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Saturday, July 13, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are in the KT. She is crying into his shoulder as he holds her. She tells him that things got misconstrued somehow. He tells her that it is okay. Nothing has changed. He still loves her. Nicole asks to talk later and he agrees. She walks away. Jessica approaches Michie and mentions that things have gone crazy. Michie "Day 24 in the house, and the house implodes." 


12:03 AM BBT Nicole is in the bedroom talking to Kemi. She tells Kemi that she didn't do anything wrong. She just let her insecurities get the better of her. WBRB.


12:05 AM BBT Nicole is now being consoled by Kat, Analyse, Kemi and Holly. She continues to state that her insecurities is what got her here. Holly tells her that today was a shit storm but things change directions quickly. They encourage her to go to sleep and start the day over tomorrow. Nicole tells her that this is so unbelievable. Kudos to them for such amazing game play but she can't wrap her head around it. Holly tells her that on a personal level, everyone loves the sh*t out of here. Game play, they will see what is going on. 


12:10 AM BBT Tommy and Bella are talking in the BRL. Tommy tells her that he is under the impression that she is going to throw you guys under the bus and pick a side. That is the side that she is going to pick. He said that he could be reading into things though. Bella says that there are the 4 of them and then me and Nick. Feeds switch. 


12:13 AM BBT Nicole is now alone in the bedroom with Kemi. She says it is all her fault. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Nicole continues to say that she can wrap her head around it. Ridiculous.


12:14 AM BBT Christie, Jack, Tommy, Bella and Sam are talking in the BRL. They are staging themselves so that when Nicole comes in there, they look like they are just hanging out and not looking like they are accusing her of anything. Tommy goes to get her. Tommy goes to Nicole and says that Bella wants to chat with her. Nicole admits that she is just going to get screamed at. She says that Bella is not in the right mind set to have a discussion. Tommy promises that he will be there to make sure that she is not treated bad. Kat tells her that it is probably a good idea. Just don't make accusations when she does. It could be a good mood and good for Tommy to be there too. 


12:19 AM BBT Bella joins Nicole, Kat and Tommy in the bedroom. Nicole tells her that she is emotional because she came to her (Bella) in confidence. They had a heart to heart and she put her trust in her. Nicole then says that Bella went and announced it to the rest of the house. Nicole "That's pretty shi**y." Bella said that she has a lot of other connections in the house and what Nicole said didn't make sense. Bella says the timeline also makes her uneasy. Nick also his own connections. He questioned the type of information that Nicole gave them. Nicole says that was brought it because he happened to walk in at just the moment that they were discussing it. Bella said that Nicole made them angry because she labeled them in such a way that she felt betrayed. Bella says that Nicole confided in Nick and tried to use him. Bella says she then went behind Nick's back to try to get him nominated. Bella says that Nicole swore on her grandmother who she knows is already dead. Nicole says she swore on her grandmother's grave, not her grandmother.


12:23 AM BBT Bella accuses Nicole of telling others that Bella and Nick are bullying her. Bella says that her bully accusations are obnoxious and disrespectful to the game. Bella tells her that she has zero trust in Nicole. She doesn't want to talk to her about it again. She is sick that 2 people that she really trusted in the house (Nicole and Kemi) want to throw her name in the mud and she has done nothing but say nice things about them. Nicole snickers. Bella "I am not a bully and you are laughing right now." Nicole starts to comment "Because" and Bella cuts her off immediately and tells her that she did not come in there to listen to her. Nicole "You were just hear to rant a lie to me and then leave." Tommy starts to budge "Tommy, I let her speak." Nicole is very upset that Bella came in there to rant at her and won't let it be anything but a one sided conversation. Bella says that she is going to walk away before she starts screaming. Tommy suggests that they take a break. 


12:25 AM BBT Bella has walked away. Tommy apologizes to Nicole. "I know you wanted your chance to speak." Nicole says that the reason she didn't yell over her was because she knows her truth is going to be seen and her truth is going to come out. Nicole says that in general, don't ever bring out my grandmother ever. She will flip her lid. The only thing she swore on was her bracelets and on her grandmother's grave that she didn't have the power. That is it. It is unfair that Bella made all these accusations. Tommy says he just wanted to apologize that Nicole that didn't get her chance to speak and that he f'ing loves her no matter what. Tommy leaves. Kemi and Nicole are now alone in the bedroom. Nicole tells her that Bella is f'ing crazy.


12:29 AM BBT Bella has gone to Jessica, Analyse, Holly and Michie in the KT. She tells them that Nicole was smiling and laughing at her during their talk. She tells them that she was completely respectful talking to Nicole and that she didn't say anything out of line. Tommy has joined them and agrees that Bella did maintain her composure. Meanwhile Nicole and Kemi remain in the bedroom. Nicole is telling Kemi that she is furious and that she will bury anyone who tries to bring her family into this. 


12:32 AM BBT Kemi and Nicole continue to talk in the bedroom about how juvenile Bella is. Nicole says that she let Bella spew her lies to her face because that is the kind of person she is. Meanwhile Bella is the immature one who can't even formulate a cohesive sentence and not to let her bother Nicole. 


12:40 AM BBT Bella has gone up to Nick who is in the HoH and recanting her conversation with Nicole. They come to the conclusion that Nicole is a psycho path. Meanwhile Tommy recants it to Jack and Christie in the BRL. Tommy tells them that Nicole said it was all a lie and that Nicole wanted the chance to share her side of the story and was not allowed to. Jack changes the subject to the powers. We have the power to take people off the block before the veto. I have the power to change veto. Jess has to have a power to make something happen after veto. "Going into the voting, she can stand up and say that she has the power to change the noms. Good luck. I have the panic power. Everybody panic." 


12:45 AM BBT In the BRL Jack has joined Sam, Tommy and Christie about how the double eviction comps are usually quick like puzzles with pegs. Those who think quickly, like Cliff will do very well. His engineering experience makes him good at puzzles. She says that they don't want Cliff in the house and then Ovi comes back and Cliff wins the HoH.


