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Sunday, August 18, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:23 AM BBT    RV Bedroom     Sis, Christie, Jess

Sis is at it again... She begins climbing on furniture to get the attention of the cameras to beg the live feeders for help 

Sis is on a chair waving her arms...."Hey"...."do you see me"..."pssst"......."hey"

Production- no climbing

Sis looks to the other camera trying to figure out which one is watching her, "Okay, I guess I'll go to that one"

Jess- yeah

She heads to the camera above Jess' bed.

Sis- Hey....you!  Hey, America I've been so good.  Please give us the ghost power. Please! Please!  Give us a power, America. I beg you. Please give us a power! I've been so good! (you can hear Jess laughing and repeating "give us a power" and Christie saying "I love you Sis" in the background) Please, I've been so good....I love you America! Please give us something. Please let something cool happen. Me and Christie are still on the block. Let some activate power happen or get us off the block. Please! I love you! Bye!

Christie- I love how you go "bye" (and waves hand) but it was out of the shot

Jess- I love you guys

Christie hugs Sis- my one true showmance







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12:38 AM BBT

Nicole just got undressed and washed her face and brushed her teeth. She is now ready for bed.

Production- Nicole, please go to the DIary Room downstairs

Nicole- Oh Gosh. Okay Big Brother.

Nicole delivers Michie's laundry upstairs by setting it outside the HoH door she then starts getting ready for DR

Nick comes out of the DR and asks "where is everybody...the lights are off in the Target Room...is everyone sleeping"

Nicole- maybe, I just got called to DR

Michie opens the HoH door and yells "Nicole...you're an angel. You are so sweet" (he likely saw her on spy cam)

Back downstairs, Nicole heads to the bathroom to powder her face

Nick- I didn't know you wear makeup

Nicole- I don't want to be shiny

Nicole- Sorry Big Brother, I'm coming. I promise, Big Brother.

Nick finishes brushing his teeth

Nicole- Oh my God. I'm coming Big Brother. I'm so sorry

Nicole is talking to herself...I just got undressed. Now I am getting dressed again  "sorry Big Brother"

In the HoH Room Holly and Michie are talking

Michie- we don't deserve her (Nicole)

Holly- we don't

Michie begins speaking with an accent quoting dialogue from The Dark Knight Rises using Bane's voice [sounds more like Gollum to me, though -MamaLong]

"We are not worthy...... the city of Gotham will be returned to the people..... you were raised in the darkness, I was born in it"

Production- Please do not quote dialogue from movies

Michie- you are absolutely right, I apologize...He continues with same voice as he cuddles Holly, "My name is Bullwinkle. I've come to pillage and plunder your city"

Holly sighs loudly....Michie continues "violently"

Holly- okay

Michie- do not have fear....I will be gently

Holly yawns loudly..."you're weird"

Michie notices Tommy and Nick on the couch in the living room through spy cam,  "Look at Tommy and Nick; they are cuddling"



1:00 AM BBT  RV Bedroom Tommy, SIs, and Christie are snacking on lunch meat while Nicole watches. 

Sis- let's get another glass of wine

Nicole- there isn't any left. We haven't been restocked

Sis- I knew I hated this restaurant

Nicole giggles

Christie and Sis have the worst eating manners and Nicole watches as they drop pieces on the bed then pick them up and eat

Christie- how's the turkey? good?

They offer Nicole some

Nicole- no, I had PB&J and chocolate milk

Tommy- it's good

Christie- I drop it on the bed and

Nicole- you eat it anyway

Sis- Nicole is so disgusted. Look at her face

Christie- I'm just ingesting it all. I love it

Nicole- yeah, yeah. Do it girl.

Christie- with the sweat and farts and dust.....I don't even care  (laughing)

Nicole- Day 1, I'm not going to let anyone sleep in my bed...fast forward Day 60, ham falls on bed and we eat it anyway

Sis to Christie- what would you do if I slapped you with a piece of ham right now?

Christie- what would you do if I slapped you with a piece of turkey?

Christie hits Sis in the face with a piece of meat...Tommy hits Sis in the cheek

Hysterically laughing

Tommy- do it to me

Nicole- I love it

Tommy hits Christie in the forehead with some "Ew, it's wet" then Sis grabs some and aims for Tommy

Christie- Do it!

