housemate to the secret house next door this week.

Aisleyne thanks the viewers and Big Brother and when she is told her stay will be temporary and she will return to the house, her first comment is "imagine their faces!"

Aisleyne is then told of her secret task - over the next few days she must evict four of her new housemates! She can not reveal this too them!

Aisleyne returns to the house and reminds them to be quiet as she could here them - well, Jayne, in the diary room.

Davina then tells us that the four evicted "neighbours" will actually be the ones who move into the main house - and Aisleyne will definately be returning to "face the music".


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So let me get this straight. The neighbors are in the secret house, when Aisleyne 'evicts' them, they will actually go into the real house. While there, they will play the game as HM and when Aisleyne returns to the real house some/all could still be there.

Whats to keep them from mentioning Aisleyne when they go into the real house or that they have met each other before? One slip up and the jig is up.

Do you know how long Aisleyne will be in the secret house?

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Nothing has been confirmed, but the secret house will probably be empty within a week or two.

Each of the "evicted" neighbours will probably be instructed not to reveal about the secret house when they move in - but once Aisleyne is back I'm sure they'd be allowed to discuss it.

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The first "neighbour" has been evicted and become a proper housemate after Aisleyne chose to evict Jayne from next door.

Jayne was then escorted to the diary room and told she would now in fact become a proper housemate.

The neighbours have pretty much figured out the evictees are probably going into the main house so are now playing a game of chicken with Aisleyne in wanting to be evicted - but also slightly worried that they may actually get the boot for real!

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Neighbours going into the house are not allowed to discuss the House Next Door or Aisleyne. Jayne has been asking the housemates about Aisleyne but can't actually give her own opinion.

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Last night two of the neighbours were "evicted" and moved into the main house, becoming eligible housemates.

Aisleyne was forced to choose two of her new HMs to be evicted, choosing Michael and Jennie as they were both willing to take the risk of being evicted in the belief it would lead to them becoming housemates.

Now only Spiral and Jonathan remain - but only one of them will move into the main house with Aisleyne tonight in a special live edition of the show, with the other being evicted for real.

Meanwhile, in the main house Lea and Richard have been nominated for this week's eviction.

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Best Eviction Show ever.

In a midweek special one of the five new HMs got kicked out before Aisleyne moved back into the house.

The show begins with highlights from the crucial action from yesterday, completly cutting the imaginary friend task.

It's the HMs next door being told to pack their bags, the nominations reveal, the reaction, the Next door eviction, Michael and Jennie moving in, Jonathan saying Aisleyne made the wrong decision - and of course that essential element, a diary room moan from Nikki!

Live to the house and Aisleyne is called to the diary room as both houses watch her on the plasma screen. She is reminded that she wasn't evicted on Friday and that she was joined by five new HMs and told she would have to evict four of them.

Big Brother confirms the first three evictions are fake - but tell her she must now evict either Jonathan or Spiral "for real".

After stating over and over again she can't do it, finally she evicts...

Jonathan, stating the only reason is that he said he wasn't too bothered.

Aisleyne returns to the house next door and collapses in tears in the arms of Jonathan. Davina then links to the "house next door" and tells Jonathan he is "the first AND only" housemate to be evicted from next door and he has 30 seconds to leave. She isn't coming to get him - but he'll find her in the studio after the break.

Davina interviews Jonathan and he says he's devestated, but has no regrets. He thinks Aisleyne is now a contender to win.

Finally, Aisleyne - collapsed in the corner in tears, and Spiral are called to the diary room to be told they'll move next door. Aisleyne says she doesn't want to go, while Spiral says what Aisleyne has been put through is wrong (it'll get complaints - but then again last week Aisleyne was constantly reminding herself it's a game!).

Aisleyne, still in tears, moves in with Spiral and goes great to the bathroom to be comforted by Michael and some other HMs as Jayne explains to a confused Glyn exactly what has gone on in the last week.

A fantastic show - and a fantastic ending to a twist that didn't really go to plan!

And I've been proved right - it's much better Davina linking to the house from the studio (which went a nice shade of red for the occassion) - and I certainly wasn't disapointed there was no booing crowd outside today!

Finally Davina tells us the house is pretty crowded - but not for long!

P.S. The twist didn't back fire too - I think the 4 best new HMs got in. Losing Spiral especially would have been a major loss - of the new HMs, Spiral is the one the bookies think can challenge for the title.

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The sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...


The bookies had her as the clear favourite - but the crowd raised my hopes of an upset as Richard definately got more boos - though he got more cheers too if you know what I mean.

I wanted Richard out so much I actually voted to evict him!

Now the mother of the house has gone it'll be interesting to see who fills the role - and I think it'll secure Susie's future in the house for a few weeks at least.

Little chance of the HMs seeing Jayne as a new mother figure - I expect her to be gone this time next week anyhow

And finally, looks like Spiral is the only one so far who has stood up to Jayne. She is in no position to reprimand anyone for keeping people awake at night!

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I am ****ing fuming...

Earlier today as the HMs watched on the plasma Jayne was called to the diary room and punished for her rule breaking - specifically talking about the outside world!

Big Brother announced she had let herself down - and more importantly, her housemates down, as due to her they are now all up for eviction!

All except her!

I'm ****ing fuious! Normally most nominations twists I can take as a twist - but Jayne does not deserve to be saved like this! It's not just the HMs who've been punished - it's the fans!