12:57 AM BBT Off camera and coming from the KT we hear a crash of glass breaking and we hear "Oh m God" and "Da*n it." There is broken glass on the ground. BB has something to say about it "Oh my God, you have got to be kidding me." The house laughs and claps. Holly tells Jack that Michie had been cleaning up his coffee that he had spilled and it was while he was cleaning up the mess that he broke the glass dish. 

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6:30 AM BBT Cliff is awake. He heads straight to the BRL. However it appears there are some issues as nothing that Cliff is saying can be heard. His microphone is not on.


6:33 AM BBT BB finally turns on Cliff's microphone and Cliff can finally be heard. He admits his loud mouth got him in trouble. He knows that Christie had been listening in on him through the door. He thought the AC was loud enough. That was a bad assumption to make. So he apologizes for a quick message so early this morning. He wants his wife to know that nothing about this game changes anything between the two of them. He states that the house believes that Jess has the power. He is afraid the house will no longer target her because of her power. When talking to Nick, he got the impression that he is not as safe as he thought he was. Nick wasn't giving him any reassurances of safety. He talked about relationships and such which is code for "don't be so certain". 


6:38 AM BBT Cliff is still talking in the BRL. He states that it is possible him being on block is because of his loud mouth. So be it. Right before the ceremony, Bella came over and said that they need to talk after. Nick had promised that if we going to be a pawn he would let him know. That was their way of letting him know that he was going up. He was afraid he was being put up against Nicole because the whole house loves her. When he saw that it was Jess up there with him, he thought that maybe he is just a pawn. Bella and Nick don't like Jess. He thought he could live like that. Then Nicole grabs him after the nomination ceremony and says "I can fix this". Nicole tells him that Cliff was thought to be the rogue vote and she fixed it by telling him that it was one of the couples and not him that did it. Cliff says that he knew right then that he was the actual target. 

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Cliff- I'm not planning to stay up long, this is a quick one.

He mentions that his big mouth was overheard by Christie and that the AC is loud enough in the room that he can't hear what's going on outside the room.

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6:42 AM BBT Cliff says that he tried to go up and talk to Nick last night but they were all up there huddled in a circle. Later Nicole also tried to go up there and it was the same for her. That might be why she ended up losing it. What Nicole said could have caused 2 results. The first results would be a complete split in the house. It is too early for that. He has no clue how his position would go. It is too early for the house to implode on itself. It would have been horrible. The other result is worse. It is easier for them to ignore what Nicole said and it it was real or not, label her as a troublemaker and stay together as a group. At this point, it doesn't matter what is true. Perception is a reality. They have decided she was trying to stir things up and because of that, they know that Ovi, Nicole and he are working together. When he was welcomed upstairs, it was a cold chill. He knows that's it. Game over. 


6:47 AM BBT Cliff continues that Nicole had good intentions. She made a desperate move because they are being picked off one by one. Cliff just wishes that she talked to him first. Ovi trying to stand up for him and Nicole was nice but Cliff didn't want him to feel he had to do that. The house is full of emotions and unpredictability. 


6:49 AM BBT Cliff says he shaved out of rebellion. He was growing a goatee at their recommendation. Cliff says that he is now back to being the man who was selected for this show. He will stand up with his principles and character, keep his emotions in check, and move based on logic.


6:52 AM BBT Cliff says dinner was tough so he started the gratuity circle. Because you never fight at the table. It means that in bad times, you still need to appreciate how good you have it. This idea was well received by the others. Later he stayed alone and probably could have done it for hours. He could tell that the HoH camera was focused on him. This was not unintentional. He wanted the HoH to see that he is truly alone with his thoughts and this is what black balling him looks like. 


6:56 AM BBT He did get to talk to the others later. Not about game talk though. He is resolved that he may be going home. He is not done fighting, but he is realistic. His initial goal was to make sure that everyone is comfortable enough with him that everyone feels like they can talk to him. He wants to be see as a bigger man who can separate the game versus the person. 


6:58 AM BBT Cliff says that he did talk to Christie about her overhearing him. He wanted to know what was said because he can't defend what he didn't know. Both she and he downplayed it. Cliff says he told her that his game is not about throwing names under the bus. He isn't playing he said/she said. He is a man of character and there are things that he won't do. He hopes they can all stay friends after. He says that his own private thoughts, his opinions did effect his game. Expressing opinions is not the same as throwing people under the bus. He will continue to interact and be friendly with everyone. How that effect his game, he doesn't know.  


7:02 AM BBT He needs to get Nicole to understand that the house is naturally going to separate eventually. They can't force it and be the instigator or the rest of the house is going to band together against. They will eat themselves up eventually but it needs to be instigated within their own group. Even though his game is ruined, he hates how this is hurting Nicole. She is taking it all personally. 


7:05 AM BBT Cliff says that Sam went out of his way to smile at him and that he feels for him. Sam is a bit on the outside too. Later, Nick told him that the plan is still the same....to target Jessica and Cliff is the pawn. "Call me an idiot, call me naive, but I believe him. I hope I can believe him." Hopefully they buy into the idea that he had no idea what was being said about the rogue vote. Maybe his game isn't over yet. 


7:07 AM BBT Cliff tells us that if he gets House Guest Choice for the POV that he is going to pick Jack. Jack told him that he would go to bat for him. Jack implied that he would use the veto on him. He didn't actually say it. He won't ask Sam because he won the last two POVs. He won't want to be put in a position where he has to win it again. He respects that. He suspects that if Jess or him either one comes down, then Nicole will go up. She will go up. "I am sorry Nicole. You are burying the burden of this right now."  She did what she thought that she needed to do. He admires her attempt to play the game. 


7:10 AM BBT Cliff says that he doesn't know what is going to happen. But he is going to fight until he has no breath left in him. He will play hard in the POV and then if necessary in the Come Back. It's not over yet. If Jess goes home this week, Nicole is the easy target next week. Jessica will also be an easy target next week. If he is here, he will be on the block with them. "Shout out to Johnny Mac. The eternal pawn". 


7:13 AM BBT Cliff says that Jessica and Nicole both sit below him with the others so maybe that will end up giving him two more weeks. He thinks he ranks around 10th. He tells his family not to worry about him. He has been through worse.  Cliff recalls when Robert was killed and the down points in our lives. With this the feeds change to the HGs sleeping. 