Sis- you do it, I don't have the right angle

Christie slaps Tommy with a piece of turkey

Tommy- oh my God I love it

Nicole- oh my God (laughing)

Christie- 'I really slapped you hard....it broke"

They are all  laughing and snorting

Sis- the fact that we find slapping each other with fucking meat is entertainment (laughing)

Nicole- that's our entertainment

Sis- fake life

Tommy is screaming "FAKE LIFE"

Christie- we've lost it....I'm done

Nicole- Day 60 and we've gone crazy

Sis- this house does crazy things to you

Tommy- oh man, that was funny

Tommy mimics Sis with a silly voice-  this house does crazy things...

*feeds cut*



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1:18 AM BBT

Cliff hides in Sis and Christie's bed in the RV Bedroom to scare them

Nicole- and they aren't coming....when you get up they will come

They hear someone coming so Cliff throws the comforter over his head and hunkers down

Jess walks in....Cliff slowly lowers the comforter

Jess starts laughing....I love you Cliff

Nicole- I know but they're not coming

Jess- I'll go get them

Cliff- no, just whenever

Jess leaves

Cliff to Production- please turn off the lights

Nicole- oh that's a good point. Production, Cliff is trying to play a good prank on Sis and Christie...turn them out and then you can turn them right back on...Please, if you hear us we need the lights out in the RV

Cliff- Love and kisses Cliff and Nicole

They wait patiently. The lights do not go out...Cliff sighs


Sis and Christie announce in the kitchen that it's time to go lay down. They need their strength to sun tomorrow and manifest the ghost power.

Christie- I need my strength to hit that panic button   (Nick and Jess follow them)

On their way they stop and beg to the cameras (talking at the same time) Sis- we need that power. (Nick interjects with "Ghost power)...like, anything that could help; Christie-just anything. like Pandora's box....I will be the one to open it...I WILL open it;  please give us a ghost power I'll do whatever you want, take my prize money

Jess and Nick watch their desperate please

Jess- they are so cute [the word she was looking for was pathetic, but they are actually pretty funny  -MamaLong]

Cliff and Nicole are waiting quietly in the RV for them to come in; they hear them coming

They enter the RV and head straight to a camera for more begging

Christie- I promise you we will be so much fun....just anything

Sis- I'll give you really good content

They both blow kisses to the cameras then Sis turns around and pats Cliff while he is still hiding; he jumps

They are all laughing and having a good time

Cliff pulls something out from under the covers and throws some pants at Christie. He starts wiggling in the bed teasing that he is nude [it's good fun people, not nasty in the least...he has pants on] "Come on in", he says laughing

*girls are hysterical laughing*

Christie- oh my God, I hate him (laughing)

Jess- how did you know he was in there

Sis- because I saw him. I was going to hit harder thinking it could be a pillow

Christie- that's so fucking funny...that's another thing America. The prank wars have just started! 









1:41 AM BBT  Jess, Sis, Nicole, and Christie are ready to go to sleep

Christie- Production, this is Christie, Sis, Nicole and Jess in the RV and we are ready to go to bed. Please turn the lights off. We have had a hard day. We are still on the block, we lost the veto, and you trolled us with the music this morning

*the feeds cut*

[Friday night, SIs and Christie were talking to production begging them for good music. They made specific requests and there was mention of what NOT to play because they're Michie's favorites. Production actually played the songs they said NOT to play instead of the ones they requested. -MamaLong] When the feeds return...

Christie- They hate me. They are ready for me to go.

Jess- don't say that

The girls get quiet hoping for the lights to go out; everyone else is sleeping


1:45 AM BBT All the lights are out in the Big Brother house


4:57 AM BBT Cliff is up shuffling to the bathroom then back to bed


7:30 AM BBT Everyone is still sleeping and they will likely be allowed to sleep until at least 10:00 AM

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(Everyone still asleep on cam except Cliff)


10:23AM BBT Cliff in the hammock starting Cliff's notes.


10:24AM BBT He says it's day "39" before he gets to see his wife and kids again. He laments, "gosh, 61 days that I have not left this 100 yard by 50 yard or whatever...location" then makes an Addams family Lurch-style groan.


10:25AM BBT Cliff says tempers should come down a bit today, but in some ways it works better for him to have Sis still be mad at Michie and Holly because that's one less person who, if they win an HoH, will target him. They're all expecting Christie to go home this week unless there's a really weird twist.  He's fine with Christie going home.  After Christie, though, he says it gets tricky.


