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Monday, July 8, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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3:48AM BBT  While the rest of the House is sleeping, Jackson and Holly are studying and counting objects in the living room.  They move to the room outside the RV where Sam is asleep and continue to whisper that they cannot get to comfortable in the house.   Production turned the lights on and they crawled into Holly’s bed and got under the covers.  Holly did not have her mic on so an announcement was made which woke Sam.  Jackson joked into his mic that if production would turn off the lights they would give them a show.  They then decided to move to the Target Bedroom to sleep in Jackson’s bed and they crawled into bed and both got under the covers.  They whispered inaudible and lots of movement under the covers.  

[I missed the rest of anything else happened because I had to start my day]

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Some of the houseguests were up until the wee hours of the morning

Sis sleeping in the HOHR with Jack  again

1:40AM BBT Nick, Nicole, Ovi, and Kemi in the kitchen making/eating crepes.

3:00AM BBT (Nick/Bella, Kemi/Nicole, Jess/Kat)RV bedroom sleepers all in bed; Nickella completely snuggled up

3:50AM BBT Holly/Jackson were cuddling up practically begging for BB to turn out the lights in the campsite area trying an imaginary clapper (claps twice) with Sam snoring in the next bed; earlier, Jackson had been talking about wishing he had never gotten with Kat...that he knows he can't take that back... "it was a ding dong move constructed by my ding dong"

Holly (to production) "SIs is not coming down so you can turn the lights out, please"  

Michie and Holly finally moved to the target room because the campsite room was too hot and the lights were still on

4:00AM BBT Lights out on all cameras



7:25AM BBT Jackson is awake in the kitchen eating apples

7:30AM BBT Jackson makes so much noise. Cliff is much quieter as an early riser; he tries not to make any noise at all.

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8:16 AM BBT  David is up and in the KT, appears to be washing dishes.  Other feeds are on sleeping HGs.

8:30 AM BBT  David is still the only HG awake on the feeds.  He is cleaning the large dining room table.  He has to get on his knees on the benches in order to reach the whole thing. 

8:34 AM BBT  David is sweeping the floor.  The camera focuses on the memory wall pictures.  Strange to see David in B&W,  when he is in front of it.

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8:50 AM BBT  David is finished cleaning and sweeping the KT and dining area.  goes to the WC.  Comes out, washes his hands and checks out his face in the mirror. He takes the WA trash can to the KT to empty it.David checks what cereal is in the KT, and reads the ingredients label on one of them.  He gets his cup out of the fridge to fill it with water, leaving the refrigerator open the entire time. He appears to be filling water jugs and cleaning out the fridge, the doors remain open every time he goes to the sink or trash can.  The fridge starts beeping at him for being open so long, it is no longer at optimal temperature.  He closes it until it stops beeping, then opens it again to continue rearranging items in it.

9:04 AM BBT  While David continues with the fridge, we get FoTH/WBRB  Possible wake up call?!


9:15 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Sam is in the KT telling about his son getting up early, so they got him a clock.  As long as the ball on the clock is red, he cannot come out of his room.  At & AM it will turn green, then he can get up.  David and Jess are listening to the story. Cliff joins the KT crew.  In the target BR, Michie is in bed with Holly, Jack is in bed with Tommy and Christie.  Michie said he didn't sweat last night.   Talking about people smells, farts, musky, etc. 

Cliff comes in to get some clothes. 

9:22 AM BBT  Cliff said he had a dream about Tommy.  As he was explaining it, other people in the room talk over him.  Christie had a dream about him as well.

Christie wasnt to take a shower and wash her hair, but wants to go outside and run and work out first.  Michie wants to work out as well.

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9:26 AM BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are on the WA.  David is brushing his teeth, Sis is sitting on the couch.  No one is talking.  Kemi is now brushing her teeth, and Jess has been sitting on the couch, brushing her teeth for a long time.


