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Sunday, September 22, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Kitchen (KT)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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12:05 AM BBT Nicole remains in the DR. Holly and Michie are cooking dinner. Holly made fried corn and Michie is frying up steaks. 


12:07 AM BBT Holly goes to the SR. Michie tip toes to the SR door and waits next to it to scare Holly as she comes out. Michie yells Boo and Holly jumps. Holly "Stop. You are so mean." Michie "I'm sorry." 


2019-09-22-00.07.24-Cam 2.jpg


2019-09-22-00.07.34-Cam 2.jpg


12:13 AM BBT Michie and Holly have finished cooking dinner. They are setting up their meal at the bar since the table is covered is their tie dye stuff. Michie says he doesn't want to do dishes tonight. He is over it. Michie tells Holly again how proud he is and he is going to have a very hard time not slipping up. Holly says she is too and she already did once. Michie "How big?" Holly "Pretty big." 


12:17 AM BBT In the KT, Michie and Holly discuss how the only reason they made it past day 75 was because they had such fire. They brought that fire out of each other. He tells her that other women in his life said they wanted him in the spotlight and then fight him for the spotlight at the same time. Michie blows off some energy by running upstairs and notices that the HoH is unlocked. Holly "I don't think it is supposed to be open." Michie "But it is. Hey Big Brother" WBRB. 


12:22 AM BBT Holly and Michie have made dinner. Michie calls out to Nicole who is in the DR still. "Nee-coh-lay!". Holly starts to clean up the tie dye  to make room on the KT table for the 3 of them to sit together. She says that she doesn't want to start dinner until all 3 of them are there. Even if they just have to squeeze in a few bites before the next one gets called into the DR. She at least wants to start together. Michie is pacing waiting on Nicole to come of the DR so that he can sit down and eat. Nicole comes out of the DR and says she just came out to get a beverage and that she is on the way back.  Michie "What?" WBRB. 


12:28 AM BBT When Nicole came of the DR to get a drink, she must have told them not to wait on her any longer because when the feeds return, Michie and Holly are making their plates. Michie grabs two wine glasses and puts a very small splash of champagne in each one. Michie and Holly have a toast. Michie "To making it to Final 2". 


2019-09-22-00.27.42-Cam 1.jpg


12:33 AM BBT Michie and Holly are eating steak and fried corn in the KT. Nicole is in the DR. They discuss how they never had a faces comp. All that studying for nothing. Michie is hyped up. As he sits at the bar eating dinner, you can hear tap tap tap tap tap of his feet on the foot rest. He can't be still. He tells her that he just wants to grab her in his arms and run around the entire house with her. Holly says that she is pleased with her time on the comp. "Less than a minute to know it, go get it, scale the wall and place it." Michie says it would have around 50 seconds for each one. Michie asks her if she wants him to throw Part 3 to her. She says she wants to beat him fair and square. Michie "Don't do well under pressure my a**." Holly says she doesn't do well under pressure and she could have done better. Michie keeps tap tap tapping his feet on the foot rest of the stool he is sitting on. He is bursting with energy. 


12:40 AM BBT Michie and Holly continue to discuss how proud they are. Holly "We are a showmance that has had guns drawn at us the entire time." Michie "Public enemy number one." 


12:42 AM BBT Michie says that since Day 58, they have had every HoH except Nicole's in the double eviction. They controlled the entire second half of the game. Michie says he stopped himself from celebrating earlier but now he can truly celebrate. Holly says she wants a memory comp. Michie says he never got to show his ability in memory. Camp Expo, terrible. Holly says she would have done great in that one.


12:48 AM BBT Nicole remains in the DR. Michie and Holly have finished their meal continue to relish in Holly's victory. Michie continues to say he is so proud and can't believe it.


12:50 AM BBT Michie and Holly continue to celebrate in the KT. He tells her that their lives are forever changed. And that if he is going to lose, he wants it to be to her. He tells her that if it wasn't for Nicole's HoH, they would have never been on the block together except finale night. 


12:52 AM BBT Michie tells Holly that he is scared the last 2 weeks are going to burn him, the actions he had to take. He has his answers for them (jury). He has the words. He is going to have to depend on his pre-law classes to get him through. He has always known that this was a sales game. It is all about selling yourself to 15 strangers. 


12:57 AM BBT Michie tells Holly that he always knew he was the 6th of the 6 shooters. He was at the bottom. Jack, Christie and Tommy all would have taken each other. He knew that he was the bottom. His goal was to never take out the biggest target and it worked out perfectly. 

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1:00 AM BBT Nicole is still in the DR. Michie and Holly are in the KT snuggling on the bench. Michie explains the HoH Part 3 to her. He says that it pi**es him off that half a million dollars rides on fill in the blank or true/false questions. That has always made him mad.  