10:26AM BBT Cliff believes that Michie has a deal with Tommy even though he has denied it, and believes that if Tommy is HoH there will be a big target on Cliff's head.  For that reason, Cliff has considered making a detente deal with Tommy, but the problem is you can only make so many deals before you run out of options if you're HoH.


10:27AM BBT Plane overhead interrupts and Cliff pauses, sips coffee then says Blechhhh, cold coffee.  Commenting on the plane - "all those people going from somewhere to somewhere and I'm stuck here."


10:29AM BBT Cliff running down whether he's safe or on the block with each houseguest if they win HoH.


10:32AM BBT Tommy puts a premature end to Cliff's notes by coming out to the hammock.






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10:58AM BBT HoH lights off and still sleeping. 

Cliff telling Tommy in BY about all the countries he has been in. I suspect almost all for work. He talks about being in a gas station in Venezuela with guys from different countries and they all were the same. Talking about oil stuff and they all have families at home etc. 

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10:58 AM BBT

Tommy- How many?....Do you know how many countries you've been to?

Cliff- I've counted before but I forget. Let's see if I just start in the western hemisphere

North America, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Gabon, Nigeria, Angola, Africa, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, China, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia...Yeah, around 30 

 [At least 32 because he mentioned earlier this season that he traveled to Latvia  -MamaLong]

It's the way of the oil industry. I've worked with people from all over.



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12:47 PM BBT

Most of the HGs are enjoying the outdoors gathered around the outdoor sofas talking about pranks. Tommy is cooking in the kitchen.


Tommy talks to the cameras- Hi Everyone.....just making some eggs. Got game on the mind

1:14 PM BBT  Christie and Sis are talking alone in the RV Bedroom

Christie- This just hurts my heart so much. I want to talk to him but I should I include Holly, too

Sis- yeah, I think so...just in case she has any reservations


so sad.png

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1:17 PM BBT  A cicada flew in the back yard and apparently Nick and Michie swatted at it to kill it (just before camera moved to the following action)

Holly- well if you're gonna kill it, make sure it's dead. Is it dead?

No response from Michie but he goes to try and get Nick's flip flop to smash it good

Nicole- oh my gosh that's so sad

Holly to Michie- Is it dead?

Michie- I'm going

Nick runs away with his flip flop preventing Michie from having his death tool; Holly is getting frustrated and Nicole keeps repeating "that's so sad"

Michie- looking for something to use to smash it - thanks for making me feel like shit

Nicole- oh its wings are all messed up

Holly gets up frustrated and takes her shoe over to the bug; she takes care of business "it's dead"

Michie then gets distracted- "Tommy, how did you get to keep your laundry bag"

Holly- it was a female if you care...see all those eggs

Michie walks by without looking; clearly ignoring Holly

Holly shows Nicole and Tommy the remains of the locust

[Michie looks angry with Holly for making this a "thing", but I have to side with Holly and Nicole on this one -MamaLong]


1:30 PM BBT

Nick is giving all the houseguests Italian mafia names with an accent "We got Sissy Longstockings; Nicky Boom Box; Tommy Calamari; and Michie Millions

Christie- and his girl Holly Dollars (all with thick Italian accent)

Nick- "We got Murph the Smurf;  and Cliffy Three Fingers"

Nick- we need one for Jess

Christie- Jessie Jams

Tommy- you got to get their personality

Christie- the Black Widow Jess

Tommy- that's good....oh, man, that's funny

Christie- now Nicole...Nickie Birds

Tommy- she will hate that

Cliff- Nickie Birds

Tommy- I'm not into Sissy Longstockings 'cause she's not Italian

Nick- well Pippi Longstockings and Sissy Longstockings

Tommy- yeah, I know, but there is nothing about her that is long stockings; and Pippi is a redhead, she looks like the Wendy's girl. And Nicky Boombox is generic. We can do better

Christie- it should match our thing

Tommy- Michie Millions...it should be like Bullwinkle or something with balls....Sissy Pops

Christie- I like Nick the Twitch

Tommy- Nicole is like Nicky Wings

Nick- cause she hates birds.....

