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Thursday, July 18, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT  Kat and David alone in the boat room looking very cozy. She kisses his cheek then he kisses her on the forehead.

Kat- why are you obsessed with me

David- because I have  crush on you, and I don't crush often  

Kat- well don't let me distract you from your game

[These two stare into each other's eyes and flirt a lot. Kat has restricted his access, saying she doesn't want a showmance with him, yet her body language says something else. David remains completely respectful of her boundaries. It's my impression that she is using David for information and for some intimacy that she isn't getting elsewhere...actual connections are something Kat knows she doesn't have with anyone but Jess and David. David could be using Kat in the same way, but I think he is genuinely attracted to her.  -MamaLong]


12:15 AM BBT Nick and Bella alone in HOHR

[These two shared "I love you" around 11:30 PM and have a solid relationship that I think could make it past this house....they are two of a kind and made for each other, IMHO. -MamaLong]

Nickella chats in bed for awhile about random things, including the Chinese language.  




12:30 AM BBT Kemi, Kat, and David are getting ready for bed. Everyone else seems to already be in bed wanting to sleep well for tonight's competition.


12:45 AM BBT Kemi, Sam, and Nicole are in the Kitchen

Nicole asks Sam about the vote and he relays that as of now it looks like she is going "it's bad" but says he will talk with Nick tomorrow.


2:55 AM BBT Michie is awake making tuna and a lot of noise [he is very disrespectful of other HGs with the noise he makes]. He heats up a wok full of leftover dinner dish and adds two cans of tuna with lemon squeezed on it. He divides it in two portions...one for now...one for later. [I'm convinced the ant problem they have on the kitchen rug can be contributed to his sloppy food prep]

Michie eats crap.png

3:15 AM BBT Michie goes back to bed with Holly in the Target Bedroom. Christie is restless....tossing and turning. Sis is sleeping in the round bed with Christie tonight, likely to get some better sleep than the night before (she complained of both Sam and Jack snoring loudly)


3:30 AM BBT The house is dark and silent other than Cliff's snoring

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7:00 AM BBT  It's Eviction/Banishment Day. The HGs are all still sleeping soundly.

As of now, the plan is to evict/banish Cliff.

Voting to evict Nicole: Bella, Jess and Sam

Voting to evict Cliff: Jack/Sis, Michie/Holly, Christie/Tommy, and Kat (when at the last minute, just before voting, the 6 fill Kat in on the plan to evict Cliff, not Nicole)

7:08 AM BBT Cliff is up, maybe we will get his last CliffNotes

7:15 AM BBT - cameras are on CLiff giving his morning notes, but, again, the audio is turned on late [worst camera/audio for the feeds in years]

Cliff- Tommy, Christie, Jack, Sis would be happy to send me home. That's a 6-4 vote that stays in my favor. But, all it takes is flipping a couple of people. If they flipped Jessica and flipped Kat it goes the other way. No one wants to disrupt the house, so if people think it's going to swing away from me then everyone will jump on board real quick. If I do get sent home or Camp Comeback I will do all I can to compete. There is a lot of sentiment to keep David...it depends on what kind of challenge it is to come back. Hopefully I could beat all of them and get back in here. We have to wait and see.

7:21 AM BBT Long term I am worried. I screwed up being overheard and it's damaged my whole game. Idiotic move. Nothing I can do about it now and I'm okay with that. I did also realize that just continuing to do these things are people less interested in giving me information...worried it will get spilled...I certainly have that feeling right now. I know I'm low on the totem pole. I need something to happen quickly. I still think I'm close to seeing the division I've been expecting...then I can give a vote to one side or the other. That's what I'm counting on...what Sam is counting on.

Cliff doesn';t want Christie, Tommy, Jack, or Sis to win HOH. "Jess winning would be interesting. Kat winning, I would be safe. Kat winning would be interesting. Someone from Camp Comeback winning, I think I would be safe. Same winning would be great for me. Bella winning would be good for me."

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Cliff really doesn't expect to go home tonight and hopes to get the chance to go out "with a big bang" by taking out a big threat...use it as leverage with others who have the same target.

7:27 AM BBT Cliff- if this is my last broadcast who would I shout out to?