1:06 AM BBT Michie and Holly have moved to the WA. Holly is adjusting her make up in anticipating of doing DR's. Michie is laying down on the sofa watching her and asking questions about make up. He says that there are so many things that could have happened to stop them from getting to this point. Especially after day 44. He says that 9 of their 12 victories came after Day 58. Holly argues that this 3 part HoH needs to count too. She says that he is counting Camp Director but not Part 1 and 2 of this. He says yes, because that him a week of safety. These 3 parts are for the a single HoH. He says it is easier to figure out which comps they didn't win instead of listing all the comps that they did.


1:10 AM BBT Michie is talking to Holly about all their comp wins. She says "You mean that you won. I won 2 comps" Michie "No, we are a team." 


1:14 AM BBT Holly says she is exhausted but it is an emotional exhaustion. She competed physically and then had to sit in there forever and wait. She says she was probably done at 8:15 or so. It took a while because you have to get harnessed. WBRB. 


1:17 AM BBT Michie and Holly are in the WA while Nicole is in the DR. Michie "Well, remember how I said that I was nervous because they were technically guaranteeing me a spot in the final 2? And I was like am I America's biggest idiot? Because what if I turned it down?" WBRB. 


1:19 AM BBT Michie is worried about the last 2 weeks and how it can be perceived that he was disloyal. He says that if he is being faulted for being unwaveringly loyal to Holly, then there is nothing that he can do about it. Holly "Same". She says that the jury is going to lose their freaking minds. Michie "They are going to come to finale and see us sitting there and go these f***ers. They are going to be so salty, especially Christie, Tommy and Sis." 


1:24 AM BBT Michie and Holly continue to discuss that they are going to be the first showmance to make it to final 2. Michie "Future big brother contestants, you can be in a showmance and make it to final 2." 


1:28 AM BBT Michie takes Holly's make up and starts playing with it. She laughs at him. He takes her applicator and puts make up on his chest "Gotta get the girls". Holly continues to laugh at her. Michie "I am so glad that I am a guy." 


2019-09-22-01.28.26-Cam 4.jpg


1:30 AM BBT Holly and Michie are lounging in the WA. They discuss how her makeup rubs off on him all the time. She tells him that her makeup does that because he makes out with her so aggressively. Michie "I do not. It's because you wear so much. I go to give you a little peck and come away with a second face." Holly "That is a lie. Tell America that is a lie" Holly goes on to say that she wears her makeup naturally. She used to wear a ton of makeup. 


1:37 AM BBT Holly and Michie continue to revel in her victory. Michie says he is just so happy that they can enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity together. He says that they met each other in BB, fought the others every single day, and now they are here at the end together. Michie "How you did that, I will never know." 


1:45 AM BBT Nicole is still in the DR. It has been almost 3 hours. Michie and Holly decide to go lay down for a while until it is their turn for the DR. They decide to lay down in the backyard room.


1:48 AM BBT Holly and Michie crawl in bed. Michie "I know where you are going." Holly "To final 2 with you." Michie says BB, can we have a lockdown with the lights out. Michie looks at the camera and says that was just a joke. 


2019-09-22-01.50.53-Cam 4.jpg


1:51 AM BBT Michie tells Holly that his biggest fear was that their winning streak was going to come to an end. That he was going to have to walk out those doors and cast a vote. Now they don't have to worry about that. 

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2:04 AM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR after being in there for the better part of 3 hours. She asks Michie if they ate and we get WBRB. 


2:09 AM BBT Nicole has warmed up her dinner in the microwave and takes it to the LR to eat. Holly is in the WA changing clothes before going to the DR. Before she does, Michie tells her that he is going to stay up for her. She tells him not to because she is not going to be wanting to celebrate when she gets done. She is too tired. He tells her that's fine, but he is going to wait up for her anyway. He goes to the LR where Nicole is. He decides to name the owl on the table in the middle of the room Hooter. He then passes gas. Nicole "Eww. I am eating." Michie "I am sorry." Holly "Did he just toot?" Nicole "Holly! I am literally here eating." WBRB


2:24 AM BBT The feeds return again. Nicole is eating her dinner in the LR while Michie lays on the other sofa across from her. Nicole says it sucks, because she has seen it. She told her family if she was cast, she was going to win. She says it is stinky winky. Michie tells her not to make assumptions and she says that she has to be realistic. Michie "I love you dearly Nicole." Nicole "I know that." Michie "Everything I have said to you is true and genuine. You will see that." Nicole "I know that." 


2:27 AM BBT Holly is in the DR. Michie and Nicole sit in the LR. Nicole says that her family is watching the feeds and must know that she lost. She says they won't be upset that she lost. They will be upset that she will be upset about losing. Michie tries to make her feel better by telling her how proud he is of her. He admits to her that he felt guilty for the final veto because it wasn't his best effort and he didn't deserve it. She says she questions everything about this comp. Did she do her best? She is going to nitpick it. She says she was the kid in school who would get a 99 on a test in school and instead of thinking about the 99, she frets about the 1 that she missed. 


2:30 AM BBT Nicole to Michie "You guys are kicking a** and taking names." Michie "So are you." Nicole "We are siblings. I knew that on day 1. I could feel it" Nicole "I always want to prove something. Prove to whom? Everyone. Me." Michie "Moderation is for cowards. It isn't the healthiest way to live life but it's what I do." Nicole "It is because I care so freaking much. Half a**ed is not in my vocabulary." 