Tommy- For Michie it needs to be like Michie Moose or competition beast...(he begins talking about Michie's "assets"




1:42 PM BBT

Sis goes to the HoH Room to talk to Holly

Sis- Can we talk

Holly- yeah

Sis- Well, I've just been really hurt lately

Holly- Same

Sis explains that she feels blindsided because she had no idea that she was going on the block and she was hurt because she couldn't understand how his girlfriend wouldn't know what he was going to do and that it seemed fact. She goes on to say that she thought they were still working together

Holly- I felt awkward and insincere. I wanted to comfort you guys but it was Michie that just put you up. Like I felt I couldn't not go say something, but I felt it would come off phony

Sis- just awkward

Holly- I told him that I'll stand by whatever you do...he didn't tell me what he was doing

Sis delivers all the same things that she told Michie and they seem to be hashing things out


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2:41 PM BBT  Holly and Sis finally end their talk. They are back in good standing now with Jess and Nick as their potential targets for "being manipulative".

2:56 PM BBT

Sis and Christie get a prank idea to suck toothpaste up in Cliff's plastic cup straw. The sneak the straw out of the kitchen and into the bathroom while Cliff steps in the SR, but Christie accidentally breaks his straw

Christie- oh fuck I broke it, that sucks

Sis- let's find another one...is there a green one anywhere...they frantically search

Christie- oh, here's mine  They go running back to the bathroom and complete the prank then leave CLiff's cup back on the kitchen counter where he left it



Once the cup is back on the counter they decide it's too obvious so they abort mission and clean the straw

Christie- we will revisit later

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3:24 PM BBT

Nicole notices that Tommy's back is all scratched up

Tommy- What? It's still there?

Jess- What's real bad?

Nicole- his back

Tommy- maybe I scratched myself in the night really bad and maybe that's why

Nicole- and you have a little bit here, and a little bit here, and over here. Jess, what do you think? It looks like a rash

Jess- yeah, it looks like someone scratched the hell out of you...or bruises

Tommy- it doesn't hurt at all

They suggest he let the DR look at it


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4:05PM BBT

Robbie the buck sees that the straw prank is a go and waits for Cliff to fall for it.

Robbie sees.png


Sis explains to Christie that she spread it evenly throughout the straw so she hopes it's enough for him to taste


Christie- I'm just trying to figure out what to say...what my best approach is

Tommy- not here

Sis, Christie and Tommy head to the Target Room to devise a "save Christie" plan

4:08 PM BBT

Tommy- I think that...I think we get the gang back together Gr8ful

Sis- we have to have fucking Nick

Christie- we have to get Nick in or he won't vote to keep me

Tommy- Yeah, I think Nick should be in on it ..we pitch to them this buys them two more weeks, definitely; going into next week they are still a huge target but having an army protecting them guarantees them at least two weeks and so much can happen in two weeks; but the one thing is I don't want to promise them that we won't take a shot at them first; it sucks that you may have to promise both, but just try one first 

Sis- yeah you tell him you won't take a shot at him first because that's what he's scared of

Tommy- just tell him this buys us two more weeks and America will fucking love if we all come back together

Tommy leaves

Sis- I do think it's your best shot and I think you really could convince him

Christie- it's crazy because I am like dreading it. like, because I have to game now and it's annoying. Like I want to game. I am here to play. But it's like frustrating, like  I am making a deal with someone and I didn't really want to but he's got me by the balls now so I don't have a choice. I either give up or I sign a deal with someone that I didn't necessarily want to.



4:28 PM BBT

Time to make an offer. Christie talks with Michie and Holly in the HoH Room. She goes over how Tommy wanted to get them all back together and she really believed that after they got Kat or Cliff out, they would be working together. Then she got put on the block and it made her so angry. She loves Jess and believes everything she says

Michie- because she's Jess

Christie continues her pitch. "I was so angry. My intention of getting through the last week was A. pretend we were not working together B. keep my ass together because I was expecting a mental cop. I was Cliff's target so I took a deal from him. Going in to it you two were to go to because of the showmance. For me, it was like bandwagon, plus the fact we weren't working together." Christie tells them she had no intention of winning HoH because she thought she was in a good spot with everyone. She says Nick was the one who made the plan and she would rather be with him than against him because he is so good at this game. The only people she could have been worried about was the two of them but then they worked things out and they were going to be working together so she really had no concern. Christie pitches her "build an army" agenda to take them to 5 or 6 if they want to include Nick.


