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Please welcome Fuskie as the host of the new "24" forum. "24" is a conceptual drama on Fox. FOX will air the entire fifth season, 2 hours at a time, beginning June 16th so for those of you that haven't discovered this unique series, this is your chance. Give us 24 to set things up, and then make it your source to news and discussion.

Please welcome back Cecimom as special summer moderator. Based on last year, we could have paid more attention to posts in the BB forum, but there were thousands, and thousands messages... Cecimom has agreed to return as moderator for the BB forums this summer to help with the volume of posts we get. You might say she's our "All-Star" moderator voted back in the house.

TV_Paige does such a great job documenting celebrity obituaries, the monthly thread was a getting too big. Paige now has a seperate forum just for obituaries. Those of you that keep track of famous people may want to subscribe to the RSS feed for this forum.


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