2:35 AM BBT WBRB when the feeds return, Nicole is telling Michie about someone at home who said that Nicole was not going to be able to do the show because she would be crying about missing her mommy too much. They discuss that the one that is alone in the corner with nothing to lose is the one to be afraid of. Michie "Put that dog in the corner, she gonna bite." Nicole says that those are the people that she loves to prove wrong. 


2:38 AM BBT Michie says that after he went to open casting call, someone he knows got contacted on instragram. WBRB.

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2:42AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson talk on the couch in the LR. They go over previous weeks in the BB House as well as events with evicted HGs. Jackson talks about his strategy. 


2:43AM BBT: Jackson talks about doing annoying things throughout the house just to irritate the other HGs. He keeps saying he's going to tell Nicole his "strategy" but then goes on a long monologue about there "always being a bigger fish." "You're good," Nicole says, "I'm impressed."


2:47AM BBT: Jackson tells Nicole that every morning when Cliff would go change his batteries, Tommy would jump up on his bed and try to rally everyone to vote Cliff out. "Wow," Nicole says. 


2:48AM BBT: "Everything I did in this game...good, bad, and in between...I did  it to take care of myself but to take care of those people closest to me," Jackson says. "I get that," Nicole says, "I don't know if all the jurors get that." Jackson goes on to talk about Nick and Bell ruining the alliance and how that changed his alliances for the rest of the game. He talks about how he's been "burned" so many times and says he's like "squirrel" because he's "skittish." 


2:50AM BBT: Jackson continues to talk about entering the game to where they are now. Nicole continues to say "I understand" and nods every so often. He rehashes old conversations and circles back numerous times about what he needed to do and why he did what he did in the house. Nicole assures him "It's a game" and she never holds anything against anyone.


2:52AM BBT: Jackson says America sees "all sides" but the jury doesn't. He says he doesn't think Cliff will "run" his name "through the mud." Nicole says she doesn't know what Cliff is going to do in the jury house. Jackson hopes Cliff has a "little understanding" on why things happened the way they did. 


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3:55 PM BBT

Michie, Holly, and Nicole are in the bathroom area getting ready for bed.

Nicole was joking about the stool and teasing that Julie would ask her, Why do you have the stool, you're alone?"  Her obvious answer: "Because, Julie,  I f*ed myself."

Nicole is in a good mood despite losing part 2. She is joking around and dancing. Michie points out that the image on their shirts from the part 2 competition looks like the brain games image.

Michie- (looking at the shirt) isn't this the icon for Brain Games?

Nicole agrees. She goes to the shower and gets her hangers from the shower stall where she obviously had changed her clothes for the competition. Her hangers still have the masking tape with her name so she removes the pieces of tape with her name and says to Michie, "Here is my campaign...Who are you taking to the final two?" (She then puts the tape on his chest)  "Good answer." She does the same to Holly. 


[I love Nicole...she is America's Sweetheart. -MamaLong] 




4:27 AM BBT

The Final 3 get in bed in the campsite area. They decided to spend their remaining nights all sleeping in the same room...each room of the house, as to not miss out on the experience. (Friday night was in the RV; Saturday night was in the Target Bedroom) They can say they slept in every room of the house. Michie says he will ask for the lights to go out clapper style.

Nicole- wait, so we sit up and clap

Michie- yes, on the count of three

Holly- then production will turn out the lights

They get ready for the countdown, but production cuts to fish and WBRB. When feeds return the lights are out (thanks, BB  *insert snark)

They then say their good nights Waltons style and drift off to sleep.


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3:00AM BBT: Nicole says she's "disgusted" with herself. Jackson says that's a "horrible thing to say" and then asks her to explain herself. Nicole says she had an "opportunity" and she didn't do "as well as I should have...and here I am." BB cuts the feeds.


3:02AM BBT: Feeds are back and Jackson is talking about there being sixteen people in the house to start. He says he's "excited to see her," but we're not sure who he is talking about. Jackson tells Nicole they're almost done with the last weekend. "Half a workweek left," Jackson says. "It's crazy," Nicole says.


3:11AM BBT: Feeds are back and Jackson is telling Nicole that things happen as they should. Nicole says she believes that.


3:14AM BBT: Jackson tells Nicole she's "like a sister" to him. Nicole says he's going to make her "sad" and make her cry if he keeps saying things like that. Nicole starts to cry. Nicole says it's "been a rough couple years" with "a lot of people saying the opposite to me." "Screw them," Jackson says.  


3:17AM BBT: Jackson and Nicole leave the LR and walk into the KT. Jackson unwraps his tie-dye shirt and Nicole really wants BB to open the backdoor for just an hour. He holds it up and says "this looks like sh*t...what the f**k is this?! This sucks!!! What kind of BS tie-dye kit is this?!" Nicole laughs.

jackson shirt.PNG


3:24AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson are still in the KT, looking over their tie-dye t-shirts. All of the tie-dye shirts are mostly white, Nicole says she's doing to redo the shirts tomorrow. Jackson asks her to redo his t-shirt too. 


