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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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6:00AM BBT The house guests are up, getting ready to do a memorial service for 9/11.  Everyone is wearing either a red, white or blue shirt. 



6:11AM BBT The HG sing the Star Spangled Banner.  Then they sit down to talk about where they were when 9/11 happened.

Tommy says he was in 6th grade.  He went home and didn't understand what was going on.  He started digging a hole in the back yard in case he needed to live in it.

Cliff was on his way to work listening to news radio.  He heard the news on the radio.  He went to work and decided to try to be as normal as possible, they didn't have a tv at work but they were listening on the radio.  He said they listened as they heard about people falling out of windows and the buildings falling down.  They knew we would go to war.  He says once he saw the news and heard President Bush say there would be payback for this, it felt good.

Nicole was in first grade.  She didn't know what was going on.  Everyone was being picked up early from school.  She knew she felt hate and fear.

Holley was in Jr High at the orthodontist office.  Holly was wearing a NY shirt having to do w/ a tour in NY with her dance team.  She didn't understand why classes were ending once she got to school. 

Jackson looks super bored while Holly tells her story of when 9/11 happened.

Jackson was in 1st grade.  His dad picked him up from school right when the first tower fell. 



Nicole prays as they all hold hands around the table.


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10:15 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Feeds 1/2 are on Nicole in the RV, still in bed, lights are on.  Feeds 3/4 are of the HOH room, still dark.  Feeds switch to Cliff, who is up in the TBR.  He leaves and goes to get something out of his suitcase in the room outside the RV.  Tommy is in bed in the Camp Comeback/Have-Not room. Cliff goes into the RV to say good morning to Nicole, then heads to the WA/WC.  Tommy is awake and staring into space in bed.  HOH still dark with Jackson and Holly in bed.

Holly gets up and turns on the light, while Jackson rolls over and stays in bed.

10:28 AM BBT  BB says "You are one day closer to 500 thousand dollars".  Tommy smiled and said wow.  Cliff is in the shower.

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10:29AM BBT Right before Cliff turns on his shower water and as Tommy's still laying in the bed in the HN room, BB says over the speaker throughout the house, "You're one day closer to five. hundred. thousand. dollars."

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10:30 AM BBT  We get FoTH again. (maybe since Cliff is the only one up?)

10:32 AM BBT  Tommy comes down from upstairs, goes to the WA.  Says good morning to Cliff, and asks if he heard BB call Tommy to the DR?  Cliff said yes.  They discuss how they are both tired, and went back to sleep after their 9?11 tribute. Tommy said it took him a while to fall back to sleep.  FoTH again.

10:35 AM BBT  Nicole is up and in the KT, Holly is putting on her make up in the HOH room.  Nicole goes to the W.  She talks to Cliff who is in the shower.  Cliff asks what BB said earlier, Nicole explains it was "You are one day closer to 500.thousand.dollars"  Nicole said she screamed.  Nicole hopes she gets to shower before being called to the DR.  She asks Cliff if he wants some tea, he declines, then she heads to the KT. 

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11:10 AM BBT  Tommy and Nicole at the KT table, playing with the eggs.  Cliff just finished his cereal.  Tommy said he is about to revisit the origami.  Jackson is in bed in the HOH, staring up at the ceiling.  Holly is downstairs outside the RV room, getting ready for the day.   No game talk going on, just chatter.

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11:45 AM BBT  Tommy and Nicole are finished with their origami penguins.  Jackson asks Tommy to play chess, so they head upstairs.  Nicole goes to the WA, where Cliff has been sitting, going over days in his head.  They do some jedi training on days, what happened first, who went out when, etc.  Nicole noticed the house is so much quieter without Jess, and that Christie was aggressive.  There is a little game talk, but it is a lot of whispering.  Cliff decides to go upstairs and coach the chess game, to keep the guys talking game to a minimum.  Nicole says she might join them, she stays in the WA just staring, or deep in thought.

11:49 AM BBT  There hasn't been any talking at the chess game, there wasn't any before Cliff got there, either. 