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After listening to Christie's pitch Michie explains his position about having to swallow his pride after things being made personal and then he found out about a deal that didn't include them or Jess. He then heard from the Have-Not room this and that "they don't have you they don't have Tommy...they don't do shit..". He says he heard about the deal and "heard that conversation and how she was so adamant to list everything we don't have and it was like after he offered an olive branch...it was like  fuck it, I am on my own.  So that messed up any peace treaty I might have had...I don't owe anyone anything any more....here I am with no one. I am on my own and I have to look out for my own. Who is my biggest threat between me and $500,00. You!" Michie goes on to say he put personal aside and he just played the move he thought was best.


Christie listens intently.


Christie- everything you have said you are 100% right. You didn't owe me a head's up. I think that's why I was able to congratulate you. So in terms of that

Michie- yeah and I spoke to Sis about that

Christie- she said she had a really good talk and understands now why she is on the block. Yeah, we were definitely fired up. And like now here's Jess and she could have won and so I just played that up, like aren't we all after Michie and Holly. That was that. 


Christie says she knows she is the target but she still wants to have a conversation because if there was by any chance a way for her to stay and have her strength somehow protect them until they got to 6 if including Nick, she has to try.

She continues that she is honest with her game moves and would not go back on her word. She is willing to make a deal and sign her name to it. She knows Michie is someone who wants to compete and so does she

Michie- yeah

Christie tells Michie that he comes before Nick in her book because Nick named four people he would keep over her. She says she has made peace with this and is accepting to go, but she loves this game (here come tears) and she wants to stay. People would love a comeback story but she respects if he does not see that being right for him.  She begins naming concerns with Nicole's ability, Nick's ability, Cliff's ability. "I would be willing to make any type deal, word, promise, bible, whatever. I do not lie in this game and it's probably what will get me in this game, but it is my truth. If it's something you guys can see a potential of reuniting....that would be a dream. I do believe in that. That's kinda all I got."


Michie- that night was just the straw that broke the camel's back

Christie- yeah, and I was given an opportunity to win it and I didn't

Michie- I knew there were no guarantees...no crystal ball. I knew that right then, right now. I am HoH and I may never get this shot again. We are allies to an extent but threats in the end.

Christie- that's why I don't blame you at all. That's the position you were in

Michie- in a corner with 6 guns pointed at me

Christie- I would have done the same thing. I don't know what the future holds. I'm being optimistic but realistic. If you could see coming out of this week, if you can foresee building an army around you for the next two weeks or whatever offer you have for me I will stand by it. Instead of thinking of my mental ability as a threat, think of it as a weapon and I will be proud to be given the chance to use it

Michie- you have gained so much more respect from me these past few days...the way you handle it. No matter what happens, I respect the hell out of you. On a personal level, you and I have squashed our issues and I hope you and I will be friends outside this house. And the only reason any of this has happened it's because of how good you are at this game. You didn't deserve to be blindsided. I wanted to respect you like that because you earned it.

Christie- you have gained my respect amplified tenfold

Michie- it's mutual

Christie- I love you guys

Michie- I love you Chris

Christie- if you want to talk or anything

Holly- you want to stay and talk with me

Michie leaves the two girls in the room while he goes downstairs



Holly and Christie begin crying with sentiments for each other.

There is lots of sniffing, snot, shaky voices.

Tommy comes in to shower

Christie- wow, your back is really scratched up

Tommy- do y'all need time

Christie- no, you know what's going on

He heads to the shower


[It seems that Michie basically just confirmed to Christie that she is his target and remains his target -MamaLong]


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7:52 PM BBT

The houseguests are enjoying dinner. Holly made chicken and watermelon salad  that they all say is really good.

They are proud that they are still eating family dinners together because Kaycee said they stopped super early last season.

Christie- we always do Taco Tuesday and at least one other dinner each week

Michie has the Snapchat glasses and has been taking pictures. Earlier Cliff referred to the HoH video as teh V-Log (vee-log) and was corrected by Sis and Nick telling him it's Vlog. They were laughing at him and mocking the way he said it.

Cliff- I didn't know, just thought it was Vee-Log  



Tommy made cookies for dessert.