7:15 AM BBT The feeds return to Cliff. He says that the odds are not in his favor that he walks out of here with $500,000 in his hand. But he will also not walk out a loser. He is walking out a competitor and there is a difference. He says that he was sure the feeds were burning up yesterday. "You got your drama. Just not what I expected." He said that he is just rambling at this point and that he needs to go back to bed. He thanks his family for loving him for who he is. That doesn't mean he has to play a perfect game. He just needs to do the best that he can. He loves them and always will. Love without fault. Love without boundaries. He can't wait to see, but hopes it is not for another couple months. Watch me, sympathize with me, but I have strength. I will be fine. 


7:18 AM BBT Cliff says he expects there will be a POV today so he needs to go back to bed. He also acknowledges that during the POV, the feeds will be down. He encourages his family to spend time together and hug on each other during that time. Cliff then heads to the bathroom. He washes his hands afterwards and then returns to bed.  

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7:30 AM BBT The HGs all remain in bed.


8:00 AM BBT It is all quiet in the BB house with the exception of the rhythm of snores that can be heard. 


9:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


9:12 AM BBT The feeds return. Analyse, Christie, Tommy and Jack are awake in the bedroom. Meanwhile Nick and Bella remain in bed in the HoH with the lights out.  They are snuggling with Nick literally laying on top of her. They separate just a little because they hear Sam downstairs and think that he may be coming up. 


9:17 AM BBT Sam goes up to the HoH. He tells Bella and Nick that he needs to talk to them so they need to get up and put their mics on. He goes down to get their mics and goes back upstairs. Sam tells then that Christie is pulling for Cliff to go home this week since he is a bigger threat to win a double eviction HoH. Sam says that he already took Cliff off the block with a veto. Cliff will likely not be a threat to them as a result. He can crush comps if he can use his engineering and he is more likely to go after the others. It would be them doing the dirty work for others. 


9:21 AM BBT In the HoH, Sam is going to approach Cliff. He is going to see if he can get Cliff in their corner (Sam, Nick and Bella).  They then discuss if any powers can be used once banished to Camp Comeback. 


9:23 AM BBT Sam tells Nick and Bella that the others are starting to talk about leaving noms the same. Nick says that he can't even image the crap that Nicole could do if they left her in this house. Sam says that if Cliff comes down, he will go after a much bigger target than the three of them. And Sam can appeal to Cliff because he used the veto on him. They agree that getting Cliff out does the dirty work for the others. 


9:27 AM BBT David, Kemi, Jack and Jessica are in the KT. It appears that the HGs got a new coffee pot. Jackson admires how clean and new it is. "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Jessica says that Jackson's accident last night was to their benefit.


It appears that Bella and Nick are in no hurry to get up and join the rest of the HGs downstairs.


2019-07-13-09.34.16-Cam 2.jpg

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9:30 AM BBT Kemi and David are now alone in the KT. He goes to talk to her about last night and she says that if it doesn't concern her then she doesn't care. They are all adults in here. Some act like it and others aren't there yet. 


9:41 AM BBT Kemi and Nicole are in the CBR talking about how sad it is that everyone is being so childish. Nicole "America, this is the thing. I can appreciate it as a gamer, but it feels real shi**y." Nicole then apologizes to her family.


9:44 AM BBT Tommy, Christie, Analyse, and David are trying to debate what kind of HoH it will be. Christie thinks it will be a surprise. David says that since one of the 4 evicted come back, it will probably be endurance. Tommy "Favorite past time, trying to figure out the schedule". Christie "Favorite past time, fixating on things that may or may not happen."


9:46 AM BBT in the LR, Tommy is telling Christie, Analyse, Jessica and David about the leaning wall competitions. It is definitely made for tiny people to win. Tommy "Congratulations on your win sis." Jack joins the conversation from the KT. "That one I have just chalked up as a loss." 


9:54 AM BBT Jack, David, Jessica, Christie, Analyse and Kemi are hanging out in the LR. They are talking about their different sleeping arrangements. They are loving the coffee today in the new coffee pot because there are no coffee grinds in their coffee. 


9:58 AM BBT Analyse has gone upstairs to join Nick and Bella.  Analyse says she is going to talk to Jack later today because she says that she is not making an emotional connection to him. She isn't going to break up with him. But talk to him. David and Jack are in the LR talking about wanting to start their own clothing lines. Jack wants to start a Cross Fit clothing line that is tattoeed based. Like skulls, snakes, etc but in brighter colors. Not all black. Jessica discusses her boutique and the massive amount of work it is. 

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10:02 AM BBT Jessica tells them that with her boutique, she had a collaboration with JC Penny. She tells them to be careful when doing that because you give up creative control. That made the experience disappointing. You need to take 100% responsiblity to whatever has your name on it even if you don't have 100% control. 


10:05 AM BBT Tommy and Jack discuss going into business together creating bracelets or something. Jessica tells them that plus sized swim suits are an untapped market. Swimming attire for them are either very revealing or like granny dresses. Add big chests to it and you got nothing.


10:09 AM BBT Analyse, Sam Bella  and Nick are talking in the HoH bed. Analyse doesn't trust either Nicole or Cliff. She thinks Cliff is more dangerous. They tell her that Nicole almost had them put each other the last two times in a row. 


10:12 AM BBT Sam, Nick, Bella and Analyse are laying in the HoH bed. Analyse says that Jack is not her ride or die. Sam says he can't believe that. She says can you not tell? She says Michie and Holly, yes. You guys, yes. Not me, why would I be his ride or die? Sam "his pork". She laughs. They ask her who Jack's ride or die is. She replies Christie, Tommy or maybe even Michie. She and Jack never talk game unless they talk about her game and how she sucks at it. She gets the short end of the stick being associated with Jack and he doesn't talk to her at all about his game.


10:16 AM BBT Jack has joined them in the HoH. Nick tells Sam that he cried in his dream last night because Sam passed away in the dream. He was on a lawnmower and somehow when he tried to turn it off it helicoptered him.