No one talking game on any feeds.  Christie wants some breakfast, so does Michie.  He wants some chicken and some egg whites.  Christie said it sounded funny.Talking about smegma is Dick Cheese.  (eew)  Talking about Scottish food, and how it sounds.   Feeds keep cutting to the WA, then back to the target BR, then the WA on all 4 cameras.  Cliff is getting ready to take a shower.


(nothing going on, no game talk.  I am out for a while)



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10:27AM BBT Kemi goes to talk to Jackson in the bulls eye room. After a few minutes, Jackson asks Kemi about the black widow thing.  He's curious if it's one person stirring the pot and trying to plant seeds here and plant seeds there.  Kemi says she wasn't in the room when the black widow alliance started, she was in the DR. She said nicole, jess and bella told her they have this idea of the black widow alliance.  Kemi said she didn't think much of it because it was 3am and she was tired and it was the 2nd week of the game and it didn't make sense.  Kemi said she decided that if someone came to her w/ an alliance, just to take it.  Kemi said they never spoke about it after that because Nick started sleeping in their room.

Kemi said Jess was the one who's been more vocal about making an all women's alliance.  Jackson said he's noticed that.

10:39AM BBT:  Sam's talking to Bella about why he's not using the veto- there's no reason for him to and it would draw lines in the sand.  He said Jess is annoying and he can't deal w/ her for two months. 

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12:49 PM BBT  Michie and Bella have been in the boat room talking about Kemi and Jess.  Michie is doing most of the talking, not letting her say anything.  He tells her that it is day 20 before Kemi even talked to him, so don't think that he will turn on her, Nick and Gr8tful for Kemi.  He lays out how they need to stay strong, and she shouldn't get paranoid if she sees Kemi talking with him.  Kemi is just trying to get the votes to stay.  He says usually couples get picked off, but all three showmances, Bella/Nick, Jack/Sis and Michie/Holly are in the same alliance, so they are good.  Michie does say that Sis is only 22 and just out of a 4 year relationship, and Jack is 29.  That worries him a little.  Sam walks in, then Christie so game talk stops.  Christie is all sweaty, talks to Sam about lavender oil.  The group breaks up, Bella goes to the WA to braid Jack's hair.  Christie does a quick talk to Sam, not sure what about.  He said to let him know if she hears anything, she said she will.

Tommy is going outside, tells Kemi  to keep fighting, he loves her.  The feeds keep jumping around.  Jess is outside talking to Ovi at the pool table, giving her opinion of what she thinks will happen, and the vote doesn't mean they don't like you.  Michie is in the Boat room with Holly, she is putting ice on his ankle again. Jack is still in the WA, keeps doing song lyrics, we get brief FoTH.  BB says to stop singing.  Nick is in the shower, Sam is joking around loudly with Jack.  Tommy is there as well.  Jack tells Tommy to follow him to the HOH.   Sam stays in the WA, stretching his back to something called the doggie paws (yoga?)  Kemi comes in, pleasantries are exhanged, then she leaves again.

1:02 PM BBT  Christie is in the HOH shower, Tommy and Jack go up to talk with her.  They are discussing they don't know why "she" said that two minutes before the veto meeting, knowing that the veto wasn't being used.  Nick came up and said Jackson did say he talked to Kemi to see if he could trust her, Christie said why does he even need to trust her?  Nick leaves, he and Tommy and Jack are going to play corn hole  Feeds cut to the BY, Jess talking more, and more.  She has bee thrown under he bus, she isn't saying names, yada yada yada (her words).

1:08 PM BBT  Kemi is talking with Bella by the pool table.  Kemi is talking about conversations that trust was broken in 10 minutes, not even next day.  Bella and Kemi having a conversation, Kemi feels she has to now talk to Jack, which she didn't want to do, because Michie doesn't trust her and she doesn't trust him. Ovi is running laps by them.  Kemi doesn't know why Bella had to talk with Michie, she is covering well, saying they had an alliance day one, like Kemi Bella and Kat did.  Bella feels Michie wants Kemi on his side, he needs someone right now.  Bella said she isn't going to fight with her over this right now, and leaves.  Kemi goes to the WA, repeating out loud what Bella said, she doesn't want to fight about this right now, and Kemi said no, you have already f'ed my game. 