11:55 AM BBT  Cliff gets called to the DR.  Tommy and Jackson are still playing chess, Tommy is berating himself for being so bad at it.  Holly goes to the WA and talks with Nicole about taking showers and washing her hair.  Nicole wanted to take a hot shower because she is so cold, but is afraid she will get called to the DR and her hair will be wet.  Holly offers to help her with her hair and dry shampoo.  Jackson comes downstairs. picks up Holly in a big hug.  Nicole says she has a problem with this salon, she is supposed to be having her hair done!  Jackson says sorry, his to girls.  Nicole laughs because he said it right into Holly's "bosoms".  They laugh.  Holly goes back to doing Nicole's hair.  They are going to do space buns, trying to decide the best way to do them.  Tommy comes in, and gives suggestions on the hair.  Nicole keeps apologizing for her hair being greasy.  Jackson wants to play chess some more, he complains how bored he is.  Holly laughs at how Nicole's hair looks, Tommy says she looks like Polly Pocket.  They continue to work on Nicole's hair.  Holly said her extensions are showing because she did her hair so fast this morning.  Nicole doesn't understand how Holly can do her hair like that.

12:06 BBT  FoTH. 

Back, still doing hair, Jackson and Tommy are watching in the WA.  Jackson keeps talking about production, so we get FoTH more. 

HGs are talking about their dreams.


( I am out for a while)

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3:11 PM BBT

The Houseguests are dealing with their boredom the best they can. Cliff and Michie begin playing chess in the HOHR.

Nicole appears to have fallen asleep on the HOH bed while listening to the Backstreet Boys.

Holly is in the kitchen looking through their food offerings, probably beginning to plan for dinner.

I think Tommy is in the DR

Earlier Tommy mentioned that he is looking forward to shaving tomorrow. Since he allowed his scruff to grow out this week, production now wants him to keep it until tomorrow for continuity in case they need to refilm something.

Cliff- it's such a cool game

Michie- what was that?

Cliff- chess....it's such a cool game. To think that someone thought all of this up with pieces that move in different ways

Michie- yep


3:24 PM BBT

Holly begins peeling potatoes, but her technique worries me. She gets really close to cutting her fingers.


3:26 PM BBT

Tommy comes out of the DR and asks Holly what she is doing.

Holly- I'm making a potato casserole

Tommy- nice, can I help

Holly- well, it's my campaign casserole

Tommy laughs then suggests that after they campaign that they just hug and spend time together


Tommy- I promise you that everything I do will be clean.

Holly- same......same

Tommy- I love you, and we made it to fucking five. 

Holly- yeah

Tommy- we've got to do what we got to do. I love you I am obsessed with you. I promise to respect you and your game as well. 

They hug and Holly begins crying. Tommy gets teary, too.

Holly- I hate this and it sucks that I am against you. I don't want to get backdoored on Jackson's HoH and let that be my legacy

Tommy- Hey, don't go there yet

Holly- the fact that this is Jackson's HoH is killing me......I want to make my family and friends proud, but what the fuck have I done to make them proud. I'm failing at comps and getting the wool pulled over my eyes. I'm a fucking idiot. I'm so stupid.

Tommy- what are you...I don't know....I don't feel confident at all

Holly- we have nothing else to do and I don't sleep ever so every scenario...I just run around. Either way, it's you or me

Tommy- I know. I wish we could go back to the beginning knowing what I know now and start over

Nicole paces through, "Aw! I love you guys"

Holly- if I could play the whole thing over again, I would




Tommy I'm excited! This is going to be great

Holly- cheesy and potatoes

Tommy- you've been talking about making this

Holly- we have literally no dinner meat....most was thrown out. It spoiled. I went to get the pork chops but they were thrown out.

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3:40 PM BBT

Michie was called to the DR

Cliff- well, do your DR and then they will probably call me

Michie passes through the kitchen

Michie- don't burn the house down while I'm gone

Holly- did you win

Michie- chess? yes

Tommy- nice! You're on fire

Michie- what ya makin'?

Holly- potato casserole

Michie- woo hoo! Get it girl





Nicole heads up to talk with Cliff in the HOHR

Cliff looks at Nicole then says, "I'll wait until he goes downstairs"

Nicole- mmhmm

Cliff- what's going on? Anything new?

Nicole- well, Holly was really crying  to Tommy but I don't know if it's life stuff or...

Cliff- I've got one thing that worries me and I don't know how to get around it.