 10:18 AM BBT Cliff and Jessica are sitting in the LR. They are talking about having to pull Nicole off the ledge last night. They discuss the need to remember that this is a game and not be seriously offended. Jessica said that she talked to Nicole until after 3 this morning. 


10:26 AM BBT Jack, Sam, Nick, Bella and Analyse are still in the HoH. Jack says that David is like a loose cannon. He actually threatened Jack this morning by saying that they need to talk game because when he comes back in the house he has to decide who he is playing with. Jack took that as a threat and tells him that he is not going to assume that anyone is talking game with David.


10:29 AM BBT Jack says that he wants them to talk to Christie about her ideas last night. It's a good idea to keep an open mind and discuss their options. 


10:31 AM BBT Christie and Tommy have joined them in the HoH. She says she was thinking about game in the shower last night. Her first thought was that Nicole has put a big target on herself as an emotional train wreck. She is no threat with no alliance members in the house. Her 2nd thought is that Nicole is bad at comps. Her 3rd thought is there is likely a double coming up. The middle comp in a double eviction is almost always a quick tactical comp like a puzzle. This terrifies her that if Cliff plays in it he is great at puzzles. If Ovi comes back then the two of them compete in it. That scares her. Nick says that Nicole literally tried to get them to turn on each two weeks in a row. WBRB.


10:35 AM In the HoH they continue to discuss sending out Nicole versus Cliff. Nick says that Nicole has the ability to manipulate and that is what makes her dangerous. It would be like leaving Vanessa Rousso in the house. Christie says that Vanessa won comps. Nick says she can win comps. She almost won that last one. Christie says that either way, it is Nick's HoH. 


10:42 AM BBT The feeds have been in and out the last few minutes. When they are up, we can see that the group in the HoH (Jack, Christie, Nick, Sam and Tommy who is off camera) are discussing the pros and cons of getting rid of either Cliff or Nicole. Christie has been pulling for Cliff to go. Nick has been pulling for Nicole to go. Christie does acknowledge that Nicole has a good shot if the next comp is the wall one. Christie was asked if her view had anything to do with her putting Cliff on the block and she denies it. 



2019-07-13-10.35.52-Cam 2.jpg

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10:50 AM BBT The feeds have returned and the HGs are up doing ADL's and getting dressed now instead of just sitting around and talking. 


11:00 AM BBT Again, we keep getting WBRB but this time it is because of the constant singing. 


11:04 AM BBT The HGs are all up and active. Jack "Oh man, sweeping the upstairs" WBRB. [I think they are getting some instruction from BB about cleaning up the house and preparing for the veto~Goldylucks]


11:11 AM BBT When the feeds return Michie is telling Cliff that he had a nightmare about him and in his dream his mom went off on Cliff. Meanwhile Tommy is cleaning the mirrors in the WA. While he does, Holly is brushing and teeth and simultaneously telling Jessica about her night sweats last night. Both Jack and Michie have been singing and BB tells them to stop. 


11:17 AM BBT Michie has done Nick's hair this morning in a mini makeover. Christie says it is a big improvement.


11:21 AM BBT David, Cliff, Christie, Jessica, Sam and Nick are all sitting at the DR table. Christie and Jessica are putting their makeup on because they say that the lighting in the DR is so much better than in the WA. There are too many shadows in there. 


11:23 AM BBT At the DR table, Cliff and the others are discussing if one of the HGs were really one of Cliff's kids, which one would it be? They think that because of his age and hair color, maybe Kat. They then discuss how Dick and Daniele look nothing alike. Nick says that Christie has been off her cycle for 2 days now. Being married, Cliff says that keeping track of one's cycle is a very dangerous game. 


11:30 AM BBT Nicole is talking to herself in the CBR. She says that a rolling stone gathers no moss and she is a rolling stone. Kemi joins her. They are discussing how game aside, being in the house shows a lot about each other. Kemi says that she doesn't appreciate the way Bella handled Nicole last night and that Bella would never try to have that type of conversation with me. "Don't try to pick on people that you feel aren't as strong as you." 


11:35 AM BBT Kemi tells Nicole that she hopes that Nicole gets picked to play veto and wins it. That ensures their protection. Nicole says she wants to talk to Nick but Bella would follow him. Kemi tells her to go to him right now and say politely that she wants to talk to the HoH alone. 

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11:40 AM BBT All the HGs are getting ready to pick players for veto so the game talk is very limited. However Nick did tell Sam that he hopes that Sam is picked for veto. Kemi and Nicole are both hoping to play thinking it is the only thing that prevents them from going home. Christie, Jack and Tommy have officially deemed they are a F3 alliance called LOL for Lots of Love.


LOL Alliance.jpg


LOL Alliance Group of 3.jpg



11:49 AM BBT Tommy, Jack and Christie agreed that if they win the veto, they take their shot and take Cliff off. Jack and Christie talk about their reactions when they won their powers. They both had a hard time keeping quiet about it. 


11:54 AM BBT Jack, Christie and Tommy are still talking in the TBR. Christie tells Jack that Analyse told her that she feels no emotional connection like the other couples and that she will probably talk to him about it later. Jack looks at the ceiling and says "Talk less." 




12:03 PM BBT The feeds return and Tommy is now in the CBR talking to Kat. Kat is saying that she is upset that she (Bella) used the bullying card. That's such a harsh card to play. She continues that Nicole had told her that the outsiders were being picked off and Kat needs to remember that. Kat says that she didn't understand that because she doesn't feel like one of the outsiders. 


12:06 PM BBT Kat and Tommy continue to talk about Nicole and yesterday's events. Tommy says that the three of them are similar in that they all 3 get along with the whole house. But Nicole got caught playing both sides and now she is suffering for it. 


12:09 PM BBT Kat continues to wonder why she is being described as an outsider. Tommy tells her not to think much of it.  There are 3 showmances in the house. The others aren't thinking past the 3 showmances. Anyone not in a showmance is an outsider. 


12:15 PM BBT Lots of general chit chat is going on. The HGs are passing time waiting to pick players for veto. Tommy and Kat are in the CBR. Kemi, Nick, Ovi, Cliff, Christie, Michie and Analyse are hanging out in the WA. 