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1:20PM BBT:  Kemi goes up to talk to Jack after she got upset w/ Bella for telling Jackson something that Jackson told Kemi, then Kemi told Bella (then bella told jackson that kemi told her but Bella tried to justify it to Kemi by saying he would respect it since he knows they're close).  Kemi asks Jack where his head is for this week.  Jack says this week was a tough week and he made his decision based off self defense.  He said he thinks Kemi has been a rockstar on the block for being humble and not causing a scene like Jessica. 

Kemi:  I'm not the type of person to lie.  It's funny because you come into the game thinking you'll play heartless but i don't think i'm the type of person who can stomach lying. my question to you is if you were voting, who would you vote out?

jack: to be honest, i'd vote to the house.

kemi: but an individual vote- do you still see me as a threat

jack:  i absolutely see you as a threat.  moving forward, you still have camp come back.  i'm not going to sit here and lie to your face and tell you that jess is a bigger threat than you. 

kemi:  as far as socially, i feel like i'm not-

jack: i don't know dude, she doesn't know the game well

kemi: but she talks to more people than i do

jack: but she also buries more people than you do.  there's votes that go best for the house and for people i care about in this game.  i can absolutely protect myself and i could absolutely protect the people i care about in this house. so that's where i'm torn.

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1:17 PM BBT  Now Bella is talking with Nick in the BY, telling him her conversations with Kemi and Michie.  She is defending what she did, why she talked with Michie, why Kemi is mad at her and not understanding why.  Nick took his shirt off because he is already sweating.  Nick is going over what he is going to say to Jess, and play up what Jess has said to him and echo it back.  He wants to make sure he is safe with Jess in case she gets HOH next week.  He isn't going to say it until the last day, so it doesn't get back to Kemi.  Bella said Kemi is extremely loyal, she wouldn't put Nick up because of her (Bella).  They said they can't use that logic with Jack tough.  Sis is lying in her bed, she doesn't feel well.  They feel bad for her.  Nick said he has Bella, he won't let anything happen to her. 

1:23 PM BBT  Kemi is in the HOH room talking with Jack.  She said she is not good at lying, she is playing an honest game.  Kemi asks Jack straight out who he would vote for if he had a vote.  He said he would vote with the house, which isn't clear at this time.  He tells her she is a threat to his game, in competitions.  He said Kemi will have a chance to come back due to Camp Comeback.  She feels Jess is more social that she is.  He says she also buries more people.  Jess talks to one person and says one thing, then the next person she talks to she trashes the person she just  finished.  Jack thinks the house guests are going to vote the person back in since Camp Comeback is still in the house.  Kemi tells him she promises not to put him up next week. Kat rings the doorbell.  Jack says to come talk to him any time.  Kemi leaves, he tells Kat he is already being campaigned to today.  He told Kat that he told Kemi she is a fierce competitor.

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1:27PM BBT:  Christie filling Analyse in on stuff that happened this afternoon.  I can't catch it all but Analyse says, "Is jackson f*ing ret***ed?"

Sys: is jackson dumb?  (i think about jackson telling people that jack has the power) Jackson's not only blowing up his own game, but he's blowing up ours. 

Christie says he's selfish.  Christie said jackson's an egomaniac and wants to just be the one to deliver news to people. 

They agree there's no reason for him to tell the info that he shared.  They both want to talk to Bella really bad.


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1:30 PM BBT  Kemi, Kat and Jess are in the WA.  Kat asks Kemi if she is going to lay out today.  Kemi said she doesn't try to tan, why do people keep asking her?  Kat said Kemi has that great skin tone already.  They are in the RV room, talking about their figures, and both Kat and Kemi have boob jobs.  They discuss saline vs silicone and Kat was 21 while Kemi was 19.  Nicole comes in to change, doesn't trust the cameras.  Kemi said Nicole is a 32 C.  Kat was surprised, Kemi said she is hiding it.