Nicole- sure

Cliff- Tommy has agreed to throw the HOH to us ....What if he and Michie have an agreement to protect each other if Holly goes home so that it would be the final 4 and what if the agreement is that if Tommy wins he sends one of use home and if Michie wins he sends one of us home. they then have no threat to each other. I don't know how you get around that

Nicole- See my whole argument is I see that but that "maybe" doesn't scare me as much as the showmance "definite"...like, if Tommy wins it and they agree to send one of us home, it can still be maneuvered. If Holly were to win it, it's a done deal

Cliff- and I'm just being devil's advocate. 

Cliff- it probably comes down to us telling Tommy that he guns for it and goes after Michie

Nicole- have you talked with Michie about it

Cliff- no...they think you are more siding with Tommy and I am siding with them

Nicole- it's tough because you are maybe better off with Holly and Michie and I'm looking at it from the odds standpoint that if Tommy were to turn on us....I don't want one of us to convince the other to go a certain way and something like that happens

Cliff- I'd rather have a chance at the whole thing and we made an alliance a long time ago.

Nicole- I would feel really bad if Tommy sends you out

Cliff- we have to decide on between the two of us

Nicole- Tommy swears he is gunning for that veto and he said Michie is his white whale that he wants to get out...but then again he said he wasn't going to put him up...I feel like this is till happening...they had a final 4 with Christie and Tommy. 

Cliff- and that could be. I'm not basing this on an agreement we had with Michie and Holly. We are at a certain stage in this game and you did a lot to save them...but we have to do what is best for our game....what happens if either of us make it or both of us make it

Tommy comes in

Tommy- are you up for a little campaign

Cliff- yeah, do you want to do it together

Tommy- yeah
3:49 PM BBT

Cliff- Nicole and I have already talked and we are voting together

Nicole- yep  2-0

Tommy- I admire and love you both...I would love to stay in this game and want to work with both of you and I'm on the same page. I would be fighting for theat veto. I want to be here and I need to give incentive and that's what I will offer: I have never thrown a competition and I don't take it lightly, but I want to be here and that's what I can offer...Not only can I be a number for you, I also would be willing to throw the HoH as a way to show you that I trust you both. That's my way of showing you that I do trust you. I have never gone against my word. If I do wind up in the end of this game, I would want to be here with you.

Cliff- I love Michie and Holly but Michie is gonna beat us in a jury vote

Nicole- Christie even said she would vote for him....even personal disputes aside, people admire that he is a beast. He is amazing

Tommy then tells them that when he came in to the house he met 14 new people, that he already knew Christie. He tells them that when Christie referred to her ex, she was talking about his aunt

Michie comes in and interrupts their conversation then asks to have his room back so Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy head to the Have-Not room but the feeds then cut to Holly in the kitchen then back to have-not room

Tommy- Christie says she lost herself in the house and I can see that myself. I am happy to still be here and I want to play this game. I am an open, honest, loyal person.

Nicole- if I can chime in, yes...you view people as pairs but I always viewed you as an individual. You have always played your own game

Cliff- and we have talked before....I intentionally left you and Christie alone because I always respected your game. I never looked at the two of y'all as partners like I did the showmances

Tommy- I appreciate that....I told Michie and Holly a few days ago. I told them both because they were talking about her a lot and it was hard for me to sit and listen to. I didn't know she was people's target until she left...but now I see it. I don't know what my family thinks because they had broken up. My biggest thing is that they are not okay...I'm worried about what is happening on the outside because of this messy situation. I was worried that Michie and Holly would tell you and use it against me

Cliff- they said there was something you may tell us but no details

Tommy- I'm in a weird position and I fell honesty is the best policy...I'm still here and I want to fight. I want to do this with you guys. 

Cliff- as far as the relationship goes, without getting in to details there was once upon a time a question as to whether you and Christie may have known each other  *feeds cut to kitchen where Holly is cooking

Holly- I thought they were done

Michie watches her from the treehouse landing





Holly and Michie head in to the HOHR and feeds pop back to the Have Not room where Tommy is quite emotional

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4:02PM BBT  Tommy refers to the "incident in the backyard" (where the speaker was used to out Christie and Tommy's relationship to Cliff and Nicole who were in the back yard and heard it with Tommy) before the cameras QUICKLY cut away.  Production told houseguests something to minimize or ignore this event and what they learned about Christie and Tommy, but proof that they did hear and understand it has popped up on the feeds occasionally, and this is another example.