8:00 PM BBT

Michie is called to the DR probably to return the Snapchat glasses. They take a picture using the mirror in front of the memory wall before he takes them back.


8:06 PM BBT

Christie tells Tommy that Michie talked to her earlier and told her he was happy that they had their talk. He then told her that Nicole was more dangerous than people think, so Christie is planning to suggest Michie take her off the block and put up Nicole.   [she really thinks she can make this happen]


Nick, Cliff, and Nicole are washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. Sis is getting her laundry ready to wash.



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8:51pm BB Time


Holly is with Jackson in the HOH room. Holly seems to be trying to get Jackson to put up someone other than Christie by using the veto.


Jackson insists he will not change his mind about this, he will hear them out, but he has no intention of changing his mind. He thinks Nick is good with all of them. Jackson says that he has been there for both Cliff and Nicole when the others have not. He says Jessica came up and shook his hand on a safety deal. Jackson believes they have more with Jessica than Sis and Tommy do.


Holy argues that Jessica has more with Sis than they think.


Jackson is still adamant that he will do no favors for them. He will not take anyone out for them or keep anyone for them. He seems to be getting agitated, while he goes over this with Holly (not at her, but at people in the house). Jackson says he will do only for himself or Holly in the house, he has nothing for any of the others. Jackson says the people in the house want to keep them (Jackson and Holly) in the house as targets.


Holly wonders if they do want to play with them (Holly and Jackson)


Jackson says if they do they can prove it after this week. He says these people have clearly expressed themselves where he is concerned.


Jackson mentions that this is the first time the other people have been in the house scared, but that Holly and he have been living like tht for three weeks.


Holly seems to be waffling between working with Sis and Tommy, then Cliff and Nicole.


They both agree that they want Nick out, but Jackson insists Christie is going first because he is not at the top of Nick's list.


Holly wants to be devils advocate, Jackson says her voice and opinion matters, but Christie is going for him more than Holly.

Holly mentions a deal with Christie, Jackson says he is not playing for fourth, he continues to say he will take this shot. Jackson says Cliff's word is good, they shook and Cliff won't go back on that.


Holly says she has been there for Nicole, she seems to think that had value if they choose to work with them (Cliff and Nicole).

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While Holly and Jackson are talking upstairs most of the house guests are gathered on and around the hammock in the back yard.




Jackson is leaving for the DR and Nick comes in.


Before Jackson leave the room Nick tells him that Jessica has told Cliff there was a final three deal with Nick, Jackson and Tommy.


Jackson wonders why she would do that before the veto ceremony.


Holly and Nick continue to talk after Jackson leaves.


Nick thinks Jessica is trying to stir things up so he will be the replacement nominee so the girls will remain in the house.

Holly agrees that she is about “girl power”.


Nick says he has wanted Jessica out of the game for quite a while.


Holly says she has not been concerned about Holly, however she may re-visit that soon.


Nick continues to complain about Jessica to Holly.


Camera moves to hallway where Cliff and Jackson are whispering about what Nick has just told Jackson.


Cliff seems to think this is not as significant as Nick may have made it seem. Cliff seems to think Nick is worried about Jessica coming after him (Nick).


Jackson says he is not saying anything but will let them duke it out themselves.


In the HOH room Nick continues to throw Jessica under the bus to Holly. [IMO he has tossed her in front and driven back and forth repeatedly]



Holly and Nick continue to talk in the HOH.


Meanwhile in the rv bedroom Sis and Christie are whispering.


Sis and Christie are coming up with a (hare brained) plan. Christie is going to go to Jackson and offer to be a pawn, allow Sis to come down from the block and be replaced. From the name dropping during this whispered conversation, I think they are going to try to get Nick put up instead.


Christie, “This could work.” then more unintelligible whispering with intermittent giggles.


Christie is repeating some of her earlier conversation with Jackson, “Use my strength as your weapon.” She whispers that she needs to be convincing...she giggles at how she “manipulated” Jackson with her eloquence in her first speech.


They plot further that they will threaten Jackson with the loss of two jury votes...they celebrate that they will both still be in the house. They plan to steal Holly away from Jackson. Sis encourages Christie to approach Jackson tonight so she (Christie) can tell her (Sis) what was said.


The two girls pray to God to help them force Jackson to do what they want.

9:50 pm


Christie has moved to the bathroom lounge area to plot with Jessica.