**Reneshe**  Jackson is telling of his conversation with Kemi

(  I gotta start cooking dinner)

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1:37PM BBT Jackson and Jack alone in the boat room

Jack: so what's up w/ what you said

jackson: i told kemi stuff to see if she would repeat it

jack: why, she's already dead

jackson tells jack about his conversations.  bella comes out and says that i said i was going to put bella up on the block next week if i win HOH. I explained to bella that's day 20, she's in gr8ful, why the f would i, on day 20, why would i tell kemi that i was going to put you up

jack: so you never said that?

jackson: no.  straight up. 

jack: well it's been said that you confirmed that was said and you were testing her trust

jackson: confirmed by who

jack: bella said you confirmed it

jackson: where's bella?? bella said she trust you but she's not able to trust you fully

jack: WTF

jackson: i told her for 15 mins how important it is that we stay together as an 8.  there's no way in hell that i said that.

jack: well i'll go handle it

jackson: i'll talk to her too.

jack says they need to stay calm.

jack:  but the story was that you told kemi that to see if you can trust kemi.  i'm going to handle it. 

jackson: i'm not upset about it, i'm laughing about it. i'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

1:49PM BBT Bella goes to the hammock where cliff, jack, sys and nick are and she confirms that jackson did say that he said stuff to Kemi to test her.  Jack said that there's a misunderstanding because jackson said that didn't happen.  jack tells Bella to go talk to Jackson.  Bella walks off. 

Jackson's in the kitchen showing David his injured foot. Bella's standing in the kitchen.

1:52PM BBT In the storage room:  bella said we confirmed that you said those things that were already known

jackson: but i never told her that i was going to put you up to test her.

they agree there was a misunderstanding.  All is good, they're on the same page.

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3:00 PM BBT Most of the HGs are laying out by the pool, Sis and Jack are eating in the kitchen; Ovi and David were given fresh uniforms.

Jordan (male) comes over the speaker, "Houseguests, this is Jordan..."  *feeds cut

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4:36PM BB HG sitting around outside. CHatting about Halloween and costumes. No game talk.


4:41PM BBT In the LR, Jack and Christie get ready to pop a pimple on Nick's back. They said it is going to smell. The feeds cut from them and we have all 4 on the BY crew general chatting.


4:45PM BBT Kemi joins Nicole on the hammock. THey talk about Kat being hot. They discuss hwo they are a good looking group of HG. Kemi then tells her she thinks she is done. She says that it may have been the last nail in her coffin.


4:54PM BBT Nicole and Kemi talking about Bella. They are both talking about how they thought Bella was smarter then how she is playing. Kemi wonders if Jack knows what is going on beore he hitched his wagon to Bella.

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5:05PM BBT Kat, Holly and Analyse are sunbathing. They are talking about eating better and sushi. They agree they need to go to Maui and eat sushi.


5:16PM BBT NIcole and Kemi going over each of the HG and their games. Nothing really positive. Nicole says that it is just luck who you end up in the house with.


5:28PM BBT Tommy is cooking in the KT. General chatting in the BY.



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6:01PM BBT Kemi, Holly and Kat decide to have a BB brunch tomorrow. Kat says they can girly it up and have fun.She is very excited.


6:06PM BBT Michie and Holly in the SR discussing Kat. Holly says that Kat doesn't want to be a floater. Michie says she was in an alliance and then ran her mouth and they had to kick her out. He is snacking as he wanders the SR.


6:09PM BBT Holly finds a pair of shorts in the SR. She thinks they may be hers but not sure. She heads to the BR and looks at a nother pair in her suitcase. She drops those shorts on the fllor and puts the pair on that she found. She says they are shorter then she remembers. She steps on the pair she took out of her suitcase and steps out of the room.


6:11PM BBT Katand Jess discussing brunch foods. Kat says they can add mussolini to yogurt.Jess asks if she means museli. Kat says yes, mussolini. Cliff comes into the SR. He is looking for a white knife they had. It is missing.


6:19PM BBT Kat and Analyse are in the WCA giggling about the guys and Kat asks  her if she and him talk about their feelings like she does.