3:26AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds when it's back Holly is out of the DR and joins Nicole and Jackson in the KT. They show her the tie-dye shirts. "Tube method sucks," Holly says. 


3:44AM BBT: Nicole, Jackson, and Holly are in the KT eating and cleaning. They have general conversations and then talk about the comps and what they did or didn't do.


4:06AM BBT: The three stand in front of the HGs photos and look at all of the evicted HGs. Nicole says she's going to bed soon, the three move around to get ready for bed. 


4:15AM BBT: Jackson and Holly are cuddled up in the TBR while Nicole gets ready for bed in the CBR. She walks into the TBR with a watermelon shirt and says she "manifested" Jackson to be here the entire time. They laugh. 


4:40AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House, all of the HGs are sleeping in the beds outside of the CBR. 


8:13AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping.

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10:00 AM BBT Wake up call


10:18 AM BBT The feeds return. All the lights are on but no one is up.


10:30 AM BBT Holly is up. She goes to change her battery in the SR and then to the WA to brush her teeth.


10:53 AM BBT Everyone is laying in bed outside the RV.


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4:00 PM BBT

Holly has been cooking breakfast for Michie.

Nicole doesn't want to get out of bed. Who can blame her?


4:10 PM BBT

Michie tells Nicole it's 4:10 and she is shocked.

Holly made Nicole and Michie breakfast in bed.



Holly made biscuits and gravy. Michie and Nicole both say it's amazing.



Holly begins talking about having an elevated heart rate and mentions CO2. Nicole comments that it was weird...*then feeds cut to keep us from the details

Nicole- I am gonna admit guys, I woke up very disgusted replaying the events of the last two weeks and the comp yesterday. My family is gonna think that I'm not okay

Michie- that's how my parents are....my parents know me

Nicole- if America...whoever, is like you idiot. You should have kept Tommy. Originally I had this vision of hugging my family like YAY, and now I have this vision of hugging them and saying I'm sorry.

4:22 PM BBT

Holly- I have that same fear, just on the flip side. To walk out and have people be like, you shouldn't be here

Michie- I'm scared...I'm very worried about how I'm depicted. I was doing well and then I was involved in a lot of drama.

Nicole- we all were though. 

She says they could all be seen as villains

Michie- judgment day is coming

Nicole- I see what you're saying....my biggest fear

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4:52 PM BBT

Production opened the backyard for them for 12 hours so they can do their laundry and enjoy some time outside.


Nicole- Wow! I love it out here. This is Big Brother

Nicole comments that if they ask her what makes her verklempt she would say the backyard.

Holly- who is they? I've heard that no times.

Nicole- like overcome with emotion

Michie- is that a yankee thing? Because for sure I've never heard that [sheesh, I'm a Texan and have heard that word most of my life  -MamaLong]

Nicole then begins talking to Michie about how he corrected her use of the word deluded saying the word is delusional, 

Michie- I know it's a word. I never said it was a word....but delusional fits better

Nicole- that's a lie.....no delusional is like you are imagining things aren't there and deluded is like your brain is watered down and you aren't seeing things clearly

Nicole and Holly- "you're wrong"

Michie- Hi I'm dumb

They then begin discussing the word that Holly used about the tie dye items. She called them memoirs when it should have been momentos.


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10:30 AM BBT Holly is up. She goes to change her battery in the SR and then to the WA to brush her teeth.

10:53 AM BBT Everyone is laying in bed outside the RV.

11:11 AM BBT Jackson and Nicole asleep. Holly is somewhere. It's a lazy Sunday in the Big Brother house.

11:33 AM BBT - Nicole comes back from changing her battery and doing what else she did and goes back to bed herself. Nothing else going on.

12:00 - 1:00 PM BBT - They are still sleeping.

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7:56 PM BBT

Nicole is playing pool with the new pool sticks the Big Brother got the houseguests and doing her laundry.

Holly and Michie are lounging in bed in the campsite area.

Michie says he is going to heat up some steaks and work out. 

Holly says she is going to do a face mask and have some champagne, "I worked out yesterday for 10 minutes and 38 seconds."

Michie tells Holly he is so proud of her. She doesn't respond so he responds for her "I'm proud of you, too."

Holly says she thinks her mom and sister will be proud of her because they climb and she doesn't.


8:10 PM BBT

Holly and Michie have joined Nicole in the BY

Michie begins talking to Big Brother like Siri, "Do you have any fun facts that we should know?"






[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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 9:00 pm BBT 



Michie yells for everyone to come to the living room.  Nicole jokes back  at him.


Michie goes to the TBR and gets out one of the ‘coins’ from the comp he had in this things.


Nicole is in the WA brushing her hair.  Holly is washing her face and complaining Michie tried to pop some blackheads on her face and now it hurts into her ‘brain’.  She feels he did something to make them worse.


Michie is in the BY and begins washing some clothes.


The girls are still in the WA using different face masks. They are worried about their skin and how it will look on finale night.  They remember about different times in the BB house.  