Christie is not sure Nick would go home before she does. Christie says Jackson and Holly know she (Jessica) is after Nick so they don't need to take a shot at him. (Jessica dramatically falls to the pillows).


Jessica tells Christie that Jackson will not leave this house without getting Christie out.


Christie chooses to ignore that, she says he told her that she is a strong competitor in the house. She tells Jessica that if she (Christie) stays she would win every competition. She claims she is brainstorming the route. Christie says that Sis has approached them and Jackson swerves around it, only says Christie is a threat.


Christie knows Nick is in the HOH, she wonders if Cliff is up there too. (Last I saw Cliff is). Jessica says Cliff is in the target bedroom.


Earlier I said that they are trying to get Nick on the block, but I have heard Nicole's name here more than once, and Christie is giving reasons (excuses) for pushing Nicole towards the door.




Cliff is indeed in the HOH with Holly and Nick.

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[PoPTV code: JESSICA  - rms]

10:00PM BBT Cliff is in HoHr talking with Holly and Nick.  They speculate if Cliff had gone out earlier.  His social game would have been different after he won the Battle back.

10:07PM BBT Christie in CBR telling Sis that she wants to go up to the HoHr to talk so bad.  (Extreme whispering) Jess is not going on the block if someone comes down.  Christie thinks they made a deal.  Jess is brainstorming on how to get one fo them to come down because she wouldn't be the one going up.  She has a deal.  

They brought the backgammon board down to play.  

Sis noticed Jess has  lipstick with a light on it.  Jess calls it her nightclub lipstick.


Christie thinks that Holly would want to change noms but she hasn't insinuated it because she still feels like an outsider.  

They debate whether or not Holly has influence on Michie's PoV.  

Jess says if you wanted to make a deal that included safety from several people, maybe we could do that.  

Christie says, as long as we know you are safe to not go up.


10:16PM BBT Cliff telling Holly in HoH that $500,00 is great.  It would let me retire.  2nd and 3rd would be great too.  It would at least cover the cost of what I am not making by being in here.

Holly says her minimum wage, part-time job doesn't cover vacations.  She hopes they will take her back when she leaves here.


Jess tells Nicole in WA that she can read 2 pages of the Bible and go to sleep.  She stays on the same paragraph and then goes to sleep.


10:30PM BBT PoPTV (Orwell) gave them cookies with an Owl cookie cutter.  Of course, Tommy complained they already baked cookies today.  The gift is 3 Pillsbury Sugar cookie dough tubes, a rolling pin, frosting cans that have multiple colors in each.

Sis and Nicole immediately go to the oven to get it warming up.


They all wanted it to be alcohol.  Michie says he has Sunday Scaries.

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Tommy gets called into the DR.  

Michie says he's doing his Vlog.

Nick asks if he is bringing his moose out.  You can bring the fake clay model they made in the background.  

Nick says don't hold it, it hurts your arm.  He made that mistake.  Takes 10-15 minutes.  

They say it is fun.  You get to freestyle it.

Tommy (Michie? because Tommy didn't move) is called to DR.


Nick says that they ask who your crush is.  

Michie yells from the balcony, "My crush is in the fridge in two bowls."  They all laugh.  

Holly says you got a bunch of good shout outs.

Michie says if my crush is sitting there flipping me off put some sassy in her pants.

They correct him that it's Tommy's pants.  Holly is wearing his sweat pants.

Jessica is called to exchange her mic.

You keep hearing Tommy and Christie calling out their rolls in backgammon game throughout the convo.


Sis and Nicole are knocking out the dough.  They didn't put flour to cover the board they rolled it out on. They also didn't use flour or saran wrap on top for when they rolled it out.  They had cut the owls, but all of it is sticking to the boards and rolling pin.


Cliff informs them how they should do it.  They both have to pull up the dough and flour the boards, redo it all.


10:45PM BBT Cookie attempts round 2 or 3.  Thanks to Cliff's guidance, the Orwell cookies are coming out fine now.

Sis messes up the last half of hers.  She didn't flour the board again as she combined the scraps to roll them again.  They are gonna save the third package.  They have made them different thicknesses.  They weren't lying attention to that.  Nicole says they will watch as they bake them.


10:51PM BBT Cookies are in the oven.

Nick and Tommy head out to the Hammock.  