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4:04 PM BBT

Holly- I really hope this backfires for him. I don't know how he could spin it for them but he spun it to us as Christie was the scapegoat How many things can she take the fall for? 

Michie- he told us he was going after CLiff and Nicole. You need to tell them what he said about the people in the middle

Holly- was that the same day?

Michie- yep! Same conversation




Holly says I don't want to meet Julie wearing (the nail polish she has on)

Michie- you are not meeting Julie....don't say that

Holly then sends Michie to the DR to request some chicken for dinner

4:30 PM BBT

Cliff asks Tommy in the kitchen if he thinks Christie told the jury house about their secret

Tommy- no, I don't think so. I think she respects my game too much

Holly walks in and Tommy yells to her, "They know I know Christie"

Holly- we always say what a tangled web we weave, but I didn't know how much

When Holly left the HOHR and headed to the kitchen the camera zoomed in on Michie and he yelled at production

Michie- Dude, No...Why?...... Why are you right in my face?    [because your girl is about to be evicted  -MamaLong]




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6:07 PM BBT


Holly has been campaigning (aka begging) Nicole since 5:30 PM. There have been a lot of tears, as Holly "pathetically, would rather go home 4th than fifth on Michie's HoH", Holly's only argument is that Tommy will win jury by a landslide and she is terrible at competitions and wants to fight for all the girls like her who had low self esteem and self confidence to show that they can be somebody.

Nicole- don't sell yourself short  [Nicole is not buying her pity party]

Nicole told Holly she has not made a decision and won't until she talks with Cliff. She needs to weigh out what is best for her game. Nicole also repeated that She and Cliff will vote together.




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6:39 PM BBT

Holly is now campaigning to Cliff that she just wants "to fight for girls who, like her, have little self worth ....to know that ordinary can become extraordinary"

Michie knocks on the door and opens it

Holly- what?.....what?  (snippy tone)

Michie to Cliff- Cliff would it be okay if I play Tommy    (they were in the middle of a game)

Cliff- yeah, go for it

Michie leaves


Cliff finally gets the opportunity to respond- I feel like I am leaning one way and Nicole is leaning another way

Holly- I know

Cliff- I feel like I am guaranteed a final 3 with you and Michie. I've always said I will play what is m=best for my game. The thing that worries me, on the one hand I know he is a competitor in all aspects and that scares me, on the other side I am the third wheel with you and Michie. You take him and he takes you.

Holly- I don't know what he would do in that situation to be completely honest. It would be easier to win against me, but I know how he functions. I know him enough to know that he wants....I mean we have never made an alliance of our own or  a final two. I have expressed in the game that I would vote against him. We have always been transparent that game is game. I am also being very realistic because moving forward we walk out of these doors in two weeks and the reality of the real world...I don't know what's going to happen I don't want to base decisions on something that...I mean it's not like we are going to be Bayleigh and Swaggy and have a ring on my finger.

I know that for Michie and I on a personal level....this is coming to an end.

Honestly, I know it sounds so cheap...that I would be happy with 4...but, I really would though. But, I just cannot live with going out this way. And, as much as I love Tommy, personally, as much as I love him, I don't want to go out before him. But, that does nothing for you.

Cliff- no, but you are pointing out that he scares me...he is strong.

Michie comes in to the HOHR again- you know that casserole has been in the oven for two hours

Holly- oh shit

Michie- do you want me to take it out

Holly- yes, please. Honestly, I forgot about it.

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8:00 PM BBT

Cliff and Nicole talk about the vote. Cliff rehashes everything Holly told him and Nicole rehashes all Holly said to her.

They both agree the best thing to do is to evict Holly. They will tell her tomorrow that's the way they are leaning.

Cliff- we both benefit going one way over the other

Nicole- I agree with that...I kind of feel bad being so straightforward with her, but I don't want to be phony.