12:24 PM BBT Tommy has left Kat and is now talking to Holly in the bedroom. She asks why he isn't with the others in the WA. He says he can't just hang out in there. It is too nasty. She says that the couch in there is so comfortable. He says it is too scavy for him. 


12:35 PM BBT Bella is talking to Tommy in the BRL. Bella tells Tommy about Analyse saying that she has no emotional connection with Jack and that she was going to discuss it with him later. Bella asks Tommy how that will impact their game. Tommy says it entirely depends on how it goes down. Tommy tells Bella that Analyse thinks she is taking the heat for being in a showmance but doesn't feel like she is part of his group. Bella worries that if they (Jack and Analyse) are taking seriously as a couple then they are a really big target. 


12:38 PM BBT Bells expresses concerns that Analyse and Jack's rocky relationship may impact Gr8teful if it ends badly. Tommy says it is too soon to say. If it came down to it and Jack and Analyse are targeted, then Analyse is the first to go. He thinks that it is their goal to separate though. 


12:41 PM BBT Tommy says that the most important thing is to keep Gr8teful together. He also says that he feels for Nicole and sees himself in her. They both have floater personalities. But she had to pick a side and she played it the wrong way. 


12:49 PM BBT We are back to general chit chat. Half the house is sitting in the BRL. The other half are hanging outside the camper. They are still waiting to pick players for the veto. 


1:05 PM BBT Christie, Tommy, Bella, Jessica, Jack and Cliff are talking in the BRL. They discuss relationships. Christie thinks Kat has a great body. She loves Jessica's spirituality. She loves Bella's edginess. If she had to pick one as her mate, probably Bella but they might lock horns once in a while. 


1:16 PM BBT Those in the BRL are discussing their "types". Cliff says that before he was married he did date a few Asian girls. And he was always attracted to girls that were tall. He didn't need them to be the small athletic types. He is opinionated and stubborn so he needs a strong pattern. His wife is strong like that. She holds her own when they argue because she is as stubborn as he is. He could never be with someone who is self-centered. It's all about them all the time and that drives him bonkers. 


1:23 PM BBT Analyse and Michie are talking in the KT. He tells her that Kat is talking smack about him in her DRs and he is mad about it. He said he found out when they were doing the Whacktivity Comp yesterday. He says he has had the opportunity to say all kinds of things but hasn't out of respect. BB tells them not to discuss their DR sessions with other HGs. 


1:28 PM BBT Kemi has joined them in the BRL and this results in several leaving. Jessica has a hard time getting out of it and says so out loud. All that remain in there now are Jack, Tommy and Kemi. WBRB. 


1:30 PM BBT Cliff has gone up to Analyse and asked her if she objects to him picking her if he gets HG choice. She says that's fine, but she heard that he told people that he wanted to go after couples and that Analyse and Jack was the first couple. She said she is her own person and wants to play her own game. He tells her that he did say that with all the couples, he does feel like an outsider. But he never said anything about going after them ever. Meanwhile Jack is telling Tommy that he is aware that Analyse is trying to break things off with him. He says she is trying to save her own game and he gets that. As long as she isn't throwing him under the bus at the same time. Cliff spends the next 10 minutes assuring her that he does not want to go after her. He then goes to Jack to share it with him as well. Jack tells Cliff to pick him when he gets up there. "I got you." 

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1:28 PM BBT Kitchen: Michie is telling Sis about David's comment regarding Kat. David said that he wouldn't go for that; that he didn't want anyone's "sloppy seconds"


1:28 PM BBT The HGs in the boat room are getting tired of waiting for veto picks. (Jess, Kat, Jack, Tommy, Sam)

Sam- when are we getting these freaking veto picks

Jess- why? can't wait to play?

Sam- Yeah

Jack- I think it's a speed puzzle thing...I can feel it

Sam- I'm gonna get picked

Jack- I'm gonna crush this thing

Tommy- I don't think I'll get picked


*Kemi walks in to the boat room and tells Tommy she has something going on with her ear that has spread through her neck. Tommy thinks it's her earrings. Jack and Tommy suggest she drink a lot of water  (possible skin allergy from hoop earrings, perhaps)

1:32 PM BBT Christie enters the boat room and starts telling Jack, Tommy and Kemi about Drew Barrymore's movie Riding in Cars With Boys and how much she loves it.

Christie then comments that Nick is done already so they are probably wrapping things up (so veto pick is probably soon)

1:40 PM BBT The HGs in the kitchen are chowing down on Fiber Choice tablets (Holly, Kat, Jackson, Christie Jess). They all complain of being bloated and constipated. Christie said she hasn't gone in 4 days. Jackson suggests she take 6 tablets (OMG). Kat says no, just one. Jess says 2-6. Kat says she doesn't want to get the shits, but she takes one anyway.


1:40 PM BBT The HGs in the kitchen are chowing down on Fiber Choice tablets (Holly, Kat, Jackson, Christie Jess). They all complain of being bloated and constipated. Christie said she hasn't gone in 4 days. Jack suggests he take 6 tablets (OMG). Kat says no, just one. Jess says 2-6. Kat says she doesn't want to get the shits, but she takes one anyway.   {They fail to realize all the chocolate is probably the culprit!  They eat a lot of Hershey's miniatures.  -MamaLong}


1:52 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole in the campsite room. Kemi asks if she's talked with Nick yet.

Nicole- I wanted to but I couldn't get him alone. She was in there. (she being Bella)

Kemi- something weird is going on again



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1:56 PM BBT Cliff and Jack in the WA

Cliff tells Jack he wants to earn his trust back. He wants him to play in the veto for him. He assures Jack that he and Sis are not his targets "I've been looking for somewhere to land the whole time."

Jack- you'll find your way. I got your back

cliff trying to survive.png



2:06 PM BBT Nick was just called to DR, so veto picks are likely coming

2:12 PM BBT Kitty Cam "Houseguest are shooting something awesome..."

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2:00 PM BBT Tommy is teaching the girls some of his dance routines from Broadway. At 2:11 PM we get kitties. Players are being picked for veto.