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9:00 PM   A run-down of the Michie/Kemi/Bella fiasco: The entire day centered around a conversation Michie was seen having with Kemi. They were talking about the presumed "all girls' alliance" and the Black Widows being blown up and Kemi told the truth about how she walked in to the RV after DR and after the creation of the BW so she really didn't know who created it (Bella's initial idea, but Jess suggested the name.) Michie told Kemi that he saw a common denominator for the whole thing (meaning Bella being the one to create it and Bella being the one to bury Jess with it). He was definitely fishing with Kemi to see if she would agree, but Kemi did not bite. The conversation ended with Jackson suggesting to Kemi that he didn't trust Bella and that he thought she (Kemi) was a great game player because he loved her transparency and confidence (everyone loves how Kemi is handling the nom: her attitude is just that she would have done the same thing, Jack was just able to fire first). Kemi did not tell Jackson anything about the widows and carried it off as passing conversation but nothing official (she did a great job covering the BW and Bella). Kemi then went straight to Bella and told her everything about her talk with Jackson...that Michie was fishing/talking about her (Bella) in a manner that made it obvious he sees her as a problem (yes, this was true....Michie was talking about Bella as if she was a threat) and that Kemi did not react or respond to Jackson in a way that made Bella/Kemi seem aligned. Bella was mad that Jackson toyed with the idea that she (Bella) was any kind of threat or manipulator and even though Kemi told her not to say anything, Bella went straight to Jackson and confronted him on it.  The only ones that know about Jack's power are Michie (J/J are the "Bros" a final 2) and Christie (Jack has a final 2 with her, too).  Kemi was furious that Bella went to Michie to confirm that whole  "Bella is a threat" idea that Michie planted in Kemi (he said it was a test to see if she would say anything to Bella) and around 12:30 PM Kemi was cooling off alone in the storage room stating that she can't believe Bella did that...she can't trust her to keep her f'ing mouth shut, etc. Kemi then approached Bella to clear the air, but the conversation was going nowhere other than Bella telling Kemi she had a final 3 day 1 with Jack and Jackson (crikey, Bella) which Kemi did not see as relevant.....and Bella walked away saying "I'm not gonna fight with you". Kemi has remained calm and controlled, only revealing her fire to feedsters in the storage room and RV (alone) and  privately confiding in Nicole that she realizes Bella is just out for herself and playing both sides of the house. Jack got involved after Christie delivered an incorrect synopsis by talking with Michie and Bella, but the Gr8ful Goo was able to solidify their alliance and things then calmed down. The funny thing about this whole "girls' alliance" thing is that the guys in Gr8ful are not at all worried about the ladies. Little do they know that Holly/Sis have continually proclaimed they would choose girls over guys and are basically just using the guys for some canoodling and ego boosting. Christie has a final 2 with Tommy that will surely do well, as Christie is also just ego boosting the Bros. Should Kemi survive, she will surely move forward to eliminate the Bros with the help of Nicole & Cliff....and Bella, too....she will just work with whoever is in power. Bella continually tries to keep herself off target, and doesn't care whose game she sinks (even when they are in HER BW alliance) in the process. Strangely, though, the whole conversation about "girls' alliance" from Jack was initially in regards to the suggestion Jess made prior to camp director...Bella just mistakenly assumed that somehow Jack got word about BW so Bella thought she was protecting herself (because this was all before Jack made his noms) and  blew that alliance up thinking the widows were dead in the water and not wanting to be associated with them in the mind of the HOH.  (*Sis's comment about Jackson being "dumb" and a "retard" was also based on wrong info. from Christie's take on the fiasco...not about Jack's power; it was about him having the conversation with Kemi at all and mentioning the whole Bella thing...possibly screwing Gr8ful). Sis doesn't even know about Jack's power. 


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6:30PM BBT: General conversation throughout the BB House. 