She's the vilest person to have ever entered that house and the way she has been exploiting Nikki's insecurities is unforgiveable for a 36 year old woman!

And also, it means we miss out on what would have probably been the most interesting nominations so far with the newcomers eligible for eviction this week!

And breathe! Maybe I'll forgive her if Richard goes!

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I wouldn't mind seeing Richard gone as I hate him, but I'd most like to see Michael or Spiral out this week- the faster the newcomers go, the better. I want an original to win the game, even if I hate that original because they've been there through it all. This means anyone that went in on launch night, so it does also exclude Susie and Aisleyne. This week, I predict Aisleyne will be evicted, although I'd rather see one of the House Next Door newcomers go.

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All HMs - except the most hated - are up for eviction tonight due to Jayne's rule breaking, and one of them has to go.

The seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...


As expected - she'd been a firm favourite but the public grew tired of her moaning in the last few days, most of it fueled by Jayne's personal opinion of Aisleyne.

The housemates are in complete shock - with Jayne being her usual helpful self and saying something isn't right and she's moving into the secret house (with Jonathan and Lea, yeah Jayne). Why won't the HMs just bloody turn round to her and say it's all her fault!

The general conclusion of the HMs is Nikki is off to Big Brother Australia now - she couldn't possibly have been voted out!

She has been the most entertaining HM of the series, but it really was her time to go IMO. The HMs were beginning to tire of her, and this week the public have tired of her too. It's better she go now and be remembered as the great HM she was than later when the public are well and truly sick of her.

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Nikki is Nikki to the end, losing her ear ring as she prepares to leave!

She completly froze at the front door - Davina had to go in and get her. Best eviction reception in a long time though!

The interview was more clips than talk - though most of what Nikki said was gold (especially the train station stuff!). It's a shame though Davina didn't point out Jayne's evil ways as Nikki continued to praise her!

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Bringing you up to date...

As a result of Jayne's rule breaking, it's Punishment Week in the Big Brother house. All food has been removed and they must live on basic rations of things like pasta, rice and lentils for the week.

In addition, the bath has been declared out of bounds and hot water restricted to an hour a day "at Big Brother's discretion" - with BB deciding some days to put the hot water on before he wakes the HMs up!

They have also been banned from the pool for failing their exams at the Big Brother Rule School, which tested them on the BB rules and expected nothing less than 100% from all HMs.

On Sunday though the lack of food was becoming more of an issue so BB gave them a task which would see one HM get their favourite dinner and desert. Each HM was given a pedometer and the HM who clocked up the most number of steps in two hours would win!

It was Glyn who won the challenge with over 15,000 steps, but as with his previous victory in the danceathon task, the prize wasn't all it was cracked up to be! Yes - his dinner was liquidised!

On to nominations and for the first time in the series we've got a week where everyone nominates in the usual way for an eviction. The only previous time everyone nominated was for the fake eviction!

Aisleyne: Jayne, Richard

Glyn: Susie, Jayne

Imogen: Richard, Jayne

Jayne: Aisleyne, Imogen

Jennie: Michael, Jayne

Michael: Jennie, Richard

Mikey: Richard, Susie

Pete: Spiral, Michael

Richard: Aisleyne, Spiral

Spiral: Jennie, Richard

Susie: Michael, Spiral

Richard and Jayne have the most votes so face the public eviction vote - and it says alot about Jayne that I really want Richard to stay!

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Eviction night again...

The eighth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...


She moved in three weeks ago, burped alot, broke alot of rules resulting in all the other HMs being put up for eviction and forced to live on basic rations and cold showers - as well as being banned from the pool!

Let's hope Richard goes next week!

In other news Big Brother is set to move house again after the next series as it's current lease with Elstree studios comes to an end.

BB has been at Elstree since BB3, with the first two series filmed at Bow in East London.


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Yesterday the housemates had to pair up with their "best friend" for the "Weekend of Love" task.

The pairs are as follows:

Aisleyne & Jennie

Glyn & Mikey

Imogen & Susie

Michael & Spiral

Pete & Richard

What they don't know though is this week they will nominate in pairs, with one pair being evicted from the house on Friday!

Not sure about this twist myself - I think we might lose Michael and Spiral who IMO are the two most interesting characters in the house at the moment!

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Earlier today each pair of "Best Friends" was called to the diary room at intervals throughout the day for this weeks nominations.

Each pair had to agree on two housemates to nominate for eviction this week, but were unaware that nominating a housemate would also put their best friend up for eviction.

Tonight the housemates were gathered in the lounge for the results - and Big Brother revealed all:

"The two or more housemates with the most votes will face eviction this week - along with their best friends.

The best friends nominated for eviction this week are...

Imogen and Susie...

Michael and Spiral...

and Richard and Pete....

One pair of best friends will be evicted in a double eviction on Friday."

This week viewers will vote for the pair they want to SAVE, with the pair with the least votes being evicted.

Hopefully that gives Michael and Spiral a better chance - though Spiral has taken the news the worst.

However, he doesn't hold Michael responsible:

"I know why we're up. I'm not disappointed with you," explained Spiral. "There are positives. I'm just gonna have a shower. If I go with you I'll be privileged to walk out with you."

"And Scruples," Michael corrected.

"It'll be a triple eviction," nodded Spiral.

Quite surprised Big Brother revealed the full details of the twist - that should have been left till Friday (or if Pete goes, left to the imaginations of the HMs).

Also, I thought Michael and Spiral would avoid nomination as I expected Susie and Richard to get three votes.

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