2:33 PM BBT The feeds return. Nicole is in the BR and says that this sucks so bad. Jessica got HG choice and picked Christie. Christie tells Jessica that it was a good choice.


2:38 PM BBT Christie and Jessica are talking alone. Christie is telling her that regardless what happens, the house wants Nicole gone. Jessica says she is aware but she does not want continue being put up as a pawn. She doesn't want to be that person. 


2:40 PM BBT Kat goes to Nicole and hugs her. Kat says that she doesn't expect to win it. She loves Jessica and she does not think she could use the veto on Jessica since Cliff picked her. It might be better if she just doesn't win it or wins it and not use it. 


2:43 PM BBT Kat tells Nicole to try to be calm and don't revive the drama from yesterday. Things change so fast. Think of week 1. Kemi was the one going home. Look how quick things change. Meanwhile Christie is telling Jessica that yesterday was all about Bella and Nicole lying to each other. None of that has anything to do with anyone else. 


2:45 PM BBT Nick has joined Jess and Christie. He tells them that he could care less who wins it as long as they use the veto. He wants Nicole out that badly. Nick to Jess "You told me right before the ceremony that someone was playing both sides. You knew it." 

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2:48 PM BBT In the HoH, Nick and Christie both tell Jessica that if they win the veto then they will use it on her. Christie says she has no loyalty to Cliff at all. 


2:51 PM BBT Kat and Nicole continue to talk in the CBR. Nicole knows that the goal is to backdoor her. Kat is trying to cheer her up telling her that there are still a lot of people in her corner. Nicole "I hope so. Doesn't feel that way right now." 


2:55 PM BBT Kat has joined Bella and Tommy in the BRL. Tommy tells her that if it is a balancing thing then Kat is a sure thing for the POV. Kat asks what she should do if she wins it. She would want to use it on Jessica but Cliff picked her. Tommy tells her to talk to Nick and to talk to him before she talks to anyone else. 


3:02 PM BBT Analyse has joined Bella and Tommy in the BRL. They are trying to work out who has the powers. Meanwhile holly has walked in on Christie, Jack and Jessica who were talking in the TBR. Christie calls Holly the hostess with the most-est. It appears Holly is hosting the competition.


3:08 PM BBT Analyse, Bella and Sam have gone up to the HoH room. Nick soon follows. He tells them that Nicole is asking to talk to him on a personal level. Nick tells them that everyone is taking Jess off except for Cliff.


3:13 PM BBT Michie joins Nick, Sam, Bella and Analyse in the HoH. NIck asks Michie if he is taking Jess down if he wins veto and Michie says yes. 


Veto Players are: Nick, Cliff, Jessica, Christie, Kat and Michie. Holly is hosting.


3:17 PM BBT Cliff, Jessica, Jack and Holly are in the TBR. Holly says she wants to get ready in case they get a doorbell. Jack says they are getting a doorbell. Holly, who wants to host, tells him no doorbell and to get the bad juju out of here. 


3:18 PM BBT Cliff and Jessica are now alone in the TBR. They feel like whoever wins, neither are the real target. Jessica says she picked out of pure gut. Jessica and Cliff both say that they are both unaware of all that happened with Nicole and neither wanted to get in the middle of that by picking her for veto. 


3:23 PM BBT Feeds briefly go to kitties and when they return BB is telling them not to talk about production. 


3:30 PM BBT Christie, Nick, Bella and Analyse are lounging on the HoH bed. Meanwhile Nicole and Kemi are in the THB playing backgammon. Kemi tells her that they have never really had a chance to play the game. Nicole says this is like playing games in high school. The boys have to try to dominate like slapping a frisbee out of your hand. Nicole just wants to play but not to compete this way. 

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3:38 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole are upstairs in the THB discussing that there is life outside these BB walls so the way they compete so hard doesn't make sense. Meanwhile Kat, Jessica, Holly and Michie are talking outside the camper. Jessica is explaining that she Nicole wanted her to pick her but she just couldn't. She couldn't jeopardize her own game like that. 


3:44 PM BBT Kat and Jessica go to the CBR. Kat says she hates to be petty, but she doesn't know why Kemi is still here. She keeps asking her where her hug is and she doesn't know why she is begging for hugs. 


3:48 PM BBT Kat tells Jessica that she thinks Bella is playing a dirty game. And Nicole is saying Kudos to Bella for playing a dirty game. That means that both of them are playing dirty games. 


3:49 PM BBT Kat tells Jessica that she doesn't think Nicole is the evil girl that she is paintedas. There is probably some reason for what's she's doing. She asks Jessica to keep that between them. Meanwhile Michie has joined Kemi and Nicole. Kemi tells him she needs a hug. He hugs both of them and tells them both that they have a heart of gold. 


 4:00 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole are still upstairs in the THB. Kemi admits that she doesn't like these people. From what she sees, their personalities are a liability. Meanwhile Kat and Jessica are still whispering in the CBR about the upcoming veto. 


4:04 PM BBT Kat and Jessica are talking about how they need to continue to work together. Eventually the couples are going to break apart. They are going to need to count on each other. They can do more damage together. Meanwhile Kemi and Nicole continue to discuss Bella and how unstable she is. 


4:14 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show David sitting alone in the LR. They switch to the HoH where ove half the house are trying to nap. Analyse says she is going to leave because they are boring her. BB reminds them that they are not supposed to be sleeping during the day. 


4:17 PM BBT Jessica has joined Kemi and Nicole in the THB. Jessica wants to give her an explanation why she didn't pick her for the veto. Jessica tells her that she doesn't serious game with her and isn't sure where Nicole's head is at. Kemi offers to leave and Jessica says she can stay. Nicole says that she wants her to stay because she could use a witness since everything she says is twisted. Kemi says she will go change and come back. Jessica continues to say that she couldn't blow up her game and anger so many of the house when she had no assurances that Nicole would use the veto on her with Cliff sitting next to her. 


4:20 PM BBT Nicole is crying to Jessica saying that her word is her word and she would have used the veto on Jessica. She feels like she has no one. Jessica tells her that as a person she adores her. When this game is over, she wants to be friends and get to her and her boyfriend better. Jessica tells her that Nicole can tell the difference between reality and game and Nicole has been a great friend. 