6:41PM BBT: Ovi and Jackson are in the HOHR talking about David. Jackson says David told him he's not "gunning for him" anymore and that "things have changed." Jackson says he's not buying it. They both agree that they don't believe him. Jackson says his "gut has said it from day one," that David will be gunning for him. He says David wouldn't just let a grudge like that go. Jackson asks Ovi what alliance David has been talking about, Ovi says he doesn't know. BB cuts the feeds. When the feeds are back, Jackson is telling Ovi why he voted him out. He says he wasn't going to go against the house. Ovi says he understands. "I wish it was different," Jackson says, "I would much rather have you here than Kat." Ovi says it's "water under the bridge."


6:45PM BBT: Jackson tells Ovi that the house thought he had a superpower and also because Ovi is smart, that's why he was voted out. Jackson proceeds to list all the reasons why Ovi is smarter than Kat. He calls Kat an "airhead," he says she "doesn't know left from purple" and talks about how she's only here for "Instagram fame" and "doesn't know Big Brother at all." He says no one wanted Ovi to go. Ovi says he felt like they did have the numbers with their five person alliance. Jackson says according to the BB "rule book" he wasn't allowed to tell Ovi he was going home. Jackson also says "a lot of people were going back and forth," on the last vote. "No one in our alliance wanted you to go," Jackson says, "Jack f***ing loves you." Jackson goes on to say that there's no one he would rather work with than Ovi.


6:50PM BBT: Christie, Analyse, and Holly are whispering in the TBR about Jack. Analyse says she "feels so stupid." Christie tells her not to feel that way. Tommy walks in and interrupts Christie's story. They tell him they're "being girls." Christie resumes her story about Jack. Analyse continues to say she feels "stupid" and that she's "immature." Christie and Tommy tell her she's not either of those things. Analyse is afraid that Kemi and Jess will put Analyse and Jack up together. Christie tells her that if that were the case Jack would go home and their showmance would be over. Analyse continues to worry about it. Christie says Analyse is such a "real person." Analyse starts to cry.



6:55PM BBT: Ovi and Jackson are still talking in the HOHR. Ovi asks if it's a vote to come back into the house if he'll vote for Ovi to come back. Jackson says he will absolutely vote Ovi back in, he doesn't want anyone else who is evicted back in the house other than Ovi. Jackson says he knows David is asking about him to several HGs. He says that's "concerning." He knows David is coming for him if he gets back in the house. Ovi asks Jackson if he won the last power, Jackson says he didn't win it. He says he thinks Sam won it.


7:00PM BBT: Jackson and Ovi discuss what they think the last power was and what the third power will be. Jackson tells Ovi they have to get Kemi out this week because she will play in next the next comp for the power. Ovi thanks Jackson for talking to him. Jackson says he "would never lie" to Ovi.


7:00PM BBT: In the TBR, Tommy and Christie are telling Analyse that they will have her back. Analyse is still upset. She says she's here's for her own game. Tommy says people are just bored and that's why everyone is talking about Analyse and Jack. The conversation goes in circles several times.


7:03PM BBT: David, Bella, Kat, and Nick are in the KT. David doesn't want any coffee so he'll sleep later. Kat asks Nick to pour her some coffee. Ovi joins them in the KT.

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11:10PM BBT:  Nick and Sys are talking and she tells him that she had sex with jack.  He asked how was it. She said she it was good and she was surprised how big Jack was. Nick said he's not surprised because you can see it when he walks around.  Nick says Jack's packing heat.  He asked if they got in the shower and she says yes.  Cameras cut for a minute.

11:14PM BBT:  Sys tells Nick it lasted for a long time.  He asked 20 minutes and she said longer than that.  I think he asked if she got off and she said yes.  He said good for you.  Nick asked if they f***ed or if they did other s**t.  She said maybe and she giggles.  Nick:  Were you sitting down?  He lifted you up and did it?? 

Sys:  I was standing up.  Cameras cut to the back yard for a minute. 

11:23:  Nick asks if they actually showered too.  Sys says yes because i like to be clean.  Nick asked where Jack finished.  Sys:  The first time, on the floor.  Yesterday, like on my leg.  Nick:  on your leg?  why not on your face?"  Sys: because i was facing the wall.  Cameras cut to the back yard.

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