Holly asks Nicole how many comps she’s competed in, Nicole says she will let her know.  Holly says she is at ‘20” - which means she will be at “21”.  Michie comes in the WA and watches the girls.  Nicole leaves to go ‘tie-dye’.


Holly sits on Michie’s lap. They are talking to each other with an ‘accent’.  “Three more days”.  Holly wonders if they will go home or go to an hotel. Michie says he has an apartment.  He’s not sure his things will still be there as he gave the key to ‘someone’.   They begin to whisper to each other about one more comp...

Nicole is in the kitchen preparing things to tie dye.  


(Back in the WA)15

Michie and Holly talk about not ‘burying’ each other.  Michie says something about a guaranteed seat.  Michie is wanting reassurance about the F2.    


9:15 pm BBT

More talk between MIchie and Holly in the WA - he stares at her.  He wants her to have her responses ready for the jury members - every answer possible.  Holly says “I know”.  He coaches her on what to think about jurors asking her and what she will say.  


Michie:  “It’s like going to court, you have to represent yourself” [Michie has mentioned several times this season about his pre-law classes and using them for this game - Nana]


Michie continues to ask Holly how she will answer questions from Tommy or others.


Nicole asks them if they have any clothes they need washed.  Holly gets up to take some of her clothes to the washer.

Michie asks Nicole if she would do his tie dye and she says she doesn't mind.  Michie then goes into the BY to talk more to Holly about the jury.  He is concerned about Tommy and what he will say or ask Holly.  Michie then talks about Sis, Jack, and others asking ‘Why should you deserve it more than Michie’.  He isn’t mentioning about questions he might be asked but continues to ‘school’ Holly on how to answer each one.  Michie reminds her they will be hard questions.


Michie:  “Look at Paul who ran the season twice and lost because of the way he answered questions”.  Nicole says “I know”.  He tells her he won’t be up there to help her as he will be up there selling himself and competing against her.  He reminds her he isn’t there to throw it and he will take the 100% (ideally).  Michie hopes his law classes will come in handy when speaking to his peers.  Also his sales will come in handy.  Holly continues to say “I know”...


Holly goes back into the kitchen - The girls discuss how to wash the tie dye to keep it from bleeding as much.  They still have their face masks on - She then goes to take a shower, skipping away singing a made up song as she goes back to the WA.  Holly continues to work with her t-shirt.


9:30 p.m. BBT

Michie is in the WA smiling, watching Holly take a shower.  Nicole continues to work on getting her tie dye just right.

Michie lies down on the couch in the WA and tells Holly he is about to go work out.  


Michie:  “How did I get so lucky?”  Holly:”I don’t know” (and laughs).  Michie says she rarely is sweet back to him when he talks to her sweetly.  Holly tells him she is working on being sweeter in her responses but he says ‘rarely, once in a blue moon’. Holly reminds him blue moons do come around.  



Nicole continues to work on the tie dye projects.  She finishes with the t-shirt and puts some more dye on another project.  She adds several different colors to her project.









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9:40 pm BBT Sunday Night

Nicole goes to the WA to ash off her bask.  It seems the glove had a hole in it and she dyed her thumb dark blue.  Holly and Michie laugh at her thumb.


Michie:  “Like brother like sister - I would strongly suggest to wash the blue off your thumb before you wash your face, you will need vinegar, soak it in vinegar as soap won’t wash it off”.  


Nicole wants to wash off her face but doesn’t want her blue thumb to dye her face.  She figures out how to do it one-handed.  Michie laughs at Nicole.  She continues to wash her face with one hand.  Holly is trying to get her face mask off in the shower.  Both are having problems getting all the mask off their faces.  


Nicole is still trying to get the blue dye off her thumb.  Michie tells her to use a sponge to scrub it off. They joke about what Julie will say about Nicole's blue thumb.  Michie explains he had to use the green side of the sponge with vinegar to get the dye off his hands.  He thinks she needs to add some baking soda to the vinegar.  


Nicole: “You just had it more rough than me, didn’t you Michie??”.  Michie:  “I’m just trying to help”.  


Holly sits on the couch beside Michie.  He continues to try and make jokes.  Nicole and Holly ignore him.


9:55 pm. BBT

All three are still in the WA talking about Cody and Derrick in other seasons.  Nicole thinks Derrick had a tremendous social game.  “Very impressive”.  Holly agrees.

Michie “He was good!”  Nicole:  “You would know”.  Michie:  “Very frustrating”. Nicole:  “Likewise”.  Michie:  “What doe that mean...?”  Nicole:  “You’re good”.  She laughs.  Holly laughs, Michie sighs.  


Michie:  “America, they gang up on me.  I’m outnumbered, it’s 2 to 1.”  


Nicole” I respect the game you both have played, you took them out like snipers, one by one by one.  It’s very impressive (as she points her finger like a gun).  Why am I not allowed to say that.”  Michie”. You are it’s just the way you say it , I question it. Nicole:Question what/?]]==]
Nicole thinks it’s funnyl.