2019-07-13-16.23.07-Cam 4.jpg

2019-07-13-16.23.59-Cam 3.jpg

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4:24 PM BBT Nicole and Jessica continue to talk in the BB house. Nicole says she understands why Jessica would question who Nicole would use the veto on, her or Cliff. But she just doesn't feel like she belongs here. Jessica tells her that she does belong here and this could have all happened to anyone. Meanwhile everyone in the HoH are wondering what they are talking about.


4:29 PM BBT Kemi and Ovi are whispering in the WA. She tells him that she can't remember a season where things have gotten so bad like this so early in the game. She says that the others are clearly picking on Nicole. Kemi tells him about how Bella ranted at Nicole yesterday and wasn't adult enough to even let Nicole speak.


4:31 PM BBT Ovi tells Kemi in the WA that he is disgusted with how they have isolated Nicole. Kemi says that she was mad at Jack from Day 2 but they at least had a grown up conversation. Last night with Bella, that was not a grown up conversation. 


4:33 PM BBT Kemi and Ovi both are tired of pretending in this game. They thought this was going to be fun. This is crazy. Meanwhile Jessica continues to talk to Nicole in the THB. Jessica tells her that she likes Nicole and Kemi personally. Jessica is telling her that Kemi is not beneficial to her game. She says it is all very complicated. Jessica "I see you are hurting and I want to comfort you." Nicole says she gets it.


4:38 PM BBT Kemi tells Ovi that these people will take something you said in confidence and then weaponize it against you. She doesn't want to be associated with people like that. They are getting mad at her for playing the game. It's stupid. If Bella was removed from the situation, this would not be happening. She is like the first lady of the HoH and her personality is more dominant than his. She is the HoH. 


4:40 PM BBT Nicole quotes Joey Lawrence to Jessica. Only one person is meant to win and everything happens for a reason. She says she can't believe what she has learned about herself and that her journey is so different than everyone else. Jessica tells her that she is not as alone as she thinks. 


4:46 PM BBT Ovi has gone up to the THB and gives Nicole a hug. He says that he will let her and Jessica continue to talk and come back later. 


4:48 PM BBT Kemi has rejoined Nicole and Jessica in the THB. Nicole tells both of them that she came to play and not compete in this way. She thinks she needs to leave and let them compete because she doesn't have it in her. Meanwhile those in the HoH are debating if they are playing the veto today or tomorrow. They can play tomorrow and have the meeting on Tuesday. They agree that if the comp doesn't start by 6 then they won't have enough lighting.


4:51 PM BBT Tommy and Ovi want to play Backgammon. They go to the THB and ask if they are done playing. Kemi says for shaved Tommy, yes he can have the game. For unshaved Tommy, no he can't. He laughs. Ovi and Tommy leave them alone and take the game to the HoH room to play. 


5:00 PM BBT The meeting between Kemi, Nicole and Jessica is done and Nicole walks away. Christie joins them. She says that what is happening is terrible and this would not be happening if she was the HoH. They joke that they need to discuss this with production and change some rules around here. 

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5:45 PM BBT Bella, Kat and Nicole are talking in the CBR. Bella says that she was hurt that Nicole turned on Nick and called him a bully after he tried to protect her. Nicole says says that she sat there and allowed Bella to rant and rant and then, unlike an educated adult, you refused to hear my side of the story. She said that Bella ranted on her personally, ranted on her game-wise, ranted on things she had told her in confidence. Bella noted that she is an educated adult and that Nicole is just being defensive. Nick, Sam and Holly all come in during the conversation. Nick is the one that walks away agreeing to talk to Nicole at a later time. Tommy says that this is not productive. The you said versus you said is not helping. Nick says that it isn't about productive. They need to say their peace and let it go. 


5:58 PM BBT Bella tells Nicole that she and the others got together and shared their side of things and that they all came to the same conclusion and that is why you are floundering. Nicole says that in not being allowed to speak to anyone, it was easy for her to become public enemy number 1. Bella interrupts and when Nicole comments Bella "I am going to finish."


6:00 PM BBT Nicole is accused of putting Tommy's and Jack's names out there. Nicole says she never did but that Bella did. Nick "Bella would never..." Bella "I never did that." Nicole "Yes you did. I am glad you are denying it." Nick then interrupts and says that he is going to speak now. He makes more accusations including that she lied about him calling Holly a bi**h but the feeds switch temporarily. The feeds return to Bella, Nicole and Nick. Nick says that him fishing for information is not throwing names out there and he never called Holly a bi**h. Nicole says that yes he did. 


6:06 PM BBT Nick starts to raise his voice. He says that Nicole used him. She used her anxiety claims and he doesn't even know if her anxiety is real. He gets louder and louder and says that he cried over this. He demands to know if she is healthy or not. Bella goes to move close to him. The feeds abruptly switch to Kemi and Jessica in the BRL. 


6:10 PM BBT The feeds return to Nicole and Nick with Bella, Holly and Tommy looking on. She says her own game is unbeknownst to her. She isn't the pretty girl or the jock. Nick "You are pretty". Nicole says whatever, but alliances were formed and I have no game face. It is all just me. So, here I am on my raft with nobody trying to fit in this house. So, I did get up to the others to get them to talk to her.

Angry Nick.jpg


2019-07-13-18.16.56-Cam 2.jpg


6:19 PM BBT Nicole says from her point of view that she hitched her wagon to Bella and Nick and she was proud of herself. And then Bella said all that...Nick interrupts and says it wasn't her it was me. 


6:22 PM Nick says that "everything you told us, you told others". Tommy says that both sides thought you had said that you were being bullied. When both sides think they are being told the same things, it makes it look like you are saying these things. 


6:27 PM BBT Nick and Nicole continue to go round and round in the CBR with Tommy and Holly looking on. Nicole says she didn't mean for any of this to happen. Nick says it was brilliant game play. Nicole "but it was unintentional" Nick "it was still brilliant". Nick says the thing that got him the most was her saying that he called Holly a bi**h. Nicole apologizes to Holly for misinterpreting that. 