Cliff- we need to go in there, I guess

Nicole- I want to go shower but I know Michie is in there and he will want to talk to me

Cliff- well, you've got to talk to him sometime

8:20 PM BBT

Michie and Nicole are playing chess in the treehouse



[I'm out for the night. I'll post an update in the morning  -MamaLong]

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2 hours ago, MamaLong said:

[I'm out for the night. I'll post an update in the morning  -MamaLong]


Out for the night?  Damn these school nights and homework :furious:


Hopefully someone can stay up late and post some coverage.

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9pm BB- 10:30pm


No real game talk in the house tonight.


Earlier Cliff and Nicole agreed that keeping Tommy would be a good game move. 


Holly has been visibly upset while packing.  


Jackson has been silent until about 10:30 when he asked if someone wanted to play chess.  Cliff agreed to play.  They fed the fish.  



Holly and Nicole are in the HOH room.  Holly is pitching to Nicole again, telling her that it is possible that if she (Holly) stays, Nicole will probably be in the final three.  She does not make that guarantee towards Cliff.  She insists that they (Holly and Jackson) separate game and personal, and they have always done that.  Holly seems to be stumbling around as if it is difficult to put her thoughts together, she uses words over and over, "Don't assume anything."  "We keep our game and personal separate",  and "I don't know for sure, but.".


Nicole leaves the room after promising to talk to Cliff again.

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Jackson has come to the HOH room to talk to Holly.  Holly repeats some of the conversation to Jackson.


Jackson say he is upset that he is angry that they are even thinking of not being loyal, and as far as he is concerned, stabbing them in the back now is not a problem.


Holly agrees.


Meanwhile Cliff and NIcole are talking about Holly and Jackson trying to make them feel guilty.  Neither of them decide to make any changes to their vote.



Jackson and Holly see Cliff pass by the HOH room, and are upset because he does not stop, but continues on to the Have Not room.  Jackson says if they go in there he is going to eavesdrop.


Less than a minute later Jackson decides to go to the Have Not room to talk to Cliff.  Cliff tells Jackson that Nicole is coming up later because they have not had time to talk and decide what they are going to do.


Jackson says it hurts because since they shook hands they have kept to the deal with Cliff and Nicole.  Jackson is berating Cliff (in a sly way).  Cliff says he understands that Jackson is upset with him.  Jackson insists that three days ago Cliff had a deal with them.  Cliff tells him that other scenarios have been presented to him.  Jackson says they shook hands and now Cliff is not keeping his word.  Cliff tells him that keeping Holly will ensure that he is in the final three, but it will be with Jackson and Holly.  At that point Cliff says he would be the third wheel, since Jackson and Holly will take each other.  Cliff explains that by not taking Holly past this week the third wheel position for himself is eliminated.  He says this is a hard decision for him.  Jackson tells Cliff that this is a slap in the face, Cliff tells him this is not personal.  Jackson continues to berate Cliff (more obvious now).


Meanwhile Tommy and Nicole are talking in the rv bedroom.



Jackson continues to rant at Cliff, Cliff keeps his calm.  He tells Jackson that he understands, but whatever the vote is, it needs to be 2-0, not 1-1.  Cliff tells Jackson things have not been determined, and will not be until he discusses it further with Nicole.  Cliff tells Jackson that he is concerned about being dropped before the final 3, but Jackson insists Cliff will be in the final three.  Cliff counters with the fact that someone will be left out of that because of the connection between Jackson and Holly.  Jackson says Tommy is a coin toss, and why would he want to go against Tommy in the HOH.  Cliff tells him he has no concern about the HOH, he is worried about the VETO.  Cliff tells Jackson that he needs to come to a final decision.  


Jackson tries another way to win Cliff, he decides to compliment Cliff on his game, morals, family, and his intelligence.





Cliff presents a scenario where the two people on the block are Holly and himself.  Jackson insists he wouldn't take the easy road at the final two.  Jackson tells Cliff he found out about a final four deal between Holly, Christie, Tommy and Sis, and for that reason he put Christie and Sis on the block. (Holly told him to tell Cliff this a few minutes ago in the HOH).


Jackson goes back to low-key berating.  Cliff continues to divert by comparing his own feelings to those of Jackson). Jackson informs Cliff that by keeping Tommy the final three between Nicole, Cliff and Tommy will be jeopardized.(thinly veiled threat).


Cliff agrees to talk to Nicole again. (He low key indicates that the concerns about keeping Holly stem from Nicole, not him--Grannysue)



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