Cliff talks about the past cast members and how he understands the "pressure cooker" of the BB house in a way he never could have before. He shouts all to all the websites, podcasts and discussion groups that talk BB. He knows BB is much more than just the televised show "it makes Big Brother such an immersive experience without being in the house". He mentions Jokers and Hamsterwatch for updates and polls; RealityBBQ, Big Brother Reddit, and Realvegas4Sure "appreciate some of the scoops you threw out before you fell off the radar" [no mention of Morty's and we all know Morty's is the best for play by play live feed coverage]

Cliff says he hopes that people recognize he has played the game to the best of his ability. His mantra "Don't quit Don't give up Give 100%". Cliff says he is preparing himself for the worst possible outcome. He may reevaluate the CliffNotes and just do them every other day or every third day...or at some other time and maybe include someone else to make it less worrisome for others. "I have to adjust...adapt"

7:33 AM BBT Cliff- That's it. I don't want to sign off but I think I will. Sharon, Kelly, Daniel, I think of you often especially when it's quiet. Even silverwear clanking makes me think of you. Those quietest most mundane moments and having y'all share those basic moments of life makes it so much more special. I really like the people in this house. They have embraced me but at the end of the day they are my temporary family...my pocket size family.

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7:41 AM BBT  Cliff wraps up his Cliff Notes, says shout outs to Sharon, Kelly and Daniel.  Also to the live feeders. He says whether we hate him or love him, he loves us all.  He said no matter what happens, net year he will be right there next summer watching, laughing and cheering them on.  He gets up to go back to bed.  The rest of the house is dark, with someone snoring being he only sound.

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Cliff says it's the love he has at home that makes him who he is. Big brother is just a game and then they go back to real life. He loves the diversion but it doesn't last forever. There's a beginning, there's an end. The game of life isn't designed to create suspicion and distrust and every devious thing in this house. Big Brother is like the 'anti-life". He said he loves watching the show and that it brings out the worst in people, but it helps him value the best in people more. "Sharon, Kelly, Daniel: as much as I want to see you in the next few days, I hope I don't. I want to continue this fight. If I do, I will welcome your embraces...biggest return hug and you will see the joy return in my face again like none other than you have seen before. We will hug, head home. I'll get my PBJ and a big ole glass of milk. We will talk and I won't have to worry about what I say and who is listening. We'll talk and be a family, and I'll figure out how to close this chapter of my life. I 'm not ready for it...if it happens, I'll accept it then take the next step this life gives me. Alright, enough of my philosophical ramblings. Day 30, I'm out of here...going back to bed. SKD143 and all you live feeds fans..whether you love me or hate me...happy to be your lab rats..your hamster in this experiment. Next summer I'll be right back up there with y'all enjoying this game. Sharon, Kelly Daniel, I love you....give everybody a hug, I just love you so much. SKD143... I love you guys"


7:41 Am BBT Cliff leaves and heads back to bed


7:51 AM BBT Cliff and Orwell are seen sharing a bed in the Target Bedroom [This is so sad  -MamaLong]

cliff and orwell share a bed.png

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9:01 AM BBT  We get WBRB, looks like a wake up call!


9:03 AM BBT  Feeds are back with all 4 feeds on sleeping HGs in dark rooms.

9:08 M BBT  WBRB again

9:13 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  3 feeds are on sleeping HGs.  Feed 1 is on David, who sleepily comes downstairs and to the WC/WA  He then goes to the KT, while all other HGs sleep.

9:25 AM BBT  David is still the only one up.  He goes to the SR and gets his luggage.  He puts it over his shoulder to take it up the spiral staircase. The camera doesn't follow him, and no one else is up.

9:27 AM BBT  David comes back down and pours a cup of coffee (just a note, they now have a metal coffee decanter,  Michie broke several) 

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9:37 AM BBT  David goes to the SR to get some cereal.  He closes the door very quietly entering and exiting. He gets his coffee and mumbles to himself, then at 9:38 we get WBRB  Wake up call again?

9:44 AM BBT  Still on WBRB/FoTH

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9:56AM BBT: Sam to Nick, "i was sitting up late last night with Nicole, actually enjoying it. And Kemi started having a melt down.  Me, Nicole and Cliff, we heard her crying.  Then the upstairs DR called her then she went in and came back out, crying.  Cameras cut. All feeds are now on Nicole brushing her teeth.

10:02AM BBT Cameras are back on Nick, Bella and Sam.  Sam's telling Nick and Bella how Nicole sincerely wouldn't go after Nick and Bella and that she's not upset with them and thought Nick's speech was funny.  Bella tells them how she had given Nicole a dress and yesterday Nicole gave it back to her and Bella said no, no hard feelings, the dress is yours.