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6:33 PM BBT Nick says he was mad about the Holly thing. He was mad about Nicole making it seem like he was targeting a select couple of people. He was just putting out feelers and he has learned not to say anyone's name ever. He again says that it was a brilliant game move and she again says that it was not intentional. 


6:40 PM BBT The conversation keeps going on while the rest of the house goes about their business. Bella turns it around on Nicole and tells her that she is using her insecurities against them. Bella says she was caught in a lie and she knows it. Nicole says that Bella is manipulating things. Bella tells Nick that Nicole said that she was uneducated. Nicole says she was accused of swearing on the life of her grandmother when her grandmother was deceased. She swore on her grave, not her life. 


6:48 PM BBT Nick tells Nicole that he respects her opinion which upsets Bella. Bella storms out.

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7:20 PM BBT Just prior to the feeds cutting for the veto competition, the LOL alliance (Tommy, Jack, Christie) met in the storage room declaring that Nicole is not a target and they will keep her around to take a shot at Nickella. They admire that Nicole called out Bella as the problem that she undoubtedly has proven to be.

Christie- let her take the f'ing shot at them... I'm not playing anyone else's game...we felt the way we felt about them last week because they were deceiving us

Jack- 1000%

Tommy-I asked him what happened with Nicole...she looked really upset...he said she would put up Holly/Sis...I said well that's not good, and he said well, it's not me

Christie- he don't care about anybody [sic]...he wanted to make an alliance with us against the 8...I'm not into it and I have a really powerful 'f'ing power...I'm not voting her out...that's not good for my game

Tommy- if Six Shooters were to approach Nicole and say we believe you, we want to work with her, what would that do?

Christie- we tell her like 5 minutes before eviction

Jack- when she comes off the f'ing block alive we tell her we were the f'ing votes (that save her)...we knew you weren't lying...say 'had to let you float'

Christie- I want to see what kind of comp it is and if no one is doing well, I'll let Jess win and take herself off

Jack- we have to find a way to manipulate it so he takes Jess off (if Michie wins)....if Cliff wins we are f'ed

Christie- she has a family (Nicole has been saying she has no one in the house....now she has been adopted, even if she doesn't know it just yet) 

Jack- we tell her we have her back

Tommy- we say "we believed you all along"


LOL's target is Cliff for this week. Christie said he has to go because he is targeting the couples and would work with Ovi and Ovi's power should Ovi make it back


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9:43 PM BBT The feeds are back 

  Kat   won The Power of Veto 

Kat and Jessica are celebrating in the storage room

Tommy- we called it

Christie- she was meant to win it

Kat (to Jess) obviously I'm taking you off


Cliff will undoubtedly be put up in place of Jess and will be evicted because Christie isn't willing to use her power to save him

9:55 PM BBT Christie to SIs, Kat, CLiff and Holly in the Target bedroom- "I prayed before the comp...I'm really excited that I get to play....grateful to get to play but if I'm not meant to win let me lose it in a weird way....make it obvious that I'm not supposed to win. The puzzle was 17 pieces. If it had been 16 it would have been a sign....but, I was going hard on my hands and knees....I got 16 and was on my hands and knees then Cliff kicks over mine and says Christie, you have your 17th piece....I really, really hope they show me packing saying please universe, make it impossible for me to win (laughing) I did horrible and now I don't have to make a decision...(to Kat) you killed it.....Kat's mensa

Kat- this was a really fun Big Brother Comp


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9:45pm BBT


Feeds have returned and Kat has the veto in her hand. Jessica and Kat go to the storage room and celebrate.


Nicole goes to the rv bedroom, she says, “I don't know what that means but maybe it will be positive.”


House guests are in the bathroom lounge talking about the competition. They mention colored pieces, and that someone told them to talk talking s**t about them because they hear everything.


In the kitchen:


Sam says the veto meeting will be a s**t show, and it will be great.


Holly thinks it will be tomorrow.


They are sharing melon and Sam is taking it to the bathroom lounge area to share.


Nicole is in the kitchen, sitting at the counter, no one is talking to her.


Christie takes Sis to the target bedroom. She tells Sis that she was excited to play, but not really wanting to win. Holly comes into the room. Christie tells them that getting rid of Nicole is not good for their game. Christie tells them she is not voting to evict Nicole, she is not voting anyone out who is willing to vote Nick or Bella out.


Holly and Sis, say they want the six to talk about it.


Christie says they can tell Nicole after that they saved her.


Christie says things are not sitting right with her.


Michie and Kat come in and Christie continues to talk, but it changes to the competition. Christie talks about her “angel number”, and the signs were that she wasn't supposed to win. She says she asked for a “weird sign.”, Kat laughs and says “you call me weird, I am your weird sign.” Christie tells Kat that she is proud of her for winning.


Cliff comes in during this and asks when the competition will air, he says people may know she won, but will have no idea how she dominated.




Jack and Michie are in the boat bed lounge. Michie questions Jack about the plan to keep Nicole. Season 20 house guests must have been involved in the competition, I have heard Tyler and Kaitlyn mentioned.



Jack explains to Michie that Bella refused to listen to Nicole, and that Nicole was pushed around. He tells them that Christie and Tommy brought up saving Nicole, that Cliff needs to go. Michie says “okay, done deal, I just hope we can trust Nicole.”


Jack says, “Well she's not Nick and Bella.”

Michie, “Can she keep her mouth shut?”

Jack, “We don't tell her until after the vote. ….Kat needs to use the veto on Jessica or not use it.”

Michie says he can work it by telling Kat that Cliff wants to work with them...Jack tells him to wait.


Jack says Nick and Bella did all that bad stuff, but so did the six. He says they will talk to Holly and Sis about this later.”

He says it was good that Michie threw the competition, he saw him do it.


Jack says they need to try and save Nicole this week, at least try.


Michie, “Try and execute.”


They leave the boat bed lounge.


Kat is so excited about winning, everyone is congratulating her, telling her she killed it. (Sounds like both Christie and Michie threw it— Even as disingenuous as the congratulations are, it is nice to see her being so proud of herself. Grannysue)





Nicole and Kemi are in the tree house.


Nicole is asking her to advocate for her, (assuming Kat to not use the veto).



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