Tommy wonders if she heard us when we were on the bed saying we need to stick together.  

Nick says, who knows, she just makes sh*t up.

Tommy: That was the only time I can think like but that wasn't an alliance, that was just like.

Nick:  You scared something is gonna happen tomorrow?

Tommy:   I'm not scared.

Nick: You curious if he will use it and take her off.

Tommy: I would f'n love if he took one of them off.

Nick: Bro, and if Jess went up.  That would literally make my life the happiest.  Dude, I would hate to go out by Jess.  This isn't the best move for me but it is the best move for you and Sis.

Tommy: I mean, also, that is the only person in the house targeting you at this point.

Nick: I get that 

Tommy: So it is good for you, too.

(They talk over each other.)

Tommy: You can't sit here and say this isn't also a selfish move, you piece of sh*t. It is.

Nick:  Going forward, I would lose Cliff and Nicole who I would always have their votes.

Tommy: You are gonna have to pick a side eventually.  Jess isn't on their side anyway.  She is kind of by herself.

Nick: I literally hope Michie uses it and puts her up.  He didn't get to talk to Michie because he got called into the DR.  Holly is sick of Jess making sh*t up about her.


They yell to Christie and Sis to come over, but the girls say it's a little dewey.  The girls insist they come over there.

Nick says, f'n girls get whatever they want.  They both say, well the girls are worth it.


10:59PM BBT Nicole opens the oven for 5 seconds to check the cookies and says the Owl cookies expanded in the oven.  Jess comes over pulls open the oven and stands back looking into it as all the heat leaves for 10 seconds.    Jess says, those are some really fat owls.


Nicole keeps checking them. [Way to let the heat out and make them take longer - rms]

MicFridgie (Michie) in the SR with the fridge wide open as he is eating watermelon from bowls in it.  [Guess is is countering the heat from the oven that Nicole is letting out .- rms]


Cliff says it was pretty cool answering questions from real people (in their Vlogs).

Nicole back to open the oven literally only 90 seconds after last time.

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In just 3 minutes, 12% of the time the oven was open.  It was open 19% of the 90 seconds from the time Nicole noticed they expanded  until she checked before making a bathroom face cleaning run.  Then she checked 90 seconds later again.  No wonder nothing bakes well in this house.

11:08PM BBT They pull them out.  Nicole presses on them and says they are really doughy in the middle.  

Sis says they put them in for the time they said.  [Well,...  and you opened the oven a BILLION times, so RIP TEMP. - rms]

They decide they are doughy because they are warm.  Sis tries using the cookie cutter on the baked cookies and now they do look like owls again.  

Nicole talks to the camera.  Thanks Pop and explains that she didn't think they would expand.  She says they recut them and they will let them cool and it was a good idea.


Everyone is outside and she is afraid of what they are laughing about.


11:16PM BBT They seem to be talking about how a person's review would be based on their name.  They pick a name and say how the review would be.  Kathy (with a K) would rip you to shreds, savagely.  Mitch would rite a bad review.  Mitch would write a good review, Mitchell is an A-hole.



11:20PM BBT SIs and Nicole are saran wrapping the door to the TBR.  They debate how to do it.  Their initial attempt fails.  They look for medical tape.  They also get Vaseline.  Jess wanders down the hall and sees them.  Asks if it was towards her.  She leaves them to it.  They keep looking for the tape.  They get some up on the top half or so of the door.  It is messy and easily seen.  They mess around with something at the end of the bed with the vaseline.  They decide to do corn flakes when they wake up in the morning.  They duck under it when they leave.


11:36PM BBT Sis and Nicole decide the cookies are ready to frost.  They tell Nicole to say, bitches get over here.

Nicole opens the back door and yells, "Yo, Bitches, Get your ass in here, right now!"  They all laugh and clap.


The next 15-20 mins or so are spent decorating the owls.  


11:44PM BBT Cliff has a nice one in progress.  (shown again at 11:51PM BBT)


11:53PM BBT [Good pic of the cutting board with decorated owls on it.  Other owls are shown before and after this time.  - rms]

They show the cutting board with many of them on it decorated, then zoom out and you see Cliff working on his 2nd.  After he puts down his tube of frosting, you can see his first.  Well done!


11:56PM BBT MicFridgie (Michie) is in the WIDE OPEN Fridge AGAIN eating!

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