Michie gets baking soda.  Nicole and Holly are trying to think how to get all the dye off her finger.  Holly suggests moisturizing it.  Nicole thinks she will request ball gown gloves and walk out and hold our her hand and say “Hi Julie”.  


The girls go into the kitchen to check out the tie dye.  Nicole says she is stopping for awhile. She shows them her bandana.   Michie gets out some champagne.  


Michie:  “Cheers guys to the final 3”.  Holly tells them the dye is seeping under onto the table.   Michie asks them again ‘do you want your champagne.?’  Nicole says there is a crack in her glass and it’s dangerous.  The girls are giddy and keep laughing.  Michie hands them their glasses and says “FINALLY”.  They go outside and say “Cheers”.  They sit the glasses down and the girls check the clothes. Holly is going to hang her clothes, definitely not drying them in the dryer.


Holly and NIcole can’t stop giggling.  Holly found a strange glove for Nicole.  Michie is working out with the weights.  Nicole asks BB to turn the AC off inside as it’s cold.  It’s much warmer outside.


Holly lies her clothes on the pool table to dry.  Nicole says she can’t wait for her mom to do her laundry.


Michie is wondering how much he could get for one of the coins on EBay.  Michie says “One of us will”.  Nicole offers to take all the prize money.  Holly puts Jackson’s laundry in the washer.  Nicole can’t find her shorts??  She’s looking for black shorts and black pants.  Holly wonders if they got into her laundry.  Or maybe they got into Jackson’s stuff.  Nicole will check her bag for the black shorts.


10:15 p.m BBT

The girls are trying to figure out how to cover up her thumb with some neosporin and a bandaid and maybe it would take away the dark blue dye.  Both of them are very giddy.  Niocle says her wine glass is ‘wonky’.  “The glass or the hand holding it.  Nicole: “The douchebag that was pouring it”.  


Michie: “Wow you’re welcome”.  Nicole: “I’m just kidding - you get so butt hurt so easy”.  Michie backs away from her.  Nicole “AHHH...No, Holly,”. Nicole:  Can I have a hug?”  They continue to laugh.  They call Michie Sassy pants.  Do you want to hang out with the bunny?”

Michie doesn’t see the humor.  Michie says don’t talk about the bunny, he’s all he has left in the house.  

Nicole begins to talk about Nicole coming to see the ranch.  She’s concerned about the concert and wants to be there. It seems they are able to hear what sounds like a concert.  Holly says it might be a venue around there.


Holly wants to go see the jury house just for giggles.  They ask him if he is playing with the bunny.  Michie:  “No, his name is BUDDY the bunny.  The girls walk over laughing and say “Hey Buddy” Michie tells them they really don’t have to engage in talking with him.


Holly”. “He really did just turn his nose up at us.”


Michie”. Don’g scare him off, he’s a good bunny”.  [I’m thinking the glasses of champagne are getting to them - Nana]


Michie:  “He’s been here for me when you haven’t.  Twice a week. Two days a week, Oh Buddy, Buddy, Buddy”.  Michie continues to carry on a conversation with Buddy.


Holly:  “Do you guys want to hear a sad story, I’m going to tell it anyway.  We had a bunny. Nicole mentions Mr. McGregor’s garden and the bunny eats all the vegetable.  His wife tells him to not go into the garden   The bunny doesn’t listen.


Holly continue to tell them about their Bunny named Bunny.  She says she was good about getting animals but then let her parents take care of them.  Her mom had a cute cage set up side and feed it and go talk to it. She gave it fresh grass every day.  She picked up some good pieces and as she stood up to give the bunny she scared the bunny and it hit the wall and died!  She literally scared it to dead.  Her mom was so sad and went off to bury it by herself in the pasture.  They have lots of animals buried in the pasture.


Michie begins to think about parents waking up in the morning, packing their bags and getting ready to fly out.


Holly’s parents might, but they might have to come out earlier as it takes so long, no direct flights. It’s why they don’t fly out much.  The plane only has 1 or 2 seats on each side and the turbulence is terrible.


Nicole says her planes were also small and she got on and said ‘This is how I die...”


Holly says some planes have open cockpits and you can see them.  Some have just got their licenses, ‘youngsters’ flying the plane and she’s been in mid-air when alarms are going off.  The pilot reached out to get the manual to figure out why alarms are going off and everyone on the plane can see him going through the book!



10:45 pm BBT

Holly and Michie are back in the patio area outside. Nicole talks about sending everyone Christmas cards.  “Seasons Greetings to everybody”.  


They discuss different religions and how everyone has the right to practice the way they want.  Nicole says she would be happy to receive any type of card at Christmas.  


Michie thinks every one has the right to practice their own religion and not put them down for what they believe.  He does say Merry Christmas and practices Christmas.


Nicole talks about people who get mad in stores when you say “Merry Christmas”.


They begin to talk about how Jess wanted to get all the men out of the house. It has nothing to with race, age, gender, it has nothing to do with it.  [I think Michie has forgotten some racial slurs he made against others in the house because of their race - Nana]


Michie spilled some of his drink.  He says sorry to Spencer (producer?). Nicole goes to check the laundry.  He thinks they might be asleep when the show is beginning to go on as their sleep is all backwards.