Bella tells Sam he should stop talking so much s**t about people in front of people.  Sam says, "well i don't go around talking game with people" and Bella tells him he does and she gave him an example and he agreed.  Bella said she's just looking out for her boys.

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10:08 AM BBT Sam is currently approaching Nickella in the HOHR and pushing to save Nicole. 

Nick- I don't think Nicole would put me up, but I would be scared

Bella- I wonder if everyone in the house forgave her so soon because what she said was true [ding! ding! ding!]


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10:06 AM BBT  Tommy is talking with Nicole in the bedroom as she packs her bag.  He says she makes good points, but he has to vote with the house.  He said she needs to campaign to everyone.  Tommy says the great thing about this game is the HOH puts people up, and you want to respect their wishes, but in the end WE vote, they don't.  Nicole continues saying she hasn't put anyone's name out there.  She tells Tommy that he and Christie have both been named, but there are bigger targets in the house.  Tommy tells her that if she can turn the vote around, he wants to talk more with her.  He tells her he believes she isn't the one trying to turn people against each other.  (He is playing this well, not telling her but putting in the groundwork for later). 

10:12 AM BBT  Nicole said she wants to stay, she wants HOH.  Tommy leaves as they say they love each other.  Nicole whispers to the camera that she hopes she stays.  She wants to take her shot at the big cluster of people.  Why not?  She goes to get her items from the WA.  She stops by the KT on her way.  David said he made her tea.  Kemi is in the KT, says she needs a shower. They say good morning to Sis as she walks through.

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10:13 AM BBT Nicole speaks directly to the feedsters while she packs in the RV room

Nicole- I'm not the best arguer or campaigner in the world...but I'm me. America, if I could pull this off.....please.....I love Cliff to death...but if I could stay I would take down that big cluster of people. I mean, why not. Come on!


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In the TBR, Holly, Sis, Christie Tommy and Jack are talking.  Christie is giving clothing advice.  She was asked what she is wearing tonight, she said she isn't going to decide yet in case they need to be in athletic wear.  Christie, Tommy and Jack are looking forward to tonight.  They say "they" will implode.  Tommy says you can tell what their game is by how they react to it.  Kat comes in with coffee, Jack asks if there is more, and can she get him a cup.  He quickly says he is just kidding.

10:21 AM BBT  Sam is in HOHR talking to Bella and Nick who are still in bed (he needs to pack up)  Sam is saying he slips when talking to Nicole, like "today is your last day so you might as well".  They see Tommy and Kat coming up and says to hurry.  Tommy and Kat come in, they discuss the door self locking when the door is open.  Tommy tells them to get up, take a shower boys and girl.

10:25 AM BBT  Nick and Bella are alone in bed.  Nick says he believes Nicole, Bella said really? He said "they" probably did throw their names out there, trying to plant the seeds for later.  Nick said they will eventually need to turn on each other.  He is talking about people's perceptions of them.  He said Sam is the angry grandpa who makes inappropriate jokes.  He wonders what they are saying about him (he really doesn't want to know!)  Nick says they have to kinda clean up the room, because everyone will be there soon.  Bella says really?  (Where has she been the past month??)  Neither one gets out of bed, feeds cut to the HOH screen showing the KT.   Nick tells Bella about Kemi's meltdown yesterday.  She was crying and got called to the upstairs DR.  He said he felt bad for her, but she did it to herself.  Nick keeps saying he needs to get up and eat, take a shower and poop.   Bella calls out to Sam, Nick said he can't hear.  They think he has selective hearing. He is in the shower.  Nick goes in to brush his teeth, says they need to clean all this up, Bella said me?  Nick said it is her stuff.  He keeps trying to get her to help clean her own stuff up, she isn't having it.

(I have to switch feeds, I can't take Queen Bella!)

10:35 AM BBT  HGs are in the dining area and KT eating, talking about TV shows, over talking each other, and Tommy saying this is the family and neighbors. 

10:40 AM BBT  Nick said he learned to count to 10 in Mandarin yesterday.  Tommy wants to hear it.  Nick asks Bella to come over while he does it.   Tommy gets called to the downstairs DR.  He is surprised and excited to go.  More mayhem in the KT, everyone talking, no game talk, hard to distinguish what is being said, none worth noting.

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10:07AM BBT Sam tells Nick and Bella that she would 100% put up Jack and Jackson if she got back in the house and won HOH.  They're talking about how to throw comps without looking like you meant to- to look pissed and don't talk.