Nicole is still looking for her lost black shorts, Holly tells her to go dump it out on the bed.


Talk turns to whether an RV is an airstreem or a Winnebago.


Nicole goes into the house.


Michie”. “What have we got, three days?”  Holly says yes.  


Michie: ‘She’s already campaigned to me a couple of times.  She told Michie she would campaign for Michei to win if she was sitting next to him.  Holly asks when did she say that?  Michie says ‘when you were in the shower”.


Michie laughs and says she’s never campaigned to me yet and Holly gets upset and tells him “it’s not funny”.

Michie:  “So weird.  I think I’ll be effected after this as there won’t be any cameras but feeling like there people watching them all the time.  Holly says and the people in the walls - creepy.


Michie:  “We are going to make history , Holly.  I don’t think a showmance has ever made it to the end.”  Holly agrees. Michie is excited for Wednesday to get here.   He wants the last HOH so bad and it will mean he has won every single HOH he could compete in since day 58.

Nicole still can’t find her black shorts.  Michie says “that’s infuriating’.  She was bragging how much she loves those shorts so Holly will go look in her clean laundry.


Nicole:  “I’m SO confused”


Holly:  Do you like the black pants that are like joggers?   Nicole asks if they want to try them (not sure Holly or Michie)

11:30 pm BBT

Nicole continues to go through the house looking for her shorts and taking things from one room to another.  She brings out several snacks to the BY to share.

Holly wants Michie to try on some pants and he says later.  Holly wants him to do it now.  “Instant gratification”, Holly says in a baby voice.  Nicole asks if they are cold - do they need any blankets?


Holly talks about people finishing her snacks and putting them back in the basket empty.  She wants to know who ate her ice cream.  Michie says do you want to let some secrets out??


Nicole said she doen’st lie about much, she does work at a preschool but she didn’t go to school for child study she went for English. Her dream is to be a high school teacher or a professor.  This explains why she is so quirky.  She didn’t want people to think she’s smart.  Holly and Nicole discuss Nicole’s studies and where she has taught school.  Nicole tells them she was the top of her class in high shcool and college and gave speeches in both.


Michie asks how she did on her ACT tests, she said she did very well.  She doesn’t remember her score.


Michie and Holly both took the ACT test and both got 30 (Michie got 29.4, technically).Michie says he never had homework, hated it.  He wrote his  law thesis while suffering in college.  Took the L-STATS, didn't study for them but did fairly well.  He never went to class until he needed to.  Not out of arrogance or he would either be sleeping or at the library, he never bought a book either.  He hates wasting time and it didn’t make sense for him to go to a gen ed in geology 101 (has to take for classes) when he also has to be in 400 level law classes he needs to study for and writing papers for when the gen eds and classes that didn’t matter he would skip and went to important classes.  He did get good grades in the gen ed classes.

Michie talks about sitting around talking with others in the game isn’t really wasting time as they learned about others.  He hates wasting time as you can’t get them back.  He wants to go on trips, meet people, see things - cause you’ll never get it back.


Nicole says she attended all her classes as she didn’t want to miss anything.  She went straight from high school into a 4 year college and became burned out.  “She’s stuck and didn’t know what she wanted to do”

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12:00a.m BBT (technically Monday)

Michie goes back into the house.


Holly talks about her college experience and says she was one of the only out of state kids.  Most leave and work in the city  in sales and she does want to own a business.  Went to work, living in the city, living in a high raise overlooking the bay - and she HATED it.


Nicole is good at her job and loves the kids more than she could ever express but not for her forever. It’s the scariest thing.

Holly says we have one life but we can have multiple careers.  She’s been a safari guide for 6 years but she needs to take a leap of faith ...When she was working in tech sales, she financially was OK.

Michei comes back out into the BY and brings blankets.  Michie asks if he came across as smart at all.  They said yes.  Michie says he threw the comp to Jack because he had just won Camp Director and then win the first mental comp.  Nicole says she didn’t throw it but turned the answer to red and put her head down.


Nicole says Michie got her for awhile as they are very similar.  Holly says because of her car accident, her memory was more difficult.  Holly says memory is hard for her, but she’s plenty smart.  Michie says his memory is shot from all the concussion playing sports.


12:15 pm BBT

Holly is talking about riding a colt that was completely trained and would be it’s first ride out.  She bucked Holly off HARD and she landed on her face.  Her dad told her to go get Gabrielle, got on a different horse - she is pretty sure she broke her nose that day.


Recalling certain things (memory) is hard and frustrating for her.  Visual memory she is great at.


Nicole:  “There are a lot of smart people on this cast”. Holly agrees.  Nicole really thought she had Holly beat in the comp.Nicole says she gets anxiety but she is a great test taker.  They all continue to talk about tests and Michie wishes he had gone through school with the mind set he has now - no hesitation, no fear, just go.


Nicole:  “Everything happens for a reason, I’m even learning now. What happened yesterday, it really scared me.  It’s not worth it to work yourself up over things like that.  It’s not worth it.to put pressure on yourself.  With only two of them in the game, it was more pressure than if there had been 10 in the comp.  She felt she had to beat Holly or she was stupid...it freaked her out.”


Michie said it’s how he felt before this, he almost bit the dust and he was 23 (24 now).


Holly says when she was 21 in summer school, she had to drop out and go to Wyoming because of anxiety. Nicole tells her it’s very real.  Holly describes panic attacks.  Holly has always wanted to write a novel but writes two chapters and stops.


Nicole loves to edit, being an English major.  Michie is being very quiet...



12;30 pm BBT

The girls continue to talk about what they want to do in the future - Nicole felt stuck, stagnant when she came to play the game.  She never understood she was the different one of the three sisters. They knew exactly what they wanted to do.  She didn’t - but liked English.  Nicole never understood why she was different than her sisters, but wanted to go on Big Brother and her family supported her i her decision.  She feels this process, amazingly enough, I need the experience and people who she has leaned on. - she needs to get away from this and be with those she doesn’t know with new experiences.  “This journey has made me love myself and it was a point I never thought I would get to this place”.  


(The camera keeps going to Michie and blurring his face)


Nicole continues saying it’s ok to be quirky and wear colorful clothes and be herself.  She hadn’t known this experience would change her so much.


Holly tells her ‘we’re very similar, I was much like you at age 24.  She says Tommy asked her how it has changed her and she says it has because she had self hate and struggled with self worth.  She has gotten a grip on it much more since turning 30.  Holly says through her 20’s there were lots of transformations and finding herself.  She was the black sheep of three sisters.  Her sister always knew she wanted to teach in a one room school or a small school and get married.  They are very different but her sister is insanely supportive of Holly.  Her other sister is taking over her parents ranch.  They all got scholarships, her sisters a full ride but Holly didn’t because she went to college out of state.


Holly says she never knew what she wanted to do.


12:25 pm BBT

Nicole is still talking about wondering why she was always different than her sisters.  Applying and being accepted to BB forced her to stretch herself further.  She realizes if she applies for a job and they say ‘no’ “It’s OK”.  

[Michie seems to be staring atthe memory wall...Nana]


Nicole says if she did her best, it’s OK.  Holly tells her fear of failure is paralyzing.  Holly struggles to overcome her fear.  She lost a friend in a car accident only a couple of months after her own car accident and she wonders why did she live and her friend didn’t.  She was 16 at the time and her friend was so confident.  Holly says she wasn’t confident and was scared and low self esteem. She was teased for being scrawny and bullied her in school. There was sexual harrassment.  [This seems to make it more clear why she allows Michie to bully her - Nana]


AS Holly has gotten older she sees she needs to live and not waste her life.  But she put so much pressure on herself, she fears failing.  Holly lists several objectives she wants to achieve but still hasn’t done any of them.  Holly says she knows her first goal when she leaves the BB house and she is going to do it. [Doesn’t say what - at least that I heard - Nana]


Holly and Nicole continue to share their struggles in self confidence and finding a goal and succeeding.  Michie seems to be ignoring them but when Holly says she got more and more of a target on her back Michie says “because of me?”  He says he meant it as a joke but Holly says as part of a showmance it put a target on her.  


Holly really wishes they could see the scores from certain things [possible testing before coming into the house? - Nana]

I was told they were really really good.  She asked if they could tell her and they said it was near genius level.


Nicole thinks she is quirky because English professors can be different.  Holly wishes her one sister could fly out as she thinks she and Nicole would get along really well.  Her sister is about to turn 34.  Holly laughs at a joke her sister always tells.


Holly tells Michie “You always tell me I’m a child”.


Nicole tells them she is very impressed with both of them.  Holly says they feel the same about her.


12:50 pm BBT

General conversation about the comps.  Michie is still quiet.  Nicole tells Holly she underestimated her in many comps.


Holly tells Michie “Don't grind your teeth!”


The girls  continue discussing HG. Nicole talks about the way Jess talked to her and not trusting her.


Nicole:  “In the grand scheme of things, this IS a game”.


Michie walks back into the house.


Nicole:  “Seriously HOlly you should argue, if and when you are at the end, make sure you advocate for yourself.  I think a lot of people on the jury are sleeping/keeping (?)  on you.


Holly:  “It worries the heck out of me if I’m am standing next to Jackson because he has blown everybody out of the water.”

Nicole:  “I know.  And I guess I am kind of biased as the other option is me.  I can sincerely argue that against each other it could be a toss up depending on which way the jury...  It could be ‘he bulldozed, he won so many things, she IS with him, she rode his coattails, she is behind him.”


Holly:  “And that’s exactly what I’m afraid of”


Nicole::  “Whereas if next to me I think it would be ‘wow’, look at the accolades Holly, she really pulled out all the stops toward the end...”

Holly:  “You and I both... accolades, you pulled out a lot at the end too”

Nicole: “I think just the fact that you adhere to a deal...”


[Night all - I’m out - Nana]





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