10:45AM BBT Nicole and Christi go to a bedroom alone to talk game.  Nicole told her that she (Christie) knows Cliff has said he would put Christie up if he stayed. Christie tells her that she's been actively trying to get her people to vote to keep Nicole.  Christie says she can't say for sure that Nicole is good to stay but she feels like it's close.  Christie says she sees so much in Nicole that she loves and wants to work with her.  

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10:42 AM BBT  Nick goes to the DR to exchange his battery, and picks up his bags with his clean laundry.  He thanks BB for the clothes.  Christie goes in to talk with Nicole.  Nicole starts her campaigning again.  Nicole gives a good speech as to why she would be good to keep.  Christie said she wants to vote with the majority, but would really like for Nicole to stay.  Christie has been planting seeds, trying to rally for her.  Christie said she can't say Nicole is good, but Christie has been giving information to others quietly explaining why Nicole should stay.  Christie apologizes for joining in with the people who where screaming.  She feels Nick and Bella are good at deflecting and creating chaos to change the topic from what they are doing.  Christie says she loves the people she is working with, but she said there is nothing in stone, and that scares her.  (sure).  Nicole said she could get on her side as an outsider.  Christie keeps saying she will continue to fight for Nicole to stay.  Nicole asks who she should talk to?  Christie said Jack and Sis, then Holly.  She said the girls will rub off on the guys.  Christie said she is close to Jack, and he will listen to her if they have some others.  Nicole asks about Jess.  Christie said she doesn't know where Jess is lately.  She said her and Kat are .... Christie keeps trying to keep Nicole away from Jess, Kat and Sam.  She said you have to take a different approach with Sam. 

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10:55 AM BBT  Christie says she knows Nicole has to campaign to everyone.  Kemi comes in for a minute, talk changes, then when she leaves, back to vote.  Christie says she is keeping the faith, and Nicole should too.  They leave the camper room and go to the KT.

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11:13 PM BBT   WA  Sam, Tommy, Kat,  David, Cliff

Tommy has been trying to convince Jack to shave his facial hair off. He gets down to the goatee but now is going for a full shave


11:15 AM BBT   now just a Soul patch and handlebars

Tommy- I might kiss you

Jack- (quotes Princess Bride) my name is Diego Montoya (sic),. You killed my father... prepare to die  [it's Inigo, not Diego]


11:17 AM BBT Ovi, Jess, and Nicole have joined the audience and Holly/Christie are getting out of the shower

Jack is playing up to the crowd in the WA with a country accent. It's pretty funny! 


Jack plans to do a DR session with the moustache then shave it all off for the live show.



11:28 AM BBT There is definitely a cold virus going around the house. Christie and Sis both complained of feeling ill and needing meds

Sis- my throat is killing me  [it's no surprise, as these HGs share everything: drinks, food, bodies, etc.] Make note of who is not or has not been feeling ill this week: Nicole, Cliff, Ovi, David,  and Kemi


11:30 AM BBT Don (production)- Houseguests! Please report to lockdown in the HOH Room

11:32 AM BBT 2nd Lockdown call  Don (production)- Houseguests! Please report to lockdown in the HOH Room

The HGs are in no hurry to get upstairs for lockdown. David is in the shower. Nicole is trying to campaign to Holly. Tommy is loitering in the WA wanting to use the restroom.

11:35 BBT Another call from Don- Houseguests! Please report to lockdown in the HOH room. David, please put on your microphone.

The HGs are complaining about the smell at the bottom of the stairs.

11:37 AM BBT Don (again) Houseguests! Please report to lockdown in the HOH Room

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11:23AM BBT Nicole and Kat talking. Nicole says this is her campaign to her. Nicole says that she would like ot work with her going forward.Kat tells her not to give up. Analyse comes in and Nicole asks if she wants to chat. Says yes after she gets dressed.


11:30AM BBT HG are advised toreport to the HOH room for lockdown. HG doing ADLs. Jess yells someone didn't flush. BB tells them to get to LD again.


11:35AM BBT BB tells them once again to get to HOH. Michie is in the KT getting somthing while brushing his teeth. Jack running around with boots and no shirt. Jess complaining about a fish smell in the house. She is worried the HOH smells.We finally get FOTH for HOH LD.

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1:23 PM BBT The feeds are back

Nicole is campaigning to Jack; he says he is voting with the house

Nicole- I'm hearing it

Jack- what happens is what is meant to happen for you, and I don't know what that is

Nicole- it's horrifying

Jack- it's terrifying


Kat comes in to find Nicole so they can feed the fish


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